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CORNELIUS B. TYLER, of Plainfield, N. J. 


ROLLIN U. TYLER, of Tylerville, Conn. 


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Intkoduction iii 

The Doescendants of Job Tyleb, the Immigrant 

FlEST Geneeation 3 

Second Geneeation 17 

Thikd Generation 40 

FouKTH Generation 68 

Fifth Generation 112 

Sixth Generation 226 



This representative family has its roots deep in the colonial 
soil of New England, Virginia, New Jersey and Maryland, and 
all the numerous branches are supposed to have an English 

Representatives of the Tyler family were in nearly every 
one of the original thirteen States at the time of the formation 
of the Union. In the early wars, in the War of the Revolution 
and in the War of 1812 they were conspicuous, and in the Civil 
War some of their achievements were brilliant. Socially, the 
Tylers have reached " from the White House to the poor-house." 
Were their deeds stricken from the annals of our country the 
loss would be appreciable. 

There were several immigrant ancestors of the Tylers and 
therefore a number of independent lines. In detail, this history 
treats only of the New England lines, but a brief outline follows 
herewith of the numerous branches in America. 

Chronologically, the first record we have seen of Tylers in 
America, occurs in Camden Hotten's excellent book (based upon 
English Admiralty reports), which contains lists of emigrants 
to America between 1600 and 1700. It appears therefrom, 
that William Tyler, and his wife Elizabeth, set sail from 
England for Virginia, in 1620, on the ship Francis Bona- 
venture. He was a person of property; for, in 1622, he 
brought over, on the ships Providence and Hopewell, the fol- 
lowing six servants : " Robart More," aged 50 ; " Wm. Broune," 
aged 26; "Robert Hodd," aged 20; " Anthonie Burt," aged 
18 ; " Samiell Bennett," aged 40, and " Joane Bennett." In 
another entry in the said volume (in a list of " Living in Va., 
16 Feb., 1623"), we find the said William and Elizabeth Tyler 
are at " Hogg Island." (This island is a little down the James 
River from Jamestown, the first English- American settlement, 
1607.) It would seem that these parties intended permanent 
residence; yet, strange to say, not a jot of evidence has been 



found to show that they ever had descendants. Regretfully 
as we admit it, it seems impossible to learn anything further of 
this pair; who were, probably, the very first bearing the name 
Tyler, that had courage to seek remote and perilous shores of 
a literally " New World." 

From the number of Tylers early found settled on the Chesa- 
peake, we are inclined to an hypothesis ; that they (at least some 
of them) had a common cis-Atlantic ancestor (presumably, the 
above William Tyler). Conclusive evidence of such genealogic 
links, however, is (and probably will always remain) wanting. 

Existing records point to three VIRGINIA TYLER 

(1). YORK COUNTY BRANCH ; founded by Henry Tyler, 
bom in England in 1604, came to Virginia by 164(5 ; where, in 
1652, he had a grant of 254 acres at "Middle Plantation." 
This is the line of John Tyler, President of the United States. 

by Charles Tyler, about 1690; who died about 1723, leaving 
four sons. 

(3). ESSEX COUNTY BRANCH; founded by Richard 
Tyler, about 1690; who was licensed, in 1723, to keep an 
" ordinary ". and died in 1734, leaving three sons and two 


found early Tyler records; possibly of a line migrated from 

IN MARYLAND we find several early Tylers domiciled; 
between whom appears no record of relationship: 

(1). Edward Tyler was brought over in 1657 by John Wag- 
hop ; but no land grant or settlement of his estate is found. 

(2). Robert Tyler was brought over in 1649 by Henry Cat- 
lin ; and will was probated in Calvert Co., in 1674 ; he left an 
only son, who resided at " Brough," Prince George Co., on 
Patuxent River. 

(3). John Tyler settled on Smith's Island, Somerset Co., 
before 1700 ; who, by two marriages, left five sons. Will pro- 
bated 1733. 


(4). William Tyler, of Pomonkey, Charles Co., leaves a will 
in 1755 ; which mentions a son and two daughters. 

(5). The will of Edmund Tyler of " Bohemia Manor," Cecil 
County, 1738, mentions three sons. 

Near SALEM, N. J., on AUoway's Creek, about 1688, Wil- 
liam Tyler, Quaker, from Greinton, Somerset County, England, 
settled. Descendants known as " THE SALEM, N. J. LINE." 

In CONNECTICUT we find several early clansmen who may 
have been closely related. 

(1). Roger Tyler (previously in Massachusetts), leaves an 
inventory of an estate in New Haven in 1673. It has been 
thought by some that he was the progenitor of the " Branford " 
Tylers, but proof is lacking. 

(2). In BRANFORD, CONN., four brothers, George, Peter, 
Francis and Charles appear on the records about 1667 and 
their descendants are called " THE. BRANFORD LINE." 

(3). William Tyler took the "Oath of FidelHtie" in New 
Haven in 1657, and his descendants are known as " THE 

In RHODE ISLAND John Tyler was in Portsmouth as 
early as 1655. The branch is known as "THE RHODE 

In PROVIDENCE, R. L, "Widow Joan Tiler" appears as 
early as 1638, where she shared in Roger Williams' tract. 

The MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY furnished a sur- 
prisingly large number of original immigrants of the Tyler 
name, some of whom have left descendants who have been traced. 

In and about Boston we find the following: 

(1). John Tyler, shopkeeper in Charlestown by 1696. He 
had a son John, born in 1696. The father died in Carolina. 
If there are latter-day descendants they are thus far untraced. 

(2). Thomas Tyler was of Boston before 1685. His de- 
scendants are known as " THE THOMAS TYLER BOSTON 

(3). William Tyler, a ropemaker, was in Boston in 1784. 



His descendants are known as " THE WILLIAM TYLER 

(4<). Mrs. Ann Tyler, widow of John Tyler, died in Boston, 
April 30, 1694, aged 40 years and was buried in the Granary 
burying-ground on Tremont street, where her stone may still 
be seen. It is probably the oldest American Tyler grave-stone. 

In ESSEX COUNTY, MASS., we find the following: 

(1). Job Tyler, in Andover, about 1640. His descendants, 
comprising by far the larger part of this History, are known 

(2). Abraham Tyler, in Haverhill, by 1640. Left no de- 
scendants, but his record, will and inventory are given herein. 

(3). Nathaniel Tyler, of Lynn. Mass., by 1640. No record 
of descendants. 

(4). John Tyler, of Gloucester. Descendants known as 

(5). Roger Tyler, of Lynn. The same man who is mentioned 
under " Connecticut." 

In MAINE a man named Thomas Taylor settled in Bowdoin- 
ham and changed his name to Tyler. He has living descend- 
ants known as " THE BOWDOINHAM LINE." 

In CANADA Captain Isaac Bartholomew Tyler was found 
by 1790, and later settled in Lewiston, Niagara County, N. Y. 

Abraham, Nathaniel and Job are all heard of, among the first 
settlers of their respective neighborhoods, about the year 1640. 
This fact suggests possible relationships. The only corrobora- 
_tive evidence (if we may thus dignify so remote facts) lies in 
the recollection that Moses, son of Job, had sons " Joseph " 
and " Nathaniel " (both of whom died s. p.). The immigrant, 
Nathaniel, had an only " son Joseph " — and Moses had also 
a son " James." whose son " Abraham " brought in some later 
generations by that name. We do not lean heavily upon such 
hypothesis ; having learned, after strenuous labors, much to 
distrust general record-suggestions, as well as vague traditions. 
So, having raised the question (unanswerable), we pass on the 
well-trodden path. 


Though two of the above first settlers touched but briefly 
our colonial history, we give the records found. 

ABRAHAM TYLER, was in Haverhill, Mass., in 1640 ; died 
May 6, 1673 ; married, December 2G, 1650, Hannah Freeman. 

Chase's History of Haverhill says : " The first company of 
settlers in the wild woods of Pentucket [Haverhill] were from 
Ipswich and Newbury, and were twelve in number." He places 
the year at 1640 ; Cotton Mather says, 1641 ; Winthrop says, 
about 1643 (Andover being settle J at this same period). What- 
ever the date, Abraham Tyler, with three others, from Ipswich, 
and eight from Newbury, came " in June " to remain. In 
1645 Abraham was _one of the thirty-two landholders there. 
In 1648, his valuation is put at £60. June 7, 1652, the Second 
Division of plough-land was laid out, in the proportion of four 
acres to one acre of house-lot ; of the forty-one sharers, Abra- 
ham (No. 5) had four acres. [Thomas Whittier, probably an 
ancestor of the poet, had 7^ acres.] September 7th of the same 
year, the town voted, that Abraham should blow his horn to 
call the people to meeting, and receive one peck of com from 
every family for the year ensuing. (Early historians adver- 
tised the stipend as " a pound of pork." But careful Mirick 
says, a " close " inspection of the records reads, beyond doubt, 
a " peck of com.") At the May, 1653, session of the General 
Court, we find Abraham's name on a petition, praying for a 
revocation of previous sentence, passed upon one Pike of Salis- 
bury, who had been heavily finev. and disfranchised for openly 
declaring, " such persons as did act in making that law [i. e., 
prohibiting certain persons from exhorting the people on the 
Sabbath, in the absence of a minister] did break their oath to 
the country, for it is against the liberty of tho country, both 
civil and ecclesiastical." [Following the hubbub raised thereby, 
the Haverhill signers " acknowledged their ofi'ence " : Pike paid 
the fine, and was relieved of the disability.] In July, 1667, 
" accommodation " land was laid out to " Goodman [Abraham] 
Tiler," to the amount of " 4 acres." (" Haverhill " then in- 
cluded, not only most of Methuen, Mass., but also Salem, 
Hempstead, Plaistow and Atkinson, New Hampshire.) Chil- 
dren : 

Abraham^, born H., June 4, 1652; died aged two years. 


Hannah, bom H., Dec. 16, 1655 ; died aged six years. 
Abraham, born H., May 21, 1659 ; died aged nine years. 

Five years after he had seen his hope of a posterity fade from 
sight. May 5, 1673, he executed his will, by " marke." He died 
before "ye 14th: 8th. mo: 1673," on which date, the " relict" 
takes order from the Court at Hampton ; and April 14, 1674, 
witnesses the probate duly made, at Salisbury. (Norfolk Co. 
Sees., " lib. 2d, pa. 321," and Salem files No. 28, 426.) April 
14, 1674', came " Inventorie " for £105 ; which is extremely in- 
teresting, both as a study in phonetic orthography and as show- 
ing the personal effects of a Puritan pioneer. Surely our clan 
will read, not without a certain interest, of the well-intended 
efforts of this fated line ; and j oin in wishing their undiscoverable 
grave, Requiescat im pace! | 

I, Abraham Tyler, of Haverhill, being sicke & weak of body 
but of good and pfect memory doe make this my last will & 
Testament as followeth: I give to Robert Clement ye sone of 
Robert Clements y' twenty acres of forth Division of upland 
w""" goodman Sharwood did give mee. 

My house & house lott & all y° land about my house & y° 
remainder of y® land I bought of Steven Kent I give to my 
loveing wyfe to bee fully & soley at her Disposeing. I doe 
likewise make my wife my full & sole Executrix & to receive 
all such Debts as are due to me & to pay such debts as I owe 
& to take care for my buriall. 

In witness hereunto I have hereunto sett my hand & seal 
this 5th of May, 1673. 

Witness hereunto Abraham Tyleb., his marke 

John Ward. 

Henry Palmer. & Seale to it=A 

Hannah Tyler, y* Relict of Abraham Tyler deceased, p^sent- 
ing this will of Abraham Tylers her late husbands to y® Country 
Court held at Hampton y* 14th=8th=''/'"=1673, the wit- 
nesses being absent, the Court doth order y* y* witness make 
oath thereto before Capt. Saltonstall & y* y^ will & Inventory 
bee p^sented to y^ next County Court to bee held att Salisbury, 

Tho'=' Bradbury rec®. 

Mr. John Ward & Henry Palmer according to order or di- 


rection of y" Court Appeared & made oath y' this was y* act 
of Abraham Tyler & declared by him to bee his will & y' they 
know of no other=, taken, Aprill y" 10th 167^ before niee. 

Nath^^ Saltonstalx, Comsr. 

This will was returned & delivered into y^ Court at Salis- 
bury Aprill y-^ 14th 167^ according to y" order of y* Court 
made in that case= as atests. 

Tho= Bkadbury, rec S. 

Entered y" 23 Aprill 1674. 

An Inventorie of Abraham Tylers land & estate being de- 
ceased of y" month of May 1673. 

£ S D 
It a house & house lott and land about it ad- 

jojming to it wee prize at fifty pounds. . 50 00 00 
It another pcell of land lying by it about six 

acres 10 00 00 

It two bedds & bedding belonging to it 10 00 00 

It two potts, a posmitt, a frying pan 01 00 00 

It a brass pan & a warming pan & some small 

pewter 01 00 00 

It a slice, tonges, Tratnell & pot hookes, other 

iron 01 00 00 

It a table & other wooden implem'^j chests, boxes 01 10 00 

It a pcell of flaxen yarne 01 00 00 

It a pecll of cotton wooll, sheeps wooll cards .... 01 00 00 

It a Sadell bridell pillion linning twine 01 00 00 

It in barrels & chayers tobbs & bottles 01 00 00 

It a muskitt bandeleers a sword 01 00 00 

It his cutting tools & home 01 00 00 

It his wareing Aparrell 04 00 00 

It 2 cows, 2 calves, one mare, 7 swine 20 00 00 

Total sum £105 

Johannah Tyler testified upon oath as a Administratrix to 
Abraham Tyler: This Inventory here p'sented is a true In- 
ventorie of y" estate, of w' y^ Sd Tyler died seized off' & if 
more appeare She is to add it to the estate as attests. 

Tho= Bkadbury, rec^. 


Salisbury Court Aprill f 14th-1674. Ent= f 23d day of 
Aprill 1674. 

NATHANIEL TYLER, according to the History of Lynn, 
was a resident of that place in 1640. 

He does not seem satisfied by prospects, however, for by 
deed, October 1, 1652 {Essex Co. Registry, Vol. I, p. 20), he 
and wife, Jane, sell unto " Philip Kirtland, shoemaker," all 
their " lands and houses, with their appurtenances, in Lynn." 
On the 16th of October, of the same year (1652), we find his 
"will" on record at Boston (Suffolk Deeds, Vol. I, p. 248), 
wheref rom it is evident : that he is setting out on a sea voyage ; 
that he takes aboard £80, to be paid " by bill of exchange " in 
London or Shrewsbury, England, leaving £24 to be sent on 
within a month; that, if he dies before reaching his journey's 
end, his son Joseph Tyler, of Shrewsbury, shall have £50, and 
his wife Jane, the remainder; but, if she die on the voyage, 
Joseph is to have all and pay 40/ to testator's lister Jane, 
wife of Edward Sanford of London. 

No further recoi-d of him has been found in this country. 


Descendants of Job Tyler, The 


JOB* TYLER was bom about 1619, as in a deposition of 
1659, his age is stated as " about 40 yeares." The author of 
this history (who died before its publication) left a note stating 
that he had never been able to " find a scintilla of evidence 
upon which to base " the tradition that Job Tyler was a native 
of Shropshire, England. Job's death is nowhere recorded. It 
is conjectured that he died in Mendon and was there buried, 
but no proof is at hand to confirm the supposition. He married 

Mary . It has been thought by one of the descendants 

of Job engaged in research that she may have been a widow 
Horton, but the proof of this statement has not been forth- 
coming. She was dismissed to the church in " Mendham " 
from the church in Roxbury on the 28th day of the third 
month (May), 1665. Her birth and death are unrecorded so 
far as present research has gone. 

The first known of Job Tyler in this country may be found in 
the Rhode Island Collections, p. 92, as follows : " Inhabitants 
admitted at the Towne of Nieu-Port since the 20th of the Srd 
1638 . . . Job Tyler." No other person of this name is 
known except the Job Tyler who appeared soon after in the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony. From the same authority (p. 
24), we learn that a "Widow Tyler" in the same year, 1638, 
was one of the 54 who received lots out of Roger Williams' 
tract in Providence. In 1640 (p. 31, Ibid.), she was still a 
widow but was more fully described as " Joan " and signed 
the " Compact." The author was inclined to think she was a 
relict of a brother of Job Tyler, though Savage says she was 
" possibly his mother." There was an early John Tyler who 
died in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1700, whom the author took to be 
a near relative of Job. He founded a line of his own which 

4 The Descendants of Job Tylee. 

has a place in this history, known as "The Rhode Island 


Job Tyler is said to have been found in Andover, Mass., by 
the first colonists there, a solitary squatter, about 1639-4!0 ; the 
earliest dates of the settlement of Andover are conjectural, as 
the town records before 1650 are lost, and the records of the 
church which have been preserved date from 1708. A few years 
later he was in Roxbury, Mass., as witness the following from 
the old records: "11 month, 1 day, 1646, Lambert G-enry 

hath liberty to sell his Land beyond the mill Creeke to 

Tyler of Roxberye." (Dedham Town Records.) " 1646, 
Month 1, day 28. A lit infant also a twinn of Job Tilers 
dyed." {Roxhury Church Records.) He soon returned to 
Andover, for March 5, 1650, " Jobe Tyler of Andover" mort- 
gaged property there to John Godfrey, the beginning of 
trouble for Job and others. 

1650 — Job's Mortgage, mentioned in Boxford History. Also 
Andover Rec, Book iv, p. 8. 

Witnes these presents, that Jobe Tiler of Andover in ye 
county of Essex, doth acknowledge himselfe to be owing & in- 
debted unto John Godfry of Newbury in the Said covnty, the 
fuU & just some of Sixteene pounds to be paid to him the said 
John Godfry. the one halfe, viz: the eight pounds in good 
merchantable wheat at fowerer Shillings p. bushell & ye other 
halfe in like good & merchantable rye at three Shillings & Six 
pence p. bushell, the payment to be made on the first of March 
come two yeare next after this date, to the which payment well & 
truly to be made, the said Jobe Tyler doth binde himselfe, his 
heires, executors, administrators & assignees firmly by these pre- 
sents, and hereunto hath sett to his hand, this fift day of March, 
1650. The said Jobe Tyler doth bind over his house & land 
& three cowes, in further assurance for his performance of this 
bill; wch house and land & three cowes, Scituate in Andevour 
aforesd, the said Jobe Tyler shall not anyway dispose of, from 
ye Said John Godfry, directly or indirectly, by letting or 
selling, according to ye tenor purport and true intent of these 

witness Jobe Tyler, 

Richard Barker. 
Joana Barker. ' 

FiEST Geneeation 5 

Also from Andover Rec, Bk. II, p. 1, the following:, 
Know all men by these presents, that I Job Tiler of Andover, 
in the covntye of Essex, have given, granted, Sovld and Sett 
over vnto John Godfry of the Same Towne and covntye. my 
dwelling house in which I now dwell, with a bame and land 
about it. Contenining twenty five acres, be it more or less, 
both broke up and unbroke up, as it is fenct in with a logg 
fence and rayle fence, also two parcells of meddow one of them 
lyeing about halfe a mile from the said plow land by a pine 
swamp, the other parcel of meddow lying about a mile olF ; both 
of the sayd parcells of meddow being granted and layd out 
for nyne acres, the latter parcell lying by the meddow of John 
Rvss, together with the fences & appvrtenances belonging to 
it. To have and to hovld all that my said house, bame land 
fences and appurtenances, and the two parcells of meddow uti- 
to him the Said John Godfry, his heirs and assigns forever. 
In witness whereof I the sd Job Tiler have herevnto sett my 
hand and Seak, the 18th of Aprill, 1662. The condition of 
this bargaine and Sale is Svch, that whereas the Said Job 
Tiler hath Signed and delivered three Several bonds vnto John 
Godfry aforesaid which bonds were written by Anthony 
Svmerby at one tyme, but payable at three Severall tymes : if 
the Said Job Tiler shal well and truly Sattisfie and pay or 
cause to be Sattisfied and payd, the said three bonds vnto the 
sayd John Godfry his heirs, execvtors, or assignees, according 
to the tymes of payment as they shall become dew, according 
to the true intent & meaning thereof, that then this above Said 
bargaine and sale to be voide and of none effect, or elce to re- 
maine and abide in full force. Strength and virtve. 

Job Tilee. 
Signed, Sealed & d.d. (An autograph signature) 

in the presence of us. [With a seale.J 

Robert Lord. 
Mary Lord. 

Job Tiler acknowledged this his act & deed before me. 

Daniel Denison. 
April 18:1662. 

Job had much legal trouble in Andover. 

We find in 1658 that a charge was brought against John 

6 The Descendants of Job Ttleb. 

Godfrey of witchcraft and the accuser and principal sufferer 
from his " wiles " was Mary, wife of Job Tyler. This accusa- 
tion was brought in connection with a law-suit against Godfrey 
and the accusation was not established. One annalist calls 
Godfrey " this hard-bitted money lender " and hints that there 
may have been some cause for the bitterness shown by the 
Tylers toward him. This was a day of superstition, and al- 
though the delusion of witchcraft had not attacked the com- 
munity as a whole, a little deposition in which Job's family 
joined against Godfrey shows the temper of the time. The 
" deposicion " although sworn to in 1659 was brought forward 
in 1665 again, and reads as follows : 

" The Deposicion of Job Tylar aged about 40 yeares, Mary 
his wife, Moses Tylar his son aged between 17 and 18 yeares 
and Mary Tylar about 15 yeares old. These deponents wit- 
nesse, that they saw a thing like a bird to come in at the door of 
their house, with John Godfrey, in the night, about the bigness 
of a blackbird, or rather bigger, to wit, as big as a pigeon and 
did fly about, John Godfrey laboring to catch it and the bird 
vanished as they conceived through the chinck of a joynted 
bord. . . . This was as they remember about 5 or 6 yeares 
since. Taken upon oath of the above four mentioned ptie this 
27, 4, '59, before me, Simon Bradstreet. 

" Owned in Court 7 March, 1665 by Job Tyler & Moses Tyler, 
E. R. Sec. 

" Owned in Court 13 March '65 by Mary Tyler on her former 
oath. E. R. Sec." 

Drake, in his Annals says : " It is very reasonable to suppose 
that the evidence against Godfrey was of too ridiculous a char- 
acter to be seriously considered and that he was discharged." 

Other legal trouble arose in connection with Thomas Chan- 
dler of Andover, to whom Job had apprenticed his son, Hope- 
still, and which bargain, for some reason. Job desired to dis- 
solve. He went to the house of Nathan Parker, where the 
signed instrument was kept, and took it from the house in the 
absence of Mr. Parker, thus giving rise to much hard criticism. 
The matter was a cause of long controversy for over ten years 
and was carried from court to court. Finally Job lost the suit 
and the decision or " award " was that as Job was poor he 

FiEST Generation 7 

should not be fined above six pounds, but the following penalty 
was imposed: 

" We do order that Job Tyler shall nayle up or fasten upon 
the posts of Andover & Roxbury meeting-houses in a plain 
legible hand, the acknowledgement to remain so fastened for 
the space of 14 days, it to be fastened within the 14 days at 
Andover and to-morrow being the 27th of January, 1665 at 
Roxbury. . . ." 

This confession and acknowledgment was as follows : 

" Whereas it doth appear by sufficient testimony that I, Job 
Tiler, have shamefully reproached Thomas Chandler of An- 
dover by saying he is a base, lying cozening, cheating knave, 
that he hath got his estate by cozening in a base reviling man- 
ner & that he was recorded for a liar & that he was a cheating, 
lying whoreing knave fit for all manner of bawdery, wishing 
that the devill had him. Therefore I Job Tiler doe acknowledge 
that I have in these expressions most wickedly slandered the 
said Thomas Chandler & that without any just ground, being 
noe way able to make good these or any of these my slanderous 
accusations of him & therefore can doe noe lesse but expresse 
myselfe to be sorry for them & for my cursing of him desiring 
God &; the said Thomas to forgive me, & that noe person would 
think the worse of the said Thomas Chandler for any of these 
my sinfuU expressions, and engaging myself for the future to 
be more carefull of my expressions both concerning him & other- 
wise and desiring the Lord to help me soe to doe." 

Job has a parting blow from Godfrey in 1661-62, in a suit 
regarding wheat for which Job owed him, and the £5 demanded 
included going to Salisbury to fetch the writings out of the 

In 1662, three years before the above penalty was given by 
the court. Job had paid his last minister's rate, 10 shillings, 
and had shaken the soil -of Andover from off his feet. Not only 
had he not been popular with some of his neighbors, but some- 
thing had occurred to cause him to give up his holdings in 
Andover, and in one case, that of Godfrey, no consideration is 
named in the instrument. 

1662. 9mo. 21. (Salem Rec, Bk. II, p. 58.) 

Know all men by these pr'sents, yt wee Job Tyler of Andevor, 

8 The Descendants of Job Tyuiki 

in ye County of Essex, husbandman, & Mary Tyler wife of ye 
sd. Job Tyler for & in consideration of ye svme of ten povnds, 
tenn shillings alredy paid unto us in hand in a horse ; have sold 
& doe by these pr'sents bargaine & sell unto Thomas Abbott of 
the same towne & covntie, all that twelve acres of land of mine, 
being in Andever aforesd, & bounded on ye northwest with the 
high waie going to Little Hope, one ye southwest with ye lott 
of Steven Osgood, on ye southeast with the high waye to 
Bilreky; to have & hould ye said land unto the said Thomas 
his heires & his assignes forever, together with one acre & halfe 
of pr'vilidg in ye comon, that is not yeat granted, he ye sd 
Thomas paying unto the minister six shillings by ye yeare. so 
long as this waye of rating remayne, & we ye sd Job & Mary 
Tyler due hearby covenant & pr'mise, to & with ye sd Thomas 
Abbott his heires & assignes. yt he ye sd Thomas, his heires, 
executors, administrators & assignes, shall & may qvietly & 
peaceably in joye the sd land, with out any lett, trouble or 
molestation, by us or either of us, our heires, executors, ad- 
ministrators or assignes, or by any other p'son or p'sons what- 
soever, lawfully clayming by or under us, or them or any of 
them. In witnes whereof, wee the sd Job & Mary Tyler, have 
sett our hands & Scales, this tenth day of June in ye yeare of 
our Lord, one thousand, six hundred Sixty & two, & in ye 
fowerteen yeare of ye raigne of our Soveraigne Lord, King 
Charles ye second, King of England, Scotland, France & Ire- 

Job Tyler & his seale. 
Sealed & dd the mark — of Mary Tyler & seale. 

in the pr'sence of 

Edward Faulkner. 

George Abbott Junr. 

Job Tyler acknowledged this his act & deed & Mary his wife 
did fully resigne her thirds in the lands herein conveyed before 
me. Daniell Denison June 11 : 62. 

1662. 9 mo. 21. (Rec, Bk. I, p. 58.) 

Know all men by these pr'sents yt wee Job Tykr of Andever, 
in ye covnty of Essex, husbandman & Mary Tyler wife of ye 
said Job Tyler, for & in consideration of ye sume of twenty nine 
pounds fifteen shillings alredy pd unto us in hand by George 
Abbott, tayler of ye same towne & countie, have sold & by these 

FiEST Generation 9 

pr'sents doe bargaine & sell, unto ye sd George Abbott, his 
heires & assignes, one house lott, containing by estimation 
fower acres, be it more or less, lying & scittuat in ye towne of 
Andever aforesaid, & bovnded on ye north with ye lott of Richd 
Sutton, on the south with ye lott of John Aslett on ye east with 
ye common, on ye west ye high waye ; and alsoe a p'cell of land 
more, containing by estimation two acres, be it more or less, 
being & scittuate in Andover aforesd, & bounded on ye east with 
ye high waye, on ye west with ye land of John Fry Senr, on ye 
south with ye land of John Aslett, both which said house lott 
& p'cell of land, wee ye sd Job & Mary Tyler due hearby ac- 
knowledg to have sold, unto ye sd George Abbott, together with 
my dwelling house thereupon, & oarchard & all ye fences belong- 
ing thereunto, reserving & keeping unto myselfe all pr'vihdges, 
rites, titles & interest in all lands & meadows alredy granted, 
only I ye sd Job & Mary Tyler due herby acknowledg to have 
sold unto ye sd George Abbot, together with ye sd land, one 
acre pr'vilidg in ye common not yet gravnted or laid out, all 
which sd lott, land, house, oarchard, fences & pr'vilidg, wee ye 
sd Job & Mary due acknowledg to have sold unto ye sd Georg 
to have & to hold to him, his heirs & assignes forever, and wee 
ye sd Job & Mary Tyler due hereby covenant & p'mise to & with 
ye sd George Abbott his heires & assignes yt he ye sd George 
his heires, executors, administrators & assignes shall & may 
quietjy & peaceably enjoye ye sd lott, land, house, orchard, 
fences, & pr'vilidges, without any lett, trouble or molestation 
by us or either of us, our heires, executors, administrators or 
assignes, or by any other p'son or p'sons whatsoever lawfully 
clayming by or under us, or them or any of them, in witness 
(Thereof wee ye sd Job & Mary Tyler have sett our hands & 
Seales, this tenth day of June, in ye yeare of our Lord, one 
thousand, six hundred Sixty & two. & in the fowerteene yeare 
of ye raign of our Soveraigne Lord, King Charles ye second, 
King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, alsoe ye sd 
George is to pay unto ye minister fower shillings by ye yeare, 
soe long as this waie of rating remayne. 

Job Tylek & his seale. 
Sealed & delivered ye mark of 

in ye pr'sence of Maey X Tylek. 

Edward Faulkner. 

Thomas Abott. 

10 The Descendants of Job Tyueb 

Job Tiler acknowledged this his act & deed & Mary his wife 
resigned her third in ye lands herein conveyed, before me 

June 11 : 1662. Daniell Denison. 

1662: 13 mo. 14. 

Know all men by these pr'sents, that I Job Tyler of Andevor, 
in ye Covnty of Essex, husbandman, have & by these pr'sents 
due alienate enfeofe & confirme, unto John Godfrey, all my 
lands, meadow & upland together with ye oarchard & all ye 
buildings and edifices, & all other privilidges with yt appurte- 
nances therevnto belonging, sett, & being in ye towne of An- 
dover aforesd, together with all other lands & accomodations 
that at any time heareafter. Shall or may be allotted unto ye 
said Joab Tyler, or any other p'son or p'sons, for. by. or under 
him, all ye said land & meddow aforementioned, alredy in ye 
possession of ye said Job Tyler, is bovnded & limitted in man- 
ner & forme following, that is to say, on ye east side joyning 
to ye Common land, and soe Hkewise are the other three sides, 
all wch said land & meddow, contayning by estimation forty 
acres more or less. To have & to hould all ye premises, with 
ye apurtenances unto ye sd John Godfery, his heires & assignes 
forever, to ye only use & behoofe of ye sd John, his heires and 
assignes forevermore. And ye sd Job Tyler doth by these 
pr'sents p'mise & gravnt, to & with ye said John Godfery, that 
he ye sd John, shall & may freely & willingly occupy, possess 
& injoy ye aforesaid lands & pr'mises, with all & every ye ap- 
purtenances thereunto belonging, without any lett, disturbance, 
ejection, eviction or contradiction, of him ye said Joab, or any 
other p'son or p'sons, for, by or under him, claiming any right, 
title or interest, clayme or demand thereunto. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand & Seale, 
the eight & twenty day of Avgust. Anno. Dom. 1662. 

Job Tyler 
Sealed & delivered & his seale. 

in ye pr'senee of 
William White. 
George Abbott seniyr. 

Job Tyler acknowledged this writing to be his act and deed 
before me Aug: 29: 1662. 

Danyell Denison. 

First Geneeation 11 

Mary Tyler did surrender up her thirds or interest of dowry, 
in ye houses & lands hearby conveyed before me 
November 12: 1662 

Daniell Denison. 

Doubtless Job never intended to return to Andover, when he 
set his face toward Roxbury once more and probably the 
horse, for which he had bargained his 12 Andover acres, accom- 
panied him. 

The year 1665 was to prove an eventful and unpleasant year 
for Job. In January the court decided against him in his 
suit against Godfrey and, as shown in the foregoing deposition 
he had to take back, in a public manner, his accusations against 
Chandler's character. To get even with his Andover foe, God- 
frey, he and his family again take oath in court to the old 
deposition of 1659 in March 1665. 

In Roxbury, or rather in or near the present town of Natick, 
Job again gets into trouble, as the following document will 

" Sept. 11, 1665. Owannamang Indian Chiefe, neere Marl- 
borough complained of Job Tyler of Roxbury for cutting and 
carrying off hay from his meadows. Fined 2 shillings and six 
pence, and cost 10 shillings. Attested by me, Daniel Gookin," 
September 22, 1665, John Eliot (the Apostle to the Indians) 
certified that Job Tyler had paid. 

At some period after his migration from Andover to Rox- 
bury in 1662, Job went to Mendon, and he is among those who 
drew lots in June, 1671, " for dubling of their houselots." But 
previous to this he had some controversy, in 1669, with both 
town and church authorities in Mendon. Therefore we find 

" July 14, 1669 the Selectmen mett and ordered to send to 
the Constable to Summon before us Job Tyler the next fryday 
at one of the clock, at Gregory Cook's house, to answer his 
contempt of our orders, and alsoe why he refuses to worke 
aboute the Selor [cellar] at the Minister's house, at yt tyme 
ye Constable Retoume his answer to us. . . . July 16. 
The Selectmen met accordingly and the said Constable made 
his Retoume that he had warned in Job Tyler before us. his 
answer was he could not nor would come, but if the Selectmen 

12 The Descendants of Job Tyi^b, 

had more to say to him than he to them they might come to 
him. Upon this answer of Job Tyler's the Townesmen Re- 
solved to make their complaint to the Magistrates of his con- 
tempt of several of the Selectmen's orders and of his Miscar- 
riages of the Lord's Day & at Pubhque assemblies if he doe not 
Submytt, wch he did not." (Job was a true descendant of that 
primal irrepressible family rebel, Wat Tyler, " Kentish man," 
of England.) 

Job must, however, have possessed some of the graces of 
human nature, for his shortcomings were readily condoned. 
On the following " December 1st," he is " on the list," helping 
to confirm (in his humble way) Rev. Joseph Emerson, the first 
settled minister of Mendon. Later comes entry (in as formally 
dignified tones as the accusation) : — " Whereas there has been 
complaint against Job Tiler heretofore recorded, he has given 
satisfaction for that ofence." 

After this date we hear no more of Job's controversies. 

In 1676 the birth of one of his grandchildren was recorded 
in Roxbury, and he may have returned there on account of King- 
Philip's war, as Mendon was burned and the inhabitants fled. 

"When the outbreak of King PhiHp's war came, everybody 
buried the pewter plates and the brass kettles in the swamps, 
loaded the . . . horses with the precious feather beds and 
children and . . . simply ' skedaddled ' to safety . . . 
Neither red nor white brother let Job rest. ... In 
1680 he is living in Rowley Village with all the other good 
kickers against Rowley taxes, and Moses and old Goodman 
Tyler are duly inspected to see if they go to church." (Miss 
Charlotte Abbott's Annals of Andover.) 

In 1680 Job was in Rowley Village and he may have been 
in Andover in 1681, but in 1688, 1689, 1691 and 1695 he was 
paying minister's rates in Mendon. The last item credited to 
Job is of a deed to his son Moses of land in Mendon. This is 
dated 1700 and is recorded in the Boston Registry of Deeds, 
Book XX, p. 127. 

Job Tyler to Moses Tyler. 

To all Christian People to whom these presents shall come 
Job Tyler of Mendon in ye County of Suffolk in the Province 
of ye Massachusetts Bay in New England sendeth Greeting. 

First Genebation 13 

Know ye that I the above sd Job Tyler for & in Consideration 
of the Sum of Sixty Pounds of Current money of New England 
to me in hand paid by Moses Tyler of Andover in the county of 
Essex in ye Province aforesd the receipt whereof I the said 
Job Tyler doth acknowledge & myself herewith fully satisfyed 
contented & paid and thereof & of every part & parcel thereof 
Do exonerate acquit & discharge the said Moses Tyler his heirs 
Exectrs admtrs & assigns & every of them forever by these 
presents. Have given granted bargained and sold, enfeoffed & 
confirmed, and by these presents do fuUy clearly & absolutely 
give grant bargain sell aliene enfeofFe & confirm unto the said 
Moses Tyler his heirs and assigns forever One house lott Con- 
taining fifteen acres of Land be it more or less, scituate lying 
& being in ye Township of Mendon aforesd which said Lott 
with five acres of ye doubling lot or 2nd Division of Land be- 
longing to said Lott, being Twenty acres more or less is 
Bounded Southerly upon the land of Saml Tyler of Mendon 
deced, northerly upon the Land of Ebenezr Reed, easterly upon 
a brook commonly known by the name of Muddy Brook. & 
Westerly upon the house lott of Jno Moore Deceased now in 
the Possession of Samuel Moore. Together with all the build- 
ings, roods, trees, lying standing or growing upon the said 
Lands, with all other allotments of lands & Meadows thereunto 
belonging wch are already granted or yt shall be hereafter 
granted or thereunto accrue or grow, due by dividend or other- 
wise, with all rights, libertyes priviledges commons or com- 
monage thereunto belong — or appertain — wth all & singular 
the appurtees unto the said premises or any part of them be- 
longing or any ways appertaining, and also all ye Estate right 
title interest use possession property claim & Demand whatso- 
ever I the said Job Tyler have of or into the premises with their 
appurtees. To have and to Hold the said house-lott contain- 
ing fifteen acres belt more or less lying & being in the township 
of Mendon as it is bounded with all other Divisions of Lands 
Divided or undivided in whose hands or possession soever unto 
the said Moses Tyler his heirs & assignes forever and to yearly 
proper use & behoof of him the said Moses Tyler his heirs & 
assigns forever. And the said Job Tyler doth hereby Cove- 
nant promise grant & agree to & with the said Moses Tyler, 
that he the said Job Tyler was the true & proper owner of the 
said bargained premises with their appurtees at ye time of the 

14 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

sale & alienation thereof & had full power good right & lawful 
authority to grant & Convey all & Singular the bargained 
premises with their appurtces unto ye said Moses Tyler his 
heirs & assignes forever in manner & form aforesd and yt the 
said premises are free & clear & freely & clearly acquitted ex- 
honoreated and discharged of & from all manner of former 
grants bargains sales gifts titles leases mortgages suits attach- 
ments actions judgmts & of & from all other titles troubles 
charges incumbrances whatsoever From the beginning of the 
world to the time of the bargain & sale hereof. And yt the 
said Moses Tyler his heirs & assigns & every part & parcel 
thereof shall quietly have, hold use occupy possess to his & 
their proper use & behoof forever, and if I will well & truly 
defend ye premises from any manner of person or persons from 
by or under me claiming any interest in them or any part or 
parcel of them forever, whereby the said Moses Tyler his heirs 
or assigns shall or may be molested in or evicted out of the 
possession of the same. And! I the above sd Job Tyler doth for 
myself my heirs, Extrs & assigns Covenant & promise to & with 
the said Moses Tyler his heirs & assigns that upon lawful de- 
mand I or they will or shall do & perform what may be further 
in law necessary to be done for the sure making the title tenour 
of the premises according to the true intent & meaning of these 
presents. In Witness Whereof I the said Job Tyler have 
hereunto set my hand & fixed my seal this 27th day of Novem- 
ber in ye year of Our Lord 1700 & in ye Twelvth year of our 
Sovereign Lord William of England, Scotland, France & Ire- 
land King. 

Job Tyleb. S his mark & a Seal. 
Signed Seald & delvd ye day & year above in ye presence of us 
Saml Reed Senr Benjamin Wheelock, John Lovet. 

Job Tyler personally appeared before me the subscriber one 
of His Majtys Justices for ye County of Suffolk & owned this 
instrument to be his Act & Deed. Decembr 14° 1700 

Tymo Dwight. 

Reed to be recorded Janry 10th 1700-01 & accordingly en- 
tered & examined 

per Ad'ton Davenport Reg. 

The land was granted by Moses Tyler to John Famum of 
j^dover (Hopestill's son-in-law who was afterwards of Men- 

First Generation 16 

don), for £61, 8 July, 1701, signed by Moses Tyler. Witnesses 
Thomas Barnard and Benjamin Barker. Acknowledged be- 
fore Dudley Bradstreet, 2 May, 1706, Addington Davenport, 

In these old records we thus have a word-picture of this 
ancestor of a long line of Tylers, such as hardly has been found 
of any other American immigrant. Professor Henry M. Tyler 
has said of him : " He was a rude, self-asserting, striking 
personality. Not to be left out of account in the forces which 
were to possess the land." There are but few high-lights in 
the picture; the shadows are all there. He did not, as Pro- 
fessor Tyler said, " learn prudence very fast, but he was him- 
self. . . . He had a good deal of individuality and he 
gave utterance to it at times with more vigor than grace. He 
did not shape his words to suit sensitive ears. He resented 
dictation and found it hard to restrain himself from what he 
wanted to do through any prudential policy." Yet, when you 
shall read hereafter what manner of men his sons and grandsons 
were and what they stood for in all the places where they lived ; 
as you come down through the years, generation by generation, 
and see what thousands of his descendants have stood for in 
their homes and before the public, in peace and in war, as 
pioneers and as dwellers in the cities, you will realize that there 
must have been good stock in the old man ; and he trained a 
family to be useful and honored in the communities where they 
dwelt. Superstitious, wilful, hot-tempered, independent and 
self-reliant Job Tyler lives and breathes in this record nearly 
three centuries after his time. He did not have saints to live 
with; were all the truth known, it would be seen that he was 
on a par with a large proportion of his neighbors. The Puri- 
tan iron rule, which made no allowances for any man, met a 
sturdy opposition in this possible descendant of Wat Tyler of 
England, and it is now too late to determine whether or not he 
was always justified. From this old canvas there gazes steadily 
out, not an ideal but a very real personage, an out and out 
Yankee type. 

It had been suggested that the progenitor of so many thou- 
sand men and women, covering the greater part of three cen- 
turies which have passed since the early voyager set his foot 
(the first permanent one) upon Andover soil, should be honored 
by some fitting monument, since none was in existence. Ac- 

16 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

cordingly, in response to written appeal, numbers of the clan 
joined their "mites," to thus honor their forebear, and the 
memorial was dedicated at the sixth Tyler Reunion, September 
4, 1'901. The spot selected was beside the grave of the immi- 
grant's eldest son, Moses, whose ancient slate slab, with its 
legend of " 1727," has survived with wonderful completeness. 
Here, under a giant evergreen, upon a cubic yard of cement 
and cobble stones which was brought just to the surface of the 
ground, was placed a large hard-grained boulder, brought from 
the old Tyler farm (now known as the Woods place), four 
miles distant in West Boxford; a homestead which has known 
Tyler blood and heirship uninterruptedly from the first gen- 
eration, when it was acquired from the Indians, to the present 

Upon the boulder was securely riveted a bronze tablet, cast 
in Boston, which bears the following legend : — 






Dedicated by his whole clan, Sept. 4, 1901. 

The dedicatory address was delivered by Prof. Henry M. 
Tyler, of Smith College. 

The eldest child was bom in Roxbury or Andover as was 
probably the third ; the fifth and sixth in Roxbury ; the others 
are uncertain. They were: 

2+ Moses Tyler, born in 1641 or 1642. 

3+ Mary Tyler, bom about 1644. 

4+ Hopestill Tyler, bom about 1645 or 1646. 

5 Child, who died in infancy, " 1646, month 1, day 28." 

6+ Hannah Tyler. 

7 John Tyler, bom about 1650; died in Andover, Sept. 28, 


8+ John Tyler, bom April 16, 1653. 

9+ Samuel Tyler, bom May 24, 1655. 


bom in Andover or Roxbury, Mass., 1641 or 1642; died in 
Andover, October 2, 1727 ; married (1), July 6, 1666, Prudence 
Blake, born April 15, 1647 ; died March 9, 1689 ; daughter of 
George and Dorothy Blake, of Gloucester, Mass. (who early 
moved to Boxford) ; married (2), about 169+) Sarah (Hasey) 
Sprague, bom about 1&47; died 1718; widow of Phineas 
Sprague, of Maiden, he having died in 1690; she had several 
daughters by her first marriage; married (3), July or August, 
1718, Mrs. Martha Fisk, bom about 1649 ; died February 13, 

From the " deposicion," before Gov. Bradstreet, of Job Tyler, 
wherein the son joined, " 27, 4, 1659," we know, that Moses 
Tyler was then "between seventeen & eighteen yeares." 

In " Rowley Village," on the old homestead, which has long 
been called (from one of Moses' sons), "The Captain John 
Tyler place," Moses began to clear a farm, rear a family, and 
became a locally conspicuous citizen. As Job, the immigrant, 
was undoubtedly here for a time with his son (in 1680), and 
the place still remains in a direct Tyler descent, it is, historically 
speaking, the most interesting of any of our various Tyler 
homesteads, in that it has been in the family two and a third 
centuries, and sheltered members of every generation from the 
first (something which cannot be said of any other spot). (See 
No. 11.) 

The Tyler homestead came within that part of ancient Row- 
ley, known as " Rowley Village," Moses Tyler being on the com- 
mittee to fix the bounds between the parent and offspring towns. 
The main settlement of Rowley Village was in the present village 
of old Boxford ; while Moses' homestead was within the portion 
incorporated, June 28, 1735, into the new, West Boxford. 
(There were continuously male Tylers here, from Moses' arrival, 
1666, to the time of death of the late Phineas Tyler, 1885; 
while the blood, through intermarriage, is yet abundant.) 
Moses Tyler was prominent from the outset in Boxford town 


18 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

matters ; but, while most of his townsfolk went over to Topsfield 
" to meeting," Moses found it nearer and more convenient, to 
continue his church affiliation at Andover. 

He repeatedly served his town as selectman, committee-man, 
surveyor, constable, etc., so often that we can plainly read, he 
was a very prominent town citizen. In 1685 he was on a com- 
mittee to lay out several highways ; in October, 1690, he became 
a " freeman "; in 1691, '94, '95, '98 and 1712, he was a select- 
man; May 11, 1699, was on committee to settle bounds between 
Boxford and Salem, Topsfield, Andover and Bradford, or any 
townships formerly granted out of the confines of old Rowley. 

January 8, 1689, the town selectmen made a rate of £8, to lay 
in its first stock of ammunition ; Moses Tyler (with three others) 
being ordered to gather it and expend for " Poudr & bullets and 
flents." Additions thereto were made from time to time, espe- 
cially during Indian hostilities ; and August 14, 1696, Moses 
became the custodian of " ten pound of powder, sixty pound 
of bullets and fifty flintes," and " hee is to keep this part of the 
Town Stock teall the Select men See Caues to lodg it in Sum 
other place. For such services, he acquired the title of " Quar- 
termaster," which was usually applied to him ; though on his 
gravestone we see, he, or somebody, preferred the plain " Mr.," 
which was a title of dignity in those days. 

For many years after incorporation, Boxford had no church ; 
most of its citizens attended at Topsfield, where Boxford, till 
1702, paid " minister's rates." In 1691 Boxford appointed a 
committee of five, to fix upon a central site for a local church 
edifice ; Moses being one of the five. The construction of this 
church (probably for lack of means) dragged along for a period 
of ten years, during which, January 29, 1695, Moses is ap- 
pointed on the committee to carry on the building. In 1701 
it was done, and, January 9, presented to the town ; being in 
the present " East Parish." * 

* As this church is so historic of our early generations, a list of Tyler 
communicants is set out. As Job paid! " ministers' rates " here, it is 
reasonable to think both he and his wife, Mary, were early attendants, 
though at a period of which records were lost. His sons HopestlU, John 
and wife were communicants, until their removal to Mendon; also Moses, 
eldest son of Job and wife Prudence, died while members. Jacob (Moses' 
only son to live at Andover) took up his pew with his wife, in 1721, and 
his 2nd wife was admitted in 1729; Jacob, Jr., and his wife, in 1750, and 
his 9nd wife in 1752; also, in 1756; his brother Moses and wife, and sister 
Abigail, became members. These brothers removing (the one to Haver- 

Second Geneeation 19 

Moses, while actively interested over Boxford church building, 
affiliated with Andover congregation, whose records are missing 
up to 1708. However, from a " List of communicants in 
1686," we see that Moses, as well as his wife, was a member 
at that date. From the preserved records we learn how promi- 
nent a member Moses really was. When the subject, dividing 
Andover into two parishes, came up, it caused much feeling. 
October 2, 1710, he is placed on the committee of five, " To warn 
Precinct meetings, and are empowered to warn a meeting when 
they shall see cause." On the 23d of the same month, Moses 
is one of a committee of four " To proportion the work on the 
precinct, in providing timber for the new meeting house accord- 
ing to previous vote." March 19, 1711, he is on the committee 
of three, " Chosen to discourse the South precinct in any mat- 
ter in controversy, referring to petition lately offered to Gen- 
eral Court." December 24, same year, he is on committee of 
seven, " To take account of the work ye men have done about 
the new meeting house, & set valuation on it," etc. June 30, 
1712, he is on committee, " To tak an account of cost that the 
committee was at that may manage the precint's affairs at the 
General Court, or otherwise, in order to the recovering of the 
SOO families back again to us." October '31, 1715, " Quarter- 
master M. Tyler was chosen Treasurer, till another is chosen 
in his room in ye office for said precinct." And he was re-elected 
for the consecutive terms, 1717, '18, '19, '20. Before this, 
while a resident of Rowley Village in 1681 (with some other 
distant members) it had been allowed " to set a house for their 
convenience for families and horse, on Sabbath days." 

We find Moses' rate of 1692 on record, but are unable to 
give a fairly complete account, until his later years, as follows : 

1712, Moses Tyler's rate and proportion for minister's salary, 
18s., 6d. ; 1715, 17s., 3d. ; 1716, 19s., lOd. ; 1718, £1, 9s., lid. ; 
1719, £1, lis., 7d. ; 1720, £1, 12s., 7d. ; 1724, £1, 6s., 9d. ; 1726, 
£1, 2s., 6d. 

The foregoing exhibits a high-rate payer ; therefore, a man of 

From Salem deeds, we know he was a large landed proprietor ; 
frequently acquiring, seldom parting with, real estate. The 

hill, the other to Woburn), the family ceased to be represented in the 
community, for the time being. Since those times, later branches have 
been affiliated with this organization, from which the blood, by intermar- 
riage, has never at any point of its history been entirely lacking. 

20 The Descendants of Job Ttleu 

old homestead, as later taxed, shows how much had hung to- 
gether, though much had meantime been granted to others of 
the kin, or ahenated to strangers. From Boxford town rate, 
1687 (under Gov. Andros), we see: " Moses Tyler, 3 heads; 1 
house ; 20 acres ; 4 oxen, 3 horses ; ,5 cows, 5 young cattle ; aO 
sheep; 3 swine; tax, 11/ 6d." (Only two stood higher.) In 
1699, Nov. a5, he bought of Nathan Stevens of Andover, 5 
acres, meadow and upland, and thus became owner of a saw- 
mill; in 1698, Moses (wife " Sara " joining) for £15, sells Philip 
Atwood of Bradford, 1 of some " salt marsh at Plum Island 
in Rowley." In 1700, Nov. 27, he, for £60, has of his father. 
Job, a house lot in Mendon, 15 acres, with 5 acres added from 
2nd division ; which he sold the following year at £1 profit, to 
John Famum of Andover, son-in-law of Moses' brother Hope- 
still. 1708, May 20, Moses (with consent of Sara), gives to 
John Tyler (his 2nd son), of Boxford, 107 acres in Boxford. 
(Probably part of the old homestead.) " 1 line running to a 
tree in Andover line, about 50 rods from the Great Hill end, 
then to run Easterly upon said line till it meets with Ephraim 
Foster's line, which is part of the 400 acres laid out by Rowley 
town to John Commins, Thomas Dorman & Robt. Stiles." In 
1712 (with consent of " Sara"), Moses, for "love of his son 
Jonathan, carpenter, of Boxford," gives Boxford land, 80 acres 
north of Ipswich road, near brother Ebenezer's land, also near 
brother James' land, " some sponges of meadow," with " Shaven 
Crown to Clay Pit Swamp," a boundary line (which localities 
are still so known). In 1718, Moses (then a widower) deeds 
to his son Jacob, youngest born, ^ of his arable land, meadow, 
orchard, west end of dwelling house, cellar, stock and husbandry 
tools in Andover. Again, in 1718, he deeds to son-in-law, Eben- 
ezer Stevens (husband of his step-daughter, Sara Sprague), 
" shoe meadow," a valuable tract of old Tyler Boxford home- 
stead. Moses' second wife, by her Sprague marriage, had had 
several daughters, who thus came to live with their stepfather; 
which was the occasion of general authority. Savage, and the 
local authority, Perley (Hist, of Boxford), making the mistake 
of recording them as Moses' own daughters. In extenuation 
of which error, however, we find the girls named in Moses' will 
in such terms as to admit of the supposition, and further, at 
least, one of them was later called by the name " Tyler," as 
evidenced by witchcraft proceedings, wherein one is designated 

Second Geneeation SI 

as " Martha Tyler, alias Sprague." Indeed, the custom became 
so established that, according to Andover records, when 
" Martha " married (June 5, 1701, Richard Friend, seaman, of 
Salem), she married as a "Tyler." (See Charlestown Gene- 
alogies by Wyman, also Witchcraft Papers, p. 61, in Mass. 
State House.) 

Moses Tyler's wife Sarah died in 1718; whereupon, without 
long widowerhood, he married the widow, Martha Fisk. The 
town records say the ceremony took place July 25, 1718; but 
the church annals put the solemnization August 13, 1718. 
They appear to have lived congenially together for almost a 
decade, when Moses, from Andover, whither he removed from 
Boxford about 1697, passed off the scene. 


Probated at Salem, Mass., October 13, 172.7, case 28452. 
No Inventory. 

" I, Moses Tyler of Andover, in the County of Essex and 
Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, husbandman, 
being at present of sound mind and memory, but considering my 
mortality, have thought meet to make this my last will and 

" And first of all, I commit my soul into the hands of God, 
who gave it, and my body I commit to the earth in hope of a 
blessed resurrection at the last day, through the merits of my 
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ; — and, as for my wordly estate, 
which God has given me, I give and dispose of the same in man- 
ner following. 

" As for my sons, Moses, John, Ebenezer, Job, Jonathan, 
James and Joshua, I have formally given them their full por- 
tions out of my estate according to my ability. Also, I give 
to my six sons, first mentioned, ten pounds apiece, and to my 
son Joshua the last mentioned, twenty pounds, all which sums 
are to be paid by my executor in the space of eight years after 
my decease, and he shall be obliged to pay but ten pounds a 
year, and shall pay the younger before the elder. 

" I give to my son Jacob all my homestead in Andover and 
my dwelling house, with all my other buildings, that are upon 
said homestead, and all my meadows, in Andover, and all my 
stock of cattle and sheep and swine and household goods, and 
other moveables. Excepting so much of my household goods. 

22 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

which my second wife brought to me, as shall be left at my 
decease, which shall be equally divided between my son Jacob 
and his three sisters, Martha, Katherine and Sarah, and the 
children of his sisters, Joanna and Abagail, deceased; the chil- 
dren of each sister to have one share, and my son Jacob shall 
have the choice of the beds and furniture thereof that was his 
mothers ; and if my son Jacob shall die without issue lawfully 
begotten, then the lands, which I have given him in this my wUl, 
shall be equally divided among my other sons. And I do hereby 
constitute, make and ordain my son Jacob the sole executor of 
this my last will and testament, and if there is any part of my 
real or personal estate, that I have not disposed [of] in this my 
last will and testament, I give it to my said executor, and I do 
hereby revoke and disannul all and every other will and testa- 
ment by me made. 

" Rectifying and confirming this and no other to be my last 
will and testament. 

" In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
this ninth day of April, Anno Domini, 1725, and in the eleventh 
year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, George of England, 
Scotland, France and Ireland, King, &c. 

(Signed) Moses Tyler. (Seal.) 

" Signed, sealed and delivered by the said Moses Tyler to be 
his last will and testament in presence of us the subscribers. 

(Signed) John Barnard. 
Daniel Colbe. 
Sarah Barnard." 

Children, by first marriage : 
10+ Moses Tyler, born Feb. 16, 1667. 
11+ John Tyler, bom Sept. 14, 1669. 

12 Joseph Tyler, bom Sept. 18, 1671 ; died in Salem, Mass., 
or the West Indies in 1699, intestate (See Admn., 
Case No. 28,44'3, Salem Probate) ; married Martha 

, who died Feb. 11, 1745, aged 74. 

His widow, " Martha," with brother-in-law. Job Tyler, of 
Andover, execute a bond, £300, with father-in-law, Moses Tyler, 
and Daniel Grant, " chaundler," of Salem, sureties. Several 
interesting accounts appear. A note of intestate, dated Oct, 
11, 1699. for '30y, received from Samuel Wakefield, of Salem, is 
presented, which " I do promise to Lay out for sd Wakefield 

Second Genebation 2S 

in Barbadoes (God Sending me Safe there), in whatt I shall 
think most for said Wakefield's best advantage." A bill of 
lading appears, from John Higginson, of Salem, dated Oct. 8, 
1699, — " Shiped on bourd the Ship Lyon," &c., " for my proper 
Accott & Risque & does Consigned to Mr. Joseph Tyler, for 
Sales & Returns, — 

1 large Bay mare 6 

6 new Barrls 18 

2 tt hay 10/ 10 

12 bushell of Gates 18 

Rum, halter, bucket, boatage, &c 10 

£8 16" 

Lastly, is thrown a side-light upon collateral relations. 
The deceased, had had from " Phineas Sprague, Jr., of Mai- 
den " (brother of Joseph Tyler's half-sisters, and who also 
went to Barbadoes), Oct. 7, 1698, "one Brown horse on bord 
the Ship Lion," &c., " Bound for Barbadoes," there to be sold, 
*' should he live, and " I to lay out the neett produse in Barbados 
goods — that goods I shall think Best." It may have been, 
that Joseph died in the West Indies. In 1692, he had been 
among the " confessed " witches ; led into it (with two cousins, 
Martha and Joanna Tyler) " by Abigail Faulkner." 

13-1- Ebenezer Tyler, born Sept. 18, 1673. 

14-f- Job Tyler, bom Dec. 16, 1675. 

15 Samuel Tyler, bom May 2, 1678; died young. 

16 Nathaniel Tyler, born Aug. 14, 1680; probably died 

young. (Savage says that two children died young.) 
17-t Jonathan Tyler, bom March 8, 1683. 
184- James Tyler, bom May 7, 1685. 
19-f- Joshua Tyler, bom in Boxford, July 4, 1688. 

Chiu), by second marriage: 
aO-H Jacob Tyler, bom Jan. 9, 169 — . 

3 MARY^ TYLER (JOB^), bom about 1644; married 
(1), November 18, 1662, Richard Post, of Wobum, Mass., 
bom about 1627; killed in Mendon, Mass., July 14, 1675, by 

24 The Descendants oe Job Tylek 

the Indians (he married (1), February 27, 1649-1660, Susanna 
Sutton, who probably died s. p.) ; married (2), March 1, 1677- 
1678, John Bridges, a widower of Andover, a blacksmith and 
constable there in 1678 ; son of Edmund Bridges, the immgirant. 
He had a son and daughter by first wife. Mary was accused 
of witchcraft. Children, by first marriage: 
21 Mary Post, born Sept. ^9, 1664. 

She was accused of witchcraft, and tried at Salem, in Janu- 
ary, 169^3, as vouched by the following papers in the case: 

" Mary Post, of Rowley, in the County of Essex, single 
woman, being indicted by the jurors for our Sovereign Lord & 
Lady, the King & Queen, upon their oathes, by two several 
indictments, that is to say: 1st., For that she, the said Mary 
Post, of Rowley in the Co. of Essex, single woman, about three 
years ago, in the town of Rowley aforesaid, wickedly, mali- 
tiously and feloniously, a covenant with the Devil did make 
and signed the Devil's book, and was baptized by the Devil, & 
renounced her former Christian baptism, by which diabolical 
covenant, with the Devil made, she, the said Mary Post, is 
become a detestable witch, contrary to the peace of our Sover- 
eign Lord & Lady, the King & Queen, their crown and dignity, 
& the laws in that case made and provided. 2d. For that she, 
the said Mary Post of Rowley, single woman, sometime in the 
month of July last, in the year 1692 aforesaid, & divers other 
days and times, as well before as after, certain detestable arts, 
called witchcrafts and sorceries, wickedly, malitiously and felo- 
niously hath used practiced and exercised at and in the town 
of Andover, in the Co. of Essex aforesaid, upon and against 
one Timothy Swan, of Andover aforesaid, by which said 
wicked arts, the said Timothy Swan the day and year aforesaid 
and divers other days and times as well before as after was and 
is tortured, afflicted, tormented, consumed, pined & wasted, 
against the peace of our Sovereign Lord & Lady, the King & 
Queen, their crown and dignity & against the laws in that case 
made and provided." " Upon the aforesaid indictment and each 
of them, the said Mary Post was then & there before the Jurors 
of our Lord & Lady, the King & Queen aforesaid, arraigned and 
upon her arraignment did then and there, the day and year 
aforesaid, plead to them & each of them not guilty, & put her- 
self upon trial by God and her country." 

Second GENEaATioN S.5 

" A Jury being called, Benayah Titcomb, Foreman, John 
Witt, Joseph Little, John Pickard, Edmund Gale, John Emer- 
son, John Ordway, John Abby, Seth Story, John Hall, Nathan- 
iel Emerson & Eleazer Gyles, and accordingly sworn, no excep- 
tion being made by the prisoner, the said indictments and each 
of them being read, together with evidences and examinations 
and the prisoner's defence being heard, the Jury went out to 
agree on their verdict, which returning did then and there in 
open court deliver their verdict, that the said Mary Post was 
guilty of covenanting with the Devil, for which she stood 
indicted in the second indictment. The Court ordered the 
keeper of the Goale to take care of the prisoner according to 
law." Soon after, she was sentenced to death: but was finally 

N. B. — The Clerk of Court's records of Salem, of this period, 
verifies that many of the accused and their friends claimed, 
and received, " damages," for false accusations ; their receipts 
being on file. We illustrate as follows : — " By His Excellency, 
the Governor. Whereas ye General Assembly in their last ses- 
sion accepted ye report of their comitte appointed to consider 
of ye Damages Sustained by Sundry persons prosecuted for 
Witchcraft in ye year 1692 Vizt. . . . Mary Post, £8. 14." 

22 Joanna Post, bom Sept. IS, 1666; she was an accuser 
in a witchcraft trial, and herself, at another time, was 
accused, but acquitted. 

2'3 John Post, bom April 14, 1669. 

Children, by second marriage: 

24 Mary Bridges, born Jan. 27, 1679-1680; accused of 

witchcraft at the age of 12. 

25 Samuel Bridges, born July 19, 1681. 

26 EKzabeth Bridges, born June 5, 1683. 

27 Mehitable Bridges, bom April 29, 1688. 

4 HOPESTH^L^ TYLER (JOB^), bom about 1646, 
probably in Roxbury or Andover, Mass. ; died in Preston, Conn., 
January 20, 1734, " in ye 89th year of his age " according to 
the rather rude stone which marks his grave in the old burying 
ground in Preston; married in Mendon, January 20, 1668, 
Mary Lovett, bom in Mendon, March 7, 1652-53 ; said to have 

26 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

died in 1732; daughter of Daniel Lovett, of Braintree and 
Mendon. Hopestill went to Andover with his father, who ap- 
prenticed him in 1658 to a blacksmith of Andover, Thomas 
Chandler ; the boy was to be taught the blacksmith trade " so 
far as he was capable to learn " for a period of 9^ years ; was 
to be taught to read the Bible and write so as to keep a book 
for his trade, and to be allowed " convenient meat and drinke, 
washing, lodging and clothes." Something occurred to sicken 
the father of this bargain and he took arbitrary steps to get 
possession of his son, which lead to a long legal battle, rather 
disastrous and humiliating to Job. When the family moved to 
Roxbury, Hopestill went also, and later went to Mendon. In 
1671 he shared in the land division of Mendon ; the next year 
he drew "Lot 30" in a swamp land division; in 1673 he was 
" surveyor of highways." In 1675 when the inhabitants fled 
from the Indian raid he went to his old home in Roxbury, for 
his child Martha (" Mathew " in records and will) was bap- 
tized there, and the next year his son John was bom there. By 
1681 he is at Andover, as children are recorded there. His 
name is on the church list there of 1686. He was the first 
Tyler citizen in the newly settled part of Andover, in the south 
part of the town, and in 1687, by permission, he " set up a shop 
in ye streete near his house." This was on the Boston road 
near the inn of Joseph Parker, who buys of Hopestill in 1710. 
He also owned the " Devil's Den," as well as the great frog- 
ponds. He was again made freeman in 1691 ; also chosen 
tythingman. In 1692 the terrible scourge of witchcraft touched 
his home ; his wife was accused and imprisoned, but was finally 


The following is a digest of the " recantation " obtained 
from Hopestill Tyler's wife by the Rev. Increase Mather, the 
same being followed by Bailey's Sketches of Andover, pp. 222 
and 223. 

" Goodwife Tyler did say, that when she was first appre- 
hended, she had no fears upon her, & did think, that nothing 
could have made her confess against herself. But, since, she 
has found to her great grief, that she had wronged the truth 
& falsely accused herself." When she was being taken from 

Second Genekation 27 

her home in Andover to prison in Salem, her brother-in-law 
Bridges rode beside her; and, during the memorable ride, told 
her that she must be a "witch," because the afflicted were 
raised out of their fits " by her touch." She stoutly denied the 
accusation, and begged him not to urge her to confess. But, 
arrived at Salem (shall we not rather say, temporary " Pande- 
monium".?), she had to combat, not only a stubbornly mis- 
guided brother on one side, but also on her other side, " John 
Emerson " ; which latter stoutly took up the cudgel of accusa- 
tion, on calling her a witch, declaring he could see the Devil he- 
fore her eyes, whereupon, with his hands, he proceeded to beat 
him off. In short, her persecutors so harassed her for confession, 
that she would have "preferred a dungeon," to their presence. 
Finally, they threatened to leave her; declaring that, in such 
event, she would he undone hody and soul forever. To their 
reiterations, that she " could not lie by confessing," she retorted, 
" I shall he, if I confess ; and then, who shall answer unto God 
for my he?" Their final resort always was, "You will be 
hanged, if you do not confess ! " In short, they so protracted 
their unmerciful treatment, that the poor woman began to 
doubt her very hfe and reason : whereupon they proceed to have 
her " agree to say " what they should " suggest." But, in 
her real " confession " to Rev. Mather, she insisted, " she 
wronged her conscience in so doing, was guilty of a great sin 
in belying herself & desired to mourn for it so long as she 
lived." And the said Mather adds, " Her affliction, sor- 
row, relenting, grief and mourning, exceeds any pen to describe 
and express the same." 


MARY TYLER wife of Hopestill Tyler of Andover, Black- 
smith, being Indicted by the Jurors for o"" Soveraigne Lord and 
Lady the King and Queen upon these Oaths, try these Severall 
Indictments. That is to say ; 1st — For that shee the said Mary 
Tyler wife of Hopestill Tyler of Andover in the County of 
Essex, Blacksmith, about seaven Years since in the Town of 
Andover aforesaid wickedly Malitiously and ffeloniously a 
covenant with the Devill did make and signed the Devills Book, 
and promised to serve the Devill as long as she lived &c. &c. The 
Jury went out to agree on their verdict, who returning did then 

28 The Descendants of Job Tyleu 

and there in open Court deliver their Verdict. That the said 
Mary Tyler was Not Guilty of the ffellony by witchcraft for 
which shee stood Indicted in & by the said Indictments, and 
each of them. The Court ordered Mary Tyler aforesaid to be 
discharged paying her ffees. 

His daughters Hannah, Martha and Joanna were likewise 
accused, and their father and their uncle, John Bridges, gave 
a bond for surety in the sum of £100 for the appearance of 
Martha and Joanna. In Nevin's " Witchcraft in 1692," in 
Appendix A appears the name of " Hope Tyler " in the list of 
the accused, but the author found no details of any proceedings 
in such cause. In all there were eleven of the Tyler name and 
blood who were accused and taken out of their homes. They 
were all acquitted. Whether the witchcraft episodes had any- 
thing to do with it or not, there is nothing to show, but after 
a few years Hopestill moved to Preston, Conn. In 1697 he 
sold his land and house at Andover, and in Connecticut, for 
generations, his descendants grew rapidly in numbers and pres- 
tige. He is one of twelve men who organized the first church in 
Preston, November 16, 1698. It is believed that he went to 
Preston the preceding summer. He built his house in the forest, 
about a mile from the hamlet, and the primitive stone-fireplace 
was standing a few years ago, strong and massive, where an 
8-foot log could be rolled in. The old well exists, and the same 
old rocks, doubtless, for it is a rocky region, and Hopestill must 
have gained his competence more by blacksmith work than by 
farming. The old andirons, which were probably his handi- 
work, more than two hundred years ago, are heavy, with a ring 
in the top, fashioned wholly of iron, burned and rusty; this 
hearth, preserved so long, is the earliest one that can be indubi- 
tably proved to be connected with the descendants of Job Tyler 
of Andover. The fireplace is boarded up and never used. The 
house, for the most part, is said to have been burned a great 
many years ago. The chimney bears a date, 1768, and it is 
said to be nearly a reproduction of its protoype. The deed 
of this farm of one hundred and ten acres was given by Robert 
Gear to Hopestill under date of June 28, 1715. He was some- 
thing of a landlord ; became a purchaser of " Common lands " 
and he continued to own lands in Massachusetts for some years. 
While yet in Andover, he had granted to his brother Samuel 

Second Generation 29 

(then of "Rowley Village"), for £30, a 15-acre house lot in 
Mendon, five of which had come from his " father Tyler." 
And it also seems, that he had early made purchase in Preston ; 
for we find deed to " Hope " from Samuel Mason, January 10, 
1689. In 1703, he deeded land in Groton, Conn., to his son 
Daniel, whereupon is situated a place long known as " Tyler 
Hill." In 1706, he deeds a piece to his son James ; and in 
1713, another to son Hopestill, Jr. He seems to have retained 
interests in Massachusetts, after his departure ; for we find, at 
Salem, two deeds, from him in the years 1710 and 1713. June 
20, 1704, he had a deed in Connecticut from Thomas Averill; 
June 28, 1715, another from his son-in-law, Robert Geer. 
The inventory of his estate amounted to over £842. He pos- 
sessed a " Close-bodied coat," which with " beaver hat " and 
" muff " must have made him both comfortable and styhsh for 
his day. He also had an " orange cloak." His life, in an 
unusual degree, seems to have been removed from the realm of 
the commonplace, he having, for various reasons, lived in four 
towns, and having passed through the horrors of Indian raids 
and the terrors of the witchcraft delusion, which attacked those 
nearest and dearest to him. His will, dated May 15, 1728, was 
recorded in New London, Conn., August 9, 1734 (See Wills, 
Book VI, Folios 155-156). Of the children whose birthplaces 
are known, the second and those after the fifth were bom in 


In the name of God, Amen, May the fifteenth, 1728. I 
Hopestill Tyler, of Preston, being aged and of parfet mind and 
memory, thanks be given to god for the same, caling unto mind 
the mortality of my body and knowing that It Is appointed 
for all men once to dye do make and ordain this my last will and 
testament. That is to say principally and first of all I give 
and recommend my Soul Into the hands of God that gave It 
and my body i recommend to the earth to be buried In decent 
Christian burial at the discretion of my executtors, nothing 
doubting but at the general resurrection i shall reseaive the 
same again by the mighty power of god and as touching Such 
wordly estate wharewith It hath pleased god to bless me In 

30 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

this Life I give Demise and Dispose of the same in the following 
manner and form. 

Imprimis : — ^I give and bequeath to my Loving wife mary 
[she had died meanwhile, 1732] of my estate as the Law dierets. 
" Then to my dafter mary fumnum I give fifty shillings be- 
sides what she has aUready had. Then I give to my dafter 
hanna busel her children teen pound besides what she has 
already had. I give unto my dafter mathew teen pound besides 
what shee has allready had. I give unto my dafter abigel 
three score pound besides what she allready has had. I give 
unto my Son Daniel teen pound besides what he allready has 
had. I give unto my Son James five pound besides what he 
allready has had. I give unto my granson moses tiler In Bos- 
ton fifty ShiUings besides what hee allreadye has had. Then 
I give unto my Son Hopstill aU my Land In the township of 
preston with all my housing and Shope tols. I allsoe constitut 
make and ordain my Sole exsexaters my Son James and my 
Son Hopestill and my dafter Abigel my will Is that my dafter 
abigel shall have a room In the hous to live in as long as she 
lives unmarried. 

Hopestill X Tylek, 
Witnesses : 

Thomas Stanton, 
Jabez Fitch, 
Anna Stanton." 

Recorded in the 6th book of wills for New London district, 
Folio 155-156 Aug. 9th, 1734. 

Rich. Cheistophek Clerk. 

Preston Jan. 30, 1733-4 then the within named Thomas 
Stanton, Jabez Fitch and Anna Stanton did all parsonally ap- 
pear and made oath that thay did se ye within named Hopestill 
Tyler sign and seal ye within written instrument and that thay 
herd him then publish and declare ye same to be his Will and 
Testament and that he was then in his perfect mind and memory 
and that thay did then all thereunto sign as witnesses in ye 
presence of ye sd Hopestill Tyler dec'd — ^before me John Cooke. 
Justice of Peace. 

Second Genekation 31 


Wearing apparel 

The building & part of the homestead 

mentioned in the will £600. 0. 0. 

A fifty acre loot of land lying in the 

Northeast Comer of Preston £50. 

The black smith Shoop & tools, &c 

I yoke of oxen £18. 0. 0. 

1 S year old heifer 

1 4 year old heifer. ., 

1 3 year old steer 

1 yearhng heifer 

1 calfe 

1 horse five years old 

1 maire nine years old 

1 maire seven years old 

1 maire two years old 

14 sheep 

17 goats 

Money in Daniel tiler's hands 

Money in Jacob Parkes' hands , 

Money in Hopestill Tiler's hands 

Money in Moses Tiler's hands 

Money in Job Tiler's hands 


Total £842. 7. 3. 

Childeen : 
28+ Mary Tyler, born in Mendon, Mass., Jan. 31, 1669. 
29+ Martha (Mathew) Tyler, bom April 9, 1676. 
80+ John Tyler, bora in Roxbury, Mass., Feb. 19, 1677. 
81+ Daniel Tyler. 
32+ Hannah Tyler. 
83 Joanna Tyler, bom Nov. 21, 1681 ; died s. p. before 

1728; was accused of witchcraft. 
34+ James Tyler, bom Dec. 28, 1683. 
35+ Hopestill Tyler, bom Oct. 16 (or 26), 1685. 
86 Mehitable Tyler, bom June 4 (or Jan.), 1687; died 


82 The Descendants or Job Tyler 

37 Abigail Tyler, twin to Mehitable ; died March 13, 1771 ; 

married Daniel Fitch. Her father names her in his 
will : " My daf ter abigel three score pound besides what 
she allready has had." She joined the Preston church 
Sept. 3, 1721, when she was unmarried. The old 
grave-stone in the Preston burying ground is " In mem- 
ory of Mrs. Abigail ye wife of Mr. Daniel Fitch & 
daughter of Mr. HopestiU Tyler." 

6 HANNAH^ TYLER (JOB^), married, January 20, 
1668. Lieut. James Lovett, born July 8, 1648, son of Daniel 

Children : 

38 Hannah Lovett, bom Oct. 2, 1669. 

39 John Lovett. 

40 Mary Lovett, married Morse. 

41 Martha Lovett, married Perry. 

42 Joanna Lovett, married Perry. 

43 Daniel Lovett, bom Sept. 6, 1860; married Abigail 

Sprague, daughter of Phineas Sprague of Wobum. 

44 Sarah Lovett, bom Jan. 13, 1682; died young. 

4i5 Abigail Lovett, bom April 25, 1685 ; married Ebenezer 

46 Sarah Lovett, bom Jan. 11, 1688; married Ebenezer 

Sumner, her sister's widower. 

47 James Lovett, bom May 13, 1693. 

8 DEACON JOHN^ TYLER (JOB^), born in Andover, 
Mass., April 16, 1653; baptized in Roxbury, Mass., June 4, 
1665, in John Eliot's church; diedl May 4, 1742, in Mendon, 
Mass. ; buried there with stone still standing; married, Septem- 
ber 14, 1682, Hannah Parker, bom in Andover May 14, 1659; 
daughter of Nathan Parker and his second wife, Mary ; her 
father was early in Newbury, and in Andover by 1645. He 
doubtless spent some years of his youth in Mendon with his 
father, with whom he must have fled at the outbreak of King 
Philip's War to Rowley Village, and later went to Andover. 
He and his wife became members of the first church of An- 
dover, where they appear upon the list of 1686, though the 
exact year of their first communion is not recorded. With his 
elder brother Hopestill, and his brother-in-law, John Bridges, 

Second Genekation 33 

he became a " freeman," April 18, 1691. Between the births 
of his two children, Bethia and Mary, he moved to Mendon, 
and in 1693 he and his wife joining, made a conveyance to 
John Marston. 

In 1695, he first appears at Mendon upon the minister's rate, 
" £00.10.7, county pay, and £00.02.10, money." March 7, 
16'98» the town voted " to grant a Streame for the Incoradg- 
ment of a Com Mill within the bounds of the town," and John 
Tiler was on the committee " to view the streams and pich upon 
a place for that purpose, and make Return of ye same." In 
1699, he shares in a division of proprietor's land, and pays on 
minister's rate, " £01.00.06 and 6 ft. of wood." March S, 1701, 
he was on the committee to give the selectmen instructions. 
March 17, 1701, a schedule of claims presented, and John Tyler 
on committee, " to goe about the town and Take a valuation 
and bring it to the selectmen In order to ther making of the 
towne Rate." In 1702, he was elected selectman. In 1704, his 
rate on payment of town debts was " £00.04.10," and he 
received for his charge against town, £00.05.08." In 1708, he 
was one of three trustees, to take town valuation. In 1709, he 
was again a selectman ; and " Jan. 8 " of that year, when the 
town voted to put up their first school-house, he was upon the 
building committee. In 1712, he put in a bill to the town, 
" for 4 days about ye Ministry and Scool lots, . . . £00.10.00." 
In 1711, there had been a committee of nine chosen, to see 
about seating the meetings ; but as their labors did not seem 
to give satisfaction, in 1713, we see that Deacon (John) Tyler 
(with two other deacons) are made a committee, to see if better 
arrangements cannot be made for seating the meeting house. 
In the same year, " November 23," he is authorized to take 
from the town treasury money to pay the preacher for the 
past two weeks, " and. If sd. money comes In by Contrybu- 
tion, within one month, then to Return the same to the Treas- 
urer, otherwise to be made up by the towne." March 28, 1715, 
Deacon Tyler was on a committee, " to take care to provide a 
Minister [to succeed Rev. Rawson], for the Town, from time 
to time, until they shall provide a man, so far to the Town's 
acceptance, as to give a call to settlement." February 24, 
1716, he is on the committee, to agree with Rev. Joseph Don- 
to be the minister in Mendon. In the " Seventh division " of 
land, in 1719, his lot drawn is No. 110. 

34 The Descendants of Job Tyl,eb. 

From this time, as he was getting to be an old man, we do 
not hear so much of him through the records ; his sons John, 
Jr. and Nathan, come in ; especially the latter, who was prob- 
ably the most ubiquitous of any Tyler who ever lived in the 
town. In March, 1729, old Deacon Tyler (and the town 
clerk), with characteristic independence (though nearly four 
score), "protests against irregularities in the choice of town 
officers " ; and the same year, in December, enters protest 
against the committee " for stating the place for the Meeting 
House." The very last we hear of him, is the following season, 
from which time he appears to have retired to private life, not, 
however, without a word of warning to such as shall follow 
after: for we see " February 15, 1730," when it was decided to 
build a new meeting-house, at the request of John Tyler and 
others, it was put to vote, " whether the town should repair the 
old Meeting-House, or the town be divided," it being decided 
in the negative. Whereupon, Deacon John, and his sons, John, 
Jr., Nathan, Robert and Joseph Tyler, entered a protest. 

It is recorded at Mendon that Deacon John Tyler " died of 
Jandows, i May, 1742, aged 90 years," and the place of his 
interment is yet to be seen, marked by a fine slate slab. We 
find no probate of his estate; probably, hke his father, he set- 
tled his earthly possessions while living. For we find (Boston 
Deeds, Bk. 45, p. 148), December 15, 1712, his deed to his son 
Nathan Tyler (acknowledged, September 18, 1713, and re- 
corded March 4, 1730), conveying the " contents of a two acre 
right," with a two acre right in all future divisions and town 
commonage. Also, " 13 Jan. 1723/24 " (Boston Deeds, Bk. 
38, p. 103), John Tyler, So., of Mendon, grants " the one full 
& equal second part (the whole into two parts to be divided) 
of my Homestead whereupon I now dwell, with the one half of 
the edifices & buildings thereon erected . . . bounded as 
Mendon records will fully demonstrate," &c., to his " well be- 
loved " son, Joseph Tyler. 

The four elder children were bom in Andover; the others in 

Children : 
48 John Tyler, born Aug. 16, 1684; died apparently unmar- 
ried, 1753. He lived in Mendon, where he shared in 
the " 7th Division Lots," being No. 23 in 1719 ; was 
constable in 1728; was chosen in 1744 with one other 

Second Genekation gg 

to care for the "Preservation of ye Deer"; the in- 
ventory of his estate was dated May 28, 1753, show- 
ing real estate, £144.13.4, and the property was di- 
vided among his brothers and sisters and heir of 
Bethia. Nathan was administrator. 

49+ Nathan Tyler, bom Feb. 17, 1687. 

50+ Robert Tyler, born July 19, 1689. 

61+ Bethia Tyler, bom Feb. 17, 1692. 

52+ Mary Tyler, bom May 24, 1694. 

63+ David Tyler, bom June 15, 1696. 

64+ Joseph Tyler, bom Oct. 21, 1701. 

65 Mercy Tyler, bom March 26, 1704; was dead in 1753 
when her interest in her brother John's estate was 
awarded her "only heir"; married, Oct. 13, 1732, 
Daniel Hazeltine, of Mendon. 

9 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Jobi), ("husbandman"), bom, 
in Andover, Mass., May 24, 1655; baptized in John Eliot's: 
church in Roxbury, Mass., June 4, 1665; died December 17, 

1695, in Mendon, Mass.; buried there; married Hannah . 

" Samuel Tiler's " name is found on the Hst of those " im- 
pressed " at Rowley, November 29, 1675 (at the age of 20.) 
He appears to have been assigned to Major Appleton's com- 
mand, which, under the commander-in-chief. Governor Winslow, 
of Plymouth, the following month set out from Dedham, on 
the Narragansett Expedition. A detailed account of the en- 
suing conflict may be found in many histories. Two of the 
reported slain, bore the name of " Samuel Taylor," one being 
credited to Ipswich, the other to Rowley. It is an undoubted 
fact (as suggested by Mr. Bodge in his excellent Soldiers in 
King Philip's War), that this "Samuel Taylor of Rowley," 
reported " slayne," was in reality Samuel Tiler of Rowley. And 
it is also quite clear, that Samuel Tiler must have been wounded 
in that bitter fight, and left behind; and so, later, reported 
dead. This is further made probable from his subsequent early 
death at forty years, while his three brothers all lived to be 
over eighty years old, as did his father. His descendants had 
a marked military tendency : — one son of two was a captain ; 
of his grandsons, one was a lieutenant, one a captain and one 
a major-general; among the greatgrandsons, were one cap- 
tain, one major and one colonel; besides several, meanwhile, in 

36 The Descendants of Job Tyuebi 

the humbler " private " ranks. Few families, in proportion 
to numbers, make as honorable showing. 

Bodge (p. 155), further enlightens us, that " Samuel Tiler " 
was " credited, March 24, 1675/6 . . . £03.07.08." In 
accordance with the Governor's proclamation, made prior to 
the fight, that, " if they took the fort and drove out the In- 
dians from Narragansett," the soldiers should have " a gra- 
tuity of land," as well as wages ; we find, in 1728, under " Nar- 
raganset Township No. 3, Souhegan West, now Amherst, New 
Hampshire," that " Samuel Tyler," of Andover, through his 
" son, Ebenezer," plants a successful " claim " : though the 
land is " drawn " by James Parker (presumably, the legally 
qualified grantee.)* 

Samuel, in all probability, had been with his father at Men- 
don, when its settlers were driven away, at the very outbreak 
of Philip's War ; and the fact, that so soon after he is " im- 
pressed from Rowley," lends strong coloring to the supposition, 
that Job Tyler repaired thither, rather than to Roxbury: es- 
pecially, is this tentative supposition, when we notice the very 
next recorded item of Job, comes in 1680 at Rowley. The fact 
that Samuel, in his land drawing, is credited with service from 
" Andover," may lend some basis for assuming that he was 
living there some time after returning from Philip's War; 
but in 1682, he was still of " Rowley Village," when, for £30 
and a swine, his brother Hope deeded him his fifteen-acre house 
lot at Mendon, his future home; where, February 9, 1691, for 
£10, he has from Angel Torry of Mendon, twenty more local 
acres, upon " Muddie Brooke." In 1685 he paid his first minis- 
ter's rate there, 16s. Old. ; and not far from this date, un- 
doubtedly took up his homestead, located about a mile south 
of the present Mendon Center Village. From that time down 
to about 1830 (the approximate departure of Deacon Nathan 
Tyler, last of the line in the place), the family " Were all promi- 
nent in church and town aff"airs." Samuel Tyler was chosen sur- 
veyor of highways, " 3 Jan. 1686," constable, " 2 Jan. 1687," 
and again, " 24 Jan. 1689." On Rev. Mr. Rawson's salary 

* Massachusetts (from first to last) found it necessary to make no 
less than seven Narragansett "Township Grants," whose names are here 
given, in order: — Buxton, Me., Westminster, Mass., Amherst, N. H., 
Greenwich, Mass., Bedford, N. H., Templeton, Mass., and Gorham, Me. 
Connecticut likewise granted her heroes a single township, which took the 
name (I suppose, for obvious reason) " Voluntown." 

Second Genebation 37 

rate, October, 1688/89, we find " No. 33 Job & Sam Tiler 
• . . f01.s.l4.d.04f." On a similar rate for 1691, we see 
"No. 24 Job Tiler & Samuel . . . £01.s.l8.d.00." In 
1693, Samuel was " tything-man " (the first year the town 
seems to have elected one.) In 1695, the town, as usual, made 
two semi-annual rates for the minister; Samuel Tiler's pro- 
portion was "county pay" (i. e., in produce), "£00.13.03 
. . . Money, £00.03.08." That year, "17 Dec. 1695," 
came his untimely end. His sincerely sorrowing fellow-citizens 
bore their young fellow-townsman, shrouded in his plain board 
coffin, upon their brawny shoulders to the old " Center bury- 

A mortgage, in which he was interested, is recorded at East 
Cambridge, Mass., in Vol. 11, p. 148, bearing date, September 
29, 1692, in the sum of £60, payable twelve years afterwards, 
with interest at £3.10 annually, given by Joseph Wilson and 
wife, Dorcas, of Maiden, being secured upon eight acres of 
land, house and orchard. It was " discharged " by Samuel's 
widow, Hannah, September 27, 1704. Two other deeds at 

Perhaps, like many other Tylers, he died suddenly, for he 
left no will ; " Letters " in his estate being granted the widow, 
April 9, 1696, upon which date was filed inventory of his 
property, "£243.10," Boston, Mass., Probate Booh II, pp. 
149, 150. 

His widow, Hannah, then of " Rehoboth," October 9, 1704, 
had a mortgage, in the sum of £12.6.8, from Joseph Tree, of 
Attleboro ; which her son Ebenezer, June 19, 1710, " dis« 
charged." (Taunton Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 149.) 

Boston Prob., Bk. 11, pp. 149, 150. Est. Sand. Tyler of 
Mendon : 

Letters of Administration granted unto Hannah Tyler, 
widow of late husb. Saml T. " Husbandman," decsd. 9 Apr. 

An Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Tyler late of Men- 
don, Dece'* taken and apprized by us the subscribers, Feb^^ 
25th 1695/6: 

£ s. 
His wearing apparrell with a piece of cloth to make up. 3 00 
In the inner Room 1 feather bed w**" all furniture to it. 6 00 

S8 The Descenbants op Job Tyiee, 

£ s. 

1 bedstead and cord 5/ 1 chest and 2 wheeles 10/. . 15 
In the outer Room, 1 feather bed with all fumtiure 

thereto belonging : 5 10 

1 small Trundle bed, bedstead and furniture 2 00 

A small box with some Linnen in it and a Bible 6 

Iron Ware: a musket 16/3 Iron pots and a box Iron. 1 10 

Brass Ware: 2 old kettles and a warming pan 12 

Pewter: 1 platter & 2 basons and a pot 7 

In y* chamber: of come Twenty -five bushells' 00 

In y* Cellar : of provision Beefe and Porke 1 00 

Lumber in the cellar & about the house with chaires . . 1 2 
Wooden Ware : Vizt. Dishes, Trayes and pails with a p' 

of Cards 6 

Without doors: 9 small swine 21b Iron chains, a logg 

chain & chaines for a horse ISb. 8 hoes and an ax 6/ 3 6 
Cart Irons, that is, hoopes and boxes and a ring and 

staple 1 5 

Wheat unthreast in the Bame 2 bushells 00 

Cattle: 2 oxen and 4 cows and 1 yearling and calfe. . 16 00 
Six sheep lib 1 horse 10s. Flax undrest the quantity 

unknowne 1 10 

Due to the Estate from Benjamin Wheaton 1 00 

Due from Isaac Lenarson 1 00 

Linnen Yame, a small quantity 00 

Sheeps wool about five pounds 00 

2 Cow Bells and a cart rope 5 

Housing & Lands & orchards that is to say a fifteen 

acre Lot on which the House and Bame stands 

w**" all priviledges and Divisions thereto belonging 60 00 
A fifteen acre Lot bought of his Bro' Hope Tyler w* 

all rights & priviledges 30 00 

Twenty acres of Land bought of Angel Torrey 10 00 

A parcell of Meadow and Upland bought of John 

Darling, the Upland already sold, but no Deeds 

given 1^ 0" 

A parcell of Meadow bought of Edward Pratt 5 00 

Money out at use, for which a House and Land at 

Maulden is mortgaged, the Mortgage not being 

out in seven or eight year yet to come 60 00 

Second Generation 39 

£ s. 
Money in the hands of John Darling not recoverable 

yet this seven yeares 20 00 

£243 10 
Joseph White. 
John Mansfield. 
Josiah Torrey. 
By the Hon"* William Stoughton, Esq', Judge of Probate 
&c., Hannah Tyler admin*" presented the within written and 
made oath that it containes a just and true Inventory of the 
Estate of her late Husband Samuel Tyler Dece'* so far as 
hath come to her Knowledge. And that if more hereafter 
appeares she will cause it to be added. 

Jurat Cor. Wm. Stoitghton. 
Boston, April 9*"" 1696. 
Exam* Pr. Is^ Addington Reg*''""- 

The children were bom in Mendon. 

Childken : 
56+ Ebenezer Tyler, bom April 28, 1685. 
57+ Mary Tyler, bom Feb. 21, 1689. 
58 Elizabeth Tyler, bom March 17, 1691 ; married Samuel 

Field (.?). 
69+ Hannah Tyler, bom Feb. 12, 1692. 
60+ Samuel Tyler, Jr., born Feb. 26, 1695. 


10 MOSES^ TYLER (Moses^), born Rowley Village 
(now West Boxford), February 16, 1667; died October 11, 
1732; married, January 3, 1694, Ruth Perley, of Ipswich; 
bom 1676; died in Andover, May 10, 1738, but was buried 
with her husband in Rowley. It is stated in the History of 
Boxford that he moved just within the bounds of Andover 
about 1698, but in 1703 he is constable in Rowley. His name 
is on the 1711 Rowley tax Hst ; in 1714 his " Province tax " 
was "£1.9.3"; he is on the preacher's rate of 1720; in 1722 
his " Province tax " is " f 0.18.8 " and " Minister's rate, 
£0.15.7.", while in 1726, it is, respectively, " £3.8.11 " and 
"£1.4.5." In 1728 he is selectman there. In 1723, with his 
brother Jacob, he deeds (recorded 1725, Salem, Bk. 45, p. 
98), from "Andover," John Johnson, Jr., for £15, 1/4 of a 
saw-miU, on a river, " alias brook, called Cachechorrick " — 1/4 
part of the iron-work — 1/4 part wooden work — 1/4 part 
utensils — 1/4 part stream — 1/4 part woodyard — 1/4 part 
upper dam — 1/4 part ditch from dam to mill for course of 
water. In 1736, upon the first incorporation of the second 
church in (West) Boxford, his widow and eldest daughter, 
Sarah (Porter) , were among the " admitted," having requested 
" dismission " from the First church. 

Children : 
61+ Sarah Tyler, bom in 1696. 
62+ Lydia Tyler, baptized Jan. 7, 1702. 
63+ Mary Tyler, baptized Oct. 30, 1709. 
64+ Mehitable Tyler, baptized in 1712. 

11 CAPTAIN JOHN' TYLER (Moses^), born in Row- 
ley Village, Mass., September 14, 1669; died June 17, 1756; 
married, November 14, 1695, Annie Messenger, of Boston; bom 
about 1676; died February 11, 1745. He enlisted and served 
for five months in King William's War, in 1688, and he was 
the second of Job's descendants to bear arms, but he is believed 


Third Generation 41 

to have acquired his title of Captain as Master Mariner on 
a merchant ship, and is said to have spent twenty years on the 
ocean. He lived for a time after his marriage in Charlestown, 
where the birth of his eldest child is recorded. Not long after, 
however, he returned to his native place; for we find a deed, of 
date March 1, 1702/3^» from Ephraim Foster, of Andover, 
blacksmith, in consideration of £70 in silver, paid by " Mr. 
John Tiler, living in Boxford, Mariner," conveying a house and 
land in Boxford, upland and swamp ground, and further 
" one third part of the great swamp * * pond meadow 
* * little meadow & * * great meadow," being 1/3 of 
the right therein of Robert Earns, Sr., purchased of Jacob 
Eams, who had it from his father's estate. 

We also find deed to John Tyler, from his father, Moses, 
dated May 20, 1708 (acknowledged, June 7, 1712; rec. March 
1, 1726), conveying 107 acres of Boxford land, "one line 
running to a Tree in Andover line, about 50 rods from the great 
Hill End, then to Run Easterly upon sd. line till it meets with 
Ephraim Fosters Land or line, which is part of the 400 acres 
of land which was laid out by the Town of Rowley to John 
Commins, Thomas Dorman & Robert Stiles." His home, now 
known as the " Captain John Tyler place," in Boxford, is 
the most ancient family seat of the Tylers thus far identified 
in Essex County, (Mass.), the old home of immigrant Job, 
1640. Job's house must have been among the first built in 
North Andover (he mortgaged his " house and bam " in 
" 1650," and land " fenced and unfenced,") but has not been 
located, and may never be. 

The eldest son of Job, " Quartermaster " Moses, settled upon 
the " Captain John " place (where father Job probably passed 
some later years of his life), and was thus one of the first set- 
tlers of West Boxford (contiguous to northerly North An- 
dover.) The house at present standing (that is, the rear part) 
was built by Moses' son, Captain John Tyler, probably about 
the time of Moses' death, 1727. Some " bricks " have re- 
cently been found buried in the present driveway, which would 
appear to locate the old fireplace of Moses at a few rods to 
the east of the present dwelling: and it is not at all unlikely, 
that when the first house was abandoned for purposes of living, 
it continued to be used as a storehouse, until it finally passed 
ofF the scene in decay. It must have been a very simple struc- 

42 The Descendants of Job Tylebj 

ture, judging from reports of the typical first settler's cabin. 
Of the many Tylers who have lived in this dear old home, 
none has left a memory more quaintly attractive than " Aunt 
Prue," who was herein bom, where she passed away at the re- 
markable age of 100. She was to have been wed in younger 
days, and the visitor is shown a Bible, the gift of her be- 
trothed ; though she did not marry him, nor did she pine away, 
one may easily see how dear he was in memory — very unusual 
memory of a love affair that could survive through more than 
the divinely allotted " three score and ten." Captain John's 
will provided a room for her " on the lower floor " of his house ; 
she had kept house for him, after his wife died in 1745, until 
he himself left eleven years later. Gideon, who succeeded Cap- 
tain John, also died four years before " Aunt Prue." She is 
buried near by, in the old West Boxford cemetery. Let all 
Tylers who pass this mound think kindly benediction towards 
a faithful kinswoman, who longer than any other was familiar 
to these beloved accustomed paths and haunts. 

The present imposing country house is due to the kindly 
eflForts of Gideon Tyler, son of Captain John, who succeeded 
to the premises upon his father's death. The presence of three 
chimneys (very unusual in so old a dwelling) is accounted for 
by this interesting bit of history: Gideon had two daughters, 
Mehitable and Anna (commonly called " Hitty " and 
" Nanny"), who died aged spinsters, both in September, 18'33, 
at eighty-four and eighty, respectively. Gideon (with a pa- 
ternal kindness worthy of later day imitation), built for these 
the west ell, with a single room upstairs and down, where for 
long years, in well-ordered privacy, they lived comfortably and 
happily. Upon their deaths, the rooms were closed, and have 
ever since remained unoccupied. 

Captain John's " rear rooms " are very well preserved and 
quaint, being quite low-posted, with heavy beams exposed to 
view, and the poem of a cozy fire-place, identical line for line 
with " The days of auld lang syne." In the front room, too, 
is a time-honored hearthstone, wherefrom rises the flames of 
domestic joys upon inclement days. 

When in 1800 Gideon died, his eldest son, John, fell heir to 
the old place; upon whose demise, in 1823, his daughters, Me- 
hitable and Mercy, succeeded to possession. Mercy lived to so 
recently as 1880, " singly " to her eighty-seventh year. Me- 

Third Generation 43 

hitaWe survived until 1891, aged ninety-three. Her husband 
was Captain Enoch Wood (descendant of an ancient Essex 
County family), who left (among, others) a daughter, Rebecca 
Tyler Wood, and a son, John Tyler Wood, born in 1830 and 
1831 respectively, who carry on the premises in the old God- 
fearing way. Having no living descendants, who shall inherit 
the old landmark when they shall have gone to their long rest.? 
(Written in 1896). 

Captain John appears on the Boxford tax list of 1711 ; and 
in 1714 was Selectman, as well as " Constable to gather the 
Province Tax," wherein his portion was £1.4.6. By 172^ his 
" Province Tax " had risen to £9.15.10, and his minister's rate 
the same year was £1.4.6. Evidently he was prospering! 
In 17S6 his town tax was £2.2.11, and minister's rate, £1.3.4. 
In 1735, upon the formation of the Second parish, he was 
elected its first treasurer; and May 1, 1737, on dismission from 
the First church, became, with his wife, a member of the Second 
church. In September, 1745, with others, he was suspended 
from " ye special privileges of Sacred fellowship & Com- 
munion," for " receiving into their houses Itinerant Preachers 
& holding meetings in opposition to ye repeated entreaties of 
their Brethren," &c. ; but, April 9, 1747, he made " Confession 
& acknowledgment," and was reinstated. He appears, like his 
father, to have been a member of the North Andover church, 
from records of his " rates " there in 1745, 1747 and 1749. 

His will was probated in Salem, Mass., July 12, 1756, Case 


The second (as well as the eldest child) was probably bom 
in Charlestown ; the others in Boxford, on the old home-place. 

Children : 

65+ John Tyler, bom Nov. 6, 1696. 

66+ Moses Tyler, bom July 14, 1700. 

67+ Anna Tyler, bom Jan. 1, 1702. 

68+ Martha Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1704. 

69 ■ Prudence Tyler, bom Jan. 15, 1706; died July 23, 1804, 

unmarried ; her headstone says " aet. 100." 

70+ Abner Tyler, bom Feb. 1, 1708. 

71 Joshua, born March 2, 1711 ; died Feb. 8, 1715. 

72+ Gideon, bom Dec. 8, 1712. 

73 Sarah, born April 1,1713(?); died in infancy. 

44) The Descendants of Job Tyleh 

74 Hannah, bom June 13, 1714 ; probably died in infancy ; 

not mentioned in father's will. 
75+ Abigail, bom Aug. 2, 1715. 
76+ Ruth. 

13 EBENEZER* TYLER (Moses^), bom in Rowley 
Village, Mass., September 18, 1673; died December 1, 1743; 
married Elizabeth Walker, born about 1668; died April 9, 
1745 ; daughter of Richard Walker. He resided in Boxford, 
Mass. His name is on the tax list of 1711 in Boxford ; also in 
1714; in 17^1 he deeds thirty-seven acres to his son Samuel. 
May 23, 1744, appears a Q. C. deed (Rec. Salem, VI. 94, 
p. 104), to which all his surviving children seem to be parties; 
wherein Samuel, Nathaniel and David Tyler, husbandmen, of 
Boxford, with Elizabeth and husband, Philip Chaplin, of Bos- 
ton, Susanna Larrabee, of Boston, widow and spinster, " all 
children of Ebenezer Tyler, deceased, late of Boxford," quit 
claim right in father's land, then possessed by brother Richard, 
the former deed thereto not having been properly acknowledged. 
There is no probate of his estate. 

Childben : 
77+ Samuel Tyler, born May 9, 1694. 

78 Joseph Tyler, born Sept. 6, 1695 ; probably died young. 

79 Prudence Tyler, bom Nov. 4, 1697 ; probably died young, 

80+ Richard Tyler, bom Feb. 14, 1699. 
81+ Nathaniel Tyler, born April 4, 1702. 

82 Ebenezer Tyler, born Feb. 17, 1703; probably died 

young, unmarried. 

83 Ehzabeth Tyler, bora Dec. 4, 1708; married. May 29, 

1738, Philip Chaplin, of Boston, probably son of 
William and Martha Chaplin; they had no children 
in Boston. 
84+ David Tyler, born June 5, 1710. 

85 Sarah Tyler, born June 5, 1712; probably died young, 


86 Susanna Tyler, bom in 1713 ; died s. p. in Boxford, June, 

1750; married, June 16, 1737, Jonathan Larrabee, of 
Boston ; bora in Boston, Oct. 7, 1713 ; son of William 
and Lydia Larrabee; in 1744 she is recorded as 
" widow and spinster of Boston." 

Third Generation 45 

14. J0B3 TYLER (Moses^), born in Rowley Village, 
Mass., December 16, 1675; died in Rowley, Mass., in 1754; 
married (1), Margaret Bradstreet, born in Andover, Mass., 
February 19, 1674; died before 1736; daughter of Colonel 
Dudley Bradstreet and his wife Ann (Wood) Price Bradstreet, 
(the widow of Theodore Price) ; grand-daughter of Governor 
Simon Bradstreet of Massachusetts Bay colony and his wife, 
Anne (Dudley) Bradstreet; married (2), June 1, 1736, Pris- 
cilla Peabody, of Boxford, Mass. ; she then eighteen years of 
age and he sixty-one; she died s. p. ; married (3), September 11, 
1747, Mrs. Mary Brockelbank, who died in 1755. All his 
children were by the first marriage, and it is fitting to speak of 
the grandmother of Mrs. Margaret Bradstreet Tyler, the 
gifted Anne Dudley Bradstreet. Reared amid the refinement 
and elegances of an English castle (her father, Governor 
Thomas Dudley had been steward to the Earl of Lincoln), at 
the age of eighteen, she came with her husband, Simon Brad- 
street, to seek a home in the wilderness of North America. 
She is reputed to be the first American poetess. In Andover, 
in the Bradstreet House, built about 1667 by Governor Brad- 
street, were bom her last three of eight children. This house 
has a massive frame of heavy timbers, its walls lined with 
brick; its enormous chimney, running up through the center, 
shows in the garret like a fortification, and might, with care, 
last another half century. Among her descendants may be 
named WiUiam EUery Channing, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Wen- 
dell Phillips and Richard Henry Dana. Here was born about 
the year 1648, her son Colonel Dudley Bradstreet, who lived 
to the great age of ninety-four. He was the first person to 
breast and mark a turning point to the dreadful delusion of 
witchcraft. His only living descendants are those tracing 
through the children of his daughter Margaret and her hus- 
band Job Tyler. This history will show how pertinaciously 
the names Bradstreet and Dudley have clung as " given " 
names to the descendants of " Margaret and Job." Among 
the descendants of their son, William Tyler, is the author of 
this volume. Job Tyler was administrator of the goods not 
previously acted upon by former administrators of his father- 
in-law. Colonel Dudley Bradstreet. (See Salem Probate Rec- 
ords, Case No. 3068.) He gave bonds in the sum of £400. 
In 1708 Job Tyler had given a receipt to the previous adminis- 

46 The Descendants of Job Tylehj 

trator for £800, being " in part of what is due to me the Sub- 
scriber from said estate." In 1709 he gave a receipt for 
£26, " pr order from Madom bradstreet Relick widdow of the 
said Collonll Dudley bradstreet in part of what was allowed 
to her by the Judge of probate in the settlement of Said Es- 
tate." In 1706 he was constable of the recently erected munici- 
pality of Boxford; selectman in 1716 and in 1744, and served 
on town and church committees. April 25, 1732, he became one 
of a committee " to renew the bounds between Boxford & 
Andover " ; and, in 17'35, was on the committee of three to 
oversee and manage the building of the Second (J. e. original 
West Boxford) church. His will was dated April 26, 1754 and 
probated December 16, 1754. He lived in Rowley, now George- 
town, and he made numerous land grants. 

Children, by first marriage: 

87+ Dudley Tyler, bom in 1700. 

88+ WiUiam Tyler, bom July 4, 1701. 

89+ Margaret Tyler, born March 24, 1703. 

90+ Job Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1705. 

91+ Asa Tyler, bom April 25, 1708. 

92+ Hannah Tyler, bom June 5, 1710. 

17 JONATHAN^ TYLER (Moses^), born in Rowley 
Village, Mass., March 8, 1683; married, June 14, 1708, Phoebe 
Chandler, of Andover. He is on the Boxford tax-list of 1711 ; 
in 1714, his " Province tax " was £0.16.10 ; 1720, on minister's 
rate; 1722 was Constable to collect Province tax, his share 
being £0.13.12, with minister's rate, £00.11.11 ; 1726, his town 
tax was £1.15.11, minister's rate, £0.12.4. In 1725, he rose to 
the dignity of selectman. 1712 shows a deed from his father, 
" for love of my son Jonathan, carpenter, of Boxford," of 
eighty acres on north of Ipswich road, near Ebenezer Tyler's 
land, and that of his brother James, " Shaven Crown to Clay 
Pit Swamp," being one of its boundaries. The last record 
found {Mass. Archives, Vol. CV, p. 124), exhibits him as one 
of two petitioners for the town of Boxford, February, 1727. 
It had been a custom to cut lumber in New Hampshire on the 
Merrimac, and float it down the river to coast, where it was 
used for ship- timber; as it was often swept to sea, it involved 
great losses ; wherefore this petition to General Court, to 

Thied Geneeation 47 

erect a boom across, just above Haverhill, between Gage's and 
Griffin's ferries. This being done, we are inclined to think, 
Jonathan moved to Haverhill, and was a ship-" carpenter." 
No record of death or will, of self or wife, are found. Like 
his brother James, he might have gone into Maine, where the 
record loss by Portland fire,* leaves many a genealogical gap 
unspanned. His son Jonathan, as will be seen, went to Maine 
to settle. 

Children : 
93+ Jonathan Tyler, baptized in 1715. 
94 Phebe Tyler, married, June 3, 1736, Joseph Milliken; 

lived in Boxford, s. p. 
95+ Joseph Tyler, baptized in 1720. 

18 JAMES3 TYLER (Moses^), bom in Rowley Vil- 
lage, Mass., May 7, 1685; died in June, 1749; married (1), 
January 19, 1708, Mary (Green) Kimball, who died before 
1734; widow of Abraham Kimball and probably daughter of 
Isaac Green of Salisbury; married (2), before 1724, Phoebe 
Royall, daughter of John Royall, of North Yarmouth, Me., 
who was a son of William and Phoebe (Green) Royall, of 
Salem, Boston, and Dorchester, Mass. 

James Tyler was living in " Bradford," January 11, 1716, 
when he sells land in Cape Porpoise, (Me.), to Jabez Dorman ; 
also, December 14, 1716, when he has land of Nicholas Mooney ; 
also, February 14, 1717, when he has land of Ezra Rolfe. As 
no wife joins in 1716, she may have died; as she certainly had 
before 1724, when we find his second wife, " Phebe," joining in 

By his Rolfe deed of 1716, he acquired land, meadow and 
marsh, between the Black Poynt River and Saco River, and 
about this time went to Maine.f Bradbury's History of Ken- 

*The great Are of Portland, Me., hurned all the Probates from 1760 
to 1866. As it was early the county seat of «. vast tract, much knowl- 
edge thus irreclaimably perished. 

tThe immigrant Royall had early grants in Maine; " Royall's Side," or 
"Royall's Neck," were named after him; also, "Royall's River," North 
Yarmouth. The above John Royall had a brother Joseph, whose daugh- 
ter, Sarah, in 1710, married William, son of Thomas Tyler of Boston. 
Thus we find " Royall " used as a Christian name in both the Boston and 
Andover Tyler lines. Ridlon's "Saco Valley" makes the mistake, of 
placing our James Tyler in the Boston Tyler line of descent. Bradbury's 
Hist. Kennebunkport, because of James' son Abraham, infers, that he 
came of the (extinct) line of Abraham Tyler of Haverhill. 

48 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

nebunhport dates his arrival there at about 1715, where he 
lived at " The Cape," just over the modem short causeway, on 
the right hand side, on ground in the present hands of the 
Grant family. The cellar of his removed house has been filled 
up in recent years ; it stood upon a little knoll, which ran 
down in the rear to water at high tide. Thereafter, for the 
sake of a mill-site, he removed to a rough wooded piece, near 
tidewater, some two miles distant, where he built a mill upon 
" Tyler's Brook " site. Not many rods distant, he built his 
log house ; nothing of which now remains, but some portions of 
a garden wall: the high rock to the rear of his home, which 
it sheltered from north winds, is still called " Tyler's Back." 

The Collections of the Maine Historical Soc, Vol. Ill, p. 
223, says, " James Tyler came from Cape Porpoise (Arundel) 
and settled on Blue Point in 1718." The Hist, of Kennehunk- 
port says (p. 281), he " changed his place of residence several 
times after 1720; but finally settled at Scarboro." (He cer- 
tainly was an active man, and not unlikely was at times forced 
to be so by the Indians : these broils made the entry and keep- 
ing of complete records impossible.) At the first legal meeting 
(after resettlement), held " Att Arondell, Ela Cape Porpus, 
on the 31 day of March 1719, being warned by order of a 
warrant from John Wheelwright, Esq., one of his Maj. Justus 
of the peac to meet and make choyce of town officers," 
" James Tyler and Allison Brown " (the latter soon to become 
a Tyler-intermarriage family), were chosen " haywards or 
field-drivers." At this meeting, was located " a highway of 
four rods wide from the western end of the persell of land " 
lately bought of " James Tyler " et al., " for to build a fort 
upon, which highway runeth down upon the back of the 
creek," &c., " near where the pound now standeth, and so," &c., 
" passes near to montagues neck so called." The third warrant 
for town meeting (being the first on record) is, " Arondell 
November, the 5th, 1719. The inhabitants of this tovra are 
to take notice that there is to be a town meeting on Wensday 
the eighteenth day Instant at ten of the clock in the morning at 
the house of Mr. James Tyler, to Rectifye and Reform some 
things that have been acted in said town," &c. At the " Nov. 
18, 1719 " meeting, is made a " grant unto James Tyler 60 
acres of Land anywhere that may be convenient on the Town 
Common (to be laid no way infringing on any former Grant)." 

Thib.d Genekation 49 

On town records, in 1719, 1720, are numerous entries of land 
laid out by " James Tyler, lot Layer for Arundell " ; March 
12, 1720, he had a further forty acre grant ; May 17, 1720, he 
appears as Land-surveyor; and, on 30th, same month, his 
name is one of the thirteen made " free Commoners." In 1728, 
he alienated to Samuel Preble, " for and in consideration of 
one Negro man " certain lands in Kennebunkport.* (This 
gives one much such a shock, as felt on viewing the " shelf " 
whereupon the old slave used to sleep in Wayside Inn, Sud- 
bury, Mass.) His name appears on a muster roll in Mass. 
Archives, under Captain Johnson Harmon, from February 28 — 
November 20, thirty-eight weeks, as " Centinel," (no residence 
given; being, probably, in 1721-22.) 

The date of his burial, June 8, 1749, is recorded at the 
Second (Dunston) church of Scarboro, where he was un- 
doubtedly buried; but patient search fails to find his (or any 
other Tyler) stone in the contiguous ground. His will, dated 
January 17, 1748, was probated July 3, 1749. (See " Yorh 
WiUs," p. 599.) Inventory, September 15, following, £1920,- 
0.3. It has long ceased to be a Tyler center, and the records 
are both meager and conflicting. The two elder children were 
born in Bradford, Mass., the others probably in Scarboro. 

Chiudben, by first marriage: 
96+ Dorothy Tyler, bom Dec. 19, 1709. 
97+ Abraham Tyler, bom March 17, 1712. 
98+ Abigail Tyler. 

Child, by second marriage: 
99+ RoyaU Tyler. 

19 JOSHUA^ TYLER (Moses^, Job*), born July 4, 
1688; died before May 14, 1735; married, November 13, 1712, 
Margaret Lombard, or Lambert, died before July 4, 1775, at 
which date her will was probated {Salem, WiUs, Case 28,448.) 
He was a mariner. From Salem Deeds office, we learn, through 
Deposition of George Jackson, November 2, 1719, that " one 
Joshua Tyler came to my house in Marblehead," and upon en- 

• Do not confuse with " Kennebunk " (which in later years has been 
taken off old Wells), from whose railway station it is about 2 J miles to 
Kennebunkport, commonly called "The Cape" (i. e. Porpoise). 

so The Descendants of Job Tylek 

quiry what boat it was that " road dangerously out in the 
harbor," Tyler replied that the Master was sick, and had gone 
to Salem, and that he (Tyler) had brought her in and taken 
care of her. Upon being advised to go aboard, Tyler said, 
" she is safe enough." Upon proceedings in the case in 1724, 
" Sam Walton, of full age," testifies that " a Nov., 1719, he 
was on board the schooner called the Restoration, William 
Dove, Master, he being a passenger bound for Boston, but the 
boat being pushed into Marblehead by contrary winds, he 
heard the Captain order ' mate ' Joshua Tyler, as he was get- 
ting over the side, to go ashore, being very sick, to take care 
of the vessel, and, when the wind freshened, to ' veer out more 
cable ' and carry the other anchor. Mate replied, he would 
take all the care he could. It seems they were bound from 
North Carolina to Boston." From The American Weekly Mer- 
cury, May 5, 1720., From New Jersey Archives, First Ser. 
Vol. XI, newspaper extracts, page 49, we get another glimpse 
of the wanderer: "Custom House, Salem [N. J.] Apr. 23. 
Entered Inwards [by this time, he seems to have become a 
Captain], Joshua Tyler, sloop Dragon from Virginia." 

No record appears of the time and manner of death, which 
seems to have come at the age of forty-six; his estate being 
administered at Salem, May 14, 1735, Case No. 28,446. The 
children were born in Salem. 

Children : 

100 Joshua Tyler, bom Jan. 1, 1713. 

101 Benjamin Tyler, bom March 3, 1715; married, Oct. 19, 

1740, Martha Liscomb, of Salem, where he seems to 
have died for Martha Tyler married Thomas Downing 
in 1744. 

102 Joseph Tyler, bom June 23, 1719. 

103 Margaret Tyler, born June 18, 1723 ; married, April 24, 

1764, Aaron Crumb, of Salem. 

104 Mary Tyler, baptized Jan. 21, 1727; married (1), July 

2, 1745, Jacob Manning, of Salem; married (2), June 
7, 1750, Stephen Webb, bom Feb. 13, 1722; died Mar. 
24, 1796. By her second marriage, according to her 
mother's will, Mary had ten children. 

20 JACOB^ TYLER (Moses^), born in Boxford, Mass., 
January 9, 169- ; died in Wobum, Mass., March 24, 1778; 

Thihd Generation 51 

married (1), February 12, 1719, Abigail Kimball; born April 

12, 1699; died of small-pox March ^5, 1722, daughter of 
Thomas and Deborah Kimball of Bradford; a little slate slab 
in the old cemetery marks her grave and that of her infant, and 
is the earliest stone extant in Job's line; he married (2), July 

13, 1727, Abigail Foster, born November 22, 1697; died in 
Wobum, Mass., December 20, 1758; daughter of Jonathan and 
Abigail Foster ; she was in the fourth generation from Reginald 
Foster of Ipswich. In 1718 his father deeded him one-half of 
his arable land, meadow, orchard, west end of dwelling, one- 
half of cellar, one-half of stock and husbandry tools. The 
death of his wife and child may have upset his plans, for the 
following year, 1723, he, with his brother Moses disposed of 
his interest (one-fourth), in a mill and appurtenances upon 
" Cachechorrick " brook. In 1725, from June 24 to July 7 we 
find him a " trooper " on Captain Richard Kimball's muster 
roll (Mass. Archives.) In 1727, shortly after his second mar- 
riage, his father died, of whose estate he became executor. He 
inherited in 1727 from his father the remainder of the Andover 
homestead, where he continued to live until he removed to Wo- 
burn. In 1729 he deeded land to one Skales and in 1731 made 
a grant to Samuel Famum. Sometime after 1738, he removed 
to Wobum. His will, dated June 25, 1759, was probated June 
2, 1778 (East Cambridge Records, case 16,502.) Jacob, hav- 
ing had his portion, gets but £10. Abigail and Mary have each 
£36 in three annual installments, all the household goods and 
the privilege of the " east chamber " while they remain single, 
but if their brother Moses wishes to sell they are to relinquish 
it on receipt of £2 each. Moses has all the buildings and lands 
in Wobum, lands in Andover, with rights and interest in com- 
mon and undivided lands there ; also the stock, utensils, monies, 
etc. ; to act as executor and to pay the debts. The inventory 
was £1,851,4*. Jacob and his son, Jacob, Jr., were members of 
the Andover church, where their children were baptized and in 
whose old burial ground rest their wives and some of their 

Chiu), by first marriage: 
105 Elizabeth Tyler, bora 1719; died April 26, 1722; she 
and her mother died of the small-pox. 
Childken, by second marriage : 
106+ Jacob Tyler, bom April 16, 1728. 

52 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

107+ Moses Tyler, born March 5, 17'31. 

108+ Jeremiah Tyler, born 1733 ; died Oct. 2, 1755, in camp 
at Lake George ; was in Colonel Titcomb's regiment 
in the expedition against Crown Point. 

109 Abigail Tyler, born in 1735; a member of the An- 
dover church in 1756. 

110+ Mary Tyler, born in 1738. 

28 MARY^* TYLER (HopestilF, Job^), born in Men- 
don, Mass., January 31, 1669; died before 1733; married, June 
30, 1693, John Farnum,* of Andover, Mass., born April 13, 
1672; died September 9, 1749, son of John Famum (Ralph^) ; 
he married (2), November, 1733, Abigail Marsh, of Belling- 
ham, Mass. He moved to Mendon in 1700/1701. The Far- 
nums lived upon the original Tyler homestead in Mendon. 
This, as we have already seen. Job deeded, for £60, to his son 
Moses, in 1700; which, the following year, Moses to Famum, 
for £1 increase, then of Andover, but soon of Mendon; where 
in 1709, Ebenezer Tyler (son of Samuel, Job), for £40, deeds 
Famum most of the " 20 acre Smith's lot," quit-claiming at the 
same time his interest in " The Fifteen Acre Right, which he, 
the said John Famum is now settled upon, formerly belonging 
to his Grand Father Job Tyler, late of said Mendon deceased, 
* * * with the housing Bams and Fences thereon Erected 
Orchards thereon planted Enclosures Arrable or Pasture or 
Meadow Lands therein contained with all the Divisions," etc. 
The children were born in Andover, except the youngest. 

Children : 
111 Mary Farnum, born in 1694; married, Dec. 5, 1716, 

* The year previous to marriage, John Farnum appears to have been 
mixed up in the " witchcraft " proceedings ; for " Woodward's Copies of 
Court Papers, Vol. II, p. 152, has the following: — " The deposition of 
Abigell marten of Andovr Aged about sixteen years, this deponant tes- 
tifyeth and sayeth that some time last winter Samuel wordwall being at 
my fathers hows with John ffarnom; J heard said John farnom ask said 
wordwall his forteen, which he did and told him that he was in love with 
a gurl but should be crost and should goe to the Sutherd which said 
farnom oned to be his thought said wordwall further told he had like 
to be shot with a gon, and should haue a foall of from his horse or should 
haue, which said farnom after oned that he told right. J heard him tell 
Jeams bridges his forten that he loued a gurll at fourteen years old 
which said bridges oned to be the truth but cold not imagin how said 
wordweU knew; for he neuer spake of it; John bridges, father of said 
ieams bridges sayeth he heard Jeam say J wonder how wordwall cold teell 
BO true. Jurat in Curia, by both." 

Third Generation 63 

Deacon Nathan Penniman, of Mendon, Mass. ; bom 
in Braintree, Mass., 1689; had seven children. 

112 Ann Farnum, bom in 1696 ; died April 20, 1696. 

113 John Farnum, born Dec. 26, 1697; married, Nov. 8, 

1722, Mary Wood, of Mendon, Mass. 

114 Ann Farnum, born in 1701 ; married Joseph Penniman, 

bom in Braintree, May 29, 1692; had 7 children. 

115 Moses Farnum, born in Mendon, Sept. 8, 1705 ; died in 

Uxbridge, Mass., Sept. 8, 1770; married, Nov. 10, 
1726, Abigail Sanford, who died Oct. 2, 1773. 

29 MARTHA^ TYLER (HopestilP), baptized at Rox- 
bury, April 9, 1676; died in Groton, Conn., September 18, 
1741 ; married, April 3, 1700, Robert Geer ; bom January 2, 
1676, died November 20, 1742. She was both an accuser and 
accused during the witchcraft delusion. They lived in North 
Groton (Ledyard). They first attended Preston church, where 
their three eldest children were recorded ; the wife was admitted 
to privileges of baptism there, July 2, 1701, and joined, 
March 5, 1704. The parents are buried in Ledyard, in the 
ground surrounding the first church; to whose memory, a 
modern monument has been erected by their descendants. 

" Memorand" in m' George Burroughs Tryall besides y® writ- 
ten Evidences y* was Sworn Sev" who gave y'^ by word of mouth 
Ma jo' Browne holding out a heavy Gun w*"" one hand. 

Thomas Ruck of his sudden coming in after y™ & y* he could 
tell his thoughts. 

Thomas Evans y* he carried out Barr"' Molofses & meat &c 
out of a Canoo whUst his mate went to y^ fort for hands to help 
out w* y". 

Sarah Wilson Confes' y* y' night before m' Burroughs was 
Executed y* y' was a great meeting of y* witches Nigh Sarg* 
Chandlers y' m' Bur. was y"^ & yy had y° Sac* & after yy had 
done he tooke leaue & bid y" Stand to y"^ faith & not own any- 

Martha Tyler saith y^ same w*** Sarah Wilson & Severall 

" dorritye fforkner and Abigale fforkner children to Abigail 
fforknor of Andover now in prison confarsed befor the hon- 
oured majastrats upon theire examination heare in Salam the 

64) The Descendants of Job Tyler 

16 day of this enstant subtember 1692 that thire mother apared 
and mayd them witches and also Marthy Tyleu Johanah 
Tyler and Sarih Willson and Joseph draper all acknowlidge 
that thay ware lead into that dradfuU sin of witchcraft by her 
meanse the fores* Abigale forknor. The above named persons 
each & every one of them did affirm before y^ Grand inquest that 
the above written evidences are truth 17 sep* 1692." 

Children : 

116 Mary Geer, bom in Groton, Conn., May 14, 1701 ; 

married, Oct. 22, 1720, John Spicer, of Groton, bom 
Jan. 1, 1698; died Aug. 28, 1753; son of Edward and 
Katherine (Stone) Spicer, descended from Peter Spicer, 
who probably came from Virginia to Groton, and mar- 
ried Mary Busecott, of Warwick, R. I. John's son 
Edward, — born April 14, 1721, and died Dec, 1797, — 
married for his first wife, Hannah Bill, by whom he had 
seven children. Their daughter, Mary, married Ros- 
well Button, and became the ancestor of Gilbert But- 
ton, who married Lydia Witter, daughter of Lydia 
Tyler, No. 525. 

117 Martha Geer, born March 18, 1704. 

118 Robert Geer, bom April 5, 1707; his son Amos was 

graduated from Yale College in 1760. 

119 Ebenezer Geer, born April 1, 1709; his son Robert was 

graduated from Yale College in 1763. 

120 James Geer, born Dec. 7, 1711; died 1755; married 

Sarah . 

30 JOHN^ TYLER (HopestilP, Job^), born in Rox- 
bury, Mass., Febmary 19, 1677 ; died in Boston, May 19, 1705 ; 
married by Cotton Mather, November 2, 1699, Deborah Leath- 
erland, bom October 2, 1678; died, his widow, January 1, 
1731; daughter of Zebulon^ Leatherland (WilliamS in Win- 
throp's fleet, 1630; at Anne Hutchinson's controversy; moved 
from Boston to Newport, R. I., where was town clerk). John 
was probably buried in King's Chapel burying-ground, with 
two infant sons. His wife's stone in that place still exists. 
She was administratrix, September 11, 1706. The children 
were bom in Boston. Children: 
121 John Tyler, born Aug. 15, 1700; died Oct. 2, 1702. 

Third Generation 65 

122+ Moses Tyler, born July 23, 1702. 

123 John Tyler, born Oct. 4, 1704; probably the " ch. Mr. 
Tiler's bur. 8 Mch., 1705 " mentioned in " Old Sex- 
ton's Bill." This child is not mentioned in Hope- 
still's will. 

31 DANIEL^ TYLER (HopestiH^, Jobi), bom in Rox- 
bury or Andover, Mass., between 1676 and 1681 ; died, in Gro- 

ton, Conn., ; married. May 28, 1700, Anna Geer, born 

January 6, 1679, daughter of George* and Sarah (Allen) 

Geer, of New London, Conn. Daniel had land in Groton 

(where he removed) , from his father, including " Tyler Hill."-]- 

The children were born in Groton. Children : 

124+ Daniel Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1700-01. 

125 Sarah Tyler, born Aug. 16, 1702 ; baptized, Sept. 17, 

126+ John Tyler, born March 24, 1705. 
127+ Job Tyler, born Feb. 14, 1710. 
128 Zebedee Tyler. 

32 HANNAH^ TYLER (HopestilP), married, Decem- 
ber 9, 1697, Robert Buswell, bom February 8, 1666-1667 ; son 
of Samuel Buswell (Isaac^ " weaver " of Salisbury, Mass., 
1640.) She was accused of witchcraft ; they moved to Preston, 
Conn., where the children were bom and baptized and Hannah 
received into the church, July 22, 1705. 


Province of the Massachusetts 
Bay in New England, Essex. 

Anno R. R. & Regina Guillelmii & Maria Anglia &c. Quarto 
Annoq, Dom. 1692. 

* George Geer, born England about 1621 (traditionally son Jonathan of 
Havitree, Devon), with brother Thomas, left orphan; an uncle deprived 
them of schooling, and procured a captain to abduct them to Boston, Mass., 
1635- whence George was New London settler, 1651. By wife, Sarah AUen 
(daughter Robert), had 11 children. The 2d, Jonathan's daughter, Dorithy 
married WiUiam Tyler (son Job, Moses, Job), of WiUington: the 8th, 
Robert, married Martha Tyler: the 9th, Anne, married Daniel Tyler swpra. 
The old (Ledyard) Geer homestead is still in family. 

\{Groton Deed Bk. I, p. 41.) This is probably the site of the Darnel 
Tyler homestead. 

66 The Descendants of Job Tyueh 

The Jurors for our Sov. Lord & Lady the King & Queen 
Present. That Hannah Tyler of Andover in the County of 
Essex aforesaid — single woman — on or about the Seaventh 
Day of September and in the year of our Lord 1692 aforesaid 
and sundry other days & times as well before as after certain 
detestable arts called witchcraft & sorcery, wickedly Mal- 
litiously & foUoniously hath [?] practised & exercifed at and 
in the town of Andover aforesaid upon & against one Rose 
ifoster of Andover aforesaid by which said wicked Art the said 
Rose fFoster the Day & Year aforesaid & divers other Days & 
times as well before as after was & is aflBicted Tortured con- 
founded Wasted & tormented. Against the peace of our Sov. 
Lord & Lady the King & Queen. Their Crowne & dignity And 
the Laws in that case made & provided. 



Hannah Tyler, for 

bewitching Rofe efoster. 


To the Honored Generall Court now sitting in Boston this W 
of October, 1692. 
Right honored Gentlemen and fathers. We your honored 
petitioners whose names are under written petition as foUoweth, 

viz: We would not trouble your honours with a [ ?] 

but brieffly spread open our distrefsed condition and by Your 
honore favour and pitty in affording what Relief may be 
thought convenient as for the Matter of our trouble, it is the 
distrefsed Condition of our wifes & Relations in prison at 
Salem, who are a company of poor distrefsed creatures, as full 
of inward grievances & trouble as they are able to bear up in 
life withall. and besides that agravation of outward troubles 
and hardships they undergo : want of food convenient : and the 
coldness of the winter Season yt is coming may soon dispatch 
such out of the way that have not been used to such hard- 
ships : and besides that the exceeding great Charges & ex- 
penses that we are at, Your Mony accounts which will be two 
tedious to give a particular account of which will fall heavy 
upon us. especially, in a time of so great charge & expense 

Third Generation 67 

■upon a General account in the country which is expected of us 
to bear a part as well as others which is put all together upon 
families and greatly will be brought to Ruin, if it cannot in 
time be prevented, having spread open our condition ; we 
humbly make our addrefs to Your honors to Grant to our wifes 
& Relations, being of such that have been approved as penitent 
Confefsions — might be Returned home to us from that bond 
Your honors shall agree too, and we do not petition to take 
them out of the hands of persons but to Remain as prifoners 
under bond in their own family where they may be more ten- 
derly cared for. and may be ready to appear to Answer charges 
when the honored Court shall call for them. We humbly crave 
your honors favour and Justice for us and our hearin, having 
left known our troubled grievances before you we humbly pray 
for Your honors. 
Petitioners : John Osgood in behalf of Friendship. 

John in behalf of his wife. 

John Maston in behalf of his wife Mary Maston. 

Christopher of good in behalf of his daughter Mary Maston. 

Jofeph Willson in behalf of his wife. 

John Bridges in behalf of his wife <§• children. 

HOPE Tiler in behalf of his wife <§• daughter. 

Ebenezer Barker for his wife. 

Nathaniel Dane for his wife. 


Hannah Tyler 

Records of the Superior Court of Judication, Vol. 1 : 1692- 

Hannah Tyler of Andover in the County of of Efsex. 
single woman, being Indicted by the Jurors for our Sove- 
raigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen upon their Oaths 
by Two Severall Indictments. That is to say — 1st. That shee 
the said Hannah Tyler of Andover in the County of Efsex, 
single woman, sometime in the month of Aprill laft, in the 
Year of our Lord one thousand six hundred ninety two in the 
Towne of Andover aforesd Wickedly, Mallitiously and ffelon- 
eously a covenant with the Devill did make whereby she gave 
both her soule and body to the Devill and signed his booke and 

68 The Descendants of Job Tylebi 

promised to hon' and serve him forever. And unto the Devill 
did renounce her Christian Baptisme and God and Christ By 
which Diababdllical & wicked Covenanting with the Devill as 
aforesaid the said Hannah Tyler is becom a detestable Witch, 
contrary to the peace of our Soveraigne Lord and Lady the 
King and Queen their Crowne and Dignity and the Law in 
that Case made and provided. 

2ly. For that she (the said Hannah Tyler) on or about the 
seventh day of September last in the year of our Lord one 
thousand six hundred ninety two aforesaid and on other dayes 
and times as well before as detestable arts called Witchcraft, 

and [ Jickedly Mallitiously and feloneously ha[ — ] used 

practised & Exercised in the Towne of Andover aforesd upon 
and against one Rose iFoster of Andover aforesd By which said 
wicked Arts the said Rose flFoster the day and Year aforesaid 
& divers other dayes and times as well before as after was and 
is afflicted Tortured Consumed pined Wasted and Tormented 
against the peace of our soveraigne Lord and Lady, the King 
& Queen, and Their Crowne and dignity and the Lawes in the 
case made & provided. 

Upon the aforesd Indictments and each of them, the said 
Hannah Tyler was then and there before our Justices of our 
Lord & Lady, the King & Queen aforesd Arraigned & upon her 
arraignment the sd. Hannah did then and there the said day 
& Year aforesd plead to them & each of them not — Guilty, & 
put herselfe upon Tryall by God & her Country. A Jury being 
called, Nathaniel Howard fforeman, & accordingly sworn, no 
Exception made by the prisoner, the said Indictments being 
read together with Evidence & Examinations and the Prisoners 
defence being heard, the Jury went out to agree on their ver- 
dict, who Returning did then and there in open Court deliver 
their Verdict, That the said Hannah Tyler was not Guilty of 
the ffelony by Witchcraft for w'^'' shee stood Indicted in & by 
the said Indictm*^ & each of them. The Court ordered Hannah 
Tyler aforesaid be discharged paying her ffees. 

Children : 

129 Moses Buswell, bom May 17, 1701 ; died Aug. 24, 1704. 

130 Hannah Buswell, bom May 24, 1705; baptized July 

15, 1705. 

131 Moses Buswell, baptized Sept. 11, 1709. 

Third Geneeation 59 

34 CAPTAIN JAMES3 TYLER (HopestilP), bom in 
Andover, Mass., December 28, 1683; died in Griswold, Conn., 
November 2, 1754; married (1), October 8, 1705, Hannah 
baftord, who died November 24, 1728, in her forty-seventh 
year; daughter of Joseph and Mary (Baker) Safford, of 
Ipswich, who owned land in Norwich, Conn. ; married (2), Sep- 
tember 2, 17— («Sary Juet"), Sarah Jewett. Nothing is 
known of the origin of his title, but he is called « Captain » 
on his tombstone, and in the town records. He lived in the 
northern part of Preston, Conn., now known as Griswold, 
where the children were born. His will was dated October 3, 
1753, and probated February 25, 1755, in Norwich.* 

Childeen : 
132+ Moses Tyler, bom Feb. 19, 1707. 
133+ James Tyler, bom Dec. 22, 1708. 
134+ Hannah Tyler, bom Oct. 11, 1711. 
135+ Mary Tyler, born Sept. 13, 1714 ; mentioned in father's 

will in 1753. 
136+ Mehitable Tyler, twin to Mary. 
137+ Joseph Tyler, bora Nov. 8, 1717. 

138 Samuel Tyler, bom Feb. 20, 1719; died Dec. 16, 1722. 
139+ John Tyler, born Dec. 29, 1721. 

36 HOPESTILLS TYXER (HopestiH^), bom in An- 
dover, Mass., October 16, 1685 ; died October 7, 1762; married, 
January 25, 1709-10, Anna Gates, bom about 1685; died 
March 27, 1766. He hved in Preston, Conn., where his chil- 
dren were bom and with his wife was buried there. " All my 
Land In the township of preston, with all my housing and shope 
tols " went to him by his father's will, of which he was a co- 
executor. Though he had the tools, he did not seem to take 
to the " smithing " trade of his senior ; contented in working 
his farm, at least a portion of its surface being sufficiently 
rocky and stony to need more than ordinary attention. 

Childeen : 

140+ Joseph Tyler, bom Aug. 4, 1711. 

141+ Elizabeth Tyler, born Nov. 4, 1714. 

142 Anna Tyler, bom Dec. 27, 1716; baptized Feb. 17, 

* He had several grants from his father, one being located on " Pachaug " 

60 The Descendants op Job Tyleei 

143 Martha Tyler, bom April 9, 1719; baptized May 17, 

1719; married, September 21, 1737, Stephen Downer. 

144 Ruth Tyler, baptized July 30, 1721 ; not mentioned in 

father's will of 1754. 

145 Timothy Tyler, born Oct. 13, 1723; probably died 

146+ Abigail Tyler, twin to Timothy. 
147+ Caleb Tyler, born May 13, 1726. 

49 CAPTAIN NATHAN* TYLER (John^), bom in 
Andover, Mass., February 17, 1687; died December 28, 1782; 
married (1), March 2, 1715, Mary Read, bom August 11, 
1694; died August 6, 1742; daughter of Samuel Read,* of 
Mendon; married (2), December, 1743, Abigail Maynard, bom 
1700; died March 15, 1778; daughter of John Maynard of 
Marlboro. Her will, probated in Worcester, Mass., April 1, 
1778, bequeaths legacies to Thankful Corbett, brother James 
Maynard of Westboro, children of brother Daniel of Marlboro, 
deceased, and of brother Reuben of Westboro, deceased ; brother 
Hezekiah, executor. In 1710, March 6, the local records givp 
his entrance into a long and prominent public service, by mak 
ing him one of a committee of thirteen, appointed to see that 
swine were " yoked and wringed as the law directs." February 
16, 1716, he is mentioned as " Deacon," in connection with a 
committee to raise funds for ordination of Rev. Mr. Dorr. 
February 16, 1719, he shared in the " Seventh Devision " lots, 
as No. 143. May 17, 1721, he protested against the receiving 
of " Bills of Credit," which were, when redeemed, " to be burnt 
to ashes " ; but in 1728, he appeared on Mendon Board of 
Trustees, to manage its share (£270) of said Bills. In 1727, 
he presented a bill of 4s. against the town. In 1729, '33, '34, 
'38, '48, '50, he served as Selectman. In 1730, he was on 
committee, to treat with Uxbridge concerning the ministry and 
school laws ; and the same year, together with his father and 
brother Joseph, protested against building the meeting-house 

* By her father's (Samuel Read of Mendon), will, she had, in addition 
to former gifts, "all that my Land on both Sides of the great River up 
Stream of Woodland Thompson, lying in two parcels, with a five acre 
right in the Commons of Mendon from and after the Seventh Division, 
she paying the Sum of one hundred and fifty pounds to my Executors, in 
one year after my decease." 

Third Generation 61 

nearer the burying-ground than within twenty rods of the old 
meeting-house. In 1731, he, and others, were allowed 3/ each, 
for treating with Uxbridge committee about school lands. In 
1732, on committee " to finish that affair with Uxbridge about 
the school money, according to the former vote " ; and later 
on, made charge of 4/ for the same. The same year, on com- 
mittee to see the new meeting-house finished. In 1734, under 
the title of " Ensign " Nathan Tyler, was on a committee, one 
of whom was to assist the representative in the General Court, 
in the matter of the Hazelton petition for a new town: which, 
the following year, was formed, and called Upton, within whose 
bounds fell the farm of Nathan (which, nevertheless, remained 
a part of Mendon.) 

In 1738, Mendon voted £40, to let fish up Pawtucket Falls, 
and Captain Tyler was to look after the matter ; the same year, 
he was a grand-juryman. In 1740, on committee for preserva- 
tion of deer, pursuant to Chap. Ill, Sec. 4, Acts of 1739. In 
1741, his name is on petition to make Mill River a " precinct " 
of Mendon. In 1749 and 1751 he was on important com- 
mittees. In 1752, '53, '54, '55, he was representative to the 
General Court. In 1755, August 8 to November 5, was " En- 
sign " on Crown Point expedition, though at advanced age. 

From the foregoing, it is evident that we are treating of a 
very prominent citizen of early Mendon: his line, in truth, is 
the most prominent there of all the clan, and for a century 
and a half furnished descendants conspicuous in that munici- 
pality in civil, religious and military annals. He also was 
largely interested in lands. His will was dated August 25, 
1780, and probated May 27, 1783. (See Boston Deeds, Book 
xxxlx, p. 315.) 

Children : 

148 Elijah Tyler, bom Feb. 25, 1716; died July 6, 1720. 

149 Deborah Tyler, born Sept. 19, 1719; died Dec. 20, 


150 Abigail Tyler, bom July 30, 1722; died Nov. 30, 1722. 

151 Comfort Tyler, born April 26, 1724; died May 22, 

1743; married, Nov. 26, 1739, Samuel White, bom 
in Mendon, Sept. 21, 1700; son of Captain Joseph 

152 Mary Tyler, bom April 17, 1727 ; died April 4, 1728. 

62 The Descendants op Job Tyler 

153+ Nathan Tyler, bom Oct. '31, 1729. 
154+ John Tyler, bom Sept. 27, 1731. 

50 ROBERT' TYLER (John^), born in Andover, 
Mass., July 19, 1689; married, December 13, 1721, Hannah 
Sampson, of Duxbury, Mass., daughter of Stephen Sampson, 
and grand-daughter of Henry Sampson, who came over in the 
Mayflower. He lived at Mendon, Mass., until the incoropra- 
tion of Upton in 1735, when he appears to have become a 
citizen of that town. Doubtless his farm was in that portion 
of Mendon set off to Upton, as was Nathan Tyler's, but whose 
farm was allowed to " remain forever in the town of Mendon 
as heretofore." Robert was a selectman of Upton in 1740. 
The children were all bom in the town of Mendon. 

Children : 
155+ Dorcas Tyler, born Sept. 23, 1722. 
156+ Zilpha Tyler, born March 22, 1724. 
157+ Elijah Tyler, bora Nov. 8, 1727. 
158+ Hannah Tyler, bom Nov. 8, 1729. 

159 Robert Tyler, Jr., bom June 4, 1735; died Feb. 27, 


51 BETHIA' TYLER (John^), born in Mendon, Mass., 
Febraary 17, 1692; married. May 18, 1716, George Wood- 
ward, of Mendon. The children were bom there. Children: 

160 Ebenezer Woodward, born Oct. 10, 1718; died before 

1754, s. p. 

161 George Woodward, bom Oct. 5, 1720; died before 

1754, s. p. 

162 Bethia Woodward, bom June 21, 1722; living in 1753, 

unmarried, when inheriting land from her uncle 
John's estate. 

52 MARY' TYLER (John^), born in Mendon, Mass., 
May 24, 1694 ; married, June 9, 1720, Samuel Torry ; bom in 
Mendon, June 7, 1692; died in Milford, 1753; son of Angel 
Torry of Braintree. The children were bom in Mendon. They 
had more than are here recorded. Children : 

163 Hannah Torry, bom April 4, 1721. 

Third Genekation 63 

164. Samuel Torry, died Oct. 19, 1769; married Sarah 

165 Joseph Torry, married Deborah Holbrook. 

53 DAVIDS TYLER (John"), bom in Mendon, Mass., 
June 15, 1696; married (1), December 7, 1722, Elizabeth 
Averill, of Preston, Conn. ; married (2), May 26, 1746, Rachel 
Brabrook, of Concord, Mass. Records of him are fragmentary. 
July 6, 1717 (then 21 years old), he exchanged land with 
brother Nathan, 21 acres, etc. (which he likely had of his 
father's estate), for 33 acres and 53 rods of land. February 
16, 1719, he is No. 3'3 as sharer in the " Seventh Devision " 
of land in Mendon; and the same year, October 9 (Boston 
Deeds, Bk. XXXIV, p. 121) for £25, has from his kinsman 
Samuel Bridges, of Mendon, 30 acres in Mendon. June 3, 
1720, for £15, he conveys to brother Nathan 18 acres and 128 
rods of land in Mendon, between North Hill and West River. 
It is possible that he removed from Mendon to Connecticut, as 
his first wife was of that colony, and in 1721 he had a deed to 
one hundred acres in Ashford, Conn. At the time of his 
second marriage he was probably living in Upton, Mass. He 
may have been the sergeant David Tyler, recorded in the Mass. 
Archives, as having served under Captain Jeremiah Moulton, 
January 18 to May 11, 1725. 

Children : 

166 Hannah Tyler, born March 4, 1724; married, Jan. 10, 

1744, VTilliam Green, of Upton, Mass. 

167 Elizabeth Tyler, bom May 15, 1725. 

168 Mary Tyler, bom April 10, 1728. 

169 Bethia Tyler, bom April 13, 1730; married, March 

22, 1753, Ehas Parmenter, of Upton, Mass. 

54 JOSEPH* TYLER (John''), born in Mendon, Mass., 
October 21, 1701; died in Uxbridge, Mass., December 18, 
1779; married (1), Mehitable Hazeltine, of Mendon; died in 
Uxbridge about 1754; married (2), September 23, 1756, Mary 
Draper, of Roxbury. Not long after attaining majority, Jan- 
uary 13, 1723/4 (Boston Deeds, Bk. XXXVIII, p. 103), had 
grant from his father of one-half of the homestead. In 1730, 
together with father and brothers, protested against buildmg 

64 The Descendants of Job Tyueb 

of meeting-house upon site selected, and without money on 
hand. From about 1733 to 1743 he seems to have been a 
resident of Sutton, Mass., where several of his children were 
bom. About 174'3 he removed to Uxbridge. His estate at 
Uxbridge consisted, in part, of a five-acre tan-yard and build- 
ings at the Center village, bought of William Adams in 1733, 
eighteen acres, then called "Egremony Swamp," now Capron's 
Pond, bought of John Famum, Sr., 1745 — and a farm of about 
150 acres, known in recent years as the Benjamin Tucker 
place. March 25, 1757, he is recorded in the Mass. Archives 
as a member of the train band and alarm list of Captain John 
Taft's " Second Foot Company." His will was dated Decem- 
ber 3, 1778, probated March 2, 1780. The eldest child was 
bom in Mendon, the next three in Sutton and the others in 

Children, by first marriage: 

170 Abner Tyler, bom Feb. 15, 1731; was killed in the 

French War and probably died unmarried. 

171 Timothy Tyler, born June 2, 1735 ; died young. 
172+ Joseph Tyler, bom May 21, 1738. 

173+ Timothy Tyler, bom May 21, 1742. 

174+ Mehitable Tyler, bom Dec, 1744. 

175 Ruth Tyler, born Feb. 7, 1751 ; an invalid and cripple, 

died unmarried, in 1797; resided in Uxbridge with 

her brother Solomon. 

Children, by second marriage: 
176+ Solomon Tyler, bom Sept. 23, 1757. 
177 Benjamin Tyler, born July 28, 1759; died young. 

56 EBENEZER3 TYLER (SamueP), born in Mendon, 
Mass., April 28, 1685 ; died in Attleboro, Mass., June 28, 1736 ; 
married about 1712, Catherine Bragg, born about 1690; died 
in Attleboro, November 9, 1763. He lost his father at ten, 
and went with his mother to live in Rehoboth, Mass., where 
he acts as her agent, in the discharge of a mortgage, in 1710. 
He deeds, January 13, 1709, to his cousin John Farnum, of 
Mendon, for £40 (Boston Deeds, Book 26, pages 2, 3), about 
20 acres in Mendon, they quit-claiming also the " Fifteen Acre 
Right, which he, the said John Famum, is now settled upon, 
formerly belonging to his grandfather, Job Tyler, late of said 

Thibd Generation 65 

Mendon, deceased," claimed by the heirs of Samuel, deceased, 
son of said Job. The same year, he had a grant of many 
hundreds of acres In Rehoboth, for £100, from Boston parties.. 
(Boston Deeds, Book 6, p. 108, 109, 110). In 1713, he is 
No. 66 on a division of Cedar Swamp land in Mendon, and 
in 1735 acquired 34«9 acres in Ashford, Conn. His gravestone 
is standing in the rear of the present First church edifice in 
Attleboro (showing much wear from the elements), which some 
kind descendant, in recent years, has put upon a substantial 
base together with those of his wife, his son John and wife and 
John's daughter Phoebe. The Tylers of this line were promi- 
nent in this church, now known as the Oldtown Congregational 
church of Attleboro, for over a century, and Ebenezer and his 
wife were undoubtedly members though its records prior to 
1740 have disappeared. The old Tyler homestead stood on 
present Locust street, about one and one-half miles south of 
Attleboro village ; it was burned. The date of his removal to 
Attleboro is unknown, but it was after 1711. His will was 
dated May 29, and probated August 9, 1736. He owned con> 
siderable land in Attleboro and at least, 650 acres in Ashford. 


Right in the center of the modem-built village lies the old 
burying-ground of ancient Attleboro, which, after the English 
custom, immediately environs the place of worship. Originally 
the meeting-house stood on what is called the common, be- 
tween which and the graveyard runs the railway. A minia- 
ture facsimile of the original Lord's house, a few feet in 
dimensions, stands by the side of the present edifice. The 
present burying plot is nearly triangular in shape, wherein 
lie the remains of many scions of the earliest settlers. Most 
of the stones are of comparatively recent date. Deacon Peter 
Thacher, one of the early church magnates, and his son Peter, 
Jr., with their wives and some of their descendants are here 

Ebenezer Tyler, son of Samuel, son of Job, the immigrant, 
with his wife, Katherine, their son Captain John, his wife, 
and maiden daughter Phebe, are side by side, with old stones 
raised onto a common base and their inset in modem renais- 
sance. The older stone showing considerable wear. 

66 The Descendants of Job Tyleu 

Children : 

178+ Ebenezer Tyler, born March 31, 1714*. 

179 Elizabeth Tyler, bom June 15, 1715 ; died s. p.. May 4, 
1777; married (1), Ebenezer White; her father leaves 
Ehzabeth White 7^ acres of land and calls her 
daughter; married (2), Joseph Enos, Union, Conn. 

180+ Phebe Tyler, bom July 2, 1718. ' 

181+ Catherine Tyler, born May 19, 1721. 

182 Hannah Tyler, bom April 10, 1723; died Oct. 2, 1723. 

183+ John Tyler, bom Sept. 19, 1724. 

184+ Job Tyler, born June 18, 1727. 

185+ Hannah Tyler, bom Dec. 15, 1728. 

186+ William Tyler, bom Feb. 22, 1732. 

57 MARY3 TYLER (SamueP), bom in Mendon, Mass., 
February 21, 1689; died February 2, 1772; married October 
3, 1717, William Balcom, born in Rehoboth, September 3, 
1692; died March 30, 1774, son of Alexander Balcom, of 
Providence. The children were bom in Attleboro, Mass. 
Children : 

187 Mary Balcom, born Aug. 11, 1718; married John 

Fisher, of Norton. 

188 Sarah Balcom, bom Aug. 11, twin with Mary, died 

Oct. 9, 1718. 

189 William Balcom, bom June 21, 1723; died Feb. 21, 


190 William Balcom, bom May 4, 1726; died June 9, 1726. 

59 HANNAH^ TYLER (SamueP), born in Mendon, 
Mass., February 12, 1692; died in Rehoboth, Mass., December 
1, 1781 ; married, October 4, 1708, John Wilmarth, born in 
Rehoboth, December 11, 1685 ; died there, July 24, 1774, son 
of John Wilmarth. Children: 

191 John Wilmarth, born July 5, 1714. 

192 Timothy Wilmarth, bom May 15, 1717. 

193 Rebecca Wilmarth, born Jan. 24, 1719. 

194 Thaddeus Wilmarth, bom Nov. 23, 1721. 

195 Joseph Wilmarth, bom Nov. 17, 1723. 

196 Ephraim Wilmarth, bom June 7, 1726; died 1766, 

had a son Ephraim, who died in infancy. 

197 Hannah Wilmarth, bom Jan. 13, 1728; died May 31, 


Third Generation 67 

198 Sarah Wilmarth, bom Jan. 11, 1730. 

199 Priscilla Wilmarth, bom May 26, 1733. 

200 Abel Wilmarth, bom Oct. 2, 1737. 

60 CAPTAIN SAMUEL* TYLER (SamueP), born in 
Mendon, Mass., Febmary 26, 1695 ; died May 17, 1759 ; mar- 
ried, December 19, 1719, Mary Capron, bom 1696; died Jan- 
uary 26, 1780; daughter of Banfield Capron. April 9, 1757, 
he was Captain of the First company (" South Town ") of the 
Attleboro train band (Mass. Archives). He was selectman of 
Attleboro, 1724, 1728, 1732, 1737, 1738, 1739, 1747, 1748, 
1749, 1750, 1751, 1753, and representative to the General 
Court, 1737, 1745, 1747, 1748, 1749. His will was dated May 
16, 1759, and probated June 11, 1759. He was far the most 
important early Tyler of the locality. In 1707 (aged but 12), 
he is on record as sharing, No. 9, in fifth division of Mendon 
lands ; probably, however, it is the estate of his father (also 
named "Samuel"). June 13, 1715, for £100, he acquired 
land of Matthew Short. His line is distinguished for its 
military vigor: all his three sons becoming Revolutionary 
veterans, one being a heutenant, and another major-general of 
miKtia; five of his grandsons also served in the Revolution, 
thus making eight all told, from this immediate family, of the 
ten Tylers furnished by the town to that cause. 

Children : 

201 Mary Tyler, bom Jan. 29, 1719; died June 28, 1724. 

202 Samuel Tyler, bom May 20, 1720; died April 27, 

203+ Moses Tyler, bom May 4, 1722. 

204 Samuel Tyler, bom Aug. 12, 1724 ; died Oct. 15, 1748. 

205 Benjamin Tyler, bom Aug. 11, 1726; died Sept., 1726. 

206 Mary Tyler, born March 6, 1728; married David 

207+ Nathan Tyler, bom June 24, 1730. 
208+ Huldah Tyler, born Nov. 14, 17'33. 

209 Habijah Tyler, bom May 7, 1735; probably died 

young, unmarried, not mentioned in father's will of 


210 Elizabeth Tyler, twin to Habijah; married, Dec. 8, 

1764, Timothy Read. 
211+ Ebenezer Tyler, born May 25, 1740. 


61 SARAH* TYLER (Moses^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., February 16, 1696; married, January 30, 1716, Ben- 
jamin Porter, bom in Wenham, Mass., 1691-92, died in Box- 
ford, June 30, 1778; son of John Porter. The children were 
born in Boxford. Children: 

212 Moses Porter, born Nov. 18, 1719; died Nov., 1811; 
married (1), Dec. 3, 1741, Mary Chadwick; later he 
married two other wives. He had eight children by 
the first marriage. 

ai3 Mary Porter, bora in 1720; married, June 12, 17'38, 
Thomas Chadwick, of Boxford. They had four chil- 

214 Benjamin Porter, Jr., bom Oct. 21, 1721 ; married Ruth 

Foster, of Andover. A son (Tyler) sold his grand- 
father Porter's farm in Boxford, which he inherited 
and moved to Sebago, Me.; he had a son (Tyler), 
who was living in Weston, N. Y., in 1853. 

215 Sally Porter, bom March, 1726. 

216 Lucy Porter. 

62 LYDIA* TYLER (Moses^), baptized in Boxford, 
Mass., January 7, 1702 ; died in Wenham, Mass., November 2, 
1785 ; married, intention published August 30, 1724, Jonathan 
Porter, of Wenham; son of John Porter. He was repre- 
sentative to the General Court, 1745, 1746, 1747. Children 
born in Wenham. Children : 

217 Benjamin Porter, born March 12, 1726; married. Mar. 

27, 1755, Sarah Rea, sister of Dr. Caleb Rea. A 
son was Gen. Moses Porter. 

218 Mary Porter, born June 29, 1728 ; married Joseph Low, 

of Newbury. 

219 Ruth Porter, born Jan. 5, 1731; married, 1751, Dr. 

Caleb Rea, of Danvers, bom in 1727. 

220 Jonathan Porter, born June 20, 1733 ; married, in 1760, 

Mehitable Rea, sister of Dr. Caleb Rea. 

FouETH Genekation 69 

221 (Dr.) Tyler Porter, bom Nov. 23, 1735 ; probably died 

in 1811 ; published, Sept,. 7, 1760, to Dorcas Emer- 
son, of Topsfield, Mass. They had three sons and 
one daughter. 

222 William ("Billy") Porter, bom Aug. 23, 1739. He 

was a Major. 

223 Lydia Porter, bom Feb. 9, 1741 ; married Joseph Emer- 

son, of Topsfield. 

63 MARY* TYLER (Moses*), baptized at Boxford, 
October 30, 1709 ; died October 29, 1788 ; married, October 1 , 
1728, Caleb Cogswell, of Ipswich; son of Adam* Cogswell. 
They removed to Littleton, Mass. Children : 

224 Jeremiah Cogswell, bom 1732; died April 17, 1820; 

married, (1), Elizabeth Hall; married (2), Sarah 

225 Adam Cogswell, born April 20, 1733; died Christmas 

Day, 1781 ; married Sarah Bumham. 

226 Ruth Cogswell, married Nathaniel Tuttle. 

227 Mehitable Cogswell, married Samuel Hall. 

228 Benjamin Cogswell, born Jan. 4, . 

64 MEHITABLE* TYLER (Moses*), baptized In Box- 
ford, Mass., 1712; died December 30, 1742; married, April 1, 
1730, Isaac Dodge; bom in Wenham, Mass., June 7, 1708: son 
of William Dodge. After Mehitable's death he married (2), 
Abigail Tyler, No. 75. Children: 

229 Samuel Dodge, bom in Topsfield; baptized Aug. 20, 


230 Mehitable Dodge, bom June 10, 1732; married Amos 

Milliken. They lived at Sutton, Oxford, Lansing- 
burg and Townsend, Mass. 

231 Nancy Dodge, bom Dec. 18, 1736; married, Dec. 15, 

1757, Stephen Marsh. 

232 Moses Tyler Dodge, bom June 29, 1739; married, Feb. 

11, 1762, Lydia Gibbs; lived in Sutton, Mass.; re- 
moved to Charlton, Mass., 1790; seven sons and two 
Ruth Dodge, bom May 8, 1742 ; married Caleb Marsh. 

65 DEACON JOHN* TYLER (John*), bom in 

70 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

Charlestown, Mass., November 6, 1696; died in Western (now 
Warren), Mass.; estate probated in 1790; married Sarah Bar- 
ron, of Canterbury, Conn., (?), bom September 29, 1695, 
daughter of Isaac Barron, of Chehnsford, Mass. (son of 
Moses, Ellis, of Watertown, 164>1). He was selectman in 
Tolland, 1746-1751, where he settled. He then went to West- 
ern (now Warren), Mass. He was administrator of his father- 
in-law's estate in 1739. His will was dated August 19, 1784, 
and son Abner was made executor. The records of his descend- 
ants were largely kept by Dr. John Tyler, Bloomfield, Conn. 
The seven elder children were bom in Tolland. 

Children : 

234+ Mary Tyler, bom Jan. 25, 1722. 

235+ Sarah Tyler, bora Feb. 18, 1724. 

236+ Annah Tyler, bom March 12, 1727. 

237+ Moses Tyler, bom Feb. 25, 1730. 

238+ Ruth Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1732. 

239+ Pmdence Tyler, born Nov. 26, 1735. 

240+ Abner Tyler, bom 17'38. 

241+ John Tyler, bom . 

242 Isaac Tyler, born ; died (will filed Feb. 25, 1810) ; 

married widow Margaret (Rockwell) Blodgett, of 
Stafford, Conn. ; settled in Warren, Mass. ; had no 
children ; may have married twice, as in his will, 
dated May 14, 1799, he mentions wife " Lucy," who 
is executor. He was a farmer, and owned " Pew 
No. 13 on the floor of the Meeting-house," and " Pew 
No. 3 in the gallery." 

66 MOSES* TYLER (John^), bom in Charlestown, 

Mass., July 14, 1700; died ; married, September 25, 1734, 

Miriam Bailey, of Bradford, bora about 1705 ; died in West 
Boxford, Mass., September 17, 1781. He was a member of 
the second company of militia of Boxford in 1757, and belonged 
to the train band; he was a private soldier. He resided in 
Chester, N. H., where his five elder children were born, and 
also in Suncook, Hopkinton and Pembroke, N. H. 

Fourth Generation 71 

244 Hannah, born in 1737 (or 17'39). 

245+ Adonijah, bom in 1739. 

24&f Jepthah, bom in 1741. 

247+ Abigail, born in 1743. 

248+ Joshua, born in Hopkinton, N. H. 

249 Hespiah. f Possibly were children of Moses, though 

250 Nancy. \ nothing further is known of them. 
261+ Lucretia, bom in Pembroke in 1748. 

67 ANNA* TYLER (John^), bom in Boxford, Mass., 
January 1, 1702; married, April 3, 1728, John Harris, of Bos- 
ton, Mass., who died December 18, 1770, aged 68. He is 
buried in Copps' Hill burying-ground. Their children were 
bom in Boston. 

Children : 

252 Nathaniel Harris, born March 9, 1729. 

253 Anna Harris, born Aug. 24, 1731. 

254 John Harris, bom Jan. 4, 1734. 

255 Mary Harris, bom Sept. 9, 1736. 

256 Abigail Harris, born Oct. 20, 1739. 

257 Prudence Harris, bom March 2, 1740-1. 

258 Job Harris, bom March 20, 1741-3. 

259 Elizabeth Harris, twin to Job. 

260 Rachel Harris, born Oct. 17, 1743. 

68 MARTHA* TYLER (John^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., February 5, 1704; married in Boston, by Rev. Thomas 
Foxcraft, August IS, 1725, Samuel Reade, son of Samuel 
Reade, descendant of Richard Read, of Whittlesey, County 
Kent, England, who came to America with Governor Winthrop 
in 1630; his sons settled in Marblehead, Mass. Mr. Reade 
was a landowner, including "Reed Hill" in Marblehead. 

Child : 
261+ Benjamin Tyler Reade. 

70 ABNER* TYLER (John^), born in Boxford, Mass., 
February 15, 1708; died in Brookfleld, Mass., December 8, 
1777 ; buried in North Brookfleld ; married, February 1, 1742, 
Hannah Stevens, bom in 1719, died November 17, 1789, daugh- 

72 The Descendants oe Job Tyleb, 

ter of Captain Benjamin Stevens, of Andover, Mass. Abner 
went to Brookfield in April, 1747. He was a farmer. He 
was paralyzed in 1762, but worked for years afterwards. In 
his will, dated September 29, 1773, and probated January 8, 
1778, he mentions the " mansion house in which I now live " 
and appoints his son John executor and made him residuary 
legatee. His two elder children were born in Boxford and the 
others in Brookfield. 

Children : 
262 Nathan Tyler, born Nov. 14, 1743; died in Warren, 
Mass., in 1759, of small-pox, on his way home from 
the French and Indian War. 
263+ John Tyler, bom March 13, 1745. 
264+ Gideon Tyler, bom July 1, 1747. 

265 Hannah Tyler, born Feb. 15, 1749; married (pub- 
lished Feb. 27, 1769) Thomas Tufts ; moved to New 
266+ Molly Tyler, born Sept. 1, 1753. 
267+ Moses Tyler, born March 16, 1756. 
268+ Joshua Tyler, bora Aug. 12, 1758. 

269 Patty (Martha) Tyler, bom Jan. 13, 1763; married 
(published May 13, 1781) Dr. John Hibbard, of 
Leicester, Mass. 
270+ Nabby (Abigail) Tyler, bom Dec. 15, 1765 ; married 
(pubhshed Sept. 7, 1783) Jesse Ayres, of Brookfield; 
they moved to Leverett, Mass., and their descendants 
probably went to Vermont. They had two daugh- 

72 GIDEON* TYLER (John*), bom in West Box- 
ford, Mass., December 8, 1712; died there, October 7, 1800; 
married in 1748, Mehitable Kimball, who died July 4, 1777, 
aged 52. He resided on the old Tyler farm in West Boxford. 
He was in the second Boxford company of militia, probably 
belonged to the train band. In 1776 he was ensign of a 
company and was in the Continental Army, and in that year 
he was also one of a committee to hire soldiers for " future 
public Service." His will, dated September 13, 1792, gives 
land to his two daughters, Mehitable and Anna, also, " con- 
venient room in my dwelling house and in the cellar under the 
same so long as they live a single life, they not admitting any 

FoTJiLTH Geneeation 73 

family to live with them." They were also to have all house- 
hold goods and furniture save " 1 bed and my silver tankard." 
They and their sister Sarah received £40 each. His son John 
had land in Boxford, and his son Jonathan also had land. 
John had the buildings, stock, utensils, crops, 1 bed and the 
silver tankard, and was to act as executor. John, Jonathan 
and Stephen had 6 acres of salt marsh in Rowley. Stephen 
had previously received £400. Dean, the third son, received 
£5. The estate was valued at $12,076.58, and included 280 
acres of land in Boxford and Andover. 

Children : 
271 Mehitable Tyler, bom Dec. 21, 174'3; died Sept. 26, 

1833, unmarried. 
272+ John Tyler, bom April 1, 1751. 
273+ Jonathan Tyler, twin to John. 

274 Anna Tyler, born Feb. 16, 1753; died Sept. 23, 1833, 

unmarried. In her will, dated Sept. 11, 1833, she 
distributed land equally among the children of her 
brother, Stephen Tyler, deceased. Sally Tyler, 
daughter of her brother Jonathan Tyler, and John 
E. Gage, his grandson, were also given a piece of 
land. The inventory of the real estate was $665, and 
the personal $460.83. 

275 Dean Tyler, bom June 3, 1755 ; died in Marietta, Ohio, 

Oct., 1802. He was a graduate of Harvard Col- 
lege in 1776. He had a brilliant mind, an agreeable 
person and refined manners. He was crossed in love 
and went to Europe, and finding his sweetheart dead 
on his return, he fell violently ill. He went to Ohio 
with the " Ohio Company," who founded Waterford 
in 1789, his lot being 100 acres. The garrison was 
called " Fort Tyler." He was brave and active in 
the community, where he taught school, acted as 
chaplain and was very zealous in repulsing the 
Indians. He died a bachelor. 

276 Sarah Tyler, bom Feb. 8, 1768 ; married John Robinson, 

of Andover, Mass., April 3, 1781. 
277+ Stephen Tyler, born June 9, 1760. 
278 William Tyler, born January, 1764 ; died aged ten 


7* The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

75 ABIGAIL* TYLER (John^), born in Boxford, 
Mass., August 2, 1715 ; married, April 12, 1744, Isaac Dodge, 
widower, who married (1), her cousin, Mehitable Tyler, No. 
64. She was dismissed to the First church in Sutton, Mass., 
October 15, 1749. The three elder children were bom in 
Boxford. Children : 

279 Molly Dodge, bom March 20, 1745 ; married, March, 

1763, Nathan Stockwell. 

280 Isaac Dodge, born April 15, 1746; married Abigail 


281 Prudence Dodge, bom Feb. 19, 1747 ; married Solomon 

Parsons, Gloucester, Mass. 

282 Sarah Dodge, bom in Sutton, March 1, 1750 ; married, 

Feb. 25, 1771, John Kidder. 

76 RUTH* TYLER (John*), born in Boxford, Mass., 
married, March 3, 1742, Daniel Hovey, of Sutton, Mass. 
(History of Sutton). The children were born in Sutton. Chil- 

283 Moses Hovey, bom Oct. 28, 1748 ; died Oct. 29, 1813 ; 

married, Aug. 14, 1777, Phebe Tenney, and had ten 

284 Mary Hovey, born Sept. 16, 1755; married, July 15, 

1779, Stephen Humes. 

285 Benjamin Hovey, born March 12, 1758. 

77 SAMUEL* TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., May 9, 1694; married, January 12, 1720, Sarah Ten- 
ney, of Bradford, Mass., who died in Ashburnham, Mass., in 
1778. He was dismissed to the church in Littleton, Mass., 
January 10, 1747, and is on the poll tax for that town in 1772. 
Children : 

286 Elizabeth Tyler, born May 17, 1722; died Sept. 19, 

287+ Sarah Tyler, born April 9, 1724. 

288 Hannah Tyler, bom Feb. 25, 1727 ; died Sept. 13, 1736. 

289 Richard Tyler, baptized Oct., 1736. 

80 RICHARD* TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., February 14, 1699; died February 14, 1781; married, 
February 14, 1726, Elizabeth Lull, of Rowley, Mass. His 

Fourth Genejration 75 

name occurs on a list of men belonging to the second company 
of militia in Boxford, dated April 19, 1757. He probably 
belonged to the train band. He was a charcoal burner. Chil- 
290+ Abigail Tyler, baptized April ai, 1728. 

291 Elizabeth Tyler, baptized March, 1729; published to 

Thomas Bodkin, of Marblehead, Mass. 

292 Joseph Tyler, baptized Sept. 24, 1732, in East Box- 


81 NATHANIEL* TYLER (Ebenezer'), bom in Box- 
ford, Mass., April 14, 1702; married, May 14, 1741, Sarah 
Wood, of Rowley, Mass. His name appears on a muster roll, 
dated Boston, 1755. He was a " Centinel " and the service 
was from February 9, 1755, to March 31, 1755. In March, 
1765, he was dismissed to the church at Dracut, Mass. He 
was a chalrmaker. Children: 

293 Jesse Tyler, born April 4, 1742; died Oct. 7, 1748. 

294 Eunice Tyler, bom Feb., 1743; married, Feb. 9, 1769, 

Nathaniel Pettingill, 3d. 
295+ Betty Tyler, bom Sept. 1, 1745. 
296+ Nathaniel Tyler, born Oct. 4, 1747. 
297 Sarah Tyler, bom Oct. 29, 1749; married, March 5, 

1772, Joseph Cross. 
298+ Jesse Tyler, born March 8, 1752. 
299+ Simeon Tyler, baptized Jan. 27, 1754. 
300+ Daniel Tyler, bom in Dracut, Sept., 1756. 
301+ Polly Tyler, bom in Methuen, in 1770. 

84' DAVID* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., June 5, 1710; died in Piermont, N. H., aged about 95; 
married in 1735 Martha Howard, of Lynn, Mass., who also 
died in Piermont, aged about 95. He was dismissed from the 
Boxford church, April 14, 1751, to Hebron, Conn., but set- 
tled in Lebanon, Conn., in 1751. In the spring of 1768, 
Daniel Tyler, his son, went to Piermont, N. H., and m the 
autumn David Tyler, his wife and son Jonathan, came from 
Lebanon, Conn. In 1781, Jonathan related that the North- 
em Army," as he called the famous pest of worms which ex- 
tended from Northfield, Mass., to Lancaster, N. H., left Pier- 
mont so destitute of provisions that, had it not been for an 

76 The Descendants of Job Tylebi 

extraordinary crop of pumpkins and a great quantity of pi- 
geons, they would have had to desert the town. David drew 
hay on a hand sled on the ice from Newbury to keep the cow, the 
next winter. The three Tylers, David, Daniel and Jonathan 
began taking pigeons on the meadow west of Haverhill Cor- 
ner ; in ten days they had taken more than four hundred dozen. 
At Piermont they had a "bee" for picking them. Those 
invited had the meat of all they picked, and the Tylers the 
feathers. In this way they had four beds of those feathers. 
The six elder children were bom in Boxford, and the three 
younger in Lebanon, Conn. 

Children : 
•302 Child, born ; died Nov. 8, 1737. 

303 Joseph Tyler, baptized Oct. 29, 1739; died the same 


304 Lydia Tyler, baptized June 28, 1741. 

305 Joseph Tyler, baptized Aug. 28, 1743; died Nov. 18, 


■306+ Daniel Tyler, baptized Aug. 11, 1745. 

307+ Ebenezer Tyler, bom Aug. 8, 1747. 

308+ David Tyler, bom Nov. 4, 1749. 

309+ Jonathan Tyler, born Jan. 1, 1752. 

310 Eleanor Tyler, born Feb. 20, 1754. 

311 Resign Tyler, bom March 14, 1757. 

in Rowley, Mass., about 1700; died in Haverhill, Mass. (will 
probated June 28, 1790); married (1), November 23, 17'38, 
Phebe Coleman, of Newbury, Mass.; married (2), March 3, 
1769, Mary Willson, of Haverhill, whose will was probated 
April 7, 1794, Job Tyler, her son-in-law, being named as 
executor. She divided her estate among the children of Job 
Tyler, her stepson, Joseph Tyler being residuary legatee. 
Also, her will provided : " In case Caesar, the negro man who 
lives with me, should live to be past his labour, then if what my 
former husband left for him is not enough to support him, that 
he have his support out of what I give to the said Joseph 
Tyler." In 1757, Dudley had the rank of clerk in the com- 
pany commanded by Captain Richard Thurston, was in the 
train band and on the alarm list. In 1765, he was lieutenant 

Fourth Geneeation 77 

in the 2d Rowley company in the 3d regiment of militia in 
Essex County. He was executor of his father's wjill. He kept 
the Tyler Tavern in Georgetown, Mass., and moved to Haver- 
hill in 1769, where he was a slave-owner as late as 1776, which 
is the last date in which negroes are entered in the town valu- 
ation lists. In 1780, he donated six shirts to assist in clothing 
the army. He was hogreeve in 1773 and 1774; he was sur- 
veyor of highways from 1775-1782. In 1776 he was paid for 
timber, plank and work on the Mill bridge, £4 10s, and in 
1782 he was paid for plank and timber on the same bridge, £1 
6s 4d. All his children were by his first marriage. His will 
was dated March 5, 1788, and probated June 28, 1790. 

Children : 
312+ Dudley Tyler, baptized Dec. 2, 1739. 
■313+ Thomas Tyler, baptized Feb. 22, 1741. 
814 Anna Tyler, baptized Nov. 28, 1742; died in 1754. 
315 Phebe Tyler, baptized July 27, 1746; died before 1788 ; 

married Pike ; father's will showed she had four 

316+ Job Tyler, baptized Aug. 28, 1748. 

317 Mary Tyler, baptized Feb. 18, 1753 ; married (1), Wil- 

liam Huston, of Haverhill, who was in the Revolu- 
tion; married (2), Pike. 

318 John Tyler, baptized Nov. 23, 1755 ; was a fifer in the 

Revolution ; seems to have been named as belonging 
to the company of Captain Moses McFarland, in 
1776, with his brothers, Dudley Tyler as 2d Lieu- 
tenant, and Theodore and Thomas Tyler. Also, en- 
listed April, 1779, served in Captain Benjamin Pike's 
Company. Reported as sergeant ; enlisted for the 
war. In his father's will he is spoken of, in 1788, 
" if still alive." 
319+ Theodore Tyler, baptized Jan. 22, 1758. 

88 WILLIAM* TYLER (Job^), born in Boxford, 

Mass., July 4, 1701; died ; married Dorothy Geer, who 

was baptized in Preston, Conn., July 8, 1705; youngest child 
of Jonathan Geer, who was descended from the emigrant, 
George Geer, whose old homestead is still in the family and who 
lived to be 105 years old; Jonathan was a petitioner for the 

"78 The Descendants oe Job TYusa 

grant of Preston, Conn., where he lived. From his will William 

received £41, 2s, 6d. William lived in Willington, Conn., where 

the children were born. (See Geer Genealogy for interesting 

traditions of the Geer immigrants.) Children: 

320+ Bradstreet Tyler, born June 11, 1725. 

321 Mehitable Tyler, born July 15, 1727. 

322+ William Tyler, bom June 22, 1730. 

323 Margaret Tyler, born June 5, 1732. 

324. Hannah Tyler, born Dec. 24, 1736. 

325 Lucy Tyler, bom Jan. 26, 1740. 

326+ Jonathan Tyler, bom April 12, 1744. 

89 MAKGARET* TYLER (Job^*), born in Rowley, 
Mass., March 24, 1703; died in 1784; married, January 30, 
1723, Zebediah Foster, born in Boxford, September 28, 1702 ; 
died in 1772 ; admitted to the church, January 28, 1728. Chil- 

327 Margaret Foster, bom July 13, 1724. 

328 Lydia Foster, bom Feb. 24, 1725. 

329 Anne Foster, born May 13, 1728 ; died April 9, 1748. 

330 Zebediah Foster, bom Dec. 14, 1730; died Nov. 8, 1734. 

331 Abner Foster, bom April 23, 1733. 

332 Zebediah Foster, born Aug. 25, 1735. 

333 Dudley Foster, born Feb. 21, 1737 ; married, in 1767, 

Rachel Steele, of Andover, and had four daughters. 

334 Abigail Foster, bom June 25, 1740; married Nathan 

Kimball, Junior, of Boxford. 

335 Lucy Foster, bom March 25, 1747. 

90 JOB* TYLER (Job*), bom in Boxford, Mass., Feb- 
ruary 28, 1705; died June 1, 1777; married, July 17, 1730, 
Elizabeth Parker, of Bradford, who died in Rindge, N. H., 
October 22, 1789, aged 74. He removed to Rindge in May, 
1777. He was in the second company of Boxford militia in 
1757 and on a muster roll dated March 1, 1759, of Captain 
Chandler's company of Andover, which marched to the relief 
of Fort William Henry. He was a cordwainer. All but the 
eldest of the children were born in Boxford. Children : 
336 Asa Tyler, bora in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 15, 1732; 

died young. 
337+ Abraham Tyler, bom June 9, 1735. 

Fourth Genekation 79 

338+ Phineas Tyler, born Nov. 22, 1736. 

339+ Moses Tyler, bom Sept. 18, 1738. 

340+ Elizabeth Tyler, bom Feb. 27, 1740. 

841+ Hannah Tyler, bom Oct. 4, 1741. 

342+ Asa Tyler, bom Oct. 23, 1743. 

343+ Bradstreet Tyler, born Aug. 27, 1745. 

344+ Joshua Tyler, bom Jan. 27, 1747. 

345 Rachel Tyler, born March 30, 1749; married 

Holmes, and lived in Sterling, Mass. 

346+ Parker Tyler, bom Jan. 31, 1752. 

347+ Frances Tyler, born in 1754. 

348 Zebediah Tyler, born March, 1761; died March 17, 


91 ASA* TYLER ( Job» ) , bom in Boxf ord, Mass., April 
25, 1708 ; " tradition says killed at Lexington and Concord, 
1775 " (Gage's History of Rowley) ; married, in 1734, Han- 
nah Peabody, born in Boxford April 22, 1714, daughter of 
Deacon Nathan and Hannah (Putnam) Peabody. He is on 
a list of men of the company commanded by Captain Richard 
Thurston, dated June 15, 1757 ; he is reported as belonging to 
the alarm list, and also that he had a tumor in his throat. 
Gage's History of Rowley says, " Asa Tyler was soldier in the 
Revolutionary War." He Hved in Rowley. Children: 

349+ Margaret Tyler, bom June 1, 1735. 

350 Nathan Tyler, bom Feb. 3, 1738. 

351+ Lucy Tyler, bom Oct. 1, 1739. 

352 Hannah Tyler, born Sept. 3, 1741; married, Aug. 3, 

1763, Moses Tyler, No. 339. 

353 Elizabeth Tyler, bom April 22, 1746; married, June 

23, 1768, Asa Tyler, No. 342. 
354+ Asa Tyler, bom Dec. 21, 1748. 
355 Priscilla Tyler, bora in 1752; died in 1754. 

92 HANNAH* TYLER (Job^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., June 5, 1710; married, October, 1728, Captain John 
Spofford, of Rowley, bom March 19, 1704; son of Captain 
John and Dorcas (Hopkinton) Spofford (John^, John^) ; he 
was the fourth John in direct descent. In 1727, he built a 
house on " The Hill " in Georgetown, Mass. ; thence, in 1737, 
to No. 4 (Charlestown), N. H., where he erected the first saw; 

80 The Descendants of Job Tri.Ea 

and grist mill in the town in 1744. The town was burned by 
the Indians in 1746, and he was taken prisoner and carried to 
Canada. He returned in 1747, and by petitioning to the State 
(Massachusetts) he rebuilt the mill in 1757, to which settlers 
resorted as far as Lancaster, 124 miles. He was twice elected 
selectman. He was one of ten to form the church under Rev. 
Mr. Olcutt. 

Children : 

356 Eunice SpofFord, born Sept. 15, 1729, in " Boxford, in 

the Bay Province." 

357 Bradstreet SpofFord, bom in Rowley, Sept. 2, 1731; 

married, Oct. 16, 1752, Mary Page, of Lunenburg, 

358 Phebe Spofford, born in Rowley, July 1, 1733; married, 

in 1750, John Grout, of Lunenburg. 

359 Peggy Spofford, bom in Rowley, June 30, 1735 ; mar- 

ried Benjamin Allen. 

360 Asa Spofford, bom in Rowley, Jan. 30, 1737 ; was cap- 

tured by the Indians and taken to Canada in 1757 ; 
exchanged and while in Quebec, on the way home, died 
with the small-pox. 

361 Mary Spofford, bom in Rowley, Sept. 20, 1739. 
Abigail Spofford, born March 26, 1741. 
Relief Spofford, bora June 30, 1744 ; died in 1758. 

364 Harriet Spofford, bom in Leominster, Mass., Jan. 'SO, 


365 Job Tyler Spofford, bom March 14, 1749; died June 

15, 1750. 

366 Tyler Spofford, born April 28, 1752; died in Lennox- 

ville, Canada, in 1844, aged 90 ; married Experience 
Crosby. Went through the War of the Revolution, 
and settled at Windsor and Fairfax, Vt., and thence 
in 1799 to Lennoxville, Canada. 

93 JONATHAN* TYLER (Jonathan^), baptized in 

Boxford, Mass., October, 1715; died ; married Rebecca, 

whose surname was probably Morse. He was at Haverhill, 
Mass., May 25, 1743. Was at the first proprietors' meeting 
in New Gloucester, Maine, November 22, 1763; signed a peti- 
tion there, January 14, 1762; was elected one of a committee 
of three to manage the prudential affairs of the town; also 

Fourth Geneeation 81 

January 16, 1765, was on a committee of three to provide foi 
the ordination of the first minister; January 10, 1764, at 
■" Block House " proprietors' meeting, was elected moderator ; 
also on committee to make sale of saw and grist mill on Royal 
River; in 1767, he and his wife Rebecca, granted land in New 
Gloucester to son Jonathan. In the Portland, Maine, Real 
Estate Records is the following : " Jonathan Millwright and 
Samuel Tyler, Yeoman, of New Gloucester, April 16, 1773, 
interested in grant of lands in North Yarmouth, Maine." De- 
scendants of Jonathan say that in 1777 he went from New 
Gloucester to Buckfield, Maine, with his son-in-law, Abijah 
Buck. Rev. Paul Coffin, of Buxton, Maine, a missionary to 
the earliest settlements, records in his journal that Jonathan 
Tyler built 200 mills ; that he lost part of one of his hands 
and that he was a man of note. Mrs. Tyler was living at 
Buckfield as late as 1800; she was born at Haverhill, Mass., 
and had known Hannah Dustin. Children probably born in 

Children : 
367+ Phebe Tyler, bom about 1740. 
S68+ Jonathan Tyler, Jr., bom July 6, 1742. 
369+ Nathaniel Tyler. 

95 JOSEPH* TYLER (Jonathan^), baptized in Octo- 
ber, 1720, and probably bom in Andover ; died in 1778 ; mar- 
ried, in 1748, Phebe Wood, of Boxford, Mass. He was one of 
the petitioners, under date of May 25, 1743, to have the east- 
erly part of Haverhill set off into a separate parish. This 
was the second petition and was successful. Jonathan* Tyler 
and Jonathan* Tyler were also signers to this petition. An- 
other petition dated March 28, 1748, concerning the alleged 
illegal actions of the town meeting of March 1, 1748, was also 
signed by Joseph. He lived in Haverhill for a time and lateij 
moved to Chelmsford, Mass., where he had a house near the 
head of Pawtucket Falls, but as late as 1749-1750, he was 
hogreeve in Haverhill. He marched on the Lexington Alarm 
from Chelmsford, as a private in Captain Oliver Barrow's com- 
pany, and served ten days. He was in Captain John Ford's 
volunteer company of Colonel Jonathan Reed's regiment of 
Massachusetts Militia, in 1777, and served 23 days, and in 
1781, he enlisted as a private for three years in Captain Noah 

82 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

Allen's company of Colonel Joseph Vose's First Massachusetts 
Bay regiment. The five elder children were bom in Haverhill, 
the youngest in Chelmsford. 

Children : 
370+ Joseph Tyler, bom April 8, 1749. 
371+ Phebe Tyler, born March 23, 1750. 
372+ Mary Tyler, bom Nov. 17, 1754. 
373 Jonathan Tyler, bom in 1756; killed in a sawmill, in 

1772, aged 16, at Pawtucket Falls. 
374+ Nathan Tyler, bom in 1757. 
375+ Moses Tyler, bom in Rowley, Mass., in 1758. 

376 Sarah Tyler, bom 176 — (place unknown) ; died aged 

5 of scarlet fever. 

377 Jonas Tyler, bom 176 — (place unknown) ; died young, 


378 Silas Tyler, born 176 — (place unknown) ; died at sea, 

unmarried, aged about 25. 
■379+ Sarah Tyler, bom in Chelmsford, Oct., 1768. 

96 DOROTHY* TYLER (James^), bom in Bradford, 
Mass., December 19, 1709; died before date of father's will, 
January 17, 1748, wherein his sons and daughters are men- 
tioned ; maiTied Lovet. " Abraham Leavitt," of Scar- 

boro, was doubtless her husband. James Tyler has it " Lovet " 
in his will ; therefore it may be the Andover and Mendon line, 
with previous Tyler intermarriages. It has changed (perma- 
nently) in Maine to " Leavitt," where the records are sadly 
lacking. Child : 

380 Sarah Leavitt, bom , in Scarboro, Black Point, 

Sept. 25, 1763 ; she acknowledged the covenant of the 
Second Congregational church. 

97 CAPTAIN ABRAHAM* TYLER (James^), bora 
in Bradford, Mass., March 17, 1712 ; died in Frankfort, Maine, 
February 3, 1807; at the home of his son Dominicus ; he was 
published July 5, 1735, to Esther Sayward, of York, Maine, 
but no marriage is recorded; married (1), August 11, 1743, 
Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Allison Brown, of the old Bidde- 
ford family of Browns ; she was received into the Second Con- 
gregational church in Scarboro, June 9, 1745; married (2), 

FouBTH Generation 83 

Martha , probably of Gorham, Maine ; married (3), widow 

Sarah Jordan ; her maiden name was Grundy (she married [1] 
Libby ; married [2], Captain Jordan) ; married (4), Jan- 
uary 13, 1788, Mary Cumstock, who died in Saco, Maine, No- 
vember 7, 1839, aged 80. Captain Abraham and his wife 
Martha acknowledged the covenant at the Second church in 
Scarboro, September 25, 1763. On the 20th of January, 1803, 
he made the following deposition : " I, Abraham Tyler, ninety- 
three or ninety-four years, testify and do say that I came to 
live in Scarboro about seventy years ago." This statement 
would make his birth 1708 or 1709 instead of 1712, and the 
date of his first going to Scarboro, 1732. Southgate states 
that he went there in 1743 ; it has, however, usually been con- 
sidered that he lived in Andover, Mass., at the time of his 
father's death, in 1749, who speaks of him in his will as a " very 
undutiful son." At 19 he went with General Wolfe and 
fought on the Plains of Abraham. He received a bullet in 
the thigh which was cut out many years after. He was in 
the militia in Scarboro. When the news of the Battle of 
Lexington reached Falmouth Neck, Maine, before daylight, 
April 21, 1775, Abraham Tyler's company marched toward 
Boston, but at Welles, Maine, they were advised to remain and 
protect the towns on the seacoast, around Falmouth. He 
entered the service April 24, 1775, in Colonel Phinney's regi- 
ment; the council recommended that he be commissioned by 
General Washington in 1775. He was at the Battle of Bunker 
Hill and at the siege of Boston. He was in the army for three 
years with rank as captain. His journal gives an account of 
his movements In the war after the three years of his enhstment 
was out. He spent a long and useful life at Scarboro ;_ was 
deputy-sheriff of York County; part owner of the old mill at 
Saco, and the last person in charge of the ferry at Blue Pointy 
On the Portland, Maine, records from 1760 to 1870 (110 
years), are 22 pages of index to Tyler grants, amounting to 
877 entries. Of these, about 80 are under the head of Abra- 
ham senior, and Abraham junior. His name is on the Liming- 
ton petition to build a road, March 21, 1795. His children 
were born in Scarboro; they were baptized m the First and 
Second churches in that place, except the eldesl. His journal 
contains an account of his war experiences as foUows: 

84 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 


" I joined the army at Boston, and was in the whole siege. 

" When the eighth month was out, I enlisted for one year. 
Then marched for Canida. My time was out the last day of 
December, 1776. Then I enhsted for three years under Capt. 
Silas Burbank in the Twelfth Massachusetts Regiment, Com- 
manded by Col. Samuel Bauer (Bruer). 

" Left the Army — Colo. Sprouts took command, all my 
officers are dead — ^both General and Field, Captains and 
Sebolton Officers — except Captain Mains, he was a Lieutenant 
— the year 1779. Promoted to a Capt in Sprouts Regiment 
and continued during the war. I received an honorable dis- 
charge some time in March 1780. Then in order to make up 
my losses, I thought I would try the sea. I shipped on Board 
of a 20 gun ship Capt Jeremiah O'Brien commander. This 
ship was named the Horrable — Built in Newburyport — out 
about thirty days, and was captured by two of the enemys' 
Frigates and then carried in to New York and put on board of 
the old ship Jersey and remained there three months — suffered 
everything but Death. I made my escape by swimming the 
second day of December, got on the Island betwixt the two 
channels at Hellgate, there we lie in Bushes all the next day. 
When it came night we began to walk around the Island to see 
what we could find. We found a field of com where this had 
been planted, and we hunted for the gleanings of the field and 
found some short nubins — and this we ate raw, and a sweet 
morsel it was to us — 9, of us only. Then we were at a stand 
how to make our escape. The enemy all around us — we hunted 
around the Island — found a rail fence and took them and made 
a small raft — got each of us a small paddle, which I made 
with my knife — then we shipped on board our raft and went 
through the whole British fleat that lay oposite the City of N. 
York, and got ashore after great effort on the Jersey side. I 
was in the siege of Boston. Then went to Canida in '76. Was 
in the defeat at Ticonderoga. In the Battle of Hubbardston — 
in both Battles taken Burgoine and at the storming of Stoney 
Points under Gen. Wayne. Then in the Battle of Monmouth. 
All this service I did naked and without pay." 

Fourth Genebation 85 

Children : 

381 Hannah Tyler, bom June 10, 174<4«; baptized in Bidde- 
ford, June 17, 1744; owned the covenant in Second 
Congregational church in Scarboro, Dec. 29, 1771. 

S8a Allison Brown Tyler, bom Oct. 3,1, 1745 ; probably died 

383+ James Tyler, bom June 21, 1747. 

384 Abraham Tyler, bom Feb. 26, 1749; died Feb. 27, 


385 Elizabeth Tyler, born Aug. 30, 1752; married, Sept. 

11, 1777, Allison Brown, son of Andrew Brown, of 
Arundel, Maine. They had a daughter who died in 

386 Abraham Tyler, born May 12, 1754; buried July 6, 


387 Humphrey Tyler, bom Nov. 2, 1755; estate adminis- 

tered in Alfred, Maine, April 21, 1794, by wife Sarah, 
bond £20. Was in the Revolution in his father's 
company, during portions of 1775 and 1776. 
388+ Andrew Tyler, baptized June 18, 1758. 

389 Mary Tyler, baptized Aug. 24, 1760. 

390 Abraham Tyler, baptized Aug. 6, 1762; died young. 

Children, by second and third marriages : 

391 Anna Tyler, baptized Sept. 25, 1763. 

392 John Stephens Tyler, twin to Anna. 

393 Sarah Tyler, baptized June 24, 1764; died young. 

394 Mary Tyler, born Aug., 1765 ; married, March 8, 

1782, Benjamin Weymouth. 

395 Martha Tyler, bom in 1766. 

396+ Dominicus Tyler, baptized Feb. 15, 1767. 

397+ Sarah Tyler, bom April 3, 1768. 

398 Abigail Tyler, born Sept. 24, 1769. 

399+ Abraham Tyler, bom Oct. 28, 1770. 

400+ John Smith Tyler, bom Oct. 2, 1772. 

401+ David Tyler, baptized July 20, 1774. 

402 Dean Tyler, born March 3, 1776; married, Sept. 16, 
1797, Hannah Dyer. He moved to Litchfield, Maine, 
about 1800; thence to Bowdoinham, Maine, where he 
had deeded him 150 acres Dec. 18, 1802, for $280, 
his brother, David Tyler, witnessing the document. 

86 The Descendants op Job Tyleb, 

Dean and his wife Hannah quit claim lands at Cape 
Elizabeth, Maine, Feb. 10, 1804, to Christopher 
Dyer, mariner, possibly his wife's father. There are 
no children recorded. 

403 Eleanor Tyler, baptized May 31, 1778; died young, 

404+ Daniel Tyler, bom May 28, 1780. 

405+ Samuel Tyler, bom in 1781. 

98 ABIGAIL* TYLER (James^), born in Scarboro, 

Maine, probably about 1714 ; died ; married, in Scarboro, 

March 22, 1738, Samuel Walker, of Scarboro. One or both 
of them were living in 1748. Child: 

406 Nathaniel Walker, baptized in Scarboro July 3, 1743. 

99 ROYALL* TYLER (James^), bom probably in 
Scarboro, Maine; he lived and died at Blue Point, Scarboro; 

married Phebe Berthia . He " owned the covenant " of 

the Second Congregational Church in Scarboro, November 29, 
1747, where the baptisms of his children are recorded. In 
1763 he came into the possession of " one half of a certain saw 
mill in partnership with Abraham Leavitt, his brother-in-law, 
situated on Little River, Scarboro." In a deed to Benjamin 
Parker, merchant, Portsmouth, N. H., dated January 24, 
1770, he is spoken of as " husbandman and mariner," and for 
£300 grants his interest in lands at Scarboro bought of Sir 
William Pepperell, and also grants rights under the will of his 
father. Also, July 20, 1770, one Richard King, of Scarboro, 
secures judgment against Royal in the amount of £37, 19s, 6d, 
and " levied upon and sold land, house and barn at Blue Point, 
left him by his father." He belonged to a company of militia, 
in Scarboro, in 1757, and was reported on the training band. 
His cliildren were all bom in Scarboro. (The records are taken 
from the Portland, Maine, Registry of Deeds.) 

Children : 

407 Phebe Tyler, baptized Nov. 29, 1747 ; buried May 16, 


408 Berthia Tyler, baptized Dec. 17, 1749. 
409+ Joseph Tyler, baptized March 29, 1752. 
410 Betty Tyler, baptized Nov. 4, 1758. 

Fourth Geneeation 87 

411 Phebe Tyler, baptized Aug. 24, 1760. 

412+ Samuel Tyler, baptized June 13, 1762. 

413 Elizabeth Tyler, baptized April 22, 1764 ; married, Oct. 

25, 1781, John Sawyer (or Sayre). 
414+ James Tyler, baptized Oct. 13, 1782. 

415 Eleanor Tyler, twin to James ; married Aug. 20, 1801, 

Captain Isaac Thomas, of Saco, Maine, and had a 
large family. 

106 CAPTAIN JACOB* TYLER (Jacob, Moses, Job), 
born in Boxford, Mass., April 16, 1728; died in Chelmsford, 
Mass., October 4, 1795; married (1), November 23, 1749, Abi- 
gail Bridges, of Andover, Mass., who died June 7, 1752, aged 
26; married (2), August, 1754, Lydia Vamum, of Dracut, 
Mass. He Kved in Haverhill and in Chelmsford. His will 
was dated September 11, 1795 ; probated March 8, 1796. He 
was captain of an Andover company in Colonel Bridge's 27th 
Regiment of Massachusetts militia, which was, in part, repre- 
sented at the Battle of Bunker Hill. It is probable that he 
was one who marched on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. 

Children, by first marriage: 

416 Abigail Tyler, bom November, 1750 ; not mentioned in 

her father's will in 1795 ; probably died before, s. p. ; 
married, Aug. 3, 1769, John Pearson, Junior. 
417+ Jacob Tyler, bom May 27, 1752. 

Children, by second wife: 
418 John Tyler, born in 1755 ; died Aug. 16, 1784 ; probably 

single; buried in the old North Andover cemetery. 

He may have been in the Revolution, though no 

certain record is found. 
419+ Lydia Tyler, bom in 1756. 
420+ Sarah Tyler, born Sept., 1758. 

421 Phebe Tyler, born April, 1760; died Nov. 13, 1762. 

422 Jeremiah Tyler, born in 1762; died in Chelmsford, 

Mass., in 1796; no child or wife mentioned in the 
probate records. He was a blacksmith. He deeded 
150 acres of land in East Andover, Maine, to Stephen 
Webster, of Methuen, Mass., in 1795. He was execu- 
tor of his father's will, and was to pay the debts, and 

88 The Descendants of Job Tyleb) 

receive what was left of the estate, also father's 
blacksmith tools. 

423 Phebe Tyler, born Oct., 1765 ; she and her sister Sarah 

were to have what was left of mother's share of the 
estate, at her death. 

424 James Tyler, bom Sept., 1768; living in 1795; he 

received his portion of his father's estate before 1795 ; 
he was left one-third of his father's wearing apparel. 

107 MOSES* TYLER (Jacob^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., March 6, 1731 ; probably died in Woburn, to which 
place he removed; married (1), April 17, 1765, Elinor Bridges, 
of Andover, Mass.; who died January '31, 1766; married (2), 
June 28, 1770, Anna Munroe, of Woburn, who died March 18, 
1781 ; she was probably a widow, and the daughter of Na- 
thaniel Kendall. {East Cambridge Probate Records, Case 
9261), who left her 18 acres of land in Woburn, and a share 
in the residue of his estate. Moses was lieutenant of the first 
Andover company in 1757, and belonged to the train band. 
He was in the Revolutionary army three years. The children 
were born in Woburn. 

Children, by first marriage: 
425+ Jeremiah Tyler, born Nov. 20, 1755. 
426+ Moses Tyler, bora Sept. 12, 1757. 
427+ Jonathan Tyler, bom June 14, 1760. 

428 Sarah Tyler, born Aug. 3, 1762 ; married Pierce ; 

mentioned in brother Moses' will. 
429+ Eleanor Tyler, born Aug. 7, 1764. 

430 Hannah Tyler, born Jan. 18, 1766 ; married, Nov. 26. 

1797, Caleb Wright, of Boston; family now extinct; 
mentioned in brother Moses' will. 

Childuen, by second marriage: 

431 Benjamin Tyler, bom May 1, 1771; died Sept. 24, 

432+ Jonas Tyler, born May 31, 1773. 

433 John Tyler, born April 4, 1775; probably died in in- 

fancy in Woburn. 

434 John Tyler, bom April 4, 1777; died April 29, 1782, 

in Woburn. 

Fourth Geneeation 89 

110 MAJEIY* TYLER (Jacob^), bom in Andover, 
Mass., in 1738; died, probably in Woburn, Mass., June 24, 
1814 ; married, October 9, 1760, Samuel Converse, of Woburn, 
Mass. ; born November 23, 17'35 ; died December 2, 1775 ; son 
of Josiah and Sarah Converse, (Josiah and Hannah [Sawyer], 
James, James), an old Woburn family. The children were 
born in Woburn. Children: 
436 Mary Converse, bom April 2, 1761. 

436 Samuel Converse, born Sept. 2, 1763. 

437 Jeremiah Converse, born Aug. 12, 1765. 

438 Abijah Converse, bom Aug. 23, 1767. 

439 Joseph Converse, bom Aug, 1, 1769. 

440 Lydia Converse, bom March 8, 1773. 

441 Jacob Converse, born Aug. 30, 1775. 

122 MOSES* TYLER (John^), bom in Boston, Mass., 
July 23, 1702 ; the inventory of his estate was made, in Boston, 
May 28, 1782; married (1), by Rev. Cotton Mather, July 31, 
1723, Margaret Hutchins, who died November 24, 1724, aged 
21 years and 8 months ; buried in Copp's Hill burying-ground ; 
married (2), February 18, 1730, Hannah Luther. He was 
probably brought up by his mother's people, the Leatherlands ; 
he was co-administrator of William Leatherland's estate, March 
17, 1746. In 1743 he bought an estate of Moses WiUiams in 
the north end of Boston on " Fleet and Moon streets." Was 
admitted to the New North Church in Boston, December 1, 
1771. He was a shipwright. In Hopestill's will (of Preston, 
Conn.), he mentions "My grandson Moses of Boston." The 
inventory of Moses' estate amounted to £709, 15s, 4d., and in- 
cludes a dwelling house and land on Ship street in the north 
end, Boston, £550. The children were bom in Boston. 

Children, by second marriage: 

442 John Tyler, bom Nov. 29, 1731 ; must have died 


443 John Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1732; died in Boston, June 

9, 1768; married, Sept. 18, 1764, Sarah Compton. 
His will was dated Jan. 6, 1767, and he was buried 
in King's Chapel burying-ground. He appears to 
have left no children. 
444+ Moses Tyler, born Nov. 26, 1734. 

90 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

445 Edward Tyler, bom about 1736 ; his will was probated 
Jan. 27, 1812, mentions no children ; married Abigail 
. He was probably a naval captain in the Revo- 
lution. He administered upon his father's estate by 
letter of attorney, March 12, 1782. He appears to 
be the spokesman for the family. In his will he 
leaves his wife $15,000.00, the plate and a pew in 
Rev. Mr. Buckminster's " Meeting." 

446+ Sarah Tyler, bom April 12, 1738. 

447 Deborah Tyler, born July 23, 1739; must have died 

448+ Hannah Tyler, born June 24, 1742. 

449+ EHsha Tyler, bom April 16, 1744. 

450+ Ellis Tyler, bora Sept. 16, 1745. 

451 Deborah Tyler, born Nov. 15, 1747; not living Aug. 
20, 1795 ; probably died s. p., as no children are men- 
tioned in her brother Edward Tyler's will; married, 
Sept. 26, 1765, Benjamin White. 

124 DANIEL* TYLER (DanieP), bom in Groton, 
Conn., Febmary 22, 1700-1701; died in Brooklyn, Conn., 
February 20, 1802, aged 100 years, 11 months, 15 days ; mar- 
ried (1), in Canterbury, Conn., December 31, 1722, Jane Cady, 
bom in Groton, Conn., April 1, 1706; died in Brooklyn (then 
Canterbury), Conn., May 1, 1741; daughter of Daniel Cady; 
her family came from Groton, Conn., to Canterbury, Conn. ; 
she is interred with Daniel and his other wives in the Brooklyn 
cemetery; married (2), in Canterbury, September 16, 1742, 
Mehitable Shurtleif, born in Plympton, Mass., August 30, 
1716; died in Brooklyn (then Canterbury), May 17, 1769; 
daughter of Thomas and Phebe (Shaw) Shurtleff, of Plymp- 
ton; married (3), Mary Herrick, of Prescott, Conn. Daniel, 
throughout his long life was an active and useful member of 
society, closely identified with the growth of the church and 
the town of Brooklyn, where he lived. The church edifice of 
1733 as well as that of 1770-1771, was constructed under his 
oversight. The second church, built at his expense and that of 
several others, was pronounced " a very genteel meeting-house," 
and he was soon after on a committee " to pew the church." 
In 1750, on condition that they should mend the glass in the 
first meeting-house, he and Israel Putnam (" Old Put ") were 

Fourth Giejiteeation 91 

permitted " to replace the hindmost slats below with pews for 
their private use, if they spile not above two seats on a side." 
His will was dated October 14, 1797, and his son Daniel was 
executor; his son Asa was to have his wearing apparel. By 
his three wives he had 21 children, and at the time of his death 
6 children were Uving and he had upwards of 50 grandchildren 
and 120 great-grandchildren. These facts are mentioned on 
his gravestone, and the following Hues given: 

" Altho one hundred years I've seen, 
My Hfe was short, t'was all a dream." 

Children, by first marriage: 
4.52+ Mabel Tyler, bom June 30, 1724.. 
453 Elijah Tyler, bom April 19, 1729; not mentioned in 

father's will with the other heirs and had probably 

died young. 
454+ Asa Tyler, bom March 5, 1731. 
455+ Amy Tyler, bora Dec. 10, 1733. 
456+ Lucy Tyler, bom Nov. 13, 1735. 

457 Job Tyler, baptized July 8, 1739. 

458 Ehsha Tyler, baptized Sept. 21, 1740. 

Children, by second marriage: 

459+ James Tyler, born July 25, 1743. 

460f Elizabeth Tyler, bom Dec. 15, 1744. 

461 WiUiam Tyler, bom Aug. 6, 1748 ; died Sept. 13, 1754. 

462+ Daniel Tyler, bom May 21, 1750. 

463 Leah Tyler, bom June 30, 1752. 

464+ Zilpha Tyler, born June 28, 1758. 

Of the 21 children bora to Daniel* Tyler the names and 
dates of birth of eight are unrecorded, nor is it known to which 
of his wives these unrecorded children belong. They doubtless 
died in infancy. 

126 JOHN* TYLER (Daniel* ), born in Groton, Conn., 

March 24, 1705; baptized April 28, 1706; died ; will 

dated April 15, 1791; presented for probate July 5, 1791; 

married Elizabeth . He settled in Canterbury, Conn., 

where his children were all probably bora. Oliver was executor 

92 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

of the will, and Zebulon appears to have appealed. He was 
an Ensign in the Colonial Wars, and lieutenant of the train 
band of Groton. The inventory of estate amounted to £395, 
9s, 4!d. Children : 

465 Zebulon Tyler, bom March 11, 1736; living in 1791, 
when he appealed from his father's will; married, 
April 17, 1766, Betty Adams. In 1770 he was one 
of three Tylers " adjacent to Brooklyn " who recom- 
mended the building of a church. 
466+ Phineas Tyler, bom May 17, 1738. 

467 Oliver Tyler, bom March 2, 1740 ; died June 4, 1750. 

468 Prudence Tyler, born Feb. 16, 1742. 

469 Betty Tyler, bom April 11, 1745 ; married Simon New- 


470 John Tyler, born April 30, 1746 ; died Jan. 20, 1770. 
471+ Oliver Tyler, bom Jan. 2, 1754. 

127 JOB* TYLER (DanieF), born in Groton, Conn., 

February 14, 1710; died ; married, August 25, 1732, 

Bial Williams. He lived in Groton. He was commissioned as 
Ensign of the fourth company or train band, October, 1744. 
In October, 1777, he was Lieutenant of the 10th company of 
the 5th regiment and on the alarm list. Children: 

472 Solomon Tyler, bom Jan. 25, 1754. 

473 Anna Tyler, born Oct. 6, 1739. 

474 Amy Tyler, bom March 5, 1742. 

475 Molly Tyler, born March 29, 1744. 

476 Job Tyler, bom April 18, 1746. 

477 Bial Tyler, born July 28, 1748. 

132 CAPTAIN MOSES* TYLER (James»), born in 
Preston, Conn, (now known as Griswold), February 19, 1707; 
died in Preston, January 22, 1787; married (1), November 
20, 1729, Mary Belcher, who died April 19, 1742, in her 31st 
year; married (2), November 11, 1742, Joanna Denison, 
daughter of Samuel Denison, of Stonington, Conn. (George^, 
George^), bom December 13, 1715; died February 6, 1786. 
He resided in Prestoii. He was a man of force of character 
and considerable worldly success, and owned several farms, on 
one of which he built a " mansion house," in 1755, which re- 
mained in the family until 1835, and is still standing. He was 

Fourth Geneeation 93 

deputy from Preston in 1760, 1761 and 1769. His son-in- 
law, Benjamin Coit, writing to Nathaniel Cove, in 1786, says 
of the kinsfolk in Preston : " Our friends are generally well, 
except Father Tyler, and he is much better than he has been. 
The poor old man appears to be as anxious about the world 
and the things thereof as ever he was, and as careful about 
giving and squandering his estate." The inventory of his es- 
tate was made March 30, 1787, and amounted to £2916, 10s, 
9d. The first part of his will was made in 1779. A codicil 
was dated July 18, 1785, and further reference to it was made 
on June 16, 1786. (See Norwich Probate, Book 8, page 12.) 

Children, by first marriage: 
478+ Mary Tyler, bom Sept. 12, 1730. 

479 Moses Tyler, bom July 10, 1732; died Sept. 28, 1751. 
480+ Elisha Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1734. 
481 Hannah Tyler, bom March 25, 1736; married John 

Smith, of Stonington, Conn. 
482+ Sarah Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1738. 
483+ Esther Tyler, bom Dec. 9, 1740. 

Children, by second marriage: 

484 Elijah Tyler, born Dec. 2, 1743; died Sept. 17, 1746. 

485 Thankful Tyler, bom Sept. 27, 1745 ; died Oct. 6, 1746. 

486 Elijah Tyler, born Sept. 19, 1746; died young. 

487 Daniel Tyler, bom Sept. 24, 1747 ; died April 16, 1752. 

488 Lucretia Tyler, bom Sept. 19, 1749; died April 19, 


489 James Tyler, born Sept. 28, 1751 ; died Nov. 4, 1754. 

133 CAPTAIN JAMES* TYLER (James*), born in 
Preston, Conn, (present town of Griswold), December 22, 
1708; died in Preston, March 10, 1736; married, October 7, 
1731, Hester Bishop, of Lisbon, Conn. Children : 

490 Hester Tyler, born Sept. 9, 1732; probably died young; 

not mentioned in her grandfather James' will, in 
491+ Samuel Tyler, bora Aug. 21, 1734. 

134 HANNAH* TYLER (James*), bom in Preston, 
Conn., October 11, 1711; died in 1797; married, January 30, 

94 The Descendants oe Job Tylek 

17'38, William Denison, born in 1705 ; died in North Stoning- 
ton, Conn., where he lived, January 29, 1760; son of William 
Denison (John^, George^). The inventory of his estate wa.s, 
£226S, 17s, 8d. (He married (1), Hannah Burrows, who died 
January 5, 1737.) Children, by second marriage: 

492 Nathan Denison, born Feb. 24, 1739; died May 28, 


493 Daniel Denison, bom July 20, 1740; married Martha 


494 Amy Denison, bom March 27, 1742; married Thomas 


495 Ann Denison, bom Sept. 12, 1744; married George 


496 Esther Denison, born April 23, 1746; married John 


497 Sarah Denison, bora Feb. 7, 1748; married John W. 


498 John Denison, bom Nov. 5, 1749; married Abigail 


499 Elijah Denison, born Nov. 6, 1751; married Mary 


136 MEHITABLE* TYLER (James^), bom in Pres- 
ton, Conn, (now Griswold), September 13, 1714; died before 
the date of her father's will, October 3, 1753 ; married, Novem- 
ber 22, 1732, Joseph Freeman. Her children are all men- 
tioned in their grandfather's will. Children: 

500 Daniel Freeman. 

501 Mary Freeman, bom Aug. 10, 1735 ; married Samuel 

Leonard, and had children. 

502 Mehitable Freeman. 

503 Anna Freeman. 

504 Hannah Freeman. 

505 Elizabeth Freeman. 

137 DEACON JOSEPH* TYLER (James*), born in 
Preston, Conn, (now Griswold), November 8, 1717; died in 
Preston, October 13, 1807; married, September 24, 1741, 
Anna Stephens, of Plainfield, Conn. ; bom in 1719 ; died Jan- 
uary 22, 1805. He lived in Preston. He may have been the 
" Ensign " of the Preston company " to be sent against his 

Fourth Geneeation 96 

Majesty's enemies at Cape Breton," in February, 1745; in 
which case, he was probably Ensign in 1752, also. Children : 

606 Anna Tyler, bom 174.2. 

607 Anna Tyler, bom in 1743; died Aug. 31, 1746. 
508 Joanna Tyler, bom in 1745 ; died April 24, 1752. 
509+ Joseph Tyler, bom April 11, 1748. 

510 Amy Tyler, born June 27, 1750. 

511 Anna Tyler, born Oct. 27, 1752; married, Feb. 14, 

1711, Ebenezer Freeman. 

512 Joanna Tyler, bora Oct. 1, 1754; married, Oct. 16, 

1775, Thomas Cheeseborough, of Stonington, Conn. 
513+ James Tyler, bom May 18, 1757. 
514+ Zuriah Tyler, bom Aug. 25, 1759. 
515 Stevens Tyler, bom in 1762 ; died Feb. 3, 1781. 

139 GENERAL JOHN* TYLER (James^), bom in 
Preston, Conn, (now Griswold), December 29, 1721 ; died there 
July 29, 1804 ; married, December 14, 1742, Mary (Spalding 
or Spaulding) Coit, born in Plainfield, Conn., July 7, 1716; 
died November 11, 1801 ; daughter of Thomas and Mercy (or 
Mary) (Welch) Spalding (or Spaulding), and great-grand- 
daughter of Edward Spalding (or Spaulding), of Chelmsford, 
Mass., the first settler of the name in New England; widow of 
Joseph Coit, who died July 21, 1741 ; son of Rev. Joseph and 
Experience (Wheeler) Coit, of Plainfield ; by this marriage she 
had two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. General Tyler's 
services in the Colonial and Revolutionary wars were varied. 
He was appointed lieutenant of the '3rd company or train 
band of the town of Preston, his commission being signed 
October 30, 1752, by Governor Roger Wolcott. In the cam- 
paigns of 1756, 1759, 1760 and 1764 he was successively ap- 
pointed lieutenant, captain-lieutenant, and captain in various 
companies and regiments which were raised to defend the 
country against the French and Indians. His commissions 
were signed by Governor Fitch. In the last campaign he was 
under Lieutenant-Colonel Israel Putnam. When the Revolu- 
tionary War broke out he was commissioned, May 1, 1775, as 
lieutenant-colonel of the 6th regiment, his commission being 
signed by Governor Jonathan Trumbull; he was also captain 
of the 2nd company, recmited from New London, Hartford 
and Middlesex counties. He remained on duty in New Lon- 

96 The Descendants oe Job Tyleb. 

don until June 17, 1775, when the troops were ordered to the 
Boston camp. In 1776, he was appointed colonel of the 10th 
regiment of the Continental army. After the siege of Boston, 
at which he was present in General Spencer's brigade, he went 
to New York with his regiment. He succeeded Gurdon Salton- 
stall as brigadier-general of the 3rd brigade of militia, June 
5, 1777, and served in that capacity in Rhode Island on state 
alarms under General Sullivan and engaged in the attempt to 
dislodge the British from Newport, in 1778, and was at the 
battle of Long Island, August 29, 1778. During the New 
Haven alarm in 1779, he commanded the militia along the east 
coast of New Haven, and during a part of that year was at 
New London and Groton. When the Revolutionary army was 
disbanded the soldiers could not get their pay, nor had they 
for a long time received any ; there is a tradition that General 
Tyler used his own money and paid off his soldiers. At the 
close of the war he returned to his old home in Preston (now 
Griswold), where his old house is still standing, in 1907. He 
lived for 21 years after the war. He began a career in the 
General Assembly of Connecticut at the age of 35, and served 
as follows: 1756, 1758, 1759, 1763, 1767, 1770, 1773, 
1774, 1775, 1783, 1787. He was also justice for five consecu- 
tive years following 1773, in and for the county of New Lon- 
don. General Tyler's tomb is in the old cemetery at Griswold, 
he having bought a right in the Wheeler and Coit tomb. The 
inventory of his estate was $20,220.81. His children were 
bom in North Preston. His will was dated April 25, 1798, and 
the codicil (after his wife's death), November 20, 1801. (See 
Norwich Probate Records, Book 10, p. 358.) 

Children : 
516+ Mehitable Tyler, bom Oct. 18, 1743. 

517 James Tyler, bom May 18, 1746; died Sept. 4, 1750. 

518 John Tyler, born April 30, 1748; died May 19, 1752. 

519 Abigail Tyler, bom July 23, 1750 ; died April 19, 1789 ; 

married Captain Nathaniel Lord, of North Preston, 
who died June 30, 1806; they had a family, their 
oldest son, Hezekiah, being named in his grand- 
father's will. 

520+ Olive Tyler, bom March 22, 1752. 

521+ John Tyler, bom July 22, 1755. 

FOUKTH Geneeation 97 

622+ Lydia Tyler, born Oct. 5, 1758. 

140 DEACON JOSEPH* TYLER (HopestilF), bom 
in Preston, Conn., August 4!, 1711 ; died there April 30, 1792; 
married, November 22, 1750, Lucy Utley, of Stonington, Conn., 
bom in 1726 ; died May 7, 1811 ; daughter of SamueP and 
Hannah Frink Utley (SamueF and Sarah Assbe; Samuel^ and 
Hannah Hatch.) Elder Walter Hatch, the emigrant, John 
Frink, of Ipswich, John^ and Valentine' Prentice, of New 
London and Roxbury, were ancestors of Lucy Utley, whose 
name was sometimes given in the recoi'ds as " Uklie." Joseph 
lived on the old homestead in Preston. Children: 

623 Lucy Tyler, bom Sept. 26, 1756; married Asa Meech. 

524+ Ehzabeth Tyler, bom May 27, 1758. 

525+ Lydia Tyler, bora Oct. 20, 1760. 

526 Abigail Tyler, bom May 25, 1762; married, Dec. 23, 

1779, Hazard Hall (Hull.?), of Ashford, Conn. 

527 Desire Tyler, bom April 22, 1764 ; died Sept. 10, 1769. 
528+ Joseph Tyler, Jr., bom Dec. 29. 1766. 

529+ Eunice Tyler, bom Sept. 20, 1768. 
530 Desire Tyler, bom May 11, 1772 (1770); married, 
April 23, 1789, David AUyn, of Groton, Conn. 

141 ELIZABETH* TYLER (HopestilF), bom in 
Preston, Conn., November 4, 1714; baptized November 7, 

1714; died ; married, March 26, 1730, Christopher Tracy, 

of Preston. She was admitted to the Preston church August 
8, 1735. Her children were bom in Preston. Children: 
631 Ruth Tracy, bom May 18, 1730. 

Desire Tracy, bom March 10, 1736. 

Christopher Tracy, bom Dec. 18, 1737 ; died young. 

Ammi Tracy, bom Nov. 18, 1739. 
635 Eunice Tracy, baptized Jan. 13, 1740. 
536 Jonathan Tracy, born April 29, 1742. 
637 Christopher Tracy, bom Nov. 15, 1743. 
538 Elizabeth Tracy, baptized Jan. 20, 1745. 

146 ABIGAIL* TYLER (HopestilF), bom in Preston, 
Conn., October 12, 1723 ; married, December 17, 1745, Christo- 
pher Denison, bom in North Stonington, Conn., in 1719; son 
of William Denison (John^, George^). Children: 

98 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

539 Mary Denison, bom Oct. 13, 174.6; baptized March 27, 


540 Anna Denison, bom June 1, 1748; married in Preston, 

Aug. 14, 1772, Jonathan Sweet. 

541 Nathan Denison, bom Nov. '3, 1749. 

543 Amos Denison, born Dec. 20, 1751. 

147 CALEB* TYLER (HopestilP), bom in Preston, 
Conn., May 13, 1726; died there, Febmary 7, 1812; married, 
December 17, 1760, Hannah Barnes, of Groton, Conn. ; she 
died Febmary 16, 1816, aged 80. Children: 
543+ Hannah Tyler, bom Feb. 15, 1762. 

544 Mary Tyler, bom July 25, 1763 ; died April 15, 1765. 
545+ Lucretia Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1764. 

153 COLONEL NATHAN* TYLER (Nathan^), bom 
in Mendon, Mass., October 31, 1729; died in Uxbridge, Mass., 
February 25, 1784; married, June 2, 1757, Mrs. Mary Salis- 
bury, of Bristol, R. I., who was joint executor of his will, in 
1784. She received one-third of his personal estate and a life 
interest in one-third of his lands. In 1756 he was a lieutenant 
at Fort William Henry, and also on the expedition to Crown 
Point, in that year. In 1758 and 1759 he was a captain of 
a company ; he is recorded as of the train band and was on the 
alarm list of Mendon in the same years. He was commissioned 
lieutenant-colonel of the 3d Worcester County regiment, June 
12, 1776, and commissioned as colonel of the same regiment, 
June 17, 1779. He engaged in service in Rhode Island at 
different times. He lived in Mendon until some time between 
the years 1763 and 1766, as the three elder children were bom 
there; the next three children were bom in Upton, Mass., and 
the two younger in Uxbridge. Here he seems to have bought 
the tanyard property of Joseph Tyler, in 1775, and settled 
in the town as its first lawyer. He was probably the first law- 
yer in the south part of the county. He appears to have been- 
a man of good standing in the community, but very little is 
known of his private life. 

Childken : 
546+ Nathan Tyler, bom Sept. 24, 1758. 
547+ Mary Tyler, bom May 29, 1761. 

Fourth Generation 99 

548+ Royal S. Tyler, bom June 11, 1763. 

549+ Martha Tyler, bom July 5, 1766. 

560 Abigail Tyler, born Oct. 20, 1768; died Jan. 31, 1774. 

551 Daniel Tyler, bom Sept. 15, 1772; died Jan. 11, 1774. 

65a Elizabeth Tyler, bom in 1775; she received £80 from 

father's estate, and is mentioned in her brother 

Nathan's will. 

663 Benjamin Tyler, born in 1778; received one-half of his 

father's lands. 

164 CAPTAIN JOHN* TYLER (Nathan*), bom in 
Mendon, Mass., September 27, 1731 ; died there, September 27, 
1788, killed by the falling of a tree; married (1), November 
30, 1763, Anna Morse, who died March 23, 1772, aged 26; 
married (2), April 30, 1778, widow Urana (Thayer) Bates. 
He was captain of a company in Colonel Joseph Read's regi- 
ment, in the Revolution, and he joined the regiment at the 
camp in Roxbury, January 19, 1776. The inventory of his 
estate was made October 29, 1788, and was £1990, 14s. He 
left no will. He was a farmer in Mendon, where his children 
were all bom. Children, by first marriage: 

664 Anna Tyler, bom Sept. 5, 1764; died, unmarried, in 

Sutton, Mass., in 1791 ; her will was filed Aug. 18, 
1791, and her brother Dr. John Tyler, of West- 
boro, was named as executor. 
565+ John Eugene Tyler, bom April 10, 1766. 

Children, by second marriage: 

656+ Joseph Tyler, bom Feb. 12, 1779. 

567+ Abigail Tyler, bom Dec. 16, 1781. 

658+ Nathan Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1784. 

559+ Aaron Tyler, born June 8, 1786. 

660+ Mary Tyler, bom July 10, 1789; died early; married 
John H. Reed, of Northbridge, Mass., bom October 
8, 1776; son of Thomas Reed. He moved to Snow 
Hill, S. C, and taught in an academy and died there 
April 27, 1828. They had a daughter, and after the 
mother's death the child was taken by Aaron Tyler, 
the mother's brother, where she died early, s. p. 

155 DORCAS* TYLER (Robert*), bom in Mendon, 

100 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

Mass., September 23, 1722; married, in Upton, Mass., January 
28, 1739, Ebenezer Fisk, bom in Wenham, Mass., July 2, 1716; 
died in 1804; son of Ebenezer Fisk, descended from Symond, 
Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, Suffolk, England. He was 
among the first settlers of Shelbume, Mass., but resided also 
in Upton, Grafton and Hardwick, Mass.; was the first town 
constable of Shelbume, in 1768. Among his descendants were 
seven ministers. Children: 
661 Dorcas Fiske, bom Oct. 17, 1740. 

562 Elizabeth Fiske, born Jan. 28, 1743. 

563 Jonathan Fiske, bom Sept. 17, 1746; married Hannah 


564 Ebenezer Fiske, bom Sept. 9, 1749; married Sarah 


665 Levi Fiske, born Sept. 16, 1751; went through the 


666 Abigail Fiske, bom Oct. 7, 1755; married, Nov. 26, 

1782, Samuel Barnard, and moved in 1793, to Waits- 
field, Vt. 

567 John Fiske, bom in Grafton, Sept. 27, 1757; married 

Anna Leland. 

568 Simeon Fiske, bom in Hardwick, July 15, 1762; mar- 

ried Dinah Whitcomb. 

569 Moses Fiske, bom Sept. 13, 1764; married Hannah 


156 ZH^PHA* TYLER (Robert^), bom in Mendon, 
Mass., March 22, 1724; married (1), Daniel Fisk (Daniel, 
Samuel, William, John, William, Robert, Simon, Simon, Wil- 
liam, Symond), bom in Wenham, Mass., June 17, 1718; died 
in the Revolutionary army ; he lived in Upton and Holliston, 

Mass.; married (2), Aldrich. The Upton records give 

the death of widow Zilpah Aldrich as occurring June 10, 1806, 
at the age of 82. Children, by first marriage: 

570 Robert Fisk, bom Feb. 24, 1746; married Mary Hall. 

571 Zilpha Fisk, bom April 16, 1753; married, Jan. 26, 

1792, Peter Forbush, of Upton, who was in the 

572 Hannah Fisk, bom in Upton, March 28, 1756; died 

July 17, 1837; married in Upton, Jan. 27, 1778, 
Isaac Nelson, son of Lieutenant Jonathan Nelson, 

Fourth Genekation 101 

of Upton and Ann Jones his wife. Isaac was in the 
Revolution ; killed by the fall of a tree Dec. 12, 1812 ; 
had five children (Anna, Syntha, Zilpha, Jonathan, 
Lois). Zilpha Nelson, married Colonel Elijah Stod- 
dard, of Upton, an important man in Worcester 
county; they had eight children, of whom Isaac Nel- 
son Stoddard, was the second; he married Martha 
Le Baron Thomas, of Plymouth, and they had twelve 
children, of whom Francis Russell Stoddard was fifth ; 
he married Mary Frances Baldwin, and has a daugh- 
ter. May Baldwin (Stoddard) Yeomans, and a son, 
Francis Russell Stoddard, Jr. 

573 Submit Fisk, bom Oct. 27, 1758; married, June 25, 

1778, William Putnam, of Upton. 

574 Daniel Fisk, bom 1759; died Jan. 22, 1841; married 

(1), Hannah Rockwood; married (2), Hannah 

157 ELIJAH* TYLER (Robert^), bom in Mendon, 
Mass., November 8, 1727 ; married, September 14, 1749, Ruth 
Owen, bom in Braintree, Mass., October 9, 1727; daughter of 
Benjamin and Hannah (Adams) Owen, of Quincy, Mass.; 
Ruth was first cousin to President John Adams, and through 
the Adams family was descended from John Alden and Priscilla 
Mullen. Elijah was a soldier in the French and Indian wars, 
in 1755, as a sergeant in a company commanded by Captain 
John Fry, on the expedition to Crown Point, and again, 1758, 
enlisted in Captain Nathan Tyler's company. He resided in 
Upton, where all his children were bom, but in 1772 he was 
in Chesterfield, Mass., and he removed to Windham County, 
Vt., in 1800, with son Stephen and grandson Ephraim. 

Childuen : 

575 Anna Tyler, bom Sept. 24, 1750; married, Aug. 16, 

1769, Amariah Taft. 
57&f Nathan Web Tyler, bom Oct. 14, 1752. 
577+ Stephen Tyler, bora June 9, 1754. 

578 Catherine Tyler, bom Sept. 10, 1756; married Isaac 

BuUard, who was in the Revolution and who removed 
to Montrose, Pa. 

579 Eunice Tyler, born Dec. 10, 1758. 

102 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

680 Ruth Tyler, bom Feb. 27, 1761; married John Bul- 
lard, who was in the Revolution, and in 1836 resided 
in Euckland, Mass. 

581 Hannah Tyler, bom May 4, 1763 ; married White. 

682+ Moses Tyler, born June 10, 1766. 

683+ Sally Tyler, bom in 1768; baptized in Chesterfield, 
Mass., Sept. 27, 1772. 

684+ Simeon Tyler, bom in 1770. 

158 HANNAH* TYLER (Robert^), bom in Mendon, 
Mass., November 8, 1729; married, February 4, 1765, Francis 
Nelson, bom in Rowley, Mass., September 10, 1722; son of 
Deacon Samuel Nelson ; moved to South Upton (then part of 
Mendon), with father, in 1734. His emigrant ancestor came 
from Rowley, Yorkshire, England, in December, 1638. He 
was constable and collector for Rowley in 1751 ; selectman in 
1762, and highway surveyor. The children were born in Up- 
ton. Children : 

685 Stephen Nelson, bom April 29, 1766 ; died Feb. 1, 1829 ; 

married Azuba Taft, daughter of Matthew Taft, 
and moved to Euckland, Mass. ; had three children. 

686 Anna Nelson, bom June 30, 1767 ; married John 

Brown, of Uxbridge; had two daughters. 
587 Elijah Nelson, born Jan. 9, 1759; moved to Euckland, 
Mass., and had a son. 

688 Asa Nelson, bom Nov. 10, 1760. 

689 Joseph Nelson, bora Jan. 10, 1763; died April 27, 

1843; married Abigail Dean, Dec. 24, 1789, who 
died Nov. 26, 1824; he remained at home with his 
father and had six children. 

590 Hannah Nelson, born March 18, 1770; married Daniel 

Alexander, of Upton. 

591 Abigail Nelson, bom May 6, 1774 ; married John Taft, 

bom Feb. 6, 1 773 ; moved to Ohio. 

born in Sutton, Mass., May 21, 1738; died in Townshend, Vt., 
in 1815 ; married, January 31, 1761, Ruth Reed, bom in 1733 ; 
died in Townshend, July, 1826; daughter of Deacon Samuel 
Reed, of Uxbridge, Mass. He was in the French and Indian 
Wars from Uxbridge, and in the Revolutionary War he was 

Fourth Geneeation 103 

in Captain Fletcher's company at " Ti " and Bennington, and 
in the last-named battle he was disabled and returned home, 
and was granted a life pension. He settled in Townshend, 
Vt., and began his " clearing " in 1763, and built a log hut in 
the dense woods ; he was the first settler. For the first three 
years he returned to Uxbridge winters. All the fifteen families 
in the place turned out with hand sleds to help his family in 
from Brattleboro, when they came in 1767, and drew them over 
the ice of the river to their home, as there was no path. He 
was one of fifteen to form the first Congregational church. 
In 1775 he was nominated by Cumberland County representa- 
tives as first major of a regiment of Minute Men, confirmed by 
New York Committee of Safety, in 1776; he was a delegate 
from Townshend on the committee of safety June, 1776-1777. 
In 1781 he was a member of the Vermont board of war. He 
favored and worked for the sovereignty of Vermont and was 
on committee of eleven to secure signers in opposition to Great 
Britain. He was a very conscientious, stern man and made 
many enemies. Great Britain set a price on his head. He was 
appointed justice of the peace by the state, twenty years from 
1786. He was the first town clerk of Townshend, at its first 
meeting, May 30, 1771, and afterwards town treasurer, select- 
man and representative to the Vermont General Assembly. His 
home was in the east part of the town. The three elder children 
were born in Uxbridge, the others in Townshend. 

Childeen : 

69^ Lydia Tyler, bom Aug. 7, 1762. 

593 Zacheus Tyler, born May 1, 1764; died in Townshend, 
in 1771, aged 7. 

594H- Betsey Read Tyler, born Sept. 1, 1766. 

595 Ruth Tyler, born Aug., 1767 ; died in Townshend, July, 

59&f Joseph Tyler, born April 11, 1771. 

597 Mehitable Tyler, born June 9, 1774*; died, s. p., in Cam- 
bridge, Vt., November, 184)3; married Thaddeus 

173 TIMOTHY* TYLER (Joseph^), born in Sutton or 
Uxbridge, Mass., May SI, 174!2; died, probably in Townshend, 
Vt., in 1775; married (1), in Westmoreland, N. H., July 3, 

104 The Descendants op Job Tyleb 

1769, Sarah White, of Putney, Vt., bom June 3, 1742; and 
died s. p. ; daughter of Thomas White, of Leominster, Mass. ; 
married (2), December 10, 1774, Susanna Fisher (or Fish), of 
Mendon, Mass. A splinter in his hand caused his death before 
the birth of his son. He moved to Townshend, where he had 
several real estate transactions, about 1770. Child: 
598+ Timothy Tyler, born in Mendon, May 11, 1775. 

174 MEHITABLE* TYLER (Joseph^), born in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., December, 1744; married, November 18, 1771, 
Ezra Holbrook, of Townshend, Vt., where he cleared a large 
farm. He was at the battle of Bennington. She was an ex- 
pert needlewoman. The children were all born in Townshend. 
Children : 

599 Abner Holbrook, a farmer, married Sarah Lee, and had 

seven children. 

600 Sally Holbrook, married Reuben Nichols and had seven 


601 Arbe Holbrook, shoemaker and farmer ; married Philena 

Hazelton, and had nine children. 

602 Jared Holbrook, married Chloe Dunton; had six chil- 


603 Mehitable Holbrook, died unmarried ; a teacher many 


604 Ursula Holbrook, died unmarried, was the housekeeper 

at home. 

605 Ezra Holbrook, twin to Ursula, died In young man- 


176 SOLOMON* TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Ux^ 
bridge, Mass., September 2'3, 1757 ; died there, November 7, 
1810; married (1), February 17, 1781, Mary Archer, of Ux- 
bridge ; bom in 1761 ; died there, July 17, 1808 ; daughter of 
Benjamin Archer; married (2), June 28, 1809, Jerusha 
(Wood) Newell, bora in 1765; died September 26, 1834; 
widow of Solomon Newell. He was a farmer and resided in 
Uxbridge, where the children were all bom. He was in the 
Revolution, in 1780, in Captain Thaddeus Read's company, 
in Colonel Nathan Tyler's 3d Worcester County regiment. 
Children, by first marriage: 
606+ Joseph Tyler, bom Jan. 8, 1782. 

FouKTH Generation 105 

607+ Kelita Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1784. 

608+ Melinda Tyler, bom Feb. 7, 1786. 

609+ Royal Tyler, bom Aug. 2, 1788. 

610+ Parker Tyler, bora Nov. 14, 1790. 

611 Emery Tyler, bom Aug. 30, 1792; died Jan. 25, 1814. 

612+ Benjamin Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1796. 

613 Mary Tyler, bom Oct. 25, 1797 ; died March 30, 1798. 

614^+ Timothy Tyler, bom July 16, 1799. 

615+ Solomon Tyler, bom July 18, 1802. 

616+ Mary Tyler, bom April 17, 1804. 

Child, by second marriage: 
617+ Newell Tyler, bora April 12, 1810. 

bora in Attleboro, Mass., March 31, 1714; died at sea; he was 
a sea-captain; married, November 16, 1740, Anne Crawford, 
daughter of Captain John Crawford. He had 50 acres in 
Attleboro, and a home lot in Providence, from his father. 
They lived in Providence, R. I. In 1744, Captain John Craw- 
ford gave Ebenezer a deed of 150 acres in Providence, "being 
lot bought by grantor's father from William Olney; also 80 
acres," etc. In 1759 Ebenezer deeds to his wife " for love," 
etc., house and lot. In 1796, " Ann Tyler, widow of Ebenezer, 
mariner, late deceased," " for love," etc., in a series of deeds, 
grants real estate in Providence to her four daughters. 

Children : 

618 MartKa Tyler, was unmarried in 1796. 

619 Hannah Tyler, unmarried in 1796 ; probably died, aged 

75, Sept. 26, 1824, as recorded in Providence Gazette. 

620 Amy Tyler, married, Sept. 24, 1769, Dexter Brown, of 

Providence, R. I., son of William Brown. 

621 Mary Tyler, married, May 4, 1766, James Amold. 

180 PHEBE* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., July, 1718; died in Ashford, Conn., in 1807; married 
Ichabod Ward, of Ashton, Mass. When she was over 14 years 
old, her father being dead, she chose Hezekiah Peck, of Attle- 
boro, as her guardian. She had 100 acres of land from her 
father's estate, in Ashford, Conn. Child: 

106 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

622 Molly Ward, born in Attleboro, March 8, 1752; mar- 

ried, Jan. 7, 1773, at Ashford, Conn., Dr. Thomas 
Huntington, bom in Norwich, Conn., Jan. 13, 1745 ; 
son of John Huntington. 

181 CATHERINE* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in At- 
tleboro, Mass., May 19, 1721 ; died in Middlefield, Mass., Au- 
gust 4, 1810 ; married David Robbins, bom in Attleboro, July 
21, 1717 ; son of John Robbins. She had 140 acres of land in 
Ashford, Conn., from her father. Catherine chose her uncle, 
Samuel Tyler, as her guardian, December 21, 1736. The chil- 
dren were bom in Attleboro. Children: 

623 Priscilla Robbins, bom June 4, 1741. 

624 Job Robbins, born May 27, 1743. 

625 David Robbins, bom July 25, 1745. 

626 Sarah Robbins, bom July 29, 1747. 

627 Betty Robbins, born Sept. 20, 1749. 

628 Hannah Robbins, bom Sept. 2, 1751. 

183 CAPTAIN JOHN* TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in 
Attleboro, Mass., September 19, 1724; died there January 11, 
1794; married, October 10, 1745, Anna Blackington, born in 
1722; died August 23, 1793; daughter of Pentecost Blacking- 
ton, Jr., of Attleboro, and Rebecca Figgett. John had the 
homestead in Attleboro at his father's decease, and his wife had 
a legacy of £200 from her father's estate. On an order for 
wages, dated July 5, 1775, he appears as a captain in the 
Revolutionary army. He marched on the Lexington Alarm, 
April 19, 1775, and he also marched on the alarm of the battle 
of Bunker Hill, in which battle he was a participant. The 
Tyler families of Attleboro furnished ten men for the Revolu- 
tion. In 1774 he was one of seven judges of a " Superior and 
Inferior Court to hear and determine controversies that have 
arisen or may arise in this town." His children were bom in 

Children : 
629+ John Tyler, bom April 25, 1746. 
630+ Elizabeth Tyler, bom Jan. 14, 1747. 
631+ Nanne Tyler, bom July 14, 1754. 
632 Phebe Tyler, bom Aug. 19, 1756; died unmarried, Nov. 

26, 1818; joined the 2d Congregational church in 

Attleboro in 1800. 


633+ Experience Tyler, bom July 12, 1758. 
634-+ Ebenezer Tyler, bom Sept. 8, 1760. 
635+ Othniel Tyler, born April 4, 1763. 

184 LIEUTENANT JOB* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom 
in Attleboro, Mass., June 18, 1727 ; died in Ashford, Conn., 
February 24, 1800 ; married, October 6, 1757, Martha ChafFee, 
bom in 1734 ; died April 8, 1796 ; buried in Westford Village, 
Ashford. He was probably lieutenant of the 10th company 
of the Alarm list of the 5th regiment of the Connecticut militia, 
in 1777. His military career is not very well known. His 
father left him 200 acres of land in Ashford, Conn., about 
1736, and when he became a man he probably removed there. 
At all events, he is "Job Tyler of Ashford, Conn.," when his 
own will was dated, September 24, 1796. His inventory is 
$1,161.85, and includes 84 acres of land and buildings. He 
probably gave land to his sons during his lifetime. 

Children : 

636 Ebenezer Tyler, born Dec. 27, 1757; probably died 

637+ Samuel Tyler, born April 12, 1759. 

638 David Tyler, born Aug. 8, 1761 ; died aged 18 or 19. 

639+ Comfort Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1764. 

640+ Job Tyler, born March 12, 1770. 

641+ John Tyler, twin to Job. 

642 Catherine Tyler, born Feb. 12, 1773; married (1), be- 
fore 1796, ■ Bingham; married (2), 

Thompson; married (3), Seymour, perhaps of 

Ashford; she had two daughters. 

643+ William Tyler, born Oct. 4, 1775. 

644 Martha Tyler, born ; died 1852; married, after 

1796, Samuel Chapman, perhaps of Ashford; had 
several children ; she resided in Onondaga County, 
N. Y. 

185 HANNAH* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bora in Attle- 
boro, Mass., December 15, 1728; married Ebenezer Freeman, 
born in Attleboro, April 7, 1727 ; died there September 8, 1775; 
son of Ralph and Sarah (Capron ) Freeman. She had £100 
from her father's estate. Her children were born in Attleboro. 
Children : 

108 The Descendants of Job Tyleei 

645 Anne Freeman, born May 1, 1750; died June 16, 1750. 

646 Eunice Freeman, bom April 10, 1762. 

647 Catherine Freeman, bom Feb. 15, 1756. 

648 James Freeman, born Dec. 12, 1757. 

649 John Freeman, bom May 23, 1760. 

650 Toby Freeman, bom Sept. 2, 1763. 

651 Hannah Freeman, born Sept. 17, 1766. 

652 Ebenezer Freeman, bom Sept. 29, 1771 ; died Aug. 31, 


186 WILLIAM* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., February 22, 1732; died in Providence, R. I., 
November 2, 1816; married Mehitable Potter, born June 6, 
1741 ; died June 23, 1812; daughter of Joseph Potter of Provi- 
dence. WilHam was a hatter and lived in Providence, where 
he sold a lot of land, in 1761, for £1200. He received from 
his father's estate 209 acres of land in Ashford, Conn. His 
children were bom in Providence. Children: 

653+ Catherine Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1762. 

654 Joseph Tyler, born March 14, 1766; died July 20, 


655 Phebe Tyler, born Nov. 30, 1770 ; died July 12, 1772. 

656 Joseph Tyler, bom Nov., 1772; died April 28, 1843, 

s. p. in Providence; married (1), Mary ; mar- 
ried, (2), a widow. He was a hatter. 

657+ Phebe Tyler, born Feb. 16, 1775. 

658 Betty Tyler, born March, 1777 ; died Oct. 26, 1778. 

659+ Betsey Tyler, born in 1780. 

660+ John Tyler, born Dec. 7, 1784. 

661+ Phila B. Tyler, born Dec. 31, 1787. 

662 Phineas Tyler, died in New York City about 1850; mar- 
ried (1), Phila Benson; married (2), Miss Welch, 
of Eliot, Maine ; think he lived in Kittery, Maine, a 
long time ; had children. 

663+ William Tyler. 

664 SaUie Tyler, married (1), Spears; married (2), 

Cornell ; had a daughter by first husband, and 

a son and daughter by second husband. 

665+ Nancy Tyler, born July 15, 1784. 

666 Mehitable Tyler, married Michael Anthony, a sea cap- 

Fourth Genebation 109 

tain of Cincinnati, and they had three sons and two 

bom in Attleboro, Mass., May 4, 1722; died there, October 9, 
1804; married (1), Patience Ide, bom April 26, 1724; died 
November 15, 1756; daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth 
(Black) Ide; married (2), January 28, 1758, Thankful Read, 
of Attleboro, died August 25, 1816, aged 83 ; daughter of 
Captain Daniel and Elizabeth (Ide) Read. He was lieutenant 
of the 1st company of the 4th regiment of the Bristol County 
(R. I.), militia, in 1776. Early in life he was sergeant in the 
Attleboro company of militia, and belonged to the train band 
and alarm list. His will was dated July 9, 1793, and pro- 
bated December 4, 1804. The inventory of the estate was 
$3409.51. He lived in Attleboro and all his children were 
bom there. 

Childuen, by first marriage: 
667+ Chloe Tyler, bom July 14, 1745. 

668 Mary Tyler, bom Oct. 4, 1746; probably died young. 

669 Patience Tyler, bom April 2, 1748; probably died 


670 Samuel Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1749 ; probably died young. 
671+ Moses Tyler, bom May 20, 1751. 

672 David Tyler, born June 16, 1754; died young. 

Children, by second marriage: 

673 Thankful Tyler, born Jan. 5, 1759; published in 1784 

to Timothy Perry, of Westford, (?) ; perhaps resided 
in Wrentham. She had £9 left her in father's will, 
being in addition to other previous gifts. 

674+ Zelotes Tyler, bom April 8, 1760. 

675+ Zuriel Tyler, born Jan. 22, 1762. 

676+ Rufus Tyler, bom March 28, 1764. 

677+ David Tyler, bom Aug. 13, 1766. 

678+ George Tyler, bom Oct. 12, 1768. 

679 Huldah Tyler, bom Oct. 31, 1772; had £9 left her in 
her father's will, in addition to other previous gifts. 

680+ Judson Tyler, born June 4, 1776. 

681 Tirzah Tyler, bom March 30, 1780; had £21 left her 
in her father's will, in addition to previous gifts from 

110 The Descendants of Job Tylebi 

307 NATHAN* TYLER (SamueP), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., June 24, 1730 ; died there, December 28, 1790 ; married, 
March 22, 1753, Rebeckah Esty, daughter of Samuel Esty, of 
Stoughton, Mass. In 1757 he belonged to the Attleboro com- 
pany of militia, and to the train band. He was a private in 
the 4th Bristol county regiment, 1776-1777. His estate was 
probated April 1, 1791, and the inventory was £21, 19s. His 
son Samuel acted as administrator. The children were bora 
in Attleboro. Children: 
682+ Mary Tyler, born April 26, 1755. 

683 Hannah Tyler, born Nov. 12, 1756 ; published Jan. 26, 

1778, to Samuel Holmes. 

684 Nathan Tyler, bom Sept. 2, 1758 ; died April 29, 1777. 

685 Samuel Tyler, bom March 18, 1761; died Sept. 11, 

1796; his widow, Lucy Tyler, married (2), Nov. 28, 
1799, David Smith, of Attleboro. Samuel was in the 
Revolution, the service being on an alarm in Rhode 
Island, in 1780. He was an inn-keeper. 

686+ William Tyler, bom Aug. 4, 1764. 

687+ Thomas Tyler, bom June 17, 1768. 

688 Elizabeth Tyler, born April 19, 1770; married in 1792, 

Thomas Tingley, Jr., who was probably bom in At- 
tleboro, July 17, 1769, and died in Harford, Pa., 
Dec. 19, 1847. 

208 HULDAH* TYLER (SamueP), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., November 14, 1733; died October 7, 1780; married, 
March 22, 1763, Amos Ide, born in Attleboro, November 25, 
1729; died February 5, 1810; son of John and Mehitable 
(Robinson) Ide (Nicholas of Rehoboth). After his wife's 
death, he was, perhaps, published (2) to Hannah Holmes, 
April 16, 1781. The children were bom in Attleboro. Chil- 

689 Huldah Ide, bom Dec. 22, 175- ; died May 7, 1758. 

690 Amos Ide (Ensign), bom April 10, 1756; died March 

31, 1816; married Sarah Metcalf and had five chil- 

691 George Ide, bom Sept. 17, 1758. 

692 Abijah Ide, bom Oct. 30, 1761; died April 27, 1776. 


Fourth Generation 111 

bom in Attleboro, Mass., March 25, 1740; died January 29, 
1811; married. May 4, 1762, Hannah Read, of Attleboro; 
born July 7, 1744; died September 18, 1822; daughter of 
Captain Daniel and Mary (White) Read. He was first lieu- 
tenant in the Revolution. In 1786, he was captain in the 
militia; in 1790 major, and in 1799 colonel. He served six 
years as major-general of the Massachusetts militia. He was 
at the Concord fight as a " Minute man." His sword, captured 
from a British surgeon, is now in the possession of his de- 
scendant, General Mitchell, of Bangor. He was three times 
deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts. He died sud- 
denly, being found in the bam, on the mow, with his pitchfork 
in his hand, where he had gone to feed the cows. His will was 
dated August 7, 1804, and probated July 2, 1811. His wife 
aiid son Samuel were executors. Samuel to have all lands, 
buildings, etc., and to pay debts and legacies. His wife 
had the usual provision, and his other children were left small 
sums of money, having received some portions of their shares 
previously. His children were all bom in Attleboro. 

Chiujren : 
693+ Walter Tyler, bom June 20, 1763. 
694+ Lucinda Tyler, bom May 10, 1765. 

695 Rowland Tyler, bom Feb. IS; 1767 ; died Oct. 1, 1775. 

696 Abijah Tyler, born Jan. 22, 1769; died Oct. 1, 1775. 

697 Leander Tyler, bom March 28, 1771 ; died Sept. 26, 


698 Nancy Tyler, bom Jan. 1, 1774; died July 28, 1793; 

married. May 26, 1793, Calvin Sweet. 

699+ Ebenezer Tyler, bom Feb. 9, 1776. 

700+ Lavinia Tyler, bora March 25, 1778. 

701+ Rowland Tyler, bom Feb. 2, 1780. 

702+ Abijah Weld, twin to Rowland. 

703 Leander Tyler, bom Jan. 22, 1782; died July 26, 1790. 

704+ Crawford Tyler, born April 8, 1784. 

705+ Samuel Tyler, bom Dec. 7, 1785. 

706+ Sylvia Tyler, bom Jan. 24, 1788. 

707+ Hannah Tyler, bom Sept. 17, 1789. 


234- MARY^ TYLER (John*), bom in Tolland, Conn., 
January 25, 1722; married, February 23, 1741, Abea Crane, 
of Tolland. They moved to Alstead, N. H. She and her son 
Isaac are mentioned in her brother Isaac's will. The children 
were bom in Tolland. Children: 

708 Joshua Crane, bom Nov. 21, 1742. 

709 Isaac Crane, bom March 6, 1745 ; married Miss Put- 

nam, of Warren, Mass., and settled in Vermont ; had 
a large family. 

710 Mary Crane, bom Oct. 28, 1747. 

711 Abea Crane, bom Feb. 8, 1751. 

712 Eleazer Crane, bom Aug. 28, 1753 ; died Dec. 27, 1857. 

713 Joseph Crane, bom May 19, 1759. 

714 Eunice Crane, born July 3, 1762. 

715 John Crane, born Oct. 10, 1766. 

235 SARAH^ TYLER (John*), bom in Tolland, Conn., 
Febmary 18, 1724; died there in 1776, while nursing her 
brother John; married (1), May 24, 1744, David Burroughs, 

of Stafford, Conn.; married (2), Benton; married (3), 

Lewis; married (4), Stafford; married (5), 

Leach ; married (6) , Olcott. Child, by first marriage : 

716 David Burroughs, bom in Stafford. 

Children, by second marriage: 

717 John Benton. 

718 Isaac Benton. 

719 Sarah Benton, married Mason. 

720 Abigail Benton. 

236 ANNAH^ TYLER (John*), bom in Tolland, 
Conn., March 12, 1727; died August 19, 1803; married, June 
27, 1751, Jonathan Ladd, of Tolland, bom March 5, 1728; 
died August 27, 1810 ; son of Jonathan and Susannah (Kings- 
bury) Ladd, of Norwich, Conn. The children were born in 
Tolland. Children : 


Fifth Geneeation 113 

721 Anna Ladd, born Aug. 27, 1752 ; died young. 

722 Eliab Ladd, bom April 21, 1754! ; married Susalla Lath- 

rop; had a family. 

723 Abijah Ladd, born Feb. 27, 1756; married Huldah 

Fuller, and had a family. 

724 John Ladd, bom April 3, 1758 ; married Esther Wood 

and had a family. 

725 Sarah Ladd, bom April 27, 1760. 

726 Jonathan Ladd, bom June 15, 1762; died Aug. 21, 


727 Anna Ladd, twin to Jonathan; died Aug. 21, 1762. 

728 Jonathan, born March 21, 1764!. 

729 Ruth Ladd, bom March 30, 1767. 

237 M0SES5 TYLER (John*), bom in Tolland, Conn., 
February 25, 1730 ; died about 1777 ; married Widow Tryphena 
(Keyes) Hinds, of Warren, Mass. Moses has a deed from 
John Davies, of Western, May 5, 1764!, interest in four lots in 
Shrewsbury, Mass., the consideration being £38, 10s. He was 
probably a private in the Revolution and appears on a return 
of Captain Harwood, of Colonel Leamed's regiment, dated 
October 7, 1775. Abner Tyler (his brother) was appointed 
guardian of the children, who were all minors at the time of 
the death of Moses. Moses lived in Warren and the children 
were bom there. Children: 
730+ Moses Tyler, bom in 1764!. 
731+ John Tyler, bom in 1766. 
732+ Isaac Tyler, bom Nov. 16, 1767. 
733 Sarah Tyler, bom in 1770 ; published, Oct. 8, 1789, to 

Rufus Barrett, of West Brookfield, Mass. In 1784! 

she chose Pattridge, of Western, as guardian. 

They moved to Canada. 
734!+ Tamar Tyler, bom in 1773. 

RUTH^ TYLER (John*), bom in Tolland, Conn., 
February 28, 1732 ; died in North Brookfield, Mass., April 26, 
1814!; married (1), Deacon Jonathan Bond, of North Brook- 
field; bom in Watertown, Mass., April 22, 1736; moved to 
Boylston, Mass., where he died in 1784t; son of Deacon Jona- 
than Bond, of Watertown; manied (2), October 11, 1809, 
Roger Bruce, of North Brookfield: bom September 30, 1734; 

114) The Descendants of Job Tylebi 

died May 11, 1818; they had no children; (he married [1], 
Zeruiah Thurston, who died s. p., March 25, 1809). When a 
widow, Ruth made her home with her son, Jonathan Bond. 
The three elder children were bom in Sturbridge, Mass., and 
the four younger in Brookfield. 

Children, all by first marriage: 
7'35 Jonathan Bond (Deacon), bom March 17, 1760. 

736 Joseph Bond, bom March 18, 1762 ; died Oct. 16, 1781. 

{See Harvard College Oration by Harrison Gray 

737 Solomon Bond, born May 9, 1764. 

738 Mary Bond, bom Aug. 28, 17 — ; married and died 

soon after. 

739 Sarah Bond, bom March 14?, 1771 ; married Abijah 

Pierce, of Boylston, and had two children. 

740 Ruth Bond, twin to Sarah ; married John Bond, of 

Boylston, and died soon after leaving a son, Tyler 

741 Eunice Bond, married John Gale, of Stratford, Conn. 

239 PRUDENCE^ TYLER (John*), bom in Tolland, 
Conn., November 26, 1735 ; married John Dunton, of Stur- 
bridge, Mass. The children were born in Sturbridge. 
Children : 

742 Abner Dunton. 

743 John Dunton. 

744 Prudence Dunton. 

745 Elizabeth Dunton. 

240 LIEUTENANT ABNER^ TYLER (John*), bora 
probably in Tolland, Conn., in 1738 ; died in Western, Mass. 
(now Warren), March 1, 1819; married, December 1, 1774, 
Bethiah Muzzey, of Spencer, Mass., bom June 22, 1754 ; died 
October 22, 1850 ; daughter of John Muzzey, of Spencer, Lex- 
ington and Rutland, the leading citizen of these places. Abner 
was commissioned as second lieutenant. May 31, 1776, and 
again, in the same regiment, 4th Worcester County, April 9, 
1778. He was executor of his father's will. In 1897, his 
only living male descendant, John W. Tyler, was residing in 
Warren, MaSs. The children were bom in Warren. Those 
who married, lived to average 77 years. Children: 

Fifth Genekation IIQ 

746 John Tyler, bom Aug. 30, 1775 ; died Nov. 29, 1799. 
747+ Daniel Tyler, bom May IS, 1777. 

748 Sarah Tyler, bom Feb. 18, 1779 ; died Sept. 25, 1859 ; 

married Robert Field ; had a son and daughter. 

749 James Tyler, bom Jan. 24, 1781 ; died May 6, 1782. 
750+ Olive Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1782. 

751 James Tyler, bora Oct. 28, 1784 ; died Oct. 25, 1871 ; 

Married Huldah Gleason, who died first ; they had one 
child who died young. John Tyler, of Warren, peti- 
tioned, Aug. 27, 1870, showing that James was in- 
sane. His estate was distributed among his brother 
Abner and sisters Ruth and Lucy and his nephews and 

752 Moses Tyler, bom Oct. 6, 1786 ; died Nov. 6, 1786. 
753+ Ruth Tyler, bom March 24, 1788. 

754+ Abner Tyler, bom March 8, 1790. 

755+ Amos Tyler, born Aug. 14, 1791. 

756 Lucy Tyler, bom Aug. 7, 1793; died Oct. 13, 1890; 

married Stephen Gleason ; had a son and daughter, 
757+ Jonas Read Tyler, born July 20, 1795. 

241 JOHN^ TYLER (John*), bom in ; died in 

Tolland, Conn., May 30, 1780; married, February 18, 1773, 
Thankful Wilhams. He settled in Tolland, where he and his 
wife were members of the Baptist church. He was on the 
Tolland committee formed December 8, 1777, to provide for 
families during the Revolutionary War. His estate was pro- 
bated in Stafford, Conn. In the records the name is spelled 
" Tiller." The children were bom in Tolland. Children : 

758 Sarah Tyler, bom Jan. 22, 1774. 

759 Jerusha Tyler, bom April 27, 1775. 

760 Ruth Tyler, bom Sept. 8, 1778. 
761+ John Tyler, bom Aug. 28, 1780. 

243 MOSES^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Chester, N. H., 
in 1735; died in Whitestown, Oneida County, New York, in 
1829, at the home of his son Nathaniel; he lived in Thetford, 
Vt., and about 1800 he went to Whitestown. The name of his 
wife is not known. He was in the Revolution. The exact 
order of the births of the children not known. Children: 
762 Perry Tyler; moved to Texas. 

116 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

763+ Asa Tyler. 

764+ Dean Merrill Tyler. 

765+ Nabby Tyler. 

766+ Nathaniel Tyler. 

767 Job Tyler; died Sept. 9, 1821. 

768+ Daniel S. Tyler, bom (probably) in Thetford, Vt., Dec. 
17, 1787. 

769 John Barber Tyler, who resided in Pulaski, N. Y. 

770 Nannie Tyler; married Rice E. Derby. 

771+ Isaac Tyler, born in Thetford, Aug. 16, 1800. 

245 ADONIJAH^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Chester, 
N. H., in 1739; died in Hopkinton, N. H., October 12, 1812; 
married (1), Mary Abbott, of Concord, N. H. ; married (2), 
widow Davis, of Hopkinton, N. H. (See History of Henniker, 
N. H.) He moved to Hopkinton, N. H., from Henniker, N. H., 
about 1771, and had a large farm on the Contoocook River. 
Tyler's Bridge (where now is Tyler's railway station on the 
Boston & Maine Railway) was named for him. Children, by 
first marriage: 

772+ James Tyler, bom April 12, 1760. 

773+ Rachel Tyler, bom March 2, 1762. 

774+ Miriam Tyler, bom March 22, 1764. 

775+ Jeremiah Tyler, bom April 9, 1766. 

776+ Simeon Tyler, bora March 20, 1768. 

777+ Moses Tyler, born April 9, 1770. 

778+ Polly Tyler, bom June 4, 1773. 

779+ Sarah Tyler, bora March, 1775. 

Child, by second marriage: 
780+ Phineas Tyler. 

246 JEPTHAH^ TYLER (Moses*), bora in Chester, 

N. H., in 1741; died ; married Molly . He resided 

in Henniker, N. H. His name appears on a muster roll (1761) 
of a company under the command of Captain Francis Peabody. 
In 1775, he served three months and a half, as a private in 
Colonel John Stark's regiment. In 1777, he marched from 
Pembroke, N. H., in July, in Captain Samuel McConnell's 
company. Colonel Stickney's regiment and General Stark's 
brigade, and joined the Northern Continental Army at Ben- 

Fifth Generation 117 

nington and Stillwater. He had the rank of first sergeant. In 
1778, Sergeant Tyler was in an expedition to Rhode Island. 

Children : 
781 Annie Tyler. 
782+ Jepthah Tyler, bom in 1777. 

ABIGAIL^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Chester, 
N. H., in 1743; died in 1826; married William Eastman, of 
Haverhill, N. H. The children were bom in Haverhill. 
Children : 

783 Miriam Eastman; married John Barber. 

784 Stephen Eastman ; married Lydia Boyd. 

785 Ruth Eastman; married John Kimball. 

786 Isaac Eastman ; married Esther Leach. 

248 JOSHUA^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Hopkinton, 
N. H. ; died February, 1829 ; married Rebecca Usher. He 
lived for a time in Pembroke, N. H., and removed to Thetford, 
Vt., about 1785, taking with him three sons and two daugh- 
ters. He was in the Revolutionary War, serving in 1776 in 
Captain Samuel McConnell's company of Colonel Daniel Moor's 
regiment; he received £6 bounty. In 1777, he marched to 
Saratoga in Captain Rand's company, same regiment {N. H. 
State Papers, Vol. 14). The children were bom in Pembroke. 
Children : 

787+ John Tyler, bom March 28, 1773. 
788+ Joshua Tyler. 
789+ James Tyler, bom in 1780. 
790+ Rebecca Tyler. 

791 Lucretia Tyler; married Asa English, of Tunbridge, 
Vt. ; no children. 

251 LUCRETIA^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Pembroke, 
N. H., in 1748; died September 16, 1815; married, April 23, 
1769, Moses Eastman. Children: 
792+ Hannah Eastman, bom Jan. 5, 1770. 

793 Salome Eastman, bom Aug. 3, 1771 ; married 


794 Charles Eastman, bom Dec. 11, 1774; married (1)^ 

Sally Bradly; married (2), Chamberlain. 

118 The Descendants of Job Tylebj 

795 Nancy Eastman, born Dec. 11, 1778; married (1), 

Amos Brown; married (2), Virgin. 

796 Warren Eastman, bom Oct. 2, 1781 ; unmarried. 

797 Lycurgus Eastman, bom Jan. 3, 1784 ; married Sally 


798 Lucretia Eastman, bom Sept. 6, 1789. 

261 BENJAMIN TYLERS READE (Martha*), bom 
in Boston or Marblehead, Mass. ; married Mary Appleton 
Dodge, of Ipswich, Mass., who died in 1830; he was a cabinet- 
maker and innholder. Children: 

799 Benjamin Tyler Reade, Jr., known as "Squire"; he 

had a son bearing the same name who was, at one 
time, treasurer of the Eastern Railway in Massachu- 

800 (Hon.) William Reade, baptized June 9, 1776; died 

suddenly, Feb. 18, 1837; married, Nov. 13, 1800, 
Hannah Hooper, bom Aug. 1778; died May 16, 
1855; daughter of Robert Hooper, of Marblehead. 
He was Representative to Congress from 1811-1815. 

801 Polly Reade ; married Hon. William Hooper, of Marble- 


802 Rebecca Reade; married Rev. David Jewett. 

803 Martha Reade; married William Ropes, one of the 

noted merchants of Boston. 

263 JOHNS TYLER (Abner*), bom in Boxford, March 
13, 1745 ; died Febmary 17, 1813, while on a visit to his sons 
in Bakersfield, Vt. ; married Rachel Crosby, bom September 15, 
1751; died April 6, 1817; daughter of David Crosby, of 
Billerica, Mass. He was a farmer and lived in Brookfield, 
Mass. His son John was appointed administrator of his estate. 
The inventory was $3,962.18. Children: 

804 Royal Tyler, bom Aug. 30, 1772; married, Sept. 19, 

1793, Phebe Doane, of Brookfield. He removed to 
Bakersfield, Vt., and thence to Geneva, N. Y. 

805 Dr. Eli Tyler, born March 1, 1774; died in Malone, 

N. Y., unmarried. He hved for a time in Bakers- 
field, Vt. 

806+ Molly Tyler, bom July 10, 1776. 

807+ Sally Tyler, bom Sept. 20, 1778. 


808+ John Tyler, born Nov. 20, 1780. 
809+ Abner Tyler, born Aug. 4, 1785. 

264 GIDEON^ TYLER (Abner*), bom in Brookfield, 
Mass., July 8, 1747 ; died in West Brookfield, in 1832 ; married, 
September 1, 1776, Esther Hill, of West Brookfield, who died 
there. He was a farmer. The children were bom in Brook- 
field. Children : 
810 Nathan Tyler. 
811+ Phineas Tyler. 

812 Warren Tyler; died young, s. p. 

813 Abner Tyler; died young, s. p. 

814 Theodore Tyler; died young, s. p. 

815 Joshua Tyler. 

816 Amos Tyler; married Mrs. Latherby. 
817+ Polly Tyler. 

818 Esther Tyler, bora in 1784; died in North Brookfield, 

March, 1853 ; married (1), Thaddeus Dodge, of West 
Brookfield; married (2), Ephraim Dewing, of North 
Brookfield ; no children. 

266 MOLLY^ TYLER (Abner*), bom in Brookfield, 
Mass., September 1, 1753; died in Chesterfield, N. H., Decem- 
ber 16, 1842 ; married. May 9, 1775, Samuel Hamilton, born in 
Ireland, 1752 ; died in Chesterfield, February 12, 1810 ; son of 
a linen merchant, who settled in Chesterfield between 1780 and 
1785, where he was a weaver of linen cloth. (See Hist, of 
Chesterfield, N. H., Randall.) The children were probably 
all born in Chesterfield. Children: 

819 John Hamilton, bom July 11, 1775 ; settled in Wind- 

ham, Vt., where he was killed by falling from a 

820 Hannah Hamilton, bom Dec, 177 — ; married Joseph 

Hill and removed to Madison, Ohio. 

821 Hance Hamilton, born March 18, 1780 ; married Betsey 

Mark, of Gilsum, N. H. ; removed to Western, Vt. 

822 Loammi Hamilton, bom May 11, 178 — ; married 

Wilder; moved to Northampton, Mass. 

823 James Hamilton, bom October, 178 — ; married Rebecca 

Bacon, of Richmond, N. H. ; removed to Fabius, N. Y. 

824 Samuel Hamilton, bora Jan. 22, 1787; died, s. p. Oct. 

120 The Descendants of Job Tylebi 

19, 1878 ; married Polly McCurdy, of Surry, N. H., 
who died March 12, 1872, aged 83. 

825 Ara Hamilton, born May 22, 1789 ; died July 24, 1865 ; 

married (1), in 1815, Sally Robertson, who died Dec, 
11, 1823, s. p. ; married (2), in 1824, Almira Fullam, 

826 Fanny Hamilton, bom July 1, 1791; died aged 22, 


827 Uri Hamilton, bom April 27, 179—; moved "west." 

828 Amadella Hamilton, bom August, 1796 ; moved to Ohio, 

where married Verannus Allen. 

267 MOSES^ TYLER (Abner*), born in Brookfield, 
Mass., March 16, 1756; died in West Brookfield, March 8, 
1825; married (published September 25, 1778), Rebecca Trow- 
ant; bom in 1759; died February 17, 1816- He had eight 
months' service in 1775 in Captain Peter Harwood's company, 
Colonel Ebenezer Learned's Mass. regiment, dated Brookfield, 
November 21, 1775. In 1778 he was surety with his brother 
John on the bond which Captain Thomas Hale, gent., gave for 
£300 eaoh, as guardian to Abigail, Martha and Joshua Tyler, 
children of Abner, deceased. 

Children : 
829+ Betsey Tyler, bom April 26, 1780. 
830+ David Tyler, bom Aug. 20, 1781. 
831 Hannah Tyler, bom Feb. 9, 1783; died unmarried, in 

West Brookfield, May 24, 1878. 
832+ Polly Tyler, bom Feb. 20, 1785. , 

833 Moses Tyler, bora April 28, 1787 ; died Jan. 12, 1807. 
834+ EH Tyler, bom March 25, 1789. 

835 Melinda Tyler, bom Sept. 7, 1791; died Feb. 1, 1872; 

married Willys, of Hartford, Conn. 

836 Patty Tyler, bom in 1793 ; died Oct. 8, 1796. 

837 Fanny Tyler, bom 1796 ; died 1800. 

838 Warren Tyler, bom Sept. 11, 1797; died June, 1822, 

in Natchez, Miss. 

839 Fanny Tyler, bom March 12, 1800 ; died Sept. 15, 1805. 

268 DOCTOR JOSHUA^ TYLER (Abner*), bom in 
Brookfield, Mass., August 12, 1758 ; died in Chesterfield, N. H.» 

Fifth Generation 121 

June 11, 1807 ; married, in 1780, Judith Ayers, of Brookfield, 
Mass., bom January 12, 1763; died in Chesterfield, August 11, 
1854, daughter of Onesiphorus and Anna (Goodale) Ayers 
(Jabez, Samuel, Captain John of Ipswich). He went to the 
center village of Chesterfield between 1776 and 1781 ; sworn in 
as a freeman May 14, 1781. He built a house there. He was 
in the Revolution and supposed to be a private in 1776, in Cap- 
tain Ezekiel Knowlton's company of Colonel Dyke's regiment 
of Mass. militia ; name is spelled " Tiler " ; and the same man 
appears as a private, service December 16, 1776, to March 1, 
1777. (Abstracts of Rolls, Vol. 20, page 137.) He may have 
enlisted July 30, 1777, in Daniel Gilbert's company in Colonel 
Job Cushing's regiment for service at Bennington. {Various 
Service, Vol. 19, page 131.) According to the records in 
Brookfield he was in the Battle of Bennington, and Half Moon 
Service, July 13, 1777. The children were born in Chester- 

Children : 
840+ Joshua Tyler, bom Aug. 16, 1781. 
841+ Judith Tyler, bora Dec. 4, 1782. 
842+ Jason Tyler, bora Jan. 21, 1784. 

843 Ayers Tyler, bom Sept. 15, 1785; died 1787. 

844 Patty Tyler, bom Jan. 14, 1787 ; married, 1808, Joshua 


845 Anna Ayers Tyler, bom Sept. 8, 1789 ; died April 14, 

1868, aged 79. 

846 Betsey Tyler, born Aug. 29, 1791 ; died 1871, aged 80 ; 

married (1), King; married (2), Atwood; 

married (3), Comings. 

847 Buckley O. Tyler, bom May 13, 1793; died 1794. 
848+ Joseph Warren Tyler, bom Dec. 9, 1795. 

849+ Buckley Olcott Tyler, bom Feb. 13, 1798. 

850 Fanny S. Tyler, bom Sept. 14, 1799 ; died in Chester- 

field, about 1837, unmarried. 

851 Royal Tyler, born Jan. 21, 1801 ; died 1803. 

852 Rolston Tyler, bom Aug. 14, 1804 ; died in infancy. 
853+ Rolston Goodell Tyler, bom Aug. 7, 1805. 

272 JOHN^ TYLER (Gideon*), born in West Box- 
ford, Mass., April 1, 1751 ; died January 18, 1823; married, in 
1791, Mercy Adams, born October 16, 1756; died November 15, 

122 The Descendants op Job Tylebi 

1832. He resided on the old Tyler farm in West Boxford. 
His real estate was valued at $8,103. at the time of his death, 
and his personal estate at $2,340.79. The Boxford homestead 
was valued at $5,460. His widow was administratrix. He was 
a private/ in Captain James Sawyer's company of Colonel 
James Frye's regiment, and was in camp in Cambridge, 1775. 
Children : 

854 Rebecca Tyler, bom Sept. 19, 1791; died Sept. 24, 


855 Mercy Wood Tyler, born Feb. 26, 1793; died, unmar- 

ried, April 17, 1880. 
8564- John Tyler, bom Feb. 24, 1795 ; died Nov. 80, 1827. 
857+ Mehitabel Tyler, bom May 5, 1797 ; died April 8, 1891. 

858 Rebecca Tyler, bom May 25, 1799 ; died Sept. 5, 1803- 

273 JONATHAN' TYLER (Gideon*), bom in West 
Boxford, Mass., April 1, 1751 ; died June 26, 1840 ; married, 
June 15, 1780, Martha Symonds, bom in 1759 ; died February 
10, 1825. He had land from his father's estate in Boxford, 
and a portion of salt marsh in Rowley. He marched on the 
alarm of April 19, 1775, from Boxford, in Captain John 
Cushing's company. He enlisted July 1, 1778, in Captain 
Benjamin Edgell's company. Colonel John Jacob's regiment, 
and was discharged September 12, 1778. He also appears to 
have re-enlisted in the same company, and to have served until 
the end of the year. Children: 

859 Mary Tyler, bom 1782; died, s. p., Feb. 10, 1827; 

married, Nov. 23, 1806, Samuel Thurlow, of New- 
buryport, Mass. 

860 Mehitable Tyler, bora April 3, 1785 ; married, Oct. 7* 

1807, Rev. Moses Welch, bom Feb. 28, 1783; died 
1853; several years a home missionary. 

861 Sally Tyler, bom 1787 ; died single, Aug. 24, 1856. 
862+ Betsey Tyler, born 1789. 

277 STEPHEN' TYLER (Gideon* ) , bom in West Box- 
ford, Mass., June 9, 1760; died November 25, 1812; married 
Catherine Baxter. He is buried in the cemetery in Boxford 
and his widow moved to New Hampshire. He served two 
months and ten days in 1777 in Captain Samuel Johnson's 
company of Colonel Titcomb's regiment, the service being in 
Rhode Island. Children: 

Fifth Geneeation 123 

Dean Tyler, born Nov. 3, 1791 ; moved to Ohio in 
864* Catherine Tyler, bom July 8, 1793 ; died aged 3 years. 

865 Stephen Tyler, bom Jan. 24, 1795 ; a lawyer in New 

Orleans, where he died in 182'3. Admitted to the 
bar in 1820. 

866 Catherine, bom 1797; living, unmarried, 1833. 

867 Nancy Tyler, born March 20, 1799; married 


287 SAKAH^ TYLER (Samuel*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., April 9, 1724; died in 1774; married Samuel Tenney, 
bom in Bradford, Mass., May 24, 1725; son of Samuel and 
Sarah (Worcester) Tenney, descended from Thomas, of Row- 
ley. They resided in Littleton, Ashbumham and Acton, Mass., 
where he lost most of his property through the depreciation 
of continental currency. In 1786 he removed to Hancock, 
N. H., where he died February 11, 1795. He married a sec- 
ond wife. Children, by first marriage: 

868 Amos Tenney, bom Sept. 29, 1746; died July 30, 1756. 

869 Abigail Tenney, bom Feb. 24, 1748. 

870 Silas Tenney, bom April 18, 1750 ; died Aug. 5, 1756. 

871 Samuel Tenney, bom May 26, 1752 ; died Sept. 9, 1753. 

872 Samuel Tenney, bom June 4, 1754 ; died Aug. 19, 1775 ; 

resided Groton, Mass. 

873 Daniel Tenney, bom July 7, 1756; died March 24, 

1812; married Sally Shattuck, Pepperell, Mass. ; had 
three children. 

874 Sarah Tenney, bom May 12, 1760 ; died Dec. 25, 1760. 

875 Amos Tenney, bom Nov. 23, 1761 ; died April 1, 1848; 

married Mary Chapin and had eleven children; lived 
in Acton, Mass., and Hancock, N. H. 

876 Sarah Tenney, bom May 23, 1764. 

877 Silas Tenney, bom July 5, 1766 ; resided Wilmot, N. H., 

and died Jan. 1, 1834. 

878 Isaac Tenney, bom June 9, 1768. 

290 ABIGAIL^ TYLER (Richard*), baptized in East 
Boxford, Mass., April 21, 1728; died, a widow, June 25, 1813, 
aged 86; married, Nov., 1749, George Carlton, of Boxford. 
The children were bom in Boxford. Children : 

124 The Descendants op Job Tyler 

879 Betty Carlton, bom Nov. 18, 1750; married Reuben 

Gragg, who died in 1796 in Boxford. They had one 
son and two daughters. 

880 Abigail Carlton, bom March 15, 1752. 

881 Joseph Carlton, bom Feb. 10, 1754 ; killed at Battle of 

Bunker Hill. 

882 Enos Carlton, bom Jan. 4, 1756. 

883 Richard Carlton, bom Feb. 12, 1758; died Dec. 24, 


884 Amos Carlton, bom June 22, 1760; died March 11, 


885 Mehitable Carlton, bom April 13, 1766 ; married Israel 

Foster, of Boxford. 

295 BETTY^ TYLER (Nathaniel^), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., September 1, 1745 ; married, July 8, 1769, Daniel Cross, 
of Methuen. Children born there. Children: 

886 Daniel Cross, bom Aug. 26, 1770. 

887 Isaac Cross, bom Dec. 5, 1771. 

888 Samuel Cross, born April 12, 1773. 

889 Eunice Cross, bom March 17, 1775. 

890 Jesse Cross, born April 12, 1777. 

891 Ehzabeth Cross, bom Feb. 22, 1779. 

892 Charlotte Cross, bom Feb., 1781. 

893 Anna Cross, bom March 11, 1783. 

894 Abigail Cross, bom March 26, 1785. 

895 Israel Cross, born Jan. 8, 1788. 

296 NATHANIEL^ TYLER (Nathaniel*), bom Octo- 
ber 4, 1747 ; died in Springfield, Pa., in 1829 ; married, Feb- 
ruary 22, 1770, Abigail Andrews, of Boxford, Mass. He lived 
in Methuen and moved to Sempronious, Cayuga County, N. Y., 
and probably went to Herkimer County, and then moved to 
Springfield, Pa. He had eight months' service in 1775, in 
Captain Charles Furbush's company of Colonel Ebenezer 
Bridges' regiment. The four elder children were bom in Box- 
ford. Children : 

896 Nathaniel Tyler, born July 7, 1772; probably died 

early ; nothing was known of him by Daniel Tyler 
(No. 2300) who furnished many records. 

897 Daniel Tyler, bora April 14, 1774; probably died early, 

as Daniel (No. 2300) did not know of him. 

Fifth Generation 1S5 

898 Betsey Tyler, bom Dec. 17, 1775; married David 
Thompson, of Sempronious, N. Y. ; removed to 
Springfield, Pa. ; had eight children, seven of whom 
had families. 

899+ Andrews Tyler, born Nov. 17, 1779. 

900 Joseph Tyler ; married Polly , of Herkimer, N. Y. ; 

had eight children, and removed to Indiana before 

901 John Tyler, died single, killed by the falling of a tree. 

902 Fanny Tyler; moved to Springfield, Pa. 

298 JESSE^ TYLER, (Nathaniel*), bom March 8, 
1752; moved to Coventry now (since 1840), Benton, N. H., 
where he died; married, February 17, 1778, Lucy Webber, of 
Methuen, Mass., whose mother was of the Kimball family of 
HaverhiU. He was in the Revolution. The children were 
bom in Methuen. Children: 

903+ Lucy Tyler, bom Oct. 5, 1778. 

904+ Elisha Tyler, bom July 28, 1781. 

905+ Kimball Tyler, bom Sept. 9, 1782. 

906 Daniel Tyler, bom Oct. 18, 1784; died, unmarried, 

about 1830, in home of brother Samuel, in Coventry, 

N. H., where he resided. 
907+ Betsey Tyler, bom Oct. 14, 1786. 

908 Persis Tyler; died July 20, 1792. 

909 PoUy Tyler, bom May 15, 1791; died same day. 
910+ Jesse Tyler, bom Aug. 1, 1792. 

911+ Hepsibeth Tyler, bom April 4, 1796. 
912 Persis Tyler, twin to Hepsibeth, died s. p. early; mar- 
ried Young CliiFord ; resided Haverhill, N. H. 
913+ Samuel Tyler, bom March 20, 1798. 

299 SIMEON^ TYLER (Nathaniel*), baptized Janu- 
ary 27, 1754; died in Camden, Maine, September 21, 1840; 
married, October 13, 1779, widow Hannah (MerriU) Wright, 
of Methuen, who died in Camden, 1835. He was in Captain 
Davis' company, Colonel Frye's regiment, in 1775, and was at 
the Lexington fight and at the Battle of Bunker Hill, in the 
thickest of the fight. In 1776 he was a corporal and in 1778 
a sergeant, and in this latter year his company was detached 
to guard and fortify forts in and near Boston. In 1779 he 

126 The Descendants op Job Tylebi 

served a short time at Castle Island. He was a Revolutionary 
pensioner. (See Rev. Pension Rolls, Weddo County, Maine.) 
He lived a while in Belfast, Maine, and owned land where fac- 
tories now stand. He moved to Camden and he and many of 
his descendants are buried in the old cemetery there, under the 
brow of Mt. Megunticook. The children were born in Camden. 

Children : 
914+ Abel Tyler, born Aug. 8, 1780. 
915 Hannah Tyler, bom March 28, 1782; probably died 

916+ Rhoda Tyler, twin to Hannah. 
917+ Simeon Tyler, born Jan. 7, 1784. 
918 Dudley Tyler, bom Dec. 23, 1785 ; a carpenter at Lin- 

colnville, Maine; went to Ohio or Minnesota. 
919+ Samuel Tyler, born Dec. 17, 1787. 
920+ Coburn Jonathan Tyler, bom Feb. 10, 1792. 

300 DANIEL" TYLER (Nathaniel*), bom in Dracut, 
Mass., September, 1756; died aged about 82; married, April 
26, 1781, Mary (Polly) Carter, of Methuen, Mass., who died 
in Windsor, Mass., November 3, 1819, in her 63d year. He 
was in the Revolution. (See Pension Book, p. 48, No. 3.) 
He resided in Dracut, Methuen, Pelham, Windsor, Mass., 
Wyndham, N. H., and Gibbonsville (Watervliet), N. Y. In 
1832 he was in Windsor where he had been for about 30 years. 
The six younger children were born in Pelham. Children: 
921 Persis Tyler. 
922+ Isaac Tyler, born Feb. 8, 1784. 
923+ Daniel Tyler, Jr., born March 16, 1788. 

924 Polly Tyler, twin to Daniel. 

925 Sally Ann Tyler, bom March, 1791 ; married Wil- 

son, of Rome, N. Y. ; had sons who owned a foundry 

926+ Moses W. Tyler, bora May 27, 1794. 

927+ Eunice Tyler, bom Sept. 2, 1796. 

928 Aaron Tyler, born July 23, 1798 ; died s. p. June 20, 
1871 ; estate probated in Pittsfield, Mass. ; married, 
July 9, 1857, Jeannette Rice, of Cheshire, Mass., 
daughter of Holden and Sophia (Whalen) Rice, who 
survived him. He resided in Windsor on his father's 
farm and was both farmer and storekeeper. 

Fifth Generation 127 

301 POLLY^ TYLER (Nathaniel*), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., in 1770; died in 1847; married, April 8, 1788, Samuel 
Kimball, of Methuen, bom November 11, 1750; died June 19, 
1826. The children were bom in Dracut. Children: 

929 Samuel Kimball, moved to Genesee, N. Y. 

930 Tyler Kimball, resided in New York City. 

931 Mary Kimball, married Jonathan Lynde, of Melrose, 

Mass. ; had four children. 

932 Hannah Kimball, married J. E. Gowan, of Stoneham, 

Mass. ; had two children. 

933 Clarissa Kimball, married Haskell Alexander; resided 

s. p. St. Louis, Mo. 
934+ Abigail Kimball, bom March 1, 1799. 

935 Jacob Kimball, resided Melrose, Mass., s. p. 

936 Jonas Kimball, married and had three children. 

937 Martha Kimball, married Joseph Richardson, of Lowell, 

Mass. ; had three children. 

306 DANIEL^ TYLER (David*), baptized in Boxford, 
Mass., August 11, 1745; time of marriage and name of wife 
unknown. He went with his parents to Piermont, N. H., and 
returned to Hebron, Conn., where he resided in 1781. The 
children were bom in Piermont. Children: 

938 Daniel Tyler; perhaps resided in Gerry, Mass. 

939 Ebenezer Tyler, probably died in 1827 in Chautauqua 

County, N. Y. The administrators of his estate were 
John Tyler and Asahel Lyon ; no kin given. 

940 David Tyler. 

941 Jonathan Tyler, bom in 1766; died in 1826 (?) in 

Chautauqua County, N. Y. ; a Revolutionary veteran. 

942 Nellie Tyler. 

943 Sarah Tyler. 

944 Hannah Tyler, married Wilson, of Colchester, 

Conn., living in 1854. 

945 Abigail Tyler, married Webster, of Lebanon, 


307 EBENEZER^ TYLER (David*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., August 8, 1747 ; died in Saybrook, Ohio, in 1823 ; mar- 
ried Jerusha Chapman, who died in 1834. He moved with his 
father to Lebanon, Conn., in 1751 ; thence to Piermont, N. H., 

128 The Descendants of Job Tvi^a 

in 1768; then to Rutland, Vt.; then to New York State, and 
in 1816 to Ohio. His estate was probated in Jefferson, Ohio. 
He was in the Revolution from Piermont in Captain Chandler's 
company, Colonel Jonathan Chase's regiment, in 1777. The 
children were all bom in Piermont, probably, although the 
two younger may have been bom in Lawrence, N. Y. Children : 
946+ Joseph Tyler, bora Feb. 2, 1772. 

94)7 Esther Tyler, bom Jan. 13, 1775; died s. p., Jan. 1, 
1863 ; married, Oct. 16, 1794, St. Clair. 

948 Patty Tyler, bom March 29, 1777 ; died, unmarried, in 

Saybrook, Ohio, March 22, 1839. 

949 Jerusha Tyler, bom Jan. 30, 1780 ; died Sept. 4, 1826 ; 

married, March 3, 1807, ; resided Spring- 
field, Pa. 

950+ Samuel Tyler, bora July 2, 1782. 

951+ Oliver Tyler, bora Feb. 25, 1788. 

952 Asenath Tyler, born June 1, 1790; died in Lawrence, 

N. Y, Feb. 16, 1819 ; married, Jan. 8, 1816, in Ohio, 
Pierce ; one daughter. 

953 Elmira Tyler, born May 12, 1792; married, March 30, 

1813, Babcock; lived in Springfield, Pa. 

954+ Hubbard Tyler, born July 5, 1794. 
955+ Amasa Tyler, bom March 9, 1798. 

308 DAVID^ TYLER (David* ) , bom in Boxf ord, Mass., 

November 4, 1747; baptized November 12, 1749; died ; 

married (1), June 10, 1773, Judith Davis, bora November 15, 
1751 ; died August 7, 1801 ; married (2), June 21, 1803, Sarah 
Brigham, born Dec. 22, 1747 ; widow of Ephraim Brigham. 
This record is taken from the old family Bible. David was 
drafted from Piermont, N. H. (where he had gone with his 
father), October 3, 1777, and with others, refused to go to 
war, whereupon the lieutenant, John Weed, addressed the 
colonel of the regiment into which they were to be placed, and 
begged that " they may be Delt with as ye law Directs." He 
resided in Piermont, where his children were born. 

Children, all by first marriage: 

956 Aaron Tyler, born Jan. 18, 1774 ; died in Piermont, 

Oct. 11, 1777. 

957 Mercy Tyler, born Jan. 23, 1775. 

Fifth Generation 129 

958 Judith Tyler, born Sept. 26, 1777; died March 22, 


959 (Rev.) David Tyler, born Feb. 6, 1780 ; was i Methodist 

preacher near BuiFalo, N. Y. ; has sons in the railway 

960 Aaron Tyler, born April 18, 1782. 
961+ Jesse Tyler, bom March 5, 1785. 
962+ John Howard Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1787. 

963 Phebe Tyler, bom June 4, 1789. 

964 Anna Tyler, born May 13, 1791. 

965 James Porter Tyler, bom Sept. 4, 1793; married 

Philura Crocker, of Lebanon, N. H. ; resided in St. 
Johnsbury, Vt. 

966 Samuel D. Tyler, born Feb. 18, 1798; became a Mor- 

mon and moved to Utah. 

309 JONATHAN^ TYLER (David*), bom in Lebanon, 
Conn., January 1, 1752; died in Piermont, N. H., June 28, 
1848; married, 1774, Sarah McConnell, who was aged twelve 
years and six months ; bom in Pembroke, N. H., in 1762 ; died 
November 29, 1815. This was the first marriage in Piermont, 
and the officiating clergyman was Rev. Peter Powers. Her 
family came to Piermont six months before her marriage, and 
she came into the town with them astride a horse. He came 
to Piermont with his father in 1768, from Lebanon, Conn., 
and was an original character, of whom many stories were 
told. In 1769 wild game was exceedingly abundant in Pier- 
mont ; moose " yarded " on the meadows that winter ; bears, 
wolves and deer were ever present. Jonathan gave the name 
of " The Northern Army " to a pest of worms which nearly 
destroyed all their crops in 1781 (see the story of the pigeons 
under No. 84). He served in the Revolution and when the 
army retired from Ticonderoga on the approach of Burgoyne, 
he was taken prisoner. He was held for a time on the west 
side of Lake George. Soon after they were allowed to go to 
the east side to help build a block-house, and with two com- 
panions he made his escape ; they nearly perished from hunger, 
for four days while in the woods west of the Hudson River, hav- 
ing only leaves, twigs, buds and roots to live on ; and after they 
crossed the river they had the same privations. He was in 
Captain House's company. Colonel Warner's regiment, in July 

130 The Descendants op Job Tyxee 

1777. He had a pension of $96 a year. (See History of 
Coos County, N. H.) He and his wife are buried in the old 
cemetery in Piermont, and the children were bom in Piermont. 

Chii-deen : 

967+ Daniel Tyler. 

968+ William Tyler. 

969 Hannah Tyler, married Jonathan Hartwell, of Comp- 
ton, Quebec. She had two sons and three daugh- 

970+ Clarissa Tyler, born July 5, 1794. 

971 Lydia Tyler, married (1), Samuel Davis; married (2), 
John Hartwell, who died July 2, 1833, in his fiftieth 
year; they lived on the old Jonathan homestead in 
Piermont and had two sons and two daughters ; mar- 
ried (3), Boynton. 

973 Lucy Tyler, married Amos Giles, and died s. p. 

973 Aaron Tyler, simple minded and died single. 

974 Polly Tyler, died aged 90 ; married Samuel Danforth, of 

Pittsford (or Pittsfield), N. H. ; had two sons and 
three daughters. 

975 Betsey Tyler, died, unmarried, at about 20 years of age. 

976 Sarah Tyler, married Lawson Drury, who settled in 

French, Scioto County, Ohio, in 1816; she had among 

her children a doctor and a minister. 
977+ Theodosia Tyler, bom April 11, 1800. 
978+ Amos Tyler, born April 11, 1802. 
979+ Eliza Montgomery Tyler, born Sept. 14, 1804. 

bom in Rowely, Mass. ; baptised December 2, 1739 ; died in 
Georgetown, Mass., 1822; married (1), 1762, Sarah Spofford, 
bom March 4, 1744; daughter of Captain (Deacon) Abner 
and Sarah (Colman) SpofFord, of Georgetown; married (2), 

Ruth , who died in 1822, aged 63. He was in active 

service in the French and Indian Wars in 1757, 1759, and later 
campaigns. He was seven years m the Revolution and was 
in the Battle of Bunker Hill ; during the time from 1776-1782 
his name occurs with frequency on the Revolutionary rolls. 
He was promoted from ensign to first lieutenant ; was lieutenant 

Fifth Generation 131 

in a company of Colonel Thomas Nixon's 6th Massachusetts 
regiment ; was wounded at the Battle of Princeton, January 3, 
1777. He left the camp at White Plains without a formal 
discharge and thus lost his pension. In 1757-1760 he owned 
the Francis Brocklebank place in Rowley. He died, however, 
in the almshouse. The children were bom in Rowley. 

Childeen : 
980 Dudley Tyler, bom 1763 ; baptized June 3, 1764 ; died 

981+ Joseph Tyler, baptized April 13, 1766. 

982 John Tyler, baptized April 3, 1768. 

983 Phebe Tyler, baptized Aug. 5, 1770. 
984. Dudley Tyler, baptized April 23, 1773. 

313 THOMAS^ TYLER (Dudley*), born in Rowley, 
Mass. ; baptized February 22, 1741 ; died November 4, 1776 ; 

married Mary . He was on the Alarm List and belonged 

to the Train Band in 1757. He marched on the Lexington 
Alarm, and was in camp in Cambridge, May 17. His name 
appears on the Coat Rolls for December 26, 1775, and he was 
in the Continental Army in 1776. His name appears on a 
receipt dated March 14, 1777, " he being deceased." Chil- 

985 Barnabas Tyler, bom Sept. 6, 1769 ; married, Feb. 28, 
1799, Mehitable Bradley, of Amesbury, Mass. He 
was a householder in Haverhill, in 1799- 
986+ Dudley Tyler, bom March 6, 1771. 
987+ Thomas Tyler. 

316 JOB^ TYLER (Dudley*), bom in Rowley, Mass. 5 
baptized August 28, 1748; died June 18, 1831; married (1), 
1774, Abigail Swan; married (2), June 21, 1786, Anna Pike, 
bom 1765 ; died 1819. He lived in Haverhill and was a house- 
holder there in 1798, rated at $180. In 1787-1788 and 1789 
he was chosen surveyor of lumber. He is said to have built the 
first toll bridge across the Merrimac River. He moved to 
Canaan, N. H., in 1803. Children, by first marriage: 

988+ Joseph Tyler, bora May 17, 1776. 

133 The Descendants of Job Tylebi 

989+ Phebe Tyler, bom Nov. a9, 1776. 

990+ Mary Tyler, born May 23, 1778. 

991+ Anna Tyler, born Oct. 27, 1780. 

992 Abigail Tyler, bom Sept. 27, 1784; married James 

Blaisdell, of Canaan, N. H. 

Children, by second marriage: 

993 Fanny Tyler, bom June 27, 1787 ; died in infancy. 
994+ John Tyler, bom June 2, 1789. 

995 Elizabeth Tyler, bom April 5, 1790 ; died April 8, 1860 ; 

married Elisha Miner. 

996 Fanny Tyler, bom March 29, 1792; married Amos 

997+ Sally Parker Tyler, born March 24, 1794. 
998 Lucy Tyler, bom July 24, 1796; died 1869; married 

James Morse, and moved to Wisconsin in 1853. 
999+ Job Colman Tyler, bom March 1, 1799. 
1000+ James Pike Tyler, bom June 23, 1801. 

1001 Elsey Tyler, born July 14, 1803; died in Canaan, 

Aug. 29, 1814. 

1002 Theodore Tyler, bom April 12, 1806 ; died in Beverly, 

Mass., Jan. 19, 1837, probably, unmarried. 
1003+ Carohne B. Tyler, bom Nov. 20, 1808. 

319 THEODORE^ TYLER (Dudley*), bom in Row- 
ley, Mass. ; baptized January 22, 1758 ; died at sea, April, 
1799; married, December 7, 1785, Susanna Hunt, who died in 
Newburyport, Mass., March 15, 1835, aged 70. He was in 
the Revolution and was drafted in 1775. In 1776 he was hired, 
with others, for two months in February, for 40 shillings L. M. 
per man. He was in Captain Jonathan Evans' company of 
Colonel Wade's Essex County Massachusetts regiment, begin- 
ning with January 1, 1778. In July, 1778, he appears to have 
been in Captain Jonathan Foster's company of the same regi- 
ment. The last roll was made up to January 1, 1779. The 
company was stationed at Middletown, R. I. The children 
were born in Newburyport. 

Children : 

1004 Susanna Tyler, bom Sept. 19, 178(5 ; married, Nov. 5, 

1807, John Cook, Jr., of Newburyport. 

Fifth Generation 133 

1005 Phebe C. Tyler, bom in 1788 ; died in East Haverhill, 

Mass., Jan. 5, 1874; she was blind and unmarried. 

1006 Elizabeth Woodwell Tyler, born June 10, 1790 ; mar- 

ried, Sept. 20, 1808, James Barker, of Newburyport. 

1007 Mary Ann Tyler, bom April 2, 1792; married. May 

20, 1810, Paul Bishop, of Newburyport. 
1008+ William Hunt Tyler, bom Sept. 14, 1796. 

BRADSTREET^ TYLER (WilUam*), born in 
Willington, Conn., June 11, 1725 ; died there in 1805 ; married 

Sibel . His wiU was probated in Stafford, Conn., Decem- 

ber 6, 1805 ; dated January 5, 1795, and is signed " Broad- 
street Tyler, of Willington, Conn." The will mentions his wife 
" Sibel," " my sons Broadstreet and James," who had the farm 
of 120 acres, inventoried at $990, and names his daughters. 
He appears with the rank of private on the roll of Captain 
Jacob Gould's company, which marched on the Lexington 
Alarm, April 19, 1775. He also served a little over a month in 
Captain John Robinson's company, Major Gage's regiment, 
which marched to reinforce the Northern Army. The children 
were bom in Willington. 

Childeen : 

1009+ Broadstreet Tyler, bom in 1758. 

1010 James Tyler. 

1011 Hannah Tyler, single in 1795. 

1012 Sarah Tyler, married before 1795. 

1013 Dolly Tyler, single in 1795. 

1014 Isabel Tyler, married before 1795, 

WILLIAM^ TYLER (William*), bom in Willing- 
ton, Conn., June 22, 1730; died in Hamilton, Chenango County, 
N. Y., in 1809; married Zerviah (probably) Root. He was in 
Partridgefield (which, until 1804, consisted of the present towns 
of Peru and Hinsdale), before January 4, 1782, at which date 
he buys land there. He sold land there October 17, 1793, and 
" Zereah " also signs ; again, August 27, 1795, he sells lands, 
" Zerviah " signing. His last deed on record in Pittsfield, 
Mass., is dated Sept. 22, 1803, wherein he is described as 
*' lately of Partridgefield and now of Hamilton, Chenango 
County, N. Y." His estate was probated in Morrisville, N. Y. 

134 The Descendants oe Job Tyler 

The two elder children were bom in Willington and the third 
and fourth in Partridgefield (Peru). 

Children : 

1015 (Lieutenant) Rufus Tyler, born in 1753 or 1763; 

was early at Partridgefield, where he bought land 
April 2, 1785 ; he died in Lebanon, N. Y. ; estate 
probated in Morrisville, N. Y., in 1835 ; he married 

Welthea or Wealthy , who probably died s. p. 

before him, as the records indicate his only heirs 
to be his brothers and sisters. He was a party to 
32 land grants in Partridgefield between the first 
one and May 12, 1800, which is the date of his last 
grant recorded in Pittsfield. In the grant of June 
38, 1798, he is described as " Lieutenant " ; in that 
of 1799 as " taverner " ; he was licensed as " inn- 
holder " in 1796. He enlisted in the Revolutionary 
Army from Willington in 1777 (see Pension Book, 
page 50). He was the first hotelkeepeer in the 
present village of Hinsdale. He moved to Leba- 
non, N. Y. 

1016 Esther Tyler, born 1764; married John Henry and 

moved to Hamilton, N. Y. 
1017+ Roswell Tyler, born Oct., 1773. 
1018+ Asahel Tyler, twin to Roswell. 
1019 Nathan Tyler, moved to Yates County. 

1030 Samuel Tyler, moved to Michigan about 1836. 

1031 Katura Tyler, married Floyd Fargo and moved to 

Monroe County, N. Y. 

1033 Mercy Tyler, married John Reed. 

326 JONATHAN^ TYLER (WiUiam*), bom in Will- 
ington, Conn., April 13, 1744; married (1), April 13, 1764, 
Honora Hatch, of Willington, Conn., who died in Strafford, 
Vt.; married (3), Mrs. Alice (Cole) Spaulding, of Royalton, 
Vt., who died aged 85. He moved to Hartland and Strafford, 
Vt. The eldest child was bom in Willington. Children, by 
first marriage: 

1033+ Job Tyler, born April 14, 1765. 

1 034 Phebe Tyler, bom Sept. 7, 1767. (This child is doubt- 

ful; did not go to Vermont.) 

Fifth Genjseation 135 

1025+ Derias Tyler, bom about 1774. 

337 ABRAHAM^ TYLER (Job*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., June 9, 1735; died in Bradford, Mass., April 4, 1815; 
married (1), April 29, 1756, Abigail Stickney, born June 27, 
1738 ; died August 3, 1779 ; married (2), June 4, 1780, Jerusha 
(Coburn) Mersay ; died November 26, 1811 ; sister of David 
Cobum, who married her stepdaughter, Sarah; married (3), 
February 25, 1812, widow Annie (Stickney) Peabody, of Brad- 
ford, sister of his first wife. He was a sergeant in Captain John 
Cushing's company of Colonel Samuel Johnson's 4th regiment 
of Essex County, Massachusetts militia, which marched on the 
alarm of April 19, 1775. Children, by first marriage : 

1026 Sarah Tyler, born Sept. 24, 1756; died Nov., 1844; 
married, March 29, 1818, David Coburn, of Box- 

1027+ Abigail Tyler, born May 1, 1758. 

1028+ Hannah Tyler, bom Sept. 13, 1759. 

1029 Mary Tyler, bom Oct. 16, 1761 ; died May 16, 1762. 

1030+ Molly Tyler, bom Feb. 16, 1763. 

1031+ Priscilla Tyler, bom Feb. 18, 1765. 

1032+ Abraham Tyler, bom Oct. 15, 1766. 

1033 Infant, bom 1767 ; died the same day. 

1034+ Isaac Tyler, bom Nov. 20, 1767. 

1035+ Jacob Tyler, bom Feb. 17, 1769. 

1036+ EHzabeth Tyler, bom July 18, 1771. 

1037+ Job Tyler, bom Nov. 4, 1772. 

1038+ William Tyler, born Oct. 10, 1774. 

1039+ Joseph Stickney Tyler, bom April 15, 1776. 

1040+ Parker Tyler, born April 7, 1778. 

Child, by second marriage: 
1041 Moses Coburn Tyler, bom Oct. 13, 1780; died at sea, 
in the West Indies, in 1803. 

338 PHINEAS^ TYLER (Job*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., November 22, 1736; the first person baptized in West 
Boxford Church, December 12, 1736; died in Leominster, 
Mass., August 6, 1817; married (1), Febmary 14, 1758, Han- 
nah Foster, of Andover, Mass., bom April 9, 1739; died June 
S, 1769; daughter of Joshua and Mary (Barker) Foster; 

136 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

married (2), December 6, 1770, Elizabeth Barker, born April 
27, 1747. He was dismissed to the church in Leominster in 
1793. He was a drummer in Captain Henry Ingalls' company 
on the expedition to Crown Point in 1755 ; also in 1757, he was 
in the second company of Boxford, and probably belonged to 
the train band. He appears with the rank of a private on the 
Lexington Alarm roll of Captain Nathaniel Lovejoy's com- 
pany, Colonel Samuel Johnson's 4th regiment of Essex County, 
Mass. mihtia. The elder children were bom in West Boxford, 
and the younger children in Leominster, beginning with EUza- 

Children, by first marriage: 

1042 Phineas Tyler, bom May 13, 1759; died Nov. 23, 


1043 Nathan Tyler, born Nov. 6, 1761 ; died March 9, 1763. 
1044+ Phineas Tyler, bom Feb. 14, 1765. 

ChiIjDRBN, by second marriage: 
1045+ Simeon Tyler, bom Aug. 15, 1771. 
1046+ Samuel Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1773. 
1047 Hannah Tyler, bom Aug. 9, 1775; died, unmarried, 

in Leominster, June 18, 1813. 
1048+ Elizabeth Tyler, born Jan. 28, 1778. 

1049 Mehitable Tyler, born Nov. 29, 1782; died, unmar- 

ried in Leominster, Sept. 26, 1822. 

1050 Nabby Tyler, born Jan. 15, 1787; died March 27, 

1814, unmarried. 

1051 Stephen Tyler, born Aug. 28, 1789 ; died young. 
1052+ Daniel Tyler, born Aug. 18, 1791. 

339 MOSES^ TYLER (Job*), bom in Rowley, Mass., 
September 18, 1738; died in Lancaster, Mass., February 11, 
1824; married (1), August 3, 1763, Hannah Tyler, of Rowley, 
bom September 3, 1741 ; daughter of Asa and Hannah (Pea- 
body) Tyler (No. 91) ; married (2), probably in 1783, Sarah 
Lindall, who died March 11, 1822. In his will, dated Decem- 
ber 16, 1822, and probated March 2, 1824, he is named as 
" Yeoman." He resided in Lunenburg. Previously he had 
hved in Bradford, where he was a member of the school com- 
mittee, 1793-1803. Moses and his brothers, Phineas and 
Joshua, owned a large section of land in the southern part of 
Lunenburg, and in 1900 their residences remained much the 

Fifth Generation 137 

same as when they were alive. The elder children were born 
in Rowley, and the younger in Bradford. 

Childuen, by first marriage: 

1053 Hepsibah Tyler, born July 24, 1764<; not mentioned 
in her father's will, so probably died, s. p., before 
1822 ; published. May 7, 1798, to Ashael Houghton, 
of Lunenburg. 

1054+ Nathan Tyler, born Dec. 10, 1766. 

1055 Phebe Tyler, born Jan. 28, 1773; died young. 

1056 Phebe Tyler, born March 16, 1775; married Eleazer 

Hartwell ; was a widow in 1822. 

1057 Hannah Tyler, bom Dec. 6, 1779 ; unmarried in 1822. 

Children, by second marriage: 

1058 Moses Tyler, bom in Bradford, Mass., 1784; died in 

Lunenburg, June 12, 1846, aged 62. 
1059+ Zebediah Tyler, born July 21, 1787. 
1060+ Ancill Tyler, born March 29, 1790. 

340 ELIZABETH^ TYLER (Job*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., Febraary 27, 1740; died in Rindge, N. H., March 20, 
1812 ; married, January, 1762, Lieutenant Joseph MulHken, of 
Bradford, Mass., who died March 27, 1812; she removed with 
her father's family to Rindge in 1794. Children : 

1061 Joseph MuUiken, born in Rindge, in 1774; died Sept. 

9, 1818 ; was graduated from Dartmouth College in 
1802; principal of New Ipswich Appleton Academy, 
1803-1807; received degree of M. D. in 1817. 

1062 Benjamin MuUiken. 

1063 Samuel MuUiken, a school-teacher. 

1064 Leonard MuUiken, a musician, who died about 1820; 

removed to Shelburae, Vt., where he was the leader 
of a band. 

1065 Rebecca MuUiken, married, Nov. 18, 1794, William 

Hodgskins ; she died 1798. 

1066 Betsey MulUken, married, Nov. 25, 1788, Nathaniel 

Carlton, of New Ipswich, N. H., and Lunenburg, 

1067 Rachel MulHken. 

1068 Fanny MuUiken. ": 

138 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

'341 HANNAH^ TYLER (Job*), bom in West Box- 
ford, Mass., October 4, 1741 ; died in Bradford, Mass., April 
24, 1824 ; married, October 15, 1765, Joshua Hardy, of Brad- 
ford, who died June 3, 1814. The children were born in 
Bradford. Children : 

1069 Zebediah Hardy, born Sept. 24, 1766; died Oct. 3, 


1070 Hannah Hardy, born Jan. 8, 1768 ; died Jan. 29, 1736 ; 

mai-ried Jacob Hardy ; one of her sons became Rev. 
Seth Hardy. 

1071 Joshua Hardy, born June 27, 1770; died Aug. 26, 

1843 ; married Mary Goss ; one of his sons was named 
" Tyler." 

1072 Rhoda Hardy, born April 3, 1772; died Oct. 20, 1837. 

1073 Frances Hardy, bom Jan. 13, 1775 ; married Samuel 

Tyler, No. 1046. 

1074 Abel Hardy, bom April 12, 1777 ; died Nov. 20, 1801. 

1075 Tyler Hardy, bom Oct. 22, 1780 ; died Oct. 16, 1801. 

1076 Jerusha Hardy, bom April 15, 1783; married Flint 

Tyler, No. 1097. 

1077 Phineas Hardy, born June 12, 1785; died in 1854; 

married Olive Parker. 

1078 Betsey Hardy, bom June 25, 1787 ; died Nov. 8, 1803. 

342 ASA^ TYLER ( Job*) , born October 23, 1743 ; mar- 
ried, June 23, 1768, Elizabeth Tyler, of Rowley, Mass., No. 
353, bom April 22, 1746. He was one who signed the town 
Declaration of Independence in 1776. He moved to Boxboro, 
Mass., and thence to Westmoreland and Rome, N. Y. In 
Rome, at the first town meeting in 1796, he was elected a 
fence- viewer ; and in 1797 was overseer of the highways. The 
children were baptized in Rowley. Children: 

1079+ Hannah Tyler, baptized Dec. 2, 1770. 
1080 Peggy Tyler, baptized Sept. 22, 1771. 
1081+ Asa Peabody Tyler, bom June 9, 1773. 

in Bbxford, Mass., August 27, 1745; died there April 5, 1842; 
married (1), April 13, 1769, Mary Foster, of Andover, Mass., 
bom March 22, 1750; died August, 1785; married (2), Mrs. 
Eunice Adams, of Newbury, Mass., who died June 22, 1798, 

Fifth Generation 139 

aged 44; married (3), December 27, 1798, Mrs. Mary Bacon, 
who died May 20, 1820, aged 62. He appears with the rank 
of private on the roll of Captain Jacob Gould's company, which 
marched on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. He also 
served in Captain John Robinson's company, which marched 
to reinforce the Northern Army. The children were bom in 

Children, by first marriage: 
1082+ Joshua Tyler, born Oct. 6, 1776. 
1083+ Mary Tyler, born Jan. 13, 1779. 

1084 (Capt.) John Tyler, bom April 29, 1781; died Nov. 

12, 1872 ; did not marry. He was in the War of 
1812. His mihtary title came from his connection 
with the militia. He left a legacy to the church in 
West Boxford, for the support of the gospel in that 
society. After the settlement of his estate, the fund 
was found to amount to about $30,000. 

1085 Infant, bom Nov. '3, 1784; probably died very young. 

Child, by second marriage: 
1086+ Bradstreet Tyler, Jr., bom Oct. 13, 1794. 

Child, by third marriage: 

1087 Aaron Tyler, bom 1801 ; died 1803. 

344 JOSHUA" TYLER (Job* ) , bom in Boxford, Mass., 
January 27, 1747 ; died in Leominster, Mass., March 27, 1825 ; 
married December 5, 1776, Ismenia Kimball. He moved to 
Rindge, N. H., and thence to Leominster. In Rindge, in 1776, 
he signed the town's Declaration of Independence. He was in 
Captain Rand's company. Colonel Moor's regiment, in 1776, 
and in the same company and regiment joined the northern 
Continental Army under General Gates, in 1777; discharged, 
October 18, 1777, at Saratoga. The children were bom in 
Rindge. Children : 

1088 Rebecca Tyler, bom Sept. 4, 1777 ; died in Leominster, 

May 30, 1807 ; married, Nov. 26, 1796, Elisha Cool- 
edge, of Leominster ; they had a daughter, who died 
at the age of 19. 

1089+ Joshua Tyler, Jr., born Feb. 3, 1779. 

1090+ Betsey Tyler, born March 9, 1782. 

140 The Descendants of Job Tyleu 

1091 Mercy Tyler, bom April 19, 1784'; married, June 26, 
1806, Asa Bancroft, of Groton, Mass. They moved 
to Canada, and had twelve children. 

1092+ Phebe Kimball Tyler, born Sept. 6, 1785. 

1093+ Thomas Tyler, born July 14, 1787. 

1094+ Ismena Tyler, born Sept. 20, 1789. 

1095 Grata Tyler, bom Aug. 12, 1793; married (1), Jan., 
1814, Luther Johnson, of Lancaster, Mass., who 
died April 24, 1822; married (2), May 29, 1738, 
Benjamin Farwell; she had two children by first 

1096+ Elsa Tyler, bom May 28, 1796. 

346 PARKERS tYLER (Job*), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., January '31, 1752 ; died in Townsend, Mass., October 13, 
1837; married (1), January 29, 1782, Hannah Flint, who died 
in Leominster, Mass., October 13, 1802; married (2), Novem- 
ber 12, 1803, Lucy Giddings, of Lunenburg, Mass. He moved 
to Rindge, N. H., thence to Sterling, Mass., in 1791 ; then to 
Leominster, to Wilton, N. H., and again to Rindge in 1818, 
and in 1837 to Townsend, Mass. He was in the Revolution, 
serving in Captain Richard Peabody's company. Colonel Ed- 
ward Wigglesworth's regiment, stationed at Ticonderoga in 
August to October, 1776, and probably all the next winter; 
was on the pension rolls in 1831 and 1833. He was a car- 
penter and farmer. 

Children, by first marriage: 
1097+ Flint Tyler, bom Nov. 2, 1782. 
1098 Apphia Tyler, bora Nov. 22, 1784; died Sept. 29, 

1806; married, June 4, 1806, WilHam Abbott, of 

Wilton, N. H. 
1099+ Hannah Tyler, born Oct. 20, 1786. 
1100+ Parker Tyler, Jr., bom Oct. 7, 1788. 
1101+ Seth Payson Tyler, bora April 29, 1791. 
1102+ Putnam Tyler, born Sept. 20, 1793. 
1103 Louisa Tyler, bom Nov. 19, 1795 ; died Jan. 17, 1889 ; 

married John Hodgman, of Townshend, Mass., who 

died in 1853; then she lived with her sister, Mrs. 

Wilder, in Rindge; no children. 

Fifth Genebation 141 

1104 Laura Tyler, twin to Louisa; died March 17, 1877, 
in Enfield, Mass. ; married Joseph Simonds, of 
Groton, Mass., who died Feb. 10, 1871 ; she resided 
in Petersham, Mass. ; no children. 

1106+ Miriam Tyler, bom Jan. 23, 1798. 

1106+ Levi Tyler, bom Oct. 22, 1800. 

ChiLlDren, by second marriage: 
1107+ Apphia Tyler, bom Nov. 6, 1806. 
1108+ Asa Tyler, bora July 31, 1809. 

347 FRANCES^ TYLER (Job^), born in Boxford, 
Mass., in 1754; died there, November 2, 1844; married, March 
21, 1782, Lemuel Wood, of Boxford, who died July 1, 1819, 
aged 78. The children were born in Boxford. Children : 

1109 Lemuel Wood, bom April 29, 1783; married 

Cook ; died in Bangor, Maine ; had a family. 

1110 Fanny Tyler Wood, born Dec. 10, 1784; married 

Joseph Eaton, of Harpswell, Maine; ten children. 

1111 Charlotte E. Wood, born Dec. 28, 1786; married 

Samuel Bates, of Dedham, Mass. ; had children. 

1112 Mary Chadwick Wood, bom July 22, 1789; married 

Hutchinson ; had children. 

1113 Aaron Wood, born Jan. 2, 1791 ; died Oct. 24, 1794. 

1114 Daniel Wood, bom Feb. 10, 1793; married Abigail 

Stickney^ Tyler, No. 2621. 

1115 Aaron Wood, born Oct. 27, 1797; died Nov. 2, 1868, 


349 MARGARET^ TYLER (Asa*), bom in Rowley, 
Mass., June 12, 1735 ; died March 26, 1786 ; married. May 24, 
1757, Lieutenant Jedediah Stickney; bom April 1, 1735, in 
Boxford, Mass. ; died April 8, 1809. (He married (2) , in 1796, 
Sarah Herrick.) He was a soldier, and assisted in removing 
the Arcadians, May 28, 1755. Was a member of the First 
Foot company of Boxford, 1757. As " Ensign " marched on 
the day of the battle of Lexington, and saw service in the 
Revolutionary War. Children : 

1116 Ancil Stickney, bom Aug. 11, 1758; died young. 

1117 Nathan Stickney, bom Aug. 7, 1760; married (1), 

R. Phelps; married (2), A. Phelps; married (3), 
H. Burpe. 

143 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

1118 Ancil Stickney, born June B, 1762 ; married Mehitable 

Perley, June 27, 1793; died in 1835; was in the 
Revolutionary War. 

1119 Apphia Stickney, bom Sept. 13, 1764; married Jonas 

Warren, April 27, 1784. 

1120 Betty Stickney, born Aug. 1, 1766; died unmarried, 

Feb. 21, 1788. 

1121 Peggy Stickney, bom Aug. 30, 1768; married Oliver 

Peabody, Sept. 13, 1792. 

1122 Hannah Stickney, born July 14, 1773; died in Box- 

ford, Jan. 18, 1845 ; married, Nov. 12, 1793, Nathan 
Peabody, bom April 12, 1770; died Nov. 24, 1809; 
son of Deacon Moses and Hannah (Foster) Pea- 

1123 Rebecca Stickney, bom Oct. 8, 1775 ; died unmarried, 

April 14, 1795. 
1124+ Asa Tyler Stickney, born Nov. 17, 1777. 

351 LUCY^ TYLER (Asa*), born in Rowley, Mass., 
October 1, 1739; married Thomas Ames, of Boxford, Mass. 
(pubUshed March 12, 1761); moved about 1778 to Rindge, 
N. H. He was a member of the Second church in Boxford, 
where his children were baptized. Children: 

1125 Molly Ames, bom May 2, 1762. 

1126 PrisciUa Ames, born Sept. 4, 1763. 

1127 Sarah Ames, bom Dec. 8, 1765. 

1128 Jeremiah Ames, born July 14, 1771; married, April 

29, 1798, Sally Platts, daughter of Captain Joseph 
Platts. He moved to Morristown, N. Y., where he 
had a family. 

1129 Thomas Ames, born Oct. 13, 1776. 

1130 Hannah Ames, born in Rindge, Feb. 25, 1780. 

1131 Charlotte Ames, bom in Rindge, March 9, 1784; mar- 

ried Joseph Platts, son of Captain Joseph Platts. 
His descendants live in Waltham, Mass. 

354 CAPTAIN ASA^ TYLER (Asa*), bom in Rowley 
Village (now West Boxford), Mass., December 21, 1748; died 
in Blenheim, N. Y., April 9, 1808; married, 1780, Martha 
Dodge, born September 6, 1756; died December 1, 1803. He 
appears first in Revolutionary records in the year 1775 as 

Fifth Generation 143 

corporal on the Lexington Alarm roll of Captain Meghill, and 
then as sergeant in Captain Gridley's company in the same 
year; in January, 1778, he was commissioned as second lieu- 
tenant in Captain Jeremiah Putnam's company, Colonel Na- 
thaniel Wade's regiment. In 1779 he sold " Scraggy Pond " 
in Rowley, accepting quite a large sum in Continental cur- 
rency, to show his loyalty and confidence in the government, 
of which his close friend, Robert Morris, was treasurer. Find- 
ing himself impoverished by the repudiation of this currency, 
in 1783 he moved to Suffield, Conn., where his four younger 
children were bom. In 1801 he moved to Blenheim and pur- 
chased a " lease farm." He was appointed postmaster, which 
position he retained until his death. He gave the ground for 
a church where he and his wife are interred. Through his wife 
he was great uncle to George Peabody, the philanthropist, and 
uncle to General Henry Leavenworth of the War of 1812. 
The family Bible, with a chest full of Continental money, were 
burned in Barry town, N. Y., in 1872. The two elder children 
were born in Rowley Village. 

Childken : 

1132 Clarissa Tyler, bom 1780; married Henry Kent; one 

child (Clarissa, who married Howell.) 

1133 Henry Putnam Tyler, bom Aug. 4, 1782; died In 

Philadelphia, 1860; he married In 18,55, at the age 
of 70 a girl of 23. He was for many years a book- 
keeper in Philadelphia ; two daughters (Emma, bom 
1856; married [1], a Japanese and had one daugh- 
ter ; married [2] , Brink and had a son, Victor ; 

Laura, bom 1859; died 1868.) 

1134+ Nathan Peabody Tyler, born Feb. 16, 1784. 

1135+ Asa Tyler, bom Feb. 25, 1789. 

1136 Laura Tyler, bom 1791 ; died 1792. 

1137 Patty Tyler, born 1792; died 1794. 

367 PHEBE^ TYLER (Jonathan^, bom probably in 
Haverhill, Mass., about 1740; married Abijah Buck, bom in 
Newbury, Mass., in 1777, the second year of the settlement, 
he moved from New Gloucester, Maine, to Buckfield, Maine 
(Oxford County), a town named for him and his two brothers, 
who also were early settlers there. His father-in-law, Jonathan 

144) The Descendants of Job Tyi^b 

Tyler, accompanied him to the new town, where he was a man 
of note. The children were bom in New Gloucester except the 
youngest. Children : 

1138 Elizabeth Buck, born July 1, 1763. 

1139 Ellen Buck, bom Jan. 8, 1765. 

1140 Phebe Buck, bom Dec. 17, 1766. 

1141 John Buck, bom Dec. 27, 1768; married Molly ; 

had two sons and two daughters. 

1142 Rebekah Buck, bom Dec. 15, 1772. 

1143 Abijah Buck, bom March 1, 1777. 

1144 Jonathan Buck, bom in Buckfield, Feb. 5, 1782. 

368 JONATHAN^ TYLER, JR. (Jonathan*), bora, 
probably in Haverhill, Mass., July 6, 174<2; married Mercy 
Hackett, daughter of Henry Hackett, of New Gloucester; 
born December 10, 1743. They grant their interest in her 
father's estate, £6, June 13, 1775, to Moses Hackett of New 
Gloucester. Moses Hackett, as administrator of the estate of 
Jonathan Tyler, late of New Gloucester, July 11, 1783, deeds 
to James Rider, of North Yarmouth, for £99, 15s, 50 acres in 
New Gloucester. It is probable that the estate here adminis- 
tered upon was that of Jonathan". He had a grant of land 
from his father on the 20th of June, 1767, of 60 acres in 
New Gloucester, for which he paid £10, 13s, 4d. He enlisted 
in Captain Merrill's company. Colonel Phinney's regiment of 
Foot, May 15, 1775. {Coat Rolls 8 Months Service, Vol. 56.) 
In a letter to his wife, dated Boston, June 25, 1777, signed by 
himself, he states that he has been sick with the small pox, 
entered the hospital April 29 and left it June 18, 1777, and 
went to Boston. (Resolve, 1820, chap. 101.) (See also Books, 
Enlisted Men and Officers, Vol. 27.) The children were bom 
in New Gloucester. 

Children : 

1145 Mary Tyler, bom July 30, 1767 ; died unmarried, in 

her native place, March 6, 1846. 
1146+ Mercy Tyler, bom April 16, 1773. 
1147 Jonathan Tyler, born March 17, 1776. 

369 NATHANIEL^ TYLER (Jonathan*), bora proba- 
bly in Haverhill, Mass., about 1744; died in 1809; married 
Rebecca Sherloc (probably Sherlock). 

The placing of this line is conjectural; no record of birth 

Fifth Geneuation 145 

found; names of children indicate descent from Moses* (Job^), 
in fact is the only possible line of descent my records will 
allow. From only two of Moses'* sons does it appear he could 
come, that is Joshua* and Jonathan^. In Joshua's line we 
have nothing to show he had Tyler grandsons, or that any of 
his hne went to Maine. It is probable that this line comes 
from Jonathan*, Moses*, Job^. We know that Jonathan*, like 
his brother James, went to Maine, and Jonathan* was at New 
Gloucester, Maine, by 1763, before the first proprietor's meet- 
ing down to 1773. Jonathan* was at Haverhill, Mass., in 
1743, where probably was born his son Jonathan^, 174S, and 
where NathanieP may have been born. It is but a short dis- 
tance from New Gloucester, Maine, to the Augusta, Maine, 
region where the children of Nathaniel largely settled. Two 
of Nathaniel's children went to Bethel, Maine, which is about 
as far northwest from New Gloucester as Augusta is to the 
northeast. Jonathan* had brothers : Nathaniel, Jonathan, 
Ebenezer and Joseph, and NathanieP gives four of his sons 
these same four names. The names of Nathaniel, Jonathan 
and Joseph recur in the names of the grandchildren of Nathan- 
ieP. Jonathan* had a brother Joshua, and this name appears 
among Nathaniel's grandchildren, while David and Asa, names 
also occurring in the seventh generation of Nathaniel's line, 
are names found among the grandchildren of Moses* (Job^), 
the father of Jonathan*. 

In 1775 we find the name of Nathaniel Tyler among five 
new names added to Augusta taxpayers, when General Arnold 
ascended the Kennebec to go to Quebec. In a return of men 
enlisted into the Continental Army, from Colonel Joseph 
North's Zd Lincoln County regiment, dated Gardnerstown, 
February 2, 1778, occurs the name of Nathaniel Tyler, from 
Hallowell, Maine, who enlisted for three years. In 1780 
Nathaniel Tyler was a soldier at Fort Halifax. " Nathaniel 
and wife Rebecker " join in a deed of land, February 4, 179'3, 
as shown in the Wiscasset Register of Deeds, Vol. 24, p. 18. 
In 1797 Nathaniel owned land, horses and cattle in Augusta. 
The eldest child was born in Sidney, Maine; the fifth, sixth 
and seventh children were bom in Augusta, Maine. 

Childken : 
1148+ Nathaniel Tyler, Jr., born 1785. 

146 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

1149+ Jonathan Tyler. 

1150+ Ebenezer Tyler. 

1151+ Eleazer Tyler. 

11.52+ Thomas Sherlock Tyler, born Feb. 8, 1798. 

1153+ Elias Tyler, twin to Thomas S. 

1154+ Joseph C. Tyler, born in Augusta. 

1155+ Rachel Tyler. 

1156+ Hannah Tyler. 

1157+ Ruth Tyler. 

1158+ Betsey Tyler. 

1159 Susannah Tyler, died in Augusta, Me., unmarried. 

1160+ Rebecca Tyler. 

1160a Daniel Tyler. 

370 JOSEPH^ TYLER, JR. (Joseph*), bom in Haver- 
hill, Mass., April 8, 1749; died in Billerica, Mass., January ^9, 
1834 ; he is buried in a tomb on School Street in Lowell, Mass. ; 
married, July 10, 1779, Abigail Spalding, of Chelmsford, 
Mass., bom March 15, 1759 ; died December 21, 1849 ; daugh- 
ter of Colonel Simeon Spalding. The children were bom in 
Newburyport, Mass., except the eldest and youngest. Chil- 

1161 Joseph Tyler, born in Salisbury, Mass., July 16, 1781 ; 
died March 1, 1851, unmarried; buried in the fam- 
ily tomb. Representative from Lowell to the Gen- 
eral Court, 1833-1835 ; Lowell City Council in 1837, 
and probably other years. 
1162+ John Tyler, born April 8, 1783. 

1163 Fanny Tyler, born March 6, 1785 ; died Dec. 29, 1787. 

1164 George Tyler, bora April 8, 1787; died, unmarried, 

Dec. 10, 1827 ; buried in the family tomb. 

1165 Moses Tyler, born March 27, 1789; died in Nashua, 

N. H., Oct. 21, 1849, s. p.; married Lydia Hale, 
bora Dec. 26, 1815 ; daughter of Moses Hale. They 
lived in Nashua, and had a daughter (Harriet), 
who died at the age of 8 years. 

1166 James Tyler, born July 6, 1791 ; died Feb. 8, 1849, 

unmarried, and is buried in the family tomb. 
1167+ Philip Tyler, bora April 9, 1793. 
1168+ William Tyler, born in Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 14, 


Fifth Geneeation 147 

371 PHEBE^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Haverhill, 
Mass., March 2'3, 1750; died February 12, 1780; married, 
March 16, 1773, Joel Spalding (as the name was then spelled), 
bom March 12, 1743; died July 26, 1823; son of Colonel 
Simeon and Sarah (Fletcher) Spalding, whose sister Abigail 
married Joseph Tyler, No. 370. He was in the Revolutionary 
War; was at the surrender of Burgoyne; represented Chelms- 
ford in the General Court several years and was a member of 
the first Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts. In 1791 
he married (2), widow Rebecca (Pierce) Corey, a sister of 
Governor Benjamin Pierce, of New Hampshire, who was father 
of Franklin Pierce, President of the United States. The chil- 
dren were born in Chelmsford. 

Children : 
1169 Silas Spalding (or Spaulding) died in infancy. 
1170+ (Capt.) Jonathan Spalding, born June 12, 1775. 

1171 Otis Spalding, died in infancy. 

1172 Phebe Spalding, bom Dec. 26, 1779; married, Dec. 

28, 1800, Joseph Butterfield Bamum, of Dracut, 
Mass. ; they both died, Dec. 5, 1857, s. p. 

372 MARY5 TYLER (Joseph*), born in Haverhill, 
Mass., November 17, 1754; died in Portland, Maine, 1850; 
married, in 1772, Captain Jonathan (or Joseph) Stevens, of 
Bradford, Mass., born March 21, 1747; died 1800; a ship- 
builder of Bradford, where the children were born. Children: 

1173 Polly Stevens, born March 19, 1773; was unmarried. 

1174 Joseph Stevens, bom Jan. 29, 1775 ; lived in Portland, 


1175 Jonathan Stevens, born Jan. 15, 1778. 

1176 John Stevens, bom May 7, 1780. 

1177 Jacob Stevens, born Jan. 19, 1783. 

1178 James Stevens, born June 16, 1785. 

1179 Jeremiah Stevens, bom Jan. 20, 1788 ; was a sea-cap- 

tain of Portland, Maine. 

1180 Ignatius Stevens, bom June 3, 1790. 

1181 Louis Stevens, bom Aug. 23, 1793. 

1182 Jonathan Ignatius Stevens, born Nov. 9, 1797. 

374 NATHAN^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Haverhill, 

148 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

Mass., in 1757 ; died in Middlesex Village, Mass., November 2, 
1829 ; married in Dracut, Mass., July 31, 1788, Polly Wood, of 
Chelmsford, Mass. 

The Merrimack River, by J. W. Meader (1869) says: " In 
the navigation of the river and auxiliary canals, the family 
of Tylers bore an important and conspicuous part, and are 
historically connected with the river and with Lowell. Mr. 
Nathan Tjder owned nearly all the land from the head of the 
Pawtucket (or Navigation) Canal to the Merrimack, and as 
far down as the mouth of the Concord, the manufacturing 
companies making their first land purchase of him. . . ." 
He resided near the foot of Pawtucket Falls, and carried on 
a saw and grist mill ; which was swept away by the " Great 
Freshet " (1810). " For three generations the Tylers of Lowell 
have been intimately connected with the Merrimack and its 
canals ; in their younger days in the hvely times of East 
Chelmsford, as fishermen, lumbermen and boatmen; and in 
maturer years in many high positions of responsibility and 
trust. . . ." 

Mr. Nathan Tyler owned a large tract of land in Lowell, a 
part now covered by the Boot corporation, and the whole of 
that covered by the Massachusetts, Prescott and Middlesex 
as far south as Massic Falls on the Concord, with also a con- 
siderable territory on the west of Central Street, between 
Merrimac and Market Streets, a large and valuable part of 
which, covered by Tyler block, is still in the family. Nathan's 
house, subsequently the residence of Jonathan®, was on the 
north side of Merrimac Street between the canal and Bridge 
Street, and was built of lumber sawed at Tyler's mill below 
Pawtucket Falls. The family became widely separated and 
is now represented in Lowell by female members. " Tyler 
Park " contains abount 80,000 feet of land, with ample streets 
surrounding it. 

Ignatius Tyler was appointed administrator of his estate, 
and the inventory was $14,610.55, and was made December 8, 
1829. The children were born in Middlesex Village, Mass. 

Children : 

1183 Otis Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1788 ; died ibid, 1849 ; did not 


1184 (Lieutenant) Jonathan Tyler, born Jan. 17, 1790; 

Fifth Generation 149 

died in Lowell, Mass., Oct. 14, 1877; married in 
Chelmsford, April 4, 1816, Ciril S. Butterfield, 
daughter of Captain Benjamin Butterfield. He 
owned the heart of the present city of Lowell, Mass., 
property now owned by John Tyler Stevens. Lieu- 
tenant Tyler lived in the mansion built by his father ; 
he had no children. 

1185+ Nathan Tyler, Jr., bom Jan. 25, 1792. 

1186+ Silas Tyler, bom June 2, 1795. 

1187 Mary Tyler, born April 1, 1797; died in Middlesex 
Village, May 17, 1746; unmarried. 

1188+ William Tyler, bom Feb. 11, 1799. 

1189+ Samuel Tyler, bom June 1, 1801. 

1190 Betsey Tyler, bora Aug., 1803; died in Middlesex Vil- 
lage, Oct., 1857; married, Aug. 12, 1841, Edmund 
Swett, of Chelmsford, Mass. ; no children. 

1191+ Ignatius Tyler, bom July 5, 1804. 

1192+ Fanny Tyler, bom July, 1807. 

375 MOSES^ TYLER (Joseph*), born in Rowley, 

Mass., in 1758; died in Billerica, Mass.; married (1), ; 

married (2), May, 1783, Sarah Lindell, of Bradford, Mass. 

1193 Moses Tyler, Jr., bom in Bradford, July 1, 1784. 

379 SARAH^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Chelmsford, 
Mass., October, 1768 ; died in Newburyport, Mass., October 6, 
1831 ; married, January 20, 1794, Joseph Granger, of New- 
buryport, bom in Andover, Mass., December 7, 1765; died in 
Newburyport, March 21, 1847 (see the Granger Genealogy). 
The children were born in Newburyport. Children: 

1194 Fanny Granger, bom Oct. 19, 1794; died in 1856; 

married in 1813, Jonathan Coolidge. 

1195 Sarah Granger, bom April 18, 1796 ; died May, 1846 ; 


1196 Joseph Granger, bom Sept. 25, 1797; married (1), 

Harriet J. Granger; married (2), Mary H. 
Granger; lived in Calais, Maine. 

1197 Mary S. Granger, bom July 5, 1799; married Bailey 

Chase, of Newburyport. 

1198 Famham Granger, bom June 2, 1801 ; died in Sydney, 

150 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

Australia, in 1837; married Lydia Riley, of New- 
York, who died in 1864. 

1199 George T. Granger, born Aug. 10, 1804; married in 

1828, Lucy Pulsifer ; he moved to Galveston, Texas, 
and had a son and a daughter. 

1200 Daniel Granger, bom Sept. 19, 1806; married (1), 

EHzabeth A. Pearson; married (2), Mary Ann 
(Danforth) Pearson, widow of Jabez Pearson; no 
children ; lived in Newburyport. 

•383 JAMES^ TYLER (Abraham*), born in Scarboro, 
Maine, June 21, 1747; died in Saco, Maine, April 7, 1813; 
married Lydia Stone, of Limington, Maine. He lived in the 
north part of " Pepperellboro," now Saco, near " Heath Meet- 
ing House." He enlisted May 9, 1776, in Captain Abraham 
Tyler's company. Colonel Edmund Phinney's regiment, and 
served until September 29, 1775. He 'was a corporal. {Mass. 
Archives, Vol. 215.) His father grants him, June 26, 1775, 
in the consideration of £200, 170 acres at Blue Point, being a 
part of the Sir William Pepperell purchase. His father is sup- 
posed to have deeded him land which included the homestead. 
James sold the old homestead March 11, 1813, to Abia Cham- 
berlain for $2000. But it was really an exchange for lands 
situated in Gray, Maine. The children were born in Pepperell- 
boro, now Saco. 

Children : 
1201+ Mehitable Tyler, bom April 20, 1779. 

1202 Eliza (or Elsa) Tyler, bom Nov. 9, 1780. 

1203 Elizabeth Tyler, born Jan. 7, 1782; intentions pub- 

lished Sept. 28, 1801, to Thomas Seavey, of Scar- 

1204+ Hannah Tyler, born March 7, 1784. 

1205 Allison Tyler, born Nov. 3, 1785; died in Pepperell- 
boro, Nov. 7, 1789. 

1206+ James Tyler, bom Jan. 1, 1787. 

1207 Louisa Tyler, bom Jan. 7, 1789; married George 
Simpson, of Saco ; both died s. p. in advanced age. 

1208+ Abraham Tyler, bom March 7, 1793. 

1209 Abigail Tyler, born June 7, 1795; married Samuel 

388 COLONEL ANDREW^ TYLER (Abraham*), bora 

Fifth Generation 151 

in Scarboro, Maine ; baptized there June 18, 1758 ; died in 
Frankfort, Maine, November 24, 1844 ; buried on the farm and 
grave marked with a double stone, inscribed " A Patriot of 
'76 " ; married, August 4, 178S, in Scarboro, Hannah Seavey, 
bom July 11, 1762; died in Frankfort, December 30, 1838. 
He was a farmer and built the first frame house in the Frank- 
fort region. In the rear is old " Tyler Mountain," where is 
his large quarry of granite; the landscape is very bold. A 
part of the old farm, 300 acres, is still owned in the family 
and called " Hillside Farm." He was in the Revolution, a 
private in his father's company in 1775, and served during 
the intervening years in other companies until 1780, reaching 
the rank of sergeant ; was in camp at Valley Forge in January, 
1778, and at the surrender of Burgoyne. Appointed a lieu- 
tenant in the militia by Governor John Hancock, in 1789 ; 
Lieutenant-Governor Samuel Adams appointed him captain 
of the militia in 1794; Governor Caleb Strong, of Massachu- 
setts, appointed him major in 1803, and Governor James 
SulUvan, of Massachusetts appointed him lieutenant-colonel in 
1807. He was highway surveyor of Frankfort in 1818 ; select- 
man and assessor in 1807 ; also land surveyor. The children 
were bom in Frankfort. 

Childuen : 
1210 Mary Tyler, married Elisha Thayer, of Winterport, 
Maine. They had a son (Tyler) who became a 
physician, married and had a family. 
1211+ Andrew Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1793. 

1212 Abigail Tyler, died, unmarried, Oct. 15, 1811. 

1213 Ann Eliza Tyler, died, unmarried, July 3, 1849. 
1214+ Sally Tyler, born April 15, 1798. 

1215 Clarissa Tyler, bora 1805 ; died March 28, 1839, un- 

DOMINICUS^ TYLER (Abraham*), born in Scar- 
boro, Maine; baptized there February 15, 1767; married in 
Scarboro, January 26, 1797, Rebecca Carl. He moved to 
Frankfort, Maine. Benjamin Nason, of Biddeford, grants 
Dominicus, July 31, 1789, 10 acres at " Blew Point." He 
had from his father, March 26, 1795, for £12 18s, 2^ acres on 
Dunston Landing Road. Also, September 22, 1803, a tract in 
Scarboro, from his father " in consideration of 4 years labor 

153 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

heretofore received." He granted to Benjamin Millikin, his 
wife "Rebeker" joining, December 5, 1804, a marsh on Dun- 
ston River, about 40 rods north of " Tyler's Bridge," called 
Goosebury Island. He had 20 acres from his father, October 
5, 1805, for $250, lying at " Tyler's Bridge," the right being 
reserved for Abraham's daughter Hannah, probably unmarried, 
to take wood for one fireplace, during her life. {Portland, 
Maine, Registry of Deeds, Books 22, 47 and 48.) His peculiar 
name doubtless comes from the fact that his father, in one of 
his numerous marriages, took one of the Jordan family as a 
wife, and his father had a business transaction with " Dominicus 
Jordan " at one time, from whence the name probably comes. 
The male line in this family threatens to become extinct. 

Childeen : 
1216+ John Tyler. 
1217 Royal Tyler, died, unmarried, in Frankfort, Maine, 

aged 85. 
1218+ AUison Tyler, bom in 1800. 
1219+ Sally Tyler. 
1220+ Mehitable Tyler. 
1221+ Abigail Tyler. 
1222+ Elsie Tyler. 

1223 Betsey Tyler, married Metcalf, a farmer of 

Frankfort, and her son (Captain William Metcalf) 
resided in Farmington, Maine. 

397 SARAHS TYLER (Abraham*), bom in Scarboro, 
Maine, April 3, 1768 ; died February, 1820 ; married, October 
7, 1787, Peletiah Marr, born June 19, 1765 ; settled in Planta- 
tion of Little Ossipee, where he died November 27, 1826 ; son of 
Dennis and Sarah (Hutchins) Marr. Children: 

1224 Peletiah Marr, born Sept. 17, 1791 ; died ibid. 

1225 Isaac Marr, born Sept. 16, 1792; married (1), Sally 

Stone; married (2), Elizabeth Edgecomb; married 
(3), Eliza Morton. 

1226 Lavinia Marr, born April 13, 1793; married. Dec. 

31, 1818, Samuel Wiggin, who died in 1825. 

1227 William Marr, bora Oct. 20, 1794 ; died aged 1 week. 

1228 Adaline Marr, bom April 13, 1796; married, Nov. 11, 

1817, Rev. Andrew Hobson. 

Fifth Generation 153 

1229 Dennis Marr, born Oct. 24, 1799; died May 1, 1830. 

1230 Sally Marr, born Jan. 10, 1802; died May 1, 1829. 

1231 Parker Marr, bom July 29, 1803. 

1232 Tyler Marr, born March 5, 1805. 

1233 William Marr, born Oct. 20, 1806 ; died July 5, 1828. 

1234 Martha Marr, born Nov. 17, 1808 ; died Aug. 30, 1837. 

1235 Rebecca Marr, born June 17, 1809. 

1236 Lydia Marr, bom Nov. 17, 1812; died Dec. 15, 1835. 

399 CAPTAIN ABRAHAM^ T5fLER (Abraham*), 
bom in Scarboro, Maine, October 20, 1770; married Sally 
Small. He was in the Revolution, his name being on the Pen- 
sion Rolls. He removed to Limington, Maine, and was there 
in 1792. He had a land grant from his brother David, August 
10, 1809, of 70 acres for $475. He being then at Bowdoin- 
ham, Maine. He was a sea-captain. The children were born 
in Scarboro. Children: 

1237 Sally Tyler, died in Scarboro Dec. 21, 1795. 

1238 Sarah Tyler, baptized in the First church, Scarboro, 

Dec. 14, 1804 ; married James Watson. They had 
a large family, and one son (James) resided in 
Sangerville, Maine. 

1239 Anna Tyler, married Briggs, and died s. p. 

1240+ Benjamin Tyler. 

1241 Phebe Tyler, married Caswell, and had a family. 

1242 John Tyler. 

1243 Daniel Tyler. 

400 JOHN SMITH' TYI.ER (Abraham*), bom in 
Scarboro, Maine, October 2, 1772 ; died in Pownal, Maine, Octo- 
ber 18, 1840; married (1), January 8, 1790, Lucy Trickey, 
who died October 2, 1830, aged 59; daughter of Zebulon and 
Rebecca (Stillings) Trickey, of Falmouth, Maine, and grand- 
daughter of Zebulon and Eleanor (Libby) Trickey, of Kittery, 
Scarboro, and Falmouth, Maine; married (2), Sarah Lord, who 
died s. p. Before 1800 he was at Hiram, Maine, living on the 
Stephen Ridlon place, near " Tyler Hill," with his brother 
Daniel, removing to Pownal in 1797. 

Children, by first marriage: 
1244+ William Tyler, born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Jan. 9, 

154 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

1245+ Rebecca Tyler, born July 30, 1792. 

1246+ Zebulon Tyler, born March 12, 1794. 

1247 Eliza Tyler, married (1), Sylvester; married (2), 

Abner Dennison. 

1248+ Eveline Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1798. 

1249 Mary Tyler, bom In Pownal; died young. 

1250+ John Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1803. 

1251 Anis Tyler, born 1806; died in 1856, unmarried. 

1252+ Lucy Tyler. 

1253+ Sophia Ann Tyler. 

1254 Charles Tyler, died s. p. in Durham, Maine, about' 

1885; married (1), Sarah Libby, a widow of Pow- 
nal; married (2), Annah , a widow of Scar- 

boro, Maine. He resided in Levant, Maine, then 
moved to Durham. 

401 DAVID^ TYLER (Abraham*), bom in Scarboro, 
Maine; baptized July 20, 1774; will dated November 14, 1861 ; 
probated in Belfast, Maine; married (1), March 2, 1791, 
Rhoda Libby, born June 17, 1772, daughter of Major Josiah 
and Eunice (Libby) Libby, of Scarboro; married (2), Nancy 

, who survived him. (For account of the Libby Family 

see Collections of Maine Historical Society, Vol. iii, p. 68.) 
He settled in Freedom, Maine, and lived also in Bowdoinham. 
For $300, June 17, 1809, Joseph Jackson, Mariner, of Bow- 
doinham, granted to David Tyler, of Bowdoinham, " yeoman," 
70 acres of land adjoining Dean Tyler's property, who was his 
brother. David sold the same land, August 10, 1809 (no 
wife joining), for $475 to Abraham Tyler, of Bowdoinham, 
" yeoman." (See Wiscasset, Maine, Reg. Deeds, Vols. 74 and 
75.) Before 1800 he lived, with his brother, John Smith Tyler, 
on the Stephen Ridlon place in Hiram, Maine. 

Children, by first marriage: 

1255 Annie Tyler, married Benjamin Bither. 

1256 Polly Tyler, married Strout. 

1257 Martha Tyler, married Marshall. 

1258 Rhoda Tyler, married Glidden. 

1259 Artemesia Tyler, married! March 11, 1829, Jacob 

Fogg; married (2), Taylor. 

1260+ Eunice Tyler. 

1261+ Orville Tyler, bom in Freedom, Maine, 1806. 

Fifth Generation 155 

Children, by second marriage: 
1262 Josiah Tyler, born in Unity or Freedom, Maine; died 
about 1890 ; was a farmer ; he married and had chil- 
dren ; one a son, died and left a widow in Bradford, 
1263+ Major Tyler. 

1264 Horace C. Tyler, died intestate; married Sarah L. 

; he lived in Freedom and the inventory of his 

estate amounted to $5,507.18. His wife was ad- 
ministratrix and apparently there were no children. 

404 DANIEL" TYLER (Abraham*), bom in Scarboro, 
Maine, February 6, 1780; died in Gorham, Maine, September 
26, 1822; married Mary Higgins, of Standish, Maine, daugh- 
ter of Enoch F. and Miriam (Dean) Higgins ; she probably 
died a widow in Belfast, Maine, April 1, 1856, aged 76. He 
was a lawyer and magistrate. He removed to Gorham. The 
male line is nearly out. The children were born in Gorham. 
Children : 

1265 SaUy Tyler, bom May 15, 1804 ; died May 10, 1809. 
1266+ Lendell Tyler, bom Aug. 28, 1805. 

1267+ Mary E. Tyler, bora July 2, 1807. 

1268 Daniel Tyler, bom April 28, 1809; died unmarried. 

1269+ Sally Tyler, bora Aug. 16, 1811. 

1270 AUen Tyler, bora April 2, 1814 ; died unmarried. 

1271+ Emily Tyler, born May 27, 1818. 

1272 Abraham Tyler; died unmarried. 

1273+ Martha Tyler. 

405 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Abraham*), born in Scarboro, 
Maine, in 1781 ; died in Saco, Maine, where he resided, January 
22, 1809; married (published) August 17, 1799, Lydia Josse, 
of Saco. He cut his knee in the woods and bled to death, after 
crawling three miles. His widow and children moved in 1820 
to Hartford, Maine, where she died January 2, 1854. The 
children were born in Saco. Children : 

1274+ John Tyler, bora March 27, 1800. 

1275+ Grace Tyler, bora Sept. 9, 1802. 

1276+ James Josse Tyler, born April 12, 1805. 

1277+ Dorcas Tyler, bora Aug. 2, 1807. 

156 The Descendants oe Job Tylebi 

409 CAPTAIN JOSEPH^ TYLER (Royall*), bom in 
Scarboro, Maine ; baptized March 29, 1752 ; will dated Novem- 
ber 25, 1825 ; estate probated in Alfred, Maine ; married June 
22, 1784, Jane March Small, bom June 19, 1765 ; daughter of 
Colonel Samuel and Anna (Libby) Small, of Scarboro. He 
moved to Limington, Maine; at one time resided in Standish, 
Maine ; later returned to Scarboro. and was received in the First 
Congregational church, September 29, 1808. He was in the 
Revolution. He was commissioned captain after the war by 
Governor Increase Sunmer, of Massachusetts. His son Daniel 
was administrator of his estate. Joseph was a friend of Alex- 
ander Hamilton, on whose death, in 1804, he, with some others, 
made his cof&n. The children were bom in Scarboro, except 
the youngest. Children: 

1278+ Mary Stevens Tyler, bom Oct. 13, 1785. 
1279+ Benjamin Tyler, born June 19, 1787. 
1280+ Anna Tyler, born Nov. 2, 1788. 
1281+ Elizabeth Tyler, born April 10, 1791. 
1282+ Joseph Tyler, born Oct. 10, 1792. 
1283+ Martha Tyler, bom Dec. 30, 1794. 
1284+ Abraham Tyler, bom March 7, 1798. 
1285+ Samuel Tyler, bom March 7, 1800. 
1286+ James Tyler, born Feb. 28, 1801. 
1287+ Jane Tyler, bom May 12, 1802. 

1288+ Daniel Tyler, born in Limington (probably). May 4, 

412 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Royall*), bom in Scarboro, 
Maine, April 21, 1762; died in Westport, Maine, January 6, 
1827; married, December 15, 1783, in Edgecombe, Maine, 
Martha Dunton, bom December 21, 1764 ; perhaps the daugh- 
ter of Samuel Dunton, whose land bounded land that Samuel 
Tyler bought. Comehus Tarbox, of Edgecombe, grants land 
to Samuel, March 15, 1787, "being at a place called Hell 
Gate Cove on the river," etc. John Hall, of Georgetown, 
Maine, July 25, 1787, sold to Samuel for £6 land on Squam 
Island (now Westport), 100 acres, "being at Hell's Gate and 
bounded by Samuel Dunton's and Nathaniel Knight's land," 
etc. (Wiscasset Deeds, Vols. 20 and 21.) The children were 
bom in Edgecombe, Maine, except the two younger, who were 
bom in Westport. 

Fifth Generation 157 

Childeen : 
1289+ James Tyler, born June 6, 1785. 

1290 Phebe Tyler, bom Oct. 20, 1786. 

1291 Martha Tyler, born April 9, 1791; published, Nov. 

25, 1812, to Smith Rogers, both then of Bath, Me. 

1292 Bethiah Tyler, born Feb. 25, 1793; married 

Crawford; she had two daughters and a son. 

1293 Samuel Tyler, bom Feb. 23, 1795 ; died young. 

1294 Betty Tyler, twin to Samuel; married James Collins, 

of Gardiner, Maine, and had two sons and three 
daughters. (One is Captain Jason Colhns, of the 
steamer " Kennebec") 

1295 Apphia Tyler, bom June 11, 1797; married 

Whitten, of Freeport, Maine; had four sons. 

1296 Royal Tyler, bom April 21, 1799. 
1297+ Ezra Tyler, bom May 27, 1804. 

1298 Samuel Tyler, bom Jan. 15, 1808; died May 27, 1831, 
probably unmarried. For $500 he grants, April 
29, 1831, to Ezra Tyler and Bethiah Crawford, of 
Westport, interest in the estate of Samuel Tyler, 
deceased, of Westport. 

414 JAMES^ TYLER (Royal*), born in Scarboro, 
Maine; baptized October 13, 1782; died in Portland, Maine, 
July 16, 1849; married Sarah Jordan, of Cape Elizabeth, 
Maine, daughter of Captain and Sarah (Grundy) Libby Jor- 
dan (who married (3), Abraham Tyler, the uncle of James). 
The children were bom in Portland. Children: 
1299+ Martha Tyler. 
1300+ Melinda Tyler. 

1301 James Tyler, died, unmarried, in New Orleans, La. ; 

he was a master mariner. 

1302 Clement Tyler, died, unmarried, in New Orleans; was 

a master mariner. 

1303 Sarah Ann Tyler, died aged 14. 

1304 Louisa Tyler, married Fred W. Bemis. 

1305 Charles Tyler, died about 1855 in San Francisco, un- 

married; he was a seaman. 
1306+ Simon Houston, bom in Gorham, Maine, in 1820. 
1307 Matthew Tyler, died unmarried. 

417 JACOB' TYLER (Jacob*), bom May 27, 1752; 

168 The Descenbanxs of Job Tyler 

died, in Methuen, Mass., March 6, 1810; married, September 

26, 1782, Ruth Marsh, of Haverhill, Mass., born November 
9, 1760 ; died February 15, 1812. He lived in Methuen, Mass. 
He was a private in Lieutenant Peter Poor's company of And- 
over, that marched, Wednesday, April 19, 1775, on the Alarm, 
from Andover to Cambridge, 55 miles. On Saturday, May 

27, 1775, Jacob Tyler, Jr., and 15 other men were engaged 
with the enemy at Chelsea, Mass., and also on Sunday, May 
28th, in which they drove the British from a schooner and set 
fire to it and destroyed it. Four men were wounded. They 
were a detachment from Captain Poor's company. He joined 
Captain Benj amin Farnum's company as a private. They were 
in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He died intestate and his widow 
administered upon the estate. His real estate was inventoried 
at $4<,364f, and his personal property at over a thousand dol- 
lars. Each of the children received about $660 in the distribu- 

Children : 
1308+ Ruth Tyler, born Aug. 9, 1785. 
1309+ Lydia Tyler, born June 25, 1787. 
1310+ John Tyler, bom Sept. 12, 1790. 

1311 Benjamin Marsh Tyler, bom June 29, 1792; died s. p. 

in Franklin, N. H., in 1847 ; married, Nov. 26, 1835, 
Mary Ware, of Andover, N. H. He was educated 
in the military school in Norwich, Conn. ; afterwards 
a teacher there, at Taunton Hill, in Andover, N. H., 
and later master of " Noyes' School " during its 
brief existence. His work had so impressed the 
people of Franklin and surrounding towns that when 
the school was broken up on account of the contest- 
ing of Mr. Noyes' will, " The Instructor's School " 
was built for him, organized in 1830, on a Normal 
basis with a regular course of training. He had 
large classes of teachers and attracted scholars from 
afar. When the records of New England school 
work are adequately made up, Mr. Tyler will have 
an honored place. " No citizen of Franklin has 
ever had a larger or better influence." 

1312 Jacob Tyler, bom April 9, 1794; died in Methuen, 

Mass., Dec. 22, 1856; married Sally Currier, who 
died Aug. 7, 1850; no children. He wa.s a farmer. 

Fifth Geneeation 159 

1313+ Sally Tyler, born April 4, 1796. 

1314 James Tyler, born July 11, 1797; died in Pelham, 
N. H., Nov. 7, 1875; married, July 10, 1834 or 
1835, Elizabeth Wyman, bom Sept. 7, 1816 ; daugh- 
ter of Edward and Hannah (Cutter) Wyman. He 
was a farmer and lived in Pelham. 

1315+ Vamum Tj'ler, twin to James. 

1316+ Jeremiah Tyler, born Jan. 16, 1799. 

419 LYDIA' TYLER (Jacob*), born in Haverhill, 

Mass., in 1756 ; died ; married, August 2,6, 1778, Nathan 

Swan, of Methuen, Mass., who married (2), Lydia's sister 
Sarah; he was bom September, 1758. She received her por- 
tion of her father's estate at her marriage. Children: 

1317 Nathan Swan, bom May 17, 1780. 

1318 Lydia Swan, born Dec. 21, 1782. 

420 SARAH^ TYLER (Jacob*), born in Haverhill, 
Mass., September, 1758; married (second wife) Nathan 
Swan, widower of her sister Lydia ; born September, 1758. She 
was to receive jointly, with her sister Phebe, the residue of her 
mother's estate. Child: 

1319 Sarah Swan, baptized in North Andover, in 1791. 

425 JEREMIAH^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Woburn, 
Mass., November 20, 1755 ; died in Lowell, Mass., at home of 
daughter, Mrs. John Locke, September 2, 1835 ; married widow 
Anna Munroe, who died March 18, 1781 ; he married again, but 
the name of his wife is not known ; she died in 1798. He was 
in the Revolution in Captain Edmund Munro's company of 
Colonel Timothy Bigelow's 15th Massachusetts Bay Regiment; 
he served in the early parts of the years 1778 and 1779, and at 
some period he enlisted for three years. His name is on the 
Pension Rolls. In 1821 he was living in Ashby, Mass. The 
children were bom in Woburn. Only those who survived their 
father are enumerated. Children: 

1320 John Tyler (.?). 

1321+ WilKam Tyler, born Oct. 1, 1789. 

1322+ Benjamin Tyler. 

132'3 Jonas Tyler, resided in Franconia, N. H., where he 

was a hotel-keeper, and where he died about 1850. 

There is a strong probability that he had sons. 

160 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

1324+ Fanny Tyler, born April 3, 1785. 

426 MOSES^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Andover, 
Mass., September 12, 1757; died, while living with his son 
Moses in Harvard, Mass., later than 1840; his will was dated 
March 29, 1839 ; married, in Boston, Mary Cotton, who died 
in Harvard, October 24, 1838, aged 80. He was in the Revo- 
lution, enlisting from Wobum, in Captain Abishar Brown's 
company of Colonel Josiah Whitney's regiment, in 1776; also 
in Captain Samuel Fay's company, Lieutenant-Colonel Webb's 
regiment in 1781, in the three months' series ; also on the roll 
of same company as late as January, 1784. He was a pen- 
sioner, as late as 1840. He kept a retail store in Boston, and 
is in the directory for the year 1812. He removed to Harvard, 
Mass. Children : 

1325+ Mary Tyler, bom in Boston, Feb. 2, 1797. 
1326 Moses Tyler; his father resided with him in Harvard 
in 1840. 

427 JONATHAN^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Wobum, 
Mass., June 14, 1760; died there February 14, 1833; married, 
May 1, 1781, Rhoda Bruce, bom January 22, 1761 ; died 
December 5, 1828; daughter of John and Mehitable Bruce. 
In 1776 he was in Captain Abishar Brown's company and in 
camp in Hull, Mass. He is thought to have been a pensioner 
at the time of his death. His son Joseph declined to admin- 
ister his estate, but later became surety for Benjamin Wyman, 
of Wobum, who was appointed administrator. Jonathan was 
a cordwainer. He was also, probably, a storekeeper in Boston 
in the retail business, and his name appears in the directory of 
1796. The children were born in Wobum. Children: 
1327+ Jonathan Tyler, Jr., born Sept. 17, 1782. 

1328 Polly Tyler, bom July 19, 1793 ; died young. 

1329 Sally Tyler, bom March 25, 1785 ; married, Sept. 17, 

1818, Abijah Stearns. 

1330 Isaac Tyler, born in 1787; drowned June 24, 1788, 

aged 16 months. 

1331 Infant, born 1788-9 ; died July 14, 1789, aged under 

1 year. 

1332 Susanna Tyler, bom April 21, 1790; married 

White, and moved to Vermont. 

Fifth Generation 161 

1333+ Mary Tyler. 

1334 Eliza Tyler, died unmarried. 

1335+ Hannah Tyler, bom Sept. 25, 1793. 

1336 Moses Tyler, bom in 1794 ; went to Albany, N. Y. 

1337 Isaac Tyler, went to St. Joseph, Mo. 
1338+ Joseph Tyler, born in 1798. 

1339 Infant, died April IS, 1803. 

1340 Clarissa Tyler, bom in 1801 ; died Dec. 3, 1860, un- 

1341+ Rhoda Bruce Tyler, bom Dec. 14, 1802. 

429 ELEANORS TYLER (Moses*), born August 7, 
1764; married, December 14, 1788, Elisha Fuller, of Charles- 
town, Mass., born October 8, 1760. The children were born 
in Charlestown. Children: 
1343 Hannah B. Fuller, bom Oct. 13, 1790. 

1343 Abigail T. Fuller, bom Sept. 10, 1791. 

1344 Elisha D. Fuller, bom Oct. 25, 1793. 

1345 Freeman H. Fuller, bom June 7, 1799. 

1346 Wilham P. Fuller, bom March 2, 1802. 

1347 Charles C. Fuller, bom Aug. 9, 1805. 

1348 Isaac B. Fuller, born Feb. 2, 1808. 

432 JONAS^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Wobum, Mass., 
May 31, 1733; died in Charlestown, Mass., June 26, 1853; 
married (1) (published November 11, 1804), Rebecca Adams, 
bom in Winchendon, Mass., March 30, 1781 ; died s. p. May 
28, 1806; married (2), February 6, 1810, in Lexington, Mass., 
Ruhamah Bridge, who died January 10, 1864, aged 82. He 
was a dealer in West India goods, and resided in Charlestown, 
where the children were bom. 

Childben, by second marriage: 
,1349 George Washington Tyler, born Feb. 5, 1813; died 
s. p. in Leavenworth, Kan., Aug. 22, 1870; married, 
Nov., 1855, Mrs. Louisa (Elms) Drake, the divorced 
wife of the historian Drake. Was graduated from 
Harvard Law School in 1857, and was admitted to 
practice the same year. Early in life he was a com- 
- mission merchant in Boston, where in his store, his 

brother John fell and died. George Tyler was well 

162 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

educated and brilliant; had a large library which 
was open for the use of young men. He was an 
early editor on the Boston Herald. Removed to 
Leavenworth, Kan. 

1350 John Francis Tyler, bom Sept. 10, 1815; died unmar- 

ried March 3, 1837, the result of a fall in the store 
of his brother George in Boston. 

1351 Rebecca Adams Tyler, bom March 23, 1817; died 

unmarried in Charlestown July 1, 1890. 

1353+ Benjamin FrankHn Tyler, bom April 4, 1821. 

1353 Anne (or Annie) Tyler, bom April 28, 1823 ; died un- 
married in Charlestown, Aug. 16, 1898. 

1354) (Captain) Jonas Kendall Tyler, bom March 25, 1825 ; 
died there May 2, 1898; married, Dec. 24, 1874, 
Mrs. Lydia Maria (Preston) Walsh, who died s. p. 
Sept. 7, 1888. He received a good education. He 
enlisted in the Mexican War, in Boston, June 5, 
1846, at the age of 21 attaining the rank of lieu- 
tenant. He was admitted to practice law at the 
Suffolk County, Massachusetts Bar, July 5, 1853. 
In June, 1861, he recruited a company for the 
Civil War, going out for three years as its captain, 
which became a part of the 29th Regiment of Mass. 
Volunteers. He wrote for the " Boston Herald " 
in its early days and was always a great reader. 
His temperament led him to take life easily and 
probably prevented him attaining the place his abiH- 
ties entitled him to reach. His will was proved May 
26, 1898. He left to his nephew, John Tyler, the 
" swords, pistols and accoutrements to the same, 
belonging, worn and used by me in the Mexican and 
Civil Wars." His residence was at 252 Bunker 
Hill Street, Charlestown. His nephew John was 

444 MOSES^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Boston, Mass., 
November 26, 1734 ; died September 16, 1811 ; interred in 
" Tyler's Point " cemetery, Barrington, R. I. ; married, July 
17, 1760, Elizabeth Adams (perhaps he had a first wife, who 
died soon) ; bom in 1738 ; died November 7, 1811. He was 
called " Esquire." In 1761 he bought his house in Boston on 

Fifth Genekation 163 

" King's Lane " of Peter Barbour. Moved to Warren and 
Barrington, R. I., soon after, where are recorded the births 
of his children. He appears on a list of officers commissioned 
for the 3d regiment of militia in the County of Bristol, July, 
1771. His rank was lieutenant in Captain Jacob Ide's com- 
pany. Colonel George Leonard's regiment. He was on the 
committee of correspondence, March 21, 1774), restricting the 
tea importation from Great Britain. In 1776 and 1777 he 
was a deputy from Barrington the General Assembly; he was 
a justice of the peace. He built ships on " New Meadow 
Neck " near Kelley's Bridge and also called " Tyler's Point," 
a narrow and short tongue of land bounded by tidewater, and 
reached by bridge from Barrington Center and by a second 
bridge from Warren. The old cemetery there, now neglected, 
contains three generations of Tylers, side by side. There stood 
the first Baptist church (erected in 1663), until 1700. In 
1778, when the British and Hessians invaded Warren and 
burned many buildings, Mr. Tyler was conspicuous in his 
efforts to prevent their invading Barrington. He prevented 
the landing of two Hessians, who came over in a boat, killing 
one, whose musket, 110 years old, was shown at the Centennial 
anniversary of the town. Mr. Tyler bequeathed the gun to 
his grandson, Sylvanus Haile Bowen. On the lock plate is 
stamped the English crown and the initials G. R. (Georgius 
Rex) and date, 1760. The Tyler homestead on "Tyler's 
Point " passed to John® and John^ Tyler, and originally in- 
cluded all the land between the two rivers. The children were 
bom in Warren, except the youngest. 

Childeen : 
1355+ Hannah Tyler, bom April 4, 1764. 
1356 Elizabeth Tyler, born Feb. 24, 1766. 
1357+ Mary Tyler, bora Feb. 18, 1768. 
1358+ John Tyler, bom Nov. 26, 1769. 
1359 Sarah Tyler, bom in Barrington, Dec. 19, 1771 ; died 

June 7, 1785 ; buried in the cemetery at Tyler's 


446 SARAH^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Boston, Mass., 
April 12 (or 2), 1738; died in January, 1791; interred in 
CoppCs Hill burying-ground ; married, May 22, (or 2), 1759, 

164t The Descendants of Job Tyler 

Robert Breck, bom in Boston, February 17, 1735 ; died in 1783 
and interred in Copp's Hill burying-ground. He was in the 
cooperage business, and had a fine residence at the North End 
on Love Street, with a silver plate on the door. He was a 
Revolutionary patriot. The children were bom in Boston. 
Children : 

1360 Luther Breck, bom March 15, 1762; a mariner and 

never married; was captured by the British in the 
War of 1812; escaped and recaptured, and died in 
Dartmoor Prison, England. 

1361 Isabella Breck, born July 31, 1763 ; died Nov. 1, 1847 ; 

married, Sept. 20, 1789, Jonathan Stoddard, bom 
in Boston, Sept. 2, 1766; lived in Boston and died 
Aug. 20, 1827. 

1362 Sarah Breck, baptized June 9, 1765 ; died unmarried. 

1363 Robert Breck, baptized Sept. 9, 1766 ; died unmarried. 
1364) Moses Breck, baptized April 3, 1768 ; died in Plymouth, 

Mass., May, 1807. 

1365 Deborah Breck, bom May 6, 1769 ; married W. Blake, 

May 9, 1795 ; died s. p. 

1366 Joseph Breck, bom Oct. 10, 1771 ; died in Littleton, 

Mass, June 27, 1822 ; married, Oct. 12, 1809, Lucy 
Everett, of Roxbury; they had at least four chil- 

1367 Hannah Breck, born April, 1772 ; died young. 

1368 Ann Breck, born July 30, 1774 ; died young. 

1369 Hannah Breck, born in 1776; died unmarried. 

1370 Samuel Breck, bom Feb. 27, 1778; died suddenly in 

Boston, March 20, 1809. 

448 HANNAH^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Boston, 
Mass., June 24, 1742; married, January 9, 1766, Alden Bass, 
" mariner." Children : 

1371 Hannah Bass, married Eaton. 

1372 Mary Bass, married Colbum. See No. 3332. 

1373 Moses Bass. 

1374 Joseph D. Bass. 

1375 Deborah Bass, left children. 

449 CAPTAIN ELISHA^ TYLER (Moses*), born in 
Boston, Mass., April 16, 1744; died there, January 21, 1808; 

Fifth Genekation 165 

married, March 27, 1766, by Rev. Andrew Eliot, Dorcas Page, 
who died in Boston, December 28, 1770, aged 29, and was 
interred in Copp's Hill burying-ground. He was a shipwright 
and mariner and was styled "Esquire." His will speaks of 
him as " Late of the Bay of Honduras — formerly of Boston 
(Dorchester)." Will probated March 28, 1808; son Elish* 
was legatee; brother Edward was executor. {Boston Probate 
Records . ) Children : 
1376+ Hannah Luther Tyler. 

1377 EHsha Tyler, born March 3, 1767; died unmarried. 
He was a " mariner." 

4.50 ELLIS^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Boston, Mass., 
September 16, 1745 ; died there, November 5, 1788 ; married, 
April 6, 1769, in Boston, Abigail Luther Parkman, who died 
in Harvard, Mass., about 1817, aged 68. He was a tailor 
and shipwright. In 1779 he was steward on the ship General 
Putnam, commanded by Daniel Waters, Esq. ; in 1780 he held 
the same rank on board the ship Viper, commanded by Wilham 
Williams ; in 1781 he was steward on the brig Prospect, com- 
manded by Joseph Vesey. He was five feet eight inches in 
height, and was of a dark complexion. His wife was executor, 
and his will was probated January 10, 1786. His children 
were bom in Boston. Children: 
1378+ Edward Tyler, bom Nov. 10, 1776. 

1379 Elhs Callender Tyler, died in Harvard, Mass., unmar- 

ried, aged 46. His brother Edward administered 
upon his estate, and gave bond, July 14, 1817. It 
was distributed among his surviving brothers and 

1380 Hannah Luther Tyler, married, Sept. 29, 1791, Sam- 

uel Pearce, a baker, of Boston. 

1381 Abigail (Nabby) Tyler, married Lawrence Gray, 

mariner, July 24, 1793 ; no children recorded in 
1382+ Sarah (Sally) Tyler. 

452 MABEL^ TYLER (Daniel*), bora in Canterbury, 
Conn., June 30, 1724; died February SI, 1792; married, No- 
vember 1, 1749, Hon. Beth Paine, Jr., bom in Pomfret, Conn,, 
May 21, 1719; died there, February 24, 1762; he and his wife 

166 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

are buried in the old Brooklyn, Conn., yard; he was the son 
of Seth and Mary (Morris) Paine. He was a skilful surveyor 
and a leading man in his community. For several years he was 
representative to the General Assembly and a member of the 
United States Constitutional Convention, in January, 1788, 
and voted to " ratify." He was both a merchant and farmer. 
Was admitted to the Congregational church January 1, 1758. 
(See Paine Family Records.) The children were bom in 

Children : 

1383 Seth Paine, bom Aug. 23, 1750 ; married Lester, 

of Preston, Conn., a farmer, who moved to Tun- 
bridge, Vt., and died in 1820; they had two sons 
and three daughters. 

1384 Mary Paine, bom May 4, 1753 ; died Nov. 23, 1765. 

1385 John Paine, born March 28, 1755; a farmer; died 

unmarried, in Winsor, Vt., 1785. 

1386 Elijah Paine, born Jan. 21, 1757; died in Williams- 

town, Vt., April 21, 1842; married Sarah Porter; 
was graduated from Harvard College in 1781 ; set- 
tled in Montpeher, Vt., in 1785, and in 1790 was 
on the committee to settle the boundary between 
New York and Vermont ; was a member of Congress 
from 1795-1801; in 1801 was appointed Judge of 
the United States District Court in Vermont; had 
four sons and two daughters. 

1387 Ebenezer Paine, bom Aug. 23, 1758; died Aug. 17, 

1826; married Sarah De Croe; moved to Edenton, 
N. C. ; had two boys and a girl. 

1388 Sarah Paine, born April 4, 1760; died in Troy, N. Y., 

1832; married in 1781, Judge Isaac Cushman, who 
died June 2, 1842. 

1389 Amasa Paine, bom May 28, 1762 ; died in Troy, N. Y., 

Dec. 25, 1823; married, Sept. 9, 1787, Elizabeth 
Homer; was two years at Yale College; was grad- 
uated from Harvard College in 1785; a lawyer; 
they had one son and six daughters. 

1390 Anne Paine, bom March 20, 1764 ; died in Guildhall, 

Vt. ; married Denison. 

1391 Daniel Paine, bom Jan. 29, 1767 ; moved to Randolph, 

Vt., in 1798, where he died Feb., 1811; married 

Fifth Geneeation 167 

Mehitable Lester; was a farmer, they had three 
sons and four daughters. 

454 ASA^ TYLER (Daniel*), born in Canterbury, 

Conn., March 5, 1731; died ; married Antis ; moved 

to Brooklyn, Conn. Children: 

1392 Alemeron (or Alleman) Tyler, born March 12, 1767 ; 

died Dec. 26, 1768. 

1393 Alemeron Tyler, bom Feb. 6, 1769 ; died Jan., 1772. 

1394 Henrietta Maria Tyler, bom Nov. 6, 1771 ; living in 


1395 Alvan Tyler, bom Jan. 26, 1773; living in 1811. 

1396 Bemice Tyler, bom Jan. 20, 1775; probably died 

before 1813. 

1397 Tabitha Tyler, bom Dec. 26, 1776; married 


1398 Asenath Tyler, bom Dec. 10, 1779 ; living in 1811. 

1399 James Tyler, bom Dec. 20, 1781 ; probably died be- 

fore 1813. 
1400+ Alcemon Tyler, born Oct. 16, 1784. 

1401 Jabez Tyler, born June 6, 1786; living in 1811. . 

455 AMY^ TYLER (Daniel*), bom in Canterbury, 
Conn., December 10, 1733; died September 13, 1811, in Hamp- 
ton, Conn. ; married, in Canterbury (afterward Brooklyn, 
Conn.), November 27, 1760, Aaron Goodell, bom in Pomfret, 
Conn., July 26, 1733 ; died in Chaplin, Conn., March 28, 1823. 
son of Ebenezer Goodell (Thomas, Zachariah, Robert). He 
was a farmer and lived in Mansfield, Conn., where the children 
were bom. Children: 

1402 Olive Goodell, born Nov. 28, 1761 ; married Rev. Jes- 

seniah Holmes and moved to New York state. He 
was a Baptist minister and they had 19 children. 

1403 Anne Goodell, bom Feb. 6, 1764; married James 

Eaton, of Chaplin, Conn. ; had a son (Edwin) who 
had a family. 

1404 Zilpha Goodell, bom April 25, 1765; married, Dec. 

15, 1791, Andrew Bumham, who died in Mansfield, 
Feb. 11, 1810, and afterwards she moved to Ohio 
and Joined the Shakers; they had five children who 
died young. 

168 The Descendants or Job Tyleb 

1405 Isaac Goodell, born April 10, 1770; died in Chaplin, 

Conn., May 1, 1856 ; married, Nov. 27, 1804, Chloe 
Hammond, bom April 15, 1772 ; died Jan. 27, 1870. 
He was a farmer and had two sons and two daugh- 
ters. From his son (Walter) who was a prominent 
man, is descended the genealogist. Rev. Isaac Good- 
ell, of Haverhill, Mass., who is the author of the 
Goodell Genealogy. 

1406 Theda Goodell, bom 1773 ; died in Chaplin, in 1775 ; 

was the first white child buried there. 

456 LUCY^ TYLER, bom in Canterbury, Conn, (after- 
ward Brooklyn, Conn.), November 13, 1735; married, Feb- 
ruary 1, 1759, Abijah Goodell, of Pomfret, Conn., where the 
children were born; he was bom June 27, 1736; son of Jacob 
Goodell (Thomas, Zachariah, Robert). Children: 

1407 Huldah Goodell, born March 1, 1760. 

1408 EHsha Goodell, bom April 20, 1765. 

1409 Elijah Goodell, born April 23, 1766. 

1410 Nathan Goodell, born May 26, 1768. 

1411 Lucy Goodell, bom March 6, 1772. 

1412 Molly Goodell, born Feb. 26, 1774. 

459 CAPTAIN JAMES^ TYLER (Daniel*), bom in 
Canterbury, Conn., July 25, 1743; died 1784; administrator 
appointed October 5, 1784; married (1), (published September 
15, 1769), in Bridgewater, Mass., Sarah Shurtlefi^, born in 
Bridgewater, November 5, 1749; died in Canterbury, Conn., 
March 11, 1781, daughter of William and Sarah (Kingman) 
ShurtlefF; married (2), April 11, 1782, Mehitable Scarborough. 
Captain Daniel Tyler, of Pomfret, Conn., was appointed ad- 
ministrator. The inventory was filed November 2, 1784, Seth 
Paine and Jabez Allyn being the appraisers. The amount was 
£566, 3s, 7d. It included his " silver-belted sword, and other 
arms and ammunition ; 21 silver buttons ; 6 large silver spoons 
and 12 small ones ; 22 cream and Delph plates ; one note against 
Asa Tyler of £28, 7s, 9d." Captain Daniel Tyler was chosen 
guardian of the children ; at sixteen years of age Joseph Tyler 
chose Ebenezer Scarborough, of Brooklyn, as his guardian. 
Captain James' residence was in Canterbury, Conn. 

Fifth Geneeation 169 

Children, by first marriage: 

1413 William Tyler, baptized Dec. 16, 1770 ; died July 13, 


1414 Sarah Tyler, bom July 16, 1772 ; married Eddy. 

141,5+ James Tyler, born Sept. 16, 1774. 

1416 Joseph Tyler, born June 12, 1776; in 1785 he is 

mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate, 
but he is not named in his grandfather Gen. Daniel 
Tyler's will, in 1797, and probably died before that 
time, but later than 1792, when he chose his guar- 

1417 Anne Tyler, bom Jan. 26, 1779; died, unmarried, Feb. 

21, 1796. The administrator of her estate was her 
brother, Dt. James Tyler, and it was distributed 
May 2, 1797, to her brothers Joseph and Dr. James 
and sister, Mrs. Sarah Eddy ; it amounted to about 

1418 Ehsha Tyler, baptized Feb. 4, 1781 ; died before date 

of grandfather's will. 

Childken, by second marriage; 

1419 Hitty Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1783 ; died before date of 

grandfather's will. 

1420 Patty Tyler, born June 18, 1784 ; died before date of 

grandfather's will. 

460 ELIZABETH^ TYLER (Daniel*), bom in Can- 
terbury, Conn., December 15, 1744; married, February 28, 
1765, Increase Hewit. Child : 

1421 Thomas Hewit, bom before Oct., 1797. mentioned in 

Daniel Tyler's will. 

462 CAPTAIN DANIEL' TYLER (Daniel*), bom in 
Canterbury, Conn., May 21, 1750; died in Brooklyn, Conn., 
April 29, 1832; married (1), April 15, 1771, Mehitable Put- 
nam, born in Pomfret, Conn., October 21, 1749; died in Brook- 
lyn, November 28, 1789 ; daughter of General Israel and Han- 
nah (Pope) Putnam; married (2), in Brooklyn, June 10, 1790, 
Mrs. Sarah (Edwards) Chaplin, born in Elizabethtown, N. J., 
July 11, 1761 ; died in Brooklyn, April 25, 1841 ; widow of 
Benjamin Chaplin, and daughter of Timothy Edwards, son of 

170 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

President Jonathan Edwards. She inherited many of the traits 
of her distinguished ancestry. Captain Tyler was graduated 
from Harvard College in 1771. He served as adjutant to his 
father-in-law, General Putnam, in 1775 and in many campaigns. 
In 1777, he and thirty-five others obtained leave to form an 
independent Matross company, to be commanded only by the 
commander-in-chief or by majors or brigadier-generals of the 
State of Connecticut. This company was ordered to rendez- 
vous in Greenwich, in 1780, and they did efficient work when 
New London and Rhode Island were threatened. He was 
Captain of Artillery in 1778. When the town of Brooklyn 
was organized, June 26, 1786, Daniel was one of the selectmen. 
He was among the heaviest of the tax-payers, and served on 
the committee for the first grammar school. By 1795 he had 
a fine farm under cultivation. Captain Tyler engaged exten- 
sively in business, receiving and discharging large quantities 
of produce. In the church struggle of 1816, " Old Captain 
Tyler " held up the orthodox banner and was supported by 
the majority of the church. His will was dated April 24, 1832. 
The nine elder children were bom in Pomfret, Conn. ; the two 
younger in Brooklyn, Conn. 

Children, by first marriage: 
1422-1- Molly Tyler, born Aug. 1, 1772. 
1423-f- Pascal Paoli Tyler, bom May 15, 1774. 

1424 Daniel Putnam Tyler, bom March 1, 1776; died, un- 

married, in Whitesboro, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1798. He 
was graduated from Yale College in 1794; became 
a lawyer. 

1425 Septimus Tyler, born Sept. 12, 1779; died May 26, 

1782, in Pomfret. 

1426+ William P. Tyler, bom Oct. 7, 1782. 

1427+ Betsey Tyler, born June 18, 1784. 

1428 Septimus Tyler, born June 7, 1788; died Sept. 17, 
1817, of yellow fever while on frigate Congress, on 
passage home from bearing government dispatches 
to Hayti, in the War of 1812; he was graduated 
from West Point; he was commissioned Assistant 
Quarter-Master General in the War of 1812. 

Children, by second marriage: 
1429+ Sarah Pierpoint Tyler, born April 25, 1791. 

Fifth Geneeation 171 

\4!30+ Edwin Tyler, born Nov. 24, 1793. 
►14.82+ Daniel Tyler, bom Jan. 7, 1799. 
1431+ Frederick Tyler, born May 7, 1795. 

464 ZILPHA« TYLER (Daniel*), born in Canterbury, 
Conn., June 28, 1758 ; died in Brooklyn, Conn., September 22, 
1784 ; married, in 1777, Thomas Merritt, Jr., of Brooklyn, bom 
in Scituate, Mass., April, 1754 ; died in Rowley, Mass. ; son of 
Thomas and Jane (Nichols) Merritt. The children were bom 
in Brooklyn. Children : 

1433 Eunice Merritt, born April 15, 1778; married Joseph 

Scott ; is mentioned in her grandfather Tyler's will. 

1434 Joseph Merritt, died Aug., 1782, in infancy. 

1435 Septimus Merritt, born June 27, 1782; probably died 


1436 Infant daughter, bom and died Sept. 19, 1784. 

466 PHINEAS^ TYLER (John*), bom in Canterbury, 
Conn., May 17, 1738; died in Brookfield, Vt., October 31, 
1796 ; married, November 19, 1766, Lucy Hyde. He moved to 
Brookfield, where, February 5, 1800, he took a life lease of 
property owned by his son Asahel. His administrator was 
Daniel Tyler(?), who as such, gave deed to land at Brookfield, 
November 22, 1856, the last Tyler entry there. His children 
were bom in Canterbury. Children: 
1437+ Asahel Tyler, bom July 6, 1768. 
1438+ John Tyler, bom July 15, 1770. 

1439 Molly Tyler, bom Sept. 4, 1772. 

1440 Elijah Tyler, bom Feb. 12, 1775. 

1441 Zilpah Tyler, born Sept. 2, 1777. 

1442 Amasa Tyler, born July 10, 1780. 

1443 Lucy Tyler, bom Oct. 12, 1782. 

471 OLIVERS TYLER (John*), born in Canterbury, 
Conn., January 2, 1754 ; died in East Randolph, Vt., September 
18, 1834; married, January 4, 1775, Abigail Warren, who 
died July 20, 1836, aged 83. He was in the Revolution in the 
militia, in Saratoga, in Captain Clark's company, Colonel 
Latimer's regiment, in 1777. He is mentioned in the Pension 
Rolls. He removed to Vermont from Tolland, Conn., in 1781, 
and was a farmer and hotel-keeper. The three elder children 

172 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

were born in Canterbury, and the three younger in East Ran- 
dolph. Children : 

1444+ Zerviah Tyler, bom March 16, 1776. 
1445 Polly Tyler, bom Dec. 6, 1778; married Joel Allen, 

of Greenfield, Mass., and had two children. 
1446+ Perley Tyler, bom in 1779. 

1447 Joseph Tyler, born Jan. 5, 1782; died, unmarried, 

Jan. 1, 1833. 

1448 Sophia Tyler, married Daniel Martin, of Bradford, 

Vt., and had four or five children. 
1449+ Orris Tyler, born Dec. 26, 1783. 

478 Mt^KYS TYLER (Moses*), born in Preston, Conn., 
September 12, 1730; died June 15, 1800; married (1), March 
15, 1749, Elijah Boardman, born March 13, 1720, in Preston; 
son of Wait John and Mary (Billings) Boardman; descended 
from Daniel and Thomas of Ipswich, Mass. ; married (2), May 
28, 1760, Benjamin Coit, bora March 28, 1731; died April 
21, 1812; son of Colonel Samuel and Sarah (Spalding) Coit; 
his first wife was Abigail Billings, by whom he had four chil- 
dren. He was buried in the Coit tomb in Griswold, Conn. He 
was State Representative in 1772, 1773, 1778; and Judge of 
the County Court, etc. Children, by first marriage, born in 
Preston : 

1450 Henry Boardman, died young. 

1451 Jonas Boardman. 

1452 Elijah Boardman. 

1453 John Boardman. 

1454 Frances Boardman. 

Children, by second marriage, born in Preston: 

1455 Henry Coit, born Dec. 11, 1761 ; died unmarried, 1790. 

1456 George Coit, born Sept. 19, 1763; died in London, 

Eng., Sept. 28, 1787. 

1457 William Coit, born Aug. 21, 1766; married Hannah 


1458 Abigail Coit, bora Aug. 20, 1768; married Nathaniel 


1459 Martha Coit, born Oct. 16, 1770; married Dwight 


1460 Betsey Coit, born Oct. 29, 1772; married Rev. Jona- 

than Pomeroy. 

Fifth Geneuation 173 

1461 Thomas Coit, born Feb. 7, 1775 ; lost at sea on journey 
to Europe; vessel never reported. 

480 ELISHA^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Preston, 
Conn., August 5, 1734; died there March 26, 1809; married, 
December 31, 1755, Hannah Lester, who died February 23, 
1813, in the 82d year of her age. They are buried in the old 
Pachaug cemetery. He was executor of his father's wiU and 
is mentioned thus : " I give to my son . . . the horse I 
usually ride, my best saddle and bridle, my largest Bible, and 
a sixth part of my library, my silver shoe buckles, my gold 
sleeve buttons together with all my wearing apparel both 
woollen and linen and my best walking cane. . . . More- 
over, I give to my said son, my negro man Quam, enjoining 
it on my said son to take all proper and tender care of him, 
inasmuch as said negro hath faithfully served me many years." 
The children were born in Preston. 

Childben : 
1462+ Moses Tyler, bom Aug. 16, 1761. 
1463+ Hannah Tyler, bom July 23, 1764. 

482 SARAH^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Preston, 
Conn., September '30, 1738; died there, May 26, 1827; married, 
April 17, 1755, Seth Smith. The children were bom in Ston- 
ington. Conn. Children : 

1464 Moses Smith, bom Jan. 9, 1756 ; died Jan. 17, 1777. 

1465 Parker Smith, bom Nov. 2, 1758. 

1466 Sabra Smith, bora March 18, 1762. 

1467 Chester Smith, bom June 24, 1764. (Hon. Samuel 

O. Prentice, of Hartford, Conn., is a descendant of 

1468 Shubael Smith, bom March 17, 1769. 

483 ESTHERS TYLER (Moses*), bom in Preston, 
Conn., December 9, 1740 ; died in Rutland, Vt., September 16, 
1787; married, October 1, 1759, Captain Nathaniel Gore, of 
Coventry, Conn., bom April 21, 1739; died in Rutland, Sep- 
tember 9, 1813. Captain Nathaniel was descended from John 
Gore of Cambridge, Mass., who came from England about 
1648. Nathaniel was a sergeant and had seven days' service 

174 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

at the time of the Lexington Alarm, in Captain William Bel- 
cher's company. Commissioned July 6, 1775, as lieutenant of 
the 8th company of the 8th Connecticut regiment, Colonel 
Jedediah Huntington, afterwards the " 17th Continental." He 
was taken prisoner at the battle of Long Island, and sent to 
the Jersey prison ship, where his sufferings permanently 
impaired him. 



Sally Gore, died young. 


Esther Gore. 


Sally Gore. 


Nathaniel Gore. 


Almary Gore. 


Frederick Gore. 


Polly Gore. 


Jesse Gore. 

491 MAJOR SAMUEL^ TYLER (James*), bom in 
Preston, Conn., August 21, 1734; died there, March 20, 1820; 
married, March 17, 1757, Judith Brown, who died July 5, 
1821, aged 86. He was appointed major in May, 1777, and 
transferred to the 27th regiment from the 8th regiment of the 
militia, January, 1780. The regiment was composed of men 
from Preston, Groton and Stonington. The children were bom 
in Preston. Children: 

1477+ James Tyler, bom Aug. 3, 1763. 
1478+ Bishop Tyler, bom Jan. 27, 1767 ; died April 12, 1844. 
1479+ Esther Tyler, bom July 17, 1769. 
1480+ John Brown Tyler, bom Nov. 9, 1773. 
1481+ Amy B. Tyler, twin to John Brown. 

509 JOSEPH^ TYLER (Joseph*), born in Preston, 
Conn., April 11, 1748; died August 17, 1824; buried in the 
old Brooklyn, Conn., cemetery; married, January 9, 1772, 
Anne Freeman, born 1750 ; died November 12, 1812, in her 
61st year, and buried beside her husband. Children : 
1482+ Daniel Tyler, born in 1773. 
1483 Zipporah Tyler, bom in 1775 ; died unmarried. May 

29, 1835; buried in Scotland, Conn. 
1484+ Joseph Tyler, bom in 1777. 

Fifth Geneeation 176 

1485 Polly Tyler, bom Aug. 23, 1780; died May 15, 1801. 
14!8&f Steavens Tyler, born in 1782. 

1487 Nancy Tyler, born in 1785; died, unmarried, Oct. 3, 


bom in Preston, Conn., May 18, 1757 ; married, November 22, 
1786, Clarinda Punderson. He resided in Preston and Jewett 
City, Conn. He was first lieutenant of the 4th company of the 
6th battalion, Wadsworth's brigade, under Colonel Chester, in 
1776, from Windham county. Children: 

1488 Harriet Tyler, bom in 1788 ; died April 5, 1799. 

1489 (Capt.) James Tyler, bom July 21, 1789; died, un- 

married, in Jewett City, Conn., in 1864. He was 
in the War of 1812. 

1490 Clarina Tyler, born Aug. 1, 1791 ; died, unmarried, in 


1491 Sophia Tyler, bom in 1793; died Sept. 17, 1794. 

1492 Sophia Tyler, bom Oct. 13, 1795 ; died, unmarried, in 

Jewett City, Conn., in 1861. 

1493 (Rev.) Joseph Punderson Tyler, bom Sept. 14, 1797, 

in Griswold, Conn.; died, unmarried, in North 
Bridgewater, Mass., Dec. 26, 1844. He was grad- 
uated from Brown University in the class of 1823; 
studied at Andover Theological Seminary; was or- 
dained to the ministry of the Congregational church, 
June 3, 1828. He became a home missionary on 
Long Island, in 1828, and an agent of the American 
Home Missionary Society. He preached in eastern 
Connecticut and on Long Island from 1828-1834, 
when he became the pastor of the church in West 
Gloucester, Mass. ; he was acting pastor in Volun- 
town and Sterling, Conn., in 1835-1836; preached 
in Chilmarth, Mass. and Little Compton, R. I., be- 
tween 1836 and 1841. 
1494+ Harriet Tyler, bom Jan. 15, 1800. 

1495 Prudentia Tyler, bom in 1803; died Nov. 26, 1804, 

aged 16 months. 

1496 Pradentia Ann Tyler, bom 1806-1807; died Jan. 9, 


1497 Infant, died April 30, 1822. 

176 The Descendants of Job Tylek. 

514. ZURIAH5 TYLER (Joseph*), born in Preston, 
Conn., August 25, 1759; died in Plainfield, N. H., May 27, 
1846; married Gideon Woodward. He was in the Revolution. 
Children : 

1498 Erastus Woodward, bom April 18, 1791 ; died in Grin- 

nell, la., July 29, 1870; married Sarah Gilson, and 
had ten children (among them Tyler Woodward, 
President of the United States National Bank, Port- 
land, Ore.). 

1499 Sarah Woodward, bom Aug. 25, 1793; died, s. p., 

Aug. 22, 1886; married John Daniels. 

1500 Frederick Woodward, bora Dec. 6, 1795; died Dec. 1, 

1861 ; married Lucy Fay and had a family. 

1501 Henry Woodward, bom Jan. 23, 1798 ; died April 26, 

1873 ; married Jane Cornell and had a family. 

1502 Sophia Woodward, born June 3, 1800; died Sept. 3, 

1890 ; married Sylvanus Bryant ; had a family. 

516 MEHITABEL^ TYLER (John*), born in North 
Preston (now Griswold), Conn., October 18, 1743; died Jan- 
uary '3, 1816; married, February 6, 1766, John Coit, of Pres- 
ton, bom June 4, 1741 ; died March 3, 1808 ; son of Samuel 
and Sarah (Spa[u]lding) Coit. He marched on the Lexing- 
ton Alarm as a sergeant. Children : 

1503 Lydia Coit, born Dec. 13, 1766; married James Lord. 

1504 (Capt.) Nathaniel Coit, born May 5, 1768; married 

(1), Betsey Morgan, of Preston; married (2), Mrs. 
John Prentice. 

1505 Sarah Coit, bom May 1, 1770; married James 

Rogers, Norwich, Conn. 

1506 Olive Coit, born Feb. 22, 1772; died in Sutherland, 

Mass., in 1840; married (1), May 29, 1793, Colonel 
Moses Tyler, No. 1462; married (2), 1835, Rev. 
J. Dorrance, of Sutherland, Mass. 

1507 John Coit, born Dec. 20, 1773; married Betsey Coit, 

daughter of Wheeler Coit; he was a merchant in 
New York City and a cotton trader. 

1508 Sophia Coit, bom Oct. 14, 1775; married Roland Bur- 

bank, of West Springfield, Mass. 

1509 James Tyler Coit, born Oct. 1, 1778; died in Saint 

Mary's, Ga., where he went on mercantile pursuits. 

Fifth Geneeation 177 

1610 Rebecca Coit, bom Feb. a, 1783; died, s. p. about 
1820, drowned while crossing a river; married (1), 
March 27, 1805, her cousin Daniel T. Coit, No. 
1512, son of Daniel and Olive (Tyler) Coit, No. 
520; married (2), Joseph Williams. 

1511 (Hon.) Roger Coit, bom Jan. 25, 1786; married (1), 

Oct. 7, 1808, Frances Coit, who died in Plainfield, 
Conn., Sept. 26, 1843 ; daughter of Daniel and 
Mercy Coit; married (2), Feb. 25, 1845, Mrs. Eliza 
Coggeswell. (See Coit Genealogy.) 

520 OLIVE^ TYLER (John*), born in North Preston, 
(now Griswold), Conn., March 22, 1722; died November 18, 
1782; married, November 29, 1781, Daniel Coit, bom in Pres- 
ton, Conn., January 28, 1757; died October 11, 1790; son of 
Benjamin and Abigail (Billings) Coit. He was received into 
the church July 6, 1783. (He married (2), August 31, 1786, 
Mercy Brewster, who survived him, and married, in her turn, 
William Coggeswell, of Plainfield, Conn., May 22, 1791.) 
Daniel Coit served during a part of the Revolution and died 
at the early age of 33. Olive Tyler Coit is buried in the old 
Pachaug, Conn., cemetery. 

Children : 

1512 Daniel Tyler Coit, born Oct. 28, 1782; died Jan. 28, 

1808 ; married, March 27, 1805, his cousin, Re- 
becca Coit, No. 1,510, who died June 17, 1841, aged 
58. They had a son, named for his father, who was 
a distinguished physician in Boston, but left no 

1513 Olive Tyler Coit, twin to Daniel, died of consumption, 

Nov. 20, 1798, aged 16. 

521 CAPTAIN JOHN« TYLER (John*), bom in 
North Preston (now Griswold), Conn., July 22, 1755; died 
there, April 6, 1836; married (1), February 11, 1780, Mary 
Boardman, born in North Preston (now Griswold), Conn., 
about 1759; baptized May 4, 1760; died there September 13, 

1818; in the 59th year of her age; daughter of and 

Mary Boardman, of North Preston; married (2), May 29, 
1822, Esther (Chesebro) Moss, a widow, born in Stonington, 

178 The Descendants op Job Tyleb, 

Conn., August 26, 1776; died September 28, 184.9. Captain 
Tyler was commissioned May 28, 1784, by Governor Matthew 
Griswold, as captain in the third company in the eighth regi- 
ment of Connecticut. Children, by first marriage: 
1514+ Joseph Coit Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1781. 
1615+ Mary Tyler, bom Oct. 26, 1782. 
1516+ Olive Tyler, bom Nov. 29, 1784. 
1517+ John Tyler, bom Sept. 17, 1789 (perhaps 1787). 
1518+ Henry Coit Tyler, bom Aug. 9, 1791 (perhaps 1792). 
1519+ Dwight Ripley Tyler, bom June 30, 1795. 
1520+ Thomas Spaulding Tyler, bom Jan. 7, 1798. 
1621+ Abby Tyler, bom July 31, 1800. 

LYDIA^ TYLER (John*), bom in North Preston 
(now Griswold), Conn., October 5, 1768; died in Preston, Feb- 
ruary 24, 1787; married (as third wife), August 7, 1777< 
General Samuel Mott, of Preston; bom in Westerly, R. I., 
October 31, 1736; died in Preston, May 16, 1813; son of 
Jonathan Mott. (He married (1), Abigail Rossiter, of Pres- 
ton, who left a family; he married (2), Abigail (Ayer) Stan- 
ton, of Preston). He rendered distinguished service in the 
Revolutionary War, as a colonel and as a general. Mrs. 
Lydia Mott is buried in the Pachaug cemetery. The children 
were bom in Preston. 

Children : 

1522 John Tyler Mott, born Sept. 15, 1778; married, Nov. 

'30, 1810, Dolly Ayer, daughter of Captain Nathan 
Ayer, of Preston ; had three sons and five daughters. 

1523 Lucy Mott, bom May 29, 1779 ; died unmarried, and 

was buried in Preston. 

1524 Samuel R. Mott, born Aug. 7, 1782; died in infancy. 

1525 Lydia Mott, born Dec. 24, 1784 ; she died unmarried, 

and was buried in Preston; she is not mentioned in 
General John Tyler's will of 1798. 

524 ELIZABETH'' TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Pres- 
ton, Conn., May 27, 1758 ; married, August 17, 1775, WiUiam 
Brown, of Poquetannock, Conn. The children were born in 
Preston. Children : 

1526 Elizabeth Brown, bom Aug. 1, 1776. 

1527 William Wilbur Brown, bom June 6, 1779. 

Fifth Generation 179 

1528 Tyler Brown, bom June 18, 1781. 

1529 Lucy Brown, born June 10, 1785. 

1530 Erastus Brown, bom May 17, 1787. 
1631 Ansel Brown, born May 21, 1789. 

1532 Harry Brown, born Aug. 7, 1795 ; died June 13, 1801. 

1533 Mary Brown, bom June 9, 1798. 

525 LYDIA^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Preston, 
Conn., October 20, 1760 ; died January 27, 1799 ; married, De- 
cember 7, 1780, Frederick Witter, of Preston, bom August 13, 
1752 ; died December 6, 1801 ; son of William and Hannah 
(Freeman) Witter. Hannah Freeman was the daughter of 
Joseph Freeman (Joseph^, John^), and was descended from 
Elder William Brewster, through her mother, Hannah Brews- 
ter. Mr. Witter was commissioned ensign of the 1st company, 
8th regiment, Connecticut militia in 1783; lieutenant in 1784 
and captain in 1787. He left a large property. 

Children : 
1534) Lydia Witter, bom March 27, 1783, in Preston ; died 
in Litchfield, Conn., March 9, 1850; married, Dec. 
4, 1800, Gilbert Button, descended from No. 116, 
bom Nov. 23, 1778; had eleven children (Lydia, 
Maria, Julia, Harriet, Emily, Lucy, Nancy, Gilbert, 
Rosina, Minerva, Louisa). Emily married Chester 
Spaulding, of Sheffield, Mass., who at her death mar- 
ried her sister Julia ; Emily had twelve children, of 
whom the sixth, Rhoda Jane Spaulding, married 
Hayden Marcus Truesdell, and had three children 
(Arthur E., Mary Belle and Jennie E.), Arthur 
married Elizabeth G. Leonard, and has one son 
(Leonard W.) and Mary B. married Harry Lyman 
Bradley, and has two children (Hayden S. and 

1535 Lucy Witter, bom Dec. 28, 1785; married Elisha 

Searles, and moved to Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

1536 Betsey Witter, married William Park; settled in Bur- 

lington, N. Y. ; seven children (Betsey, Harry, 
Phebe, John, Mary, Byron, Isaac). 

1537 Polly Witter, bom Aug. 21, 1789; died Sept. 9, 1828; 

married, 1806, Frederick Bailey; removed to Brook- 

180 The Descendants op Job Tyleb. 

lyn, Penn. ; twelve children (Mary, Frederick, Lodo- 
wick, Sally, Isaac, William, James, Esther, Robert, 
Henry, Eliza, Lavinia). 

1538 Hannah Witter, married Avery Button and lived in 

Connecticut; seven children (Almira, Erasmus, Abi- 
gail, Sabra, Hamilton, Samuel, Albert.) 

1539 Anna Witter, bom 1794. ; died May 22, 1849 ; married 

(1), Aug. 30, 1812, Allen Button; married (2), 
George Phillips; nine children by first marriage 
(Allen, Joseph, Anna, Edwin, James, Roswell, Fred- 
erick, Frances, Henry.) 

1540 Minerva Witter, torn 1796 ; died Dec. 27, 1818. 

1541 Eunice Witter, bom Jan. 1, 1799; married Avery 

Bolles ; settled in Pennsylvania ; a daughter (Mrs. 
Harriet Bolles Baker) is living. 


528 CAPTAIN JOSEPH^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in 
Preston, Conn., December 29, 1766; died November 11, 1807; 
married, April 1, 1787, Lucy Kimball ; bora March 17, 1767 ; 
she married (2), June 20, 1813, Daniel Meech; she died March 
17, 1853; Zerviah Witter was his first wife. Joseph lived on 
the old Hope homestead in Preston. He had the title of cap- 
tain, perhaps in the militia. Children: 

1542 Stephen Tyler, born Feb. 5, 1788; died single, Dec. 

31, 1873. He lived on the old Hope homestead and 

was a rhymester. 
1543+ Asa Kimball Tyler, bom March 29, 1790. 
1544+ Joseph Tyler, born June 22, 1792. 
1545+ Polly Tyler, bom Sept. 16, 1794. 
1546+ Daniel Meech Tyler, born March 31, 1797. 
1547+ Charles Tyler, born Nov. 21, 1799. 
1548+ Lydia Tyler, bom May 26, 1802. 
1549+ Oliver Spicer Tyler, born Aug. 3, 1804. 
1550+ Guerdon Kimball Tyler, born Oct. 1, 1806. 

529 EUNICE^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Preston, 
Conn., September 20, 1768 ; died February 16, 1849 ; married, 
December 31, 1789, Captain Oliver Spicer, of Preston, who 
died November 22, 1839, aged 73; buried in Preston City. 
The children were bom in Preston. Children : 

Fifth Generation 181 

1561 Eunice Tyler Splcer, bom Oct. 7, 1790. 

1552 Oliver Spicer, born April 9, 1793; died July 27, 1793. 

1553 Lucinda Spicer, born May 4, 1794. 

1554 Abera Spicer, bom April 23, 1797. 

1555 Athelia Spicer, born Oct. 14, 1800. 

1556 Diana Spicer, born March 25, 1804. 

1557 Joseph Tyler Spicer, bom Aug. 12, 1809; died Oct. 

14, 1810. 

543 HANNAH^ TYLER (Caleb*), bom in Preston, 
Conn., February 15, 1762; died in Norwich, Conn., October 8, 
1846; married, November 12, 1777, Joseph Ames, of North 
Stonington, Conn., born about 1752; died February 8, 1836; 
buried in the homestead burying-ground, which has since been 
obliterated. He was a private in the Revolutionary War. 
The children were born in North Stonington. Children : 

1558 Caleb Tyler Ames, bom Sept. 5, 1778 ; died Aug. 18, 

1813; married, 1798, Phebe Hewitt, of Preston, 
Conn. ; had three sons and five daughters. 

1559 Rebecca Ames, bom Jan. 7, 1780 ; died March 1, 1832; 

married, 1798, Erastus Safford, of Preston, who 
later married (2), Phebe Parks and moved to Van 
Buren, N. Y., where most of the family reside; had 
four sons and five daughters by first marriage. 

1560 Elijah Ames, bom March 8, 1782; died in New Lon- 

don, Conn., 1849; married Mary Moore. He was 
sheriff and custom officer; had eight sons and five 

1561 Keziah Ames, bom May 14, 1784; died 1859; married 

Colonel David Moore, of Preston ; had three daugh- 
ters and one son. 

1562 William Ames, born May 7, 1786 ; died Aug. 14, 1839 ; 

married Phebe Baker; had three sons and five 

1563 Nancy Ames, bom Oct. 26, 1787 ; died unmarried, Aug. 

18, 1831. 

1564 Joseph Ames, born Oct. 28, 1790; died in Canaan, 

Pa., in 1849; married Gertrude Schenck; daughter 
of Colonel John Schenck, who raised a regiment for 
the Revolution; had eight sons and three daugh- 

182 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

1565 Alfred Ames, bom May 25, 1792 ; left home early, not 

heard from again. 

1566 John Tyler Ames, bom Feb. 27, 1794 ; died June 13, 


1567 Hannah Tyler Ames, born Aug. 29, 1795; died in 

Norwich, April 13, 1885; married Benajah Gus- 
tine, of Pennsylvania; they had a daughter who 
lived in Norwich. 

1568 Bradford Ames, born July 8, 1797; died Sept. 22, 


1569 Henry Clinton Ames, bom April 1, 1799; killed in a 

mill in 1848 ; married Betsey Moore ; had four sons 
and four daughters. 

1570 Rufus Ames, born Sept. 25, 1801 ; married (1), Eunice 

Burdi^k, of Westerly, R. I.; married (2), Betsey 
Burdick; had one son and two daughters by first 

1571 Erastus (or Erastmus) Darwin Ames, bom Feb. 14, 

1804; died in 1849; married, 1828, Sarah Packer, 
of Lebanon ; they had two children who died young. 

545 LUCRETIA^ TYLER (Caleb*), born in Preston, 
Conn., November 13, 1764; died in Unadilla, April 22, 1855; 
married, November 16, 1780, Rev. Reuben Palmer, Sr., who 
died August 15, 1822. He was a prominent minister in Mont- 
ville. Conn., where all his children were bom, and where he was 
succeeded by his son Rev. Reuben Palmer, Jr. The descendants 
largely engaged in quilt manufacturing in the vicinity. In 
this line are numerous ministers and professors. Mr. Palmer 
was a man of humor. When his 17th child was born he re- 
marked : " I am thankful for this child, and her name shall 
be Thankful." 

Children : 

1572 Hannah Tyler Palmer, born Dec. 25, 1781 ; died Jan. 

18, 1868; married, March, 1798, Nehemiah Lamb, 
who died May 10, 1850. 

1573 Sally Palmer, bom Oct. 16, 1783 ; died April 13, 1823 ; 

married, Sept. 1, 1803, Christopher Green. 

1574 Reuben Palmer, bom Dec. 26, 1784; died July 22, 

1869 ; married, March, 1805, Mary Comstock, who 
died March 22, 1833. He succeeded his father in the 

Fifth Genebation 188 

pulpit in Montville, and became a Doctor of Di- 
1675 Lucretia Palmer, born April 25, 1786; died Dec. 30, 
1871 ; married, April 18, 1809, Samuel Fox, who 
died Dec, 1861. 

1576 Mary Palmer, born Dec. 25, 1787 ; died Sept. 8, 1873 ; 

married, Dec. 17, 1814, Roswell Caulkins, who died 
Dec, 1861. 

1577 Caleb Palmer, born March 14, 1790; died Jan. 14, 

1876; married, Jan. 26, 18 — , Lucy Fox. 

1578 Tyler Palmer, born March 4, 1792; married, Jan. 15, 

1815, Lydia Cook, who died Sept. 20, 1873. 

1579 Gideon Palmer, born Oct. 23, 1794; died July 12, 

1854; married, July 11, 1813, Mercy Turner. 

1580 Joshua Pahner, born Oct. 13, 1795; died Oct. 3, 

1819; married, Jan. 1, 1813, Hannah Caulkins. 

1581 Gershom Pahner, born Aug. 6, 1796; died Nov. 13, 


1582 Samuel Pahner, born Feb. 11, 1798. 

1583 Rhoda Palmer, bom Oct. 18, 1799 ; died June 4, 1872 ; 

married, May 22, 1818, EHsha Hurlburt, bom Jan. 
3, 1791. 

1584 Peter Palmer, bom May 12, 1803 ; died Jan. 18, 1892. 

1585 Acsha Palmer, bom May 12, 1803; died Oct. 9, 1828; 

married, Sept. 22, 1820, Samuel W. Palmer. 

1586 Lois Palmer, born Dec. 19, 1804 ; died Jan. 24, 1844 ; 

married, Dec. 12, 1837, Seth A. Warner. 

1587 Emma Palmer, born Dec 30, 1807; died Jan. 24, 

1871 ; married, Dec. 12, 1838, Job Bullock. 

1588 Thankful B. Palmer, bom Jan. 29, 1809; married, 

Feb. 6, 1831, Wells Westbrook. 

546 NATHAN' TYLER (Nathan*), bom in Mendon, 
Mass., September 24, 1758 ; died in Uxbridge, Mass., November 
4, 1792; pubhshed in Uxbridge, December 12, 1788, to Nancy 
Mann, of Wrentham, Mass., a sister of Dr. James Mann, and 
daughter of David Mann; (she married (2), Colonel Moses 
Whitney, of which marriage there were six daughters.) Her 
father having died, upon the early death of her first husband, 
Nathan Tyler, she sold her home in Uxbridge and moved to the 
old Mann homestead in Wrentham. Nathan Tyler was 14 

184 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

years old when his father moved to Uxbrldge. He entered 
Harvard College and was graduated in 1776- He was a private 
in Captain Thaddeus Read's company, Colonel Nathan Tyler's 
regiment, July 28 to August 7, 1780. Rhode Island Service, 
Vol. 3. He was classmate and chum of his future brother-in- 
law, Dt. James Mann. He practiced law in Uxbridge and 
died at the early age of thirty-five of lung fever. He was a 
candidate for Congress at the time of his death and his con- 
stituents raised a monument with a highly eulogistic inscription 
enclosed by an iron fence, which long stood on Uxbridge com- 
mon, but it is now removed and preserved elsewhere. His 
will, dated October 6, 1792, was probated November 27, 1792. 
Inventory was £365. 

Child : 
1589+ Mary Welles Tyler, bom in Uxbridge, Mass., April 
2, 1792. 

547 MARY5 TYLER (Nathan*), bom in Mendon, 
Mass., May 29, 1761 ; pubhshed November 12, 1784 ; married, 
February 18, 1785, Ezekiel Morse, bom in Sutton, Mass., Sep- 
tember 12, 1749, son of Dr. Benjamin Morse (Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, Anthony of Newbury, Mass.). By her grandfather 
Tyler's will Mary received the " best case of draw(er)s." 
Children : 

1590 Mary Tyler Morse, married Hon. Septimus G. W. 

Huntington, son of Rev. Mr. Huntington, and 
brother of Governor Huntington. She was precep- 
tress of an academy in Coventry, Conn. 

1591 Abigail Morse, married Horace Briggs. 

1592 Royal Tyler Morse, born Aug. 12, 1793; married in 

1827, Eunice Adams; had two daughters and a 

1593 Benjamin F. Morse, married Susan C. Lethbridge, of 


548 REV. ROYAL S.^ TYLER (Nathan*), born in 
Mendon, Mass., June 11, 1763; died in Salem, Conn., April 

10, 1826; married (1), Polly , who died in Canterbury, 

Conn., March 13, 1792; married (2), in Thompson, Conn., 
June 10, 1793, Lydia Watson, who died in Ohio City, O., Au- 
gust, 1834, aged 64 ; daughter of Joseph Watson, of Thomp- 

Fifth Generation 185 

son. Mr. Tyler was graduated from Dartmouth College in 
1788 ( ?) ; studied theology with Rev. Nathaniel Emmons, D".D., 
of Franklin, Mass. ; ordained in Andover, Conn., July 4, 1792, 
where he built a fine house, still standing; he was dismissed 
from this church May 20, 1817; settled in Salem, Conn., in 
1818, whence dismissed in 1824. He was interested in several 
revivals. In extreme youth he served as a private in various 
companies in his father's regiment, the service occurring in the 
years 1776-1780 and 1782. The three elder children born 
in South Coventry, Conn., and the younger in Andover, Conn. 

Children : 
1594 Samuel Lockwood Tyler, born Nov. 16, 1794; died in 

Florence, Ala., Oct. 6, 1822; was graduated from 

Brown University in 1820 ; he taught in the academy 

in Florence. 
1595+ Royal Wells Tyler, bom July 25, 1796. 
1596+ George Washington Tyler, born June 27, 1798. 
1597+ Abigail Watson Tyler, bom Nov. 25, 1801. 
1598 Nathan Tyler, born July 14, 1803; died in Mead- 

ville. Pa., March 5, 1833 ; leaving a son (Eliphalet) ; 

he was a lawyer. 
1599+ Benjamin S. Tyler, born about 1805. 
1600 Lydia Tyler, born in 1807 ; died in Salem, Conn., Nov. 

27, 1825, aged 18. 
1601+ Gideon Wells Tyler, bom Aug. 15, 1810. 

549 MARTHA^ TYLER (Nathan*), bom in Upton, 
Mass., July 5, 1766; was published in Uxbridge, Mass., De- 
cember 12, 1788 to Dr. James Mann, bom July 22, 1759, 
whose sister married Martha's brother Nathan. He was de- 
scended from William Mann, who came to Cambridge, Mass., 
from Kent County, England. Dr. Mann was a classmate of 
Nathan^ Tyler, his brother-in-law. He was assistant surgeon 
in the Revolution, and practiced medicine in Boston. Was 
a chief surgeon in the War of 1812, and later stationed at 
Fort Independence, Boston, and then at Governor's Island, 
New York, where he died November 7, 1832. Mrs. Mann was 
very intellectual and a poetess. 

Children : 
1602 Mary Ann Mann, married Thomas C. Williams, who 

186 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

was interested in the early coal fields of Pennsyl- 
vania ; she died, s. p. in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1603 Nancy Brewster Mann, died early; was very intellec- 
tual and a poetess. 

1604! Caroline Mann, died, unmarried, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1605 Harriet Mann, resided, unmarried, in Brooklyn. 

1606 William Hill Mann, interested in early Pennsylvania 

coal fields. He married Miss Lawton, of New York, 
whose father was once " King of Wall Street," and 
moved to Wisconsin; had three children. 

bom in Mendon, Mass., April 10, 1766; died in Boston, June 
25, 1821 ; married, June 25, 1801, Hannah Breck Parkman, 
bom in Westboro, Mass., October 22, 1788; died September 
6, 1834; daughter of Breck and Susanna (Brigham) Parkman, 
of Westboro ; Mr. Parkman was the son of Rev. Ebenezer and 
Hannah (Breck) Parkman. Dr. Tyler was graduated from 
Harvard College in 1786; practiced medicine in Westboro, 
Mass., and entered mercantile life later, in Boston. In 1820, 
for $300 John E. Tyler, merchant of Boston, has " | of land " 
in Jefferson, Maine, from Silas Piper, of Harlem, Maine. 
{Wiscasset Register of Deeds, Vol. 116.) He and Joseph 
Tyler had a grant from Benjamin Moor, in Surry, Maine, 
1802. (Hancock County, Maine, Register of Deeds, Vol. 16.) 
The children were born in Westboro. 

Children : 
1607+ Hannah Parkman Tyler, born Sept. 25, 1803. 
1608 Susanna Brigham Tyler, bom July 12, 1806; died 

Nov. 9, 1821. 
1609+ Anna Sophia Tyler, bom Jan. 28, 1809. 
1610+ Sarah Augusta Tyler, bom June 11, 1811. 

1611 John Breck Tyler, bom May 6, 1813 ; died March 29, 


1612 Charlotte Catherine Tyler, bom Oct. 8, 1815; died 

Dec. 6, 1816. 

1613 Maria Tyler, born Sept. 8, 1817 ; died Jan. 27, 1819. 
1614+ John Eugene Tyler, born Dec. 9, 1819; died March 

9, 1878. 

556 JOSEPH^ TYLER (John*), born in Mendon, 

Fifth Geneeation 187 

Mass., February 12, 1779; died in Charleston, S. C, October 
20, 1843 ; married, February 7, 1806, Elizabeth Ann Milliken, 
bom in Ellsworth, Maine, June 24, 1784; died in Charleston, 
S. C, September 30, 1824; daughter of Thomas and Mary 
(McKinney) Milliken. He had lived in Boston, and sailed 
from that port October 29, 1821, on the Diana, David Hig- 
gins. Master, with family, for Charleston, where they arrived 
November 7, 1821, after a very rough and tempestuous pas- 
sage. The children were born in Boston. Children: 

1615 Eliza Ann Tyler, bom Jan. 23, 1806 ; died in infancy. 

1616 John Marcellus Tyler, born Oct. 15, 1807 ; died, s. p. 

Nov. 8, 1831. 
1617+ Elizabeth Ann Tyler, bom Sept. 12, 1810. 

1618 Joseph Alonzo Tyler, bom Nov. 8, 1812; died Nov. 

30, 1822. 

1619 Caroline Mary Tyler, bom June 17, 1816; died Jan. 

21, 1897, s. p. 

1620 James Henry Tyler, born March 18, 1818 ; died May 

14, 1820. 

1621 Benjamin Palmer Tyler, bom Nov. 23, 1819; died, 

s. p., Sept. 30, 1852. 

557 ABIGAIL^ TYLER (John*), bom in Mendon, 
Mass., December 15, 1781; died in Lisbon, Conn., in 1806; 
married (certified April 17, 1805, by Rev. David Long), Rev. 
Levi Nelson, bom in Milford, Mass., August 8, 1779; died in 
Lisbon, Conn., in 1855, aged 77, and in the 52d year of his 
ministry; son of Seth Nelson, descended from Thomas. (He 
married (2), Mary Hale, she died, s. p.) He attended Brown 
University and Williams College, but ill health prevented grad- 
uation. In 1803 he was a Home missionary in Oneida and 
Lewis counties. New York. He was a Congregationalist, and 
in Lisbon, Conn., was ordained December 5, 1804. 

Child : 

1622 Daughter, who married in January, 1826, and died, 

s. p., in June, 1826. 

658 DEACON NATHAN^ TYLER (John*), born in 
Mendon, Mass., February 22, 1784; died in Providence, R. I., 
March 11, 1838; married (1), June 26, 1811, Elizabeth Brooks 

188 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

of Petersham, Mass., who died in Boston, October 11, 1816; 
daughter of Aaron Brooks, Sr. ; married (2), June 10, 1819, 
Mary Ward, born in 1790; daughter of Daniel and Damaris 
(Stevens) Ward, of Petersham. He lived on the Upton road 
in Mendon, in a house that was taken down before 1898 ; he 
was the last of the old stock living in Mendon. He removed 
to Boston about 1834, and was a deacon in the Park Street 
church, Boston. In the Registry of Deeds in Wiscasset, 
Maine, is recorded a transaction between Nathan and his 
brother Aaron of Bath, Maine, by which he bought one-half a 
mill for $1500. Later he seems to have acquired full title to the 
mill. The three elder and the three younger children were bom 
in Mendon. 

Children, by first marriage: 
1623+ Fisher Ames Tyler, born March 26, 1812. 

1624 Mary Ehzabeth Tyler, born June 13, 1813 ; died April 

25, 1835; married, Sept. 14, 1831, Rev. Arthur 
Granger, of Medfield, Mass., who died in Providence, 
R. I. ; one child who died. 

1625 Henry Tyler, born May 19, 1815 ; died in Petersham, 

Sept. 28, 1815. 

1626 Henry Brooks Tyler, born in Boston, August 17, 

1816; died there April 23, 1817. 

Childeen, by second marriage: 

1627 Abigail Nelson Tyler, born in Boston, April 27, 1820 ; 

died in Providence, R. I., June 30, 1840. 

1628 Sarah Ann Tyler, born Jan. 7, 1824; died April 13, 


1629 Susan Ann Tyler, born April 17, 1826; died, unmar- 

ried, in Madison, Wis., June 12, 1864. 
1630^ Catherine Barnard Clapp Tyler, born Sept. 7, 1829. 

559 AARON^ TYLER (John*), born in Mendon, Mass., 
June 8, 1786; died in Griggsville, 111. ; married Elizabeth Ober, 
of Beverly, Mass., who died in Griggsville, March 3, 1850. He 
lived for a time in Bath, Maine, and then moved to Griggs- 
ville. He gave to his brother Nathan, May 10, 18'31, his wife 
Elizabeth, joining, one-half of a saw mill in Georgetown, Maine, 
on "Bobbin Hood's Cove," for $1500. Later Nathan ac- 

Fifth Generation 189 

quired full title to the mill. Wiscasset Deeds, Vol. 153. The 

two elder children were born in Mendon. Children : 

1631 Abigail Anna Tyler, born Jan. 10, 1809; died Dec. 

10, 1809. 
1632+ Thomas Stephen Tyler, born Aug. 27, 1810. 
1633 Ruth Allen Tyler, born May 29, 1812; died, unmar- 
ried, Nov. 12, 1885; well educated; a teacher. 
1634! Elizabeth Ober Tyler, died unmarried; was a teacher. 

1635 Aaron Tyler, died in infancy. 

1636 Urania Bates Tyler, died aged 17. 
1637+ Aaron Tyler. 

1638 George William Tyler, born in Bath, Maine; married 
Isabel McDonald, of San Francisco, Cal., where he 
was a merchant and died, s. p. 1874 ; his widow was 
living in 1897. 

1639+ Joseph Alonzo Tyler, born in Bath, Maine, in 1834. 

1640 Anna Maria Tyler, married George Pratt, of Cohasset, 

Mass., or Griggsville, 111. ; s. p. 

1641 Nancy Ober Tyler, died aged 18. 

1642 Mary Ellen Tjder, resided, unmarried, a teacher and 

preceptress, in St. Louis, Mo. 

1643 Abigail Nelson Tyler, resided, unmarried, an invalid, 

in St. Louis. 

676 NATHAN WEB^ (Elijah*), bom in Upton, Mass., 
October 14, 1752; died in Columbus, N. Y., March 24, 1830; 
married, in Goshen, Mass., March 28, 1776, Olive Patch, of 
Chesterfield, Mass., born May 19, 1756; was living in Colum- 
bus in 1837, aged 80. The Massachusetts rolls show that he 
went to Quebec in 1775 ; he was in the Revolution according to 
the Pension Book, page 55, No. 4. He marched on the Lexing- 
ton Alarm. He resided awhile in Chesterfield, Mass., and 
moved to Norwich, N. Y., and about 1820 to Columbus, N. Y. 
He was a farmer. Child: 

1644+ Elijah Tyler, bom in Westhampton, Mass. 

677 STEPHEN^ TYLER (Elijah*), bom in Upton, 
Mass., June 9, 1754; died in Wilmington, Vt., April 27, 1833; 
married (1), August 12, 1788, Anna Stevens, who died June 
2, 1799; married (2), January 21, 1801, Sarah Alvord, who 
died March 13, 1817; she was bom in South Hadley, Mass., 

190 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

March 14, 1767; daughter of Gideon and Sarah (Montague) 
Alvord. He marched on the Lexmgton Alarm; a private on 
the roll of Captain Robert Webster, General Seth Pomeroy's 
2d Hampshire County regiment, which marched from Chester- 
field, April 21, 1775. He served six days and then enUsted in 
the army. In May, 1792, Stephen Tyler, of Westhampton, 
Mass., had a grant of 50 acres in that place from Elisha Al- 
vord, of Northampton, for £35. Probate Records of North- 
ampton, Book 4. The four elder children were born in Buck- 
land, Mass., the four younger in Wilmington, Vt. 

Children, by first marriage: 
1645+ Benjamin Owen Tyler, bom Sept. 24, 1789. 
1646+ Ephraim Tyler, born April 19, 1791. 
1647+ Eh Tyler, born May 20, 1793. 
1648 Betsey Tyler, born May 20, 1795 ; died in Wilmington, 

Dec. 10, 1803. 
1649+ Chester Grennell Tyler, born in Westhampton, Mass., 

Nov. 19, 1797. 

Children, by second marriage: 

1650 William Tyler, bom March 19, died March 20, 1802. 

1651 Stephen Tyler, bom Oct. 9, 1803 ; died the same day. 

1652 Ebenezer Tyler, bom Oct. 6, 1804. 

1653 Anson Lyman Tyler, bom Nov. 8, 1808; early moved 

to New York and died near Rochester. 

582 MOSES' TYLER (Elijah*), born in Upton, Mass., 
June 10, 1776; died April 11, 1854; married, November 15, 
1791, Sarah Cook, of Hadley, Mass. He moved to Wilming- 
ton, Vt., about 1800, with brother Simeon and brother-in-law 
Bullard; in 1807, he moved to Montrose, Pa., where he was a 
deacon in the Presbyterian church. At the age of 74 he was 
living in Bridgewater, Pa., with his son Moses. In 1777, from 
September to the last of November, was a private in Captain 
John Banister's company. Colonel Job Cushing's 6th Worces- 
ter County regiment. Again, in 1779 he served from August 
to the last of December in Captain Thomas Hovey's company, 
Colonel Nathan Tyler's 3d Worcester County regiment. The 
service was in Rhode Island, in that year. (Mass. Archives.) 
The male line in this family is extinct. The seven younger 

^ Fifth Geneeation 191 

children were probably born in Montrose. Order of birth un- 
certain in some cases. 

Children : 
1654+ Hannah Tyler, born in Hadley, Mass., Feb. 24, 1795. 
1655+ Moses Coleman Tyler, born in Wilmington, Vt., April 

7, 1802. 
1656 Parmelia Tyler, born in Wilmington, Jan. 31, 1804; 

died Aug. 10, 1888 ; married William Sloan. (Their 

daughter Ann married David Quick, of East Rush, 

1657+ Emma Tyler, born probably in Wilmington, in 1806. 
1658+ Emily Tyler, born in 1807. 

1659 Melinda Tyler, married Thomas Carrier. (Among 

their children were Sarah, Prudence, Lucinda, Moses. 
Benjamin, Sylvester, Eldad. 

1660 Eunice Tyler, born in 1810; married Chauncey Tubbs. 

1661 EHza Tyler, bom in 1812. 

1662 Sally Tyler, married Joseph Beebe. They had eight 

children. (Owen, Angeline, Hiram A., William L., 
Ezra, Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth.) 

1663 Clarissa Tyler, married Jason Potter. They had four 

children. (Alonzo, Isaiah, Emmeline, Dennison.) 

1664 Benjamin Owen Tyler, bom in 1819; died young. 

583 SALLY^ TYLER (Elijah*), bom in Upton, Mass., 
in 1768; baptized in Chesterfield, Mass., September 27, 1772, 
(no record of birth exists) ; married Job Walker, of Dover, Vt. 
Children : 

1665 William Walker. 

1666 Calvin Walker. 

1667 Elijah Walker. 

1668 Mary Walker. 

684 SIMEON^ TYLER, (Elijah"), bom in Upto^, 
Mass., September 9, 1770 (probably no record of birth) ; died 
in 1850, aged 80; married, November 24, 1796, Betsey Brew- 
ster, of Hampton, Mass. (published April 9, 1796) ; daughter 
of Nathan Brewster. He moved to Vermont soon after 1800 
and lived for a few years in Wilmington, Vt. ; in February, 
1807, he moved, with his brother Moses and brother-in-law, 
Isaac BuUard, to Montrose, Pa. The two elder children were 

192 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

bom in Westhampton, Mass. ; the four younger in Montrose, 

and the others in Wilmington. Children : 

1669+ Simeon Tyler, bom Dec. 6, 1797. 

1670+ Betsey Tyler, born Dec. 6, 1799. 

1671+ Ansel Tyler, born Feb. 14., 1803. 

1672+ Harvey Tyler, bom April 1, 1804. 

1673+ Abigail Tyler, bom Aug. 19, 1806. 

1674 Rawson Tyler, born May 20, 1808; died young. 

1675 Lucenia Tyler, born Jan. 19, 1810 ; died young. 

1676 Osias Tyler, bom June 20, 1813; died Feb. 7, 1848, 

s. p., in Bethlehem, Pa. ; was in mercantile business. 

1677 Brewster Tyler, bom July 5, 1814; drowned, unmar- 

ried, in 1835, while rafting logs on the Susquehanna 

592 LYDIA^ TYLER (Joseph*), bom in Uxbridge, 
Mass., August 7, 1762; died in Canton, Ohio, September, 
1841 ; married Amos Holbrook. Children : 

1678 Joseph Holbrook. 

1679 Franklin Holbrook; died in Ohio. 

1680 Lydia Holbrook. 

1681 Dexter Holbrook, died in Ohio ; married Pomeroy, 

and had two daughters and a son. 

594 BETSEY READ^ TYLER (Joseph*), bora in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., September 1, 1766; died in Bemardston, Mass., 
June 25, 1843; married Amos Gray, of Townshend, Vt., who 
died March 3, 1850. The children were bom in Townshend. 
Children : 

1682 Sophia Gray, born Sept. 14, 1786 ; died Sept. 20, 1850. 

1683 Wylhs Gray, bom Aug. 29, 1788 ; died Oct. 16, 1857 ; 

married Emily Newell and had two daughters and 
a son. 

1684 Tyler Gray, born Feb. 18, 1792; died Oct. 4, 1873. 

1685 Lydia Gray, born Nov. 27, 1794; died Dec. 20, 1867; 

married Abijah Pierce, and had three sons and one 

1686 Betsey Gray, bom Aug. 3, 1797; died May 5, 1867; 

married Samuel Fessenden ; had three sons and three 

1687 Ruth Read Gray, born Aug. 26, 1799 ; died Nov. 26, 


Fifth Generation 193 

1688 Polly Gray, bom Nov. 16, 1801 ; died Feb. 20, 1859. 

1689 (Dr.) Amos Gray, born Feb. 2, 1804; died Nov. 6, 

1884 ; married Jenett Noble, and resided in Dexter, 
Mich. Had one son and three daughters. 

1690 Mehitable Gray, born Aug. 25, 1808; died, s. p. Dec. 

31, 1875 ; married Charles D. Bellamy, born May 
18, 1815 ; died Jan. 30, 1883. 

696 COLONEL JOSEPH^ TYLER (Joseph*), born in 
Townshend, Vt., April 11, 1771 ; died there August 5, 1845 ; 
married (1), January 14, 1802, Lucy Parker, of Holden, Mass., 
who died March 20, 1825, aged 45; married (2), November 7, 
1827, Hannah Parker, of Putney, Vt. (not related to first 
wife), who died in Brattleboro, Vt., November 20, 1860, aged 
72. He was a justice of the peace in Townshend for 31 years. 
The children were born there. Date of birth not known in 
each case. , 

Children, by first marriage: 

1691 Adaline E. Tyler, born in 1803; died, unmarried, in 

Townshend, Nov. 9, 1826, aged 23. 

1692+ Moses W. Tyler. 

1693 Columbus Tyler, died, s. p. 1881, aged 76 years; mar- 
ried, 1835, Mary E. Sawyer, of Sterling, Mass., 
who died in 1889, aged about 83. He was steward 
of the McLean Asylum of Somerville, Mass., about 
forty years. He built a residence in Somerville 
when he retired, and they were among the most 
highly esteemed citizens of the place. Their estate 
was bequeathed to the Unitarian church for a par- 
sonage. Mrs. Tyler was the heroine of the verses, 
" Mary Had a Little Lamb." When she was a child 
in Sterling a little new-bom lamb was found nearly 
dead, one day, and she nursed it back to life, sitting 
up all night to keep it alive. At her brother's sug- 
gestion they took the lamb to school, one day, hav- 
ing considerable trouble to get it over a high stone 
wall. They had high seats, boarded up, in the 
schoolroom, and Mary placed the lamb inside this 
enclosure, at her feet, on a shawl. When she went 
out to the place for recitation the clatter of little 
hoofs was heard on the floor, and the lamb appeared. 

194! The Descendants of Job Tyler 

The teacher laughed outright and the children gig- 
gled, but Mary was very much ashamed and led 
the lamb to a shed outside in the schooly9,rd, where 
it stayed until she went home. A young man named 
John Roulstone, visiting the school that day, was 
greatly pleased with the incident. The next day he 
brought three stanzas which he had written. Two 
stanzas have been added since then, by another 
hand. From the lamb's fleece, Mary's mother knit 
two pairs of stockings, which were kept until Mrs. 
Tyler was about 80 years of age. The ladies of 
Boston were then raising money for the preservation 
of the Old South Meeting-house, and Mrs. Tyler 
contributed these stockings, which were unraveled 
and small pieces of the yam sold, thus realizing a 
considerable sum from the pair of hose. 
1694+ Ferdinand Tyler, born in 1808. 

1695 Kelita R. Tyler, born in 1810; died, unmarried, in 

Townshend, Nov. 4, 1832, aged 22. 

1696 Lucy Parker Tyler, bom Jan. 3, 1813 ; died in Bos- 

ton, Dec. 4, 1886; she was an invalid; largely 
through her pains a fund was created to keep up the 
cemetery in Townshend. 
1697+ Joseph Curtis Tyler, born Oct. 8, 1814. 

1698 Jerome W. Tyler, died, s. p., in Boston, 1893; mar- 

ried ; was in business with his brother Joseph 

in Boston. 

1699 Hanson L. Tyler, bom in 1818; died in Townshend, 

Dec. 19, 1827, aged 9. 

Child, by second marriage: 

1700 Horace P. Tyler, born in 1830; died in Townshend, 

Dec. 28, 1831, aged one year. 

598 TIMOTHY^ TYLER (Timothy*), bom in Men- 
don, Mass., May 11, 1775; married Eunice Rawson. He set- 
tled on a farm in Townshend, Vt., and later, in 1811, moved to 
Speedsville, Tompkins County, New York, and lived on a farm 
in " Rawson Hollow," where he died in 1866, aged 91. Chil- 
dren, bom in Townshend: 

1701 Eunice Tyler, died in infancy. 

Fifth Geneeation 195 

1702+ Hiram Ward Tyler, bom March 3, 1802. 
1703 Cynthia Taft Tyler, bom Feb. 23, 1804 ; died in 1882, 
aged 78, unmarried. 

606 JOSEPH^ TYLER (Solomon*), bora in Uxbridge, 
Mass., January 8, 1782; died there December 13, 1862; mar- 
ried (1), June 23, 1809, Trial Taft, who died August 18, 1815, 
aged 39; married (2), Mrs. Sophia (Alvord) Robinson, who, 
in later life, left her Tyler husband and resided with her daugh- 
ter, Caroline (Robinson) Jackson. He resided in Townshend, 
Vt., Dimock, Pa., and Uxbridge, Mass. 

CHiiiDREN, by first marriage: 
1704+ Mary Almira Tyler, born in Charlton, Mass., Jan. 30, 

1705 Taft Tyler, born in 1815 ; died May 26, 1830. 

Chiujuen, by second marriage: 
1706+ Hiram Tyler. 
1707+ Sophia Tyler. 

607 KELITA^ TYLER (Solomon*), born in Uxbridge, 
Mass., February 5, 1784; died September 15, 1862; married, 
October 8, 1801, Eleazer Keith, of Thompson, Conn., bom 
January 12, 1780; died there in 1850. The children were 
born in Thompson. Children: 

1708 Joseph Damon Keith, bom Dec. 5, 1802; married (1), 

Lucy Bundy; married (2), Hannah Bates; two 

1709 Silence Matilda Keith, bom Aug. 31, 1804 ; died March 

19, 1826; married Hezekiah Bugbee; one son. 

1710 Noah Keith, bom Jan. 11, 1807; died Oct. 17, 1808. 

1711 George Washington Keith, born July 26, 1809; mar- 

ried Mary Spaulding; two children. 

1712 Luther Tyler Keith, bom April 26, 1813; died May 

17, 1884; one son and a daughter. 

1713 Almira Keith, bom Aug. 16, 1815 ; married Frederick 

Botham, a lawyer, of Southbridge, Mass. ; died May 
27, 1884. 

1714 William Judson Keith, born June 16, 1818; married 

Rebecca Sophia Hartshorn, of Southbridge, Mass. ; 
two sons. 

196 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

608 MELINDA5 TYLER (Solomon*), bom in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., February 7, 1786; died December 13, 1863; 
married October £6, 1806, John Weld, of Charlton, Mass., bom 
August 9, 1780; died December 30, 1857. The children were 
bom in Uxbridge. Children: 

1715 Mary Weld, bom Oct. 16, 1807; died Sept. 28, 1844; 

married. May 30, 1830, Daniel Seagraves, of Ux- 
bridge, Mass. ; five children. 

1716 Tyler Weld, bom Oct. 6, 1809 ; died, unmarried, July 

23, 1870. 

1717 Dolly Weld, born Oct. 7, 1812 ; died, unmarried, Sept. 

21, 1887. 

1718 John Weld, born May 17, 1815 ; died, unmarried, Aug. 

22, 1837. 

1719 Solomon Weld, bom Oct. 3, 1821 ; died, unmarried, 

Aug. 17, 1842. 

1720 Leonard Upham Weld, born Aug. 25, 1826 ; died Sept. 

14, 1829. 

1721 Otis Weld, bom March 30, 1829; married, July 1, 

1855, Mrs. Isabella (Anderson) McGilvery ; resided 
s. p. in Bloomington, Wis. 

609 ROYAL^ TYLER (Solomon*), bom in Uxbridge, 
Mass., August 2, 1788; died in Dimock, Pa., February 27, 
1841; married (1), Mary Southwick, of Mendon, Mass.; mar- 
ried (2), Sybil Fordham, of Pennsylvania. The three elder 
children were bom in Uxbridge; the others in Dimock. Chil- 

1722+ Sylvanus Tyler, bom Oct. 19, 1811. 

1723+ Moses S. Tyler, bom Oct. 18, 1814. 

1724+ Mary Tyler, bom Feb. 13, 1819. 

1725+ Louisa Southwick Tyler, bom Dec. 16, 1820. 

1726 Anna Tyler, bom May 22, 1822; died Nov., 1872; 
married, in 1841, William Haverly, and went to 
Kansas. She left a family of nine children. 

1727+ Royal Tyler, bom Jan. 16, 1825. 

1728+ James Tyler, born June 11, 1827. 

610 PARKERS TYLER (Solomon*), born in Uxbridge, 
Mass., November 14, 1790; died June 28, 1853; married (1), 
in Uxbridge, December 9, 1810, Huldah Taft; married (2), 

Fifth Generation 197 

Lovey Wright of Ohio. He moved to Copley, Ohio. After 
his second marriage he moved to Indiana as a pioneer, about 
the year 184iO, and settled on Grand Prairie, eight miles north- 
west of Williamsport, the county seat, where he laid out the 
" Old Tyler Place," noted for big apple orchards and fine 
fruit, and a south line row of walnut trees, intended originally 
for a fence. He was a natural mathematician, a Whig in poli- 
tics, and a religious man. 

Children, by first marriage: 

1729 Huldah Tyler, married Borlund, of Copley, Ohio. 

1730 Mary Tyler, died in infancy. 

Chixjjren, by second marriage: 

1731+ William H. Tyler, born in Copley, Jan. £2, 1825. 

1732+ Martha Tyler. 

1733+ George Clinton Tyler, bom in Copley, Nov. 1, 1828. 

1734+ James Tyler. 

1735+ Hiram Tyler. 

1736+ Harriet Tyler. 

1737 Homer C. Tyler, lived in West Lebanon, Ind. ; one 

son (Roy Homer). 

1738 John Quincy Adams Tyler, resided, s. p., Alvin, 111. 

612 BENJAMIN^ TYLER (Solomon*), bom in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., February 22, 1796; died in Wadsworth, Ohio, 
March 20, 1875 ; married, June 8, 1820, Olive Brown Bartlett, 
who died August 21, 1874. The two elder children were bom 
In Copley, and the others in Wadsworth. Children: 
1739+ Benjamin Tyler, bom March 22, 1821. 
1740+ Joseph Tyler, bom Aug. 14, 1822. 

1741 Solomon Tyler, born Nov. 6, 1824 ; lived in Hampton, 

Iowa ; a blacksmith and land speculator. 

1742 Mary Tyler, bom Sept. 29, 1826; died Oct. 25, 1826. 
1743+ Rosina Tyler, bom Oct. 5, 1827. 

1744 Abraham Tyler, bom July 6, 1831; died Aug. 17, 

614 TIMOTHY^ TYLER (Solomon*), born in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., July 16. 1799 ; died in Smithfield. R. I., March 
29, 1870; married (1), Phebe Bates, of Smithfield, where he 

198 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

settled; married (a), Mrs. Sally Arnold. The children were 

bom in Smithfield. Children: 

1745+ Albert Tyler, born Nov. 16. 1823. 

1746+ Charles E. Tyler, bom Feb. 8, 1835. 

615 SOLOMON^ TYLER (Solomon*), bom in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., July 18, 1802; died in Indiana while visiting his 
children, December 17, 1878 ; married April 6, 1828, Lucretia 
Cook, of Mendon, Mass., born December 19, 1796; died Octo- 
ber 4, 1872. He moved to Copley, Ohio, where he was a 
farmer. Children : 

1747+ Cynthia Tyler, bora June 14, 1829. 

1748 Ransom Tyler, bom Nov. 11, 1831 ; died Aug. 1, 1832. 

1749 Ransom Tyler, bom May 29, 1833 ; died May 9, 1835. 
1750+ Lemuel Tyler, bora Aug. 13, 1835. 

1751 Malcom Tyler, bora May 10, 1839; had a daughter 

(Esther), residing in Akron, Ohio, and a son (Wil- 

616 MARY^ TYLER (Solomon*), born in Uxbridge, 
Mass., April 17, 1804; died in Charlton City, Mass., May 7, 
1893; married, January 30, 1831, Caleb Torrey, of Charlton 
City, who started manufacturing in what is now a large indus- 
try. Children : 

1752 Henry Clay Torrey, bora Nov. 11, 1831 ; is a car- 

riage-maker in Central Village, Conn. 

1753 George Edwin Torrey, bom Oct. 2, 1834; died Sept. 

22, 1837. 

1754 Mary Louisa Torrey, bora April 22, 1837; married, 

Oct. 1, 1854, Henry Brown, of Charlton, Mass. 

1755 George Torrey, bora June 10, 1839; lives in Central 

Village, Conn. ; a carriage-maker. 

1756 Emily Torrey, bora Aug. 26, 1841; married Rensa- 

laer Sayles, of Uxbridge, Mass. 

1757 Edwin Tyler Torrey, bom Nov. 4, 1844; a farmer and 

lives in Southbridge, Mass. 

617 NEWELL^ TYLER (Solomon*), born in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., April 12, 1810; died in Worcester, Mass., May 
20, 1891; married (1), October 16, 1834, Watie H. Bates, of 
Bellingham, Mass., born in 1813 ; died June 20, 1887 ; married 

Fifth Geneuation 199 

(2), Sybil Bates (sister of Watie), of Mendon, Mass., bom 
October 19, 1841 ; died August 20, 1894 ; they were daughters 
of Peter and Sybil (Hill) Bates. He was a farmer, merchant 
and manufacturer. He held office in Uxbridge; 1860-1861 
was in the State Legislature. He was a founder of the Free 
Baptist church in Worcester. 

Children, by first marriage: 
1768 Dolliver Tyler, born in Mendon, Aug. 19, 1837; died 

in Sturbridge, Mass., Sept. 5, 1843. 
1759+ Minerva Tyler, bom in Uxbridge July 9, 1847. 

629 DEACON JOHN" TYLER (John*), born in Attle- 
boro, Mass., April 25, 1746; died in Ararat, Pa., May 27, 
1822; married, June, 1768, Mercy Thacher, bom December 
27, 1752; died January 14, 1835; daughter of Rev. Peter 
and Bethiah (Carpenter) Thacher, of Attleboro ; descended 
from a long Hne of Rev. Peter Thachers, all eldest sons, inter- 
rupted only by Rev. Thomas Thacher, the famous first pastor 
of the Old South Church, Boston ; also a descendant of Thomas 
Hinckley, Governor of Plymouth Colony. 

Prof. W. S. Tyler says of her: "My grandmother Tyler 
was a very remarkable woman. For many years she was the 
chief physician of all the settlers in Susquehanna County. 
Mounting her horse astride with the doctor's saddlebags, she 
would ride fast as the fastest to meet an emergency — a confine- 
ment or any extreme sickness — in any part of the country. 
And so often did she ride from Harford to Ararat carrying on 
horseback all sorts of heavy luggage — a dye-tub, a big brass 
kettle, etc., etc. — that it became a common saying that ' she 
brought her loom on horseback, in her lap, with her grand^ 
daughter in it weaving.' (See History Susquehanna County, 
passim). And she could minister to the souls as well as the 
bodies of her patients, for her Christian faith and activity was 
fully equal to her personal energy and efficiency." The Lex- 
ington Alarm Rolls state that John Tyler, Jr., of Attleboro, 
was a private on the Lexington Alarm Roll of Captain Moses 
Wilmarth's first company. Colonel John Daggett's 4th Bristol 
County regiment, which marched from Attleboro April 19, 
1775, and served eleven days. In Daggett's History of Attle- 
boro, there is service attributed to John Tyler and John Tyler, 

£00 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

Jr., in April, 1775, in Caleb Richardson's company, Colonel 
Timothy Walker's regiment. In 1776 the same history noted 
that John Tyler, Jr., is on a committee to give notice of per- 
sons using " India Tea " after March. John Tyler, a ser- 
geant, served in Captain Richardson's company, which marched 
into the State of Rhode Island, between April 8,1 and May 25, 
1777, " to hold the line until men could be raised for two 
months for that purpose." His name appears again on the 
muster roll of the Attleboro troops as a member of Captain 
Ebenezer May's company, August 22 to September 24, 1778. 
Harford, Susquehanna County, was settled in 1790 by the 
" Nine Partners," by which name the place was generally known 
until 1807. Deacon John Tyler went there in the autumn of 
1794. He was nearly fifty years old when he moved to this 
almost unbroken wilderness. " Five of his children were grown 
up and had already migrated to Pennsylvania. . . . The 
four younger children, among whom was Joab 
" moved " in the family caravan. A huge canvas-covered 
wagon, drawn by oxen, was their vehicle by day, and much of 
the way, their tent by night. A cow, led or driven alongside, 
furnished no inconsiderable part of their daily food and drink. 
They were weeks in performing a journey that now can be 
accomplished in 24 hours. Deacon John's was the first frame 
house built in the town. A " reading meeting " was established 
by vote of the people in 1794, and John Tyler was chosen to 
conduct it. But for ten years there were no taxes, military 
duties, civil rulers, or church organization. In 1800 a Con- 
gregational church was organized consisting of seven members, 
all of whom were Tylers, Thachers and Carpenters. In 1803 
John Tyler was chosen one of the first deacons, and public 
worship was now held in his house, sometimes also in his bam. 
In this house also was the first school. In 1807, on petition 
of the inhabitants, the settlement was constituted a town and 
election district under the name of Harford, so called after 
Hartford, Conn., but varied in the spelling to agree with the 
pronunciation. In 1810, John Tyler removed still further into 
the wilderness and pitched his tent on a lofty tableland, which, 
from its commanding elevation, was called by him, and has 
ever since bom the name of Ararat. There also a Congrega- 
tional church was soon established, of which he became one of 
the first deacons. The children were all bom in Attleboro. 

Fifth Generation 201 

Children : 

1760+ Mercy Tyler, bom Nov. 5, 1769. 

1761+ Mary Tyler, twin to Mercy. 

1762+ Polly Tyler, bom Sept. 16, 1771. 

1763+ Nanny Tyler, born Aug. '31, 1773. 

1764+ John Tyler, bora Feb. 23, 1777. 

1765+ Job Tyler, born Aug. 22, 1779. 

1766+ Achsah Tyler, bom April 20, 1782. 

1767+ Joab Tyler, bom July 23, 1784. 

1768+ Jabez Tyler, bom March 13, 1787. 

630 ELIZABETH^ TYLER (John*), born in Attle- 
boro, Mass., June 14, 1747 ; died November 17, 1821 ; married 
(1), Daniel Carpenter, born in Attleboro, September 29, 1744; 
died there April 14, 1803 ; son of Obadiah Carpenter (Obadiah, 
William, William from London, Eng., 1638, to Weymouth, 
Mass.); married (2), (second wife), Thomas Sweet. Her 
children were bom in Attleboro. 

Children, by first marriage: 

1769 John Carpenter, bom Sept. 1, 1766; died March 2, 

1838; married (1), Feb. 21, 1793, his cousin, Polly 
Tyler, No. 1762; married (2), June 1, 1813, Lydia 
Pattie, bom June 28, 1784; died March 3, 1861. 

1770 (Capt.) Daniel Carpenter, bom April 2, 1768; died 

Sept. 3, 1835 ; married, March 5, 1795, Alice Rich- 
ardson, born in 1770 ; died Jan. 28, 1844 ; daughter 
of Daniel Richardson. He was a farmer and a cap- 
tain in the militia. 

1771 Ezra Carpenter, born May 11, 1770; died Feb. 27, 

1821 ; married, June 17, 1795, Molly Follet ; resided 
in Harford and Herrick, Pa. ; had four children. 

1772 Betsey Carpenter, bom March 28, 1772; died Jan. 

24, 1835; married, in 1793, Samuel Thacher, bom 
Oct. 28, 1768 ; died Oct. 9, 1833 ; son of Rev. Peter 
Thacher, of Attleboro. He was one of " nine part- 
ners " of Harford, Pa. ; had nine children. 

1773 Samuel Carpenter, bom May 22, 1774 ; died Nov. 1, 


1774 Remember Carpenter, bom Feb. 8, 1776; died Dec. 1, 

1845 ; married, Oct. 11, 1801, Betsey Read, who died 
Dec. 1, 1845; daughter of David Read, of Attle- 

202 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

boro. He was a deacon in the church, and resided 
in Pawtucket, R. I. 

1775 Ebenezer Carpenter, born Oct. 25, 1781; died June 

25, 1849; married, Aug. 17, 1806, Clarissa Kent; 
he resided, a farmer, in Pawtucket, R. I. 

1776 Jesse Carpenter, born Sept. 20, 1785; died June 7, 

1857 ; married, Dec. 19, 1805, Philena Richardson, 
who died Dec. 19, 1862; daughter of Daniel Rich- 
ardson, of Attleboro. 

1777 Nancy Carpenter, born Aug. 11, 1786; died March 17, 

1864; married, Feb. 19, 1804, Spencer Blanding, a 
farmer, who resided in Hillsdale, Pa. ; son of Simeon 
Blanding; had one son. 

1778 Samuel Carpenter, born Jan. 12, 1789 ; died March 3, 

1859 ; married, Oct. 19, 1815, Nancy Ingraham, 
bom Sept. 12, 1794. He was a manufacturer and 
president of the Attleboro bank; also a captain in 
the mihtia ; had two children. 

1779 Eliza Carpenter, born Nov. 1, 1792; died March 12, 

1825; married, Feb. 11, 1819, Benjamin Bowen, a 
farmer, of Pawtucket, R. I. 

631 NANNE« TYLER (John*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., July 14, 1754; died January 17, 1816; married, April 
16, 1778, Peter Thatcher, who died in Attleboro, December 4, 
1814, aged 62. He was a farmer and lived in Attleboro, and 
the children were bom there. Children : 

1780 Peter Thatcher, bom March 30, 1779 ; died Sept. 20, 

1863; married (1), May 7, 1804, Salona Dunham; 
bom June 11, 1780; died Oct. 31, 1824; married 
(2), Jan. 12, 1826, Susan (Carpenter) Peatt, bom 
Aug. 20, 1796; had eight children. 

1781 Mercy Thatcher, born Feb. 16, 1783; married (1). 

Timothy Balcom, of Attleboro; married (2), Eben- 
ezer Tiffany, of Pawtucket, R. I. 

1782 Phebe Thatcher, born May 22, 1786; married Elias 

Ingraham, of Attleboro; she died Dec. 25, 1870, 
aged 84. 

1783 Ona Thatcher, bom March 24, 1788; died Aug. 6, 


633 EXPERIENCE^ TYLER (John*), bom in Attle- 

Fifth Genebation 203 

boro, Mass., July 12, 1758; died in Smithfield, R. I., June 2, 
1833; married Philip Briggs. Children: 

1784 (Dr.) Tyler Briggs. 

1785 John Briggs. 

634 MAJOR EBENEZER5 TYLER (John*), born in 
Attleboro, Mass., September 8, 1760; died in Pawtucket, R. I., 
October 15, 1827; married (1), Mary French, who died in 
Attleboro October 3, 1804, aged 44; daughter of Joseph 
French; married (2), Mrs. Rachel (Deane) Forbes, born in 
Norton, Mass., November 24, 1773 ; died March 5, 1834, aged 
60, s. p. He resided in Attleboro and Pawtucket. He was at 
the head of the Attleboro Manufacturing Company, which 
became, in 1809, The Tyler Manufacturing Company. The 
Major was a very capable man and it was a prosperous business 
concern for many years. At the time of the Revolution there 
were two Ebenezer Tylers in Attleboro, possibly three. One 
served as a private and one as a lieutenant, in the war. He 
who became "Major " was one of these. When Captain Rich- 
ardson marched into the State of Rhode Island " to hold the 
line till men could be raised for two months for that purpose," 
Ebenezer Tyler and Ebenezer Tyler, Jr., responded, and re- 
mained in the company which was raised to replace this com- 
pany. The private marched on the Lexington Alarm, April 
19, 1775, and served at intervals for about a month at a 
time, in 1777, 1778 and 1780; the lieutenant served a short 
time in 1777, from May to October, 1778, and in the summer 
of 1780. Major Ebenezer Tyler probably served as a captain 
in the " South Company " of the town militia. An Ebenezer 
Tyler, of Attleboro, was in Captain Moses Wilmarth's company 
in Rhode Island from March to August , 1781. Major Tyler's 
will was dated October 10, 1823 ; probated November 6, 1827. 
His wife Rachel had life interest in the land, house, bams and 
buildings situated in Pawtucket, furniture, etc., and pew No. 
40 in Catholic Baptist meeting-house in Pawtucket. His 
daughter Nancy, wife of Daniel Greene, had lands in Paw- 
tucket. The children of his daughter, Lucinda Richardson, 
deceased, received $1,000 eacb. A legacy was made to Rachel 
Tyler Dean, " Niece of my beloved wife Rachel." His son 
William Tyler, was residuary legatee and executor. His wife, 
Rachel, left her property by will to the Deane family. 

204) The Descendants of Job Tylee 

Children, by first marriage: 
1786+ Lucinda Tyler, bom Nov. 6, 1785. 
1787+ William Tyler, bom Jan. 7, 1789. 
1788 Joseph Tyler, bora Jan. 21 (or 22), 1791 ; died Aug. 

25, 1813. 
1789+ Ann (or Nancy) Tyler, bom July 19, 1794. 

1790 Infant son, bom and died Dec. 9, 1796. 

636 OTHNIEL^ (John*), bom in Attleboro, Mass., 
April 4, 1763; died August 9, 1846; married (published in 
Uxbridge, Mass., December 24, 1788), Olive Taft, of Uxbridge. 
He was graduated from Brown University in 1783. He be- 
came a lawyer, being admitted to the Suffolk bar before 1807. 
Resided in Sudbury, Mass. He joined the Second Congrega- 
tional church in Attleboro by a letter from Wayland, Mass., 
January 5, 1840. On the pay-roll and muster roll of Captain 
Alexander Foster's company. Colonel Thomas Carpenter's first 
regiment of Bristol County, Mass., militia, he appears a private. 
The service was 17 days in Rhode Island, July 27 to August 
12, 1778 (.Rhode Island Service, Vol. 2). 

ChiI/Dken : 

1791 Royal Tyler, died unmarried before 1846. 
1792+ George Tyler. 

1793 Mary Ann Tyler, died unmarried. 

637 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Job*), bom in Ashford, 
Conn., April 12, 1759; died in September, 1825, in Marcellus, 
Onondaga County, N. Y., a week after his return from visiting 
his sick brother, Comfort, from disease contracted in Monte- 
zuma ; married Deliverance Whiting, who died in 1862, aged 
94. He was in the Revolution, probably, but his record is 
not known. In 1792 or 1794 he removed to Onondaga County, 
and settled in " Tyler Hollow," which was named for him. 
The town of Marcellus and Onondaga County were organized 
in 1794, and he was among the very earliest settlers in the 
town. In 1797 he was appointed supervisor, and was the first 
justice of the peace in 1798. Some of the first courts of com- 
mon pleas and general sessions held in the county, from 1794 
to 1803, were held in his house. He was one of the incor- 
porators of the Skaneateles turnpike in 1806. He built saw, 

Fifth Genebation 205 

grist and fulling mills in " Tyler Hollow." The eldest child 
was bom in Ashford, the others probably all in " Tyler Hol- 
low," which was included in the town of Marcellus, N. Y. 
This family were all large men, averaging six feet. Samuel 
gave to each of his sons a farm in " Tyler Hollow." 

Children : 
1794.+ Samuel Tyler, bom April 2, 1785. 

1795 Artemesia Tyler, married Seth Butcher, of Lysander, 

N. Y. She had a large family (three of them were 
named Mary, Lorraine and Seth). 

1796 Ebenezer Tyler, bom 1792; drowned in his 14!th year, 

in the mill sluice of his father's mill. 
1797+ David Tyler, twin to Ebenezer. 
1798+ Job Tyler. 
1799+ Comfort Tyler. 
1800+ James Tyler. 

639 COLONEL COMFORT^ TYLER (Job*), bom in 
Ashford, Conn., February 22, 1764; died in Montezuma, N. Y., 
August 5, 1827; married (1), 1786, Deborah Wemple, a half- 
sister of General Herkimer ; she died soon after marriage ; mar- 
ried (2), Betsey Brown. He claimed to be a descendant of 
Wat Tyler, the Revolutionist in the time of Richard II. He 
received a good education and entered the American army in 
1778 and served at West Point. In 1783 he removed to Can- 
ghuawaga, N. Y., on the Mohawk River, where he went on 
General James Clinton's expedition to establish a boundary 
line between New York and Pennsylvania. At the age of 24, he 
became a member of the famous " Lessee Company." It was 
travel through the wilderness, of New York State, in connection 
with this company, which awakened Mr. Tyler's thoughts to 
the beauty and fertility of the new country, and he resolved 
to settle there. In the spring of 1788, in company with Major 
Danforth, he pushed ahead 50 miles into the wilds and began 
the first permanent settlement of Onondaga County. He felled 
the first tree and constructed the first piece of turnpike road 
west of Fort Stanwix (Rome). The early settlers ground their 
corn in wood mortars. The oak stump which (hollowed out) 
answered for Colonel Tyler's grist-mill was standing (sound) 
in 1845. He was a favorite with the Indians, who called him 

306 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

" To-whan-la-gua," meaning " one that is double," capable of 
two states in life ; i. e., could act the role of laborer or play the 
gentleman. He was the first salt manufacturer (in a com- 
mercial sense) in this region. The year of his arrival, he was 
shown a salt spring by Indians, who had, for their own uses, 
been taught by the Jesuits a primitive mode of procuring salt. 
Before that time the spring had been held in superstitious awe, 
as accursed by a demon, who made its waters bitter. Mr. 
Tyler took an iron kettle of 15 gallons capacity and in 9 hours 
had made 13 bushels of salt. This was the natal day of our 
American salt trade. Colonel Tyler was surveyor of the Ca- 
yuga reservation, leading promoter of the original Seneca Turn- 
pike Road and Cayuga Lake Bridge, an active worker in 
establishing schools and churches ; justice for the town of 
Manlius in 1794 ; same year he was the first supervisor, until 
1798. Was sheriff of Onondaga County ; the first postmaster, 
and afterwards, from 1799 to 1802, was appointed county 
clerk. In the years 1796-1797, was in the legislature; he 
obtained the charter for the Cayuga Bridge Company, in which 
the famous Aaron Burr was a leading stockholder. This Burr 
acquaintanceship was the beginning of the only shadow chap- 
ter in Colonel Tyler's remarkable biography. On December 6, 
1805, Colonel Tyler landed at the island of poor, beguiled 
Blennerhasset, with 4 boats and 30 men, some of whom were 
armed. (The going armed would not seem in itself unusual 
in a pioneer region.) This affair, greatly impaired Colonel 
Tyler's fortunes and blighted his political prospects. Colonel 
Tyler, whenever charged with treasonable intent, always indig- 
nantly denied it ; but the episode embittered and saddened the 
remainder of his life. He said to his little grandchild — " when- 
ever persons refer to this matter, you are to tell them, whatever 
might have been contemplated, you know that no harm to our 
country was intended by Mr. Tyler." In 1811 he moved to 
Montezuma, N. Y., where he became deeply interested in the 
Cayuga (Salt) Manufacturing Company. To make the town 
more accessible, he superintended the building of two long 
bridges over the Seneca and Clyde Rivers, with a 3-mile turn- 
pike over Cayuga marshes. Later he lived a few years at 
Hoboken, N. J., to superintend the draining of salt meadows. 
In the War of 1812 he served as assistant commissary general 
(with the rank of colonel) to the Northern Army. After the 

Fifth Gknekation S07 

war the Erie Canal policy engaged his most earnest attention. 
He labored equally with the most zealous until success was 
assured. Colonel Tyler's affability, sympathy, animation, 
originality, knowledge of human life and nature, united to an 
ever-present benevolence, caused his society to be sought and 
delightfully esteemed; his home was the constant scene of 
cordial hospitalities. He had great capacity for achievement, 
both in range and degree. Comfort's remains were removed to 
Syracuse by a grandson, many years after his death, and rest 
in a tomb in the chief cemetery of the city. 

Chiu), by first marriage: 
1801+ Deborah Wemple Tyler, bom March, 1787. 

Child, by second marriage: 
1802+ Mary Tyler, bom in 1788. 

640 JOBS TYLER (Job*), bom in Ashford, Conn., 
March 12, 1770 ; died March, 1836 ; married Charlotte Utley. 
He is supposed to have gone to Onondaga County, N. Y., and 
some of the family think he died in Montezuma, N. Y. It is 
believed that his children were all born in Onondaga County, 
N. Y. Children: 

1803+ Lora Tyler, bom Jan. 4, 1792. 

1804+ Oren Tyler, bom Aug. 21, 1795. 

1805+ Asher Tyler, bom May 10, 1798. 

1806+ Chauncey Tyler, bom Dec. 27, 1800. 

641 JOHN= TYLER (Job*), bom in Ashford, Conn., 
March 12, 1770; died February 19, 1845; married Clarissa 
Chapman, bom May 26, 1777; died April 7, 1841, aged 64. 
He lived on his father's place one mile from Westford Village 
(Ashford), Conn. He went to New York state with his broth- 
ers, but returned to Ashford, where he is buried. Tradition 
says that he was one of the projectors of the Erie Canal with 
DeWitt Clinton, but this honor was shared, at least, with his 
brother Comfort. The children were bom in Ashford, Conn. 
Children : 

1807 Catherine Tyler, bom Aug. 11, 1800; married Marlin 
More. They had five children (Emeline, Clarissa, 
Harriet, Asher, Dexter). 

208 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

1808 Betsey Tyler, bom June 6, 1802; married Palmer 
Converse. They had eight children (Palmer, Tyler, 
Fielder, Elnathan, Jared, Sterry, Lorraine, Mary 

1809+ John Tyler, born Oct. 3, 1805. 

1810+ George Tyler, born March 19, 1810. 

1811 Harriet Tyler, born Aug. 19, 1811; died March 2, 


643 WILLIAM^ TYLER (Job*), bom in Ashford, 
Conn., October 4, 1775 ; died in Marcellus, N. Y., September, 
1825 ; married Prudence Brown, of Scotch parentage, who died 
about 1845. He removed to New York state with his brothers, 
and resided in Marcellus. William and his brother Samuel 
received word one day that their brother Comfort was at the 
point of death and they went to see him in his home in Monte- 
zuma, N. Y., and stayed about a week. There was much sick- 
ness in Montezuma, and the two brothers, after their return to 
Marcellus, were taken with a fatal illness and each lived only 
about a week. Comfort, however, on whose account they had 
made their last joumey, lived for two years after their death. 
The records of William's children are rather meager, in some 
instances, and the order of their seniority, as well as many mat- 
ters of family interest, is determined by a letter from Mrs. 
Genevieve (Tyler) Dresser, a granddaughter. The children 
were probably bom in Marcellus. 

1812 William Tyler, probably died in infancy. 

1813 Elsie Tyler, married Holcomb, and has two 

daughters, who were living, very aged, in Pavilion 
Center, N. Y., in 1904. 
1814+ Augustus Tyler. 

1815 Betsey Tyler, married William Smith, and resided 

near Horner, N. Y. ; she had three sons, one who 
lived in Rochester, N. Y., and another in School- 
craft, Mich. ; the latter had a son and a daughter. 

1816 Erastus Tyler went west and later south, and died, 

unmarried, of the cholera. 

1817 Lavinia Tyler, married (1), Erastus Buck; married 

(2), — — Hawkins. She lived in Mount Vemon, 
Ohio, and had a daughter by her first marriage, also 
a son, who lived in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Fifth Generation 209 

1818 John Tyler, married and had a child, but they all died 

early in Syracuse. 

1819 Charles Tyler, was with Pike on his expedition, as- 

cending the top of the mountain afterward called 
Pike's Peak. He was an old-time Cahfomian, mak- 
ing and losing several fortunes. He died unmarried, 
about 1874. He lived in Burr Oak, Mich., at one 

1820 Ann Tyler, married Henry Williams, and had a daugh- 

ter (Mary), who lived in Cedar Rapids, married 

to White. 

1821+ George Tyler, bom July 11, 1817. 

1822 Hiram Tyler, was a partner of his brother George in 

business in Syracuse for many years. He moved to 
Burr Oak, Mich., and resided in the family of his 
brother George. He was a brilliant society man in 
Syracuse, and Burr Oak, and died, in 1880, un- 

1823 Mary Tyler, died, s. p. in 1847 ; married John Sutphen. 

1824 Laurens Tyler, was a musician, and educated by his 

brother George with West Point in view, and 
Laurens passed a brilliant and successful examina- 
tion. But that year another candidate from the 
same district also stood the same test, and lots 
were drawn, but Laurens did not draw the prize. 
He also was in business with his brother George. 
He died in Almo, Kansas, leaving one daughter. 

653 CATHERINE^ TYLER (William*), bom in Provi- 
dence, R : I :, November 12, 1762 ; died March 29, 1807 ; mar- 
ried Major Jabez Gorham, bom July 15, 1760; died May 27, 
1802. Children: 

1825 Jabez Gorham. 

1826 John Gorham. 

1827 Bethiah Gorham. 

1828 Catherine Gorham. 

1829 Hannah Gorham. 

1830 Benjamin Gorham. 

1831 Sarah Gorham. 

1832 William Field Gorham. 

657 PHEBE^ TYLER (William*), bom in Providence, 

210 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

R. I., February 16, 1775; died January 29, 1837; married 
Philip Peckham, bom 1772; died March 9, 1802. Children: 

1833 Philip Peckham. 

1834 Mary Peckham, married William Sheldon, of Provi- 

dence, R. I. 

659 BETSEY^ TYLER (William*), bom in Provi- 
dence, R. I., 1780; died March 8, 1850; married (1), Stephen 
G. Williams; married (2), John Viall. 

Children, by first marriage: 

1835 Stephen Williams. 

1836 William Williams. 

1837 Elizabeth Williams. 

1838 Martha Williams. 

1839 Anthony WiUiams. 

Chiij)ren, by second marriage: 

1840 James Viall. 

1841 Mehitable Viall. 

1842 Ann Viall. 

660 JOHN' TYLER (William*), bom in Providence, 
R. I., December 7, 1784; died there January 7, 1832; mar- 
ried Emily Cory, of East Greenwich, R. I., born August, 1792; 
died in Providence, April 29, 1874 ; daughter of Captain Oliver 
and Rebecca Cory. He was a hatter in Providence. The 
eighth child was bom in Pawtucket; the others in Providence. 
Children : 

1843 William Tyler, died young. 

1844 Rebecca C. Tyler, bom Dec. 31, 1811 ; died Feb. 6, 

1899 ; married, Dec. 23, 1832, Eleazer Holbrook, of 
Brimfield, Mass., who died, s. p., Aug. 5, 1834. 
1845+ John Tyler, bom April 26, 1813. 

1846 Mary W. Tyler, bom June 12, 1815 ; died in Norwich, 

Conn., Dec. 19, 1890; married B. Holbrook Aldrich, 
of Foster, R. I., who died Feb. 9, 1891. They had 
seven children (George W., Phila A., Willard L., 
James T., B. Holbrook, Jr., Cassius M., Harvey C). 

1847 William Tyler, died young. 
1848+ James R. Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1820. 

Fifth GENEaAxiON 211 

1849 Emily Tyler, died young. 

1850+ Ebenezer C. Tyler, bom May 19, 1823. 

1851+ Albert D. Tyler, born Feb. 21, 1826. 

1852 Phila Ann Tyler, born 1828 ; died 1832. 

661 PHILA B.« TYLER (William*), born in Provi- 
dence, R. I., December 31, 1787; died September 9, 1858; mar- 
ried, October 12, 1807, Barney Merry, born in Scituate, R. I., 
May 29, 1784 ; died in Pawtucket, R. I., December 18, 1847 ; 
son of Samuel and Abigail Barney. Children: 

1853 Almira Merry, bom Jan. 81, 1809. 

1854 Mehitable Merry. 

1855 Samuel Merry. 

1856+ Elizabeth Merry, bom Oct. 17, 1815. 

1857 Benjamin Merry. 

1858 George Merry. 

1859 Joseph Merry. 

663 WILLIAM' TYLER (William*), bora in Provi- 
dence, R. I. ; went to sea and never returned ; married Hannah 
LoweU, daughter of Abner Lowell, first keeper of Plum Island 
Light, below Newburyport, Mass. Children: 

1860 Catherine Gorham Tyler. 

1861 Mary (or Polly) Tyler. 

1862 William Tyler, died young. 

665 NANCY' TYLER (William*)), bom in Providence, 
R. I., July 15, 1784; died September 24, 1857; married (1), 
Samuel Merry, of Pawtucket, R. L, brother of Barney Merry; 
married (2), Galen Pope. 

Child, by first marriage: 

1863 Abby Merry, married (1), John Harwood; maiTied 

(2) Gilbert Smith. 

Child, by second marriage: 

1864 Catherine Pope, married Matthew Ingraham, of Provi- 

dence, R. I., and had two daughters and a son. 

667 CHLOE' TYLER (Moses*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., July 14, 1745; married (published October 3, 1767), 

312 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

Elijah Bates, who died January 22, 1821, aged 74. She re- 
ceived £1, 12s by her father's will in addition to other gifts. 
They lived in Thompson, Conn., where the children were born. 
Children : 

1865 William Bates, born about 1770; married Sally Joslin; 

had two sons and two daughters. 

1866 Tyler Bates, born in 1772; died July 10, 1848; mar- 

ried Polly , who died July 23, 1848, aged 72. 

He lived in Thompson; had five sons and seven 

1867 Elijah Bates; married and had four daughters. 

1868 Chloe Bates, bom in 1775 ; died March 6, 1854, aged 

79 ; married Ezekiel Rhodes, of Thompson, who died 
Feb. 1, 1829, aged 55; had six sons and four 

1869 Holman Bates. 

1870 Jacob Bates. 

1871 Alfonso Bates. 

1872 Fannie Bates, married Stephen Brackett, of South- 

bridge, Mass., and had two sons and two daughters. 

1873 George Bates. 

1874 Daughter, married Martin. 

1875 Daughter, married Ballard. 

671 "SQUIRE" MOSES^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in 
Attleboro, Mass., May 20, 1751 ; died suddenly in Richmond, 
N. H., of apoplexy, while sitting on a rock in a field, November 
9, 1818 ; married, September 9, 1777, Mary Scott, bom Decem- 
ber 25, 1757 ; died May 14, 1827 ; daughter of John Scott, of 
Richmond. He removed to Richmond in 1775 and bought lots 
five and six in range 12, where he built buildings that were 
standing in 1880. His home overlooked Mount Monadnock 
to the east. Four generations of Tylers have lived here. In 
the inside finish of his house there was not a knot in the boards. 
An uncut horse-block of hewn stone stands beside the path. 
The History of Richmond speaks of him as a man of more than 
ordinary attainments, who had superior qualifications for busi- 
ness, and calls attention to the town records which he kept for 
many years, as proof of his ability. He was a wonderfully 
good land surveyor; was a justice of the peace, conveyancer, 
and representative for several years to the General Court ; he 

J^FTH Generation 313 

held numerous town offices. He carried on farming in the 
same way that he conducted all his other business, in which he 
was exceedingly orderly and methodical. His disposition was 
rather peculiar, but he seems to have been a man of strength of 
character. He was large, physically, weighing over 300 
pounds. It is said that the only plan extant of the town of 
Richmond was made by him. His children were bom in Rich- 

Children : 
1876+ Chloe Tyler, bom July 1, 1778. 

1877 Melinda Tyler, born Aug. 12, 1780; married Asa 

Bancroft, of Warwick, Mass., and moved to Plain- 
field, Vt. ; had sons and daughters ; two sons were tea 
merchants in Boston. 

1878 Mary Tyler, bom Aug. 9, 1782; married John Griffin, 

of Essex, Vt. 

1879 Aaron Tyler, born July 30, 1784 ; died Jan. 24, 1796. 
1880+ Moses Tyler, born Aug. 29, 1786. 

1881 Benjamin Tyler, bom May 21, 1789; died May 12, 

1882+ John Tyler, bom May 31, 1791. 

1883 Patience Tyler, bom July 17, 1795; married Samuel 

Atherton, son of Jonathan Atherton, and died s. p. ; 
they moved to Attleboro, Mass. 

674 ZELOTES^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Attleboro, 
Mass., April 8, 1760; died a widower, June, 1840; married 
(published November 1, 1791), December 7, 1791, Molly Robin- 
son, who died in Attleboro before her husband. She joined 
the Second Congregational church in Attleboro, in 1813. He 
appears to have gone to Smithfield, R. I. He was a private 
in the Revolution from Attleboro, going out on the alarms in 
Rhode Island in 1777, 1778 and 1780, and was a Revolutionary 
pensioner. He was executor of his father's will, received the 
real estate, and was to pay the legacies and debts. The chil- 
dren were bom in Attleboro. 

Children : 

1884 Truman Tyler, bora Aug. 27, 1792; he resided in 

Concord, Mass., and was living in 1842. 

1885 Nancy Tyler, bom Feb. 2, 1794 ; died July 29, 1830. 

214 The Descendants or Job Tylek 

1886 Leafa Tyler, born Nov. 11, 1796; died, unmarried, 

July 24, 1842. Her will was probated Sept. 6, 
1842, in Lancaster, Mass. 

1887 Sally Tyler, bom Feb. 4, 1798; married Leonard 

Holmes, of Attleboro, and had a family. 

1888 Mary Tyler, bom July 16, 1800; died, unmarried, in 

Attleboro, where living in 1842. 

1889+ Simeon Stillman Tyler, born Oct. 22, 1803. 

1890 Louisa Tyler, born Aug. 13, 1806 ; died Dec. 24, 1845 ; 
married David T. Stanley, of Attleboro; had chil- 

1891+ Orville Tyler, bom July 22, 1808. 

675 ZUMEL^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., January 22, 1762; baptized on the 31st of the month in 
Oldtown ; died of cancer, in Essex, Vt., February 9, 1838 ; pub- 
lished, March 19, 1785, to Chloe Bragg, of Wrentham; mar- 
ried Mehitable Bassett, born in 1765 ; died in Colchester, Vt., 
May 19, 1849, at home of her daughter Roxey. He removed 
to Essex, Vt., where he was a farmer and owned a mill and 
farm, and was a lister and surveyor, in 1798. He had £26, 10s 
from his father's estate in addition to previous gifts. He was 
a private in the Revolution in 1779 and 1780, on the alarms in 
Rhode Island. He was buried in Essex Center. The youngest 
child was bom in Colchester, Vt., and the others in Essex, ex- 
cept the eldest, whose birthplace is unknown. 

Children : 

1892 Achsah Tyler, bom Sept. 3, 1794; died, in New 
Salem, Mass., Jan. 29, 1804. 

1893+ Daniel Tyler, born Nov. 26, 1795. 

1894+ Rodney Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1797. 

1895+ Roxey Tyler, born Feb. 12, 1800. 

1896 Irene Tyler, born Aug. 13, 1803 ; died Feb. 25, 1899, 
s. p., in Colchester, aged 95 years ; married (1), Dec. 
3, 1831, Barney Fisher, son of Calvin Fisher, who 
died in Colchester Sept. 14, 1862; married (2), Aug. 
8, 1865, Joseph Lane, a widower, from whom she 
was divorced through trouble over her property; 
married (3), May 7, 1877, Rev. Richard Trick, a 
widower, bom in England; died June 19, 189'3. 

Fifth Geneeation 215 

1897+ Orlin Tyler, born Oct. 11, 1804. 
1898+ Ruby Tyler, born Jan. 23, 1809. 

676 RUrUS^ TYLER (Moses*), born in Attleboro, 
Mass., March 28, 1764 ; died at his sister's home in Wrentham, 
Mass., in 1816; married, October 22, 1787, Dorothy Allen, of 
Rehoboth, Mass., who died in 1813, aged 44. He was a black- 
smith, and resided in Richmond, Rehoboth and Orange, Mass. 
The four elder children were born in Richmond. Children: 
1899 Rehef Tyler, born Feb. 12, 1805 ; died Aug. 29, 1893 ; 

married, Jan. 1, 1829, Captain James Rhodes, bom 
in Thompson, Conn., Dec. 31, 1808; died May 15, 
1875; son of Ezekiel and Chloe (Bates) Rhodes; 
had one son. 

1900+ Dolly Tyler. 

1901+ Sally Tyler. 

1902+ Esther Tyler, born May 9, 1801. 

1903+ Nancy Tyler. 

1904 Betsey Tyler, died early, unmarried. 

1905 Rufus Tyler, died aged 15 or 16. 

677 DAVIDS TYLER (Moses*), born in Attleboro, 
Mass., August 13, 1766; died in Essex, Vt., January 5, 1832; 

married (1), Hannah , who died March 24, 1812, aged 

40; married (2), Mary Stone, who died June 9, 1835, aged 55; 
she moved to Chicago. He was lister and surveyor in Essex, 
in 1798. He received £26, 10s, from his father's estate, in 
addition to other gifts. 

Children, by first marriage: 

1906 Hannah Tyler, bom Dec. 10, 1794; married George 

1907+ David Tyler, bom in Essex, Jan. 6, 1797. 

1908 Nancy Tyler, bom March 7, 1799 ; died in Pages' Cor- 

ner, Vt., March, 1840. 

1909 Amos Tyler, born Aug. 5, 1802 (children recorded at 

Essex: Hannah, Lucy, and David). 

1910 Mary R. Tyler, bom Sept. 24, 1807; died in Essex, 

Nov. 30, 1889; married Loyal Daniels, of Essex. 

1911 Maria Tyler, bom Aug. 6, 1810; died, unmarried, in 

Essex, Aug. 17, 1871. 

216 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

Children, by second marriage: 
1912 Julia Tyler, born Aug. 26, 1813 ; died in Essex, June 

18, 1895. 
1913+ Samuel Tyler, born April 8, 1815. 

1914 Fanny Tyler, bom March 4, 1818; died June 20, 

1884 ; married Brigham, of Essex. 

1915 William Tyler, bom July 15, 1822; died early; went 

to Wisconsin. 

678 COLONEL GEORGE^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in 
Attleboro, Mass., October 12, 1768; died February 25, 1862, 
aged 94 ; married, February 16, 1800, in Thompson, Conn., 
by Rev. Lorenzo How, Esther Joslyn, bom in Thompson, June 
2, 1782; died October 4, 1851. He was an early settler of Es- 
sex, Vt.. where he went in 1788, and became a man of in- 
fluence. In his youth, he bought a year of his time, and his 
father gave him a year. In addition to previous gifts his 
father's will gave him £26, 10s. In the War of 1812 he was 
a colonel at Plattsburg, N. Y. He often went from Essex, 
Vt., to Richmond, N. H., on horseback, to visit his brother 
Moses (he was a great horseman), and was costumed in con- 
tinental style, viz. : suit of velvet, with knee-breeches, shoe 
buckles and cocked hat. He had 300 acres of land in Vermont, 
and was a farmer and stock-dealer, taking horses and cattle 
to the Boston market. He went security for friends through 
whom he lost much, and removed, with his wife and all his 
family except two sons, to Alexandria, Licking County, O. 
The children were bom in Essex. 

Children : 

1916+ Erastus Tyler, born Nov. 14, 1802. 

1917+ Lorin Tyler, bom Dec. 27, 1804. 

1918 Betsey Tyler, bom July 20, 1807 ; died in Alexandria, 

O., April 1, 1876; married (1), 1829, Roswell M. 

Butler, born 1804; died 1830; married (2), 1848, 

in Alexandria, James Remington, born 1809 ; died 

1888. Son: William H. Butler. 

1919+ George Rising Tyler, born March 20, 1810. 

1920+ Lyman Early Tyler, bom June 18, 1812. 

1921+ Cassius Tyler, bom Aug. 2, 1815. 

1922+ Emeline Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1818. 

Fifth Generation . gl7 

1923+ Foster Tyler, bom July 5, 1820. 

1924+ Joel Lafayette Tyler, bom Sept. 17, 1823. 

680 JUDSON^ TYLER (Moses*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., June 4, 1776; died in Alexandria, Licking Co., 0., July 
25, 1855; married (1), Prudence Woodworth, who died in 
Granville, O.. July 7, 1838; married (2), Mrs. Abigail Strat- 
ton. He was a carpenter and went to Essex, Vt., with three 
older brothers when young; moved to Ohio in 1833, and set- 
tled in Granville, Licking County. In addition to previous 
gifts, he received £22 from his father's estate. The children 
were bom in Essex. Children : 

1925 Charlotte Emily Tyler, born April 19, 1816; died, 
s. p., March, 1890; married, June 25, 1852, Lyman 
W. Rose. In her early days she was a school- 
1926+ Rufus A. Tyler, bom April 18, 1818. 
1927 Bumham W. Tyler, bom Feb. 2, 1820; married 

Jerusha J. Barrack, of Alexandria, O. 
1928+ Sarah Abigail Tyler, bom April 16, 1827. 

682 MARY^ TYLER (Nathan*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., April 26, 1755 ; married, November 14, 1776 (published 
June 18, 1776), Allen Claflin, bom in Attleboro, November 8, 
1754; son of Ebenezer and Bethiah (Tiffany) Claflin. The 
children were bom in Attleboro. Children : 

1929 Nathan Claflin, bom Sept. 15, 1778. 

1930 William Claflin, born April 4, 1780. 

1931 Leonard Claflin, born April 29, 1785. 

1932 Sally Claflin, bom Nov. 12, 1786. 

1933 Polly Claflin, bom Oct. 15, 1788. 

686 WILLIAM^ TYLER (Nathan*), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., August 4, 1764; died in Livingston County, N. Y., 
in 1847 ; married in Massachusetts, Hope Brown ; she died at 
the home of her daughter Hannah, in Geneseo, N. Y., aged 93. 
At 16 years of age William entered the Revolutionary army for 
six months, and January 12, 1781, he enlisted as a private for 
three years from Lanesboro, Mass., in Captain Abraham Wat- 
son's company. Colonel John Greaton's '3d Massachusetts Bay 
regiment. He is described in the old military records as being 

318 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

five feet, six inches tall; dark complexion, dark eyes, and black 
hair. He saw service in the State of New York. He was a 
farmer, and lived in Lanesboro and Cheshire, Mass., and before 
1800 moved to Newport, on West Canada Creek, Herkimer 
County, N. Y. He is buried in Geneseo, N. Y., and his grave 
is marked by a stone. His children were born in Cheshire and 
Newport. The dates of their births are not known in each 

Children : 

1934) Mahala Tyler, married Conant or Conough. 

1935+ Lovina Tyler, born in Cheshire, Feb. 22, 1789. 

1936 Lydia Tyler, married Abraham Harris. 

1937 Dexter Tyler, died young of consumption. 
1938+ Samuel Tyler, bom in 1794. 

1939+ William Tyler, born in Newport, N. Y. 

1940 Rufus Tyler, died near Dunkirk, N. Y. 

1941 Hannah Tyler, married White, moved to Gene- 

seo, N. Y., and died s. p. 

1942 Olive Tyler, married Isaiah Hall; moved to Michigan. 
1943+ Thomas Tyler, bom in Newport. 

1944+ Benjamin Brown Tyler, bom in Newport, Sept. 10, 

1945 Lucy Tyler, bom in Newport, 1813 ; married 

Waite, Geneseo, N. Y. 

687 THOMAS^ TYLER (Nathan*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., June 17, 1768; died in Adams, Mass., July 10, 1834; 
married, in Adams, in 1792, Mrs. Mary Blakely; born in 
Adams, November 8, 1770; died there, August 5, 1846. He 
was a blacksmith and highly respected. The children were 
bom in Adams. Children: 

1946 Nathan Tyler, bom March 8, 1794 ; died May 6, 1795. 
1947+ Henry Tyler, bom July 26, 1795. 

1948+ Lucy Tyler, born April 27, 1797. 

1949+ Duty Sayles Tyler, bom March 23, 1799. 

693 WALTERS TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., " Monday," June 20, 1763; died March 5, 1846; 
married (published March 23, 1790), to Bathsheba Sweet, 
daughter of Captain Henry Sweet, son of John and grandson 

Fifth Geneeation 219 

of Henry Sweet, of Attleboro. She joined the Oldtown, Mass., 
church, October 1, 1806. He passed his last years with his 
brother Samuel. The male line is extinct. He was in the 
Revolutionary War, in Captain Samuel Robinson's company. 
Colonel Isaac Dean's 4th Bristol County, Mass. regiment, four 
days in August, 1780, on the Alarm at Tiverton, R. I. Child : 

1950 Augustus Clement Tyler, died in Harpersfield, Ohio, 

in 1831. His will mentions his " wife Clarisa "; his 
" mother Bathsheba deceased," and " father Walter 
Tyler." A letter to Harpersfield failed to bring out 
any further information. 

694 LUCINDA^ TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., " Friday," May 10, 1765 ; died August 13, 1802; 
married (published April 14, 1787), Henry Sweet, born in 
Attleboro, June 26, 1761; died February 21, 1828; son of 
Captain Henry and Mrs. Bathsheba (Balcom) Alexander 
Sweet. He married (2), Nabby Green, daughter of Roland 
Green, of Mansfield, who died June 11, 1843; they had one 
child, Rolandus Green Sweet. Lucinda's children were bom in 
Attleboro. Children : 

1951 Hannah Sweet, bom May 8, 1788. 

1952 Lauretta Sweet, bom May 21, 1790; died June 22, 


1953 Harriet Sweet, bom May 21, 1793. 

1954 Henry Hannibal LaFayette Sweet, bom Nov. 1, 1796. 

699 EBENEZER5 TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., " Wednesday," February 9, 1776 ; was drowned, 
in the Penobscot River, Maine, May 13, 1800, aged 25 years ; 
married, in Orrington, Maine, September 8, 1799, Lavinia 
Brewer, born in Worcester, Mass., November 23, 1778 ; daugh- 
ter of Colonel John Brewer, for whom New Worcester Plan- 
tation, Maine, afterward Orrington and later Brewer, Maine, 
was named ; he was descended from Josiah and Hannah (Wool- 
son) Brewer, of Weston, Mass. Her mother was Martha, 
daughter of Ezra Graves, of Sudbury ; she was the fifth of nine 
children. She married (2), in 1818, Bradshaw Hall, of Cas- 
tine, Maine, long Registrar of Deeds for Hancock County, 
Maine. She survived her second husband also, and passed 

220 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

her last days with her daughter Lucinda, and died in Orono, 

Child : 
1955+ Lucinda Tyler, born in Brewer, Maine, June 4, 1800. 

700 LAVINIA5 TYLER (Ebenezer'), born in Attle- 
boro, Mass., "Tuesday," March 25, 1778; married, January 
12, 1807, Dr. Abijah Draper. They lived in West Roxbury, 
Mass. Children : 

1956 (Dr.) Abijah Weld Draper, born Jan. 25, 1808; died 

Feb. 9, 1874; married (1), Jan. 20, 1839, Lydia 
Frances Swain; bom in Nantucket, Mass., Jan. 18, 
1812; died in West Roxbury, April 29, 1846; mar- 
ried (2), April 26, 1848, Mrs. Sarah Hawes 
(Hewins) Reynolds, born in South Boston, March 
19, 1819 ; had three sons and one daughter. 

1957 Augusta Draper, bom July 21, 1810; died Sept. 4, 

1877; married, Nov. 25, 1847, Chauncey Wood- 
ward, who died Feb., 1872; she had two sons and 
one daughter. 

1958 Amanda Draper, twin to Augusta; died April 26, 


701 ROWLAND or ROLAND« TYLER (Ebenezer*), 
bom in Attleboro, Mass., " Wednesday," February 2, 1780 ; 
died in Bangor, Maine, October 18, 1872; buried in Dixmont; 
married (1), March 28, 1804, Sally Ginn, bom February 20, 
1784 ; died March 12, 1834 ; daughter of WiUiam H. Ginn, a 
shipbuilder of Ellsworth, Maine; married (2), Mrs. Daggett. 
Mr. Tyler went to Penobscot County in 1796, which was then 
known as Hancock County. He taught school in Bangor sev- 
eral terms and also in Hampden, Maine. He followed the 
business of architect and builder and had charge of building 
the old City Hall in Bangor, which was replaced in 1893. He 
was appointed agent for Dr. Dix and took charge of his 
property interest in the township of Dix, now Dixmont. He 
was in the War of 1812, and kept up his military interest 
afterward, being many years a major in the militia. He was 
a very rigid temperance man, a deacon of the church, and long 
a justice of the peace. An old pupil said about 1890, " If 
there ever was a true, noble gentleman, Rowland Tyler was 

Fifth Geneeation 22.1 

one." He was a faithful member of the Methodist church. 
After his first marriage he bought a farm in Dixmont and 
lived there until about 1840, when he removed to Bangor. 
After marrying Mr. Daggett's widow, a tavern, built by Mr. 
Daggett about 1820, came into his possession. There he kept 
the " Tyler Stand " tavern, and gave it to his son Lyman at 
his death. He always took a leading part in the affairs of the 
section where he lived and matters of dispute were referred to 
him for settlement. The children were bom in Dixmont. 

Children : 

1959 Mary Anne Tyler, bom Feb. 26, 1805 ; died April 20, 
1830, unmarried. 

1960+ Harriet Augusta Tyler, bom Nov. 24, 1806. 

1961 SaUy Ginn Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1808; died May 9, 

1692 Hannah Reed Tyler, born Dec. 12, 1809 ; died April 
9, 1886 ; married Captain Nathan Lowe, of Deer 
Isle, Maine, who died after a disaster to a boat. 
They had several children. 

1963 Frederick Tyler, born Sept. 15, 1812; died, s. p., June 
22, 1835; married, Feb. 25, 1835, Diadamia P. 
Emery, born in Fairfield, Maine, June 7, 1813, 
daughter of Samuel and Diadamia (Johnston) 
Emery; she married (2), Nov. 28, 1839, Joseph 

1964+ Lucinda Tyler, bom Aug. 25, 1814. 

1965 Lyman Tyler, bora May 15, 1816; died March 14, 
1886; married, Jan. 1, 1844, Lucetta Libby, born 
July 11, 1815, in Waterport, Maine, daughter of 
David and Hannah (Knight) Libby, of Camiel, 
Maine. Lyman was a builder and contracted for 
many buildings. He owned the " Tyler Stand," in 
Bangor, and 360 acres, and three other farms ag- 
gregating 260 acres; he also kept a store, and had 
teams on the road collecting eggs. In 1855 he re- 
tired from the " Tyler Stand " to his farm-house 
on the opposite side of the road and hired a man to 
carry on the hotel. After that he spent his winters 
in Boston handling produce of all kinds, which was 
forwarded from his store in Bangor and from Prince 

The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

Edward Island. He left a large estate, and his 
widow died two years later; their only child, a 
daughter, died before she was seven years old. 

1966+ Caroline Herrick Tyler, bom April 3, 1818. 

1967+ Louisa Elvira Tyler, bom Sept. 11, 1820. 

1968 Rowland Abijah Tyler, bom June 3, 1822; probably 

died before 1897; resided in San Francisco, Cal., 

1969 Lafayette Tyler, bom Aug. 15, 1824 ; died Sept. 15, 


1970 Lavinia Draper Tyler, born Jan. 28, 1829; died 

March 4, 1830. 

bom in Attleboro, Mass., February 2, 1780; died, drowned in 
Penobscot River, Maine, August 22, 1807 ; married Fanny 
Richardson, bom December 11, 1780; died August 18, 1861; 
daughter of Abiathar Richardson. She joined the Congrega- 
tional church in Attleboro, March 5, 1815 ; she presided in the 
home of her brother-in-law Samuel Tyler, after his first 
wife's death. Dr. Tyler moved to a place near Hampden, 
Maine, in the early part of the nineteenth century. The chil- 
dren were born in Attleboro. Children: 

1971 Abijah Weld Tyler, bom Aug. 25, 1802; died March 

9, 1803. 
1972+ Louisa R. Tyler, bom in 1804. 

1973 Abijah Weld Tyler, born in 1805; died in Charles- 

town, S. C, Aug. 21, 1838, unmarried. 

704 CRAWFORD^ TYLER (Ebenezer*), born in At- 
tleboro, Mass., "Thursday," April 8, 1784; died in Milford, 
N. H., March 9, 1850; married Martha Clark (?), who died 
October 3, 1860, aged 70. He moved to Milford, N. H., and 
his first tax in that town was in 1813. He appears on a deed 
as a witness between Ephraim Murch and wife, and Rowland 
and Abijah Tyler, of Hampden, Maine, the same dated De- 
cember 14, 1804. His will, dated February 16, 1850, shows 
him to have been a millwright. Children : 

1974 Nancy Tyler, bora in Milford, in 1813 and died there, 

Dec. 9, 1813. 

1975 Martha C. Tyler, bom in Milford, 1815; died May 

12, 1839. 

Fifth Generation 223 

IQTG Ebenezer Tyler, moved to Illinois and married; men- 
tioned only in father's will. 

1977 Eveline Tyler, bom in 1817 ; died Dec. 16, 1884. ; mar- 

ried, April 19, 1843, George H. Whitney, of Graf- 
ton, Mass., who died Oct. 13, 1884., aged 79. They 
had one daughter, who died aged about ten. Eve- 
line is mentioned in her father's will. 

1978 Henry S. Tyler, born in 1819; died Aug. 26, 1820. 

1979 Henry C. Tyler, bom in 1822; died Jan. 28, 1823. 

1980 Mary Ann Tyler, born in 1823 ; died Dec. 11, 1824. 
1981+ Humphrey M. Tyler, bom in Ipswich, N. H., Dec. 8, 


1982 Harriet C. Tyler, born in 1828 ; died Oct. 29, 1829. 

1983 Henrietta Tyler, probably twin to Harriet, died Nov. 

8, 1849. 

1984 Harriet E. Tyler, born in 1831 ; died July 31, 1849. 

705 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., December 7, 1785; died November 20, 1850; mar- 
ried (1), Betsey Samson, who died in 1828; married (2), 
Charity Willard, who died in Attleboro, April 2, 1859, aged 
53. He was an enterprising, influential man in Attleboro, and 
a pious church-member. His will mentions him as " a de- 
praved worm of the dust." His four elder daughters were 
baptized in Oldtown, Mass., October 23, 1825. 

Children, by first marriage : 
1985+ Eunice Doggett Tyler, bom April 3, 1813. 

1986 Elizabeth Samson Tyler, bom May 30, 1818; died, 

s. p., April 25, 1863; married, Jan. 5, 1854, Ather- 
ton Wales, of Attleboro, who married (1), Louisa 
R. Tyler, No. 1972. 

1987 Hannah Read Tyler, bom Jan. 6, 1823 ; married Alex- 

ander Thompson, of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and died 
s. p. 

1988 Ann Frances Tyler, bom June 18, 1825; married, in 

Providence, R. I., Nov. 25, 1857, Charles Lincoln 
Heywood, of Concord, Mass. ; bom in Lunenburg, 
Mass., April 17, 1827; died, s. p., in 1883; son of 
Lincoln and Rebecca Heywood. He was superin- 
tendent of the Fitchburg Railroad for twelve years. 

The Descendants of Job Tylek 

He resigned to travel abroad and for leisure to de- 
velop his railroad patents, of which he had ten. His 
snow-plough was generally and widely adopted, 
while his bridge-guard saved many brakemen from 
death. He owned two mills in Acton. He was a 
philanthropist and had a class in the Sunday-school 
of the Charlestown State Prison for many years, 
and he was especially interested in the welfare of 
young boys. The American Humane Society em- 
ployed him to look after the transportation of 
animals, the last year of his life. His widow re- 
sided in Providence in 1898. 

Children, by second marriage: 
1989 Harriet Amanda Tyler, bom May 10, 1837; married 
EdVard Deane, of Attleboro ; resided, s. p., in Provi- 
dence, R. I., in 1898. She was a teacher before her 
marriage. She and her brother were baptized in 
Oldtown, Mass., Nov. 30, 1838. 
1990+ Samuel Willard Tyler, bom May 14, 1838. 

707 SYLVIA^ TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., January 24, 1788; married, April 29, 1816, Tristam 
Bird, of Dorchester, Mass. The children were bom in Dor- 
chester. Children : 

1991 Charles Bird. 

1992 Henry Bird. 

1993 Hannah Bird. 
1994. Loretta Bird. 

707 HANNAH^ TYLER (Ebenezer*), bom in Attle- 
boro, Mass., "Thursday," September 17, 1789; died August 
19, 1825; married, June 10, 1810, General NathanieP Guild; 
born June 23, 1775; died August 25, 1845 (Aaron*, Na- 
thaniel^, SamueP, John'^). He was an architect and lived in 
Dedham, where he was on the school board for fifteen years ; 
also town treasurer and collector of taxes, and treasurer of the 
First church. He was a brigadier-general, and a member of 
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. Children : 
1995 Lucinda Guild, born Sept. 7, 1811 ; married, Nov. 30, 

Fifth Geneeation 225 

184<3, Gorham D. Pearson, who died March 31, 

1885, in West Roxbury, Mass. She removed to 

1996 Nathaniel Tyler Guild, born Nov. 9, 1813; died in 

Quincy, Mass., July 4, 1881 ; married, June 3, 1841, 
Mary Green, of Melrose, Mass. An engineer on B. 
& W. Railway, and depot master in Grantville, 
Mass. ; no children. 

1997 Edward Guild, bom Aug. 29, 1816; died Aug. 29, 

1886, unmarried. 

1998 Henry Guild, bom Nov. 29, 1818 ; married Louisa P. 

Frobisher; had a family; was a manufacturing 
jeweler in Boston. 

1999 Samuel Foster Guild, bom April 30, 1824 ; died July 

5, 1879; married, Jan. 8, 1849, Hannah M. Usher, 
South Boston ; had four children ; was a gold re- 


730 MOSES* TYLER (Moses^), born in Warren, Mass., 
August 8, 1763; died May 13, 1806; married, 1785, Sarah 
Patrick, bom December 22, 1766; died September, 1827; 
daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Johnson) Patrick. Her will 
was probated in Springfield, Mass. After the death of Moses 
Tyler, David Hoar sold real estate belonging to the three 
younger children. The elder children were bom in Warren, 
the three younger in Brimfield, Mass. Children: 

2000+ Thomas Tyler, born Jan. 26, 1787. 

2001+ Tryphenia Tyler, bom March 14, 1789. 

2002+ Sarah or Sallie Tyler, born June 2, 1791. 

2003+ Moses Tyler, born May 10, 1797. 

2004+ Horatio Tyler, bom Sept. 7, 1801. 

2005 John Tyler, bom Nov. 20, 1803; moved to BuiFalo, 

N. Y., and died Feb. 22, 1824, unmarried. 

2006 Eliza Tyler, born March 3, 1806; married William 

Tucker, a gunsmith of Brimfield. They had two 

731 DOCTOR JOHN« TYLER (Moses^), bom in War- 
ren, Mass., in 1766; died March 24, 1853; married (1), Olive 
Goodwin, of Simsbury (now Bloomfield, Conn.) ; married (2), 
March 20, 1833, Ann Brown in Hartford, Conn. He was in 
the Revolution, enlisting March 1, 1782, in Cram's Massa- 
chusett's artillery; engaged previously at Mud Island Fort, 
Pennsylvania. He appears on a list of pensioners in 1840. 
His residence was in Simsbury. His widow was interested in 
preserving Tyler records. Children: 

2007 Olive Goodwin Tyler; married James Bidwell, of 

Bloomfield, and died s. p. 
2008+ John Keyes Tyler. 

732 ISAAC* TYLER (Moses^), bom in Warren, Mass., 
November 16, 1767 ; died there, June 11, 1847 ; married, March 
20, 1794, Bethiah Cutler, born in Warren, May 15, 1772 ; died 

Sixth Generation 221 

there, August 11, 1848; daughter of Captain Joseph Cutler, 

and descended from James Cutler, of Watertown, Mass., 1634i. 

In 1782 his uncle Isaac Tyler became his guardian. His 

estate was probated October 12, 1847, and his son-in-law, 

Timothy James was appointed administrator. The children 

were bom in Warren. Children : 

2009+ Cutler Tyler, bom Nov. 19, 1794. 

2010+ Keyes Tyler, bom Sept. 29, 1796. 

2011+ Lydia Tyler, born Feb. 6, 1799. 

2012+ Isaac Tyler, born June 1, 1801. 

2013+ Bethiah Tyler, born June 4, 1803. 

2014 Mary Tyler, bom Aug. 29, 1805 ; died Nov. 30, 1806. 

2015+ Reuben Tyler, bom Feb. 11, 1808. 

2016+ Rebecca Tyler, bom Aug. 10, 1809. 

2017+ Mary Tyler, born Nov. 3, 1811. 

2018+ Tryphena Tyler, bom Feb. 26, 1814. 

2019+ Moses Tyler, born Nov. 15, 1816. 

734 TAMAR* TYLER (Moses^), bom in Warren, 
Mass., 1773; died in Hardwick, Mass., September 11, 1864; 
married Marcus Marsh, of Hardwick, Mass., who died May 10, 
1823, aged 52. In 1787 she chose Daniel Hodges, of Western, 
as her guardian. The eldest child may have been bom in 
Warren, but the others were bom in Hardwick. Children: 

2020 Zenas Marsh, bom about 1793. 

2021 Triphena Marsh, born in 1798; died unmarried, Jan. 

7, 1843. 

Marcus J. Marsh, bom about 1800; married Amelia 
Dexter, and had three sons (Marcus, Moses, Ad- 

Mary Marsh, bom about 1801 ; died Jan. 24, 187'3 ; 
married Bartlett. 

2024 Tyler Marsh, bom about 1802; died Jan. 8, 1875. 

2025 Sally Marsh, bom about 1813; died unmarried, Dec. 

2, 1873. 

747 DANIEL^ TYLER (Abner*), bom in Warren, 
Mass., May 12, 1777; died October 5, 1851; married (1), Jan- 
uary 6, 1803, Abigail Cutler; bom in Warren, October 31, 
1778; died December 24, 1811; daughter of Lieutenant Eben- 
ezer Cutler; married (2), April 20, 1813, Lucy Dunbar, of 

The Descendants of Job Tylee 

Ware, Mass., who died October 10, 1813, aged 30; married 
(3), April 2, 1817, Sarah Jones, of Worcester, Mass., who 
died September 3, 1848, aged 67. His will, dated September 
1, 1848, was filed October 14, 1851. His son David R. Tyler 
was made residuary legatee and executor. John appealed 
from the probate, but without avail. The children were bom 
in Warren. The male line will be extinct with the death of 
John Warren* Tyler. 

Child, by first marriage: 
2026+ John Tyler, born Dec. 4, 1803. 

Children, by third marriage: 

2027 Bethiah Tyler, born Dec. 24, 1818; died Nov. 25, 
1891 ; married Warren Lincoln, of Warren, who died 
May 18, 1878, aged 64; they had children. 

2028+ David Richards Tyler, bom Jan. 12, 1821. 

750 0LIVE8 TYLER (Abner^), bom in Warren, Mass., 
October 2, 1782; died August 5, 1846; married, June 1, 1806, 
Thomas Cheney Hodges, bom May 19, 1784 ; died in Homer, 
O., 1872; son of Daniel Hodges (George, William, John, 
William.) The children were bom in Warren, except the two 
younger. (See Hodges Family of New England.) Children: 

2029 Cassandana Hodges, bom April 28, 1807; died in 

Cleveland, O., Feb., 1883; married (1), Aug. 5, 
1838, Dr. John Baxter, who died in Brandon, O., 
Jan., 1848; married (2), Jan., 1854, Arthur Greer, 
of Mt. Vernon, O. She had two sons and a daugh- 
ter (Thomas, Harris, Ruth.) 

2030 Ruth Hodges, bom Oct. 26, 1808; died, s. p., July 

10, 1834, in New Harmony, Ind. ; married in New 
York City, March 25, 1831, Dr. John Baxter, who 
married (2), her sister Cassandana; he was a son 
of John and Elizabeth (Marshall) Baxter. 

2031 George Holland Hodges, born April 5, 1810; died 

Oct. 31, 1888, in Homer, O. ; married (1), Jan. 1, 
1849, Catherine Phinney, bom in Vermont, April 
4, 1828; died Sept. 10, 1859; married (2), April, 
1868, Julia Ann Jones, daughter of Nelson and 
Mary Ann (Babbs) Jones, of Utica, O., living in 

Sixth Generation 

Homer, 0., in 1894 ; he had three sons and a daugh- 
ter by his first marriage (John, George, William. 
Lucien Hodges, bom April 23, 1813 ; died Aug., 1872, 
in Richwood, O. ; married, Dec. M, 1837, in Graf- 
ton, Mass., Sarah H. Phillips ; they had four sons 
and a daughter (James, Charles, Henry, Albert, 

2033 Rachel Rich Hodges, bom June 1, 1815; died unmar- 
ried, Sept. 10, 1887, in Warren. 

2034+ Mary Josephine Hodges, bora Oct. 11, 1817. 

2035 Olive Cheney Hodges, bom in Palmer, Mass., March 
5, 1820; married, in Springfield, Mass., Feb. 18, 
1873, Franklin Drury, of Warren, bom there 1799 ; 
died there, s. p., Jan. 1, 1889; son of Winsor and 
Alice Drury. Mrs. Drury was living in Johnstown, 
O., in 1893. 

■2036 Augusta Hodges, born in Palmer, July 25, 1822; died 
s. p., in Brookfield, Mass., Oct. 6, 1853; married, 
Sept. 2, 1846, Leonard Warren, of Warren. 

753 RUTH« TYLER (Abner^), bom in Warren, Mass., 
March 24, 1788; died January 17, 1883; married, April 23, 
1812, Pardon Allen; bom in Wardsborough, Vt., July 5, 
1785 ; died in Warren, April 6, 1847. The children were bom 
in Warren. Children: 

2037 Abner Tyler Allen, bom Feb. 9, 1813 ; married Eunice 

Shepherd; resided in Willoughby, O., in 1898. 

2038 Daniel Cutler Allen, bom Aug. 11, 1814; married 

Delia Baker. 

2039 Harvey S. Allen, bom April 9, 1816; married Lucy 

Cheetum ; had one son and two daughters (Aylmer, 
Ruth, Clara.) 

2040 Amasa I. Allen, bom April 4, 1818 ; married Wealthy 


2041 Olive Allen, bora March 14, 1820; married Thomas 


2042 George Allen, bom Sept. 24, 1821. 

2043 Pardon Allen, bom March 30, 1824; married, Dec. 

27, 1849, Lydia Ann Greenough, of Salem, Mass., 
bom in Chester, N. H., Aug. 17, 1827; lives in 

230 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

South Warren and has two sons and a daughter 
(Henry, Harrison, Cora.) 

754 ABNER« TYLER, JR. (Abner^), born in Warren, 
Mass., March 8, 1790; died in Springfield, Mass., August 28, 
1876; married, April 15, 1825, Lucretia Allen, bom in Wards- 
boro, Vt., November 5, 1786; died in West Brookfield, Mass., 
October 11, 1848; daughter of Abner and Lucy (Brooks) 
Allen, of Warren, and descended from James Allen, of Medfield, 
Mass. He settled in Pepperell, Mass., where he managed the 
estate of Col. William Prescott. He returned to Warren, and 
thence removed to West Brookfield, but his later years were 
spent with his daughter, Mrs. Bardwell. The male line in 
this family is extinct. The children were bom in Pepperell. 

CniLnaEN : 
2044+ Lucy Brooks Tyler, bora Dec. 8, 1828. 
2045 Amos Edward Tyler, born March 31, 1831 ; died April 
12, 1849, while in the academy in Marlboro, Mass. 

755 AMOS« TYLER (Abner^), born in Warren, Mass., 
August 14, 1791; died in Palmer, Mass., January 15, 1829; 
married, April 1, 1824, Betsey Drury, of Brimfield, Mass., 
bom August 4, 1796 ; died January 25, 1863. His estate was 
probated in Springfield, Mass., 1829, Case No. 11451. The 
administrator was Isaac Tyler, and James Tyler was surety, 
both living in Western. The male line is extinct. The chil- 
dren were bom in Warren. Children : 

2046+ Maria S. Tyler, bom Oct. 15, 1824. 

2047 Sarah J. Tyler, bora May 3, 1826 ; died in Warren, 

Oct. 1, 1843. 
2048+ Juha Ann Tyler, bom March 4, 1828. 

757 JONAS« READ TYLER (Abner^), bora in War- 
ren, Mass., July 20, 1795; died October 10, 1871; married, 
May 11, 1825, Susan Crabtree, bom October 9, 1805; died 
December 26, 1890. He settled on a farm in Warren, now oc- 
cupied by his grandchildren, where he proved himself to be an 
excellent farmer. The male line is extinct. The children were 
bom in Warren. Children: 
2049+ Sarah Tyler, bora Jan. 13, 1827. 

Sixth Generation 231 

2060 Abner Tyler, bom July, 5, 1828 ; died unmarried, July 

5, 1881. 
2061+ Ruth Tyler, bom April 28, 1833. 

761 JOHN« TYLER, JR. (John^), bom in Tolland, 
Conn., August 28, 1780; settled on the old Tyler place near 
Willimantic River, where he died, 1846 ; married Almira Baker ; 
bom April 16, 1784; died in Somers, Conn., April 6, 1864; 
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Dimick) Baker. The family 
are said to have been members of the Baptist church in Tol- 
land. None of the family now live there. All the children 
were born there, but the exact order of birth is not known. 
Children : 

2052+ John M. Tyler, born in 1806. 
2053 Sylvester Tyler, died s. p. 
2054+ Nathan Tyler. 
2055 Ameha Tyler, died unmarried ; buried in North Haven, 

2056+ Juha Ann Tyler, bom in 1816. 

2057 Sarah Tyler, bora about 1816; died about 1850, in 

Indianapolis, Ind. ; married, about 1845, 

Wheeler, and had two daughters. 

2058 Almira Tyler, born 1820; died unmarried, in Somers, 

Conn., Jan. 10, 1877, aged 67. 

763 ASA« TYLER (Moses^), bom probably in Thet- 
ford, Vt., 1782; died while on a visit to his son in Coldwater, 
Mich., in 1863; married Hannah Gates. He went to Whites- 
town, N. Y., with his father about 1800; thence to Mexico, 
N. Y., in 1802, where he cleared a farm. The children were 
probably all bom in Mexico. Children : 

2059 Lucinda Tyler. 
2060+ Saxton Gates Tyler. 

2061 Lewis Tyler, probably moved to Coldwater, Mich. 

2062 Alphonso Tyler, bom in 1811 ; went in 1848 to Hebron, 

HI., where he died in 1889, s. p.; married; no chil- 

2063+ Beulah Tyler, bom in 1813 ; married William Mark- 

2064 Philena Tyler, married Halsey; resided in 1897 

in Mexico, N. Y. 

232 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

2065 Lydia Tyler. 

2066 Cordelia Tyler, married Bickard; resided in 189T 

in Olds, Mich. 

2067 Dotha Tyler. 

2068 Arsaville Tyler. 

2069 Celinda Tyler, married Stone. 

2070 Lucy Ann Tyler. 

place and date of birth unknown ; died in Portland, Mich., 
through an accident, July 13, 1848 ; married Phebe Post. He 
lived for a time in Mt. Morris, N. Y., and then moved to 
Portland, Mich., where he was a deacon in the Baptist church, 
1840-1848. He was dismissed to the church in this place from 
that of Walled Lake, Mich. He was the oldest constituent 
member of the Portland church and its only deacon. He was 
universally respected in his community. Children: 

2071 Isaac E. Tyler, married Elizabeth . (His 

daughter Amelia married Smith, and her son 

[Dr. Dean Tyler Smith], lived in Jackson, Mich.). 

2072 Dean Merrill Tyler, Jr. 

2073 Emerson Tyler. 

2074 Laura Tyler, married Crawford ; resided Owosso, 


2075 Betsey Tyler, married Brown; resided in Port- 

land, Mich. 

2076 Sarah Tyler, married Briggs. 

2077 Caroline Tyler, married Briggs ; the two sisters 

married brothers. 

2078 Phebe Tyler, married Morehouse. 

765 NABBY« TYLER (Moses^), born probably in 
Thetford, Vt. ; married Byron Hawley. Child : 

2079 Loren Hawley, who lived in Pulaski, N. Y. 

766 NATHANIEL^ TYLER (Moses^), time and place 
of birth unknown ; died in Whitestown, Oneida County, N. Y., 
March 20, 1876; married Beulah Gates. He was in the War 
of 1812. He lived in Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., farming, and 
was a Baptist deacon. His father died at his home. The 
children were bom in Whitestown. Children: 

Sixth Generation 233 

2080+ Oliver H. P. Tyler, bom Oct. 12, 1817. 

2081+ Moses Merrill Tyler, bom July 14, 1819. 

2082+ James Tyler, bom April 25, 1821. 

2083+ Job Tyler, bom Nov. 25, 1824. 

2084+ Jane Tyler, bom Feb. 2, 1827. 

2085+ Nathaniel Tyler, bom April 8, 1829. 

2086 William Wirt Tyler, bom Dec. 7, 1832 ; died unmar- 

ried, Nov. 20, 1853. 

768 DANIEL S.« TYLER (Moses^), bom, probably in 
Thetford, Vt., December 17, 1787 ; died in East Cleveland, O., 
June 8, 1843; married, in Euclid, O., October 15, 1809, Eliza- 
beth DiUe, who died in East Cleveland, September 23, 1876, 
aged 83. He was a drummer in the War of 1812 for a Cleve- 
land company, and had a pension, according to the Pension 
Book, p. 67, No. 14. He had 160 acres of bounty land. Early 
in the nineteenth century he was a farmer in the town of 
Euclid. The children were bom in Cleveland. Children: 

2087 John Weir Tyler, born Jan. 22, 1811 ; died unmarried, 

Feb. 19, 1868. 

2088 Henry M. Tyler, born Jan. 21, 1813; died unmar- 

ried, April 18, 1886, in Warrensville, O. 
2089+ Isaac Newton Tyler, bom Aug. 30, 1815. 
2099 Eliza Tyler, bom Oct. 27, 1817; died unmarried, 

Dec. 7, 1864. 

2091 Almira D. Tyler, born Oct. 29, 1819 ; died unmarried, 

Sept. 7, 1855. 

2092 Fanny Tyler, born March 19, 1821; died Aug. 16, 

2093+ Samuel S. Tyler, bom Jan. 9, 1823. 
2094+ Lewis P. Tyler, bom June 1, 1825. 

2095 Frances Tyler, bom March 16, 1827; married, June 

20, 1853, P. S. Bosworth, who died, s. p., Oct. 18, 

2096 Lucy Tyler, bom July 21, 1829; died unmarried, in 

Cleveland, O., Jan. 3, 1884. 

2097 Elizabeth Tyler, bom Feb. 24, 1833; unmarried. 

2098 Dean S. Tyler, bom March 1, 1835; died unmarried, 

May 26, 1878. 

771 ISAAC® TYLER (Moses^), born in Thetford, Vt., 

234 The. Descendants op Job Tyler 

August 16, 1800; died in Leslie, Mich., August 13, 1872; mar- 
ried, March 30, 1823, Rebecca Rising; born in Lee, N. Y., 
April 20, 1805; died in Onondaga, Mich., August 10, 1888. 
He resided in Watertown, N. Y., and in 1837 moved to Leslie, 
Mich. The two elder children were bom in Mexico, N. Y., and 
the two younger in Grass Lake, Mich. The others in Water- 
town, N. Y. Children: 

2099+ John M. Tyler, bom April 20, 1825. 
2100+ Dean M. Tyler, bom July 5, 1828. 
2101+ Asa Lewis Tyler, born Sept. 2, 1832. 
2102 Antoinette E. A. Tyler, born July 25, 1834.; married, 
in Onondaga, Mich., Oct. 26, 1865, Lewis Garfield. 
She resides s. p., a widow, in Leslie, Mich. 
2103+ Charlotte AdeUa Tyler, born July 9, 1844.. 
2104. Howard J. Tyler, born July 31, 1846; died in Kala- 
mazoo, Mich, May 25, 1864. 

722 JAMES* TYLER (Adonijah^), bom April' 12, 
1760 ; died in Thetford, Vt., August 20, 1855 ; married, July 
14, 1778, Sarah Gould, of Hopkinton, N. H. He was in the 
Revolution. In 1840 he lived with his son James in Thetford. 
The fourth to the ninth children inclusive, were bom in Hen- 
niker; the two younger in Thetford. Children: 
2105 Asa Tyler, moved to Rockford, 111. 
2106+ Christopher Gould Tyler, bom in Hopkinton, July 10, 

2107 Asher Tyler. 
2108+ Mary Tyler, bom Dec. 13, 1781. 

2109 Joel Tyler, perhaps the singer of Philadelphia. 

2110 Anna Tyler, bom June 4, 1783 ; died July 6, 1801. 

2111 John Tyler, bom June 4, 1786; he was a farmer, mar- 

ried and had a family. 

2112 James Tyler, bom June 3, 1789; died s. p., in Thet- 

ford, Vt., Feb. 2, 1876; married, Dec. 1, 1814, 
Betsey Fletcher, bom Nov. 17, 1793; died s. p., 
August 31, 1878 ; daughter of Jonathan and Bet- 
sey Fletcher. He was a justice of the peace, over- 
seer of the poor, on the town board for many years ; 
a man of integrity and generosity ; a good natural 
2113+ Lucinda Tyler, bOrn July 18, 1791. 

Sixth Generation 235 

2114+ Jeremiah Tyler, born Sept. 8, 1796. 

2115 Candice Tyler, bom March 1, 1800. 

773 RACHEL® TYLER (Adonijah^), bom in Chester, 
N. H., March 2, 1762; died February, 1843; married Jacob 
Stanley. She lived in Tunbridge, Vt., and then moved to New 
York state. Child: 

2116 Lucy Stanley, married Stewart, of Battle Creek 

House, Battle Creek, Mich. 

774 MmiAM® TYLER (Adonijah^), bom in Hopkin- 
ton, N. H., March 22, 1764; died in East Canterbury, N. H., 
August 9, 1841 ; married. May 11, 1790, Moses Hastings, of 
Hopkinton, born September 12, 1762; died in Clement Hill, 
N. H., January 25, 1814. In early life she was a school- 
teacher and her children graduated from academies in Bos- 
cawen and Pembroke, N. H., and also became teachers. When 
a widow, she joined the Shakers in East Canterbury, with four 
of her children, and died there. The two elder children were 
bom in Clement Hill; no record of birthplace of the other 
children. Children : 

2117 Mary Abbott Hastings, bom April 17, 1791 ; died 

Oct. 14, 1865 ; married, Feb. 29, 1816, Enoch Long, 
of Galena, 111., a lead miner; had two children. 

2118 Jeremiah Hastings, bom July 26, 1793; died March 

12, 1795. 

2119 Laura Hastings, bom May 5, 1796; died Aug. 1, 

1836 ; married, Feb. 13, 1826, Joel Blood, of Water- 
town, N. Y., whose first wife was Irene H. Tyler, 
daughter of Simeon and Hannah (Rowell) Tyler, 
No. 2132. Laura had two daughters and a son. 

2120 Ednah Hastings, bom May '30, 1798 ; died in Boston, 

Mass., Jan. 12, 1892 ; married. May 16, 1825, Rev. 
Abiel Silver, of Contoocook, N. H., and Boston, 
Mass. He was a well-known and highly-esteemed 
minister of the) Swedenborgian faith. They had 
one daughter. 

2121 Maria Hastings, bom June 21, 1800; died Feb. 2, 

1875 ; married, Oct. 6, 1829, Joseph Lee. 

2122 Moses Hastings, bom Oct. 7, 1802; died Sept. 4, 1826, 

in Quincy, HI. ; unmarried. 

236 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

2123 Betsey McConnell Hastings, born Nov. 3, 1804; joined 

the Shakers in Sabbathday Lake, Maine, and died 

2124 Harriet Hastings, bom May 5, 1807; lived with the 

Shakers in Canterbury, where died Feb. 22, 1898. 

2125 Charlotte Hastings, bom June 5, 1809 ; died in Colum- 

bus, O., Feb. 8, 1839. 

2126 Marcia Eliza Hastings, born Dec. 1, 1811 ; died 

single, Oct. 29, 1891 ; lived with the Shakers in 
Canterbury, where died. 

775 JEREMIAH^ TYLER (Adonijah^), bom in Ches- 
ter, N. H., April 9, 1766; died in Orford, N. H., January, 
1844 ; married Irene Heaton. He was in the Revolution. Lived 
with his son William M. Tyler in 1840, in Thetford, Vt. In 
1842 he joined the Orford Congregational church. The chil- 
dren were bom in Thetford, Vt. Children : 

2127+ Cyril S. Tyler, bom Dec. 31, 1803. 
2128+ Latimer Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1806. 
2129+ WilHam Monroe Tyler. 

776 SIMEON® TYLER (Adonijah^), bom in Chester, 
N. H., March 20, 1768 ; died December 24, 1855 ; married (1), 
March 14, 1799, Hannah Rowell, bom May 17, 1776; died in 
Hopkinton, N. H., June 28, 1831 ; daughter of Nathaniel and 

(Morse) Rowell, of Hopkinton; married (2), June 27, 

1837, Susan Paige, bom November 11, 1786; died March 21, 
1865. All the children were by the first marriage. He was a 
farmer. The children were born in Hopkinton. 

Children, by first marriage : 

2130 Lydia Tyler, bom Aug. 29, 1801; died March 20, 

1817; buried in Hopkinton. 

2131 Plumy Tyler, bom May 1, 1804; died April 2, 1817. 

2132 Irene Tyler, bom April 4, 1806; died Aug. 27, 1808. 

2133 Irene Heaton Tyler, bom Jan. 15, 1809; died Feb. 

1, 1852; married, Jan. 27, 1840, Joel Blood, of 
Watertown, N. Y., whose second wife was Laura 
Hastings, daughter of Moses and Miriam (Tyler) 
Hastings, No. 2118; no children. 

2134 Mary Jane Ballard Tyler, born March 29, 1813 ; died 

Aug. 20, 1835, unmarried. 

Sixth Geneeation 
2136+ Lucius Harvey Tyler, born Nov. 19, 1817. 

777 MOSES« TYLER (Adonijah^), born in Henniker, 
N. H., April 7, 1770; died in Tyler's Bridge, N. H., December 
21, 1857; married Betsey McConnell, of Pembroke, N. H., 
born January 30, 1774, of superior Scotch-Irish ancestry; 
she died September 9, 1866. She was received by letter from 
the Pembroke, N. H., church in 1801. He was a very generous 
and public-spirited man, and was a leading member of the 
Congregational church. He, with a neighbor, built the first 
" Tyler's Bridge " over the river. The children were born in 
Henniker. Children : 

2136+ Nancy Tyler, bom May 4, 1799. 

2137+ Sarah Tyler, born Jan. 12, 1802. 

2138+ Calvin Tyler (an adopted son), born March 11, 1806. 

778 POLLY (MARY)« TYLER (Adonijah^), born In 
Chester, N. H., June 4, 1773; married Jacob Martin. They 
lived in Sandwich, N. H., and about 1835 moved to Gap Grove, 
111., between Dixon and Sterling, 111. Children: 

2139 Moses Tyler Martin. 

2140 William Martin, married and had children. 

2141 Jacob Martin, married Margaret Curtis. 

2142 Eliza Martin, married (1), Hubbard; married 

(2), Tilton, of Gap Grove, 111. 

2143 James Martin. 

2144 Simeon T. Martin. 

779 SARAH« TYLER (Adonijah^), bom in Tyler's 
Bridge, N. H., March, 1775 ; died February 7, 1839, in Illi- 
nois; married Robert Crowell, of Hopkinton, N. H., a cooper, 
and in 1839 moved to Oregon, 111. The children were bom in 
Hopkinton. Children : 

2145 Jeremiah Crowell, was a cooper and farmer; married 

Betsey Bickford, of Hopkinton ; they had a family. 

2146 Thomas Pritchard Crowell, died young. 

2147 Watts Turner Crowell, was a cooper; married Harriet 

Locker ; lived in Springfield, N. H. ; had six chil- 

2148 Moses Tyler Crowell, married Mary Bickford, of Hop- 

kinton; moved to Boston, Mass., and thence to 
Sacramento, Cal. ; had a family. 

238 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

2149 Samuel Putney Crowell, went to Cuba, W. I. ; probably 


2150 S. Solon Crowell, was a farmer; married in Illinois, 

and had six or eight children. 

2151 Lorenzo Hastings Crowell, moved to Illinois; died 


2152 Hannah Crowell, married Charrice, of New 

Haven, Conn. 

2153 Mary Crowell, married John Wilson, a farmer, of 

Illinois, and had three children. 
2154) Sarah Ann Crowell, died Nov. 6, 1837, unmarried. 

780 PHINEAS« TYLER (Adonijah^), born in Tyler's 
Bridge, N. H. ; died in Charlestown, Mass. He was a ship- 
carpenter in the navy yard in Portsmouth, N. H., and lived 
there. He was the only child of his father's second marriage. 
The name of his wife is unknown. His children were bom in 
Portsmouth. Children : 

2155 William Tyler, died about 1885, s. p. ; was a ship car- 
penter in the Charlestown navy yard. He was mar- 
2166 Irene Tyler, married Paul Burbank ; they both died in 
Sacramento, Cal., about 1885. 

2157 Aramenta Tyler, married Kilpatrick, of Boston, 

who was in the Custom House there. 
21.58 Amaretta Tyler, married Charles Weatherbee Nash, 
born Nov. 30, 1813 ; son of Nathaniel and Matilda 
(Lock) Nash, of Boston. They lost three children 
by scarlet fever, and others later. 

2159 Maudgianna Tyler, probably never married; was an 

invalid and lived in Boston; made artificial flowers. 

2160 Charles Phineas Tyler, died unmarried, aged 22, in 

Charlestown, Mass. 

782 JEPTHAH* TYLER, JR. (Jepthah^), bom 
(probably) in Henniker, N. H., 1777; died in Lyme, N. H., 
November 1, 1837; married Polly Wilmot, born in 1780; died 
in Lyme, June 28, 1857. He lived in Lyme on " Tyler Hill " ; 
the house was torn down about 1885. The children were bom 
in Lyme. Children: 
2161+ Jepthah Tyler, bom Feb. 25, 1810. 

Sixth Geneeation 239 

2162 Parley Tyler, married Abby Carleton, and died, s. p., 

April 13, 1867. 

2163 Sarah Tyler, married Alfred Benton and moved to 

2164! Hannah Tyler, married George Benton, of Maine. 

2165 Lydia Tyler. 

2166 Lucy Tyler, married Garten Cobum, of Lyme, N. H. 

2167 Deborah Tyler, married Smith. 

787 JOHN® TYLER (Joshua^), bom in Pembroke, N. 
H., March 28, 1773; died in Thetford, Vt., September 12, 
1853; married, in Grafton, N. H., November 17, 1796, Anna 
Brown, bom December 21, 1777; died November 10, 1872. 
The children were born in Thetford. Children: 

2168 Speede H. Tyler, bom June 25, 1798; died May 2, 

1892, unmarried. 

2169 John R. Tyler, born Feb. 10, 1801 ; died, s. p., Nov. 

21, 1884; his estate administered upon in Thet- 
ford. Dec. 9, 1884i; married (1), Harriet Porter; 
married (2), Adehne Wilson; married (3), Sophia 
Torrey; married (4), Jeanette Morey. His wives 
all died childless. 
2170+ Marie H. Tyler, bom April 27, 1803. 

2171 James B. Tyler, bom Nov. 3, 1805 ; died Dec. 5, 1848, 

unmarried, in Ariston, Dl. 

2172 Theodore H. Tyler, bom June 11, 1807; died young 

in Thetford, Vt. 
2173+ Annie G. Tyler, bom July 26, 1811. 

2174 Hamilton D. Tyler, born Feb. 12, 1814; died May 

28, 1859, unmarried, in Thetford; his estate was 
administered June 4, 1859. 

2175 Mary M. Tyler, bom Nov. 2, 1817; died July 22, 

1891; married Truman Burr, miller; born in Gran- 
tham, N. H., Dec. 14, 1809 ; died s. p., in Thetford, 
Oct. 8, 1883. 

2176+ Lucretia J. Tyler, bom Sept. 1, 1820. 

2177+ Emeline F. Tyler, bom May 5, 1827. 

788 JOSHUA« TYLER, JR. (Joshua^), bom in Pem- 
broke, N. H. ; died in Thetford, Vt. ; married . Children : 

2178 William Tyler, bom in Thetford; died in Manchester, 

240 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

N. H. ; married Lydia Howard, who died ; they had 
one child (Alfaretta.) 
2179 Nancy Tyler, bom in Thetford; died, unmarried, in 
New York City. 

789 JAMES® TYLER (Joshua^), born in Pembroke, 
N. H., about 1780; died in Thetford, Vt., about 1804; his 
estate administered upon there November 26, 1804; married, 
about 1800, Sallie Taylor, who died in 1845. Child : 

2180+ Orange Brigham Tyler, bom in Thetford, March 28, 

790 REBECCA« TYLER (Joshua^), born in Pembroke, 
N. H. ; married Daniel West, of Strafford, Vt., where the chil- 
dren were bom. Children: 

2181 John West. 

2182 Alpa West, married Jaspar Lord, of Thetford, Vt. ; 

she died s. p., about 1892 ; her husband died several 
years before. 

2183 Daniel West, bom in 1806 or 1807 ; died March, 1861 ; 

married Mary Fox, who died May, 1886. Be- 
lieved to have lived in Thetford. Had three chil- 
dren (Mary J., Rebecca Tyler, Caroline M.) 

2184 Asenath West, born about 1808 or 1809 ; married Por- 

ter Cushman, of Tunbridge, Vt., as his second wife. 
She died in W. Randolph, Vt. Had six children 
(John, Jane, Alpa, Daniel W., Eunice, Lucretia.) 

792 HANNAH® EASTMAN (Lucretia^), bom January 
5, 1770; died August 1, 1832; married, March 16, 1796, Ste- 
phen Ambrose. They had more than one child, but the record 
of only one has come to us. Child : 
2185+ Lucretia Ambrose, bom Jan. 15, 1799. 

806 MOLLY® TYLER, also called "Polly" (John^), 
bom in Brookfield, Mass., July 10, 1776; died July 19, 1833; 
married (1), September 21, 1796, Michael Brigham, born in 
North Brookfield, March 2, 1772; died there August, 1802; 
married (2), April 17, 1805, William Bowdoin, of Ware, Mass. 
Her first husband was a farmer in North Brookfield, and het 
second husband was a farmer in Ware, and a justice of the 
peace. The Brigham children were born in Brookfield; the 
Bowdoin children in Ware. (See Brigham Genealogy for de- 

Sixth Geneuation 241 

Chiujren, by first marriage : 
2186+ John Tyler Brigham, bom 1795; died, unmarried, 
1849 ; a merchant in New York City. 

2187 Anna Allen Brigham, bom Dec. 9, 1797; married, 

Sept. 21, 1819, John Gould, bom Jan, 17, 1789; 
lived in Ware. Had eleven children. 

2188 Loring W. Brigham, born Oct. 30, 1799; married, 

Oct. 7, 1821, Maria H. Wiswell, born Aug. 17, 
1799. They lived in Ware and had eight children. 

2189 Crosby Brigham, born 1802; died Sept. 25, 1803. 

Children, by second marriage: 

2190 Michael Brigham Bowdoin, born Nov. 2, 1806; a 


2191 Eunice H. Bowdoin, bom Aug 4, 1808; married 

George Bliss, of Ware. 

2192 Charles C. Bowdoin, bom July 14, 1810. 

2193 Sarah F. Bowdoin, born Dec. 27, 1812 ; married Luke 

Leach, a lumber manufacturer, of Orange, Mass. 

2194 Caleb Strong Bowdoin, bom March 26, 1815 ; a music 

teacher, unmarried. 

2195 Martha M. Bowdoin, bom Aug. 13, 1817; married 

Luther A. Erving, a merchant of Erving, Mass. 

807 SALLY« TYLER (John^), bom in Brookfield, 
Mass., September 20, 1778 ; died in North Brookfield, October 
14, 1805 ; married, February 17, 1801, Silas Ball, of Brookfield. 
He probably moved to New York State. The children were 
born in North Brookfield. Children: 

2196 Thomas Ball, bora in 1802 ; died Sept. 30, 1805. 

2197 Brigham BaU. 

808 JOHN« TYLER, JR. (John^), bom (probably) in 
Brookfield, Mass., November 20, 1780; died August 23, 1857; 
married (1), April 25, 1813, Elizabeth Hill, bom in Brook- 
field, September 15, 1785; died November "4, 1819; manied 
(2), April 15, 1821, Myra Bailey, of Berlin, Mass.; bora No- 
vember 15, 1795 ; died November 21, 1868. He lived in North 

Children, by first marriage : 

2198 Child, bora Feb. 25, 1814; died March 16, 1814. 

2199 Martha Tyler, born Feb. 7, 1815 ; died Oct. 6, 1817. 

£4^ The Descendants of Job Tyler 

Children, by second marriage: 
2200+ J. Bowman Tyler, born March 5, 1822. 
2201 Penn Tyler, bom Feb. 4, 1824; vocal music teacher; 

unmarried, in 1899, resided in Springfield, Mass. 
2202+ Martha Elizabeth Tyler, bom July 20, 1826. 

809 ABNER« TYLER (John^), bora (probably) in 
Brookfield, Mass., August 4, 1785; married Deborah Tupper. 
Moved to Charlestown, N. H. Child: 

2203 Robert Barkley Tyler, born Sept. 14, 1814; baptized 
in Dedham, Mass. 

811 PHINEAS® TYLER (Gideon^), bom in North 
Brookfield, Mass. ; married, March '30, 1794, Joanna Barnes, 
born in North Brookfield, May 18, 1774; died in New Brain- 
tree, Mass., April 27, 1848. The children were bom in Brook- 
field. Children : 

2204+ Theodore Tyler, bom Nov. 17, 179S. 
2205+ Francis Barnes Tyler. 
2206+ Isaac Tyler, bom Dec. 2, 1808. 

2207 Asa Tyler; died, unmarried, Sept. 20, 1878, in New 

Braintree, Mass. 

2208 Louisa Tyler, married Kent, of Leicester, Mass., 

and died s. p. 

817 POLLY* TYLER (Gideon^), bom in Brookfield, 
Mass. ; married Phineas Gilbert, of West Brookfield, a farmer. 
The children were born in West Brookfield. Children: 

2209 Freeman Gilbert. 

2210 Mary Ann Gilbert. 

2211 Luther 

2212 Esther Gilbert. 

2213 Francis Gilbert. 

829 BETSEY* TYLER (Moses^), bom in West Brook- 
field, Mass., April 25, 1780; died in Wheeling, West Va. ; 
married (1) (pubhshed September 20, 1801), Abraham Howe; 
bom in North Brookfield, Mass., October 13, 1776; son of Eli 
Howe; he was a farmer; married (2), Zadoc Hinsdale, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. ; hie was a hotel-keeper. The children were born in 
North Brookfield. 

Sixth Geneeation 

Children, by first marriage: 

2214 Louisa Howe, married Tufts and died in Granby, 


2215 Orvilla Howe, married Burr, of Hartford, Conn., 

and died in New York City. 

2216 Fanny Howe, married Williams, of Louisiana, 

and is buried in Windsor, Conn. 

830 DAVID® TYLER (Moses^), born in West Brook- 
field, Mass., August 20, 1781 ; died February 29, 1864 ; mar- 
ried Nancy Bartlett, bom in North Brookfield, May 16, 1798 ; 
died there April 29, 1866. He was a farmer and lived in 
North Brookfield. His widow was administratrix and gave 
bond for $14,000. The children were bom in North Brook- 
field. Children : 

2217 Moses Tyler, born April, 1817 ; died in North Brook- 

field, Jan. 5, 1892; in early life was a shoe manu- 
facturer in Philadelphia; later a farmer in North 
Brookfield ; one son. 

2218 Warren Tyler, M. D., bom Feb. 6, 1819 ; died in North 

Brookfield, April 18, 1891 ; married, Oct. 22, 1848, 
Diantha Walker, of Exeter, N. Y., bom Jan. 1, 
1823; she resided there in 1901. He was assistant 
surgeon of the 36th Mass. Infantry in the Civil 
War ; resigned, Oct. 22, 1863. He resided in North 
Brookfield, and had a good record. 

2219 Charlotte Tyler, bom in 1821 ; died in 1830. 
2219a William Tyler, bom Feb. 23, 1823; died in Toledo, 

Ohio, Sept. 8, 1845 ; was a captain of an Ohio river 
boat; unmarried. 

2220+ Avilda Bartlett Tyler, born March 27, 1825. 

2221+ Elizabeth R. Tyler, bom Dec. 27, 1826. 

2222 Albert Newton Tyler, born Oct. 11, 1833; drowned in 
Sturbridge, June 28, 1854 ; was a law student, un- 

POLLY« TYLER (Moses^), bom in West Brook- 
field, Mass., February 20, 1785; died there December 7, 1862; 
married, November 23, 1814, Joseph Dane, bom in North 
Brookfield, October 7, 1782; died in West Brookfield, April 
17, 1863. He was a farmer. The children were bom in West 
Brookfield. Children : 

244 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

2223 Joseph Dane, born April 8, 1815 ; died July 15, 1865 ; 

was a farmer and teacher and resided in West 

2224 Rebecca Dane, born May 6, 1817 ; died in Cleveland, 

Ohio, Jan., 1879; married Theodore S. Lindsey, 
paymaster on the Lake Shore Railroad. They had 
a son (Theodore), who is a dentist in Cleveland. 

2225 Warren Dane, bom March 1, 1819; died in Wilbra- 

ham, Mass., Oct. 17, 1894; married Jane Wilson; 
had two sons and four daughters. 

2226 Stillman Ayres Dane, born Feb. 10, 1821 ; died Jan. 

8, 1891; married Sophronia Glazier; he resided in 
North Brookfield; had two daughters, and a son, 
who died in the Civil War, in Fortress Monroe. 

2227 Emerson Dane, bom July 1, 1823 ; died Feb. 15, 1876 ; 

married Irene Bishop ; resided in North Brookfield ; 
had a son and daughter. 

2228 Lucy Ann Dane, bom July 15, 1825; died Jan. 5, 

1896; married (1), Otis Smith; married (2), Lewis 

2229 George Willis Dane, born Nov. 8, 1829 ; died in San- 

dusky, Ohio, May 15, 1887; married Maria R. 
Blanchard ; he was a merchant ; had a son also a 
merchant in Sandusky. 

834 CAPTAIN ELP TYLER (Moses^), bom in West 
Brookfield, Mass., March 25, 1789 ; died July 1, 1858 ; married, 
October 8, 1819, Clarissa White, of Billerica, Mass., born in 
1798; died September 21, 1871. He was a farmer and a cap- 
tain in the militia. He inherited his father's farm. He lived 
in West Brookfield, where his children were bom. Children: 
2230+ George Francis Tyler, born Nov. 13, 1820. 

2231 Moses Tyler, bom April 5, 1822 ; was unmarried ; re- 

sided in West Brookfield with Dwight Tyler. 

2232 Warren Jerome Bonaparte Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1823 ; 

died April 26, 1826. 

2233 Eli Lafayette Tyler, born June 3, 1825 ; resided, un- 

married, a farmer, in West Brookfield. 

2234 Warren Tyler, bom May 29, 1827; died March 8, 


Sixth GENEaATiom 2.45 

S235 Lewis Cutler Tyler, bom July 12, 1829 ; died Jan. M, 

£236+ Harriet Elizabeth Tyler, bom Feb. 20, 1831. 
2237+ Susan Maria Tyler, bom Feb. 9, 1833. 

2238 Lucy Ann Tyler, bom July 20, 1835 ; married, Oct., 

1857, John Jackson Lewis, of Franklin Falls, N. H. ; 
a contractor; no children. 

2239 Henry Edward Tyler, bora July 18, 1837 ; died Jan. 

12, 1868 ; married Augusta Gay ; a farmer, of West 

2240+ Charles Austin Tyler, bom March 11, 1841. 
2241+ Charlotte Frances Tyler, born Oct. 23, 1842. 

840 JOSHUAS TYLER (Joshua^), bom in Chester- 
field, N. H., August 16, 1781 ; died in Clara, Potter County, 
Pa., in 1858; married (1), Lydia Farr, who died January 13, 
1805 ; daughter of WiUiam and Lydia (Trowbridge) Farr, of 
Worcester, Mass., and descended from Thomas Farr, of Dor- 
chester; married (2), in 1810, Lois Bacon, daughter of Philip 
Bacon, son of Nathaniel Bacon, who was in the Revolution. 
Joshua finally settled in Clara, Potter County, Pa. 

Child, by first marriage: 
2242+ Dwight Tyler, bom in Chesterfield, Jan. 13, 1805. 

Childken, by second marriage: 
2243+ Joshua Tyler, bom in Dummerston, Vt., Dec. 4, 1811. 

2244 Elizabeth Tyler, died in Millport, Potter County, Pa. ; 

she married . 

2245 Royal C. Tyler, resided in Kansas. 

2246 Laura Tyler, married Isaac Barnes, of Millport, Pa., 

where she died. 

2247 George Tyler, married Brindle, and lived in 

Oswayo, Potter Co., Pa. 

2248 Louisa Tyler, married, after her sister Laura's death, 

Isaac Barnes, of Millport. 

2249 James M. Tyler, married Belinda B. Hazelton, of 

Independence, N. Y. ; resided Shingle House, Pa. 

2250 Charles F. Tyler, married Eliza Loder, and resided in 

Hebron, Potter County, Pa. 

841 JUDITH« TYLER (Joshua^), born in Chesterfield, 

246 The Descendants op Job Tyler 

N. H., December 4, 1782; died in Burlington, Vt., March 12, 
1843; married Captain Daniel Davis. The child was born in 
Chesterfield, N. H. Child: 
2251+ Parkman Tyler Davis, bom June 30, 1810. 

842 JASON® TYLER (Joshua^), bom in Chesterfield, 
N. H., January 21, 1784; died in Keene, N. H., March 10, 
1843 ; married, 1803, Thirzy King, bom May 7, 1785 ; died iii 
Winchester, N. H., August 17, 1851 ; daughter of Colonel 
Samuel King, probably from Petersham, Mass. (a very promi- 
nent character, and son of Dr. Samuel King, who was in Ches- 
terfield by 1785). Jason lived in the Center Village of Chester- 
field many years ; in 1831 or 1832 he moved to Swanzey, N. H., 
and thence to Keene, N. H. The children were born in Chester- 
field. Children : 
2252+ Harriet B. Tyler, bom Nov. 13, 1803. 

2253 Lydia F. Tyler, born Aug. 29, 1805 ; died in Winches- 

ter, N. H., April 25, 1875; unmarried. 

2254 Mahnda Z. W. Tyler, born July 23, 1807 ; died s. p. 

Oct. 19, 1865 ; married Martin Perry, of Swanzey, 

N. H., who died s. p. 
2255+ Samuel King Tyler, bora Nov. 3, 1810. 
2256+ Mary N. M. Tyler, bora Feb. 2, 1812. 

2257 Jane B. Tyler, born July 3, 1814; married Lemuel 

Wheeler, of Troy, N. H., who died in Harmar, Ohio, 
Sept. 11, 1874, aged 60. 

2258 Larkin W. Tyler, bora Jan. 26, 1816; died 1824. 

2259 Albert 0. Tyler, born Feb. 20, 1819; married Emily 

Murdock, of Winchendon, Mass. ; moved to Cincin- 
nati in 1846, where he was a successful merchant. 
The U. S. gunboat A. 0. Tyler, in the Civil War, 
was named in his honor; he died in Winchendon, 
Mass., while on a visit, Aug. 16, 1877. 

2260+ Sarah Chapman Tyler, born Oct. 22, 1821. 

2261+ Elizabeth H. C. Tyler, bora Nov. 25, 1823. 

2262+ John Larkin Tyler, bora June 17, 1826. 

2263 Dana A. Tyler, bora Dec. 13, 1828; died Sept. 11, 

848 JOSEPH WARREN« TYLER (Joshua^), born in 
Chesterfield, N. H., December 9, 1795 ; died in Hinsdale, N. H., 

Sixth Generation 


November 23, 184<9; married, December 8, 1823, Eleanor 
Thomas, born in Hinsdale, April 8, 1804 ; died there September 
18, 1890. He was a teacher and resided in Hinsdale, and the 
children were bom there. Children: 
2264+ Carohne Day Tyler, born May 10, 1824. 

Sophira Smith Tyler, bom Oct. 17, 1825. 

Pitts Cune Tyler, bom March 17, 1827. 

Elizabeth A. Tyler, bom May 6, 1828; died Sept. 6, 

Elizabeth A. Tyler, bom June 17, 1830. 

Charlotte B. Tyler, bom Oct. 17, 1832 ; died s. p. May 
23, 1856; married, Jan. 7, 1854, Albert W. Kendall, 
of Hinsdale. 

Orcutt B. Tyler, bom June 15, 1834. 

Joseph W. Tyler, bom March 6, 1836; died June 1, 

Fanny S. Tyler, born June 12, 1837; died Feb. 19, 

Charles H. Tyler, bora Dec. 19, 1838. 

Adaline P. Tyler, bom Sept. 21, 1841. 

Martha L. Tyler, bom April 5, 1843 ; died in Athol, 
Mass., July 3, 1898 ; married, March 4, 1866, Frank 
Steams, of Hinsdale, N. H., a teacher; son of John 

George Warren Tyler, born April 12, 1846; died in 
Fitchburg, Mass., July 1, 1900; married, July 9, 
1867, Julia Woods, of Brattleboro, Vt., bom there 
Dec. 2, 1843. He was in the Civil War, 14th N. H. 
Volunteers. Was long connected with the Estey 
Organ Works in Brattleboro, and then in the employ 
of a railroad. At the time of his decease he was 
superintendent of the Fitchburg cemetery. 







849 BUCKLEY OLCOTT« TYLER, M. D. (Joshua^), 
bom in Chesterfield, N. H. February 13, 1798 ; died in Mont- 
peher, Vt., May 21, 1878, aged 80; married (1), December 8, 
1824, Mary Towne, of Hartland, Vt., who died in Montpelier 
June 26, 1851, aged 44; daughter of Benjamin and Sarah 
(Burt) Towne; married (2), May 5, 1852, Lucy Goldsmith 
Russell, of Thetford, Vt., born June 22, 1812; died July 29, 
1889; daughter of Peter Russell, of Thetford and descended 

24i8 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

from the poet Oliver Goldsmith. Dr. Tyler attended lectures 
at Castleton, Vt., Medical College, and at the Waterville, Me., 
Medical College. He was largely self-educated. He was grad- 
uated M. D. from Dartmouth Medical College in 1824, and 
began practice that year in South Woodstock, Vt. After four 
years he went to Thetford (Union Village) ; thence to Vershire, 
Vt. ; he then moved to Worcester, and in 1851 to Montpelier, 
Vt. ; was there partner in a drug store for five years. Later 
bought an interest in the Argus and Patriot building, and 
sold groceries. He was a Democrat in politics. The four 
elder children were born in South Woodstock; the children of 
the second marriage in Montpelier ; others as indicated. 

Children, by first marriage : 
2277 Orlando Towner Tyler, born Jan. 26, 1826; died April 

26, 1826. 
2278+ Cornelia Evelena Tyler, bom July 26, 1829. 
2279+ Frances Lestena Tyler, born April 23, 1831. 
2280+ Alvaro Merrill Tyler, bom June 21, 1834. 

2281 Emma Josephine Tyler, bom in Thetford, Oct. 16, 

1837 ; married, Sept. 25, 1877, Silas W. Robinson, 
of Portland, Maine, who died Dec. 4, 1888. 

2282 Eugene Clarence Tyler, bom in Vershire, Vt., March 

5, 1847; married, Oct. 16, 1873, Celia Conant, of 
Portland, Maine, who died, s. p., April 5, 1892. He 
enlisted in 1861 ; was orderly for Lieutenant Shan- 
non on General Slocum's staff through the Penin- 
sular campaign. He then enlisted in the 27th N. Y. 
Frontier cavalry, and was wounded; was mustered 
out June 28, 1865. Resides in Valley Head, Ala. 

Children, by second marriage: 
2283+ Grace Isabella Tyler, bom Oct. 3, 1853. 
2284+ Charles Russell Tyler, bom Nov. 2, 1856. 

853 ROLSTON GOODELL^ TYLER (Joshua^), bom 
in Chesterfield, N. H., August 7, 1805 ; died in Orange, Mass., 
August 14, 1882; married, February 2, 1837, Mary Jane 
Dudley, of Merrimack, N. H., bom there September 9, 1811 ; 
died in Orange, June 13, 1892. He was a farmer and moved 
to Orange about 1871. His children were bom in Chester- 
field. Children : 

Sixth Genekation 249 

2285+ Stella M. Tyler, bom June M, 1838. 

2286 John Tyler, born Nov. 16, 1839; resided in Orange, 

where he died s. p. Jan. 9, 1901; married (1), 
June 20, 1891, Susan Wood, of Orange, who died 
Oct. 20, 1894.; married (2), Nov. 19, 1895, Mary 
Flagg, of Orange, who died Sept. 3, 1898. 

856 JOHN® TYLER, JR. (John^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., February 24, 1795; died there November 30, 1827; 
married December 24, 1824, Mary Ann Putnam, of Danvers, 
Mass. ; died November 15, 1844 ; daughter of Ebenezer Putnam 
(She married [2], November, 1836, Sylvanus B. Swan, of Dan- 
vers ; by this marriage she had two daughters). John Tyler 
was a business man. His estate was administered August 18, 
1829; his widow asked that her father might be appointed as 
administrator and this was granted^ The personal estate 
amounted to $1,123.13, and a note states that "The title of 
the Real Estate being rather doubtful, the appraisal thereof is 

Children : 

2287 Mercy Ann Tyler, born in Danvers, June, 1826; died 

Sept. 1, 1826. 

2288 Ellen Maria Tyler, bom in Boxford, April 16, 1828 ; 

died Aug. 29, 1844, in Danvers. 

857 MEHITABLE«' TYLER (John«), bom in Box- 
ford, Mass., May 5, 1797; died April 8, 1891; married, Sep- 
tember 25, 1828, Captain Enoch Wood, of Boxford, son of 
Deacon Jonathan Wood, of Boxford. He was a sea-captain. 
He came of one of the old and honored families of the county 
and through a long and eventful life he preserved that gra- 
cious spirit of courtesy which marked a gentleman of the old 
school. He commanded and sailed some of the most noted ships 
that ever left New England. He abandoned the sea in 1845 
and spent his remaining years in old Boxford. Mrs. Wood 
was a remarkable woman, with more than ordinary intellectual 
ability, in addition to which she had the sterling virtues which 
make a strong and self-reliant woman. The changes of the 
last century did not all meet with her approval, as she was 
somewhat conservative, but she enjoyed her books and took 
an interest in town affairs to the end of her long life of 94^ 

250 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

years. She had been a leading official of the Female Charitable 
Society of West Boxford, for many years. Their children 
were bom in Boxford. 

Children : 

2289 Rebecca Tyler Wood, born Jan. 26, 1830 ; resides on 

the old Tyler farm in Boxford, unmarried. 

2290 John Tyler Wood, bom April 21, 1831; married, 

July 5, 1869, Sarah Barker, of North Andover, 
Mass., who died July 4, 1871; a daughter, bom 
Jan. 30, 1871, died the same day. 
2291+ Enoch Franklin Wood, bom Oct. 17, 1832. 

862 BETSEY^ TYLER (Jonathan^), bom 1789; died 
June 25, 1870; married, November 5, 1815, John Gage, of 
Pelham, N. H., who died November 1, 1865. Children: 

2292 Jonathan Tyler Gage, born 1816 ; died June 29, 1824. 

2293 John Calvin Gage, born Dec, 1817 ; died Jan., 1879. 

2294 Martha Gage, bom in 1820; died March 4, 1855. 

2295 Mary E. Gage, married Walter Kimball, M. D., who 

died in 1880. They had a daughter who died young 
and two sons. 

899 ANDREWS^ TYLER (Nathaniel'), bom Novem- 
ber 17, 1779; married, in 1806, in Herkimer, N. Y., Elizabeth 
Comins. He lived in Sempronious, N. Y., and Springfield, Erie 
Co., Pa. Six or seven of the elder children were bom in Sem- 
pronious, and the others in Springfield, Pa. Children: 
2296+ Joseph C. Tyler, bom June 8, 1807. 
2297+ Nathaniel Tyler, bom Jan. 25, 1809. 
2298+ Almina Tyler, bom April 23, 1811. 
2299+ William P. Tyler, bom Oct. 14, 1814. 
2300+ Daniel Tyler, bom Nov. 23, 1816. 
2301 Comfort C. W. Tyler, born Sept. 30, 1818; died, un- 
married, in Huntsville, Mo., in 1837. 
2302+ Ira Tyler, born May 29, 1822. 
2303 Hiram Tyler, bom March 31, 1824 ; died, unmarried, in 

Richfield, 111., aged 50. 
2304+ Urial Tyler, bom July 6, 1826. 
2305 John E. Tyler, bom June 15, 1829; died June 27, 

2306+ Henry B. Tyler, bom March 13, 1831. 

Sixth Geneeation 251 

903 LUCY« TYLER (Jesse^), born in Methuen, Mass., 
Oct. 5, 1778; married July 12, 1796, Nathaniel Kimball, of 
Methuen. The children were bom in Methuen. Children: 

2307 Elisha Kimball, born Jan. 4, 1796. 

2308 Abigail Kimball, bom June 28, 1798. 

904. ELISHA* TYLER (Jesse^), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., June 28, 1781 ; died when over 80, in Paw Paw, Mich. ; 
married, November 11, 1811, Sally Day Webster, of Methuen, 
who also died in Paw Paw. He resided in Methuen and Cov- 
entry (now Benton), N. H., and moved to Paw Paw in 1846. 
He was a farmer. Children: 
2309+ Humphrey Perley Tyler, born in West Haverhill, 

Mass., Aug. 1, 1813. 
2310 Mary Day Tyler, married and died young, s. p. ; she 

was a cripple. 
2311+ Elisha Tyler, bom in Benton, N. H., Dec. 13, 1820. 

2312 Harriet Tyler, married Peter Howes, of Benton; two 


2313 Lucy Tyler, died unmarried in Michigan. 

2314 Rufus Tyler, died young. 

2316 Cynthia Tyler, bora in 1825 ; married Furman, 

a miller in Michigan and Iowa; had three children 
(Sophronia, Charles, George). 

905 KIMBALL® TYLER (Jesse^), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., September 9, 1782 ; died in Benton, N. H., August 28, 
1856; married there (1), April 15, 1805, Sallie Streeter, of 
Llandaff, N. H., bom February 28, 1784; died May 1, 1842; 
married (2), Dorothy Day, bom September 1, 1793; died 
March 7, 1868. Was a butcher and cattle drover of 
Haverhill, Mass., and moved to Coventry (now Benton), N. H., 
where the children were bom. These records were taken before 
the destruction of Benton records. 

Children, by first marriage : 
231&f Relief Tyler, bom Nov. 2, 1805. 

2317 Lucy Tyler, born Aug. 2, 1807 ; died May 4, 1812. 
2318+ Kimball Tyler, bom Dec. 9, 1808. 

2319+ Sally Tyler, bom May 27, 1810. 
2320+ Susan N. Tyler, bom Sept. 14, 1812. 

252 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

2321+ Edwin Tyler, bom Aug. 20, 1814. 

2322+ Alfred Tyler, born March 13, 1816. 

2323 Betsey Tyler, born March 22, 1818; died May 31, 
1874 ; married David Howe, and moved to Stone- 
ham, Mass., in 1854; he died May 30, 1896, after 
a second marriage to Mrs. Ann Parker in 1875. 
Betsey had a daughter (Ann; died young). 

2324+ Laban Tyler, bom Jan. 26, 1819. 

2325+ Ehza Tyler, bora Oct. 16, 1821. 

2326+ Moses K. Tyler, born March 14, 1823. 

2327+ Charles Carroll Tyler, bora July 29, 1827. 

2328+ George Tyler, bom May 27, 1831. 

2329 Lucetta Tyler, born Jan. 9, 1832; resided, unmar- 

ried, a dressmaker in Stoneham, Mass. 

907 BETSEY« TYLER (Jesse^), bora in Methuen, 
Mass., October 14, 1786; married Elisha Clifford, of Haver- 
hill, N. H. The children were born there. Children: 

2330 Ransom Chfford. 

2331 Emery CHfFord. 

2332 Plummer Chfford. 

2333 Betsey Chfford. 

2334 Ehza Clifford, married Pierce, of Lowell, Mass. 

910 JESSE* TYLER (Jesse^), bom in Methuen, Mass., 
August 1, 1792; died in Benton, N. H., suddenly; married 
Mary Berry, of Methuen. He was a farmer, and resided in 
Benton, where the children were bora. Children: 

2335 Lucy Tyler, died young, unmarried. 

2336 Jesse Tyler, bora in 1827; married (1), Mehssa M. 

Smith, of Haverhill, N. H. ; married (2), Susan N. 
Harriman, of Warren, N. H. Both of his wives 
died without offspring. He resided in Plymouth, 
N. H. 

2337 Lydia Tyler, n^arried Hines, of Lynn, Mass. ; 

had two son^ and a daughter (George, Nathan, 

911 HEPSIBETH« TYLER (Jesse^), born in Methuen, 
Mass., April 4, 1796; married James Rogers, of Benton, N. H. 
Children : 

Sixth Generation 253 

Lucinda Rogers. 
23'39 Hughey Rogers. 

913 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Jesse^), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., March 20, 1798 ; married Rhoda Palmer, of Bath, N. H. 
He moved to Paw Paw, Mich, in 1846. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

2340 Jesse Tyler; died, unmarried, in railway service in 


2341 James Tyler, married; resided Dowagiac, Mich. 

2342 Lucy Tyler, married John Harding, of Paw Paw. 

2343 Nancy Tyler, married Hale; died young, s. p. in 

Paw Paw. 

2344 Kimball Tyler. 

2345 Enos Tyler. 

2346 Sally Tyler. 

2347 Augusta Tyler. 

2348 Elisha Tyler. 

2349 Samuel Tyler. 

2350 Moses Tyler. 

2351 Humphrey Tyler. 

914 ABEL« TYLER (Simeon^), bom in Camden, 
Maine, August 8, 1780; died September 12, 1824, in his prime; 
buried in Camden ; married Catherine Ulmer. He was a 
teacher, surveyor, and by trade a mason. He was elected 
Master of Amity Lodge F. and A. M. of Camden, in 1815, 
and served one term. He was secretary of the lodge in 1817. 
His children were bom in Camden. Children: 

2352 Charles Alden Tyler, bom June 22, 1808; died July 

29, 1811. 

2353+ William Stearns Tyler, bom July 4, 1810. 

2354+ Serena Catherine Tyler, bom Sept. 6, 1812. 

2355+ Charles Augustus Tyler, bom Oct. 5, 1814. 

2356+ Abel Dudley Tyler, bom May 7, 1817. 

2357 Rhoda Ann Tyler, bom Sept. 1, 1819; died Aug., 
1891, s. p. ; married Edmund Woodmans, Jr., 
March 19, 1853 ; widower of her sister Serena. 

2358+ Mary Ulmer Tyler, born March 25, 1822. 

916 RHODA« TYLER (Simeon^), bom in Camden, 

254 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

Maine, March 28, 1782 ; died Aug. 30, 1869 ; married Alden 
Bass, of Camden, where the children were bom. Children : 

2359 Hiram Bass, married Cornelia Kendall, of Boston, Mass. 

He was an attorney and justice of the peace, and 
was judge of probate in Waldo County, 1857-1861. 
He died in Camden; one son and a daughter. 

2360 Mary Bass, married Joseph Mirick, of Camden. She 

had four sons. 

2361 Clarissa Bass, married Jonas Howe, of Camden. She 

had one son and a daughter. 

917 SIMEON^ TYXER (Simeon^), born in Camden, 
Maine, January 7, 1784 ; died there ; married Phebe Buckman. 
He was a carpenter. The children were bom in Camden. 
Children : 

2362+ Benjamin F. Tyler, born June 2, 1814. 
2363 John B. Tyler, bom in 1820; died, unmarried, April 

9, 1848, aged 27 ; a boat capsized in Penobscot 

Bay and he was drowned with three others. 
2364+ Theodore Tyler. 
2365 Erastus F. Tyler, born in 1818 ; died unmarried, June 

9, 1838, aged 20 years and six months ; buried in 

2366+ Edwin Tyler. 
2367+ Rebecca Tyler. 
2368+ Harriet Tyler. 
2369 Hannah W. Tyler, died s. p., Nov. 28, 1839, aged 28 

years; married Caleb S. Hobbs. 

919 SAMUEL" TYLER (Simeon^), born in Camden, 
Maine, December 17, 1787 ; died in Belfast, Maine, February 
4, 1829; married March 30, 1814, Lucy Keen, of Rockland, 
Maine, who died August 11, 1874; after Samuel's death she 
moved to Rockland, Maine, where the children were brought 
up ; later she married Mr. Simonton, and by this marriage a 
son was bom named Gilman Simonton. Samuel was in the 
War of 1812, stationed at Castine, Maine, and his name is on 
the Pension Book, page 69. He was a master mason and re- 
sided in Belfast, and the children were bom there. Children: 
2370+ Alden Lorenzo Tyler, bom May 18, 1820. 
2371+ Samuel Henry Tyler, bom March 4, 1824. 

Sixth Geneeation 255 

2372 Dudley Tyler, died in infancy. 

2373+ Susan Rosella Tyler, bom March 26, 1816. 

2374.+ Margaret Fidelia Tyler, born March 26, 1816. 

2375+ Lucy Ann Tyler, born Feb. 2, 1822. 

920 COBURN JONATHAN* TYLER (Simeon^), born 
in Camden, Maine, February 10, 1792; his grave-stone says 
"died December 7, 1873, aged 83 years"; married (1), 
Clarissa Smith, from whom divorced; married (2), September 
7, 1834, Deborah Norton Conant, who " died August 20, 1887, 
aged 81 years " ; she was a widow ; had two husbands lost at 
sea. He is on the Pension Book for the War of 1812, p. 67. 
He was a manufacturer and inspector of lime. The children 
were bom in Camden. 

Children, by first marriage : 

2376 Sumner S. Tyler, died in New York, Nov. 22, 1841, 
aged 16 years, 10 months and 22 days. 

2377+ Alonzo Tyler. 

2378 Juha Ann Tyler, married Thomas Welch, of New 
Orleans, La., who died; resided a widow in Rodney, 
Mass. ; had three children (Stanley, Benjamin, Mar- 
garet) . 

Children, by second marriage: 
2379+ Simeon Cobum Tyler, born Feb. 12, 1836. 

2380 Ada Anna Tyler, died April 26, 1848, aged 4 years, 7 

months and 12 days. 

2381 Hannah W. Tyler, died Oct. 4, 1842, aged 1 year, 7 


922 ISAAC* TYLER (DanieP), bora in Pelham, Mass., 
February 8, 1784; died in Eden, N. Y., 1855 ; wiU dated April 
18, 1855, and probated in Buffalo, N. Y., June 29, 1855 ; his 
son Aaron residuary legatee and executor; married Clarissa 
Green, of Pittsfield, Mass. He was in the War of 1812. 
Children : 

2382 Aaron Tyler, hved in Garden City, Minn. 

2383 Sally Tyler, married Roswell K. Wilson. 

2384 Mary Tyler, married Lorence Carr. 

2385 Moses Tyler. 

256 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

923 DANIEL8 TYLER (DanieP), bom in Pelham, 
Mass., March 16, 1788; married Olive Alger. He moved to 
Plainfield, 111., then to Bridgewater, Mass. Children: 
2386 Daniel Tyler. 
2387+ William Tyler. 

2388 Aaron Tyler. 

2389 Olive Tyler. 

2390 Percy Tyler. 

2391+ Julia Tyler, bom April 5, 1825. 

926 MOSES" W. TYLER (DanieP), bom in Pelham, 
Mass., May 27, 1794; died in Albany, N. Y., August 13, 
1846; his estate was probated in Albany, January 28, 1847, 
his son being administrator; married (1), Abigail Ann Alger, 
of Bridgewater, Mass.; married (2), 1837, Eliza Alger, of 
West Troy, N. Y. He resided in Pittseld, Mass., for a time; 
he moved early to Gibbonsville, N. Y. (Watervliet), with his 
father where he was village trustee from 1827-1831 inclusive. 
He moved to West Troy, N. Y., and later to Albany, where he 
was an assessor for the second ward in Albany. 

Children, by first marriage : 
2392 Ann Eliza Tyler, born 1817; died unmarried in the 

2393+ Mary Ann Tyler, born in Pittsfield, Mass., Aug. 24, 

2394 Sarah Tyler, bora Feb. 20, 1825 ; died unmarried. 

2395 Daniel Tyler, died young. 

2396 Moses Tyler, born Nov. 8, 1826. 

2397 Edildia Tyler, born June 2, 1828. 

2398 Juha F. Tyler, born 1830; married Robert Smith, 

Brockton, Mass. 

Child, by second marriage: 
2399+ Levinus A. Tyler, born in West Troy, Aug. 25, 1839. 

927 EUNICE" TYLER (DanieP), bom in Pelham, 
Mass., September 3, 1796 ; died in Dalton, Mass. ; married, in 
Windsor, Mass., July 3, 1814, Alpheus Barden. Children: 

2400 Daniel Barden, bom 1817; resides in Garfield, N. Y. 

2401 (Dr.) Denison Barden, resides in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sixth Generation 2i57 

S402 Daughter, married Henry Tillerson ; resides in Dalton. 

2403 Almira Barden. 

£404 Aaron Tyler Barden, died ; his widow resides in Dalton. 

2405 Eliza Barden. 

2406 Elvira Barden. 

934 ABIGAILS KIMBALL (Polly"), bom in Dracut, 
Mass., March 1, 1799 ; died December, 1879 ; married Simeon 
Smith, bom April 18, 1798; died September, 1865; probably 
son of Simeon Smith, to whom Simeon Tyler, by deed, March 
29, 1781, then at Camden, Maine, conveys his land in Methuen. 
Children : 

2407 Jacob Tyler Smith, born April 28, 1834; died Aug. 

18, 1878 ; married Mary J. Leavitt ; one child died 
in infancy. 

2408 Simeon Blood Smith, bom Jan. 8, 1837 ; died May 28, 

1881; married Mary J. Fuller; had three sons, all 
of whom are residents of Denver, Colo. 

2409 Abigail Ober Smith, bom July 7, 1841 ; died Oct. 7, 

1886; married, March 29, 1870, C. A. E. Spamer, 
of Baltimore, Md. ; had two daughters and a son, 
and two infants who died. 

2410 Samuel Tyler Smith, died young. 

946 JOSEPH^ TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in Piermont, 
N. H., February 2, 1772 ; died in Waverly, Iowa, October 13, 
1853; married, September 28i, 1792, Mehitable Ladd. He 
moved from Piermont to Waterbury, Vt., and in 1805 to North 
Lawrence, St. Lawrence County, N. Y. ; he then moved to 
Iowa. The four elder children were bom in Piermont ; the 
fifth and sixth in Waterbury, and the nine younger children 
probably in Lawrence. Children: 
2411+ Asa Ladd Tyler, bom Sept. 14, 1794. 

2412 Thirza Tyler, born April 15, 1796; married Luther 

Martin ; both died in Michigan ; they had no chil- 
dren ; she was blind. 

2413 Arza Tyler, bom Oct. 10, 1797 ; killed by lightning 

about 1832; she married and had a family. 
2414+ George Washington Tyler, born March 30, 1800. 
2415 Alexis Tyler, bom Nov. 19, 1801 ; probably died 


258 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

2416 Jerusha Tyler, born April 17, 1803; married Thomas 

Lake, and had a family. 
2417+ Truman Murry Tyler, bom in Rutland, Vt., 30, 

2418+ Richard Harrison Tyler, born Sept. 9, 1806. 
2419 Hannah L. Tyler, bom Feb. 10, 1808; married, 1827, 

Rev. Mr. Meecham, a Mormon; had a family. 
2420+ John L. Tyler, bora April 10, 1810. 

2421 Hiram L. Tyler, born July 23, 1812; died from the 

kick of a horse, in New York. The widow and two 
daughters went to Ohio with John L. Tyler. 

2422 Walter B. Tyler, bom Jan. 14, 1814; died in Mc- 

Gregor, Iowa ; married Susan ; had a family. 

2423 Mary Tyler, born March 20, 1815; died young. 

2424 Amasa Tyler, born May 25, 1816; married twice, and 

the second time to a widow with two children. He 
and his wife went out to spend the evening and the 
house and seven children burned up while they were 
gone. He had five daughters by his first wife. 

2425 Stephen Chapman Tyler, born March 26, 1818; was 

an invalid and hved, unmarried, with parents ; was 
a farmer. 

2426 Asenath Tyler, born Aug. 13, 1819 ; died March 15, 

1897 ; married Daniel Bronson and lived in National, 
Clayton County, Iowa ; they had two sons. 

950 SAMUEL^ TYLER (Ebenezer^), born in Piermont, 
N. H., July 2, 1782; died in Richland City, Wis., December 
16, 1871 ; married, February 8, 1808, Lydia Martin, born in 
Bradford, Vt. He was in the War of 1812, and his name is 
on the records of the Pension Book. In 1815 he moved to 
French Creek, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., and thence to 
Springfield, Pa. He then went to Ohio, and from there to 
Ottawa, 111. His last place of residence was Richland City, 
Wis. He was a wagon-maker by trade. The three elder chil- 
dren were bom in Bradford; the fourth and fifth in French 

Children : 
2427+ Ebenezer Tyler, born Jan. 1, 1809. 
2428+ Maria Tyler, born April 16, 18U. 

Sixth Genebation 259 

2429 Chapman Tyler, born Feb. 14, 1814; drowned in 

French Creek, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1816. 

2430 Amasa Tyler, born March 9, 1817 ; at 21 he went to 

Canada and nothing was ever heard from him. 

2431+ Hial Tyler, born April 23, 1820. 

2432+ Asenath Tyler, bom Jan. 25, 1823. 

2433+ Lydia Tyler, bom May 10, 1825. 

2434+ Catherine B. Tyler, born Sept. 18, 1829. 

2435+ Esther Ann Tyler, born Nov. 17, 1830. 

2436 Samuel Tyler, born in Ohio, Sept. 15, 1833; died in 

Richland City, Wis., unmarried. May 20, 1866. 

951 OLIVERS TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in Piermont, 
N. H., Febmary 25, 1788; died May, 1826; married April 20, 
1815, Margaret Kincaid. He moved to Louisville, Ky., and his 
children were bom there. Children: 

2437 John Tyler. 

2438 Asenath Tyler. 

2439 Howard Tyler. 

954 HUBBARD« TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom possibly 
in Lawrence, N. Y., but probably in Piermont, N. H., July 5, 
1794; died in Saybrook, Ohio; estate was probated in Jeffer- 
son, Ohio, in 1886; married, February 12, 1824, . Chil- 

2440 Henry Tyler, died in childhood. 

2441 Joseph Tyler, drowned, aged about 20, on Lake Erie. 

2442 Elizabeth Tyler, married and had four children; is 


2443 Jane Tyler, married Blake Lucas. 

955 AMASA* TYLER (Ebenezer^), bora possibly in 
Lawrence,N. Y., but probably in Piermont, N. H., March 9, 
1798; died January 24, 1877; married in Ohio, January 1, 
1824, Electa Badger, of Connecticut. He went to Saybrook, 
Ashtabula County, Ohio, with father, where he held town 
ofBces. His estate was probated in Jefferson, Ohio, in 1879. 
The children were bom in Saybrook. Children: 

2444 Orin Tyler. 

2445 Paulina Tyler, married Liberty Gary and died. 

260 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

2446 Amos Tyler, probably died in Saybrook in 1894. 
2447+ Ezra B. Tyler, bom Feb. 23, 1835. 

2448 Almond Tyler, was in the furniture business in Ashta- 


961 JESSE« TYLER (David^), bom in Piermont, N. 
H., March 5, 1785 ; married Ethelinda Brigham ; bom July 19, 
1794 ; daughter of Ephraim and Sarah Brigham, of Piermont. 
Children : 

2449 Simon Tyler. 

2450 Hazel Tyler. 

2451 Hosea B. Tyler, born in 1816; in 1896 he was living 

in Alderbrook, N. H. (P. O. Littleton) ; he married, 
, and had a son (James). 

2452 James Tyler. 

2453 Martin Tyler, perhaps moved to Lunenburg, Vt. 

2454 Milo Tyler. 

2455 Pierpont Tyler. 

2456 Alvira Tyler. 

2457 Annie Tyler. 

962 JOHN HOWARD* TYLER (David^), bom in 
Piermont, N. H., August 5, 1787; died in Pittsburg, N. H., 
March, 1867; married Elizabeth McConnell, bom November 
27, 1790; died in Compton, P. Q., January 1, 1843. He was 
in the War of 1812, and took part in the " Indian Stream 
War." He was a farmer and^ resided in Waterford, Vt., 
Compton, P. Q., and Pittsburg, N. H. Children: 

2458 James Tyler, died aged one year. 
2459+ Climenia Tyler. 

2460+ Calvin J. Tyler. 

2461 Susan McConnell Tyler, married Christopher Web- 
ster, of Compton, P. Q. ; they had a son who resided 
in Hillhurst, P. Q. 

2462+ Israel Willard Tyler, bom March 20, 1820. 

2463 Laura Griswell Tyler, married George Hartwell, of 

Lewiston, Maine; they had a son who died in Bar 
Harbor, Maine. 

2464 Betsey Tyler, married West ; they had two sons. 

2465 David L. Tyler, bora in Waterford, Aug. 3, 1825; 

married Sophia Woods, of Dracut, Mass., and re- 
sided in Lowell, Mass. 

Sixth Generation 261 

Lucius Tyler, died young. 
^467 Lucy Ann Tyler, bom in Waterford March 17, 1830; 
married Hobart and resided in Lowell. 

967 DANIEL« TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in Piermont, 
N. H. He moved west. The name of his wife is unknown. 
Children : 

24.68 Ira Tyler. 

2469 Oscar Tyler. 

968 WILLIAM" TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in Pier- 
mont, N. H. ; killed by the falling of a tree in East Haverhill, 
N. H. ; his wife's name is not known. He was a farmer. The 
children were born in Piermont, and are all said to have moved 
" down country." Children : 

2470 Michael Tyler. 

2471 Roxy Tyler; married James Cutting. 

2472 Harriet Tyler, was unmarried. 

2473 Sarah Tyler, was unmarried. 

970 CLARISSA" TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in Pier- 
mont, N. H., July 5, 1794; died in Vershire, Vt., April 16, 
1870 ; married, June 9, 1814, Daniel Hildreth, of Chelsea, Vt.„ 
bom in PeppereU, Mass., May 2, 1782; died in Chelsea, No- 
vember 16, 1858 ; son of James and Esther (Fletcher) Hildreth. 
The Hildreths originated in England and were among the 
strictest of the Puritans. They were early in this country. 
Daniel was a farmer and Hved and died upon his farm in 
Chelsea, Vt., where he was an extensive wool- grower. He first 
lived in Corinth after removing to Vermont with his parents 
in his early youth. His children were bom in Chelsea. Chil- 

2474 Azro Benjamin Franklin Hildreth, bom Feb. 29, 1816 ; 

married (1), Oct. 24, 1839, Hannah Rier, who died 
s. p., May 20, 1841; married (2), Feb. 6, 1842, 
Olive Fuller, who died Jan. 26, 1844; married (3), 
Oct. 21, 1844, Liveria Knight, who died Dec. 8, 
1890, aged 73 years, 6 months ; married (4), March 
1, 1892, Mrs. Julia (Brock) Waterhouse. He was 
editor and printer for more than 35 years, and in 
1901 was the oldest journalist in Iowa. He moved 

The Descendants of Job Tylee 

there in 1856 and settled in Charles City, and pub- 
lished The Intelligencer. He was a prominent man 
in Charles City; had one daughter (Mary), who 
died young. 

2475 Almira Maria Hildreth, born Feb. 10, 1818; married 

Oct. 22, 1854, Edward Mason, of Corinth, Vt., bom 
Dec. 9, 1802. 

2476 George Washington Hildreth, bom May 14, 1820; 

died in Chelsea, July 8, 1844. 

2477 Daniel Elbridge Hildreth, born July 18, 1822 ; died in 

South Newbury, Vt., July 22, 1874; married, June 
7, 1854, Emeline Mason; had three children. 

2478 Mary Carohne Hildreth, bom Aug. 5, 1824; died in 

Lowell, Mass., April 15, 1886; married, April 30, 
1852, Charles McCoy; had seven children. 

2479 Lucy Tyler Hildreth, bora Dec. 6, 1826 ; died in Chel- 

sea, March 3, 1842. 

2480 Albert Gallatin Hildreth, bom Feb. 25, 1829 ; married, 

Feb. 3, 1853, Mary M. Bames. He lived in Boston. 
Several children died young; four survived. 

2481 Harriet Newell Hildreth, bom April 25, 1831; died 

in Heath, Vt., Dec. 27, 1901 ; married, Feb. 6, 1855, 
Lyman Pater, of Heath. She was early a teacher 
and a contributor to the periodicals of the day; 
prominent in church and society. Six of their chil- 
dren died young; one son (John) is a financial agent 
in Boston. 

2482 Lovinia Greenleaf Hildreth, bom Aug. 30, 1834 ; died 

in Lowell, Aug. 21, 1854. 

2483 Amelia Brown Hildreth, bom Oct. 24, 1837; died in 

Chelsea, May 19, 1861 ; married, Nov. 3, 1859, Sam- 
uel W. Burt, who died s. p. 

2484 Infant son, born and died March 16, 1840. 

977 THEODOSIA« TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in 
Piermont, N. H., April 11, 1800; died March 22, 1861; mar- 
ried Winthrop G. Dorsey, of North Benton, N. H. ; a farmer. 
They Kved in Piermont where the children were bom. Children r 

2485 Sarah A. Dorsey, bom March 5, 1824 ; married, Nov. 

30, 1843, William Davis, a farmer of North Ben- 
ton, N. H., thence moved to Tilton, N. H., and then 

Sixth Geneeation S63 

to Piermont; son of Jonathan and Merriam (Bart- 
lett) Davis, of Northfield, N. H. ; had three chil- 
dren (Amanda, Anna E., Winthrop G.). 

2486 William Tyler Dorsey, bom March, 1828; died in 

North Benton, March, 1894; married Irene Davis, 
of North Benton; they had a son and a daughter 
(Emma, Amos). 

2487 Amos Tyler Dorsey, bom March, 1830; died in North 

Benton in 1857 ; married Lizzie Brooks, of North 
Benton; one son (Sprague). 

978 REV. AMOS« TYLER (Jonathan^), bora in Pier- 
mont, N. H., April 11, 1802; died in Big Spring, Adams 
County, Wis., August 13, 1876; married (1), February 16, 
1823, in Fairlie, Vt., Lydia Bliss, of LlandafF, N. H., who died 
in Compton, P. Q., June 27, 1838; married (2), January 13, 
1839, in Compton, P. Q., Emogene C. Todd. He had a com- 
mon school education ; at 19 he was licensed to preach by the 
Methodist church; in 1834 he moved to Hatley, P. Q., where, 
October 21, 1836, he was ordained by the Free Baptist church, 
and where he preached for years. Later in life he moved to Big 
Spring, Wis. The two elder children were born in Piermont; 
the others in Compton. 

Childhen, by first marriage : 

2488 Amanda Lovina Tyler, bom March 21, 1824; died 

in Piermont, Sept. 4, 1826. 
2489+ Damon Young Tyler, bom May 15, 1827. 

Childeen, by second marriage: 

2490 Amanda Melvina Tyler, bom March 14, 1840. 

2491 Nahum Amos Tyler, bora Jan. 28, 1843; died June 

29, 1845. 
2492+ Roxana Cutting Tyler, bom April 14, 1848. 
2493+ Amos Eugene Tyler, bom March 3, 1851. 

bora in Piermont, N. H., September 14, 1804; died April 9, 
1877, in Wentworth, N. H. ; married, February 28, 1828, Ar- 
chelaus Cummings Blood, of Wentworth, where the children 
were bora. Children : 

The Descendants op Job Tyleu 

2494 Hannah Louise Blood, born Feb. 26, 1832; married, 

March 16, 1853, Nelson Ellsworth, of Pittsburg, 
N. H. 

2495 Horatio Cutter Blood, born Aug. 5, 1838; married, 

Dec. 2, 1867, Hannah Emeline Chase. He was a 
state representative in 1893 and a selectman for 
10 years in Wentworth, where he lived; they had 
one son (George B.). 

981 JOSEPH« TYLER (Dudley'), bom in Rowley, 
Mass., and baptized April 13, 1766 ; died intestate in New- 
buryport, Mass. ; married . He was a mariner. Admin- 
istration papers were granted to his eldest son, June 11, 1833. 
We have no other record of his children than the name of this 
son. Child : 

2496 John Tyler, a cordwainer. 

986 DUDLEY« TYLER (Thomas')!,; born March 6, 
1771 ; married, November 25, 1805, Betsey Kimball, of And- 

over, Mass., who died May 8, 1817. He resided in 

Haverhill, where the children were bom. Children: 
2497+ Joshua B. Tyler, born Nov. 16, 1803. 
2498+ Charles Tyler, bora June 15, 1805. 
2499+ George W. Tyler, bom Oct. 13, 1807. 
2500 John Appleton Tyler, bom Jan. 17, 1811 ; drowned 

in Andover Pond, aged 8 years. 
2501+ Moses Kimball Tyler, bom Feb. 2, 1814. 
2502 Rufus Longley Tyler, born March 8, 1817; died in 

Haverhill, in infancy. 

987 THOMAS^ TYLER (Thomas'), bom about 1773; 
married, March 26, 1803, Mrs. Hannah (Winter) Fames, of 
Haverhill, who died April 3, 1814. He kept a tavern in West 
Newbury, Mass. The children were born in Haverhill. Chil- 

2503+ William Winter Tyler, bom Nov. 30, 1803. 
2504+ Ebenezer Ballard Tyler, bom March 18, 1805. 
2505 Chandler Henry Osgood Tyler, twin to Ebenezer; 

went to sea and never heard from. (See Case 

55930, Salem Probates.) 
2506+ Thomas Tyler, bora Jan. 24, 1808. 

Sixth Generation 265 

988 JOSEPH^ TYLER (Jo¥), bom May 17, 1775; 
married, December 18, 1798, Hannah Chase, of Haverhill, 
Mass. Children : 

2507 Woodman Tyler, bom 1800 ; resided in North Beverly, 

Mass. ; died, unmarried, May 1, 1888. 

2508 Wesley Tyler, bom 1806 ; died May 26, 1860, in Salem, 

Mass.; married (1), Sept. 17, 1832, Harriet But- 
rick, who died Sept. 7, 1833; married (2), Hannah 
Dow; no children. 

2509 Mary Tyler, married, Nov. 16, 1820, Hazen West; 

had three children. 
2510+ Job Tyler. 

989 PHEBE* TYLER (Job^), born in Haverhill, Mass., 
November 29, 1776; died June 16, 1849; married Nathaniel 
Johnson, of Haverhill, who died August 22, 1831, aged 62. 
The children were bom in Haverhill. Children: 

2511 Joseph Johnson, married Mary Chase; 13 children. 

2512 Darius Johnson, married (1), Hannah Greeley; mar- 

ried (2), Mrs. Miranda Bartlett; left no descend- 

2513 Nathaniel Johnson, married (1), Sarah Fuller; mar- 

ried (2), Charlotte Haynes; married (3), Martha 

2514 Theodore Johnson, became a Mormon and moved with 

his two daughters (Lucy and Mary Ann) to Salt 
Lake City. 

2515 Adehne Johnson, died in Groveland, Mass., July 15, 

1830, aged 26 ; married John Tappan, of Newbury- 
port, whose second wife was her sister, Mary Ann ; 
she had one daughter (Margaret C). 

2516 Mary Ann Johnson, died in Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 27, 

1886, aged 75 years and 9 months (her sister Ade- 
line was Mr. Tappan's first wife) ; had a daughter 
(Mary A.). 

2517 Hannah Johnson, married Joshua Davis ; no chil- 


2518 Alfred Johnson, married in Middletown, Mass., and had 

one son. 

990 MARY« TYLER (Job^), bom in Haverhill, Mass., 

266 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

May 23, 1778; died June 21, 1851 ; married Hezekiah George, 
of Haverhill, who died February 24, 1851, aged 73. The 
children were bom in Haverhill. Children: 

2519 Sally George, bom April 20, 1800. 

2520 Joseph Tyler George, bom July 9, 1801. 

2521 Moses D. George, born Nov. 26, 1802. 

2522 Polly George, bom March 21, 1804. 

2523 Hezekiah George, bom March 21, 1806. 

2524 Abigail Swan George, bora Feb. 24, 1809. 

2525 George Washington George. 

991 ANNA« TYLER (Job^), born in Haverhill, Mass., 
October 27, 1780; died August 20, 1863; married, August 11, 
1799, Moses Kelly, bom in East Haverhill, Mass., December 
25, 1777 ; died in Canaan, N. H., where he lived, October 2, 
1850; son of Anthony Kelly; descended from John, of New- 
bury, Mass. Children : 

2526 Caroline Kelly, bom Feb. 9, 1800 ; died June 25, 1802. 

2527 Ann P. Kelly, born Feb. 18, 1801 ; married, in 1856, 

Cyrus Perkins. 

2528 Lois Kelly, born March 12, 1803 ; died young. 

2529 Moses G. Kelly, born July 24, 1804 ; married. May 9, 

1839, Lydia Pike, who died Sept. 17, 1875 ; he was 
a clothier, of Newport, N. H. 

994 JOHN« TYLER (Job^), bom in Haverhill, Mass., 

June 2, 1789 ; lost at sea, about 1818, on Long Island Sound ; 

married, 1807, Sophia Miner. He was a sailor and mate on 

a vessel; resided in East Canaan, N. H., where the children 

were born. Children: 

2530+ John Alexander Tyler, bom Dec. 25, 1812. 

2531 Allan Miner Tyler, last heard of about 1820 in New 
York City. 

2632 Eleanor Tyler; married Weeks, of New Orleans, 

La. (she had a son Samuel who was a director of 
the U. S. Mint till he died, about 1874). 

997 SALLY PARKER« TYLER (Job^), bora in Hav- 
erhill, Mass., March 24, 1794; married, in Canaan, N. H., The- 
ophilus Currier. The child was bom in Canaan. Child: 
2533 John Wesley Currier, bom Dec. 22, 1828 ; lived in San- 

Sixth Generation 367 

bornton, N. H., where was selectman and a valuable 
citizen; he had a family. 

999 REV. JOB COLMAN« TYLER (Job^), bom in 
Haverill, Mass., March 1, 1799; died in Canaan, N. H., Sep- 
tember 1, 1879; married (1), Julia Morse, who died in Canaan, 

N. H., July IS, 1863 ; manied (2), . He went to Canaan 

with his father, when he was about four years old. He was 
ordained in 1831. 

Child, by first marriage: 
2534<+ Elsie A. Tyler, bom in Canaan, N. H. 

1000 JAMES PIKE« TYLER (Job«), bom in Haver- 
hill, Mass., June 23, 1801 ; died in Canaan, N. H., September 
26, 1879; married (1), Polly Morey, who died in 1844; mar- 
ried (2), 1846, Clarissa Damon, who died in March, 1873. 
The children were born in Canaan. 

Childuen, by first marriage: 

2535 Clarissa George Tyler, bom March, 1829; died in 
1856; married (1), in 1850, Joseph Palmer, of Brad- 
ford, N. H.; married (2), in 1855, Dr. J. Blaisdell, 
of Lawrence, Mass. 

2536+ James S. Tyler, born March 29, 1832. 

2537 Theodore Tyler, born Dec. 17, 1834; died Aug. 28, 
1858 ; married. May 15, 1858, Fiorina Putnam. 

2538+ David Morey Tyler, bom May 7, 1837. 

2539 Caroline Swett Tyler, born Dec. 10, 1840; married 
Josiah Howe, of Laconia, N. H., who died in 1882. 

2540+ Colman J. Tyler, bom in 1842 ; married Abbie Bum- 
ham and resides in Georgetown, Mass. 

Childeen, by second marriage: 

2541 Elizabeth Ann Tyler, bom April 23, 1846; married 

G. H. Wilkinson, of Laconia, N. H. 

2542 Fanny S. Tyler, born June 12, 1857; died Jan., 1893, 

in Concord, N. H. ; married E. J. Emerson. 

1003 CAROLINE B.« TYLER (Job^), bom in Canaan, 
N. H., November 20, 1808 ; died in Beverly, Mass., September 
19, 1883; married, January 10, 1832, in Haverhill, Rev. 

268 The Descendants op Job Tyler 

Simeon Swett, of Gorham, Maine, who died August 21, 1880, 
aged 82. The children, from the fourth to the tenth inclusive, 
were bom in Exeter, N. H., where he was settled for a number 
of years. Children: 
2543 Carohne Elizabeth Swett, bom in Canaan, N. H., Nov, 

20, 1833; died young. 
2544) Myron B. Swett, bom in Newton, N. H., Sept, 4, 

1834; died young. 

2545 Carohne Ann Swett, bom in East Kingston, N. H., 

Sept. 15, 1835; married, Nov. 24, 1863, 

Bumham, and had four daughters and a son (An- 
nie, Alice, Florence, Bertha, Frederick). 

2546 Christiana 0. Swett, bom March 20, 1837. 

2547 Simeon Clarke Sweet, born Dec. 17, 1839 ; died young. 

2548 Warren Lincoln Swett, bom Nov. 29, 1841; died 


2549 Simeon Tyler Swett, bom Aug. 21, 1843. 

2550 Harriet Angehne Swett, bom June 6, 1845; died 


2551 James William Swett, bom Sept. 12, 1847; died 


2552 Elizabeth Emma Swett, born May 13, 1849; married 

O. B. Burnham, Beverly, Mass. 

2553 Angeline La Roy Swett, bom Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 

16, 1852; died young. 

1008 HON. WILLIAM HUNT« TYLER (Theodore^), 
bom in Newburyport, Mass., September 14, 1796; died in 
Calais, Maine, March, 1866; married (1), January 14, 1827, 
Salome Barstow Stearns, of Calais, born in Eastport, Maine, 
November 23, 1809; died in Calais, March 3, 1828; daughter 
of Elijah and Mary (Osgood) Steams; married (2), March 
9, 1830, Rebecca Laird, bom in Newburyport, Mass. ; died in 
Calais, 1873. He moved to Calais when a youth, where he be- 
came a prominent member of the Congregational church and 
mayor of the city in 1853 and 1854. He was a Mason of high 
degree. The children were bom in Calais. 

Child, by first wife: 

2554 William Steams Tyler, born 1827 ; died unmarried, in 

New York City, Aug. 22, 1854 ; he was for a time 

Sixth Generation S69 

in Steams' wholesale house; then in partnership 
with Mr. Sargeant as a wholesale druggist. 

Children, by second marriage: 
2555+ John Laird Tyler, bom June 13, 1833. 
2556 Infant, who died. 

1009 BR0ADSTREET8 TYLER (Bradstreet^), bom 
in Willington, Conn., in 1768; died in South Otselic, N. Y., 
September, 1852, aged 84; married (1), Bridget Perry; mar- 
ried (2), Polly Thompson. He was doubtless of the "Potter 
neighborhood " of Willington. He was a farmer, and moved 
to Vermont; stayed about a year, then went back to Con- 
necticut; thence to Pitcher, N. Y., with three sons. He spent 
his last years with his son William, in South Otselic, and was 
interred in Pitcher. The record of his sons was found in The 
Press, a paper published in Stafford Springs, Conn., in 1892. 
The children were probably all bom in Willington, but the 
order of birth is not known. 

Childken, by first marriage: 

2557+ Dudley Tyler. 

2558+ Perry Tyler. 

2559+ Sally Tyler. 

2560+ Ara Tyler, bom June 9, 1793. 

2561 Simeon Tyler, married Martha ; went west on 

steamer Erie, which burned and only three saved, of 
whom he was one ; went to California for gold ; had 
a son (Adolphus). 

2562+ Polly Tyler, twin to Simeon. 

2563+ WilUam Tyler, bom June 11, 1798. 

2564+ Ella Tyler. 

Child, by second marriage: 
2565+ Louisa Tyler. 

1017 ROSWELL* TYLER (William^), bom in Peru, 
Mass. (formerly Partridgefield) , October, 1772. He moved to 
New York state with his father and then went to Michigan 
about 1836. He had three sons and five daughters. We have 
meagre records of only two children. Children: 

270 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

2566 Loren Tyler, was a farmer and lived in Bowne, Mich. 

He married and had children; one of the sons 
(Adin), died in 1888, leaving one son and two 

2567 Roswell Tyler, hved in Hesperia, Mich. 

1018 ASAHEL« TYLER (WiUiam^), bom in Peru, 
Mass., October, 1772; married, February 4, 1796, Sina Wat- 
kins, bom in 1774. About 1800 he went to Hamilton, N. Y., 
and about 1809 to Middlesex, N. Y., where he was a first set- 
tler, a farmer, and where he put up a log hut. Their only 
table was formed of shingles stuck into cracks between the logs. 
The eldest child was bom in Massachusetts, and the next four 
in Hamilton; the others were bom in Middlesex. Children: 
2568+ WiUiam W. Tyler, bom Jan. 14, 1797. 
2569 Esther Tyler, bom June 31, 1799 ; died Sept. 9, 1800. 
2570+ Lucina Tyler, bom Oct. 9, 1802. 
2571 James W. Tyler, bom Feb. 1, 1804; was a farmer; 

moved to Michigan and died s. p. 
2572+ Asahel Watkins Tyler, bora March 2, 1807. 
2573+ Speda M. Tyler, born Aug. 24, 1810. 
2574+ Roswell Root Tyler, bom Dec. 29, 1812. 

2575 Fisher Metcalf Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1815; married 

Nancy Morehouse ; he moved to Naples, N. Y. ; they 
had one son bom there (Darwin). 

2576 Huldah Maria Tyler, adopted. 

1023 JOB« TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in Willington, 
Conn., April 14, 1765; died in Hatley, P. Q., August, 1857; 
married (1), September 9, 1787, Sophia Leighton, bora Jan- 
uary 25, 1771; daughter of John and Hannah (Spofford) 
Leighton, of Charleston, Vt. ; married (2), Mehitable Tewks- 
bury, bora in Weare, N. H., November 1, 1771 ; died in Fays- 
ton, Vt., 1855; daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Hadley) 
Tewksbury ; she parted with her husband and moved to Fays- 
ton, to the home of her son Merrill, where she died; married 
(3), Sally Walton, who died in 1869. Job was a farmer and 
went to Hartland, Vt., with his father; in 1818 he went to 
Fayston, and thence moved to Hatley, P. Q. The eldest child 
was bom in Hartland, as also the second wife's children; the 
third wife's children were bom in Hatley, with one exception. 

Sixth Genkbation 271 

Child, by first marriage : 
2577+ Asahel Tyler, bom Aug. 11, 1788. 

Children, by second marriage: 
2578+ Merrill Tyler, bom in 1795. 

2579 Royal Tyler, bora about 1797; died in Fayston, un- 
married, about 1848. 
2580+ Hannah Tyler, bom about 1799. 

CniujaEN, by third marriage: 
2581+ Hial Tyler, bom 1804. 

2582 Phylinda Tyler, bom in 1806; died in 187- ; married 

James Ames ; had three sons (James, William, Reu- 

2583 Carohne Tyler, bora in 1808; married Alfonso Bur- 

bank. They had eight children; two of the sons 
(Alfonso and James) lived in Ayers Flat, P. Q., in 

2584 Belinda Tyler, died in 1893, in Coaticook, P. Q. ; she 

married Dearborn, and had five boys and four 

girls ; the name of only one of her children is known 
(George), who lived in Coaticook. 

2585 Lucinda Tyler, bom in 1810 ; married, Aug. 12, 1834, 

David Griffin ; their son (Edgar) , lived in Strafford, 

2586 Rosetta Tyler, married Simon Keneston, who died in 

Fayston ; they had three children, two sons (Walton 
and Simeon, who lives in North Derby, Vt., and has 
the family Bible.) 

2587 Sally Tyler, bom in 1812; married John Hackett; 

two of their sons (James and Charles), live in Wor- 
cester, Mass.; another (John), lives in North Hat- 
ley; they had a daughter who married (Charles 
Danforth, of Greenfield, Mass.), and had two sons. 

2588 Zeruiah Tyler, married Paschal Morrisett, and lived 

in Lowell, Mass. ; he died in 1897 ; they had seven 

children (Margaret, Charles, Jane, Marshal, Lo- 

vina, Rozilla, Paschal.) 
2589+ Roswell Tyler, bom in Rumford, Maine, March 14, 

2590+ Derias Tyler, bom about 1816. 

272 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

2591 Alvah Tyler, married Jane Walker; resided in 1897 
in North Hatley; had ten daughters, names un- 

1025 DERIAS« TYLER (Jonathan^), bom probably 
about 1774; died May 21, 1857, aged 83; married (1), Rhoda 
Bishop, of Hartland, Vt., who died in Strafford, Vt., October 
9, 1799, aged 21; married (2), March 5, 1801, Lois RowelJ, 
of Strafford. The children were bom in Strafford except the 

Children, by first marriage : 
2592+ Sophia Tyler, born in Hartland, May 28, 1796. 
2593 Chloe Tyler, bom Feb. 6, 1798; died in Iowa; mar- 
ried, April 17, 1817, Daniel Munsell, of Sharon, 
Vt., a daughter (Lina), married and moved to Mis- 
souri; their son died. 
2594+ Lyman Tyler, bom Sept. 28, 1799. 

Children, by second marriage: 

2595 Rhoda Tyler, bom Feb. 20, 1802; died April 1, 1873; 
married, Nov. 9, 1820, Roswell Robinson, of Straf- 
ford, Thetford and Sharon ; one son (Edson) lives 
in Sharon. 

2596+ Alvah Tyler, bom Feb. 17, 1804. 

2597 Hannah Tyler, bom April 16, 1806; died April 9, 

2598+ Zeruiah Tyler, bom Jan. 29, 1808. 

2599+ Lucius Tyler, bom May 16, 1810. 

2600+ Hannah Tyler, bom Nov. 3, 1812. 

2601 WiUiam Tyler, bom May 30, 1817 ; died Aug. 3, 1818. 

1027 ABIGAH.^ TYLER (Abraham^), bom in Box- 
ford, Mass., May 1, 1758; married Richard Kimball, bom in 
Boxford, 1754; died in Sterling, Mass. They resided ia 
Rindge, N. H., until about 1790, when they removed to Utica, 
N. Y., but returned to Rindge in 1804 ; in 1810 they went to 
Sterling. The oldest child was bom in Rindge. Children : 

2602 Lemuel Kimball, bom Oct. 23, 1785. 

2603 Mary Kimball, married Powers. 

1028 HANNAH^ TYLER (Abraham^), bom in Box- 

Sixth Geneeation 373 

ford, Mass., September 13, 1759; married Jonathan Low, of 
Boston, Mass. Children: 

2604 Abigail Low, married Sumner, and died in Read- 

ing, Mass. 

2605 Martha Low. 

2606 Tyler Low. 

1030 MOLLY« TYLER (Abraham^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., February 16, 1763 ; died April 26, 1853, aged 90 ; mar- 
ried, December 2, 1788, John Peabody, of Boxford, bom July 
24, 1762; son of Captain Richard Peabody. He settled in 
Lunenburg, Mass., and was living as late as 1849. Children: 

2607 John Peabody, born Oct. 8, 1789; married Abigail 


2608 Daughter, twin to John, died young. 

2609 Mary Peabody, bom Feb. 8, 1791 ; died early, unmar- 


2610 Oliver Peabody, born Jan. 2, 1792 ; married, Dec. 18, 

1817, Lydia Howard. 

2611 William Peabody, twin to Oliver; married, July 31, 

1817, Mary Stephens. 

2612 Sarah Peabody, born May 23, 1794 ; died 1810. 

2613 Samuel Peabody, bom Aug. 6, 1796; married Betsey 

Jones, April, 1819. 

2614 Joseph Peabody, born Feb. 20, 1802; married. May 7 

1826, Mary Lawrence. 

1031 PRISCn.LA8 TYLER (Abraham^), born prob- 
ably in Boxford, Mass., February 18, 1765 ; died in Newbury- 
port, Mass., November 26, 1859 ; married, April 7, 1794, Ben- 
jamin Robinson, of Boxford; bom February 3, 1769; died 
March 26, 1841 ; son of Deacon Robinson. Children : 

2615 Ruby Robinson, bom Dec. 3, 1795 ; died Sept. 8, 1820 ; 

married (1), John 0. Famum; married (2), Stephen 
Pike, of Bradford, Mass. Had one daughter by 
first marriage, and two sons by second marriage. 

2616 Benjamin Robinson, Jr., bom Nov. 21, 1797; died 

Sept. 27, 1855; married (1), Rebecca Foster, o'j 
Boxford, Mass.; married (2), Williams. 

2617 Caroline Robinson, bom Aug. 1, 1799; died 1893: 

married John Rose ; had fourteen children. 

274 The Descendants or Job Tylee 

2618 Louisa Robinson, bom Dec. 13, 1800; died Nov. 8, 

1840; married Asa Wheeler, who died Jan. 1, 1854, 
aged 57. 

2619 Hannah Stickney Robinson, born July 22, 1803 ; died 

Feb. 24, 1852 ; married Manly Cole ; had three sons. 

2620 Samuel Granger Robinson, baptized Oct. 4, 1818; 

married Sally Tyler, No. 2652. 

1032 ABRAHAM" TYLER, JR. (Abraham^), bom 
probably in Boxford, Mass., October 15, 1766; died March 20, 
1821; married, January 12, 1792, Hannah Bartlett, bom in 
Uxbridge, Mass., 1768; died April 20, 1828; daughter of 
Jonathan Bartlett, and descendant of Josiah Bartlett, a signer 
of the Declaration of Independence. The eldest child was bom 
in Boxford, the others in Portland, Maine, from which it is 
inferred that he took up his residence in Portland some time 
after 1793. He may have been the Abraham Tyler, who, with 
his wife Hannah, deeded for $1200, September 9, 1805, land 
and wharf to Enoch Ilsley, of Portland, the same being wit- 
nessed by Job Tyler and Daniel Manley. Abraham is called 
" cooper," also, in a record covering a transaction with Enoch 
Ilsley, " Trader," by which he acquires land at " Clay Cove," 
Portland, for $333., July 13, 1802. 

Children : 
2621+ Abigail Stickney Tyler, born June 8, 1793. 
2622+ Caroline Bartlett Tyler, born after 1793 and before 

2623+ Osborn Hull Tyler, bom Oct. 9, 1798. 
2624+ Phineas Parker Tyler, born Dec. 24, 1800. 

1034 ISAAC" TYLER (Abraham^), born in Boxford, 
Mass., November 20, 1767 ; was accidentally drowned in Boston 
Harbor, January 4, 1823; married, in 1794, Dorcas Goodrich, 
of Newbury, Mass.; she married (2), Cheney, and re- 
sided in Georgetown, Mass. Isaac lived in Boxford and West 
Newbury. The eldest and fourth children were bora in West 
Newbury. Children : 
2625 Dean Tyler, married Mrs. Mehitable Dresser, and 

probably died s. p. 
2626+ Josiah Goodrich Tyler, born July 26, 1797. 

Sixth Gekekation £75 

2627+ Orlando Tyler, bom In Rowley, Mass., 1802. 
2628 Mary Ann Tyler, bom Feb. 20, 1807; married Jere- 
miah'' Tyler, No. 2649. 
2629+ Sarah Jane Tyler, bom in Rowley. 

1035 JACOBS TYLER (Abraham^), bom in Boxford, 
Mass., February 17, 1769 ; died in Georgetown, Mass., about 
1857, aged 88 years; married, January 23, 1794, Lavinia 
Barker, of Methuen, Mass. He lived in Plaistow, Atkinson 
and Concord, N. H., and in Boxford and Haverhill, Mass. In 
Concord he was janitor of the State House. Children: 

2630 Solendia Tyler, bora in Plaistow, N. H., July 17, 

1794; died Feb. 11, 1798. 

2631 Isaac Barker Tyler, bom in Boxford, Mass., Nov. 19, 

1795 ; died Jan. 24, 1815. 
2632+ Lavinia Tyler, bom in Atkinson, N. H., Sept. 27, 1797. 
2633+ Abraham Tyler, bom Oct. 22, 1799. 
2634 Solendia Tyler, bom in Haverhill, Mass., March 28, 

1803 ; died unmarried, in Concord, N. H. ; her will 

was dated Dec. 10, 1870, and her sister, Catherine 

T. Gerald was executrix. 
2635+ Caleb Greenleaf Tyler, bom Oct. 18, 1805. 
2636+ Catherine Thomas Tyler, bom in Concord, N. H., 

Aug. 25, 1808. 

2637 Elizabeth Rolfe Tyler, bom in Concord, N. H., Oct. 

19, 1812 ; died there Dec. 16, 1812. 

1036 ELIZABETHS TYLER (Abraham^), bom in 
Bradford, Mass., July 18, 1771 ; married, September 27, 1797, 
David Cobum. They moved to Keswick Ridge, New Bruns- 
wick; apparently she died, for he married (2), Molly Christy, 
by whom he had a son (Thomas), bom about the time of 
David's death, who was killed by the falling of a tree in the 
woods, September 4, 1829, aged 56; he was a much respected 
citizen. The children were born in Keswick Ridge. Children: 

2638 Abraham Tyler Cobum ; died in 1871 ; married Hep- 

sey Pickard; daughter of Frederick Pickard, of 
Frederickton, New Brunswick; had four daughters. 

2639 David Cobum, bora Sept. 17, 1806; married, Jan. 6 

1833, Sarah Sloat. He settled on his father's home- 
stead ; four sons and one daughter. 

276 The Descendants or Job Tylee 

2640 Phoebe Coburn; married David Pickard; had two sons 

and six daughters. 

2641 Deborah Coburn ; married Nathaniel Perley ; had one 

son and four daughters. 

2642 EHzabeth Coburn ; married Joseph Pickard ; had two 

sons and one daughter. 

2643 Annie Coburn ; married James Pickard ; had three 


1037 JOB« TYLER (Abraham^), bom November 4, 
1772; died January, 1857; married, December 21, 1802, Mrs. 
Phebe (Fitch) McDonald; she was living at the time of the 
Civil War, and died aged over 93. He was a salt-water 
cooper, voyaging from Woburn, Mass., and going to China 
and other places. They lived in Andover and Boston, Mass. 
The two elder children were bom in Boston, and the three 
youngest in Andover. Children: 

2644 Sophronia Tyler, bom Oct. 27, 1802 ; died in Medford, 

Mass. ; married Charles Bumham ; moved to Ver- 
mont ; had two sons, one of whom was drowned early. 

2645+ WiUiam G. Tyler, bom May 18, 1804. 

2646+ Henry Tyler, born Dec. 25, 1809. 

2647 1 . 

9fi4,S I "^^iii®' bom and died in 1807. 

1038 WILLIAM* TYLER (Abraham^), born in Box- 
ford, Mass., October 10, 1774 ; died August 25, 1867 ; interred 
in West Boxford ; married, March 6, 1799, Abigail Barker, of 
Methuen, Mass., who died Febraary 11, 1862, aged 85. The 
children were born in Boxford. Children: 

2649+ Jeremiah Tyler, born June 21, 1800. 

2650+ Solendia Tyler, born July 6, 1802. 

2651+ Lucinda Tyler, born Nov. 26, 1805. 

2652+ Sally Tyler, bom Feb. 4, 1807. 

2653 Child, bom Jan. 1, 1809; died Jan. 6, 1809. 

2654 William Tyler, bom July 18, 1810. 

1039 JOSEPH STICKNEY* TYLER (Abraham'), 
born in Boxford, Mass., April 15, 1776 ; died in 1864 ; married 
(1), September 13, 1798, Hannah Nelson, of Georgetown, 

Sixth Generation 277 

Mass. died October 24, 1832, aged 59; married (2), Sally 
Bumham, of Boxford, Mass., who died in 1858 aged 78 ; mar- 
ried (3), Mrs. Sarah Esney, of Boxford, Mass., who died in 
1860. He was a private in the War of 1812. 

Children, by first marriage : 
2655 Hannah Tyler, born and died 1799. 
2656+ Hannah Tyler, bom Dec. 27, 1800. 
2657 Mary Tyler, bom Nov. 9, 1802 ; died unmarried, Nov. 

5, 1833, aged 31. 
2658+ Abigail Stickney Tyler, bom Oct. 17, 1804. 
2659+ Roxanna Tyler, born Aug. 28, 1806. 
2660+ Ira Stickney Tyler, born Aug. 23, 1811. 

2661 AnciU Tyler, bom in 1813; died Feb. 23, 1813. 

1040 PARKERS TYLER (Abraham^), bom April 7, 
1778 ; died June 19, 1856 ; married, March 30, 1802, Rebecca 
Johnson, of North Andover, Mass., who died in Salem, Mass., 
October 19, 1858, aged 75. He lived in Andover, Mass., and 
the children were born there. Children : 

2662 Harriet Tyler, bora March 6, 1803; died Oct. 14, 


2663+ Moses Cobum Tyler, born May 7, 1805. 

2664+ John Abbott Tyler, born Oct. 3, 1807. 

2665 Harriet Tyler, bom Dec. 31, 1809; died in Boston, 
Oct. 1, 1843; married, in Boston, July 14, 1842, 
Horace Rowley, born in Hanover, N. H., in 1810; 
died in Boston, July 26, 1848; buried in Copps Hill 
burying-ground. He was a private in Company A, 
First Regiment of Mass. Infantry in the War with 

2666+ Alexander Sumner Tyler, bom May 14, 1812. 

2667+ Leonard Tyler, bora Oct. 20, 1815. 

2668+ Rebecca Tyler, bora May 24, 1818. 

2669+ Warren Parker Tyler, bom Feb. 17, 1821. 

2670+ Charles Kimball Tyler, bom Sept. 28, 1823. 

2671+ Samuel Frye Tyler, bom July 3, 1826. 

1044 PHINEAS® TYLER, JR. (Phineas^), bom in 
West Boxford, Mass., February 14, 1765 ; died in the home of 
his son Laban in Leominster, Mass., January 21, 1847; married 

278 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

(published in Lunenburg, Mass., August 30, 1788), October 
16, 1788, Tabitha Hartwell, of Lunenburg, bom July 14, 
1768; died in Boston, Mass., March 25, 1850 (descended from 
William Hartwell, who was of Concord, Mass., in 1635.) He 
hved, at one time, in Jaffrey, N. H., where he built on " Tyler 
Hill " ; he lived in Leominster previous to going to Jaffrey, and 
afterward. The fourth and fifth children were bom in Jaffray 
and the others in Leominster. 

Childeen : 

2672+ Moody Tyler, bora Feb. 24, 1789. 

2673 Stephen Tyler, born Nov. 1, 1790 ; died July 15, 1806. 

2674+ Catherine Tyler, bora Jan. 5, 1793. 

2675+ Joseph Tyler, born June 16, 1795. 

2676+ Phineas Tyler, bom Jan. 25, 1798. 

2677+ Laban Ainsworth Tyler, bom June 8, 1800. 

2678+ Lucy Hartwell Tyler, born April 14, 1803. 

2679+ Luke Tyler, born Dec. 10, 1805. 

2680+ Stephen G. Tyler, born Feb. 25, 1809. 

2681 Eleazer (or Edward) SpofFord Tyler, bom Jan. 2, 

1813; married, Oct. 27, 1841, Martha Jane Far- 
quer; no children. He was one of the original set- 
tlers of Indianapolis, Ind., of the " mile square " ; 
an early mate of noted men like Hon. William Eng- 
hsh and Lew Wallace. By 1836 he was working at 
his trade in Indianapolis, that of book-binding, with 
the firm of Stacy & Williams. In 1842 he went into 
business with a partner, manufacturers of blank 
books and later formed another partnership and they 
furnished blank books and official blanks for nearly 
all the county offices in Indiana. In 1849 he made 
another change ; sold out and bought out in business. 
He was a noted local musician, and organized the 
Indianapolis brass band. He was also interested in 
local theatricals. He is said never to have had an 

2682 Harriet Newell Tyler, bom March 24, 1815 ; died May 

18, 1815. 

1045 SIMEON" TYLER (Phineas^), bom in West 
Boxford, Mass., August 15, 1771 ; died in Leominster, Mass., 

Sixth Generation 


February 12, 1858; married (1), in Leominster, February 11, 
1794, Mary Pierce, bom September 20, 1771 ; died October 15, 
1814; daughter of Reuben Pierce (descended from Thomas of 
Charlestown, Mass.); married (2), February 16, 1816, Mrs. 
Alice Woods, of Leominster, who died December 8, 1855, aged 
77. The children were all bom in Leominster. 





Children, by first marriage: 

Polly Tyler, born Jan. 18, 1795; died in Leominster, 
Sept. 21, 1850, unmarried. 

Amos Tyler, bora Jan. 20, 1797; died s. p., July 23, 
1880; married, June 13, 1831, Mary Jane Moore, 
bom Aug. 1, 1801; died Sept. 2, 1885. He was 
one of the early stage drivers from Lowell to Leo- 
minster, and later a farmer. His will was filed Aug. 
16, 1880, and dated May 15, 1854 ; no children. 

Sewall Tyler, born May 3, 1799. 

SaUy Tyler, bom June 17, 1801 ; died Jan. 22, 1866 ; 
married, March 1, 1822, Ziba Stiles, of Leominster; 
one child (Mary E.). 

Thirza Tyler, bom April 26, 1806. 

Mira Tyler, bom July 23, 1811; died! Sept. 13, 

William Tyler, bom April 29, 1814. 

Child, by second wife: 
2690 Joseph Woods Tyler, bom Aug. 26, 1819 ; died Sept. 
11, 1822. 

1046 SAMUEL« TYLER (Phineas^), bom in West 
Boxford, Mass., February 28, 1773; died June 18, 1855; mar- 
ried, July 6, 1795, Fanny Hardy, of Bradford, Mass., No. 
1065, bom January 13, 1775 ; died June 15, 1835. The eldest 
child was bom in Leominster, the others in Bradford. Children ; 
2691+ Lewis Tyler, bom June 23, 1797. 
2692 Francis Tyler, born March 9, 1799; died, unmarried, 

Sept. 14, 1857. 
2693+ Frederic Tyler, bom Dec. 6, 1800. 
2694+ Abel H. Tyler, bom July 2, 1802. 
2695+ Samuel Tyler, bom May 16, 1804. 

280 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

2696 Alfred Tyler, bom April 8, 1806; died, unmarried. 

May 26, 1872 ; was in the Civil War. 

2697 Harrison Tyler, born May 20, 1808 ; drowned in the 

Merrimac River, Dec. 26, 1822. 
2698+ Harriette H. Tyler, bom Aug. 11, 1810. 
2699 Alma Tyler, bom March 16, 1812; died, unmarried, 

April 24, 1891. 
2700+ Addison Tyler, bom Aug. 10, 1813. 
2701 Marietta Tyler, bom Aug. 24, 1815; died Jan. 19, 

1843 ; married Isaac Winchester, of Peabody, Mass. ; 

has a son and a daughter. 
2702+ Eri Burton Tyler, bom May 19, 1818. 

1048 ELIZABETH^ TYLER (Phineas^), bom in Leo- 
minster, Mass., December 28, 1778 ; died July 29, 1827 ; mar- 
ried, April 2, 1801, Asaph Spaulding, of Chelmsford, Mass., 
who died Jan. 4, 1843. The eldest child was bom in Chelms- 
ford, the third in Lunenburg and the others in Leominster. 
Children : 

2703 Mira Spaulding, born June 19, 1801 ; died, unmarried, 

March 22, 1842. 

2704 Sophia Spaulding, bom Sept. 29, 1803 ; died April 7, 

1867; married, March 13, 1845, Luke Woodbury, 
of Bolton, Mass. 

2705 Eliza Spaulding, bom June 15, 180—; married Jonas 

Walker, of Essex, N. Y. ; they had two daughters 
and three sons. 

2706 Melora Spaulding, bora Sept. 2, 1808 ; died April 21, 

1844 ; married William Claflin, of Fraraingham, 
Mass. ; they had two daughters and a son ; he mar- 
ried (2), Mrs. Betsey W. Jones. 

2707 Asaph Spaulding, bom May 20, 1809 ; married Martha 

Chase, of Leominster; they moved to Minnesota in 
1856; they had two daughters and three sons. 

2708 Abigail Spaulding, bom Aug., 1814; married Philip 

Spaulding Baldwin, of Essex, N. Y. ; they had two 
daughters and one son, who all married and had 

1052 DANIEL" TYLER (Phineas^), bora in Leomin- 
ster, Mass., August 18, 1791 ; died in Milford, Mass., February 

Sixth Generation 281 

91, 1870; married, in Leominster, February 29, 1816, Thusa 
Polly, bom in Harvard, Mass., August 22., 1797 ; died in Mil- 
ford, April 4, 1884 ; daughter of Ebenezer and Rebecca Polly. 
He first moved to Hopkinton, Mass., between 1831 and 1834 ; 
thence, in 1840, to Milford, Mass., where he built a house on 
Purchase Road. The nine elder children were born in Leo- 
minster; the next three in Hopkinton and the youngest in 

Children : 
2709+ Rufus H. Tyler, bom Sept. 10, 1817. 
2710+ Ehzabeth Tyler, bom May 22, 1818. 
2711 Rodolphus Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1820; died Oct. 20, 

2712+ Lydia Ann Tyler, born Jan. 19, 1822. 
2713+ Jane Mehitable Tyler, bom Dec. 5, 1823. 
2714 Caroline Sophia Tyler, bom Oct. 27, 1825 ; died Aug. 

2, 1845. 
2715+ Adolphus Tyler, bom Oct. 29, 1827. 
2716+ Abigail R. Tyler, bom Sept. 17, 1829. 
2717+ Addison Hardy Tyler, bom Nov. 30, 1831. 
2718 George H. Tyler, born Feb. 21, 1834; died Sept. 28, 

2719+ Arethusa Tyler, bom March 10, 1836. 
2720+ Alvan Elnathan Tyler, born Oct. 22, 1838. 
2721+ Mira Eliza Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1841. 

1054 NATHAN^ TYLER (Moses^), bom in Rowley, 
Mass., December 10, 1766; died in Lunenburg, Mass., August 
31, 1825; married (published September 12, 1789), ReHef 
Pearce (also called " Parce"), of Lunenburg; bom 1767; died 
in Lunenburg, February 7, 1814. The children were bom in 
Lunenburg. Children : 

2722 Relief Tyler, born Nov. 3, 1791 ; married (pubHshed 

Nov. 9, 1822, in Lunenburg), Henry Capen, of 
Leominster. (See No. 2730.) 

2723 Sarah Tyler, bom May 28, 1794 ; married (published 

in Lunenburg, March 25, 1817), William Smith. 

2724 Nancy Tyler, bom Oct. 5, 1802; married (published 

Aug. 12, 1826, in Lunenburg), Josiah Peirce. 

1059 ZEBEDIAH« TYLER (Moses^), bom in Brad- 
ford, Mass., July 21, 1787; died in Lunenburg, May 12, 1854; 

282 The Descendants or Job Tyleb 

married (1), (intentions published October 13, 1810), Nancy 
Lawson, of Lancaster, Mass., who died April 9, 1827 ; married 
(2), September 2, 1837, Mrs. Mary Ann Stiles, of Lunenburg. 
His first wife was probably a sister of his brother Ancill's wife. 
The children were bom in Lunenburg. 

Child, by first marriage: 

2725 Infant, bom 1827 ; died March '3, 1827. 

Chiij)b.en, by second marriage: 

2726 John Tyler, bom 1838; died July 21, 1845. 

2727 Mary Elizabeth Tyler, baptized March 13, 1839. 

1060 ANCILL^ TYLER (Moses^), bora in Lunenburg, 
Mass., March 29, 1790; died in Woburn, Mass., at the home of 
his daughter Mary, March 12, 1858 ; married (intentions pub- 
lished September 29, 1810), Mary Lawson, of Lancaster, 
Mass. ; bom 1788 ; died June 19, 1854. He lived in his father's 
house till 1819 and then removed to Lancaster, where he lived 
until after the death of his wife. He was a farmer. He is 
interred in the north cemetery in Lancaster, where his wife is 
also laid. The eldest child was bom in Lunenburg, the others 
in Lancaster. Children: 
2728+ AnciU Tyler, bom Oct. 10, 1810. 
2729+ Mary L. Tyler. 
2730+ Abraham Tyler. 
2731+ James Perkins Tyler, bom 1818. 
2732+ Moses Augustus Tyler, bom 1820. 

2733 Anthony Hale Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1823 ; died Nov. 

21, 1829. 

2734 Jane Blake Tyler, bom March 27, 1826; died in Wo- 

burn, Mass., June 30, 1852; married, April 16, 
1846, Joseph Buckman; born Oct. 17, 1824; died 
Sept. 26, 1853 ; son of Dennis and Ruth Buckman, 
of Woburn. They are both buried in Woburn; no 

2735 Henry Tyler, married, Nov. 6, 1851, Eliza W. Saun- 

ders, of Stoneham, Mass. 
2736+ Francis Tyler. 
2737+ Ellen L. Tyler. 
2738+ Clara A. Tyler. 

Sixth Gkneeation 

1079 HANNAH« TYLER (Asa^), baptized in Rowley, 
Mass., December 2, 1770 ; died in Mexico, N. Y., 1863 ; married 

Parkhurst, of Oriskany, N. Y. The battle monument 

stands on their farm. They had four daughters and six sons ; 
we have a record of only one. Child : 

2739 Simeon Parkhurst. He had two sons, one a resident 

of Chicago, and the other a minister of Evanston, 

1081 DR. ASA PEAB0DY8 TYLER ( Asa^ ) , bom June 
9, 1773 ; baptized in Boxford, Mass., August 1, 1773 ; died in 
Rome, N. Y., January 28, 1848; married Sally Burroughs 
(or Barrett) ; bom in Stafford, Conn., February 2, 1775 ; died 
April 30, 1853. In Rome he was overseer of the highways in 
1810, 1818 and 1823. He was among the heaviest of the tax 
payers in the early days of the town; his list in 1823 was 
" 496 acres of first-class land, $8,602 ; personal, $1,142." He 
became a Millerite and nearly lost his reason because of the non- 
appearance of Christ. His children were bom in Rome. 

Childeen : 

2740 Ira B. Tyler, bom April 30, 1800 ; died in Rome Nov. 

15, 1861, unmarried. He was a farmer. 

2741 Cyrus Tyler, bom Nov. 5, 1801; died March 21, 

2742+ John Tyler, bom Nov. 14, 1803. 
2743 Elizabeth Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1805 ; died unmarried, 

July 25, 1826. 
2744+ Jonathan Waldo Tyler, bom June 25, 1807. 
2745 (Dr.) James Tyler, bom Aug. 14, 1809; died s. p., 

in Attica, N. Y., June 19, 1887; married, Sept. 1, 

1840, Phebe Williams. 
274&f Ansel Tyler, bom Oct. 14, 1811. 
2747+ Albert Tyler, born Dec. 3, 1813. 
2748+ Sarah Tyler, bom Nov. 29, 1815. 
2749+ Asa Norton Tyler, bom June 10, 1818. 
2750 Mary L. Tyler, bom Sept. 12, 1822 ; mai-ried George 

Vredenburgh, of Rome, N. Y. ; had two daughters 

(Ella and May). 

1082 JOSHUA^ TYLER (Bradstreet^), bom in Box- 

284 The Descendants or Job Tylek 

ford, Mass., October 6, 1776; married, 1800, Betsey Bartlett, 
of Newbury. He lived in West Newbury, where their child was 
bom. He and his wife both died early, and the child was 
reared by the grandparents. Child: 
2751+ Mary Foster Tyler, bom Jan. 11, 1801. 

1083 MARY« TYLER (Bradstreet^), bora in Boxford, 
Mass., January 13, 1779 ; died May 2, 1846 ; married Deacon 
John Day, of Boxford ; bom December 10, 1776 ; died 1868. 
He was deacon of the Second church, 1814-1848. The children 
were bom in Boxford. Children : 

2752 Eunice Day, born Nov. 1; 1799 ; died Sept. 18, 1879 ; 

married Jonathan Chadwick, of Bradford, Mass. 

2753 Mary Day, bora 1802;' married, Nov., 1826, Deacon 

Daniel K. Gage, of North Andover, Mass. 

2754 Joshua Day, bora 180^; died Feb. 12, 1873; married 

Elvira Kimball, of Bradford, Mass., bom in 1807; 
living in 1896. 

2755 John Day, bora 1808'; died Feb. 18, 1880; married 

Emily Kimball, of Bradford, Mass. 

2756 Harriet Day, born in 1 1810; married, 1829, Hermon 

Kimball, of Bradford, Mass. 

2757 Abigail Day, bora 1813 ; married Guy Carleton, shoe 

manufacturer, of Methuen, Mass. 

2758 Elizabeth IngersoU Day, bom 1815 ; married Albert 

Kimball, shoe manufacturer of Bradford, Mass. ; 
she was living in 1896. 

2759 Joanna Day, died aged 12 years. 

2760 Myra Jane Day, born 1822; married Henry A. Bod- 

well, of Methuen, Mass. 

1086 BRADSTREET« TYLER, JR. (Bradstreet^), 
bora in Boxford, Mass., October 13, 1794; died December 2, 
1862; married, June 16, 1825, Parmelia Wilkins, who died 
1882, aged 85. He resided in Boxford, where his children were 
born. Children : 

2761 Charles Bradstreet Tyler, born Jan. 5, 1827 ; died un- 

married, 1857. 
2762+ Charlotte Augusta Tyler, bora Dec. 6, 1833. 

1089 JOSHUA« TYLER, JR. (Joshua^), bom in 

Sixth Generation S85 

Rindge, N. H., February 3, 1779; died in Leominster, Mass., 
September 3, 1824; married. May 10, 1804, Elizabeth Fair- 
banks, of Leominster, bom May '3, 1772; daughter of Elijah 
and Beulah (Carter) Fairbanks, of Leominster. He moved 
from Rindge to Leominster, where the children were bom. The 
baptisms of all the children were recorded in Leominster, March 
28, 1819. The three minor children made choice of Leonard 
Burrage, of Leominster, as guardian, after the death of their 
father. Children : 
2763 Mary Tyler, bom April 3, 1805; died in Leominster, 

unmarried, Nov. 10, 1824. 
2764+ Eliza Tyler, bom Oct. 8, 1806. 

2765 Clarissa Tyler, bom Aug. 28, 1808; died in Leomin- 

ster, Sept. 14, 1825. 

2766 Asa Tyler, born Dec. 21, 1810 ; married and had a son 

named Charles. He had a shoe store in Boston. 

1090 BETSEYS TYLER (Joshua^), bom in Rindge, 
N. H., March 9, 1782; died February 5, 1812; married, No- 
vember 27, 1806, James McCurdy, of Leominster, Mass. ; he 
died June 15, 1821; he married (2), his first wife's sister, 
Ismena Tyler, No. 1094. His first wife's children were born 
in Leominster. Children: 

2767 Samantha McCurdy, bora Dec. 25, 1807; married 

Dec. 25, 1831, George Patch; two children. 

2768 Alonzo McCurdy, born March 14, 1810. 

1092 PHEBE KIMBALL^ TYLER (Joshua^), bom in 

Rindge, N. H., September 6, 1785 ; died in JafFrey, N. H., July 
13, 1869; married, September 17, 1807, Zebadiah Pierce, of 
Leominster, Mass.; born 1785; died in JafFrey, March 12, 
1828. The eldest child was bom in Leominster; the others in 
Jaffrey, to which place he moved. Children: 

2769 Reuben Pierce, born Dec. 9, 1809; died May 2, 1888; 

married, Dec. 15, 1835, Cordelia Jewell, of Pep- 
perell, Mass. ; they resided in East Jaffrey, N. H., 
where he was a teacher. They had two daughters 
who did not marry. 

2770 Rebecca Pierce, bom 1810; died in JafFrey, April 3, 

1885; married Elijah T. Smith, of Fitzwilliam, N. 
H., and moved to Rindge, N. H. ; they had a son 

286 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

who died young, and a daughter (Almeda), a 
teacher who wrote the poem for the centennial cele- 
bration of Jaffrey. 

2771 Almira Peirce, bom Feb. 10, 1817 ; died in infancy. 

2772 Almira Peirce, bom June, 1823; married Benjamin 

Davison, of East Jaffrey, N. H. ; had two children 
who died in infancy, and a son (Arthur), who lives 
in Washington, N. H. 

1093 THOMAS® TYLER (Joshua^), born in Rindge, 
N. H., July 14, 1787 ; died in Leominster, Mass., March 27, 
1847; married. May 26, 1811, Deborah Carter; bom in Jaf- 
frey, N. H., May 1, 1787; died August 25, 1857; daughter 
of Jonathan Carter (Jonathan, Samuel, Rev. Samuel, Rev. 
Thomas). He removed from Rindge to Jaffrey and thence to 
Leominster. The children were bom in Jaffrey, except the 
youngest who was bom in Leominster. Children : 

2773 Damaris Carter Tyler, born Sept. 2, 1814; married 

and resided with son in Athol, Mass. 

2774 Mary Ann Tyler, bom June 10, 1819 ; married, 1854, 

Samuel S. Sinclair, of Westminster, Mass. ; had 
four children. 

2775 Thomas Carter Tyler, bom Jan. 3, 1821 ; died in Leo- 

minster, unmarried, Nov. 30, 1854. 
2776+ Joel J. Tyler, bom June 7, 1823. 

2777 Benjamin B. Tyler, bom Jan. 21, 1830; died there 

Jan. 4, 1847. 

1094 ISMENA« TYLER (Joshua^), bom in Rindge, 
N. H., September 20, 1789; died in Leominster, Mass., June 
19, 1822 ; married, 1813, James McCurdy, of Leominster, who 
died June 15, 1821 ; he married (1), Betsey Tyler, sister of his 
second wife; see No. 1090. His second wife's children were 
bom in Leominster. Children: 

2778 Betsey McCurdy, bom Aug. 29, 1813. 

2779 Selina McCurdy, bom July 26, 1815 ; died unmarried, 

April 4, 1899. 

2780 Horatio McCurdy, bom March 16, 1819; died Sept. 

18, 1840. 

2781 James R. McCurdy, born Aug. 21, 1821 ; died Aug. 

1, 1847. 

Sixth Geneeation 287 

1096 ELSA8 TYLER (Joshua^), bom in Rindge, N. 
H., May 28, 1796; died in 1878; married Timothy Cowdrey, 
who died August 16, 1859. Children: 

2782 Luther Cowdrey, born 1830; died Jan. 11, 1851. 

2783 Adeline E. L. Cowdrey, born in 1833; married, 1851, 

Albert Pierce, bom in 1830 ; had two children who 
died young; two sons survived (Edward T., who 
lived on the original Joshua Tyler place in North 
Leominster, Mass., and Charles A., who lived on 
the Phineas Tyler place in North Leominster). 

1097 FLINT8 TYLER (Parker^), born November 2, 
1782; died in Haverhill, Mass., May 26, 1870; married, No- 
vember 26, 1815, Jerusha Hardy, of Bradford, Mass., No. 
1068, bom April 15, 1783; died December 2*, 1859. Chil- 

2784+ Hannah Flint Tyler, bom in Bradford, Mass., June 

17, 1817. 
2785+ Aaron Parker Tyler, bom in Wilton, N. H., Nov. 9, 


1099 HANNAH« TYLER (Parker^), bom in Rindge, 
N. H., October 20, 1786 ; died in Unity, N. H., September 10, 
1875 ; married, June 14, 1804, Colonel Timothy Holt, of An- 
dover, Mass., born September 7, 1777 ; died in Claremont, N. 
H., May 31, 1859. He was a colonel in the War of 1812. 
They moved to Weston, Vt., and thence to Claremont. The 
children were bom in Weston. Children: 

2786 Hannah Holt, bom Oct. 28, 1805; died in Boston, 

Mass., Oct. 26, 1898; married (1), Oct. 24, 1824, 
Dr. David Pease, of Keysville, N. Y. ; married (2), 
Henry Hannam; by first marriage she had six chil- 
dren, two of whom died in infancy. 

2787 Maria Holt, bom Sept. 27, 1809; married Thomas 

Richardson, of Boston, where she was living in 
1896; three children, one of whom died in infancy. 

2788 Dorothy Holt, bom Dec. 21, 1812; died in Mound 

City, Miss., 1872 ; married Dec. 17, 1832, John B. 
Lovejoy; three children. 

2789 Nathan Holt, bom Feb. 12, 1814; died Oct. 2, 1891 ; 

married, 18S7, Lavinia Webster. He was in the 

288 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

Civil War. Five children, two of whom died in 

2790 Lucy Tyler Holt, bom Feb. 17, 1816; married Still- 

man White, of Weston and Ludlow, Vt. ; she died in 
Ludlow, Aug. 2, 1898. 

2791 Juha A. Holt, born Jan. SI, 1819; married, 1838, 

George White, a merchant of Rutland, Vt., where 
she died Aug. 25, 1860. 

2792 Louisa J. Holt, bom Dec. 23, 1821 ; died unmarried, 

in Springfield, Mass., July 28, 1842. 

2793 Caroline M. Holt, bom April 2, 1823 ; married, 184.5, 

Albert Cowdrey, of Westmoreland, N. H. ; lived in 
Weston, and died in Boston, June 13, 1854. 

2794 Sarah J. Holt, bom June 17, 1825; died unmarried, 

in Weston, Nov. 24, 1854. 

2795 Emily A. Holt, bom May 15, 1827; married, 1851, 

Benjamin Bickford, who died in Weston, Aug. 26, 

2796 Mary E. Holt, born April 9, 1831 ; married Elbridge 

A. Smith, a baker of Unity and Newport, N. H. ; 
as a widow she was a practising physician in Lud- 

1100 PARKER" TYLER, JR. (Parker^), bom in 
Rindge, N. H., October 7, 1788; died in Lunenburg, Mass., of 
apoplexy, March 29, 1857 ; married, December 25, 1813, Abi- 
gail Buss, of Wilton, N. H., bom May 29, 1791 ; died March 
22, 1874; daughter of Silas and Hannah Buss. The fourth, 
fifth and seventh children were bom in Jaffrey, N. H., where 
he appears to have lived for a time; the youngest child was 
bom in Lunenburg, Mass. Children: 

2797 Aaron Parker Tyler, born Sept. 10, 1815; died the 

same year. 

2798 Abigail Tyler, bom Aug. 29, 1817; died in 1837 of 


2799 Arvilla. Tyler, bom July 10, 1819; died the same 

2800+ Parker Tyler, born July 15, 1820. 
2801+ Isaac Matson Tyler, bom Sept. 8, 1822. 
2802 Hannah Flint Tyler, bom Sept. 28, 1824; died of 

typhoid fever, Sept. 28, 1849. 

Sixth Geneeation £89 

2803+ John Pierce Tyler, bom Feb. 18, 1826. 
2804!+ Albert Tyler, bom Feb. 18, 1828. 
2805+ Arvilla Anne Tyler, bom Jan. 11, 1831. 

1101 SETH PAYSON« TYLER (Parker^), bom in 
Rindge, N. H., April 29, 1791 ; died in Leominster, Mass., 
August 24, 1868; married (1), Sally Gray, of Wilton, N. H., 
who died April 4, 1834, in Leominster; married (2), August 
22, 1836, Mrs. Susan P. Wheeler. He removed to Leominster 
about 1830. His will was dated June 7, 1868 ; probated Sep- 
tember 1, 1868; his youngest son was executor. The inven- 
tory amounted to $4,093.12. All his children are mentioned 
in the will. They were all born in Rindge, except the youngest, 
who was bom in Leominster. 

Children, all by first marriage: 

2806 Sally Tyler, married, April 6, 1837, Josiah C. Rich- 


2807 Chloe Ann Tyler, married, Dec. 6, 1850, George J. 


2808 William Tyler, living in Oregon in 1868. 

2809 (Rev.) Payson Tyler, bora Jan., 1825; died in East 

Hardwick, Vt., where he preached several years; 
he had two children. He studied theology in New 
Hampton, N. H., and became a Baptist clergyman, 
preaching first in Cambridge, Vt., then in Barre 
and Conway, Mass., and later in Colchester, Water- 
bury and Newport, Vt. He was a highly respected 
minister and citizen. 
2810+ Joseph Augustus Tyler, bom Dec. 20, 1830. 

1102 PUTNAM® TYLER (Parker^), bora in either 
Sterling or Leominster, Mass., September 20, 1793; died Au- 
gust 7, 1888; married, November 28, 1840, Lucy Seaver, of 
Townsend, Mass. He lived in Wilton, Milford and Marlow, 
N. H. The third child was bora in Mason and the fourth, 
fifth and sixth in Milford, N. H. Children: 

2811 Abraham Tyler, bora in Townsend, Mass., Sept. 13, 

1841 ; died Sept. 15, 1844. 

2812 Lucy Lawrence Tyler, bom in Townsend, Oct. 7, 

290 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

1842 ; married, Aug. 25, 1868, John Adams Tyler, 
No. 2840. 

2813 William T. Tyler, bom Feb. 20, 1844; died of ty- 
phoid fever, in Washington, D. C, May 29, 1863. 
He enlisted Aug. 11, 1862, as a private in Company 
B, of the 14th N. H. Volunteer Infantry, and was 
mustered in Sept. 22, 1862. He was discharged for 
disability May 27, 1863, in Washington. (Memorial 
Volume of N. H. Soldiers in the War, 1861-1865). 
His residence was Marlow, N. H. 

2814+ Mary Frances Tyler, bom Dec. 12, 1845. 

2815+ Almon Putnam Tyler, bom June 25, 1847. 

2816+ Julia Ellen Tyler, born July 11, 1849. 

2817 Andrew Jackson Tj'ler, bora Jan. 8, 1852; died June 

16, 1867. 

2818 Benjamin Franklin Tyler, bom July 12, 1854; was a 

carpenter, unmarried and resided in Keene, N. H. 

2819 Hannah Flint Tyler, bom March 6, 1856; lives in 

Keene, N. H., unmarried. 

2820 Malvina Tyler, bom March 8, 1858; died Aug. 14, 

2821+ Frederic Charles Tyler, born in Marlow, N. H., Jan. 
20, 1862. 

1105 MIRIAM^ TYLER (Parker^), bom in Wilton, 
N. H., January 23, 1798 ; died December 17, 1839 ; married, 
September 30, 1819, Jonathan Keyes, of Wilton, N. H. ; son 
of Silas and Sarah (Lovejoy) Keyes, of Methuen, Mass., who 
was at the battle of Bennington (son of John and Abigail 
[Livermore] Keyes. The children were bom in Wilton, N. H. 
Children : 

2822 Edward Keyes, born Aug. 5, 1820; died Aug. 28, 


2823 Silas Keyes, bom 1822; died Sept. 11, 1825. 

2824 EHza Ann Keyes, bom June 2, 1826; died Feb. 2, 

1847; married George Lovejoy, of Milford. 

2825 Maria Lovejoy Keyes, bom Nov. 5, 1828; died May 

13, I860. 

2826 Silas Keyes, bom Feb. 28, 1831 ; married Lizzie Con- 

don, of Harton, N. S. 

2827 George Henry Keyes, bom April 4, 1836; married 

Sixth Generation 291 

Abby A. Gutterson, of Milford ; had a son (Arthur 
L.), who matriculated at Tuft's College. 

1106 CAPTAIN LEVr TYLER (Parker^), bom Oc- 
tober 22, 1800; died in Lyndeboro, N. H., May 25, 1870 ; mar- 
ried, September 27, 1825, Rhoda Pettengill, of Wilton, N. H., 
who died in 1893. They lived in Wilton and South Lynde- 
boro, N. H. The third and' fourth children were born in 
Wilton, Children : 

2828 Sarah B. Tyler, born Dec. 19, 1826; married, Oct. 
25, 1849, Abel F. Boynton; no children. 

2829+ Levi Andrew Tyler, bom April 17, 1828. 

2830 Rhoda Malvina Tyler, bom Nov. 29, 1829; married, 
Dec. 14, 1852, Jonathan P. Richardson, who died 
in a southern prison in Virginia, Nov. 17, 1864 ; a 
son and daughter died early unmarried. 

2831+ Emma F. Tyler, bom June 17, 1834. 

2832 Erastus F. Tyler, bom Sept. 26, 1844 ; died Feb. 24, 


1107 APPHIA® TYLER (Parker^), bom November 6, 
1806; died May 11, 1896; married, January 28, 1828, Fred- 
erick Adolphus Wilder, bom April 16, 1804; died May 26, 
1869 ; a farmer of Rindge, N. H. ; son of Samuel Locke and 
Anna (Sherwin) Wilder, who removed from Boxford, Mass., 
to Rindge. Children: 

2833 Charles A. Wilder, bom Aug. 15, 1829 ; married, Nov. 

6, 1856, Mary Manning; they resided in Rindge, 
and had a son (William F.). 

2834 Mary Ann Wilder, bom June 11, 1832; died May 7, 


2835 Mary Ann Wilder, bom May 15, 1846; married, Nov., 

1866, Albert Emory; resided Rindge. 

1108 ASA« TYLER (Parker^), bom in Wilton, N. H., 
July 31, 1809; died in Townsend, Mass., April 18, 1870; mar- 
ried, March 15, 1832, Mary Adams, of Townsend, who was 
living in 1896 aged 83. He was a farmer and cooper; a 
good citizen. The children were born in Townsend. Children : 

2836 Nancy M. Tyler, bom April 30, 1835 ; died Sept. 2, 


292 The Descendan^ts of Job Tyleb. 

28S7 Caroline L. Tyler, bom Oct. 20, 1836; died June 3, 

2838 Mary Elvira Tyler, bom Jan. 6, 1839; married, April 

29, 1863, Abel G. Steams, of Townsend, Mass. ; a 
teacher, member of the school board and selectman; 
no children. 

2839 Asa Kendall Tyler, bom July 20, 184.1 ; married, July 

18, 1867, Sarah S. Hardy, daughter of Reuben 
; Hardy, of Parishville, N. Y., and Townsend, Mass. 

He was a cooper; selectman from 1879 to 1896; 
road commissioner six years ; deacon of the Congre- 
gational church since 1878. 

2840 John Adams Tyler, bom Jan. 25, 1844 ; married Aug. 

2S, 1868;, Lucy L.. Tyler, No. 2812. Resided twenty 
years in Sandusky, O., where superintendent of 
Hodgman Manufacturing Company, resides now in 
Townsend, Mass. 

2841+ Stephen A. Tyler, bom April 13, 1846. 

2842H- Aaron Parker Tyler, bom May 31, 1850. 

28434- Lucy Ann Tyler, bom Aug. 4, 1853; died Sept. 20, 
1880; married, Nov. 7, 1873, George B. Hodgman, 
of Townsend, Mass. ; moved to Sandusky, O., where 
carried on business of coopering, G. B. Hodgman 
Manufacturing Company. 

1124 ASA TYLER STICKNEY (Margaret^), bom in 
Boxford, Mass., November 17, 1777; died in Orford, N. H, 
March 25, 1813; married, June 27, 1802, Mehetable Burpe. 
Children : 

2844 Infant, died. 

2845 Ancil Stickney, bom Jan. 4, 1803 ; unmarried. 

2846 Saloma Stickney, born Dec. 1, 1810; married William 


bom in Suffield, Conn., February 16, 1784; died in Barrytown, 
N. Y., D'ecember 4, 1864; married, in 1806, his cousin Persis 
Lovejoy. He moved to Blenheim, N. Y., in 1801, and to Bar- 
rytown in 1840. In Blenheim he succeeded his father as post- 
master and held the position until his removal. He was a mem- 
ber of the Legislature in 1818 from Schoharie county ; became 

Sixth Genekation 

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the county. He was 
the representative man in his vicinity, and commanded universal 
respect. He bought out a freighting business in Barrytown, on 
the Hudson, in 1840, which he and his sons successfully carried 
on until 1859, when he retired from active business. He was 
known for his strong character, unflinching integrity, and his 
universal gentleness and helpfulness to those around him. 

Children : 
2856a Clarissa Tyler, born 1807 ; died young. 
2857+ Phineas Lovejoy Tyler, bom in Blenheim, N. Y., Jan. 

29, 1809. 
2857a George Calvert Tyler, bom Feb. 25, 1814 ; died April 

17, 1865, unmarried. 

1135 ASA6 TYLER (Parker^), bom in Suffield, Conn., 
February 25, 1789 ; died in Holland Patent, N. Y., May 12, 
1843 ; married, May 3, 1813, Eunice Cornwell ; bom September 
11, 1793; died March 11, 1876; daughter of Hart Comwell. 
He was a farmer. His will was probated in Utica, N. Y. The 
children were born in Holland Patent. Children : 
2848 William Fletcher Tyler, bom Aug. 22, 1814 ; died Jan. 

16, 1816. 
2849+ Isabella Maria Tyler, bom Sept. 25, 1816. 
2850+ Helen Jenette Tyler, bom Oct. 15, 1818. 
2851+ Harriette Augusta Tyler, bom July 27, 1821. 
2852+ Jerome B. Tyler, bom Dec. 9, 1823. 

2853 Charles Henry Tyler, bom Oct. 19, 1825 ; died s. p., 

1862 ; married Margaret Shaffer. Resided in Tren- 
ton, N. Y. ; will probated in Utica. 

2854 Martha Dodge Tyler, bom July 27, 1827; married, 

July 8, 1847, Lewis Benedict; one daughter 
(Martha, married Groves). 

2855 Asa Tyler, bom July 12, 1833; died Aug. 6, 1833. 
2856+ Frances Lathrop Tyler, bom Aug. 21, 1839. 

1146 MERCY« TYLER (Jonathan^), born in New 
Gloucester, Maine, April 16, 1773 ; married there, November 8, 
1798, Joseph Raynes, of New Gloucester; born September 26, 
1774 ; died January 14, 1829. The children were bom in New 
Gloucester. Children : 

The Descendants of Job Tyler 

2857 Mary Raynes, bom Jan. 20, 1799; died Sept. 21, 


2858 Jonathan Raynes, bom Jan. 4, 1801 ; died March 17, 

1869; married (1), Mary Reed; had five sons; mar- 
ried (2) Octavia Bradford; had one son and three 

2859 Orva Raynes, bora Dec. 20, 1802; died in 1897 aged 

94; married Davis. 

2860 Joseph Raynes, bom Feb. 17, 1804. 

2861 Mary Ann Raynes, bom April 3, 1807. 

2862 Elvira Raynes, bom Aug. 30, 1809. 

2863 Susan Raynes, bom Dec. 11, 1813. 

1148 NATHANIEL^ TYLER (NathanieP), bom in 
Sidney, Maine, 1785; died in Bethel, Maine; married (1), 

Polly ; married (2), Eunice Wright, of Vermont. He was 

in Sidney in 1819. Children: 

2864 Fanny H. Tyler, bom Jan. 26, 1816 ; married William 

Tyler, No. 2884 ; had three children. 

2865 Nathan W. Tyler, bom March 9, 1817; had four 

2866+ William Tyler, bom Jan. 23, 1819. 
2867 Eunice Merrill Tyler, bom Dec. 15, 1819; married 

John Merrill; resided in Windsor, Maine, and had 

six children. 
2868+ Jonathan Tyler, bom Jan. 9, 1822. 

2869 Elias Tyler, bom May 13, 1824 ; died 1842. 

2870 Nathaniel Hiram Tyler, bom Oct. 9, 1826; married 

Clara ; had five children. 

2871 David Tyler, bom June 23, 1828 ; married Mary Susan 

Tyler, No. 2911; he died in Bethel, Maine; had 
eight children. 
2872+ Lewis Tyler, bom Nov. 24, 1831. 

1149 JONATHAN^ TYLER (NathanieP), born, 
probably about 1787; died in Windsor, Maine, May 30, 1850; 
married Christinia Towles. He preached some, but was never 
ordained. The locality in Windsor called " Tyler's Comer," 
was named for him. His children were born in Windsor. Chil- 

2873+ Samuel F. Tyler, born Jan. 20, 1810. 

Sixth Geneeation S95 

2874+ Asa F. Tyler, born Feb. 8, 1811. 

2876+ Joshua Tyler, bom Sept. 12, 1812. 

2876 Hartwell Tyler, died in Windsor, unmarried. 

2877 Elbridge Tyler, died in Windsor, where his will, dated 

March 20, 1857, mentions brothers and sisters and 
widow Sarah, but no children; married (1), Mrs. 
Nancy Peary, whose will, dated Windsor, Aug. 29, 
1854, shows she was probably a widow when she 
married Elbridge, as she mentions as her only chil- 
dren, " George L., Ezekiel and Nancy J. Pera," 
minors; he married (2), Sarah . 

2878 Elias Tyler, died s. p. in Windsor; married Hittie 

Motherwell, who also died in Windsor. 
2879+ Mary Tyler. 

2880 Asenath Tyler, married Stewart Merrill and had four 

children; she died. 

2881 Hannah Tyler, married Merrill and died. 

2882+ Betsey Tyler, bom about 1824. 

2883+ Eleazer Tyler. 

1150 EBENEZERO TYLER (Nathaniel), died in 
Gilead, Maine; married Elizabeth Robinson. Children: 
2884 William Tyler; married Fanny Tyler, No. 2864; had 

three children. 
2885+ Hannah Slade Tyler, bom in Sidney, Maine, May 3, 

2886+ Rebecca W. Tyler, bom in Augusta, Maine, July 4, 


2887 Elias Tyler, died young. 

2888 Robinson Tyler, married Phebe Moore; had one child. 

2889 Mary Tyler, died yoimg. 

1151 ELEAZER* TYLER (NathanieP), died in Vienna, 
Maine ; married Welthy Mores ; she administered upon his estate 
in 1837. Children : 

2890 Christiana Tyler; married Charles Chamberlain. 

2891 Ruth Tyler; married and had a family. 

2892 Caroline Tyler. 

2893 Hannah Tyler. 

2894 James Tyler. Two genealogies exist either one of 

which is hkely to belong to this man. He may have 

^6 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

been the James, of Vienna, Maine, whose will was 
dated Nov. 5, 186S; wife Eliza was executrix (it 
names James F. and William M., minor sons, also 
Stephen, and daughter Martha M., who was un- 
married). (Kennebec Probate). Or, he may have 
been the James of Peru, Maine, who married, April 
27, 1831, Harriet Bisbee, born in Sumner, Maine, 
Nov. 18, 1812 ; daughter of John and Sarah (Phil- 
brick) Bisbee. They had five children. (Gilbert, 
bom Feb. 5, 1832 ; married, July 4, 1860, Martha 
Linnell; Desire, bom July 14, 1834; married, Feb. 
6, 1854, Andrew Abbott, who died Oct. 12, 1855; 
Mary E., bom Jan. 27, 1840; married, April 14, 
1864, Asa Jones; Harriet B., bom April 4, 1844; 
married, April 5, 1867, Loring Hunton; Annette, 
bom June 15, 1847; died Aug. 6, 1856.)* 

2895 Ehas Tyler; married and had a family. 

2896 David Tyler; married and had a family. 

2897 Welthy Tyler. 

2898 Sterns Tyler; married and had a family. 

ieP), bom in Augusta, Maine, February 8, 1798 ; died in China, 
Maine, May 20 (or 26), 1861; married, February 9, 1823, 
Joanna Brown, bom in New Hampshire, July 26, 1801 ; died 
in Augusta, Maine, January 6, 1882. He preached at the age 
of 28; ordained at 29 as a Freewill Baptist; blind in 18.39; 
later his daughter, Annie R. Tyler, traveled with him. The 
second, third, fourth and fifth children were bom in Sidney, 
Maine. Children : 
2899+ Julia Ann Tyler, bom in Belgrade, Maine, Nov. 19, 

2900+ Eliza Ann Tyler, born June 21, 1826. 

2901 Thomas S. H. Tyler, born June 23, 1828; died in 

Hallowell, Maine, April 18, 1849. 

2902 Roxanna Merchant Tyler, bom March 13, 1830 ; died 

in Chelsea, Maine, June 18, 1853 ; married in Hallo- 
well, Maine, Sept 8, 1850, Isaiah H Hamlin; one 
child (Roseloen H.) ; died young. 

• The author of this volume did not decide about this record before his 
decease, and both are given in the hope that it may be traced correctly. 

Sixth Geneeation S97 

3903+ Harriet E. Tyler, born May 13, 1833. 

2904+ Annie R. Tyler, bom in China, Maine, Sept. 3, 1835. 

1153 ELIAS« TYLER (NathanieF), bom in Augusta, 
Maine, February 8, 1798; died in China, Maine, where he lived; 
married Abigail Webber. The children were bom in China. 
Children : 

2905 Thomas Tyler; died in infancy. 

2i906 Elias Tyler; twin tO' Thomias, died in infancy. 

2907 Daniel Tyler; died in childhood. 

2908 Eliza Ann Tyler, died in China ; married Charles Marsh 

of that town, and had eight children. 

2909 Lucinda Tyler, died in Vinal Haven, Maine; married 

William Hopkins and had twoi daughters. 
2910+ Daniel WiUard Tyler. 

1154 JOSEPH C.« TYLER (NathanieP),, bom in Au- 
gusta, Maine; died in Gilead, Maine, 1882; married (1), Eliza 
Morse, of Dixfield, Maine; died in Gilead, 1871; married (2), 

Rebecca . He was a farmer. In the Keimebec Cownty 

Registry of Deeds it is recorded that in 1824i Joseph C. Tyler 
of " 25 Mile Pond Plantation," Kennebec County, Maine, 
grants ( .?) to Ebenezer Tyler, of Waterborough, York County, 
Maine, and Charles Tyler, of Augusta. Children: 

2911 Mary Susan Tyler, married (1), Nathaniel Murry; 

married (2), David Tyler, No. 2871. 
2912+ Elizabeth (Betsey) Jane Tyler. 
2913 Daniel Owen Tyler, died in Palermo, Maine; mar^ 

ried Elizabeth Erskins. 
291 4i Joseph Alva Tyler; married Emma Brand and resided 

in California. 

2915 Gardiner Elanson Tyler; was shot in the Civil War 

and buried in the south; married Mary Tyler. 

2916 Harriet Maria Tyler; resided in Tennessee. 

2917+ Alonzo Chase Tyler, born in China, Maine, April 11, 

1155 RACHEL® TYLER (NathanieP), married Rev. 
Josiah Halloway. Children: 

2918 (Rev.) James Tyler Halloway. 

2919 Ruth Tyler Halloway; married Whitney. 

a&8 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

2920 John Tyler Halloway. 

2921 Seth Tyler Halloway. 

1156 HANNAH^ TYLER (NathanieP), died in Hallo- 
well, Maine; married (1), Benjamin Young; married (2), Ben- 
jamin Slade. 

Children, by first marriage: 

2922 John T. Young ; married Malinda Wellman ; had eight 


2923 Nancy T. Young; married Captain Levi Lowe; two 


2924 Eunice T. Young; died in infancy. 

2929 Daniel O. Tyler Young; married Martha Crossman; 
four children. 

Children, by second marriage: 

2926 Henry Coleman Tyler Slade; married Diantha Holt; 

five children. 

2927 Frederick Tyler Slade ; died in infancy. 

2928 Robert T. Gardiner Slade ; married Sarah Bean ; four 


2929 Lucretia C. T. Slade; married William Barry; one 

child, resides in Indiana. 

2930 Anna Elizabeth Tyler Slade; married (1), J. H. Mar- 

son; had a daughter (Anna) ; married (2), Edward 
Button, who died in the Civil War; two children, 
who both died. 

2931 Frederick William T. Slade; married (1), Sarah Mur- 

phy, who died, leaving two children; married (2), 
Lizzie Mosely ; had two children. 

2932 Frances E. T. Slade ; married Otis Williams ; had three 


1157' RUTH« TYLER (NathanieP), married (1), Oct. 
17, 1811, Walden Sparhawk, of Augusta, Maine, who died; 
married (2), Roland Sparhawk, brother of her first husband; 
born 1791 ; died Dec. 26, 1834<, of a small wound' just below the 
knee. Children by first marriage: 

2933 Daniel Sparhawk, went to sea. 
2934+ Walden Sparhawk, born Sept. 12, 1812. 

Sixth Generation S99 

2935 Cynthia Sparhawk, married Bennett; three chil- 
dren (John, who married Ann Johnson had two 
children, Chatles and Samuel; Samuel, Charles). 
Chiij)b,en, by second marriage: 

2936+ Ambrose Ruel Sparhawk, bom March 30, 1820. 

2937 Rebecca Sparhawk, bom 1822; died April, 1864<, at 

Gayville, N. Y. ; married Henry McMaster of Au- 
gusta, Maine; two children (Frances, the eldest, 
bom 1850, died 1908; married William H. Williams, 
a nephew of the statesman, Ruel Williams of Au- 
gusta, and had two children, Annie Mayhorn, 1875- 
1897, and George Seth, who married and has one 
child; the second child was William H., 1861-1878). 

2938 Nathaniel Sparhawk, born 1824, went to Marblehead, 

Mass., married there, and his descendants live there. 

2939+ Reuben Roland Sparhawk, bom 1825. 

2939a Jacob A. Sparhawk, bom 1830; enlisted at Rockland, 
Me. 18G1, in the Civil War; wasi taken prisoner, and 
died August 15, 1861, at Richmond, Va. of wounds, 

1158 BETSEY« TYLER (NathanieP), bom probably 
in Augusta, Maine; married (1), Samuel Billing; married (2), 

Child, by first marriage: 

2940 Samuel T. Billing. 

Child, by second marriage : 

2941 Chesman T. Huntoon, moved to California; married, 

had two children. 

1160 REBECCA* TYLER (NathanieP), died in Michi- 
gan; married Samuel J. Wellman, of Ohio and Michigan. 
Children : 

2942 Rebecca Tyler Wellman, married Joseph Rowe; had 

seven children. 

2943 Jane T. Wellman, married Samuel Mills ; six children. 

2944 Joseph T. Wellman, married Mary ; five children. 

2945 (Captain) Chauncey T. Wellman, married Melvlna 

; one child; resided in California. 

300 The Descendants of Job Tyuee. 

294<G John Tyler Wellman, married Mercia Towle ; two chil- 

1162 J0HN8 TYLER. (Joseph^), bom in Newburyport, 
Mass., April 8, 1783; died in Greenbush, N. Y., March ^0, 
1834!; married (1), Lucy Woodbury, of Mt. Vernon, N. Y. ; 
married (2i), 1812;, Patience Hazard, of Hudson, N. Y. 

Chiudken, by first marriage : 
294*7+ John Woodbury Tyler. 
294)8 William Tyler; died unmarried. 

2949 Porter Tyler; in 1860 was railway agent in Green- 

bush, N. Y. ; he was married. 

2950 George Tyler; died in infancy. 

Children, by second marriage: 

2951 Frances Tyler, bom in Greenbush, N. Y., Dec, 1814i', 

in one of the oldest houses in America, now preserved 
by the Albany Society of Colonial Dames. The 
house, built in 164i2, was preserved as a fort and 
manor house until 1740, when it was transformed 
into a dwelling house. It was Greneral Abercrom- 
bie's headquarters in the French and Indian War 
and near it " Yankee Doodle " was composed. On 
her mother's side Frances Tyler was related to Com- 
modore Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero of Lake Erie. 
Miss Tyler lived in Cleveland during her last year, 
and was known to have been living in 1897. 

2952 Abby Tyler, bom in Greenbush, Jan., 1816; died in 


2953 Mary Tyler; died. 
2954+ Joshua Tyler. 

2955 Emily Tyler; died. 

2956 Lucy Tyler; died. 

1167 PHILIP« TYLER (Joseph?), bom in Newbury- 
port, Mass., April 9, 1793; died in Charlestown, Mass., Octo- 
ber 11, 1880; married. May 3, 1821, in Chelmsford, Mass., 
Nancy Hunting, a native of that place. The children were 
bom in Charlestown. Children: 

Sixth Generation 301 

2957 Philip Tyler, Jr., bom March 2, 1823; died Oct, 14, 

2958+ Abby Tyler, bom Aug. 10, 1823. 

2959 Almira Tyler, bora Dec. 1, 1824; died s. p. May 28, 


2960 Nancy Mariah Tyler, born Nov. 15, 1826 ; died March 

25, 1856; married. May, 1849, Charles Hurd, of 
Andover or Haverhill, Mass., who was a farmer; 
one son. 

2961 Joseph Tyler, bom March 6, 1829; left home Dec. 

25, 1850, and probably went to Kentucky. 

2962 Irena Tyler, bom Jan. 26, 1831 ; died, s. p., Jan. 2, 


2963+ George Emery Tyler, bom Nov. 26, 1832. 

2964 Phihp Hunting Tyler, bom Jan. 28, 1835; married, 
Nov. 29, 1862, Georgianna Howard Cole; resides, 
s. p., in Wellesley Hills, Mass. He was in the 
Civil War as first lieutenant of the 3d Mass. Bat- 
tery, Light Artillery; discharged Oct. 11, 1862. 

2965+ Thomas Rea Tyler, bom May 6, 1837. 

1168 Wn.LIAM« TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Cam- 
bridge, Mass., August 14, 1795 ; died in Billerica, Mass., No- 
vember 27, 1861 ; married his cousin, Jane Spaulding, bom in 
Wilmington, N. C, October 25, 1797; died in Peterboro, N. H., 
April 19, 1883; daughter of Philip Spaulding, son of Colonel 
Simeon Spaulding. William Tyler kept a public tavern. The 
children were bom in Billerica. Children: 
2966+ George Spaulding Tyler, born March 20, 1830. 
2967+ WiUiam Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1833. 

bom in Chelmsford, Mass., June 12, 1775 ; died April 17, 1864; 
married, March 11, 1819, Sarah Dodge; born August 8, 1787; 
died January 12, 1837 ; daughter of Simeon and Abigail 
(Cook) Dodge. He was a member of the state legislature in 
1833. The children were bom in Chelmsford. Children: 
2968 (Doctor) Joel Spaulding, bom March 2, 1820; was 

40 years a doctor in Lowell, Mass., where he died 

Jan. 30, 1888. 

302 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

2969 Jonathan Spalding, born Nov. 15, 1821; died Dec. 

27, 1826. 

2970 John Spalding, born Sept. 21, 1823 ; died Feb. 9, 1825. 

2971 Sarah Rebecca Spalding, bom Sept. 10, 1825 ; living 

in Lowell on the old homestead near Pawtucket 
Falls, in the late '90's, with whose death the line of 
Phebe Tyler and Joel Spalding becomes extinct. 

2972 George Otis Spalding, bom Aug. 11, 1827 ; died July 

17, 1828. 

2973 Jonathan Tyler Spalding, bom Oct. 4, 1829 ; died in 

Lowell, May 26, 1872; was a merchant in Boston 
for more than 20 years. 

1185 NATHAN« TYLER, JR. (Nathan^) , bom in Mid- 
dlesex Village, Mass., January 25, 1792; died there February 
23, 1868; married (published November 3, 1838), December 
2, 1838, Mary Ann Perham, of Chelmsford, Mass., bom Janu- 
ary, 1801 ; died December 8, 1887. He was a farmer and 
cooper. Child : 

2974 Mary Ehzabeth Tyler, bom in Chelmsford, Sept. 9, 

1841 ; was unmarried. 

1186 CAPTAIN SILAS« TYLER (Nathan^), bom in 
Middlesex Village, Mass., June 2, 1795 ; died in Lowell, Mass., 
May 20, 1875 ; married Fannie Stanley, of Dracut, Mass. 
" Mr. Silas Tyler followed the Merrimack many years as pilot, 
and was connected with the Middlesex Canal for 20 years, 
being for several years captain of the packet boat Gov. Sulli- 
van . . . [with] the opening of the Boston & Lowell 
Railway and the consequent abandonment of the canal naviga- 
tion, about 1835, his connection ceased. Mr. Tyler believed 
that with an enlargement this canal could have successfully 
competed with the railroad. . . ." The children were bom 
in Middlesex Village. Children: 

2975 Silas Tyler, bora June 24, 1820; died Dec. 7, 1868; 

married, in Attleboro, Mass., May 7, 1851, Maria 
TifFt, of Attleboro ; daughter of John and Azubah 
Tifft ; no children. 
2976+ Artemas Stanley Tyler, born Nov. 2, 1824. 

1188 WILLIAMS tYLER (Nathan^), bom in Middle- 

SrxTH Genekation 303 

sex Village, Mass., Febraary 11, 1799; died in Chelmsford, 
Mass., February 8, 1854; married (published November 29, 
184<8), Mary Ann Butterfield, bom in Ludlow, Vt., November 
15, 1810. He lived on a farm in Middlesex Village. The chil- 
dren were bom in Chelmsford. Children: 
2977 Wilham Otis Tyler, bom Nov. 11, 1849 ; died in 1876. 
2978+ Julia Ann Tyler, born March 16, 1851. 

1189 SAMUEL« TYLER (Nathan^), bom in Middle- 
sex Village, Mass., June 14, 1803; died there April 8, 1874; 
married, June 13, 1850, Mary Ann D. Sanders, bom in Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass., January 17, 1823 ; daughter of Richard and 
Sally (Kneeland) Sanders, who came from Abington, England, 
to Boston, about 1800. Samuel lived on a farm in Middlesex 
Village. Child: 

2979 Susan Emma Tyler, bom in Chelmsford, Mass., Sept. 
2, 1852 ; resides unmarried in Lowell. In disposing 
of a large tract of their land in Lowell, Miss Tyler 
and her mother reserved a generous piece of wood 
and field and gave it to the city, the place to be 
called " Tyler Park." This territory contains 
about 80,000 feet, and is surrounded by ample 

1191 CAPTAIN IGNATIUS' TYLER (Nathan^), bom 
in Middlesex Village, Mass., July 5, 1804; died in Bedford 
Springs, N. H., August 25, 1889; married (1) (published 
November 10, 1833), Mary Lund, of Milford, N. H., who died 
January, 1868; married (2), 1869, Sarah Frances Stevens, of 
Mt. Vernon, N. H. He "had an uninterrupted connection 
with the Merrimack and canals from his youth and was for a 
long time engaged in the lumber trade in Lowell . 
When the steamboat enterprise on the Merrimack was started 
he was captain of the fine little freight and passenger 
steamer that plied between Lowell and Nashau and for some 
years managed an immense carrying trade via the river and 
the Middlesex Canal, between Concord and all northern New 
Hampshire and Boston. He was, like his brother Silas, long 
connected with the Middlesex Canal, and his employment on the 
river gave him a familiarity with all the canals around the 
falls above Lowell." The children were bom in Lowell. 

304 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

Children : 
2980+ Frank Ignatius Tyler, bom Aug. 29, 1835. 
2981+ George Otis Tyler, bom Sept. 18, 1838. 

2982 Maria Tyler, bom Nov., 1842; died June 8, 1891; 

married William H. Parker, of Montreal, Canada ; a 
lumber dealer; no children. 

1192 FANNY" TYLER (Nathan^), bom in Middlesex 
Village, Mass., July, 1807; died in Portland, Maine, Feb- 
ruary 22, 1875 ; married Lucius Whipple, bom October 16, 
1799; died February 28, 1848. The Whipples were powder 
manufacturers in Lowell, Mass., from 1827. Lucius was sent 
to Gorham, Maine, to take charge of a branch. The two 
younger children were bom in Windham, Maine. Children: 

2983 Lucius Hasham Whipple, bom Feb. 12, 1829; died 

Feb. 23, 1858; married Charlotte Gilson. 

2984 William Warren Whipple, born in Lowell, Feb. 29, 

1832; married, Nov. 3, 1864, Frances EKzabeth 
Strout, bom Dec. 1, 1842; lived in Portland, Maine, 
and had twin sons (Farrington H. and Clayton 

2985 Mary Elizabeth Whipple, bom in Gorham, Maine, 

Sept. 23, 1835 ; married Ira P. Farrington. 

2986 Harrison Tyler Whipple, bom May 21, 1840; married, 

June 2, 1875, Apphia W. Judd; lived in Portland, 
Maine, and had two daughters (Elizabeth and Jean- 

2987 Garapheha Adelaide Whipple, bom Sept. 20, 1841; 

died April 20, 1842. 

1201 MEHITABLE« TYLER (James^), bom in Pep- 
perellboro (now Saco), Maine, April 20, 1779 ; married Stephen 
Seavey, of Saco, where their children were bom. Children: 

2988 John Seavey, bom Sept. 16, 1807. 

2989 Olive Seavey, bom March 13, 1809. 

2990 Thomas Seavey, bom Nov. 3, 1811. 

2991 Caroline Seavey, born Feb. 5, 1814. 

2992 Allison Seavey, born July 19, 1817. 

1204 HANNAH* TYLER (James^), bom in Pepperell- 

Sixth Geneeation 305 

boro, now Saco, Maine, March T, 1784.; married, September 3,6, 
1807, John Moulton, of Scarboro, Maine, baptized July 7, 
1782; died suddenly, aged 30. Child: 

2993 Mary Moulton, born Oct. 9, 1808; married Edward 

1206 JAMiES« TYLER (James^), bom in Pepperell- 
boro (now Saco), Maine, January 1, 1787; died August 2, 
1858; married, February 22, 1816, Deborah Gushing, bom 
June 12, 1791, in Exeter, N. H. Be settled in " Ossipee Gore," 
now Freedom, N. H. He was of more than ordinary ability; 
he held town offices and was state representative. It was said 
of him that his judgment was clear and safe to be relied upon 
and that he was a judicious and successful farmer. Children: 
2994) Peter Tyler, bom March 24., 1817 ; died in childhood. 
2995+ Abram Tyler, born July 6, 1818. 
2996+ John L. Tyler, born Feb. 19, 1821. 
2997+ iWentworth Tyler, bom Oct. 16, 1823. 
2998 Lydia S. Tyler, born May 14, 1827 ; married Daniel 

1208 ABRAHAMS TYLER (James®), bom in Pepper- 
ellboro (now Saco), Maine, March 7, 1793; died suddenly, 
AprU, 1861 ; married Eunice Seavey, bom March 31, 1797. 
The old records of " Pepperellboro " state that he was known 
as " Captain Abe " and was a conspicuous figure on " General 
Muster day," being a large man with a fine figure. He lived 
at the " Heath " in Saco, where the children were bom. Chil- 

2999+ James Tyler, bom Nov. 6, 181.5. 
3000 David Libby Tyler, bom 1820 ; drowned in Penobscot 

River, Nov. 4, 184*5, aged 25 years and 6 months. 

These dates are given on a stone on the farm in 

" Heath," Saco, no other Tyler stones there. He 

was unmarried. 
3001+ Andrew Tyler, bom March 16, 1822. 
3002+ Lydia S. Tyler, bom Oct. 15, 1828. 

1211 CAPTAIN ANDREW^ TYLER (Andrew®), bora 
in Frankfort, Maine, September 30, 1793; died there intestate 
December 26, 1864i; married. May 17, 1831, Ann Louise Wall- 

306 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

ing, of New York City, bom March 26, 1811 ; died in Frank- 
fort, intestate, July 27, 1875, aged 64. years and 4 months. 
Captain Andrew's estate was probated in Belfast, Maine, his 
widow being administratrix, with bond of $8000. The inven- 
tory of his estate was $3,448. The children were all probably 
bom in Frankfort, except the eldest. Children: 
3003+ Ann Eliza Tyler, bom in New York City April 5, 1833. 

3004 Matilda Stout Tyler, born Oct. 6, 1834 ; married, June 

7, 1860, Rev. James G. Roberts, of Ilhnois ; lives in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; four children (Jacob H., Charles 
H., Louise, Grace S.). 

3005 (Captain) Andrew J Tyler, bom Feb. 8, 1836; died 

unmarried at sea, about 1864. 

3006 Hannah Amanda Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1838 ; married, 

Jan. 3, 1872, George W. Hammatt ; born in Port- 
land, Maine, April 26, 1825; son of George and 
Mary Farley Hammatt, of Plymouth, Mass. ; no 

3007 Sarah Gordon Tyler, born April 7, 1840; married, 

Jan. 28, 1864, Edwin P. Treat, who died; was a 
mariner and merchant; had two sons (Edwin F. 
and Forrest). 

3008 William Robertson Tyler, bom Nov. 16, 1841; died 

unmarried in Frankfort Feb. 23, 1889; he left a 
will in which he bequeathed his right in the Tyler 
farm in Frankfort to his brothers and sisters ; estate 
was probated in Belfast. He was a mariner. 

3009 Charles Frederick Gordon Tyler, born Dec. 24, 1843 ; 

a mariner, unmarried ; resided in Frankfort in 1897. 

3010 Robert Treat Tyler, bom Oct. 19, 1846; resided in 

Frankfort in 1897 ; was postmaster four years, and 
was state representative ; he was a mariner and far- 
mer; went round the world twice. 

3011 Frank Leslie Tyler, bom Aug. 3, 1848; married Mar- 

tha Hutchinson ; was a mariner ; no children ; ad- 
ministrator of mother's estate. 

3012 John Louis Tyler, bom May 5, 1853 ; died in Frank- 

fort May 1, 1875, unmarried. 

1214 SALLY« TYLER (Andrew^), born in Frankfort, 
Maine, April 16, 1798; died in Searsport, Maine, October 10, 

Sixth Generation 307 

1839; married, January 6, 1828, Captain Charles Gordon, 
bom in Exeter, N. H., December 2, 1794; died January 12, 
1873 ; son of Joseph Gordon and grandson of James Gordon, of 
Exeter, both soldiers of the Revolution, and descended from 
Alexander Gordon, who came from Scotland to Exeter in 1660. 
(Captain Charles married [2], October 17, 1841, Mrs. Eliza 
W. Perkins, bom Jones, in Castine, Maine, October 27, 1808. 
By his second marriage he had a son, Charles F. Gordon). 
Captain Gordon moved to Belfast in 1798 ; he was a bank cash- 
ier ; he took part in the War of 1812 ; became a leading citizen 
of Searsport when it was set off from Belfast. He represented 
Belfast in 1835-1836, and later represented Searsport in the 
state legislature. The children were born in Belfast. 

Children : 
'3013 (Captain) John Gordon, killed while in command of 

gunboat Reno, near Newburn, N. C, Oct. 7, 1864. 
3014 Charles Gordon, lost at sea Oct. 1, 1841. 
301.5 Andrew Gordon, a mariner ; died unmarried in Havana, 

Dec 28, 1855; in the West India trade. 

3016 Anne Gordon, died in Boston, May 13, 1898; mar- 

ried, Oct. 12, 1867, Edward B. Sheldon, who lost 
his right arm in the Battle of Gettysburg; he was 
postmaster of Searsport 1869-1885; patent officer 
in Washington under Harrison; has a son (Charles 
G.), who is an optician in Exeter, N. H. 

ChiI/D, by second wife: 

3017 Charles Frederick Gordon, bom May 7, 1813. He was 

treasurer of the Searsport Savings Bank and cashier 
of the National Bank there; also treasurer of the 
Board of Trade ; and has been selectman ; unmar- 

1216 JOHN« TYLER (Dominicus^), bom probably 
about 1797; married Hannah Cobum; resided in Winterport, 
Maine. Children : 

3018 Daughter. 

3019 Edgar Tyler, a mariner, died, unmarried, at sea. 

3020 Anna Tyler. 

3021 Daughter. 

308 The Descecndants of Job Tyleb. 

1218 CAPTAIN ALLISON* TYLER (Dominicus^), 
bom in Scarboro, Maine, 1800'; died in California intestate, 
1850; married, January 30', 182.4*, Jane Nichols, of Searsport, 
Maine; daughter of James and Nancy (Fowler) Nichols. He 
was a captain of militia. He moved to' Frankfort, thence to 
Prospect, Maine, and in the time of the gold excitement he 
went to California. His estate was probated in Belfast, Maine, 
July 11, 18S1, the widow being appointed administratrix. The 
children were born in Prospect. Children : 

&022 Alice J. Tyler, born Nov. 12, 1825; married Josiah 
Black, of Searsport, Maine, she resided there a 
widow, s. p. 

SOaS Caroline Tyler, bom Sept. 30, 1827 ; married George 
Gould ; resided a widow, s. p., in Dixmont, Maine. 

3024 Nancy Tyler, bom Dec. 19, 1829 ; died young. 

3025 Abbie Tyler, born March 7, 1832; married Oliver 

Clark ; resided a widow in Searsport with one daugh- 
ter (Sarah J.), who was unmarried. 

3026 Andrew Tyler, bora May 18, 1835 ; died young. 

3027 Woodbum Tyler, bom July 4, 1836; married Nov. 11, 

1860, Hannah B. Cunningham, of Searsport, daugh- 
ter of William and Mary (McNelly) Cunningham. 
He was a farmer and stonecutter and resided in 
Swanville, Maine; they had one child, who died in 
3028+ Andrew Tyler, bom Aug. 11, 1838. 

3029 Nancy A. Tyler, born Sept. 30, 1843; died unmarried 

aged about 19. 

3030 Angeline B. Tyler, bom Aug. 20, 1845 ; married Henry 

Nichols, a mariner, of Searsport, Maine, who died; 
four children (Levi, Oliver, Oscar, Andrew). 

3031 Josephine E. Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1847 ; married Henry 

Wilson, of Grinnell, Iowa, where they lived; two 
children (Henry, Fanny). 

1219 SALLY* TYLER (Dominicus^), bom in Frank- 
fort or Scarboro, Maine ; married Thomas Seavey, a farmer of 
Frankfort. Children : 

3032 Harris Seavey. 

3033 Nathaniel Seavey; died unmarried in Frankfort. 

3034 Obed Seavey, went to California. 

SrsTH Genejiation 309 

3035 John Seavey. 

3036 Esther Seavey, died unmarried. 
Sarah Seavey, married (1), Hiram Holmes; married 

(^), James Lord. 
Abby Seavey, died young, unmarried. 


1220 MEHITABLE« TYLER (Dominicus« ) , bom in 
Frankfort, Maine; married Daniel Waldron, a farmer, of 
Frankfort. Children: 

3039 Nathaniel Waldron. 

304.0 Charles Waldron. 

304.1 William Waldron ; resided in Rockland, Maine. 
S04j2 George Waldron. 

3043 Russell Waldron. 
304.4. Sidney Waldron. 
304<5 James Waldron. 
304.6 Jane Waldron. 
304T Mary Waldron. 

1221 ABIGAH.^ TYLER (Dominicus^ ) , bom in Frank- 
fort, Maine; married Joseph Blethen, a farmer, of Frankfort. 
Children : 

3048 John Blenthen, resided in South Thomaston, Maine. 
304«9 Joseph Blenthen, resided in Frankfort. 
3050 Washington Blenthen. 

ELSIE« TYLER (Dominicus^), bom in Scarboro 
or Frankfort, Maine; married, November, 1830, Captain John 
Philbrooks, Jr., bom September 26, 1803. He was of Winter- 
port, Maine, and followed the sea for 4.0 years ; he was living 
in 1892. Children: 

3051 John Philbrooks, born in Isleboro, Maine, Sept. 21, 

1831 ; died unmarried. 

3052 Betsey Philbrooks, bom May 5, 1833; died in 184-2. 

3053 Martin Vamum Philbrooks, born June 21, 1836; a 

mariner, of Frankfort ; married and had a family. 

3054 Isaac Philbrooks, born April 16, 1838; a mariner, of 

Frankfort, unmarried. 

3055 Rinaldo Philbrooks, bom Nov. 14, 1841 ; a sea-captain, 

of Chelsea, Mass. 

810 The Descendants op Job Tylee 

3056 Lorenzo Philbrooks, resided, s. p., in Newburyport, 


3057 Darius Philbrooks, a mariner and stonecutter, of 


3058 Martha Philbrooks, married Jackson Curtis, of Mon- 

roe, Maine; no children. 

1240 BENJAMIN® TYLER (Abraham^), bom in Scar- 
boro, Maine. He was in the War of 1812 (Pension Book, p. 
65, No. 11). He married, but his wife's name is unknown. He 
had eight boys and three girls ; the names of four only are 
known. Children : 
3059+ Albion P. Tyler. 

3060 Benjamin S. Tyler, lived in Fiddletown, Cal. 

3061 John A. Tyler, lived in Guilford, Maine; had a son 

(Frank A.). 

3062 Nancy B. Tyler, married Brown. 

1244. WILLIAM® TYLER (John Smith^), bom in Cape 
Elizabeth, Maine, January 9, 1791 ; died in Auburn, Maine, 
January 27, 1872 ; married, in Pownal, Maine, October 1, 1813, 
Judith B. Currier, born in Durham, Maine, May 31, 1789; 
died in Auburn, Maine, November 17, 1869. He was a farmer. 
He had a land grant in Pownal from Zebulon Trickey, Septem- 
ber 14, 1821. He resided in Pownal and his children were 
bom there. Children: 

3063+ Joseph Currier Tyler, bom July 9, 1814. 
■3064+ Mary Ann Tyler, bom May 29, 1816. 

3065 Elinor Johnson Tyler, bom July 16, 1818; married 

(1), Henry Toby, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine; mar- 
ried (2), Isaac Allen; had two children (George 
and Lizzie) who died. 

3066 Rebecca Trickey Tyler, bom Sept. 21, 1820; died 

unmarried in Pownal, June 1, 1842. 

3067 Sarah Folansbee Tyler, bom March 23, 1823; died 

unmarried in Pownal, Jan. 19, 1846. 

3068+ Irene Graves Tyler, bom Aug. 10, 1825. 

3069 Abbie Goodwin Tyler, bom July 29, 1827; died in 
Durham, Maine, Aug. 8, 1881 ; married in Haver- 
hill, Elbridge Palmer; had one child (Austin Avery), 
who lives in Haverhill. 

3070+ Emeline Elizabeth Tyler, bom Sept. 20, 1829. 

Sixth Genekation 311 

1245 REBECCA^ TYLER (John Smith^), bom in 
Scarboro, Maine, July 30, 1792; died October 5, 1832; married 
Cyrus Jones, who died June 18, 1846. Children: 
8071 Edward Jones, bom Nov. 21, 1817; died Nov. 30, 

3072 Martha Jones, bom Dec. 11, 1819; died Feb. 29, 

1847 ; married Lowell Clapp and had three sons and 
a daughter. 

3073 Lucy Ann Jones, born Nov. 25, 1822; married, Aug. 

11, 1842, Captain Peter W. Brown; they had two 
daughters and a son. 

3074 Louisa Jones, born Nov. 8, 1824 ; died Sept. 16, 1839. 

3075 Emery Jones, born Sept. 16, 1827; married, May 1, 

1851, Eunice C. Merrill, resided South Freeport, 
Maine ; he was a ship carver ; they had five sons and 
a daughter. 

3076 Wesley Jones, born June 1, 1830; died Aug. 30, 1894; 

married Sophia P. Jones ; resided in Portland, Maine ; 
one daughter. 

1246 ZEBUL0N6 TYLER (John Smith^), born (prob- 
ably) in Hiram, Maine, March 12, 1794; died in Durham, 
Maine, July 12, 1824; married, April 3, 1821, Betsey Fergu- 
son, who died in Northport, Wis., May 10, 1881. The chil- 
dren were bom in Durham. Children : 

3077 George Ferguson Tyler, bom Sept. 3, 1822; died 

April 19, 1824. 
3078+ Zebulon Tyler, Jr., bom March 6. 1824. 

1248 EVELINE« TYLER (John Smith^), born in Scar- 
boro, Maine, October 2, 1798; died in Portland, Maine, May 
17, 1893; married, September 30, 1821, Johnson Libby, of 
Scarboro, bom February 4, 1797; died February 5, 1845; son 
of Captain Joshua and Ruth (Libby) Libby. He was lame 
and kept a store. In her girlhood, she lived west with her 
uncle Trickey. The children were born in Scarboro. (For 
Libby Family see Collections of Maine Historical Society, 
Vol. IV, p. 68.) Children: 
3079 Eliza Ann Libby, bom Feb. 15, 1822; died Sept. 30, 

1874 ; married Thomas Skillings, of Gray, Maine, 

and had nine children. 

3121 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3080+ Lucy Tyler Libby, born May 30, 18i23. 
3081+ Zebulon Tyler Libby, bom Jan. 23, 1825. 

3082 Horace B. Libby, born Oct. 19', 1827 ; died Feb., 1901 ; 

married (1), Mary Townsend; married (2), Lizzie 
Stevens ; married (3), Mary Stetson; by second mar- 
riage he had a son (Frank) ; resided in Randolph, 

3083 Addison Libby, bom Aug. 8, 1830 ; married (1), Lizzie 

Kilbum; married (21), Marcia Lawrence; had three 
3084+ John Tyler Libby, born April 29, 1832. 

3085 Granville Libby, born March 21, 1834<; married (1), 

Amanda Richards; married (2), Nettie Cortland; 
by first marriage four children ; resided in Pleasant- 
dale, Maine. 

3086 Charles S. Libby, bom July 17, 1836 ; married Georgia 

Hasty ; three children ; resides in Pleasantdale, Me. 

3087 Phebe H. Libby, bora Aug. 23, 1838; died March 25, 


1250 JOHN« TYLER (John Smith«), bom in Pownal, 
Maine, October 2, 1803 ; died in Pownal March 27, 1874 ; mar- 
ried, October 27, 1833, Zilpha Pond, of Paris, Maine, bora 
May 16, 1806; in 1897 resided with son John in Pownal. 
John was a ship carpenter and farmer. The children were 
born in Pownal. Children: 

3088 Flora Tyler, born Feb. 20, 1836; unmarried. 

3089 Amanda Tyler, bom May 13, 1838; died July 25, 

1862; unmarried. 
3090+ Morseen G. Tyler, born Feb. 1, 1841. 

3091 Elbridge 0. Tyler, bom Jan. 29, 1843 ; resided, unmar- 

ried, in Pownal, a house-joiner and farmer. 

3092 Joseph E. Tyler, bom Oct. 25, 1845; died unmarried 

Sept. 11, 1867. 

1252 LUCY« TYLER (John Smith^), bom after 1806 

in Scarboro, Maine ; married Roberts, of Durham, Maine, 

where the children were born. Children : 

3093 Nehemiah Roberts. 

3094 John Roberts, living in F'reeport, Maine, in 1897. 

' Sixth Gejsteuation 313 

309'5 Harriet Roberts, married Brown ; lived in Yar- 
mouth, Maine. 

30% Sarah Roberts, married Libby ; lived in Yar- 
mouth, Maine. 

3097 Henry Roberts. 

3098 Mary Roberts. 

3099 Frank Roberts, died in the Civil War. 

3100 Helen Roberts, married Stetson; lived in Iowa. 

1S53 SOPHIA ANN® TYLER (John Smith'), born 
after 1806; married Samuel Newell; in 1897 resided a widow 
in Lisbon, Maine. Children: 

3101 Harriet Newell. 
SlOa Elizabeth Newell. 
3103 Rosco Newell. 
3104) Zebulon Newell. 

3105 Edwin Newell. 

3106 Frank Newell. i 

3107 Everett Newell. 

3108 Alfreda Newell. 

1260 EUNICE*' TYLER (David'), born in Freedom or 
Bowdeinham, Maine ; died November ,5, 1831 ; married,, August 
11, 1811, Abraham Libby, bom July 1, 1785; in Scarboro, 
Maine ; son of Josiah and Sarah (Libby) Libby ; lived in Pow- 
nal, Maine. Children: 

3109 Zebulon Libby, bom Dec. 1, 1813; was unmarried; 

burned to death in a logging camp. 

3110 David Tyler Libby, bora Oct. 31, 1815 ; married Han- 

nah L. True. 

3111 Phineas Libby, bom May 1, 1817 ; married (1), Mary 

A. Waldron; married (3), Nancy A. Noyes. 
31ia (Captain) Alfred Cotton Libby, bora Dec. 22, 1818; 
married Elizabeth Libby. 

3113 Cyras Libby, born Oct. 23, 1821; married Julia P. 


3114 Charles Libby, bom Feb. 19, 1823; married Lucy Ann 


1261 ORYILLE® TYLER (David'), born in Freeport, 

Maine, 1806; died December 23, 1852, intestate, in Troy, 

314! The, Descendants of Job Tylee 

Maine; married Abigail Leonard, bom in Albion, Maine, 
March, 1800 ; died 1884. His estate was probated in Belfast, 
Maine, and the inventory was $2S53.50; the widow was ap- 
pointed administratrix. The two elder children were bom in 
Freedom, N. H. ; the two younger in Troy, Maine. Children : 

3115 Deha M. Tyler; died in infancy. 

3116 Ann Mariah Tyler, bora 1834; died unmarried 1862. 
3117+ George M. Tyler, born in Unity,, Maine, Jan. 27, 


3118 Sarah J. Tyler, born 1842 ; married N. W. Barker, of 

Troy, Maine. 

3119 Thomas S. Tyler, bom 1848; married Louise Barker; 

lived in Troy, where a farmer and selectman. 

1263 MAJOR*' TYLER (David^), bom probably in 
Freedom, Maine ; died there intestate in 1840, having been 
drowned; estate was probated in Belfast, Maine; inventory, 
$1066.74 ; wife Rebecca was administratrix. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

3120 Charles Tyler, resided in Albion, Maine; has a son 


3121 Major Tyler, Jr., resided in Albion, Maine, s. p. 

1266 LENDELL8 TYLER (DanieP), bom in Gorham, 
Maine, August 28, 1805; married Sally Whitney. Children: 

3122 Robert B. Tyler, resided in Calais, Maine (Milltown) ; 

married s. p. 

3123 Harrison Tyler, resided Federalsburg, Md. ; married 

s. p. 

3124 Lendell Tyler, Jr., died unmarried in Calais, Maine, 


3125 Emma Tyler, living unmarried in Calais (Milltown). 

1267 MARY E.« TYLER (DanieP), bom in Gorham, 

Maine, July 2, 1807; died ; married Daniel R. Mattocks, 

of Belfast, Maine. Children : 

3126 Martha Mattocks, married Jonas Ferguerson, a mar- 

iner, of Belfast. 

3127 Sarah Mattocks, married Samuel Gilbreth, mariner, 

of Belfast. 

Sixth Geneeation 315 

3128 Mary Ann Mattocks, married Slathy Otis ; her daugh- 

ter (Abbie) married Dr. Augustus Kilgore. 

3129 Samuel Mattocks. 

1269 SALLY« TYLER (DanieP), bom in Gorham, 
Maine, August 16, 1811 ; married David L. Hosmer, a black- 
smith, in Bangor, Maine. Children: 

3130 Helen Hosmer; married Daniel Femald, a mason, of 

Bangor, Maine. 

3131 Thomas Hosmer. 

3132 Martha Hosmer. 

3133 Mary Augusta Hosmer. 

3134 Sarah Frances Hosmer. 

1271 EMILY« TYLER (DanieP), born in Gorham, 
Maine, August 27, 1818 ; married John Shales, a machinist, of 
Boston, Mass., who died in Belfast, Maine. Children: 

3135 William Henry Shales; died unmarried in Libby 

Prison, in the Civil War. 

3136 Lendell Tyler Shales, married Emma Woods; had a 

son and daughter. 

3137 Arthur Shales ; died young. 

1273 MARTHA« TYLER (DanieP), born in Gorham, 
Maine; married (1), Elijah Hunt, a blacksmith, of Belfast, 
Maine; married (2), Jeremiah Evans, a farmer, of Waldo, 

Childken, by first marriage: 

3138 Emily Hunt, married Captain John Richardson, Port- 

land, Maine. 

3139 John Hunt, resided unmarried in Waldo, Maine. 

Child, by second marriage: 

3140 Edward Evans, resided in Waldo, Maine. 

1274 JOHN« TYLER (SamueP), bom in Saco, Maine, 
March 27, 1800; died in Hartford, Maine, May 21, 1855 ; mar- 
ried Abigail E. Parsons, of Hartford, who died September 8, 
1894. He moved with his widowed mother to Hartford in 
1820, where his children were bom. Children : 

3141 William J. Tyler, bom Feb. 12, 1838 ; died May 17, 

316 The Descendants of Job Ttuek. 

1889; he was unmarried; enlisted in 1861 in Com- 
pany C, 23d Maine Infantry, and served one year; 
was totally disabled and drew a pension. 

314.2+ Mary C. Tyler, bom April 2fr, 1839. 

314.3+ Dorcas L. Tyler, born April 26, 1840. 

314s4<+ John F. Tyler, bom July 31, 184-2. 

3145 Edmond S. Tyler, bom July 4?, 1844). 

3146 Hannah L. Tyler, born March 4?, 1846; died Sept. 28, 

1876; married, 1868, Clifton Jones, of Canton, 
Maine; had one son (Fred T.) who died. 
S14j7 Lucy B. Tyler, born Jan. 12, 1848; married, April 13, 
188t3, Walter Farrar, of Paris, Maine; no children. 

1275 GRACES TYLER (SamueF), born in Saco, Maine, 
September 9, 1802; married, February 17, 1828, Daniel Cluff, 
of Saco, where their children were born. Children: 

314)8 Samuel Cluff. 

3149 Daniel Cluff. 

3150 Nancy Cluff. 

1276 JAMES JOSSE« TYLER (SamueP), bora in 
Saco, Maine, April 20, 1805'; died in North Buckfield, Maine, 
July 17, 1890; married, April, 1831, Harriet Bisbee, of Sum- 
ner, Maine. He was a farmer, and moved about 1820 to Hart- 
ford, Maine, with his mother, after the death of his father ; his 
three elder children were bom there. Children : 

3151+ Gilbert Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1832. 

3152 Desire Drake Tyler, born July 14, 1833; died, s. p., 

Oct., 1856; married, Feb. 6, 18i56, Simon A. Abbott, 

of Andover, Maine; no children. 
3153+ Mary Emery Tyler, bom Jan. 27, 1842. 

3154 Harriet Bisbee Tyler, bom in Turner, Maine, April 

4, 1844; married (1), 1868, Loring Hunter, of 
Readfield, Maine, who died Feb., 1870; married (2), 
William C. Mooney, of West Paris, Maine, where 
she was living in 1899; had one son (Frank Her- 
bert, born 1860; died 1870). 

3155 Annette Rice Tyler, bom June 13, 1847 ; died May 5, 


1277 DORCAS^ TYLER (SamueF), bom in Saco, 

Sixth Geneoiation 317 

Maine, August 3, 1807; married Abram Parsons, of Lyndon, 
Maine. They had several children. Child: 

3156 John Parsons, bora in Lyndon, lived there in 1899. 

1278 MARY STEPHENS^ TYLER (Joseph^), born in 
Scarboro, Maine, October 13, 1785; died in Sebago, Maine; 
married, March 13, 1816, Reuben Cook, of Limington, Maine, 
who moved to Sebago where he died. Children : 

3157 Ann Cook. 

3158 Jane Cook. 

3159 Jason Cook. 

3160 Mary Ann Cook. 
3161i Zilpha Cook. 
316a Albaronia Cook. 

1279 BENJAMIN" TYLER (Joseph^), born in Lim- 
ington, Maine, June 19, 1787; baptised in Scarboro, Maine, 
October 4>, 1787; died May M, 1852; married, December 13, 
1813, Eunice Libby, born in Limington, July 4t, 1795 ; daugh- 
ter of Philemon and Martha (Small) Libby, an innkeeper. He 
was licenced as an innholder in East Baldwin, Maine, Septem- 
ber 13, 1824; in 1825 he was chosen fence viewer and field 
driver; in 1826 highway surveyor. The children were born in 
Limington. Children : 

3163 Martha Jane Tyler, bom Oct. 16, 1814; died Aug. 

30, 1875; married Sewell L. Murch (published in 

Baldwin, Maine, Nov. 1, 18^46). They had one 

daughter (Mary Elizabeth). 
3164. Mary B. Tyler, bom Sept. 16, 1816; died Oct. 16, 

3165+ Abraham Tyler, bom Oct. 4, 1817. 
3166+ James Edwin Tyler, bora Dec. 3, 1819. 

3167 Elizabeth N. Tyler, bora Aug. 25, 182!2; died July 

17, 1825. 

3168 Elizabeth N. Tyler, bom Sept. 25, 18i2S ; married (1), 

March, 184«9, Charles Barker; married (2), James 
Smith; living in 1896 in Leeds, Maine; had four 
children (William, Mary E., Alphonso T., Charles) 
by first marriage and one daughter by second mar- 
riage (Elizabeth). 
3109 Mary Libby Tyler, born July 4s, 1829; died Aug. 14, 

318 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

1879; married Walter Berry, of Baldwin, Maine 
(published July 20, 1850) ; had five children (Mel- 
ville, Charles, Frank, Leonard W., Emily). 

3170 Benjamin Francis Tyler, bom June 19, 1831; died 
Nov. 30, 1832. 

3171+ Benjamin Francis Tyler, bom Jan. 19, 1834. 

1280 ANNA« TYLER (Joseph^), born in Limington, 
Maine, November 2, 1788 ; died February 1'3, 1861 ; married 
(1), February 29, 1806, David Richardson, bom in Limington, 
September 13, 1785 ; perished in his burning house, with his 
six-year-old son Isaac, 1822; son of David and Sarah (Wiley) 
Richardson. He first lived in Limington ; from about 1811- 
1814 he lived in Standish, Maine. His widow was granted 
administration papers on his estate. (York Probate Rec- 
ords, Vols. 30 and 32.) She married (2), previous to June 
13, 1826, Theophilus Waterhouse, who died November 14, 
1847, aged 75. Her children were all by the first marriage 
and all were born in Limington except the second and third. 

Childeen : 

3172 David Richardson, bom July 3, 1806; married Susan 


3173 James M. Richardson, bom in Standish, Jan. 4, 1811 ; 

married Maria L. B. Strout. 

3174 Benjamin Richardson, born Aug 15, 1812; robbed and 

murdered in Texas in 18'36; he was unmarried. 

3175 Nathaniel Marshall Richardson, born June 10, 1814; 

married Mary McDonald. 

3176 Isaac Richardson, born in 1816; burned March 22, 

1822, with his father. 

3177 Charlotte Richardson, bom April 28, 1817; married 

Cyrus Fogg, of Limerick, Maine. 

3178 John Colby Richardson, bom 1818; died unmarried 

aged 18. 

3179 Almira B. Richardson, bom May 14, 1821 ; married, 

Jan. 17, 1841, Gilman Lougee, of Parsonfield, Me. 

3180 Ann Maria Richardson, bom Sept. 13, 1822 ; married, 

Sept. 29, 1841, Moses Strout, of Buxton, Maine, 
bom in Limington, Jan. 20, 1818. They had three 
sons and three daughters, who all married. The 
eldest son (James) was mayor of Biddeford, Maine. 

Sixth Generation 319 

1281 ELIZABETH^ TYLER (Joseph^), born in Lim- 
ington, Maine, April 10, 1791 ; married, January 4, 1816, John 
Bickford, of Buxton, Maine; bom December 17, 1793; died 
in Sebago, Maine, 1874. The children were bom in Sebago. 
Children : 

3181 WiUiam Bickford, bom 1816; married Lucy Chad- 


3182 Joseph Bickford, born in 1818; married Sarah Davis. 

3183 Elizabeth Bickford, born 1820 ; married Royal Tyler, 

No. 3188. 

3184 Lydia Bickford, bom 1822 ; died young. 

3185 James Bickford, bom 1824; married Sophronia Davis. 

3186 Samuel Bickford, born 1826 ; married Ellen Hopkinson. 

1282 JOSEPH^ TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Scarboro, 
Maine, October 10, 1792; married November 20, 1814, Mar- 
garet Libby, of Limington, bom June 3, 1796, daughter of 
Henry and Margaret (Meserve) Libby. They settled in Bald- 
win, Maine, (after living in Limington for a time) where, in 
1827, was licensed as an auctioneer; in 1828 licensed as a 
" retailer," and was chosen Tythingman. He died in Pleasant 
Hill, Mo. The two elder children were bom in Limington. 
Children : 

3187+ Freedom Tyler. 

3188+ Royal Tyler, born in 1817. 

3189+ Henry L. Tyler, bom in Sebago, Maine. 

3190 Lot Tyler, went west ; married and had three children, 

all daughters ; died and was buried in the Indian 

3191+ Sylvester Tyler, bom in Baldwin March 14, 1827. 
3192+ William R. Tyler, bom probably in Baldwin. 

3193 Eliza Ann Tyler, born probably in Baldwin; died in 

Waverly, N. S. ; married Charles Hayward, hotel- 
keeper;, they had one son (Alonzo), who lives in 

3194 Margaret Jane Tyler, died unmarried in Baldwin, 

Maine, aged about 16. 

3195 Jane Maria Tyler, married C. Calwell; lives in Ayer 

Junction, Mass. ; no children. 

3196 Mary Susan Tyler, married Perry Leland, of Ayer 

Junction ; one daughter. 

3S0 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3197 Caroline Avilda Tyler, born probably in Baldwin ; mar- 

ried Langdon Merrill, of Hopkinton, Mass., who 
died; had a son (William) who lives in Framingham, 


1283 MARTHAS TYLER (Joseph^), born in Scar- 
boro, Maine, December 30, 1794; died December 2, 1867; 
married Joshua Strout, of Raymond, Maine, who died August 
26, 1831. The children were born in Raymond. Children: 

3198 Mary A. Strout, bom in Raymond, Dec. 18, 1816; 

died June 28, 1869. 

3199 Syrena Strout, bom Feb. 17, 1818; died Aug. 1, 1861. 

3200 Jane Strout, bom Aug. 15, 1819; died Sept. 25, 1870. 

3201 Alonzo Strout, born Jan. 3, 1821. 

3202 Albert Strout, born May 17, 1822. 

3203 Edwin Strout, born March 25, 1824. 

3204 Freeman Strout, born Sept. 17, 1825. 

3205 Elizabeth Strout, bom Oct. 25, 1827. 

3206 Alberona Strout, born March 27, 1829 ; married Henry 

L. Tyler, No. 3189. 

3207 James Strout, born July 20, 1830. 

3208 Margaret Strout, born Jan. 26, 1832. 

1284) ABRAHAM" TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Lim- 
ington, Maine, March 7, 1798i; will dated January 23, 1834; 
probated in Saco, Maine, June 2, 1834; married (1), April 
14, 18^, Dorothy Libby; born Aug. 20, 1805; daughter of 
Harvey and Sarah (Small) Libby, of Limington; married (2), 
Eliza Small (sister of his brother Daniel's wife), who married 
(2), sea-captain Wedgewood and moved to Farmington, 111., 
where died. Abraham was a seaman and had a residence in 
East Baldwin, Maine, where in 1841 and 1842 he was highway 
surveyor. The children were bom in Limington. 

Chujjben, by first marriage : 
3209+ James Libby Tyler, bora Aug. 14, 1825. 
3210 Daniel W. Tyler, born 1828; died in Limington, 

Maine, s. p., 1890; married Abbie Howe, of South- 

boro, Mass. 

Child, by second marriage: 
3211+ Charles Abraham Tyler, born Jan. 22, 1834. 

Sixth Generation 321 

1285 REV. SAMUEL" TYLER ( Joseph^ ) , born in Lim- 
ington, Maine, March 7, 1800; married, May 10, 1831, Emily 
Settler, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, who lived in Sebago and 
died there, October 13, 1867. He was an " old-fashioned Bap- 
tist preacher " ; was selectman and town clerk of Sebago. Chil- 

3212 Mary Frances Tyler, bom in Watertown, Maine, March 

30, 1832; died in Portland, Maine, May 4>, 1894. 

3213 Miriam L. Tyler, born in Lyman, Maine, July 10, 

1834; married, Dec. 24, 1879,, John C. Porter, who 
resides in Portland, Maine. 

3214 Elizabeth J. Tyler, bom in Woolwich, Maine, March 

11, 1838; resides in Portland, Maine. 

1286 CAPTAIN JAMES* TYLER (Joseph^), bora in 
Scarboro or Limington, Maine, February 28, 1801; died at 

sea of fever ; married . He sailed his own ship to South 

America for 20 years. He was buried in Baltimore, Md. 
Children : 

3215 Moses Tyler. 

3216 Samuel Tyler. 

3217 Virginia Tyler; married Booth. 

3218 Charles Tyler. 

1287 JANE,« TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Scarboro, 
Maine, May 12, 1802; died in Braintree, Mass.; married Asa 
Coolbroth, who died in Braintree. Children: 

3219 Vi^ilson Coolbroth. 

3220 Greenleaf Coolbroth. 

1288 HON. DANIEL* TYLER (Joseph"), bom in 
Limington, Maine, May 4, 1806; died in Washington, D. C, 
June 22, 187,5; married, 1830, Lavinia Small, bom July 25, 
1807, in Limington, Maine ; died in Brooklyn, N. Y., January 
11, 1891. She was descended from Frances Small, of Fal- 
mouth (now Portland), Maine, 1630*; her mother was de- 
scended from Colonel March, who commanded a brigade of 
Continental troops and was a descendant of the Earl of March 
of William Wallace times. He studied law and in 1833 was 
appointed postmaster for West Newfield, Maine; justice of 
the peace, 1835 ; represented York County in the state legisla- 
ture, 1835-183i9 ; identified politically with his life-long friend, 

The Descendants of Job Tylek. 

Hannibal Hamlin. About 1840 removed to Limington, Maine, 
where was postmaster, 1842. He was sergeant and captain in 
the militia, deputy-sheriff York County 1844. About 1847 
removed to Calais, Maine, where he practiced law. Removed to 
Wisconsin, Winnebago County, in 1856. He and all his sons 
were in the Civil War, in the Union Army, and he was a pay- 
master with General McClellan; about 1865 he removed to 
Washington, D. C, and he was a district justice in the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, 1870-1873. The two elder children were 
born in Limington ; the next three in Newfield, and the young- 
est in Calais. 

Childken : 

'3221-t- Charles Mellen Tyler, born 1831. 

3223 Henry Dunreath Tyler, bom June 2, 1834; married 
(1), Dec. 9, 1865, Mary Frances Clark, born Dec. 
7, 1843; died, s. p., Sept. 23, 1871; married (2), 
June 1, 1891,1 Lucy Hamilton Warner, niece of 
Senator Harris, of Albany, N. Y. ; a writer of chil- 
dren's story-books. He enlisted for the war in 1861 
and raised a company of sharpshooters. Was cap- 
tain and major on General Hooker's staff. He is 
a writer and public speaker; has written several 
poems: "Apostrophe to the Flag (1875); "Forty 
Years Ago " (Limington, Maine, Celebration) ; 
" Honored Kinsmen " (1891), and others. He is a 
lawyer in New York City and a brilliant speaker. 

3223 Daniel James Tyler, bom in 1836; died in Liming- 

ton, from effects of wounds received in Texas, Oct. 
3, 1879 ; was unmarried. He enlisted in Company 
F, 8th Maine Volunteers. 

3224 John March Tyler, bom 1838 ; twice married ; no chil- 

dren. Was in the Civil War, First sergeant, 18th 
Maine regiment. 

■3225 Harriet Newell Small Tyler, bom 1840 ; died in Wash- 
ington, D. C, unmarried, April 13, 1865. 

3226 Charlotte Lavinia Tyler, bom May 3, 1851 ; married 
Solomon Rice Kilby, of Brooklyn, N. Y. She is a 
writer on art, a newspaper correspondent, and a 
painter of merit. Her husband was present at the 
performance in Ford's Theater the night Lincoln 
was shot. 

Sixth Generation 

1289 CAPTAIN JAMES« TYLER (SamueP), bom in 
Edgecombe, Maine, June 6, 1785 ; died there about 1862 ; mar- 
ried (1), Tripp, of Swansville, Maine, who left him; mar- 
ried (2), published 1835, Sally Rines, of Edgecombe. He 
lived in Westport Island, Maine, and Edgecombe. He was 
in the fishing business, and owned his boat. The first wife's 
children all went with her to Swansville, when the separation 
occurred, and they were all born in Edgecombe. 

Children, by first marriage : 

S227 Martha Tyler. 

3228 Matilda Tyler. 

3229 Nancy Tyler. 

3230 Jane Tyler. 

3231 Elvira Tyler. 

3232 William Tyler. 

3233 James Tyler. ! 

3234 Jonathan Tyler. 

Children, by second marriage : 

3235 Betsey Tyler. 

3236 Amy Ann Tyler; married, as his second wife, George 

Whitten, of Westport, Maine, and died. 
Alice Tyler, married George Whitten, of Westport, and 

died young, s. p. 
James Winthrop Tyler, said to have been lost on a 

monitor 'during the Civil War. 
3239 Ezra Tyler. 

1297 EZRA« TYLER (SamueP), bom in Edgecombe, 
Maine, May 27, 1804 ; died January 4, 1882 ; was knocked over- 
board and lost at sea; married Amy Davis, of New Sharon, 
Maine, bom March 11, 1805. He resided in Westport, Maine. 
Apparently he left two children, Mrs. Phebe M. Fowler and 
Mrs. Mary Jane Whitten, of Westport, Maine, who are men- 
tioned in his will, probated in Bath. Other beneficiaries under 
the will are John F. and Sarah A. Dow, of Bath, and Willie 
Tyler Flint, son of Charles N. Flint, of Bath, who is one of 
the executors ; the other one is George W. Flint, of CoUinsville, 
Conn. His children were born in Westport. 

S24 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

Childuen : 

S240 Phebe Royal Tyler, bom May 26, 1826 ; married 

Fowler, of Westport. 

3241 William Henry Tyler, born Dec. 13, 1827 ; died young. 

3242 Mary Jane Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1828 ; married 


3243 Bethiah Tyler, born July 27, 1830; died Jan. 6, 1833. 

3244 Alice Ann Tyler, born Jan. 9, 1835. 

1299 MARTHA^ TY1,ER (James^), bom in Gorham, 
Maine; married in Portland, Maine, Ephraim Bowers. The 
children were bom in Portland. Children: 

3245 Caroline Bowers. 

3246 Lucy Ellen Bowers, married, Nov. 18, 1855, George 

Gallison, of Portland, Maine ; had six children, three 
daughters surviving (Clara E., Etta A., Ada C). 

3247 Henry F. Bowers, a railway engineer in Pennsylvania. 

1300 MELINDA^ TYLER (James^), bom in Portland, 
Maine ; married John B. White, of Portland, where the children 
were bom. Children: 

3248 Mary Greenough White, married Cyrus Gallison, of 

Portland ; had two daughters (Alice and Grace) and 
a son (Frank). 

3249 Charles White, resided in California. 

1306 SIMON HOUSTON* TYLER (James^), bom in 
Gorham, Maine, 1820 ; died in San Francisco, Cal., 1878 ; mar- 
ried in Boston, Elizabeth Hildreth. He ran away from home, 
and fought in the Black Hawk war three years. They had 
three sons and a daughter, but we have records of only two 
children. Children : 

3250 Frank Tyler, bom in San Francisco, July, 1854; 

married, in 1880, Ella Hall Morrison, daughter of 
John H. Morrison ; had one daughter (Elizabeth, 
born 1883). 

3251 Lizzie Tyler, was killed accidentally by a pistol shot, 

about 1880 ; she was unmarried. 

Sixth Geneeation 3^ 

1308 RUTH« TYLER (Jacob^), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., August 9, 1785 ; died March 5, 1860, in Nashua, N. H. ; 
married, November SI, 1811, John Pettengill, bom in Methuen, 
May 3, 1789 ; died in Nashua, N. H., August 19, 1867 ; son of 
John and Hannah (Burbank) Pettengill. The three younger 
children were bom in Salem, N. H. Children: 

3262 Ruth Tyler Pettengill, bom Nov. M, 1812 ; died Feb. 

5, 1866, in Methuen, Mass.; married, Nov. 30, 1831, 
Elbridge M. Clark. 

3263 Hannah Worcester Pettengill, born July 6, 1814! ; died 

Dec. 12, 1895, in Winfield, Kas. ; married (1), Oct. 
26, 1833, John C. Smith; married (2), April 2, 
1839, Albert Hastings, of Methuen. 

3254 John Edwin Pettengill, bom May 4, 1816; died May 

13, 1851, in Chelsea, Mass. ; married, Dec. 22, 1842, 
Hannah M. Hoyt, of Nashua, N. H. 

3255 Lydia Tyler Pettengill, bom April 7, 1818; died Sept. 

4, 1850, in Methuen, Mass. ; married, Oct. 3, 1836, 
Alfred Clark, of Methuen, Mass. 

3256 Phiomela Pettengill, born Feb. 26, 1820; died July 

21, 1843, in Nashua, unmarried. 

3257 Sarah Frances Pettengill, bom in Salem, N. H., Dec. 

11, 1822; died Jan. 16, 1895, in Chelsea, Mass.; 
married, Oct. 23, 1842, Eliphalet N. Badger, of 

3258 Mary Tyler Pettengill, bom Sept. 14, 1824 ; married, 

April 17, 1845, John Cluff, of Methuen. 

3259 Jane Pettengill, born July 13, 1827; married, Sept. 

7, 1858, Lewis Kimball, of Nashua. 

1309 LYDIA^ TYLER (Jacob^), bom in Dracut, 
Mass., June 25, 1787; died September, 1816; married, 1808, 
Deacon Jesse Clark, of Tewksbury, Mass., who was born Oc- 
tober 21, 1783 ; died December 20, 1866. Children : 

3260 Abigail B. Clark, born March 4, 1810; died Oct. 30, 

1838 ; married Thaddeus Osgood ; lived in Methuen 
and had one daughter. 

3261 John Clark, bom Sept. 28, 1811 ; died Dec. 13, 1890; 

married Elizabeth R. Tmll; lived in Tewksbury, 
and had two sons and two daughters. 
Jacob Clark, bom Jan. 20, 1814; died Jan. 19, 1867; 

S26 The Descendai^ts oe Job Tyleb 

married Jane Colcord ; moved to Greenville, 111. ; 
no children. 
3263 Jonathan Clark, twin to Jacob, died June 2, 1894; 
married Persis Whittier ; lived in Winchester, Mass. ; 
had three daughters. 

1310 JOHN« TYLER (Jacob^), bom in Methuen, 
Mass., September 12, 1790; died in Pelham, N. H., where he 
went early, August 8, 1855 ; married, February 24, 1814, Je- 
mima Howe, born in Methuen, February 24, 1788; died in 
Cambridge, Mass., at home of her son, John M. Tyler, Feb- 
ruary 19, 1866. He was a farmer. The children were bom 
in Pelham. Children : 

3264+ John Milton Tyler, bom July 20, 1816. 
3265 Eliza Tyler, born July 30, 1819; died, unmarried, 

Nov. 14, 1869 ; moved to Cambridge in 1855. 
3266+ Joseph Howe Tyler, bom Feb. 11, 1825. 

1313 SALLYS TYLER (Jacob^), born April 4, 1796; 
died April 15, 1822; married. May 12, 1821, Rev. Marcus 
Smith, A. M. ; bom June 15, 1790; died in Dunkirk, N. Y., 
July 1, 1871. He was a graduate of Middlebury, Vt. College, 
in 1818, and of Andover Theological School. Author of work 
on Systematic Theology, in 1837; he preached forty years. 
After his wife's death he married again, and was survived by a 
widow. Child : 

3267+ Henry Martyn Tyler Smith, bom in Winchester, Vt., 
Feb., 1822. 

1315 VARNUM« TYLER (Jacob^), bom June 11, 
1797 ; died in Methuen, Mass., May 17, 1867 ; married, Novem- 
ber 3, 1825 (published October, 1825), Charlotte Currier, who 
died September 29, 1868, aged 68. He was a farmer. Chil- 
3268 Jacob Tyler, born March 10, 1828; died Jan. 16, 

1848; unmarried. 
3269+ Sarah Elizabeth Tyler, bom Sept. 23, 1835. 

3270 Infant, died young. 

3271 Infant, died young. 

3272 Infant, died young. 

Sixth Gbneeation 

1316 JEREMIAH« TYLER (Jaco¥), born in Me- 
thuen, Mass., January 11, 1799; his will was probated in 
Salem, Mass., August 26, 1859, case 55932 ; married, June 12, 
1828, Thankful Church, of Pelham, N. H., who died there; 
her will was probated in Salem, in 1878, case 55944. He was a 
successful country merchant in Pelham, N. H., where he went 
early in life, but on account of ill health he retired about twenty 
years prior to his death and went to Newburyport, where he 
died. The inventory of his estate was as follows : real estate, 
$1,500; personal, $8,709.36. His wife had the most of the 
estate and left all of it to her daughter Hannah. 

Children : 

8273 John Hubbard Church Tyler, bom Nov. 9, 1834 ; died 
unmarried, aged about 20. 

3274 Hannah Famum Tyler, bom July 3, 1837 ; died April 
10, 1895 ; en route to Jerusalem, and was buried at 
sea ; had $600 left her in her father's will. 

1321 Wn.LIAM6 TYLER (Jeremiah^), bom in Wo- 
bum, Mass., October 1, 1789; died in Amesbury, Mass., March 
6, 1868; married (1), April 20, 1819, Elizabeth Pillsbury, of 
Newburyport, Mass., who died September 28, 1833; married 
(2), May 26, 1841, Abiah Marshall of Tewksbury, Mass. He 
was a carpenter and resided in Georgetown, D. C. and New- 
buryport, Mass. His estate was administered upon in Salem, 
Mass., January 1, 1869. 

ChiI/DKEN, by first marriage : 
3275+ Aphia Ann Russell Tyler, bom in Georgetown, Nov. 

22, 1820. 
8276 William Pillsbury Tyler, bom in Newburyport, June 

6, 1824; died unmarried, July 19, 1848. 

3277 Frances Elizabeth Tyler, bom in Amesbury, Dec. 16, 


3278 Ann Monroe Tyler, bom in Salisbury, Mass., Jan. 6, 

1832; died Dec. 13, 1834. 

1322 BENJAMIN^ TYLER (Jeremiah^), bom in Wo- 
bum, Mass.; died in Newburyport, Mass., 1877; married (1), 
Eliza H. Hubbard, of Sullivan, N. H., who died in Lancaster, 
Mass., May 15, 1835, aged 40; daughter of Roswell H. Hub- 

The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

bard; married (2), in Lancaster, January 1, 1838, Mrs. Mary 
Phelps, who died there March 19, 1839, aged 36; married (3), 

, who resided, his widow, in Newburyport, Mass. He was 

a shoemaker. His estate was administered upon in Salem, June 
11, 1877. 

Children, by first marriage: 

3279 Eliza Ann Tyler, bom in New Ipswich, N. H., March 

10, 1820 ; died in New Market, N. J., about 1856 ; 
married, in 1853, Jubal Harrington, of New Mar- 
ket ; their daughter (Mrs. T. J. Connelly, of Galva, 
111.), resided in 1901, in Zavier, Montana, and had 
two sons and two daughters. 

3280 Ellen Grace Tyler, bom in Lancaster, Mass., Sept. 

9, 1827 ; married Barlow, of North Brookfield, 

Mass., and died soon after, leaving an infant. 

1324 FANNY« TYLER (Jeremiah^), bom in Wobum, 
Mass., April 3, 1785; died in St. Johnsbury, Vt., December 
6, 1867; married (1), March 5, 1809, John Locke, bom May 
6, 1788; died in Lowell, Mass., June 30, 1832; son of David 
and Betsey (Kibbe) Locke; married (2), Deacon Jonas Rugg, 
of Lowell, Mass. She resided in Ashby, Mass., with her first 
husband until about 1830, when they removed to Lowell ; about 
1852 she removed with her second husband to St. Johnsbury. 
(See Locke Genealogy.) The children were born in Ashby. 

Childeen, by first marriage : 

3281 George Locke, bom April 4, 1809; died in Brattle- 

boro, Vt., Oct. 10, 1851 ; married Jane Parks, of 
New Market, N. H. ; he was a painter in Boston. 

3282 Almira Locke, bom April 8, 1811 ; died in Lowell 

about 1830. 

3283 Mary Munroe Locke, bom Nov. 12, 1813; married 

Henry Nye, of Gilsum, N. H. ; a woolen manufac- 
turer of Bristol, N. H. 

3284 Samuel Locke, born Nov. 20, 1851 ; married Mary 

Nichols, of Nashua, N. H. ; resided in Lawrence, 
Mass. ; removed to Rochester, N. H. 

3285 Harriet Newell Locke, bom Aug. 1, 1818; married 

Jubal Harrington, of St. Johnsbury, , Vt. ; had a 

Sixth Geneeation 

3286 Elizabeth Burnett Locke, born Jan. 27, 1821 ; married 

(1), Dec. 28, 1847, Calhoun Mathews, of St. Johns- 
bury, who died in 1880; married (2), Minot F. 
Winch, who died in' 1889. 

3287 Charles W. Locke, bom June, 1825 ; he had a daughter 

Catherine, who married H. C. Kinney, of Grant's 
Pass, Oregon. 
3288+ Catherine B. Locke, bom Dec, 1827. 

1325 MARY« TYLER (Moses^), bom in Boston, Mass., 
February 2, 1797 ; married, in Lancaster, Mass., May 16, 1822, 
Deacon Charles Chase, Jr., of Lancaster. Children: 

3289 Louisa Maria Chase. 

3290 Eleanor Bridges Chase. 

3291 Sarah Chase. 

3292 Mary Chase. 

3293 Elizabeth Walker Chase. 

3294 George Henry Chase. 

1327 JONATHAN® TYLER, JR. (Jonathan^), born 
in Wobum, Mass., September 17, 1781 or 1782 ; died in Brad- 
ford, Mass., July 14, 1858-9; married, January 12, 1809, 
Mary Osgood, of Amesbury, Mass., who died June 10, 1863. 
He lived in Newburyport, Mass., where the children were all 
bom. Children : 

3295 Nathaniel Bayley Tyler, bom Dec. 23, 1809; died 

Oct. 15, 1846, unmarried. 

3296 Jonathan Tyler, bom July 7, 1811 ; died May 5, 1852, 

in Boston; married, Feb. 27, 1847, Eliza Jaquith; 
no children. 

3297+ George Washington Tyler, bom Nov. 4, 1812. 

3298+ Charles Tyler, bom Oct. 29, 1814. 

3299 Mary Tyler, bora Aug. 8, 1816; died in Boston, Dec. 
6, 1897; married, Jan. 21, 1841, Anthony Gardner, 
of Swansea, Mass. ; he died Jan. 6, 188'3, s. p. 

3300+ Albert Moses Tyler, bom Nov. 18, 1818. 

3301 Harriet Tyler, bom April 2, 1820; died April 11, 
1869; married, Nov. 21, 1847, Stephen Pike; she is 
buried in Bradford, Mass. ; no children. 

3302+ Osgood Tyler, born May 6, 1822. 

3303+ Hannah Tyler, bom Aug. 14, 1824. 

330 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3304 Eliza Ann Tyler, bom Oct. 26, 1828; died in Dor- 

chester, Mass., April 12, 1902; married, Dec. 18, 
1851, A. Judson Day, of Bradford, Mass., who died 
Aug., 1883; one child (Elvena May, bom May 1, 

1333 MARY« TYLER (Jonathan^), born in Woburn, 
Mass. ; married Lewis Shaw, of Roxbury, Mass. ; probably 
moved to Woburn. Children: 

3305 Lewis Shaw, a tanner; had two children living in 1897 

(Charles and Warner). 

3306 Mary Shaw, married Benjamin Millett, of Woburn, 

Mass., who was a deacon in a Baptist church; they 
lived in Salem ; no children. 

1335 HANNAH« TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in Wo- 
burn, Mass., September 25, 1793; died March 13, 1870; mar- 
ried, September 25, 1819, Joseph Shedd, born in Woburn, July 
20, 1792; died December 6, 1822. The children were born in 
Woburn. Children : 

3307 Mary Ann M. Shedd, bom July 15, 1820 ; died Sept. 

26, 1888 ; married William S. Adlington, a shoe- 
maker, bom April 23, 1818; died March 24, 1892; 
had two sons and one daughter; all are deceased. 

3308 Sarah S. Shedd, bom Aug. 17, 1822 ; married, Aug. 23, 

1848, Cyrus Cummings, of Woburn, born Sept. 19, 
1817 ; son of Deacon John Cummings, of Woburn ; 
he was a patent leather manufacturer. She was 
living in 1897 in Cummingsville, Mass. They had 
six children, four of whom died in infancy (the sur- 
vivors are John and Cyrus). 

1338 JOSEPH*' TYLER (Jonathan^), born in Wo- 
burn, Mass., 1798 ; died in Wilmington, Mass., of old age, Feb- 
ruary 17, 1876; married (1), April 13, 1826, Betsey Butters, 
of Wilmington, who died December 22, 1831, aged 34; married 
(2), Emeline M. Davis, who died in Andover, Mass., March 
12, 1893. He lived in Wilmington, near Cumming's Hill. The 
four elder children were born in Woburn; the others in Wil- 

Sixth Geneeation 331 

Children, by first marriage : 

3309 Joseph H. Tyler, born 1827 ; died in Wilmington, May 

9, 1832. 

3310 Frank Tyler, bom 1829; married Hannah Tasker; 

lives in North Wobum; has a daughter (Mary L.), 

3311 Elizabeth Tyler, married Augustus Jacqueth, of New 

Hampshire; had a son and a daughter who died 

3312 Lucy Tyler, bom Dec. 22, 1831 ; died in Wilmington, 

Sept. 8, 1832. 

Children, by second marriage: 

3313 John N. Tyler, bom 1847; died Sept. 5, 1865, of 

typhoid fever. 

3314 Phebe Annie Tyler, bom June 30, 1849 ; living, unmar- 

ried, in 1896 in Worcester, Mass. 

1341 RHODA BRUCE« TYLER (Jonathan^), bom in 
Wobum, Mass., December 14, 1802; died July 24, 1866; mar- 
ried, June 15, 1832, George May, of Boston, who died April 
17, 1866. Total deafness prevented his engaging in business 
but he inherited a fortune from his father Perrin May, a 
wealthy Boston merchant of the old time. Perrin was a son 
of Moses May, who was a grandson of John May, the immi- 
grant, who came from Mayfield, England, on his own ship. 
The James, in 1730. He was a member of the " Boston Tea 
Party." Children : 

3315 George Perrin May, bom April 15, 1833; died Sept. 

15, 1894; married, May 11, 1853, Henrietta Jones, 
of Boston ; one son and one daughter (George and 
Jennie) . 

3316 Josephine May, bom May 17, 1834 ; died, unmarried, 

1898, in Weston, Mass. 

3317 Edwin May, bom Jan. 17, 1836; died Sept. 14, 1867, 


3318 Ernestine May, bom June 23, 1837; married, Aug. 

5, 1875, Lorenzo N. Kettle, bom in London, Eng. ; 
no children. 

The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

born in Charlestown, Mass., April i, 1821 ; died there Feb- 
ruary 10, 1895; married (1), January 27, 1845, Joanna Fel- 
lows; bom in Ipswich, Mass., July 7, 1820; died February 1, 
1890; married (2), May 1, 1893, Annie Frances Simonds; 
daughter of William H. and Anna E. Simonds; she survives, 
him with no children. Mr. Tyler was an accountant, and for 
ten years reporter for a mercantile agency. He took toll on 
the old Warren bridge for some years, served in the Common 
Council of Charlestown for one term and was actively inter- 
ested in the affairs of the city. He was a man of commanding 
presence, and numbered his friends by the score. Retired in 
1891. The children were bom in Charlestown. 

Children, by first marriage : 
3319 Marie Louise Tyler, bom Nov. 7, 1845 ; unmarried. 
3320+ Emeline Bridge Tyler, bom Nov. 7, 1847. 

3321 Franklin Tyler, born July 15, 1853; died unmarried, 

Dec. 26, 1885. 

3322 Rebecca Tyler, bom June 29, 1856; died unmarried, 

Dec. 23, 1871. 
3323+ John H. Tyler, bom April 12, 1860. 

1355 HANNAH« TYLER (Moses^), bom in Warren, 
R. I., April 4, 1764; died October 30, 1836; married Captain 
Samuel Martin, of Barrington, R. I., who died September 18, 
1826 ; buried in " Tyler's Point." He was in the Revolutionary 
War. Children : 

3324 Moses Tyler Martin, born about 1792 ; died " 1 No- 

vember, 1806, aged 14 years, 6 months and 19 

3325 Samuel Martin, bom 1796; died April 4, 1820, in 

Cuba, W.' I., aged 26; married Hannah Luther 
Tyler, No. 1376. 

1357 MARY« TYLER (Moses'), bom in Warren, R. 
I., February 18, 1768 ; died August 16, 1802 ; married, October 
16, 1791, Captain Haile Bowen, of Warren, where he died 
September 7, 1799, in his 37th year. She is buried in the 
" North " cemetery of Warren. The children were bom in 
Warren. Children : 

Sixth Geneeation 

S326 Jonathan Bowen, bom Aug. 7, 179^; died unmarried, 
in Mantanzas, Cuba, Aug. 1, 1817. 

3327 Haile Bowen, born April 7, 1794.; married, Dec. 2, 
1817, Elizabeth Johonnot, daughter of Daniel Jo- 
honnot, descended from David, the Huguenot immi- 
grant of 1686. David's wife Susan, was the daugh- 
ter of Andrae Sigourine. Mr. Bowen had six sons 
and three daughters. He receiyed his grandfather's 
gun, captured from the Hessian soldier as told un- 
der his record. 

■3328 Polly Tyler Bowen, bom Oct. 25, 1795 ; died aged 14- 

3329 Pardon Bowen, bom Oct. 10, 1797; died in second 


3330 Moses Tyler Bowen, bom 1799. 

1358 JOHN« TYLER (Moses"), bom in Warren, R. I., 
November 26, 1769 ; died November 3, 1813 ; buried at " Ty- 
ler's Point " ; married Eliza Martin, bom 1768 ; the widow of 
John died February 12, 1853, aged 85. He was town clerk 
of Barrington, R. I., 1827-1838 (where he was a tanner), and 
deputy to the General Assembly, 1832-1833. Child: 
3331+ John Tyler, bom in Warren, March 26, 1802. 

1376 HANNAH LUTHER* TYLER (EKsha"), bora 
in Boston, Mass.; married (1), Samuel Martin, Jr., No. 3325, 
of Barrington, R. L, who died in Cuba, April 4<, 1820; she 

married (2), Wilbour; married (3), Hogan. Her 

uncle Edward Tyler, No. 44.5, left her $5,000 in his will. 

Childken, by first marriage : 

3332 Elizabeth Maria Martin, bom 1816; married, 1836, 

Elisha Tyler Cobum, son of Mary (Bass) Cobum, 
No. 1372, and grandson of Hannah (Tyler) Bass, 
No. 448. They had a child who died young in Cuba. 

3333 Hannah Tyler Martin, married Samuel Hanscomb, and 

had four sons and one daughter. 

1378 CAPTAIN EDWARD« TYLER (Ellis^), bom in 
Boston, Mass., November 10, 1776; died suddenly, in Harvard, 
Mass., December 26, 1823; married (1), by Rev. John Eliot, 

The Descendants op Job Tyleb 

in Boston, January 17, 1799, Mary G. Thomas, of Boston; 
born there 1774 ; died there ; daughter of Gershom and Su- 
sannah (Glover) Thomas; married (2), in Boston, June 15, 
1808, Susanna Thomas, bom 1774, in Boston; died there July 
21, 1811; sister of his first wife; married ('3), in Harvard, 
March 2, 1814, Alma E. Holden, of Shirley, Mass. Went to 
sea at 14; traded mostly to the north and placed the United 
States flag for the first time on the shore of Iceland, and 
brought the first cargo of eider-down to the United States. 
On the way to Ireland in the War of 1812 was taken prisoner 
and carried into some British province, where Captain Mellen 
proved a friend to him. He then left the sea, moved to Har- 
vard, Mass., and bought a farm. He was a large man, a good 
talker and interested in the affairs of state and church. Took 
the Boston Recorder from its inception. When he went to sea 
he carried a folio edition of John Flavel's works and named a 
son after the author. The two elder children bom in Boston; 
the others in Harvard. 

Children, by first marriage : 

3334 Mary Tyler, bom April 16, 1805 ; died Oct. 18, 1873; 
married (1), Henry Farley, of Concord, N. H., who 
died Nov. 20, 1838, aged 48; married (2), 1843, 
James Cobum of Franklin, N. H. ; she had a daugh- 
ter by the first marriage. 

3335+ Edward Luther Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1806. 

Children, by third marriage: 

3336+ Alma EUery Tyler, born Jan. 5, 1815. 

3337+ Susannah Tyler, bom July 30, 1816. 

3338 John Flavel Tyler, bom June 30, 1818 ; died of con- 
sumption, Feb. 8, 1844 ; began to study medicine. 

3339+ Harriet Newell Tyler, bom May 29, 1820. 

3340 James Richards Tyler, twin to Harriet, was living in 
Harvard, Mass., in 1897, unmarried. 

3341+ EHzabeth Tyler, born June 21, 1823. 

1382 SARAH« TYLER (Ellis^) , bom in Boston, Mass. ; 
married, 1808, Sylvester Richmond, son of Nathaniel Rich- 
mond, bom in Dartmouth (Westport), Mass., April 13, 1771; 
died there 1833. He was a merchant ; also captain and super- 

Sixth GENEaATiou 

cargo of his own boat several years. Was impressed into 
English service while in Liverpool; was with Lord Nelson at 
the battle of Trafalgar; obtained release after two years. 
Once, when navigating a brig to the West Indies was taken by 
a British ship of war and a prize master and small crew were 
put aboard to run her to Halifax. But on the way, he with a 
man and boy left on board of his own crew, re-took the brig 
and brought her to an American port. After leaving the sea 
he spent most of his time in Elizabeth City, N. C. His daugh- 
ters were bom in Boston. 

Childken : 

334.2 Ehza Richmond, bom 1809; married, 1837, Darius 

P. Chase, and resided in Somerset, Mass., where 

she died April 6, 1856 ; they had several sons, three 

of whom survived (William R., Mark P., George F.). 

3343 Abby Anna Richmond, bom 1815 ; died Aug. 25, 1824. 

1400 ALCEMON« TYLER (Asa^), bom probably in 

Canterbury, Conn., October 16, 1784; married Hannah , 

of Pomfret, Conn. He went to Brooklyn, Conn., from Canter- 
bury. Children : 

3344 Gardiner Tyler, bom in Pomfret, May 20, 1804. 

3345 Lyman Tyler, bom in Brooklyn, May 18, 1805. 

3346 Frederic Tyler, bom June 22, 1806. 

1415 DOCTOR JAMES« TYLER (James^), bom Sep- 
tember 16, 1774 ; his estate was administered April 6, 1802, and 
John Williams was administrator; the settlement mentions only 
the widow; married, December 21, 1796, Eliza Williams. He 
practiced with Dr. Baker, of Brooklyn, for a time, whose 
daughter married Dr. James' cousin, Pascal P. Tyler. He 
acted as administrator for the estate of his sister Anna Tyler, 
in 1797. Probably the children died young, as they are not 
mentioned in the settlement of Dr. James' estate. Children: 

3347 Eliza Tyler, bom April 25, 1798. 

3348 James Tyler, bom Sept. 28, 1800. 

1422 MOLLY« TYLER (DanieP), born in Pomfret, 
Conn., August 1, 1772; died June 12, 1832; married, January 
23, 1793, Samuel Sumner, of Pomfret, bom November 1, 1766 ; 

336 The Descendants op Job Tyleb 

died December 31, 1821 ; son of Samuel and Dorothy (Wil- 
liams) Sumner. The children were born in Pomfret. Children : 
3349+ George Sumner, born Dec. 13, 1793. 

3350 Sarah May Sumner, born July 25, 1796; died Oct., 

1873 ; married John C. Howard. 

3351 Mary Sumner, born June 3, 1799. 

3352 Elizabeth Tyler Sumner, bom Aug. 15, 1801; died 

March 30, 1841. 
3353+ Samuel Putnam Sumner, bom Feb. 8, 1807. 

1423 PASCAL PAOLP TYLER (DanieP), born in 
Pomfret, Conn., May 15, 1774; died August 31, 1847; married, 
September 17, 1797, Elizabeth Baker, bom February 19, 1780 ; 
died October 9, 1862; daughter of Dr. Joseph Baker, of Brook- 
lyn, Conn., whose genealogy is given in Weaver's Ancient 
Windham, Conn. Pascal was in business with his father and 
he also kept a noted tavern. Children: 

3354 Daniel Putnam Tyler, bom July 17, 1798 ; died Nov. 
6, 1875 ; married, June 9, 1834, Emily Cecelia Tyler, 
No. 3359; they had no children. He was a lawyer 
and at one time Secretary of State for Connecticut 
and a great political stump speaker. He was pro- 
prietor of the Brooklyn, Conn., Academy. In gen- 
eral, he was a very prominent man in his day and 
was well known throughout the state. 
3355+ CaroHne Elizabeth Tyler, bora April 24, 1802. 
8356+ Mary Baker Tyler, bom Aug. 17, 1812. 

1426 WILLIAM P.« TYLER (DanieP), bom in Pom- 
fret, Conn., October 7, 1782; died in Brooklyn, Conn., Decem- 
ber 2, 1859; married in Brooklyn, January 1, 1809, Waty 
Williams, born in Canterbury, Conn., 1788; died January 29, 
1858; daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Putnam) WilUams. 
The History of Windham County, Vol. ii, by Lamed, says: 
"August 18, 1826, WilHam Tyler appointed Keeper of jail 
in Brooklyn." The twins were bom in Warren, Vt. ; the other 
children in Brooklyn. Children: 
3357 Elizabeth Tyler, born Oct. 19, 1809 ; died unmarried, 

April 29, 1839. 
3358+ Maria Cordeha Tyler, bom Sept. 3, 1811. 

Sixth Genekation 

3359 Emily Cecelia Tyler, twin to Maria, died Feb. 13, 

1869; married Daniel P. Tyler, No. 3354. 
3360+ Waty Williams Tyler, born Aug. 27, 1814. 

3361 William P. Tyler, born July 7, 1815 ; died Sept. 10, 

1816, in Brooklyn. 

3362 WilHam Williams Tyler, bom July 30, 1818; died 

Jan. 18, 1865 ; married, Jan. 22, 1855, Joanna Far- 
rington, of Elizabeth, N. J. 

3363 Hannah Putnam Tyler, bom March 15, 1819; died 

Jan. 30, 1892 ; married, July 14, 1840, David Gill- 

1427 BETSEY" TYLER (DanieP), born in Pomfret, 
Conn., June 18, 1784 ; married there, January 30, 1804, Joseph 
Warren Eldredge, of Warren, Vt. She rode horseback from 
Connecticut to Vermont. The children were born in Warren. 
Children : 

3364 Betsey Tyler Eldredge, bom Dec. 1, 1806; died s. p., 

July 10, 1856. 

3365 James Frederic Eldredge, bom Oct. 3, 1808; married 

Caroline Spaulding; had a daughter (Ellen), who 
died in Warren, Feb. 13, 1835. 

3366 Daniel Tyler Eldredge, bom Nov. 14, 1813 ; went to 

California; had two sons (Charles T. and George 

3367 Mary L. Eldredge, bom Sept. 16, 1815; died Dec. 

15, 1815. 

3368 Mary Lucretia Eldredge, bom Nov. 15, 1816 ; married 

Albert Mosher; two sons. 

3369 Edward Augustus Eldredge, bom June 5, 1819; mar- 

ried Elutheria Nichols ; several children. 

3370 Lucy P. Eldredge, bom Oct. 17, 1825 ; died Sept. 8, 



* The Porter Family Oenealogy, on page 380 has this erroneous lineage: 
"William Tyler, Milford, Conn., had John Tyler, of Wallingford, Conn., 
who had William Tyler, who married Jerusha Sedgwick, who had Daniel 
Tyler, who married Sarah Edwards, who had Sarah Pierpoint Tyler." 
Readers of this work will learn that the " Milford " line (except for 
certain intermarriages'), is entirely distinct from this, the " Andover " 
line, from which Sarah Pierpoint Tyler sprung. " John Tyler " had no 
such son, " William Tyler " ; Jerusha Sedgwick married Samuel Tyler, son 
of William Tyler, son of William Tyler, son of William Tyler of Milford. 

838 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

(DanieP), bom in Brooklyn, Conn., April 25, 1791 ; died there 
November 7, 1857; married, November 21, 1817, Rev. Samuel 
Porter Williams, of Newburyport, Mass., who died December 
23, 1846; son of Rev. Ezekiel Williams. He was graduated 
from Yale College in 1796; was ordained in Mansfield, Conn., 
in 1801 ; his first wife was Mary Webb. Children : 

3371 Septimus Tyler Williams, bom Dec. 22, 1818. 

3372 Edwards S. WiUiams, born March 20, 1820. 

3373 Josiah D. Williams, bom April 22, 1821. 

3374 William Pierpoint Williams, born Nov. 22, 1822. 

3375 Mary F. Williams, bom Feb. 22, 1826. 

1430 CAPTAIN EDWIN« TYLER (DanieP), born in 
Brooklyn, Conn., November 24, 1793; died in Philadelphia, 
Pa., August 4, 1838; married (1), September 29, 1821, Alia 
Mary Edwards; she died September 22, 1833, aged 34; mar- 
ried (2), Charlotte Musgrove Wharts, a widow, who had no 
children. He was graduated from West Point United States 
Military Academy, appointed from Connecticut. He was first 
lieutenant and deputy commissary of ordnance, March 12, 
1813 ; promoted to captain and deputy commissary of ord- 
nance, August 5, 1813, in the fifth district of Maryland and 
Virginia. Retained as captain of ordnance, February 8, 1815. 
Dismissed August 13, 1819. (From Register of the Officers of 
the United States Army, 1813). The children were bom in 
Brooklyn, Conn. 

Chiij)Een, by first marriage : 

3376 Sally Edwards Tyler, bora Sept. 18, 1822; died in 

Oakland, Cal., Aug., 1894; married Henshaw; 

had four children (Edwards, Tyler, Frederick, Wil- 
liam) . 

3377 Edwin Tyler, bom Dec. 6, 1827; died unmarried, in 

Oakland, Cal., June 21, 1868; was graduated from 
Yale University in 1848 ; was an engineer in mining 
and assaying, etc. 

1431 FREDERICK^ TYLER (DanieP), born in Brook- 
lyn, Conn., May 7, 1795 ; died in Hartford, Conn., August 3, 
1880; married in Abington, Conn., February 6, 1816, Sophia 
Sharp, bom in Abington, Conn., March 18, 1793; died in 

Sixth Generation 3S9 

Hartford, Conn., June 19, 1861. He lived in Brooklyn where 
the three elder children were bom ; but during a period extend- 
ing from about 18^ (or a little later) to and including 1834 
(and possibly longer), he hved in Hunter, N. Y., where the 
three younger children were bom. Children: 
3378 Edwin Tyler, born Nov. 1, 1816 ; died Feb. 10, 1818, 

in Brooklyn. 
3379+ Sarah Sophia Tyler, bom June 29, 1820. 
3380+ George Frederick Tyler, bom Aug. 4., 1822. 

3381 Jane Grey Tyler, born in Griswold, Conn., July 28, 

1825 ; died in Hunter, N. Y., July 31, 1828. 

3382 Helen Edwards Tyler, bom June 23, 1829; died in 

Philadelphia, Pa., July 13, 1860; married, in Hart- 
ford, April 28, 1852, Ciprian Nichols Beach, of 
Hartford; bom there Sept. 9, 1828; died in Lon- 
don, Eng., Feb. 9, 1887, s. p. 

3383 Robert Ogden Tyler, bom Dec. 22, 1831; died in 

Boston, Mass., Dec. 1, 1874, unmarried. He was 
appointed to the United States Military Academy 
at West Point from the State of Connecticut, from 
which he was graduated in 1853; assigned to the 
Third artillery and served on the frontier, being in 
the Spokane expedition of 1858. In April, 1861, 
he went to relieve Fort Sumter and witnessed its 
bombardment; was made assistant quartermaster 
with rank of captain and served on the defences of 
Washington. At the special request of the Con- 
necticut authorities he was allowedl by the war 
department to undertake the reorganization of the 
Fourth Connecticut regiment and he became its 
colonel. The regiment became one of the very best 
in the service under him, and in January, 1862, it 
was made the Second Connecticut Heavy Artillery. 
With it he took part in the Peninsular campaign 
and on November 29, 1862, he was made brigadier- 
general of volunteers. At Fredericksburg he had 
charge of the artillery of the center grand division 
and was brevetted for gallantry; May, 1863, was 
given command of the artillery reserve of the Army 
of the Potomac. After this he was in the battle of 
Chancellorsville, and of Gettysburg, where he had 

340 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

two horses shot under him; was in the Rapidan 
campaign, and subsequently became a division com- 
mander in the 22d Corps; assigned a division of 
heavy artillery that acted as infantry; after Spott- 
sylvania was publicly thanked with his men by Gen- 
eral Meade. Wounded at Cold Harbor, he thus 
became permanently lamed. He saw no more active 
service. He received several brevets for gallantry 
at Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor and Gettysburg, 
and for general services throughout the war ; he was 
retired in 1865 with the brevet rank of brigadier- 
general. He was thanked by the Connecticut Legis- 
lature in a resolution and the citizens of Hartford 
presented him with a sword. After the war General 
Tyler served as chief in the quartermaster- general's 
department, being stationed successively in Charles- 
ton, Louisville, San Francisco, New York City and 
Boston, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. 
3384+ Edwin S. Tyler, born Oct. 10, 1834. 

1432 GENERAL DANIEL« TYLER (DanieP), bom 
in Brooklyn, Conn., January 7, 1799 ; died in New York City, 
November 28, 1882; married in Norwich, Conn., May 28, 1832, 
Emily Lee, bom March 17, 1813, in Cambridge, Mass. ; died 
in New York City, March 9, 1864. He was a cadet in the 
United States Military Academy at West Point, appointed from 
Connecticut in 1816; graduating as second lieutenant of light 
artillery in 1819. He served in garrisons in New England and 
Fort Monroe, Va., from 1819 to 1824, and gained the rank of 
first lieutenant ; on duty until the close of 1827, when he was 
commander of Pikesville arsenal, near Baltimore, Md. While 
there he translated from the French Manouevres of Artillery, 
which led to his being sent abroad on professional duty. From 
January, 1828, to the spring of 1834, he was on duty in 
Europe and America, and resigned May 21, 1834. He became 
a civil engineer. Was president of the Norwich, Conn, and 
Worcester, Mass. Railway Company, 1840-1844; of the Mor- 
ris Canal & Banking Company, N. J., 1844-1846 ; of the Macon 
& Western Railway Company, Ga., 1846-1848. In 1849 was 
a member of the Board of Visitors of the Military Academy 
at West Point. From 1849-1851 was superintendent of engi- 

Sixth Geneeation 34)1 

neers of the Cumberland Valley Railway, Pa., from Harris- 
burg to Chambersburg ; general superintendent of the Dauphin 
& Susquehanna Railway and Coal Company, Pa., 1852-1860; 
also superintendent of engineers of the Auburn & AUerton 
Railway Company, Pa., 1855-1857, and its president, 1859- 

1861. He was also president of the Schuylkill & Susquehanna 
Railway Company, 1858-1861. He served in the Civil War 
from 1861-1864!. Was on duty in the defence of Washington, 
beginning with March, 1861, and appointed colonel of the 
First Connecticut Volunteers, April 23, 1861 ; brigadier-general 
of Connecticut State Volunteers, May 10, 1861 ; re-appointed 
as brigadier-general of United States Volunteers, March 13, 

1862. He was in the battle of Bull Run, and at the advance 
upon and siege of Corinth until early in June, 1862 ; he was 
on sick leave for about six weeks in that summer. Returning 
to duty in August, he organized the Connecticut Volunteer 
regiments. Appointed commander of Camp Douglass, 111, he 
served from the middle of September until the end of November 
and then was on a military commission investigating General 
Buell's camp in Kentucky and Tennessee, until early in May, 

1863. He guarded the Upper Potomac during a part of June, 
1863, being commander in Harper's Ferry and Maryland 
Heights, at the time the Confederates invaded Pennsylvania. 
Later, was commander of the troops in Baltimore. Then com- 
mander of the District of Delaware until April, 1864. He had 
charge of the artillery which, at " Bloody Angle," is said to 
have saved the battle of Gettysburg. In a mass-meeting of 
his fellow citizens in Connecticut it was said of him : " No man 
rendered such service in organizing Connecticut's forces as the 
Colonel of the First regiment of Connecticut, Daniel Tyler, of 
Norwich, a worthy representative of the father and grand- 
father bearing the same name, so long honored in Brooklyn and 
Windham County. Educated at West Point and experienced 
in military discipline, to him was assigned the most arduous 
task of making an army out of entirely raw material . . ." 
When through with the Civil War he built the town of Annis- 
ton, Ala., and was president of the Mobile & Montgomery Rail- 
way, 1873-1879. He invested in Texas lands, and " Capote 
Farm," of 20,000 acres, was his winter residence. The eldest 
child and the two younger children were bom in Norwich; the 
others in Farrandsville, Pa. 

342 The Descendants or Job Tyler ; 

Children : 
SB85+ Alfred Lee Tyler, bom May 19, 1834. 
3386+ Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler, born Feb. 14, 1836. 
3387+ Edmund Leighton Tyler, bom May 2, 1838. 
3388+ Mary Low Tyler, bom March 2, 1841. 
3389+ Augustus Cleveland Tyler, bom May 2, 1851. 

1437 ASAHEL" TYLER (Phineas^), bora in Canter- 
bury, Conn., July 6, 1768; married in Brookfield, Vt., 1791, 
Drusilla Carley. He moved to Brookfield with his father, 
where, October 12, 1792, he had 100 acres from Moses D. Col- 
lins. His father and mother, February 5, 1800, took a " life 
lease " from him. The children were bom in Brookfield. Chil- 

3390+ Carley Tyler, born Feb. 7, 1792. 

3391+ Asahel Tyler, bora July 31, 1794. 

3392+ Royal Tyler, born Dec. 6, 1796; probably moved to 

Mantua, O. 
3393 Polly Tyler, bom July 16, 1799. 

1438 JOHN« TYLER (Phineas^), bom in Canterbury, 
Conn., July 15, 1770; married, in Brookfield, Vt., March 20, 
1793, Ruby Bennett. He moved with his father to Brook- 
field and Randolph, Vt. Children: 

3394+ John Hazen Tyler, bom in Randolph, Nov. 30, 1793. 

3395 Henry Tyler, bom in Brookfield ; married Ann Henion, 

of Yates, N. Y. ; moved to Michigan in 1854 ; one 
son (Professor John Henry Tyler, of Gaylord, 

3396 Levinia Tyler, married Joseph Cady ; she had a son 

who is a dentist in Chicago, 111. 

3397 Diademia Tyler, married Jesse Hall ; had a son (Rich- 

ard), who resided in Millers, N. Y. 

1444 ZERVIAH* TYLER (Oliver^), bom in Cantei- 
bury. Conn., March 16, 1776; died in Morrisville, Vt., June 
10, 1853; married, March 11, 1805, Ehsha Herrick, of Morris- 
ville and Bethel, Vt., who died in Minneapolis, Minn. Children: 

3398 Sophia Herrick, bom March 10, 1806; died unmarried, 


Sixth Generation 343 

3399 Nathan Herrick, bom April 28, 1807 ; died in Minne- 

apolis ; his daughter married Hale, Minne- 

3400 Abigail Herrick, bom Sept. 3, 1808, of So. Wood- 

stock, Vt. 

3401 Mary L. Herrick, bom June 16, 1810; died 1831. 

3402 Elisha Herrick, bom March 18, 1812; died 1878. 

3403 Caroline Herrick, born Feb. 29, 1815, Wolcott, Vt. 

3404 Warren T. Herrick, born July 27, 1817. 

1446 PERLEY« TYLER (Oliver^), bom in Canter- 
bury, Conn., December 6, 1778; died in Northfield, Vt., 1855; 
married, October 27, 1803, Betsey Rood, of Brookfield, Vt., 
born September 15, 1787 ; died 1849. He went to E. Randolph, 
Vt., with father, and bought 100 acres on "Tyler's Hill" 
(north of Judge Paine's). Children: 

8405 Martin Periey Tyler, bom Nov. 15, 1804. 

8406 Matilda Tyler, born Sept. 3, 1806. 

3407 Juliet Tyler, born March 7, 1809. 

3408 Squire Tyler, bom June 4, 1811. 
8409+ Daniel Tyler, bom Aug. 2, 1812. 
8410+ Royall Tyler, bora Nov. '30, 1815. 
3411 Edward Tyler, born Feb. 2, 1817. 

8412 Jason Tyler, bom June 11, 1819; died in infancy. 

3413 Louisa Tyler, bom Oct. 19, 1822. 

8414 Jason Cook Tyler, bom May 4, 1825 ; resided Aztalan, 
Wis. ; married Elizabeth Rose ; has two sons (Ed- 
ward and James). 

8415+ John Alfred Tyler, born July 25, 1827. 

1449 ORRIS« TYLER (Oliver^), bom in East Ran- 
dolph, Vt., December 26, 1783 ; died September 28, 1859 ; mar- 
ried Susan Town, bom December 20, 1787 ; died in East Ran- 
dolph, March 12, 1860. The children were bom in East Ran- 
dolph. Children : 
3416 Satyra Tyler, bom Aug. 9, 1808; died unmarried, 

Oct. 9, 1887. 
8417+ Clarissa Tyler, bom Jan. 30, 1813. 
3418 Abigail Tyler, bom Aug. 28, 1816; died July 3, 

1886; married Jonathan Smith, of East Randolph; 

34)4 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

she had a son (Eugene), and a daughter (who mar- 
ried Bagley). 

3419+ Susan Tyler, bom Dec. 29, 1819. 

3420+ Sophia Tyler, born Oct. 29, 1821. 

3421 Orris Tyler, born June 12, 1824 ; died June 5, 1869 ; 
widow resides in East Randolph, Vt. 

3422+ Hazen Tyler, born July 13, 1826. 

3423+ Melissa Tyler, bom March 12, 1828. 

■3424 Semantha Tyler, bom July 22, 1831 ; died September, 
1881 ; married (1), Dr. Dodge of Michigan ; married 

(2), • 

1462 COLONEL MOSES" TYLER (Elisha^), bora in 
Preston, Conn., August 16, 1761 ; died April 15, 1829 ; married. 
May 29, 1793, Olive Coit, No. 1506, born February 22, 1772 ; 
died in Sutherland, in 1840, at which time she was the wife 
of Rev. John Dorrance of that place ; daughter of John and 
Mehitable (Tyler) Coit, No. 516. Colonel Tyler was a private 
in the " 3d Militia Company in the Town of Preston " in the 
war of the Revolution. Afterward he became a student in the 
famous academy in Plainfield, Conn. He received the following 
certificate : 

April 16, 1785. 

" We hereby recommend Mr. Moses Tyler, the Bearer, as 
a Young Gentleman of amiable and unblemished morals and 
well accomplished to teach and give instruction in reading, 
writing, English Grammar and Mathematiks, we doubt not to 
good exceptance." 

By the year 1793 he was settled in the " mansion house " 
on the Tyler "homestead farm" in Preston (afterward Gris- 
wold) . His letters still extant, show him to have been a man of 
cultivated mind, devout and affectionate ; he was dignified, with 
a rather stately bearing ; his title of Colonel testifies to his high 
position in the militia. Long after his death his townspeople 
used to speak of his lofty courtesy, his military bearing, and 
especially of the nobility of his look as he rode horseback over 
his farm, directing his men. The children were bom in Gris- 

Childken : 
3425+ Elisha Tyler, bora Nov. 2, 1794. 
3426 Lucretia Tyler, bom Jan. 11, 1797; died June 3, 

Sixth Generation 345 

1822; married, May 14!, 1821, Colonel Charles Coit, 
bom Feb. 19, 1793; son of Nathaniel and Betsey 
(Morgan) Coit, and cousin to Lucretia; he mar- 
ried (2), Lydia Tyler, No. 3429 (his first wife's 
sister), born Dec. 1, 1803; died Oct., 1834; he mar- 
ried (3), Sarah P. Grosvenor, and died Oct. 26, 
1855 ; two children died young. 

3427 Mary Ann Tyler, bom June 14, 1798; died unmar- 

ried, Oct. 21, 1824. 

3428 Olive Coit Tyler, born June 6, 1801 ; died unmarried, 

Dec. 25, 1824. 

3429 Lydia Tyler, bom Dec. 1, 1803; married Colonel 

Charles Coit, her cousin, and widower of her sister 
Lucretia; she died Oct., 1834. 

3430 Rebecca Coit Tyler, bom March 8, 1810; died un- 

married, in Sunderland, Mass., May 30, 1836. 

1463 HANNAH^ TYLER (Elisha^), bom in Preston, 
Conn., July 23, 1764; died in Hartland, Vt., November 22, 
1817 ; married Colonel Edward Swan, of Stonington, Conn., 
who removed to Hartland, Vt. Children: 

3431 Mehitable Swan, married William Miner, of Hartland. 

3432 Moses Tyler Swan, married Miner, of Hartland. 

3433 Hannah Swan, married Ahima Sherwin, of Hartland, 

who removed to Cleveland, O., where he died. 

bom in Preston, Conn., August 3, 1763; died February 5, 
1843; married, November 1, 1789, Sarah Cushman, who died 
August 23, 1851, in Bethel, Vt. He was in the Revolution. 
(See Pension Book, page 56, No. 8.) James was a corporal in 
the " 3d Militia Company in the town of Preston." He moved 
to Tunbridge, Vt., in 1810, where he built the first frame 
house. The children were bom in Preston. Children : 

3434 Samuel Tyler, born July 10, 1790 ; died in Bethel, Vt., 

s. p., Aug., 1853. 
3435+ William Belcher Tyler, bom Jan. 3, 1792. 
3436+ Sarah Tyler, bom Jan. 16, 1794. 
3437 Eunice Tyler, bom Jan. 30, 1796 ; died young. 
3438+ John B. Tyler, bom May 21, 1798. 

34f6 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

3439 Lavinia Tyler, born Oct. 13, 1800; married James 

Bryant, of Weston, Vt. ; had four sons. 

3440 Irene Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1802 ; married James Heren- 

deen, of Herkimer, N. Y. ; had sons and a daughter 
3441+ Benjamin Tyler, born March 3, 1805. 

3442 James Tyler, bom Aug. 17, 1807; was drowned in 

Ohio before 1840; unmarried. 

1478 DOCTOR BISHOP« TYLER (SamueP), born in 
Preston, Conn., January 27, 1767 ; died April 12, 1844 ; mar- 
ried, November 29, 1797, Alice Morgan, of Plainfield, Conn., 
bora August 13, 1770; died September 9, 1843. He was a 
private in Captain E. Prentice's company. Colonel McClallen's 
regiment, from September 24 to November 22, 1782. He was 
a pensioner in 1832, residing in New London, Conn., and in 
1840, a pensioner, residing in Griswold, Conn. {Conn. Men of 
the Revolution.) In 1834, he is noted on the Rev. Pension 
Rolls, as private and corporal. In the War of 1812 he was a 
Surgeon, and his place of service was New London, June 8-17, 
1813, Commander Lieut.-Colonel William Belcher. 

Childeen : 

3443 Eliza Cotton Tyler, born in Griswold, Feb. 26, 1802; 

married Dwight Ripley Tyler, No. 1519. 
3444+ Alice Augusta Tyler, born in Preston, Sept. 12, 1804. 

3445 Samuel B. Tyler, bom 1808; died March 16, 1826. 

3446 Joseph M. Tyler, died Feb. 7, 1814, aged one year 

and two months. 

1479 ESTHER® TYLER (SamueP), bom in Preston, 
Conn., July 17, 1769; died in Attleboro, Mass., January 19, 
1811; married, January 1, 1790, Rev. John Wilder; bom in 
Templeton, Conn., March 22, 1758; died in Attleboro, Feb- 
ruary 12, 1836 ; son of Jonas and Elizabeth Wilder, who moved 
to Lancaster, Mass., in 1776 (See Wilder Genealogy.) He was 
graduated from Dartmouth College in 1784 ; studied theology 
with Dr. Hart of Preston, Conn., and was ordained in Attle- 
boro, January 27, 1790, where he was settled as minister of the 
parish over thirty- two years. (He married [2], Mrs. Eliza- 

Sixth Geneeation 34*7 

beth [GrifBn] Austin, of New Hartford, Conn., a sister to Dr. 
E. D. GriflSn; she died March, 1847, aged 72.) 

Children : 
3447 Esther Wilder, bom 1790 ; died 1858. 
•3448 Eliza Wilder, born 1792; died 1831; married Hon. 
Lemuel May, of Attleboro. 

3449 Julia Wilder, born 1794. 

3450 (Rev.) John Wilder, Jr., bom 1796 ; married Mary W. 

James ; died 1844. 

3451 Jonas Wilder, bom 1798; married Parthenia Hyde; 

died 1838. 

3452 Samuel T. Wilder, bora 1800; a lawyer, Rochester, 

N. Y. ; died 1837. 

3453 Charles Baker Wilder, born 1802; resided Jackson- 

ville, Fla. 

3454 Betsey Brown Wilder, bom 1804. 

8455 Amy Ann Wilder, bom 1809; married Rev. J. W. 

Smith; died 1843. 
3456 Joseph A. Wilder, bom 1811 ; resided Louisville, Ky. ; 

died 1854. 

1480 JOHN BROWN« TYLER (SamueP), bom in 
Preston, Conn., November 9, 1773 ; died in Griswold, Conn., 
November 22, 1848 ; married, January 3, 1804, Mary Stewart, 
of Griswold, of direct Scotch extraction; bom April 18, 1783; 
died October 6, 1872. He was a farmer, residing in Preston, 
where his children were bom. Children: 

3457+ Mary Amy Tyler, bom Oct. 15, 1804. 

3458+ Samuel Alexander Tyler, born Nov. 13, 1809. 

1481 AMY B.8 TYLER (Samuel^), born in Preston, 
Conn., November 9, 1773; married John Wylie. Child: 
3459 Lucy Wyhe, probably bom in Preston, Conn. ; married, 

Jan. 16, 1816, Amos Prentice; had two sons (Samuel 
and Amos Wylie). 

1482 DANIEL* TYLER ( Joseph^) , bora in 1773 ; died, 
probably in Scotland, Conn., October 1'3, 1849 ; married, April 
13, 1806, Olivia Cady, who died April 12, 1866, aged 87. He 
is buried in the cemetery in Scotland, Conn. His will is dated 

348 The Descendants of Job Tylee. 

April 7, 1846; probated in Windham, Conn., November 6, 
1849 ; the inventory amounted to $6,675.89. Child : 

3460 Mary Ann Tyler, born in Scotland, May 19, 1808; 

married Dr. Calvin B. Brumley, who was executor 
of Daniel Tyler's will. 

1484 JOSEPH® TYLER, JR. (Joseph^), bom in 
Brooklyn, Conn., 1777; died there (probably) September 15, 

1857; buried there; married Lois , who died July 25, 

1819, aged 38. Child : 

3461 Mary Tyler, born in Brooklyn, 1804 ; died there Nov. 

24, 1805, aged one year and five months. 

seph^), born in Brooklyn, Conn, (probably) in 1782; died De- 
cember 20, 1809, in his 28th year; married Betsey . His 

estate was probated February 6, 1810, in Pomfret, Conn., and 
his wife is there named, and infant child; Daniel Tyler, 2d 
administrator. Inventory, $607.58. Child: 

3462 Ehzabeth Tyler, born in Brooklyn, 1809; died there 

March 18, 1819, in her tenth year; buried in Brook- 

1494 HARRIET® TYLER (James^), bom in Preston, 
Conn., January 15, 1800; died in Jewett City, Conn.; married 
Rev. Paul Couch, who died in Mystic, Conn., at home of son, 
about 1885. He came, originally, from Bridgewater, Mass., 
and was a Congregationalist. Children : 

3463 Joseph James Couch, married Mary ; lives in 

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; in the Collector's Office in the 
Custom House, N. Y. (1896) ; no children. 

3464 John P. Couch, is married and lives in San Francisco 

(1896), where he is a bookkeeper in the Custom 
House; has two daughters. 

3465 Harriet Elizabeth Couch, married. May, 1862, Alfred 

A. Young, of Jewett City, where she died in 1875 ; 
he is living (1896) there. 

3466 Thomas Tremlet Couch, died in New York, unmarried. 

3467 Ebenezer Punderson Couch, was residing, single, in 

Mystic, Conn., about 1896. 

Sixth Generation 349 

1614. JOSEPH COIT« TYLER (John,^ Jr.), bom in 
North Preston (now Griswold), Conn., February 5, 1781 ; died 
January 8, 1826; married, April 10, 1810, Hannah Wood- 
ward, of Plainfield, Conn., died February 22, 1833, aged 48. 
He was in the War of 1812. The children were bom in Pres- 
ton. Children : 

3468+ Frances Mary Tyler, bom July 8, 1811. 
3469+ Elizabeth Tyler, born Dec. 31, 1815. 
3470+ Frederick William Tyler, bom April 17, 1817. 

3471 Jane Tyler, bom Oct. 8, 1818 ; died in Norwich, Conn., 

Oct. 13, 1864, unmarried. 

1515 MARY6 TYLER (John,^ Jr.), bom in Griswold, 
Conn., October 26, 1782 ; died in Southampton, Mass., Novem- 
ber, 1817 ; married Gamaliel Pomeroy, of Southampton. He 
was a hotel-keeper. The children were bom in Southampton. 
Children : 

3472 Eunice Pomeroy, married . 

3473 Betsey Pomeroy, married Daniel Kingsley. 

3474 Mary Pomeroy, married . 

3475 Jonathan Pomeroy, went west and married. 

1516 OLIVE« TYLER (John,« Jr.), bom in Gris- 
wold, Conn., November 29, 1784; died December 13, 1843; 
married, March 20, 1806, Christopher Avery. He was , a store- 
keeper in Jewett City, Conn. The children were bom either 
in Jewett City or Plainfield. Children: 

3476 Albert Avery, bom Jan. 23, 1807 ; was a cripple and 

never married. 

3477 Mary Avery, bom Aug. 4, 1810 ; married Hoxie, 

of Plainfield, Conn. 

3478 George Avery, bom March 31, 1814; married 

Wills, of Lebanon, Conn. 

3479 Elbridge Avery, bom July 22, 1816; married and 

lived in Jewett City. 

3480 Abby Avery, bom Feb. 11, 1819; married Henry Ben- 

nett and moved to Oshkosh, Wis. 

3481 Wolcott Avery, bora Aug. 9, 1822; moved to Wis- 

consin and married. 

3482 Lucius G. Avery, bom Nov. 23, 1825 ; moved to Wis- 

consin, and married. 

3483 Infant, died young. 

350 The Descendants of Job Tylek 

1517 JOHNS TYLER (John,' Jr.), bom in Griswold, 
Conn., September 17, 1789 ; died there June 3, 1830 ; married 
Abby B. Coggswell, of Griswold, who died there February 4, 
1850, aged 56. He was a farmer, in Griswold, where his chil- 
dren were bom. He was in the War of 1812. Children: 
3484 Mehitable Coit Tyler, bom 1813 ; died Jan. 30, 1851 ; 

married, 1843, Edwin Ames, bom July 29, 1810; 

died Jan. 30, 1891 ; three children (Ann Tyler, 

Edward Tyler, Wilham). 
3485+ Ann Mercy Tyler, born Dec. 22, 1819. 
3486 John Tyler, bom 1820; died Dec. 6, 1820, aged 10 

3487+ Mary Esther Tyler, bom Feb. 5 ,1824. 

1518 HENRY COIT« TYLER (John,' Jr.), bora 
August 9, 1791; died Febmary 18, 1875; married (1), March 
12, 1823, Harriet Hyde, bom July 9, 1797 ; died November 24, 
1827; married (2), Tirzah Moss; bora March 16, 1802; died 
September 10, 1864. He was a farmer and lived in Griswold, 
where his children were born. He was in the War of 1812, 
as a private under Commander Asa Copeland, September 14, 
1813, to November 1, 1813. (Conn. Militia, War 1812.) 

Children, by first marriage: 
3488+ Lucy Belcher Tyler, bom Feb. 5, 1824. 
3489+ John Spaulding Tyler, bom Nov. 23, 1826. 

Children, by second marriage : 

3490 Son, died Aug. 25, 1829. 

3491 Son, born June 27, 1830. 

3492 Mary Boardman Tyler, born Sept. 15, 1831 ; lived in 

Griswold, unmarried; a nurse. 

3493 Son, born Nov. 28, 1832. 

3494+ Harriet Tyler, bom June 2, 1834. 

3495 Olive Tyler, bom Nov. 9, 1839 ; married Alba Stevens, 

and lived in New Canaan, Conn. 

3496 Henry Tyler, bom July 19, 1841 ; married, Feb. 26, 

1878, Elisa M. Wheeler, of Stonington, Conn.; 
no children ; lives in Great Bend, Kan. 

1519 DWIGHT RIPLEY« TYLER (John,"* Jr.), born 

Sixth Geneeation 351 

in North Preston, Conn, (now Griswold), June 30, 1795; 
died there August 14, 1879; married (1), December S2, 1823, 
Eliza Cotton'^ Tyler, No. 344.3, bom in North Preston, Feb- 
ruary 26, 1802 ; died s. p. October 12, 1845 ; daughter of Dr. 
Bishop and Alice (Morgan) Tyler; married (2), February 23, 
1846, Mary Kinne Johnson, born in Griswold, January 17, 
1810; died in Greenfield, Mass., June 10, 1900; daughter of 
Deacon Stephen and Lydia (Lamed) Johnson, of Griswold. 
At an early age Mr. Tyler was a student in the Plainfield 
Academy in Plainfield, Conn. He taught school a number of 
years. At the age of 19 he served as corporal in Captain John 
Avery's company in Groton, Conn., in the War of 1812. The 
larger part of his life was spent on the farm where he died. 
Mr. Tyler was a member and valued supporter of the First 
Congregational Church in Griswold for many years. He had a 
deep interest in the affairs of his state and of the nation, and 
was a staunch Republican in politics. 

Child, by second marriage : 
3497+ Mary Eliza Tyler, bom in Griswold, April 23, 1847. 

bom in Griswold, Conn., January 7, 1798 ; died there October 
19, 1880; married, December 1, 1824, Dolly Cogswell, bom 
December 15, 1802; died in Griswold, March 22, 1878. He 
was a farmer, residing in Griswold, where his children were bom. 
Children : 

3498+ Joseph Cogswell Tyler, bom Feb. 9, 1827. 
3499 Charles Wheeler Tyler, bom Oct. 10, 1828; married 
(1), Jan. 28, 1863, Mrs. Hannah (Bennett) Sut- 
leflF, who died August 24, 1886; married (2), Oct. 
3, 1888, Abbie L. Carpenter, of Akron, Ohio ; he is 
living in Warren, Ohio ; no children. 
3500+ Dwight Ripley Tyler, bom Dec. 25, 1831. 
3501 Edward Spaulding Tyler, bom Sept. 13, 1834; is 

living, unmarried, in San Francisco. 
3502+ George Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1841. 

1621 ABBY« TYLER (John,® Jr.), born in Griswold, 
Conn., July 31, 1800; died there September, 1862; married 
Frederick Brewster, of Griswold, son of EHas and Margery 

352 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

(Morgan) Brewster. The children were bom In Griswold. 
Children : 

3503 George Brewster, died Oct. 3, 1830, at an early age. 
3504) Edward Brewster, lives in California, probably un- 

3505 John Tyler Brewster, died June 25, 1836, when young. 

3506 Frederick Brewster, married Mary Frances Edmond, 

daughter of Mary E. (Tyler) and Andrew Ed- 
mond, No. 3487; they had a son who died young; 
she married (2), George Loring, of Plainfield, Conn. 

3507 Dwight Tyler Brewster, married in 1871, Emily F. 

Read; lives in Boston. 

3508 Mary Tyler Brewster, married Henry Lathrop, of 

Griswold; she was living, a widow, in 1896; no 

3509 Jane Brewster, married, in 1873, William B. Robertson, 

of Preston, Conn. ; no children. 

3510 Emily Huntington Brewster, married, in 1869, Andrew 

Jackson Willoughby, of Canterbury, Conn. 

1543 ASA KIMBALL« TYLER (Joseph^), born in 
Preston, Conn., March 29, 1790; died April 11, 1878; married 
Ada Brown, of Preston, who died January 31, 1878, aged 82. 
He lived in Canajoharie, N. Y. He was a man of leisure and 
something of a rover. Children: 

3511 Stephen D. Tyler, bom 1821 ; died Sept. 4, 1824. 

3512 Lucy Tyler, died, s. p., Nov. 6, 1870; married 


3513 Avis Lucinda Tyler, bom 1825 ; died, Oct. 20, 1842. 

3514 Walter Tyler, born 1837 ; died Sept. 7, 1838. 

1544 JOSEPH* TYLER, JR. (Joseph^), bom in Pres- 
ton, Conn., June 22, 1792 ; died November 26, 1868 ; married 
(1), February 1, 1816, Huldah Pride, who died June 3, 1825, 
aged 28; married (2), May 29, 1827, Damaris Kimball, who 
died May 24, 1855, aged 55. 

Children, by first marriage: 

3515 Joseph Pride Tyler, bom Sept. 26, 1817; died Oct. 

26, 1821 ; scalded to death in Poquetannock, Conn. 

3516 Infant daughter, died Jan. 10, 1819, aged 1 day. 

Sixth Genekation 353 

3517 Infant daughter, died Feb. 19, ISSl, aged 7 days. 

3518 Huldah Tyler, born Sept. 26, 1822; died July 20, 

1895, in Brooklyn, N. Y., unmarried. 

3519 Mary Tyler, died July 22, 1825, aged 2 months. 

Childuen, by second marriage : 
3520+ Ehzabeth Tyler, bom Jan. 13, 1828. 

3521 John Tyler, bom Aug. 22, 1830 ; married Ellen ; 

resided, s. p., in Chicago. 

3522 Frank Tyler, bom Oct. 1, 1832 ; died Sept. 12, 1833. 

3523 Josephine Tyler, born June 28, 1838; died Oct. 11, 

1895, in Brooklyn, N. Y., unmarried. 

1545 POLLY* TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Preston, 
Conn., September 16, 1794 ; died December 29, 1884 ; married, 
April 18, 1818, Mandator Tracy Richards, of Norwich, Conn. ; 
born June 30, 1794; died December 5, 1880. A merchant in 
Preston and prominent there. (See Richards Genealogy.) 
The children were born in Preston. Children: 

3524 Charles Tyler Richards, married Lucy Ann Coates and 

moved to Albion, N. Y. He was a barrel manufac- 
turer; had two boys. 

3525 Mary Prentiss Richards, married John C. Utley, a 

merchant, of Norwich, Conn., and had a largte 

3526 Martha Elizabeth Richards, married Deacon John W. 

Gallup, of Preston, Conn., a farmer, who lived on 
the old Hopestill Tyler homestead; had four chil- 

3527 Huldah Jane Richards, married Rev. William Wilbur, 

Saxton's River, Vt. ; she died Sept. 29, 1867, aged 
41 (they had a son, named for his father, who was a 
doctor) ; he married (2), Harriet Richards, sister 
of his first wife. 

3528 Lydia Tyler Richards, married Obadiah Touson, of 

Virginia, and had two sons and a daughter. 

3529 John Richards, lived in Baltimore, Md., a grocer; 

married (1), Mary Chalker, of Saybrook, Conn., 

and had one child; married (2), a widow, . 

Daniel Tyler Richards, lives in Preston, Conn. ; suc- 
ceeded to father's business; married (1), Lydia 

854 The Descendants op Job Tyleb. 

Maria Fuller, of SufBeld, Conn. ; had two children ; 
married (2), Mary Barnes; no children. 

3531 Harriet Richards, married Rev. William Wilbur, whose 

first wife was Huldah J. Richards, his second wife's 
sister; Harriet had a daughter (Mary). 

1546 DANIEL MEECH« TYLER (Joseph^), bom in 
Preston, Conn., March 31, 1797 ; died in Baltimore, Md., Feb- 
ruary 5, 1847 ; married there, October 29, 1829, Ann Bancroft, 
bom October 29, 1805 ; died in Baltimore, December 9, 1875 ; 
daughter of John and Lucy (Davis) Bancroft. The children 
were bom in Baltimore. Children: 

3532 Mary Richards Tyler, bom Aug. 8, 1830; died, un- 

married, Feb. 9, 1856. 

3533 William Stephen Tyler, bom July 29, 1833 ; died Jan. 

4, 1877. 
3534+ Joseph Edwin Tyler, bom June 25, 1835. 
3535+ John Alpha Tyler, born Sept. 11, 1837. 

3536 George Daniel Tyler, bom Sept. 13, 1839 ; died Dec. 

30, 1840. 

3537 Emma Ann Tyler, born Oct. 28, 1841 ; died April 19, 

3538+ Martha Ehzabeth Tyler, born June 20, 1844. 

3539 Daniel Meech Tyler, Jr., bora April 26, 1847; died 

July 15, 1848. 

1547 CHARLES^ TYLER (Joseph^), born in Preston, 
Conn., November 21, 1799; died in Baltimore July 15, 1881; 
married Mary H. Bill, of Canajoharie, N. Y., who died Septem- 
ber 20, 1887. He was a lumber dealer early and then retired. 
Children : 

3540 Caroline Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1832; died Dec. 18, 

1879, unmarried. 

3541 Susan Tyler, bom 1836 ; died young, unmarried. 

1548 LYDIA« TYLER (Joseph^), born in Preston, 
Conn., May 26, 1802; died December 24, 1892; married, April 
5, 1818, Elder Levi Meech, of Preston; bom February 14, 
1795; died June 4, 1873, in North Stonington, Conn. The 
children were bom in North Stonington. Children : 

3542 Lydia Tyler Meech, bom Feb. 27, 1819 ; married, Oct. 

Sixth Geneeation 355 

16, 1861, Robert S. Avery, who died s. p., Wash- 
ington, D. C, Nov. 18, 1890. 
Levi Witter Meech, bom June 24, 1821 ; married, Sept. 
25, 1857, Susan Maria Hayward, of Monson, Mass. ; 
they had three children, all of whom died young. 
A famous mathematician; author of life tables for 
insurance companies, and a book of calculation 
tables ; a student of Bible chronology. 

3544 Stephen Tyler Meech, bom March 6, 1823 ; a bachelor, 

living in 1896 in Preston. 

3545 (Rev.) William Witter Meech, bom June 23, 1825; 

married, June 4, 1861, Jeanette Dubois, Frankfort, 
Pa. ; they had two daughters, the elder of whom 
married and had two daughters (Anne D. and Lydia 
J.). He was a chaplain in the Civil War and in 
later years a fruit grower. 

3546 Lucy Maria Meech, bom June 9, 1838 ; married, Jan. 

16, 1862, Joseph Leander Lord, of Lyme, Conn. ; 
born in Suffield, Conn., and son of Rev. Levi Lord. 
He is in the hardware business in Northampton, 
Mass. Mrs. Lord had the advantage of a college 
training; have one son and five daughters (Edward 
A., married Jennie A. Thome ; Clara G., an organ- 
ist; Helen A., a physician, died 1900; Grace, a vio- 
linist ; Susan L., a violincellist ; married R. B. Brand- 
agee; Lucy E.). 

1549 OLIVER SPICER^ TYLER (Joseph^), bom in 
Preston, Conn., August 3, 1804 ; died in Norwich, Conn., Janu- 
ary 7, 1858; married, January 3, 1831, Anna Lester, of Gro- 
ton, Conn., bom June 20, 1801 ; died April 23, 1882 ; daughter 
of Amos and Sarah (Avery) Lester. He was a wool broker 
and had a general store in Poquetannock, with his brother 
Joseph. He was long a sufferer from asthma. The three 
elder children were bom in Poquetannock and the three younger 
in Norwich, Conn. Children: 
3547+ Lucy Ann Tyler, born Nov. 15, 1831. 

3548 Gilbert Tyler, bora July 13, 1833 ; died in Norwich, 

July 17, 1841. 

3549 Daniel Webster Tyler, born Oct. 11, 1834; died in 

Norwich, July 10, 1841. 

366 The Descendants op Job TyijEK 

8550 Mary Elizabeth Tyler, bom Sept. 37, 1837; died in 
Norwich July 9, 184.1. 

3551 Ellen Tyler, bom June 11, 1839; died in Norwich 

July 16, 1841. 

3552 Sarah Lester Tyler, bora Nov. 16, 1842; was living, 

unmarried, in 1896. 

eph^), bora in Preston, Conn., October 1, 1806; died in Balti- 
more, Md., March 23, 1891 ; married, September 2, 1835, Susan 
Bancroft, bom December 15, 1807; died August 6, 1887; 
daughter of John and Lucy (Davis) Bancroft. The children 
were bora in Baltimore. Children: 
3553+ Charles Tyler, bora July 4, 1836. 
3554+ Lucy Bancroft Tyler, bom Aug. 15, 1838. 
3555+ George Guerdon Tyler, bora Nov. 23, 1840. 
3556 Sarah Stephens Tyler, bom Nov. 14, 1842. 
3557+ James Edward Tyler, bom March 21, 1845. 
3558+ Susan Tyler, born Dec. 30, 1847. 
3559 Hopestill Tyler, bora Jan. 29, 1850; died April 20, 

356(>f Frank Kimball Tyler, bora June 12, 1851. 
3561+ Joseph Henry Tyler, bora June 8, 1855. 

1589 MARY WELLES® TYLER (Nathan^), bom in 
Uxbridge, Mass., April 2, 1792; died in Boston, Mass., Sep- 
tember 16, 1886; married, in 1810, Enoch Brown, bom April 
17, 1789, in Wrentham ; died in Beverly, 1867 ; a merchant of 
Boston, of the firm of Brown and Waldo, importers. Retired 
from business to live in Wrentham, in 1859, thence to Beverly. 
She was educated in Wrentham in Day's Academy until the 
age of 15, when she was sent to Mrs. Rawson's Female Seminary 
in Boston, where she received medals for writing and embroid- 
ery. A descendant writes : " She was a Tyler through and 
through. She inherited her father's qualities, even to his 
delicate constitution. Was beautiful in mind and manners 
and in person. The embodiment of intelligence, delicacy and 
refinement, spirituality and every virtue. Never one more gen- 
tle." The children were probably all bom in Boston. 

Sixth Geneeation 357 

Chiujeen : 

8563 Mary Tyler Brown, born April 8, 1813 ; died June 2, 
1896; married William Fox Richardson, of Boston, 
bom there Sept. 12, 1816. He was in the iron and 
steel business; vice-president of the North Avenue 
Savings Bank in Cambridge ; founder of the Boston 
Penny Savings Bank and its president for many 
years ; member of the Cambridge school committee. 
His widow was living in Boston as late as 1897. 

3563 Caroline Francour Brown, bom O'-t. 16, 1815 ; died. 

3564 Anna Mann Brown, bom Aug. 25, 1817; married, 

Dec. 22, 1841, Hon. Aaron Hobart, of Abington, 
Mass., bom there Oct. 8, 1803 ; died in Boston May 
8, 1880; a descendant of Edmund Hobart, an early 
settler of Hingham, Mass. Went early from Bos- 
ton to Charleston, S. C, where he remained 16 years ; 
returned to Boston and entered the dry goods busi- 
ness ; served on the governor's council and was a 
candidate for mayor. They resided at one time in 
Glen Ridge, N. J. There were six children (one, 
Arthur, the only one whose name is known). 
S565 Adelaide Brown, born May 12, 1820; died young. 

3566 Adelaide Brown, bom March 19, 1822; died. 

3567 Wilham Henry Brown, born Nov. 20, 1825 ; died. 

8568 Comelia Brown, bom May 8, 1828 ; died. 

8569 Isabel Graham Brown, bom Oct. 17, 1831 ; married 

John L. Morse, a leading merchant of Beverly, 
Mass., who was living in 1897. 

3570 Oliver Selwyn Brown, bom May 11, 1835; was living 
in 1897, but had been an invalid many years. 

8571 Ellen Salisbury Brown, bom June 15, 1887; married 
Hon. (Col.) William Raymond Driver, son of a sea- 
captain of Beverly; was treasurer of the Bell Tele- 
phone Company from its earliest organization. At 
the time of the Civil War he enlisted in the Salem 
Light Infantry, later entering the 19th Mass. regi- 
ment. He rose from the ranks to be a major, and 
at the close of the war was made brevet-colonel of 
volunteers for gallant service. He resided winters 
in Boston and summers in Beverly. 

858 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

1595 ROYAL WELLS« TYLER (Royal S.^), born in 
South Coventry, Conn., July 25, 1796; married, in Salem, 
Conn., Fanny Holmes. In 1850 he moved to Ohio City, Ohio. 
Children : 

3572 Infant, died young. 

3573 Infant, died young. 

3574 Infant, died young, on journey to Ohio. 

3575 William S. Tyler, resided in Cleveland, Ohio. 

(Royal S.^), born in South Coventry, Conn., June 27, 1798; 
died in Providence, R. I., October, 1853 ; married, in Cranston, 
R. I., October 3, 1822, Mary EHzabeth Abom. The children 
were bom in Cranston. Children : 

3576+ Mary Theresa Tyler, bom Oct. 30, 1823. 

3577 Abby Watson Tyler, bom Jan. 8, 1825 ; died in child- 


3578 Royal Samuel Tyler, bora March 27, 1827 ; died Aug., 


3579 Jonathan Abom Tyler, died in childhood. 
3580+ Abby Watson Tyler, bom June 16, 1834. 

3581 George Washington Tyler, Jr., bom in 1840; died in 


1597 ABIGAIL WATSON« TYLER (Royal S.^), bora 
in Andover, Conn., November 25, 1801 ; died in Palmyra, N. Y., 
August 26, 1882; married, October 13, 1828, Dr. Alfred Riggs, 
of Balston, N. Y. ; bom there June 20, 1800; died in Plain- 
field, N. J., November 24, 1871 ; son of Miles Riggs, descendant 
of Edward the immigrant of 1633. He lived in Groton and 
Lyons, N. Y., as a merchant and musician until 1836; moved 
to New York City and began the study and practice of dental 
surgery in which he became eminently conspicuous. Was the 
original patentee of the application of atmospheric pressure 
to artificial plates, substituting those then in use with clumsy 
springs. This was a revolutionary step in dentistry. The 
children were born in Groton, N. Y., except the youngest, who 
was bora in New York City. 

Children : 

3582 Adeline Emilia Riggs, born Aug. 19, 1830; resided 

unmarried in Rutherford, N. J. 

Sixth Generation 359 

(Rev.) Herman Camp Riggs, bom Oct. 2, 1832; mar- 
ried (1), March 28, 1863, Clara Loraine Wheeler, of 
WiUiamstown, Mass., who died in Potsdam, N. Y., 
May 27, 1865; married (2), April 17, 1872, Agnes 
Elizabeth Bates, of Malone, N. Y. He was gradu- 
ated from the University of New York in 1852; 
from Union Theological Seminary, 1856; ordained 
in 1857. Was called to several churches and in 
1897 was engaged in his second pastorate at St. 
Peters Church, in Rochester, N. Y. Has one son 
by first marriage (Dr. Herman Clarence, who prac- 
tices medicine in Brooklyn, N. Y.). 

8684! Henry Scott Riggs, bom Aug. 5, 1836 ; married, Oct. 
18, 1864, Fannie Fairman Goodrich, of Stockbridge, 
Mass. He was in business in New York City, but 
lost his health and moved to Palmyra, N. Y. ; has 
one son and three daughters (Walter, Louise, Grace 
and Clara). 

3585 Alfred Tyler Riggs, bom Sept. 18, 1839; married, 
Nov. 15, 1877, Georgia Wells Hine, of Milford, 
Conn. He was a merchant in New York many 
years ; was out with the emergency men in the Civil 
War to repel the invasion of the Confederates into 
Pennsylvania; he lost his health and moved to San 
Jose, Cal. ; no children. 

1599 DOCTOR BENJAMIN S.« TYLER (Royal S.*), 
bom in Andover, Conn., about 1805 ; died August, 1881 ; mar- 
ried (1), in Connecticut, ; married (2), in Connecticut, 

; married (3), in Ohio, Helen Marr Young, bom in Can- 
ada about 1823; died December 7, 1897. He went to Royal- 
ton, Ohio, where the children by his third marriage were bom. 
He then moved to South Brooklyn, Ohio, thence to Brooklyn, 
now a part of Cleveland, Ohio. The children by his first mar- 
riage were bom in Connecticut. 

Children, by first marriage: 
3586 Mary Tyler, died young. 

8587 Benjamin Tyler, lived in the west; died unmarried, in 
Cleveland, aged about 60. 

S60 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

Children, by third marriage: 
8688 Royal Tyler, bom about 1849 ; married, near Toledo, 
Ohio, Abbie Morris. He is a farmer and lives in 
Yondota, Ohio; has a son (Ambrose; born 1885). 

8589 Willis Tyler, bom about 1851 ; died, s. p., in Brook- 

lyn, Ohio, about a year after his marriage ; married 
Maria Bush, daughter of Rev. Mr. Bush, of Brook- 
lyn; he was a business man. 

8590 George Tyler, died young. 
3591 George Tyler, died young. 
3593+ Clayton Tyler, born 1855. 

8593 Abby Tyler, bom 1858 ; died unmarried, Feb., 1879. 
3594+ Helen Maria Tyler, bora Jan. 25, 1860. 

1601 GIDEON WELLS« TYLER (Royal S.^), bom in 
Andover, Conn., August 15, 1810 ; died in Oberlin, Ohio, March 
81, 1878 ; married (1), in Granger, Ohio, April 15, 1841, Diana 
M. Hickox, who died January 21, 1851, aged 30; married (2), 
September 6, 1852, Mrs. Charlotte Jennett (Ames) Munson, 
of Milford, Conn. ; bom July 26, 1821 ; died in Oberlin, Feb- 
ruary 2, 1892. In 1826 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio; about 
1840 moved to Granger, Ohio ; about 1854 he moved to Medina, 
Ohio, where he owned the leading store and where he was 
county auditor two terms ; in 1873 he moved to Oberlin. He 
was a successful business man, owning stock farms and mills, 
and active in church and public affairs ; an enthusiastic aboli- 
tionist. His estate was probated in Elyria, Ohio, April 8, 
1878. The elder children were bom in Granger; the youngest 
in Medina. 

Children, by first marriage: 

8595 Richard Henry Tyler, bom June 18, 1842 ; died May 
12, 1843. 

8596+ Mary Adelia Tyler, bom April 1, 1844. 

8597 Nathan Elmore Tyler, bom Feb. 18, 1846; died un- 
married, Aug. 9, 1873, in Chicago, 111. ; studied in 
Oberlin and was in business in St. Louis and Chi- 

3598 Lydia Matilda Tyler, bom Aug. 9, 1847 ; died unmar- 
ried, Nov. 9, 1900; residence was Greenwich, Conn. 

Sixth Geneuation 361 

3599 Richard Henry Tyler, bom Jan. 14j, 1861 ; a world's 

Child, by second marriage: 
3600+ George Wells Tyler, bom Aug. 1, 1869. 

gene^), bom in Westboro, Mass., September 25, 1803; died in 
1867 ; married Onslow Peters. Through her mother, who was a 
daughter of Breck and Susanna (Brigham) Parkman, of West- 
boro, Mrs. Peters was descended from the Parkmans of West- 
boro and the Brighams of Northboro. (See The History of the 
Brigham Family.) Children: 

3601 Susan Tyler Peters, born June 21, 1831 ; died May 9, 

1852 ; married George Blakely. 

3602 Mary Lovett Peters, bom April 7, 1833 ; married, Oct. 

26, 1866, Henry G. Weston, D. D., who died s. p. 
in Upland, Pa. ; president of Crozer Theological 

3603 Onslow Edward Peters. 

3604. Hannah Breck Peters, married, Oct. 26, 1856, John 
Rollins, of Fort George, Fla. 

3605 Hugh Peters. 

3606 Eugene Parkman Peters. 

1609 ANNA SOPHIA* TYLER (John Eugene^), bom 
in Westboro, Mass., January 25, 1809; died January 20, 1889 ; 
married, February 11, 1845, Hon. Christopher Columbus 
Denny, of Keene, N. H. (whose first wife was Susan Brigham 
Rockwood) ; bom January 10, 1813 ; died July 8, 1895 ; son 
of Joseph Denny, of Leicester, Mass. He was a merchant in 
Keene, N. H., afterwards removing to Leicester, Mass., where 
he was a card clothing manufacturer for over 20 years. Was 
in the state legislature, one term, and was, at various times, 
selectman, town clerk, and assessor, and for many years was a 
deacon in the Congregational church and superintendent of 
the Sunday-school. On her mother's side, Mrs. Denny was 
descended from Breck and Susanna (Brigham) Parkham, of 
Westboro. (See The History of the Brigham Family). 

362 The Descendants of Job Tyleb, 

Childeen : 

3607 Theodore Addison Denny, born Aug. 21, 1846; died 

Sept. 13, 1846. 

3608 Herbert Eugene Denny, bom May 21, 1849 ; died May 

30, 1863. 
■3609+ Parkman Tyler Denny, bom Dec. 20, 1851. 

1610 SARAH AUGUSTA* TYI.ER (John Eugene^), 
bom in Westboro, Mass., June 11, 1811 ; died April 15, 1875; 
married John A. Fayerweather, of Westboro. For her ances- 
try on her mother's side, see The History of the Brigham 
Family. Her children were born in Westboro. Children : 

3610 John Tyler Fayerweather, bom Oct. 17, 1833; died 

Oct. 24, 1833. 

3611 Sarah Wheelock Fayerweather, bom May 29, 1835; 

married, Feb. 7, 1866, William R. Gould, who died. 
He was a merchant and resided, s. p., in Westboro, 
where his widow lives. 

gene^), bom in Westboro, Mass., December 9, 1819 ; died March 
9, 1878; married (1), Caroline Amelia Denny, bom November 
12, 1825; died September 27, 1848; married (2), November 8, 
1852, Augusta Maria Denny, born February 28, 1825; died 
December 15, 1899; daughter of George and Charlotte S. 
(Parkman) Denny, of Boston. He was graduated from Dart- 
mouth College in 1842 ; he attended a course of medical lectures 
at the Dartmouth Medical School and then completed this 
course at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1846 ; 
he also received a diploma from Dartmouth. After six years 
of successful practice in Salmon Falls, N. H., he was elected 
superintendent of the New Hampshire Insane Asylum. In 
1858 he was chosen superintendent of the McLean Asylum, 
Somerville, Mass. He resigned this position on account of 
his health in 1871 and was in practice in Boston as a distin- 
guished consulting physician and expert until his decease. 
(For his genealogy on his mother's side, see The History of 
the Brigham Family.) Child: 

3612 Charlotte AmeHa Tyler, bom June, 1848; died July, 

Sixth Geneeation 

1617 ELIZABETH ANN^ TYLER (Joseph^), bom in 
Boston, Mass., September 12, 1810; died in Charleston, S. C, 
September 10, 1850; married, September 11, 1832, James 
Henry Taylor, of Charleston, where the children were bom. 
Children : 

3613 Julia Caroline Taylor, bom Oct. 31, 1833; married, 

April 28, 1863, Benjamin Curtis Hard, of Williams- 
ton, S. C. ; had five children. 

3614 Henry Clarence Taylor, born Oct. 26, 1835 ; killed at 

the Battle of Seven Pines, May 31, 1862; was in 
the Hampton Legion, C. S. A. ; married, Sept., 
1855, Louisa C. Doerrer, of Cincinnati, Ohio ; had 
one child. 

3615 Constantia Whitridge Taylor, bom Feb. 15, 1837; 

married, May 18, 1855, Joseph Righton Robertson, 
of Charleston; had three children. 

3616 Elizabeth Comelia Taylor, bom Dec. 3, 1838; died 

s. p., Nov. 1, 1894. 

3617 John Edward Taylor, bom Oct. 28, 1840; died in 


3618 Alfred Taylor, bom Feb. 16, 1842; died in infancy. 

3619 George Edwyn Taylor, bom Feb. 14, 1844; married, 

May 15, 1866, Emma Catherine Hard, of Pendle- 
ton, S. C. ; had seven children. 

3620 Frank Eugene Taylor, bom March 22, 1846 ; married, 

Oct. 14, 1868, Clara Wilson; lives in Charleston; 
has nine children. 

3621 Mary Everlyn Taylor, bom June 14, 1848; died Oct. 

24, 1863. 

3622 Charles Herbert Taylor, bom Oct. 28, 1850; died 

Feb. 8, 1851. 

bom in Mendon, Mass., March 15, 1812; died in Holly Springs, 
Miss., January 31, 1902; married (1), May, 1840, Virginia 
Ann Townes, who died March, 1879; daughter of Armstead 
Townes, "Gentleman," of Amelia Court House, Va., and 
Grenada, Miss. ; married (2), June, 1880, Mrs. Rosa (Barton) 
Goodloe, of Holly Springs ; daughter of Roger Barton, a lead- 
ing lawyer of Mississippi. She was a teacher; once assistant 
principal of Franklin Female College ; then of a private school 

364 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

for young ladies. Colonel Tyler studied law, finishing his 
course in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1834-1835, in which latter year 
he moved to Vicksburg, Miss. He bought half an interest in 
the Daily Register in 1836 and was editor four years. Form- 
ing a law partnership with E. S. Fisher, later of the Mississippi 
Supreme bench, he moved to Granada, Miss. ; also practiced at 
Panola, Memphis, Tenn., and Holly Springs, Miss. In 1847 
he felt impelled to the ministry and attended the Cincinnati 
Presbyterian Theological Seminary, after which he had a church 
for ten years ; he then moved to Memphis to edit a church 
paper. Lost all in the Civil War; was on the staff of General 
Price, C. S. A., with rank of colonel. After the war he bought 
an interest in the Daily Appeal of Memphis, and later started 
an evening daily Register. He then bought The South at 
Holly Springs, which he edited until 1891. He was a man of 
high ideals, strict integrity and great ability. 

Children, by first marriage: 

3623 Townes Tyler, died in childhood. 

3624 Macon Tyler, died in childhood. 

3625 Leha Tyler, died aged 18. 

3626+ Fisher Ames Tyler, bom in Cincinnati, Dec. 3, 1847. 

3627 Eliza Tyler, died in childhood. 

3628 Arthur Tyler, died in childhood. 

Child, by second marriage: 

3629 Roger Barton Tyler, bom March, 1881; resided in 

Gainesville, Texas, unmarried. 


(Nathan^), bom in Mendon, Mass., September 7, 1829; mar- 
ried. May 17, 1848, in Providence, R. L, George Capron, son 
of Collins Capron, of Blackstone, Mass. ; he was graduated 
from Brown University in 1848, and at time of death was gen- 
eral agent of the State Mutual Life Assurance Company, of 
Worcester, Mass. She resided in Newton Center, Mass., in 
1898. Children: 

3630 Mary Tyler Capron, bom Aug. 17, 1852; died July 

12, 1857. 

3631 George Collins Capron, bom April 22, 1857 ; married 

(1), June 15, 1882, L. M. Whitten; two sons; 
married (2), June 10, 1896, L. N. White, 

Sixth Geneeation 365 

3632 Arthur Granger Capron, born Nov. 16, 1859; died 

Aug. 12, 1861. 

3633 Caroline Silsby Capron, born July 1, 1862; married, 

June 17, 1896, Edward Duble; one daughter. 
3634! Susan Tyler Capron, bom Sept. 17, 1864) ; died Feb. 
26, 1867. 

3635 Fanny Isabel Capron, bom Aug. 31, 1866; married, 

Feb. 14, 1895, Harry A. Tomlinson. 

3636 Philip Ward Capron, born Jan. 31, 1869. 

3637 Catherine Capron, bom March 19, 1870; died Dec. 

19, 1870. 

3638 John FariU Capron, born Dec. 12, 1873. 

1632 THOMAS STEPHEN^ TYI.ER (Aaron^), bora 
in Mendon, Mass., August 27, 1810; married Mercy Chandler, 
of Bath, Maine. He early moved to California. The entire list 
of his children is not known. Children: 

8639 Elizabeth Tyler, married George Sperry, of Oxford, 
Conn. ; she died. 

3640 Jane Tyler, died young. 

3641 Justin Tyler. 

1637 HON. AARON« TYLER, JR. (Aaron^), bom 
either in Mendon, Mass., or Bath, Maine; murdered at the 
Courthouse (Chicago) in 1871 ; married Elizabeth Boswell, 
of Peacham, Vt. He was a lawyer in Chicago, 111., and judge 
of the 10th Illinois Judicial Circuit Commission, August 20, 
1860. Children: 

3642 William Wirt Tyler, a farmer, and resides in Mal- 

com, Iowa. 

3643 Mary Boswell Tyler, unmarried, residing in St. Louis ; 

an artist. 

3644 Grace Tyler. 

bom in Bath, Maine, 1834 ; died in Albany, Ore., July 17, 1887 ; 
married Margaret , who, in 1897, resided in San Fran- 
cisco. He was a physician in Portland, Eugene and Albany, 
Ore. Children : 

3645 Aaron Alonzo Tyler. 

3646 Mamie Editha Tyler. 

366 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

1644. ELIJAH^ TYLER (Nathan Web^) , bom in West- 
hampton, Mass. ; married Louisa Hewitt, of Castleton, Vt. 
He resided in Chesterfield, Mass., where his children were bom. 
Children : 

3647 Alsina Tyler. 

3648 Almira Tyler, drowned, while trying to save the life 

of a friend in Northampton, Mass. 

3649 Harriet Tyler. 

3650 Louisa Tyler. 

3651+ Nathan Tyler, born 1812. 

3652 Lidia Tyler, married (1), ; married (2), Asa 

Tubbs ; living in 1897. 

3653+ Elijah Tyler, bom Feb., 1816. 

3654+ Nancy A. Tyler. 

3655+ Henry P. Tyler, bom in 1820; married Frances Ed- 

3656 Sarah Tyler. 

3657 Julia Tyler. 

3658 Almira Tyler, married John Alrien; in 1897 was a 

widow living in Cohbes, N. Y. 

1645 BENJAMIN OWEN« TYLER (Stephen^), bom 
in Buckland, Mass., September 24, 1789. His wife's name is 
not known. He made a fac-simile of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. Children : 

3659 Howard Tyler, resided and died in New York City. 

3660 Henry C. Tyler, moved west. 

1646 EPHRAIM« TYLER (Stephen^), born in Buck- 
land, Mass., April 19, 1791 ; died in Guilford, Vt., August 24, 
1878; married, December 1, 1819, Mary Bissell, who died in 
1861 eldest daughter of Asahel and Polly Bissell. He was a 
citizen of Wilmington, Vt., for forty years, where his children 
were bom. He owned a fine farm and was closely identified 
with early town history; he was postmaster under President 
Adams and state representative in 1828. He moved to Guil- 
ford in 1840, where he held many town offices. His mind was 
clear to the last. Children : 

3661+ Benjamin O. Tyler, bom Sept. 7, 1820. 
3662+ Ansel L. Tyler, born Oct. 11, 1822. 
3663+ D. Clinton Tyler, born Oct. 10, 1825. 

Sixth Generation 367 

3664 Minerva Tyler, born March 20, 1828 ; died, s. p., Jan. 

31, 1858 ; married, July 10, 1854, Dr. D. W. Jones, 
of Medfield, Mass. ; now of Boston. 

3665 Sarah M. Tyler, bom Feb. 12, 1831 ; lives with her 

brother on the homestead in Guilford. 
3666+ James M. Tyler, born April 27, 1835. 

3667 WilHam H. Tyler, bom Nov. 27, 1839 ; married, Jan. 

11, 1881, Belle Newcomb, of Leyden, Mass. He is 
a farmer and lives on the old homestead in Guil- 
ford. He was educated at the Brattleboro Acad- 
emy. Was in the 16th Vt. Volunteers in the Civil 
War, at Gettysburg and in other battles. He 
has held town offices and was state representative in 

1647 ELF TYLER (Stephen^), born in Buckland, 
Mass., May 20, 1793 ; died in Newf ane, Vt. ; name of wife un- 
known. Children : 

3668 Stephen Tyler, died . 

3669 Lewis Tyler, died . 

3670 Charles Tyler, resided in Newport, Vt. 

bom in Westhampton, Mass., November 19, 1797 ; died in Rich- 
mond, N. H., October 11, 1856; buried in West Boylston, Mass. ; 
married Roxanna Harris, of Whitingham, Vt. He resided in 
Whitingham and Bennington, Vt., and moved in 1855 to Rich- 
mond, N. H. All but the eldest child were bom in Bennington. 
Children : 

3671 Anna Maria Tyler, bom in Whitingham, Vt., Aug. 20, 

1824; married (1), Sturtevant; married (2), 

Joseph Derrigan, of Fitchburg, Mass. ; married (3), 

Wight; she had one child, which died young; 

resided in East Princeton, Mass. 
3672+ Oscar Stephen Tyler, bom Jan. 20, 1828. 

3673 Jane Caroline Tyler, bom Jan. 20, 1830; married 

(1), Amos Burleigh, who died in Ashuelot, N. H. ; 
married (2), Ward, who died; resides in Fitch- 
burg, Mass. ; has one son and two daughters. 

3674 Elizabeth Ceha Tyler, married George Munyon, who 

368 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

died aged 30 years ; she resides in Shirley, Mass. ; 
has two sons and two daughters. 
3675+ Henry Clay Tyler, bom 1835. 

3676 Chester Warren Tyler, bom about 1838 ; died in Libby 

Prison, aged 26, unmarried; was lieutenant of the 
26th N. Y. Cavalry. 

3677 Susan Sophia Tyler, bom 1854 ; she died s. p. about 

1894 ; married Fairbanks ; she was an insur- 
ance agent in Boston, Mass. 
8678 Roxanna Tyler, born 1856 ; died 1860. 

3679 Prances Tyler, born 1857 ; married Taylor ; re- 

sided in Richmond, N. H. 

1654 HANNAH" TYLER (Moses^), bom in Hadley, 
Mass., February 24, 1795; married, February 9, 1814, Eldad 
Brewster, of Bridgewater, Pa., where the children were born. 
Children : 

3680 Tyler Brewster, born March 24, 1815; died in Har- 

ford, Pa., Jan., 1885. 

3681 Lucania Brewster, bom Nov. 20, 1816. 

3682 Horace Brewster, born Oct. 10, 1818 ; had a daughter 

(who married E. C. Smith) ; had a son who was a 
doctor in Scranton, Pa. ; another son was an attor- 
ney in Montrose, Pa. 

3683 Daniel Brewster, born Nov. 22, 1820 ; died Oct., 1895 ; 

was a blacksmith in Montrose, Pa. 

3684 Warren Brewster, bom Dec. 11, 1822; died 1874. 

3685 Andrew Brewster, bom March 23, 1827 ; a blacksmith 

in Montrose, Pa. 

3686 Sally Brewster, twin to Andrew, married S. A. Hemp- 

stead, of Binghamton, N. Y. 

3687 Moses Coleman Brewster, died 1859. 

3688 Ann Mariah Brewster, born July 18, 1831 ; married 

Ansel Steams, of Harford, Pa. 

1655 MOSES COLEMAN« TYLER (Moses^), bom in 
Wilmington, Vt., April 7, 1802; died January 26, 1885; mar- 
ried (1), December, 1825, Mary French, bom June 24, 1806; 
died March 1, 1840; she was of Binghamton, N. Y. ; married 
(2), October 18, 1841, Cornelia G. Read, bom in Montrose, 
Pa., September 8, 1820; died May 4, 1845; married (3), May 

Sixth Geneeation 369 

15, 1847, Harriet Harris, of North Sea, L. I., bom May 18, 
1807; died 1897. He moved to Montrose, Pa., where he was 
a judge. Was in business in New York City for a time. The 
children of the second and third marriage were born in Mon- 
trose. This line is extinct. 

Children, by first marriage: 

3689 Owen Benjamin Tyler, bom in Montrose Aug. 16, 

1836; died unmarried in Downersville, Cal., June 
12, 1860 ; an attorney. 

3690 Clark Kellogg Tyler, born in New Jersey, Sept. 13, 

1828 ; died unmarried in St. Louis, July 3, 1857 ; a 

3691 Coleman Merriam Tyler, bom Elizabethtown, N. J., 

Aug. 22, 1831 ; died Aug. 26, 1837. 

8692 Henry Cass Tyler, bom in Montrose, June 18, 1836 ; 

died June 10, 1891 ; married June 15, 1864, Frances 
E. Wilcox; resided s. p., in Montrose. 

Childeen, by second marriage: 

8693 George Kearl Tyler, bom Oct. 7, 1842; died Aug. 31, 

3694 Ella Comelia Tyler, bom Jan. 27, 1845 ; died Jan. 21, 

Child, by third marriage: 

8695 WiUiam Cooper Tyler, bom Aug. 4, 1851 ; died Jan. 

21, 1852. 

1657 EMMA« TYLER (Moses^), bom in 1806, one rec- 
ord says " in Montrose, Pa. " ; but another record says that 
her father did not remove to Montrose from Wilmington, Yt., 
until 1807 ; died in Willet, N. Y., August 10, 1863 ; married, 
January 1, 1826, Samuel E. Newcomb, born in Bridgewater, 
Pa., December 1, 1806 (see Newcomh Genealogy'). Children: 

8696 Therese E. Newcomb, bom Oct. 11, 1829; married 

Gilbert Greene. 

3697 Elizabeth E. Newcomb, born March 5, 1831 ; married 
J. Cook. 

8698 Adaline Newcomb, born Oct. 15, 1832; married Or- 
lando Avery. 

S70 The Descendants of Job Tyi/EE 

3699 Sarah O. Newcomb, born Aug. 2S, 1834; married 

Stephen J. Adams. 

3700 Louise Newcomb, born July 25, 1836 ; married Angelos 

M. Clark. 

3701 Gilbert L. Newcomb, bom April 19, 1840; married 

Lizzie Sunderland; he was graduated from the Uni- 
versity of New York City Medical College in 1861 ; 
assistant surgeon U. S. A., and practiced in New 
York City. 

3702 Franklin Newcomb, bom July 19, 1842; married Lib- 

bie Thurston. 

3703 Curtis S. Newcomb, bom March 5, 1843; married 

Pluma Mathews. 

3704 Willis Newcomb, born Nov. 3, 1845; a druggist in 

New York City. 

3705 Ella Newcomb, bom March 3, 1847; married 


3706 Marion Newcomb, born Aug., 1849 ; died 1860. 

3707 Cornelia Newcomb, bora Nov. 7, 1851 ; died 1852. 

1658 EMILY* TYLER (Moses"), born in Montrose, 
Pa., 1807; died October 6, 1863; married, October 4, 1826, 
Uri Newcomb, born in Montrose, August 2, 1806 (see New- 
comb Genealogy). The children were born in Montrose. 
Children : 

3708 Marvin Alonzo Newcomb, bom Sept. 14, 1827; first 

mayor of Tama City, Iowa ; had a family. 

3709 Emma Ann Newcomb, bom Dec. 20, 1828; manied 

James W. Wright, of Tama City, Iowa; had a 

3710 Uri Clark Newcomb, bom Oct. 12, 1830; married 

Caroline Munson, of Tama City, Iowa ; had a family. 

3711 Album R. Newcomb, bom Aug. 1, 1832 ; married Lura 

Morgan, and resides in Glencoe, Minn. 

3712 Martin Van Buren Newcomb, bom Sept. 10, 1834; 

married Roseltha Taylor; resided Earlville, Iowa; 
had a family. 

3713 Frances Adelia Newcomb, bom Feb. 1, 1837; married 

Ezra B. Gord ; resided Dunlap, Iowa ; had a family. 

3714 Sarah Amanda Newcomb, bom June 26, 1839 ; married 

Thomas Smith, of Montrose. 

Sixth Generation 371 

3715 Eugene S. Newcomb, bom Aug. 21, 1844; married 

Jennie Trinter ; resided Manchester, Iowa. 

3716 Frederick Peter Newcomb, bom June; 22, 1847; mar- 

ried Julia Munson; resided Tama City, Iowa; had 
a family. 

3717 Emily Eudora Newcomb, bom Sept. 27, 1850; died 

Feb. 6, 1864. 

1669 SIMEON« TYLER, JR. (Simeon'), born in West- 
hampton, Mass., December 6, 1797; died in Brooklyn, Pa., in 
1857; married, Oct. 30, 1822, Wealthy Warner, who died 
March, 1838. He lived in Montrose, Pa., and also in Dim- 
mock, Pa., where his children were born. Children: 

3718+ Amanda R. Tyler, bom Feb. 10, 1823. 

3719+ Eliza 0. Tyler, bom July 9, 1825. 

3720+ Caspar William Tyler, bom March 6, 1837. 

1670 BETSEY« TYLER (Simeon^), bora in West- 
hampton, Mass., December 6, 1799; died 1868; married (1), 
October 10, 1822, Harry Clark; married (2), George W. 
Lewis, a hotel-keeper in Dimmock, Pa. 

Children, by first marriage: 

'3721 Ruby E. Clark, married James BuUard, of Brooklyn, 
Pa. ; had a son who died, and a daughter (Stella, who 
married Lester Tewksbury, of Brooklyn). 

3722 Anna Clark, died unmarried in 1863. 

1671 ANSEL« TYLER (Simeon^), bom in Wilmington, 
Vt., February 14, 1803; died in East Bridgewater, Pa., March 
10, 1848 ; married, January, 1835, Isabella Young, of Yardley- 
ville, Pa., born in 1805 ; died in 1895 ; daughter of Andrew 
Young, of Montrose, Pa. He resided in Dimmock and Bridge- 
water, Pa. The four elder children were born in Dimmock, 
and the others in Bridgewater. Children: 

3723+ Leander Ansel Tyler, bora Feb. 23, 1836. 
3724+ Duane Legrange Tyler, bora in 1837. 
■3725+ Ellen Lucenia Tyler, born Sept. 8, 1839. 
3726 Andrew Osias Tyler, bora Dec. 4, 1840; no record of 
marriage received; was with the 151st Pa. Volun- 

372 The Descendants op Job Tyleb 

teers and wounded at Gettysburg; resided in Tif- 
fany, Pa. 

8727+ Clark Lewis Tyler, born Feb. 20, 1842. 

8728+ Martha Tyler, bom March 5, 1844I. 

1672 HARVEY« TYLER (Simeon^), bom in Wilming- 
ton, Vt., April 1, 1804; lived and died in Montrose, Susque- 
hanna County, Pa., about 1889; married (1), September 27, 
1827, Sarah Coyle, of Philadelphia, Pa.; married (2), June 
26, 1849, Amanda Bullard, who resided in 1900 in Montrose, 
where all the children were bom. 

Children, by first marriage: 

8729 William Lamed Tyler, bom May 8, 1833; died in 

California, leaving two sons ; he moved to Belle Plain, 

Minn., and then to California, and from thence to 

New Orleans, La., about 1861. He was a printer. 

3730 Charles B. Tyler, born Sept. 21, 1834 ; a printer ; lived 

in Marshall, Minn., and had four children, two of 
whom died. The town of Tyler, Lincoln County, 
Minn., was named for Mr. Tyler, who, at that time 
was register of the U. S. Land Office in the district. 
He went to Minnesota in 1858. 

3731 Logan Osceola Tyler, bom June 22, 1836; killed at 

Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863, in the Civil War; was 
first lieutenant of Company H of the 141st Pa. 
Infantry in Aug., 1862. 

3732 Sarah Adelaide Tyler, born Nov. 24, 1840; married, 

Oct. 2, 1865, Thomas Williams, of Franklin, Pa., 
who died; they had two sons (Charles T. and Mark). 

Children, by second marriage : 
3733+ George W. Tyler, born Nov. 16, 1850. 

3734 Harvey J. Tyler, bom March 15, 1859; died Sept. 8, 


1673 ABIGAIL^ TYLER (Simeon"), born in Wilming- 
ton, Vt., August 19, 1806 ; married, December 6, 1827, Levi B. 
Guernsey, a farmer, of Bridgewater, Pa. Children : 

3735 George Mortimer Guernsey, bom in Tioga, Pa., Oct. 

4, 1828 ; died in Platteville, Wis., Oct. 4, 1885 ; mar- 

Sixth Geneeation 373 

ried, Dec. 15, 1856, Martha Roach, of Bridgewater, 
Pa. He was graduated from Amherst College in 
1856 ; taught from 1857-1867 ; in the insurance busi- 
ness 1867-1875; superintendent of the Platteville 
schools from 1875-1885 ; had two daughters (Fanny, 
married Rev. Reuben B. Whipple, of Conn., and 
Maud E.). 

3736 Sarah 0. Guernsey, bom Nov. 2, 1830; married 

Sweet, who was killed in the Civil War; one child. 

3737 Peter C. Guernsey, bom May 30, 1833; married 

twice; had a son and daughter, each of whom died 
unmarried ; she lives in Amherst, Mass. 

3738 Ophelia Guernsey, died young, unmarried. 

1692 MOSES W.« TYLER (Joseph^), bom in Towns- 
hend, Vt. ; died in Erie, Pa., in 1893, aged 86 ; married Sarah 
Potter. He hved in Townshend, Brattleboro, Vt., and Erie, 
Pa. Children : 

3739 Ellen Tyler. 

3740 Frances Tyler. 

1694. FERDINANDS TYLER (Joseph^), bom in 
Townshend, Vt., 1808; died in Brattleboro, Vt., June 19, 1876; 
married, August 16, 1837, Sophronia Miller. He was in the 
hardware business in Brattleboro, of the firm of " Williston and 
Tyler." Child: 

3741 John Tyler, died unmarried in Brattleboro, Jan. 11, 

1880, aged 41 ; was graduated from college and 
served in the Civil War. 

eph^), bom in Townshend, Vt., October 8, 1814 ; died in Boston, 

Mass., October 16, 1889; married Mary A. . For many 

years he was deacon and prominent supporter of the Mt. Ver- 
non church in Boston. He was an importer of foreign fruits, 
under the firm name of J. C. Tyler & Co. ; was president of 
the Boston Seaman's Friend Society, and president of the 
Penitent Females' Refuge and Bethesda Society. Children: 

3742 Joseph Curtis Tyler, Jr., died in Manila, Philippine 

Islands, aged 40. 

3743 Columbus Tyler, resides in Seattle, Wash. 

374 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

1702 HIRAM WARDS TYLER (Timothy^), born in 
Townshend, Vt., March '3, 1802; died 1882; married, February 
22, 1841, Susan S. Baile. Child: 
3744+ Frank M. Tyler, born April 25, 1843. 

1704 MARY ALMIRA® TYLER (Joseph^), bom in 
Charlton, Mass., January 30, 1811 ; married, April 2, 1833, 
Samuel Scott Seagrave, of Uxbridge, Mass. ; moved to Welles- 
ley, Mass. Children : 

3745 Gilbert Henry Seagrave, bom April 23, 1834; mar- 

ried Mrs. L. A. Townsend. 

3746 Mary Lucinda Seagrave, bom April 11, 1836; died 

March 30, 1849. 

3747 Helen Ross Seagrave, born Oct. 4, 1838; married, 

Dec. 7, 1865, John Simpson. 

3748 Elvira Adeline Seagrave, bora March 16, 1841 ; mar- 

ried, Feb. 13, I860, John Simpson ; had two children 
(Jessie and Helen). 

3749 John Newton Seagrave, bom Oct. 14, 1843; married 

Margaret Mannel. 

3750 Edward Payson Seagrave, bom July 5, 1846; mar- 

ried Carrie A. Barrows. 

3751 Frederic Scott Seagrave, born June 16, 1849 ; married 

Adelaide G. Ruttledge. 

3752 Caroline Augusta Seagrave, bom Sept. 8, 1851 ; mar- 

ried, July 22, 1869, Elmer E. Snell ; had one child 
(Ellis G.). 

3753 Ida Laurie Seagrave, bom March 1, 1854; married, 

Nov. 5, 1872, Charles E. Colby; had three children 
(Grace, Gertrude and Mary). 

3754 George Edwin Seagrave, bom Nov. 14, 1858. 

1706 HIRAM« TYLER ( Joseph^) ; married Martha W. 
Grant, of Worcester, Mass. He was a great mechanic ; went 
west and had a boat on the Ohio River. He lived in Ports- 
mouth or Cincinnati, Ohio, and was an inventor in steam en- 
gineering. Children : 

3755 Hiram Tyler, married Ella ; she died before her 

husband. He was an engineer of repute, and went 
to South America to set up engineering in large 
government boats ; he returned to Ohio and died 

Sixth Generation 375 

soon after of fever. He had two sons; both were 
adopted young by the mother's familj', who hved 
in "Quaker Bottom City" (?). 
8756 Amanda Tyler. 

3757 Florence Tyler. 

3758 Lawrence E. Tyler, bom in Worcester, Jan. 20, 1849. 

1707 SOPHIA« TYLER (Joseph'). She ran away to 
New York City and married Dr. Brown. Left her husband and 
resumed her maiden name, which her child afterwards bore. 
She later married Weed, who died in Worcester, Mass. 

Child, by first marriage, name changed to Tyler: 
3759+ Albert Winslow Tyler. 

Child, by second marriage: 
3760 Joseph Weed, died aged 21. 

1722 SYLVANUS^ TYLER (RoyaP), bom in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., October 19, 1811 ; died February 19, 1889; mar- 
ried (1), October 8, 1835, Mary E. Quick, bom September 15, 
1810; died February 2, 1841; married (2), April 14, 1842, 
Nancy Quick, bom April 8, 1822; died November 12, 1881. 
He moved in 1820 to Dimmock, Pa., with his father. The 
children were bom there. 

Children, by first marriage : 
3761+ William P. Tyler, bom July 14, 1836. 

3762 Samuel S. Tyler, born Nov. 5, 1837; died March 9, 

1880 ; married Sarah Blakeslee of Dimmock. 

3763 Frances E. Tyler, bom Feb. 23, 1839; died Oct. 9, 

1886, s. p. ; married Asa Mecham. 

3764 Jefferson C. Tyler, bora Jan. 4, 1841 ; married Louisa 

Carlin; resides in Auburn, Pa.; has four children, 
two of them sons. 

Children, by second marriage : 
3765+ Henry H. Tyler, born Jan. 18, 1843. 

3766 Mary Tyler, bora Aug. 4, 1848; married Alonzo 

Blakeslee, of Watertown, N. Y. ; three children. 

3767 John M. Tyler, bom Aug. 13, 1850; married Dora 

376 The Descendants of Job Tylee. 

(or Dara) Young, of Wilkesbarre, Pa. ; has three 
children, one of them a son. 
S768 George B. Tyler, bom April 26, 1857 ; died July 10, 

1723 MOSES S.« TYLER (RoyaP), bom in Uxbridge, 
Mass., October 18, 1814; died in Bridgewater, Susquehanna 
County, Pa., November 16, 1884; married, March 11, 1840, 
Cordelia Ackley, of Bridgewater, where he moved. Children: 

3769 C. Edgar Tyler; resides Montrose, Pa. 

3770 Ackley Tyler. 

1724 MARY« TYLER (RoyaP), bom in Rhode Island 
February 13, 1819 ; married. May 25, 1843, Sterling Ackley, a 
farmer and lumberman, bom in Wyalusing, Bradford County, 
Pa., December 20, 1817; died February 23, 1894. Children: 

3771 Cordelia Ackley, born Feb. 28, 1847 ; unmarried. 

3772 Newell Sylvanus Ackley, born July 17, 1849; mar- 

ried, Oct. 22, 1872, ; lived in Merryall, Pa.; 

had three children (Lena, Royal Tyler, Bertha). 

1725 LOUISA S0UTHWICK8 TYLER (RoyaP), born 
in Dimmock, Pa., December 16, 1820; died in Sycamore, 111., 
July 1, 1892; married, October 5, 1841, Marshall Stark, bom 
in Lucerne County, Pa., August 12, 1813; died December 26, 
1882; son of Oliver Stark. Went to Sycamore, DeKalb 
County, 111. ; was sheriff there in 1852 and county supervisor. 
Children : 

3773 Harmon Marshall Stark, born July 5, 1842; married 

(1), Mary J. Patten; married (2), Susan Clark; 
had seven children (James, Louisa, Herbert, Emma, 
Grace, Henry, Ray). 

3774 Martha Samanthe Stark, born Dec. 26, 1843; mar- 

ried Hosea M. Atwood ; had six children (Richard, 
John, Henry, Stark, Kate, Morris). 

3775 Mary Elizabeth Stark, born June 1, 1845 ; married L. 

Curtis Harris; had one child (Jefferson S.). 

3776 Jefferson Oliver Stark, bom April 4, 1847 ; s. p., 1901 ; 

married Lydia J. Carver; was a stock dealer in 

SrxTH Generation 377 

8777 Henry Jerome Stark, born June 8, 184-9 ; s. p., 1901 ; 
married Carolyn Anderson ; dealer in stock and hay. 

3778 Theron Monroe Stark, bom Nov. 3, 1851 ; married 

Sylvia W. Galder ; dealer in stock in Sycamore ; liad 
four children (Maud, Frank, Arthur, Dorothy). 

3779 Adah Louise Stark, bom April 27, 1856; married 

James Maitland, a farmer, of Sycamore; had two 
children (Everett, Howard, who died). 

3780 Ella Amanda Stark, bom Feb. 10, 1858 ; married Adol- 

phus W. Brower, a hardware dealer in Sycamore ; 
had two children (Anna L. and Floyd E.). 

3781 Emma Jane Stark, bom Nov. 15, 1859 ; married 

Charles F. Wiggins, a farmer in Colorado, later 
of Iowa ; had four children (Elmer, Theron, Howard, 

3782 Hattie Marinda Stark, bom Dec. 13, 1863; marriec^ 

Burton W. Lee, a farmer in Sycamore ; had three 
children (Marshal, Charles, Frank). 

1727 ROYAL* TYLER, JR. (RoyaP), bom in Dim- 
mock, Pa., January 16, 1825 ; died in Oak Valley, Kan., March 
20, 1894; married Mary A. Miller, who resided in 1901, in In- 
dependence, Kan. The children were born in Oak Valley. 
Children : 

•3783+ Emma L. Tyler. 

3784 Priscilla Tyler, married Scott Marden, a farmer, of 

Oklahoma. They had two sons and two daughters 

(Frank, Francis, Grace, EUie.) 
3785+ James Tyler. 

3786 Ida J. Tyler, was unmarried and resided with mother. 

3787 Martha Tyler, married Alford E. Thomas, a farmer, 

in Kansas ; they had three daughters (Lettie B., 

Elsie A., Eda 0.) 
3788+ Edgar Tyler. 
3789+ Oratus Tyler. 
3790 Olive Tyler. 

1728 JAMES« TYLER (Royal^), bom in Dimmock, 
Pa., June 11, 1827 ; married Mary Haverly. He went to Lost 
Angeles, Cal. Children: 

378 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3791 Louisa Tyler, married Daily, of San Ventura, 


3792 Lena Tyler, died Sept., 1895. 

3793 Julia Tyler, died July, 1893. 

3794 Sterling Tyler, died in 1894. 

1731 WILLIAM H.« TYLER (Parker^), bom in Cop- 
ley, Ohio, January 22, 1825; died in Attica, Ind., March 12, 
1886; married (1), 1847, Cyntha Brier, of Warren County, 
Ind., who died in Uniontown, Kan., March 18, 1877 ; she came of 
a leading Indiana family; married (2), 1875, Mrs. Moore. He 
was a farmer and a Justice of the Peace. He went to Indiana 
with his father about 1840 with whom he remained several 
years after coming of age, helping him to develop his farm. 
He made the round trip on foot to Copley and back again to 
collect for his father deferred payments on his farm there sold. 
After his marriage he bought 80 acres near the Tyler home- 
stead and kept adding until he had 320 acres. He sold out in 
1868 and moved to Fort Scott, Coffee County, Kan., and 
thence to Uniontown, Kan. He returned to Indiana where he 
died and was given a Masonic burial. He was a Republican 
and member of the M. E. church. His children were born in 
Williamsport, Ind. 

Children, by first marriage: 
3795+ Byron Tyler, born April 24, 1849. 
3796+ George Brier Tyler, bom March 10, 1851. 
3797 James A. Tyler, bom Jan. 7, 1853. 
3798+ Samuel Tyler, born Feb. 24, 1855. 

3799 Lucretia Ellen Tyler, bom May 12, 1858; married, 

1879, Charles Beever, of Winthrop, Ind. ; they had 
two daughters. 

3800 Benjamin F. Tyler, bom Nov. 14, 1860 ; married. May 

24, 1899, AUie Mack, of Omaha, Neb. He was a 
school-teacher, a carpenter, and later became a 
grain commission merchant, and a member of the 
Kansas City Board of Trade, in which place he 
has his residence. He is a Knight Templar and a 
Knight of Pythias. 

3801 Bruce Tyler, born Oct. 16, 1863; he is a telegraph 

operator and a conductor on the Mexican National 

Sixth Generation 379 

Railway; speaks and writes Spanish; a Mason of a 
high degree; lives in Acambaria, Mexico. 

1732 MARTHA^ TYLER (Parker^), probably bom in 
Copley, Ohio ; married William Jones, of Yates Center, Kansas. 
Children : 

3802 Wilbur Jones, merchant in Vernon, Kansas. 

3803 Albert Jones, lawyer, Yates City, Woodson County, 

3804i Anna Jones, married Mix; has a family. 

3805 Eva Jones, married Hamed, Girard, Kansas ; 

has a family. 

1733 GEORGE CLINTON« TYLER (Parker^), bom 
in Copley, O., November 1, 1828; died in Marshfield, Ind., July 
7, 1896; married, 1851, Harriet Swank. He was a large 
farmer; a member of the board of County Commissioners. The 
children were bom in Marshfield. Children: 

3806 Jennie Tyler, bom Feb. 1, 1853; married, Feb. 14, 

1870, T. J. Graves, of Toledo, O. They had three 
sons and one daughter (Arthur, Bert, Lou, Earl.) 

3807 Flora Tyler, born April 5, 1855; married, April 30, 

1879, D. Clinton Andrews, of Hendrick, Ind. ; they 
had one son (Amet, born March 2, 1880.) 

3808+ Ella Tyler, bom March 21, 1857. 

3809+ JuHa Tyler, bom March 22, 1859. 

3810 Emma Tyler, born Dec. 18, 1861 ; married Dec. 24, 

1883, W. D. Rosebraugh; resided, s. p., Tampico, 


3811 Laura Tyler, born March 31, 1866. 

3812 George Clinton Tyler, Jr., bora Jan. 6, 1870 ; resided 

in 1897 at home with mother. 

1734 JAMES* TYLER (Parker^), bom probably in 
Copley, O. ; resided in West Lebanon, Ind. The name of his 
wife is not known. Children: 

3813 Mabel Tyler, unmarried, night telegraph operator in 

West Lebanon. 

3814 Laura Tyler, married Jones, cashier of the bank 

in West Lebanon. 

3815 Emma Tyler, telegraph operator in Fort Wayne, Ind. 

380 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3816 OUie Tyler, married Swain; resides in Danville, 

111. ; a commercial traveler ; two children. 

3817 Nettie Tyler, married Professor Erickson, of Danville, 

111. ; one son. 

1735 HIRAM*' TYLER (Parker^), born probably in 
Copley, O. ; resided in West Lebanon, Ind. The name of his 
wife is not known. Children: 

3818 Son, killed about 1880. 

3819 Lora Tyler, died about 1895. 

3820 Anna Tyler, married, Sept. 30, 1896, Art Anderson, 

of Elston, Ind. ; no children. 

3821 Brenda Tyler, a teacher; lives at home. 

3822 Delia Tyler, married John Whitten, of West Lebanon, 

Ind. ; no children. 

1736 HARRIET^ TYLER (Parker^), bom presumably 
in Copley, O. ; married Hudson Wood. Children : 

3823 Frank Wood, had three children (Park, Levum, De- 


'3824t Sallie Wood, married Morgan; had three chil- 

3825 Emma Wood, married Lash, Butler, Mo. ; had 

two children. 

1739 BENJAMIN^ TYLER, JR. (Benjamin^), bom in 
Copley, O., March 22, 1821; died in Greenleaf, Wis., March 
30, 1874; married (1), March 3, 1842, Mary Ann Krotzer, 
bom in Wadsworth, O., September 12, 1819; died July 3, 
1862, in Wrightstown, Wis.; married (2), August 22, 1862, 
Mrs. Nancy E. (Le Grant) Clarke, bom October 8, 1836; 
daughter of Abraham and Margaret (Brands) Le Grant (by 
her first marriage she had a son) ; in 1897 she lived in Mitaca, 
Minn. Benjamin was a farmer and in the Civil War. The 
children of the first marriage were bom in Wadsworth. Chil- 
dren, by first marriage : 

3826+ Ann Mariah Tyler, bom Nov. 4, 1843. 
3827+ William Henry Tyler, born! Jan. 8, 1845. 
3828 Olive Rosina Tyler, born Nov. 2, 1853 ; died Jan. 10, 

1891; married, Dec. 25, 1869, Willard Beaulieu, 

of Neillsville, Wis. 

Sixth GENEUATioisr 381 

Children, by second marriage: 
3829 Arthur E. Tyler, bom Sept. 26, 1863 ; married, Sept. 
28, 1893, Viola Hatch, bom Aug. 8, 1868 ; she was 
of Princeton, Minn. ; he lives in Milaca, Minn., s. p. 
3830+ Ella Bertha Tyler, born Dec. 22, 1867. 

1740 JOSEPH* TYLER (Benjamin^), born in Copley, 
O., August 14, 1822 ; in 1896 was living in Wadsworth, O. ; 
married (1), December 22, 1846, EHza Ann WiUiams, who died 
in Wadsworth, June 5, 1893; married (2), October 30, 1895, 
Mrs. Lucia L. Cunningham, of Wadsworth, daughter of Wil- 
liam and Aurilla Phelps (she had a son by her first marriage). 
Joseph Tyler was in the Secret Service of the United States 
during the Civil War, attached to the receiving ship Clary 
Dobson, and was most efficient and faithful. The children 
were bom in Wadsworth. 

Children, by first marriage: 
3831 Augusta T. Tyler, bom Oct. 16, 1847 ; in 1896 was 

hving with her father. 
3832+ Rush S. (or H.) Tyler, bom Oct. 15, 1851. 
3833+ Jessie R. Tyler, bom Sept. 17, 1856. 

1743 ROSIN A« TYLER (Benjamin^), bom in Wads- 
worth, Ohio, October 5, 1827 ; living in 1897 in Greenleaf, 
Wis. ; married in 1846, in Wisconsin, Amos S. JIart, a farmer. 
Moved to Wrightstown, then to Greenleaf. Children: 

3834 Harriet A. Hart, bom in 1852; married, 1870, James 

Ellis ; had nine children. 

3835 OrviUa Hart, bom 1859; married, 1879, Samuel 

Smith ; had four children. 

3836 Hall Hart, twin to OrviUa; married, 1895, Matilda 


3837 Ida Hart, bom in 1869; married, 1890, Frank Mc- 

Clure; had two children. 

1745 REV. ALBERT" TYLER (Timothy^), bom in 
Smithfield, R. I., November 16, 1823; married (1), May 31, 
1845, Wealthy H. Drury, of Aubum, Mass., bom 1826 ; daugh- 
ter of Alvah and Mary Drury, who died in Worcester, Mass., 

882 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

January 24, 1868; married (2), December 31, 1868, Eliza A. 
D. Josephs, of Quincy, Mass., bom 1843. In 1838, the last 
month of the year, he went into the printing oiEce of the Wor- 
cester Spy, and remained until 1844 ; from there he went to 
Barre, Mass., as printer of the Patriot, till 1849, when he 
bought an interest in the Worcester Palladium printing ofBce. 
In August, 1861, he was ordained a Universalist minister, and 
in 1852 he took a charge at Oxford, Mass. In 1854 he re- 
moved to Granby, Conn., and in I860 to Quincy, Mass. In 
1861 he returned to Worcester, where he bought in the job 
printing office of the Spy, which he held until 1882. In 1873 
he went to Oxford as a minister, and in October, 1885 he es- 
tablished there its first paper, the Mid-Weekly. He was repre- 
sentative to the Legislature in 1883 and on the school com- 
mittee several years, and was chairman of the board at one 
time. The fourth child was born in Oxford, as were the three 
younger. The fifth, sixth and seventh were bom in Granby. 

Children : 

3838 Jessie Eudora Tyler, born in Barre, Mass., Dec. 18, 

1845 ; assistant librarian in the Public Library of 
Worcester, Mass. 

3839 Phebe Ameha Tyler, bom in Worcester, June 5, 1848 ; 

died Sept. 1, 1849. 

3840 William Tyler, born in Worcester, May 30, 1850; 

died Aug. 15, 1881. 
3841+ Martha Tyler, bom May 5, 1853. 

3842 Harry Bates Tyler, born March 18, 1855 ; a civil engi- 

neer in New Granada, South America (Santa Mar- 
ta, U. S. C). 

3843 Albert Hawes Tyler, bom Jan. 21, 1858; died Dec. 

11, 1882, unmarried, in Honda, U. S. C. 
3844+ Walter Drury Tyler, bom April 6, 1860. 

Children, by second marriage : 

3845 Mary Eliza Tyler, bom March 7, 1874 ; died March 

' 10, 1874. 

3846 Josie Alberta Tyler, bom April 12, 1875 ; resides in 

Oxford, Mass. 

3847 Roy all Tyler, born June 21, 1877. 

1746 CHARLES E.« TYI.ER (Timothy^), h^^TTn 

Sixth Generation 

Smithfield, R. I., February 8, 1835; married (1), 1855, Lu- 
cinda Drumond, Palmer, Mass.; married (2), Mrs. Martha 
Brigham, of Palmer, Mass.; married (3), Mary Paul, of Ox- 
ford, Mass. Child, by first marriage: 
3848+ Sarah Frances Tyler, born in Oxford, Oct. 20, 1856. 

Child, by second marriage : 
8849 Freddie Tyler, bom July 19, 1867; died Feb. 17, 

1747 CYNTHIA« TYLER (Solomon^), bom June 14, 

1829 ; died in 1890 ; married Hodge, of Wadsworth, O.. 

where her children were bom. Children : 

3850 Tyler Hodge, married and resided in Akron, 0. ; works 

in the pottery. 

3851 Francis Hodge, a railway engineer; resides in Fort 

Wayne, Ind. 

1750 LEMUEL^ TYLER (Solomon'), bom August 13, 
1835 ; died 1881 ; married, 1861, in Copley, O., Annie Ham- 
mond, bom in England, 1839. He was a farmer and dealt in 
sheep and cattle in Rensselaer, Ind. Children: 

3852 James Newell Tyler, born Jan. 29, 1862; married, in 

1894, ; resides in Rensselaer, Ind., and had a 

son bom in 1898. 

3853 Frank Hubbard Tyler, bom Oct. 18, 1864; married 

in 1886, . He resides in Waverly, 111., and has 

a son and daughter (Ray and Susie). 

3854 Marilla May Tyler, bom May 17, 1868; died Sept. 

10, 1873 ; married, 1892, . 

3855+ Alice Augusta Tyler, bora Aug. 7, 1871. 

3856 Solomon Frederick Tyler, bora Sept. 23, 1874; 

teacher; unmarried in 1898 and resided at home. 

3857 Charles Lewis Tyler, bom Aug. 26, 1877 ; unmarried 

in 1898. 

1759 MINERVA^ TYLER (NewelP), bom in Ux- 
bridge, Mass., July 9, 1847 ; died in Worcester, Mass., August 
20, 1894; married in Worcester, September 14, 1871, William 
C. Young, bom in Leominster, Mass., in 1848. He was a 
manufacturer there. Children: 

3858 Mabel Minerva Young, bom July 18, 1872; was in 

Wellesley College, class of 1898. 

384 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3859 Alice Marion Young, bom Jan. 15, 1874 ; died March 

27, 1875. 

3860 Edith Carohne Young, bom Oct. 29, 1877; was in 

Wellesley College, class of 1900. 

3861 Infant daughter, born and died, Nov. 11, 1884. 

3862 Ethel Sawyer Young, bom July 12, 1888 ; died Aug., 


1760 MERCY« TYLER (John^), born in Attleboro, 
Mass., November 5, 1769 ; died Sept. 9, 1840 ; married, Dec. 9, 
1790, Obadiah Carpenter, bom August 2, 1767 ; died May 14, 
18'33. Moved to Harford where the children were bom. Chil- 

3863 Lois Carpenter, bom Feb. 8, 1792 ; died Sept. 26, 1843 

married (1), Lee Richardson, bom June 7, 1792 
died June 24, 1833; married (2), William Hendrick 
had ten children by first marriage. 

3864 Mercy Carpenter, born Sept. 22, 1793 ; died March 10, 

1866; married Nov. 22, 1814, Stephen Richardson 
Thacher, born July 11, 1787; died Sept. 11, 1823; 
had two children. 

3865 Asa Carpenter, born Oct. 27, 1795 ; died Dec. 18, 1845 

married (1), Betsey Ellsworth, bom Feb. 3, 1792 
died Nov. 26, 1862; married (2), Catherine Ranny 
had several children. 

3866 Achsah Tyler Carpenter, born March 9, 1798; died 

July 9, 1868; married, Jan. 1, 1818, Tingley Tif- 
fany, born Oct. 28, 1798; had six children, three 
died young. 

3867 Amherst Carpenter, bom March 5, 1799 ; died 1877 ; 

married, July 12, 1821, Fanny Sweet, bom Sept. 3, 
1801 ; had four children. 

3868 Adah Carpenter, bom Jan. 22, 1801; died Jan. 14, 


3869 Remember Carpenter, bom Aug. 25, 1802; died Aug. 

26, 1802. 

3870 Infant, bom June 6, 1803 ; died June 7, 1803. 

3871 Cynthia Carpenter, bom May 10, 1804; died Jan. 4, 

1874; married, March 9, 1824, Jacob Clark, bom 
Feb. 17, 1797 ; had two children. 

3872 Hannah Carpenter, bom Feb. 3, 1806; married (1), 

Sixth Generation 

Austin Ellsworth, who died Dec. 27, 1828 ; married 
(2), Joseph Blodgett; had one son by first marriage 
and six children by second marriage. 
Obadiah Lee Carpenter, bom March 2, 1808; died 
Dec. 18, 1867; married Ehza Tingley; had four 
3874) Fennel Carpenter, born Aug. 26, 1810 ; married, March 
31, 1836, Caroline Greene, born Aug. 2, 181*; had 
five children. 

3875 Silence Carpenter, bom Sept. 20, 1813; died Sept. 

20, 1813. 

1761 MARY« TYLER (John^), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., November 5, 1769 ; died July 13, 1834 ; married, April 
15, 1790, Cyril Carpenter, bom in Attleboro, Mass., Sept. 14, 
1766; died November 23, 1811; he was a farmer in Harford, 
Pa., where the children were bom. Children: 

3876 Lucinda Carpenter, bom Dec. 19, 1790; died March 

6, 1840; married David Avery, born March, 1795; 
died Feb. 6, 1872 ; had two daughters. 

3877 Mary Tyler Carpenter, bom March 20, 1793; died 

Sept. 11, 1857; married Edmund Worth; had five 

3878 Achsah Carpenter, bom May 20, 1794 ; died Aug. 9, 


3879 Tyler Carpenter, bom July 9, 1797; died Dec. 13, 


3880 Tilghman Carpenter, bom June 15, 1798; married 

(1), Oct. 10, 1816, Juliana F. Buchanan, bom Aug. 
9, 1798; died Dec. 3, 1865; married (2), June 22, 
1867, Maria Isaac Carpenter, bom Nov. 24, 1811 ; 
had six children. 

3881 Lucy Carpenter, born July 11, 1800; died Sept. 25, 


3882 Tyler Carpenter, bom Oct. 27, 1802; married, Oct. 

27, 1823, Mary Graham, bom Dec. 2, 1803; died 
April 6, 1873; had nine children. 

3883 Cyril Carpenter, born Feb. 12, 1806; married, Feb. 

14, 1825, Thirza Hobbs, bom Jan. 10, 1808; had 
ten children. 

3884 Dan Carpenter, born March 27, 1807; married, Oct. 

386 The Descendants or Job Tylek 

5, 1831, Lydia Cobb, bom June 18, 1812; had seven 
8885 Electa Carpenter, bom Aug. 27, 1809; married Nov. 
4, 1833, Joseph H. Robinson, bom Feb. 12, 1813 ; 
had seven children. 

1762 POLLY« TYLER (John^), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., September 15, 1771 ; died May 28, 1811 ; married, Feb- 
ruary 21, 1793, her cousin, John Carpenter, No. 1769, Sep- 
tember 1, 1776; died March 2, 1838 (he married [2], 1813, 
Lydia Potter) . He was a farmer and one of the " Nine Part- 
ners " who moved to Harford, Pa. Children : 

3886 John Carpenter, born Dec. 30, 1793; married Phebe 

Brigham ; resided in Harford ; he was a merchant 

and teacher ; lost on Lake Erie. 
3687 Asahel Carpenter, bom June 7, 1796; died Dec. 8, 

1842; married, June 10, , Amanda Thayer, 

bom Oct. 6, 1806. 

3888 Polly Carpenter, bora Aug. 14, 1798 ; died March 19, 

1870; married, Sept. 30, 1824, Austin Jones, bom 
Feb. 24, 1788; died April 2, 1861 ; had five children. 

3889 Jesse Carpenter, born Feb. 24, 1801; married 1827, 

Hannah Coleman. He was a farmer and manufac- 
turer in Pawtucket, R. I. 

3890 Betsey Carpenter, born March 1, 1803; died June 4, 

1886; married Clark S. Tanner, born March 12, 
1798; died April 12, 1869. He was a farmer; had 
six children. 

3891 Nancy Carpenter, born May 13, 1804; married Mil- 

bourne Oakley, a farmer; had seven children. 

3892 Son, born May 28, 1811 ; died same day. 

3893 Daughter, twin to the son ; died same day. 

1763 NANNY* TYLER (John^), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., August 31, 1773; married, 1791, Thomas Sweet, bora 
1768; died November 12, 1849; she died April 25, 1837. The 
children were bom in Harford, Pa., where their mother had 
moved with her father in early life. Children: 

'3894 Charlotte Sweet, bom Aug. 27, 1792; died April 24, 
1837 ; married, March 19, 1812, Rev. Lyman Rich- 
ardson, bom March 20, 1793; died Oct. 1, 1867. 

SrxTH Genekation 387 

He was one of a famous family of educators in north- 
eastern Pennsylvania; and was the first teacher in 
Latin of Prof. William Seymour Tyler; had three 

3896 (Doctor) Thomas Sweet, bom June 13, 1796; died 

Oct. 8, 1872; married (1), 1824, Elizabeth Myer, 
bom 1804; died 1826; married (2), April 24, 1828, 
Charlotte Forbes (or Fobes), bom April 4, 1808. 
8896 Nancy Sweet, bom Jan. 9, 1799 ; died unmarried Feb. 
21, 1857. 

1764 JOHN« TYLER, JK. (John^), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., February 22, 1777 ; died May 26, 1857 ; married, Feb- 
ruary 28, 1806, Mary Wadsworth, bom May 31, 1781 ; died 
October 9, 1819. Mrs. Tyler was descended from Captain 
Joseph Wadsworth, who hid the Connecticut charter in the 
Charter Oak in 1687, and also from Captain Eli Catlin, of the 
Colonial army, and from Rev. Peter Thacher, of Salisbury, 
Eng., and his son, Rev. Thomas Thacher, first pastor of the 
Old South church in Boston. Mr. Tyler was one of the early 
pioneers of " Nine Partners," later of Harford, Pa., and by 
reference to his father's biography it will be seen that he par- 
ticipated in the stem struggles and duties of that new region 
in which he and so many Attleboro Tylers acquitted themselves 
with faithfulness and distinction. The male line is extinct. 

Children : 

3897 (Professor) John Wadsworth Tyler, bom Nov. 28, 

1806; died unmarried June 11, 1833. He was a 
graduate of Union College and' a distinguished 
professor in Cazenovia Seminary, and several years 
its principal. His early death was a great loss to 
the cause of education, which has been so largely 
advanced by the descendants of the Harford pion- 

•3898+ Clara Catlin Tyler, born April 9, 1810. 

3899+ Harriet Ann Tyler, bom April 27, 1817. 

1765 JOB® TYLER (John^), born in Attleboro, Mass., 
August 22, 1779 ; died in Harford, Pa., July 7, 1857 ; married, 
May 5, 1803, Sally Thacher, bom June 23, 1781 ; died May 

The Descendants of Job Tyleh. 

29, 1860. He went to Harford, Pa., with his father, when he 
was not far from 18 years of age, where his father was a lead- 
ing man, and where he and his brothers and sisters took active 
part in the development of the new country and the advance- 
ment of the best things of civilization. The children were born 
in Harford. Children: 

3900+ Nancy Tyler, bom April 12, 1804. 
3901+ Jared Tyler, bom April 21, 1806. 
3902 Polly Wadsworth Tyler, born Nov. 20, 1820 ; married. 
May 15, 1850 (As second wife), Silas Brewster 
Guile, a tanner of Harford, Pa., bom Jan. 1, 1809; 
died March 16, 1887; no children. 

1766 ACHSAH« TYLER (John^), bom in Attleboro, 
Mass., April 20, 1782; died August 11, 1830; married (1), 
January, 1806, Rev. Whiting Griswold, who died January 13, 
1815, aged 35; married (2), August i, 1816, Major Jason 
Torry, born June 3, 1772; died November 21, 1848. Lived 
in Harford and Bethany, Pa. 

Children, by first marriage: 
Joab Whiting Griswold, bom in Harford, Pa., Sept. 

14, 1807; died Oct. 3, 1873; married, 1831, Sarah 

Smith; had seven children. 
Achsah Milissa Griswold, bom Sept. 19, 1812; married 

Jeremiah C. Gunn, bom July 21, 1804; died April 

19, 1889. 

Children, by second marriage: 

3905 James Torry, bom in Bethany, Pa., Sept. 9, 1817; 

died July 30, 1833. 

3906 (Rev.) David Torry, D. D., bom Nov. 13, 1818 ; mar- 

ried (1), Oct. '3, 1848, Mary E. Humphrey, bom 
Sept. 26, 1827; died April 8, 1867; married (2), 
Aug. 28, 1872, Georgiana Worth Mitchel Mosely, 
Dec. 9, 1832; had two children by first marriage. 

1767 DEACON JOAB« TYLER (John^), born in At- 
tleboro, Mass., July 23, 1784 ; died in Amherst, Mass., January 
11, 1869; married (1), November 16, 1809, Nabby Seymour, 
bom in Berlin, Conn., January 31, 1788; died in Amherst, 

Sixth Generation 389 

Mass., at the home o"f her son, Prof. W. S. Tyler, August 28, 
1844 ; daughter of Deacon Jonathan and Abigail (Hart) Sey- 
mour, of Oswego, New York, and descended from Thomas 
Wells, Governor of Connecticut, Anthony Hawkins and Rich- 
ard Treat, all original patentees of the royal charter of that 
colony; married (2), Sophronia D. Johnson, who died in 1890. 

Prof. W. S. Tyler says : " My mother was practical and 
sensible. But she was also intellectual, reflective, imaginative, 
emotional, spiritual, fond of reading and intent on the intel- 
lectual and spiritual improvement of her children far beyond the 
average of women and much above the level of those by whom 
she was surrounded. She was a beautiful woman, with a 
broad high forehead, large liquid dark blue, almost black, eyes, 
and a figure at once winning and commanding. . . . Her 
voice was musical, and fitted her to be the leading female singer 
in the choir. ... A cultivated mind and a loving heart 
were the sceptre of her power. My father, naturally stem 
and firm almost to obstinacy, was softened and swayed by her 
influence. . . . And though she overworked body and 
mind and heart, and died when she was only fifty-six, she lived 
to see all her sons, not only converted and educated, but actively 
and successfully engaged in the work of educating others." 

A biography of Deacon Joab Tyler would include much of 
the early history of the town of Harford, to which he came 
when ten years of age and began to undergo the hardships of 
the pioneer. He was twenty-six when his father turned over 
to him his Harford home and left him to take a leading part, 
throughout his long life, in the history of the town. He was 
his father's favorite son and partner. He was soon made dea- 
con in his father's place and he and his partners ran the village 
store. He was justice of the peace. Prof. W. S. Tyler says 
in an obituary notice: "In all the several lines of material, 
educational and religious progress, Deacon Joab Tyler was 
truly pioneer, building miles of turnpike and plank road with 
his own limited means ; contributing to the extent of his ability, 
and even beyond his ability to the erection of improved school- 
houses and attractive churches; taking the lead in support 
of capable and faithful teachers and preachers; struggling 
against nature and untoward circumstances with efforts and 
expenditures that might have created a city under more favor- 
able auspices, to build up a flourishing town in the backwoods 

390 The Descendants of Job Tylee, 

and among the Alleghany Mountains, but in all his toils, labor- 
ing and praying chiefly that it might be a city of the living 

" In those days when distilling and rum selling were uni- 
versally deemed lawful and proper occupations, he was a dis- 
tilhng and rum selling deacon; and inasmuch as his house 
(being near to the church) was always the hotel for ministers 
from out of town, it often occurred, on the arrival of some 
clergyman, especially at some ' Ministers' meeting,' that the 
writer, in his boyhood, was sent off' to the store with his hands 
full of ' decanters,' for a fresh supply of whiskey, rum and 
brandy, for their refreshment. But no sooner had Doctor 
Beecher with his coadjutors blown their blasts, and announced 
the temperance reformation, than Deacon Tyler bought out 
his partners, and at a great pecuniary sacrifice, closed the dis- 
tillery and stopped the sale of rum in the store." The chil- 
dren were born in Harford. 

Children : 
3907+ William Seymour Tyler, bom Sept. 2, 1810. 
3908+ WeUington Hart Tyler, bom Oct. 14, 1812. 
3909+ Edward Griswold Tyler, bom July 23, 1816. 

1768 JABEZ« TYLER (John^), bom in Attleboro, 

Mass., March 13, 1787; died ; married (1), Nov. 7, 1811,^ 

Harriet Wadsworth, born July 30, 1787; died December 31, 
1820; married (2), November 3, 1823, Mary R. Kingsbury, 
bom December 29, 1797. He went with his father from Attle- 
boro to Harford, and shared with the others of his family all 
the hardships of opening up a new region to civilization. He- 
moved to Ararat, Pa., where his children were bom. The male 
line is extinct. 

Childken, by first marriage: 

3910 Royal Tyler, bom July 27, 1813 ; died s. p. March 20,. 

1888; married, Oct. 29, 1857, Mary Jane Evans^ 
bom Aug. 13, 1837. 

3911 Edward Catlin Tyler, born Nov. 11, 1816 ; died March 

30, 1817. 

3912 Daughter, born and died May 26, 1818. 

3913 Son, born July 27, 1819; died the same day. 
3914+ Harriet Wadsworth Tyler, born Dec. 19,. 1820. 

Sixth Generation 391 

Children, by second marriage : 
8915 Williston Kingsbury Tyler, bom Oct. 11, 1825 ; died, 

s. p., Oct. 15, 1864 ; married, Oct. 18, 1854, Jane 

Harris, born June 14, 1833. 
391&f Ebenezer Denison Tyler, born Feb. 6, 1828. 

3917 Julius Tyler, bom Oct. 23, 1832; married. May 17, 

1865, Ellen C. Fletcher, bom April 18, 1843; he 
was living, s. p., in 1899; he was a poet. 

1786 LUCINDA« TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom Novem- 
ber 6, 1785; died August 15, 1820; married Edward Richard- 
son. Children : 

3918 Edward Tyler Richardson ; married Stanley. 

3919 Elial Falkner Richardson ; died in infancy. 

3920 Horatio Nelson Richardson ; married Dean. 

3921 Charles Stewart Richardson. 

3922 Mary Lucinda Richardson; married Henry 


1787 REV. Wn.LIAM« TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in 
Attleboro, Mass., January 7, 1789 ; died in Aubumdale, Mass., 
Sept. 27, 1875; married (1), July 1, 1813, Betsey Balcom, 
who died in Weymouth, Mass., June 9, 1822; aged 32 ; married 
(2), Nancy N. Newell, who died in Aubumdale February 14, 
1876, aged 75. He was graduated from Brown University 
in 1809. He went into the manufacture of cotton goods with 
his father in Pawtucket, and after a time determined upon the 
ministry as a profession. His style was epigrammatic and 
he was fearless in uttering his thought. He was settled as the 
colleague of Rev. Simeon Williams over the Congregational 
church of South Weymouth and remained as sole pastor thirteen 
years. In 1832 he was installed pastor of the church in South 
Hadley, Mass., and remained seven years. In 1839 he removed 
to Amherst, Mass., where he remained for some time under a 
commission from the Mass. Home Missionary Society. In 
1847 he became proprietor and editor of the Northampton 
Courier, and remained two years. In 1852 he removed to Paw- 
tucket, Mass., which he represented in the Massachusetts Consti- 
tutional Convention in 1853. In 1863 he went to live in Au- 
bumdale. He was much interested in Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 
one of its first trustees, and a valued friend and advisor of its 

392 The Descendants of Job Tyleb- 

founder, Miss Mary Lyon. For many years Mr. Tyler was 
an untiring pioneer in the cause of the Tyler family biography. 
November 13, 1866, in addressing a kinsman, he said : " I 
have spent time and money for years ; and now, lacking less 
than 2 months of 78 years, I wish to finish the business and 
leave it in good shape for my survivors." Alas, his dream, to 
" finish " and publish a Tyler family history, was never real- 
ized! Among many generous thoughts, one very dear to him 
and long entertained, was some day to bring together members 
of the whole clan Tyler into a genuine family reunion ; the mate- 
rialization of this happy vision was never in his lifetime seen! 
After long, long years of waiting, the Tyler reunion occurred 
in 1896, in North Andover, Mass., but Mr. Tyler had passed 

Child, by first marriage: 
3923+ William Ebenezer Tyler, bom in Attleboro, April 20, 

Chiljdeen, by second marriage : 
3925 Elizabeth Balcom Tyler, bom in Weymouth, Mass., 

Sept. 8, 1826; resided, unmarried, in Aubumdale, 

3926+ Anna Newell Tyler, bom in Weymouth Feb. 1, 1828. 
3927 Henry Erastus Tyler, born Nov. 29, 1829 ; a broker in 

Maiden Lane, N. Y. 
3928+ Evarts Comelius Tyler, bom Feb. 10, 1832. 

3929 Edmund Whiting Tyler, bom in South Hadley, May 

28, 1834 ; resides in Aubumdale ; a music dealer. 

3930 John Augustus Tyler, born April 21, 1837 ; died Sept. 

22, 1837. 

3931 Arthur Frederick Tyler, bom Nov. 3, 1838 ; died Sept. 

15, 1846. 
3932+ Francis Maurice Tyler, bom in Amherst, May 27, 

1789 ANN« TYLER (Ebenezer^), born in Pawtucket, 
R. I., July 19, 1794 ; died December 31, 1841 ; married, April 
8, 1812, Daniel Greene, bom April 16, 1793; son of Timothy 
and Lucy (Wilkinson) Greene, an early tanner and manufac- 
turer of Rhode Island. The children were bom in Pawtucket. 
Children : 

Sixth GENEaATiON 893 

39'33 Joseph Greene, bom Jan. 15, 1814. 

3934 William Greene, born Dec. 31, 1816; died Sept. 16, 

1860; unmarried. 

3935 Mary Greene, bom April 2, 1818; died Jan. 2, 1870; 


3936 Samuel Dean Greene, bom Dec. 18, 1821 ; died Nov. 

15, 1835. 

3937 James Greene, bora April 24, 1823. 

3938 Ruth Ann Greene, born May 16, 1825 ; died Feb. 4, 


3939 Sarah Hall Greene, bom March 10, 1828; married 

Quincy Roberts. 

3940 Elizabeth Tyler Greene, bom May 1, 1831. 

3941 Ruth Ann Greene, born Aug. 17, 1833; died Nov. 1, 


3942 Samuel Wilkinson Greene, bom Dec. 15, 1835. 

1792 GEORGE* TYLER (OthnieP), bom probably in 

Sudbury, Mass.; died about 1860; married (1), ; who 

died in Galena; married (2), Mrs. Mary (Feehan) Reilly, 
widow of John Reilly, who moved soon after Mr. Tyler's death, 
to Cahfomia, where she married Mr. Weatherwax, and died 
about 1897. 

Childeen, by second marriage: 

3943 Elinor Tyler, bom in Galena ; died there about the age 

of six. 

3944 George Tyler, bom in Galena and died in California, 


1794 SAMUEL* TYLER, JR. (SamueP), bom in Ash- 
ford, Conn., April 2, 1785 ; died in " Tyler Hollow," Marcellus, 
N. Y., September 23, 1844 ; married, 1810, Tabitha Whiting, 
bom in Connecticut July 17, 1784 ; her family settled in Split 
Rock, N. Y. ; she died in Perry, Ohio, January 6, 1864. He 
remained on his father's farm until his death, having gone to 
Marcellus when nine years old. His children were bom in 
" Tyler Hollow." Children: 
3945+ Ralph Tyler, bom Sept. 25, 1810. 
3946+ John Tyler, bom April 22, 1813. 
§947+ Jared Whiting Tyler, bom April 8, 1816. 
3948+ George Tyler, bom April 23, 1818. ' 

394 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

3949 Giles Wilson Tyler, bom Nov. 28, 1819; died Sept. 

18, isai. 

1797 DOCTOR DAVID^ TYLER (SamueP), born in 
" Tyler Hollow," Marcellus, N. Y., in 179£; died in Ann Arbor, 
Mich. ; married Hannah Burtess, who died in Chicago March 
22, 1877, aged 84 ; daughter o£ John Burtess, of Deckerstown, 
N. J. He was graduated from Onondaga Academy and re- 
ceived degree of M. D. He lost his property through signing 
a note for a friend. In 1830 he moved to Ann Arbor. The 
children were bom in Marcellus. Children : 

3950+ James Meakle Tyler, bora March 15, 1817. 

3951+ Charles RoUin Tyler, born Oct. 6, 1820. 

3952+ ComeHa Maria Tyler. 

3953+ Catherine Elizabeth Tyler. 

1798 REV. JOB« TYXER (SamueP), bora in "Tyler 
Hollow," Marcellus, N. Y. ; died at sea and buried in San 
Diego, Cal. ; married Sally Ann Piper, of New York. About 
1836 he moved to Colon, Mich. Children: 

3954 De Witt C. Tyler. 

3955 Liza Tyler. 

3956 Matthew Tyler. 
3957+ Mary Ann Tyler. 

3958 John Tyler. 

3959 James Tyler. 

1799 HON. COMFORT® TYLER (SamueP), born in 
Marcellus, N. Y. (" Tyler Hollow"), March 7, 1801; died in 
Colon, Mich., January 16, 1873 ; married Desire Belote. He 
received a common school education and assisted his father in 
farming, milling, wool-carding and dressing cloth until he was 
24 years old. In 1834 he removed to Colon, and bought a 
large farm, where he lived the rest of his life. He was 25 
years a supervisor; in 1841 state representative; in 1859 state 
senator, and in 1867 a member of the Constitutional Convention. 
He was first a Whig and then a Republican in politics. Chil- 

3960 Julia Tyler. 

3961 Samuel Tyler. 

3962 Ancel Tyler. 

Sixth Geneuation 395 

3963 Laura Tyler. 

3964 Mary Tyler, married George Williams; lived in Burr 

Oak, Mich. 

3965 Asher Tyler, educated in Ann Arbor; moved to Cali- 

fornia to the town of Martinez. 

1800 JAMES* TYLER (SaraueP), born in Marcellus 
("Tyler Hollow"), N. Y. ; died there 1828, and was buried 
on his father's farm ; married Mary Baker. The children were 
bom in Marcellus. Children: 

3966 Hiram Tyler, resided in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

3967 James Tyler. 

3968 Annie (?) Tyler. 

1801 DEBORAH WEMPLE« TYLER (Comfort^), 
bom in Onondaga, N. Y., March, 1787; died September 24, 
1826; married, September i, 1804, Cornelius Longstreet, of 
Onondaga VaUey, N. Y., bom 1777; died December 17, 1814; 
went to New York from New Jersey about 1802. The children 
were bom in Onondaga. Children: 

3969 James Longstreet, bom May 24, 1806; died May 22, 

1873; married, Dec. 31, 1829, Laura Breed, bom 
Jan., 1806; died Sept. 17, 1876. He had six chil- 
dren (Cornelius, James O., Joseph B., Ellen E., 
Louisa A., and Laura B.). 

3970 Elizabeth Longstreet, born March 9, 1808 ; died June 

8, 1827; married, Jan. 1, 1826, Oren Tyler, No. 

3971 Helen Longstreet, bom July 15, 1810; died Sept., 


3972 Jane Longstreet, born June 6, 1812; died July 10, 

1880; married, April 28, 1835, Charles Lord Skin- 
ner, born 1794; died Sept. 5, 1863; three children 
(Charles H., James L., Sarah L.). 
3973+ Cornelius Tyler Longstreet, bom April 19, 1814. 

1802 MARY* TYLER (Comfort^), bom in Onondaga, 
N. Y., 1788 ; died 1870 ; married, 1802, George W. Olmstead, 
of Cohoes Falls, N. Y., bom 1784; died 1884. Children: 
3974 George Tyler Olmstead. 

396 The Descendants of Job Tylek. 

3975 Elizabeth Tyler Olmstead, died Troy, N. Y. ; un- 


3976 Mary Olmstead, married Lansing Tracy. 

3977 Charles Augustus Olmstead, married Delia . 

1803 LORA« TYLER (Job^), bom in Onondaga, N. 
Y., January 4, 1792; died December 13, 1827; married, Jan- 
uary IS, 1808, Ansell Kellogg, of Marcellus, N. Y., born Octo- 
ber 21, 1787 ; died October 6, 1831. The children were born 
in Marcellus. Children: 

3978 Augustine Kellogg, Oct. 9, 1810 ; died Sept. 3, 1854 ; 

married (1), March 6, 1840, Chloe B. Tafft, who 
died April 25, 1842; married (2), Emeline Hatch. 

3979 Charlotte Kellogg, bom Aug. 9, 1813; died Aug. 8, 

1876; married, Nov. 9, 1841, Philander K. Wil- 
hams, bom Oct. 5, 1803 ; died June 29, 1886. 

3980 Susanna Kellogg, bom Feb. 4, 1817; died June 16, 

1884; married, April 6, 1840, Benoni,Lee, bom June 
7, 1812; died Dec. 7, 1886. 

3981 James Kellogg, born April 1, 1819 ; married Mary F. 

Stoner, of San Francisco, Cal. 

3982 Mortimer Kellogg, bom Oct. 3, 1821 ; died Nov. 16, 


3983 Hulda Kellogg, bom Sept. 28, 1824; died Sept. 10, 


3984 Tyler Kellogg, bom April 22, 1827; died Feb. 29, 


1804 OREN« TYLER (Job^), born in Onondaga, N. Y., 
August 21, 1795; died in 1874; married (1), January 2, 1820, 
Huldah W. Marsh, born May 9, 1800; died Aug. 4, 1823; 
married (2), January 1, 1826, Elizabeth Longstreet, No. 3970, 
bom March 9, 1808; died June 8, 1827; married (3), January 
11, 1829, Nancy BUss, bom December 25, 1798 ; died March 
25, 1862. The children were bom in Onondaga. 

Childeen, by first marriage: 

3984a Captain Edwin Job Tyler, bom April 21, 1821 ; died 

Oct. 18, 1870; married Mary Elizabeth Cole, who 

died, s. p., Jan. 24, 1889. For 18 years he was in 

the mercantile business, and in 1849 he sailed for 

Sixth Geneeation 397 

California, returning in 1851. In April, 1861, he 
assisted in raising troops for the Civil War and was 
made first lieutenant, his company becoming Com- 
pany A, 3'3d N. Y. Volunteers, and was in Smith's 
Division of the Army of the Potomac. He was 
promoted to captain, and acting adjutant during 
the Peninsular campaign. He was present at the 
battles of Williamsburg, Garrett's Farm,_ Golding's 
Farm, Savage Station, White Oak, Malvern Hill, 
Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Salem 
Heights and Chancellorsville, besides minor fights. 
In storming Maryland Heights his clothing was 
pierced with bullets. After the battle of Golding's 
Farm, he was officially commended by his colonel. 
He was mustered out of service June, 1863. (See 
History of the 33d N. Y. Vols., by David W. Judd.) 
3985+ Ellen Tyler, bom July 21, 1823. 

Child, by second marriage: 
3986+ Celia Deborah Tyler, bom Oct. 12, 1826. 

Children, by third marriage : 
3987+ Darwin Tyler, bora Sept. 15, 1831. 

3988 Caroline Bliss Tyler, born Nov. 25, 1833; died Feb. 

21, 1881, s. p. ; married James Bryant, who died 
Dec, 1883. 

3989 Charlotte Tyler, bom April 19, 1834; resided in 

Hartford, Conn., unmarried in 1897. 
3990+ Mary Elizabeth Tyler, bom Dec. 2, 1835. 

3991 Seneca Tyler, bom July 31, 1837; married Hannah 

Griffin ; resided s. p. in Council Grove, Kan. 

3992 Welthea Butler Tyler, bom Dec. 6, 1837; married, 

Aug. 4, 1886, Robert E. Day, of Hartford, Conn. ; 
she was a teacher ; has no children. 

1805 HON. ASHER« TYLER (Job^), bom in Onon- 
daga, N. Y., May 10, 1798; died in Elmira, N. Y., August 
1, 1875; married, October 18, 1828, Matilda Youle, bom May 
27, 1802; she survived her husband; daughter of John Youle, 
of New York. He was educated at Hamilton College, and was 
graduated in the class of 1817 ; he was admitted to the bar, and 

398 The Descendants of Job Tylee 

became the agent of the Devereaux Land Company, attending 
to their legal work, but not otherwise engaging in the profes- 
sion of law. He resided for a number of years in Ellicottville, 
Cattaraugus County, N. Y., and represented the county in the 
Twenty-eighth Congress. He became land agent of the Erie 
Railroad Company, and served the company with ability and 
distinction. In 1848 he moved to Elmira, and was a charter 
member of the Elmira Rolling Mill Company. He spent the 
later years of his life retired from business cares in the company 
of his books. Probably there was no one living in his day who 
was more learned in Indian character, habits and origin than 
Mr. Tyler. He was generous and charitable ; as a conversa- 
tionahst, he was most extraordinary. 

Children : 

3993 John Alexis Tyler, born Nov. 14, 1829 ; died in Minne- 

apolis June 22, 1865, unmarried. 

3994 Amelia Charlotte Tyler, bom June 6, 1831 ; unmarried. 

3995 Mary Olmstead Tyler, bom March 31, 1833; died 


3996 Jane Anne Tyler, born Nov. 3, 1834 ; unmarried. 
'3997 Josepha Tyler, bom Oct. 9, 1836; unmarried. 

1806 CHAUNCEY8 TYLER (Job^), bom in "Tyler 
Hollow," Marcellus, N. Y., December 27, 1800 ; died May 12, 
1871, in Graham, Mo. ; married, April 23, 1825, Hannah Clodie. 
He was early a contractor on the B. & 0. Canal, and lived in 
Georgetown, Md. He emigrated from New York to Wisconsin 
Territory in 1846, via the canal to Buffalo, thence by steamer 
to Sheboygan, Wis., and then by teams to Waupun. About 
1870 he moved to northwestern Missouri, where some of his 
children had settled after the war. He was educated for a 
doctor, but preferred farming. His children were bom in 
New York State, except the youngest. 

Children : 
3998 Job Tyler, bom July 19, 1828 ; died in Fillmore, Mo., 
s. p. Nov. 6, 1878 ; married, Aug. 11, 1871, Martha 
Wardlow, of Fillmore; she died. He enlisted with 
his brother Asher in the Civil War and was the 
bugler of his company until Feb. 1, 1862 ; did not 
re-enlist because of poor health. He was a farmer. 

Sixth Generation 399 

3999+ Asher Tyler, born Aug. 6, 1831. 

4000+ Helen Mary Tyler, bom Dec. 14, 1833. 

4001+ Lora Elizabeth Tyler, bom April 6, 1837. 

4002+ William Henry Harrison Tyler, bom March 26, 1840. 

4003 Isaac Clodie Tyler, bom April 26, 1842 ; died unmar- 

ried Nov. 26, 1860. 

4004 Nancy Roselia Tyler, bom Nov. 8, 1845; died s. p. 

May 6, 1872, in Missouri, where she moved ; married 
WiUiam Ayshford. 
4005+ Herbert Milton Tyler, bom in Waupun, Wis., Aug. 
25, 1848. 

1809 JOHN« TYLER (John^), bom in Ashford, Conn., 
October 3, 1805 ; died October, 1870 ; married, January 10, 
1838, Roxanna Holman, who was living in 1896, aged 84. 
His farm was in Tolland, Conn., where the children were bom. 
Children : 

4006+ Mary Jane Tyler, bom Nov. 11, 1838. 

4007 John Emman Tyler, bom Sept. 6, 1843 ; died in 1860. 

4008 Andrew H. Tyler, bom Nov. 7, 1846; died in 1850. 

4009 Son ; died young. 

1810 GEORGE« TYLER (John^), born in Ashford, 
Conn., March 19, 1810 ; died Febmary 5, 1882, in Union City, 
Mich. ; married, Sept. 18, 1839, Esther Robbins, bom in Ash- 
ford, Conn., May 20, 1820. The two elder children were bom 
in Munson, Mass. ; the others in Union City, Mich. Children : 
4010+ George De Witt Tyler, bom May 2, 1841. 

4011 Mary Ellen Tyler, bom Sept. 24, 1842; died in Lynn, 

Mass., Oct. 23, 1885; was unmarried; interred in 
Union City. 

4012 Emma Esther Tyler, bom Jan. 21, 1849; resided in 

Union City. 
4013+ Giles Merrill Tyler, born April 18, 1851. 
4014+ Clara Zeruiah Tyler, bom July 18, 1854. 
4015+ John E. Tyler, bom Nov. 2, 1856. 
1416 William Tyler, bom July 6, 1866; is unmarried; a 

teacher of music in Union City. 

1814 AUGUSTUS® TYLER (William^), bom in Mar- 
cellus, N. Y., September 8, 1808 ; died in Platteville, Wis., No- 

400 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

vember 11, 1875 ; married in Middlebury (now a part of Akron), 
Ohio, December 31, 1833, Elizabeth Hanchett, bom in Salis- 
bury, N. Y., March 9, 1816; daughter of Dr. Elijah and Eliz- 
abeth (Durkee) Hanchett; her father was a surgeon in the 
War of 1812; her grandfather Durkee was a Revolutionary 
soldier. Mr. Tyler kept a hotel in Galena, 111., in the days 
before the war, when General U. S. Grant was " teaming," and 
he used to stay at the hotel. Between 1836 and 1847 he lived 
in Notawa Prairie, Mich., where the children from the second 
to the sixth were bom ; the three youngest were bom in Hazel 
Green, Wis. 

Children : 
4017+ Mary EMzabeth Tyler, bom in Middlebury, Ohio, 

Dec. 4, 1834. 
4018 WilHam Elijah Tyler, born Dec. 16, 1836; died April 

17, 1840, in Notawa Prairie. 
4019+ Flora A. Tyler, bom Nov. 20, 1839. 
4020+ AdaHne M. Tyler, bom Sept. 20, 1841. 
4021 Helen Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1843 ; died Aug. 3, 1844, 

in Notawa Prairie. 
4022+ Kate Tyler, bom June 4, 1845. 
4023 Ellen Tyler, bom May 27, 1847; died in Platteville, 

June 15, 1865. 
4024+ George Hiram Tyler, bom June 14, 1849. 
4025 Martha I. Tyler, born Aug. 24, 1853 ; married, Sept. 

23, 1881, Joel Garretson, of Massachusetts; her 

home was in Scott River, Cal., but she is in the State 

Hospital for the Insane, with no hope of recovery. 

1821 GEORGE" TYLER (Wilham^), bom in Marcel- 
lus, N. Y., July 11, 1817 ; died in Ossawattamie, Kan., August 
20, 1882; married, May 15, 1855, Eliza Chapman, bom in 
New Bridge, Onondaga County, N. Y., April 20, 1837. She 
lives (1907) in Heybum, Idaho, with her sons. When Mr. 
Tyler was about nine years old his father died, and he became 
the ward of his uncle, John Tyler, who was one of the pro- 
jectors of the Erie Canal with De Witt Clinton and others, 
and lived in Syracuse. George Tyler started the clothing busi- 
ness in Syracuse and increased gradually until he was one 
of the leading merchants of the city. He bought the first sew- 

Sixth Genekation 401 

ing machine in that part of the state, and at one time con- 
trolled a large part of the salt industry in northern New York. 
His widowed mother and the younger children lived with him in 
Syracuse and he educated his brothers, and Hiram and Laurens 
became associated with him in business. About 1853 he opened 
a large business house in Burr Oak, Mich., his brothers looking 
after the Syracuse house, and later going also to Burr Oak. 
There he built up a store not unlike the great department stores 
of the present day, and kept everything that the people in the 
surrounding country would need; great corn cribs were built 
and all kinds of grain were taken from the farmers in exchange 
for other goods. His business averaged over a hundred thou- 
sand dollars a year for a number of years. There was no larger 
business of the kind between Buffalo and St. Louis than his, at 
one time. In one brief hour, however, a fire swept it all away ; 
but from the ashes Mr. Tyler started anew, paying off all his 
indebtedness. Mr. Tyler had vast energy and great business 
capacity and was very social and genial. In 1879 he retired on 
account of failing eyesight. He had made the town of Burr 
Oak and his death was mourned by many, far and near. His 
generosity and helpfulness, together with his social gifts and 
power of repartee gave him an honored place in the life of the 
people. The children were born in Burr Oak. 

Chiujuen : 
4026+ Genevieve Tyler, bom Aug. 8, 1856. 

4027 William Augustus Tyler, bom Jan. 19, 1859 ; a lum- 

ber dealer in Hope, Idaho, since 1897 ; married, 1904, 
Bertha Wise; no children. 

4028 Mary S. Tyler, bom Aug. 16, 1862; died about 1899; 

married, about 1895, William Loyid, who served in 
the Civil War; she left a daughter. 

4029 Grove Laurens Tyler, bora April 7, 1867; hves in 

Heyburn, Idaho ; unmarried ; carries on the largest 
nursery of trees and shrubbery in the state, with 
his brpther George, on the new irrigated land. 

4030 George Chapman Tyler, bom Sept. 19, 1877; was 

graduated from Blackburn University, in Carlins- 
ville. 111., in 1902; is unmarried, and lives in Hey- 
burn, Idaho, where he is in business with his brother. 
Grove L., and where he teaches ; he has been super- 

402 The Descendants of Job Tyleb. 

intendent of the Clarkston, Idaho, schools for several 


1845 JOHN« TYLER, JR. ( John^) , born in Providence, 
R. I., April 26, 1813 ; died there December 1, 1891 ; married 
(1), Maria Bowen, of Warren, R. I., who died May 4, 1843; 
married (2), Mary P. Brightman, bom October 14, 1827; died 
in Providence, October 21, 1867. The children were bom in 
Providence. Three (one named William, the others unnamed) 
of the first marriage died when less than a year old. 

Children, by first marriage: 

4031 Emily Tyler, bom July 20, 1838 ; died Nov. 12, 1842. 

4032 Anna Maria Tyler, bom July 21, 1840; died Oct. 

20, 1862. 

Child, by second marriage : 
4033+ Alonzo Tyler, bom Jan. 4, 1846- 

1848 JAMES R.« TYLER (John^), bom in Providence, 
R. I., February 28, 1820; died there June 19, 1891; married, 
March 24, 1844, Amelia Brown, of Providence, bom January 
13, 1828; died August 17, 1888. Children: 
4034 Rebecca C. Tyler, bom Feb. 28, 1845 ; died March 9, 

4035+ James R. Tyler, Jr., bom Aug. 27, 1847. 

4036 Amelia A. Tyler, bom Nov. 27, 1849; died Nov. 28, 


4037 Thomas D. Tyler, bom Jan. 14, 1853 ; married Frances 

R. Haynes, who died March 24, 1900. 

4038 WiUiam N. Tyler, bom May 26, 1856. 

1850 EBENEZER C.« TYLER (John«), bom in Paw- 
tucket, R. I., May 19, 1823 ; died in Providence, R. I., Novem- 
ber 5, 1887; married, February 1, 1842, Abby Reynolds, of 
Smithfield, R. I., who died in Providence, February 9, 1896. 
The children were bom in Providence. Children : 
4039+ Ebenezer C. Tyler, Jr., bom May 19, 1843. 
4040+ John H. Tyler, born Dec. 23, 1844. 
4041 Abby Ann Tyler, bom March 27, 1850 ; died young. 
4042+ Oliver C. Tyler, bom April 22, 1853. 

Sixth Generation 4*03 

4043 Samuel M. Tyler, bom March 20, 1855 ; married • 

4044) Emily Elizabeth Tyler,, bom Nov. 28, 1857; died 

1851 ALBERT D.« TYLER (John«), bom in Provi- 
dence, R. I., February 21, 1826; married, May 16, 1847, Dolly 
L. Gorton, of Jewett City, Conn., who died January 27, 1859. 
The children were born in Providence. Children: 
4045+ Albert D. Tyler, Jr., bom April 27, 1848. 
4046 William F. Tyler, bom June 15, 1850 ; died Aug. 19, 

4047+ Edwin F. Tyler, bom Nov. 20, 1854. 

4048 Frances E. Tyler, bom June 12, 1858; died Aug. 7, 


4049 Phila Ann Tyler, bom 1828; died 1832. 

1856 ELIZABETH TYLER MERRY* (Phila. B.^), 
bom October 17, 1815 ; died June 10, 1848 ; married, October 
24, 1839, Jesse S. Thomton, bom July 29, 1812 ; died April 
27, 1856. Children : 

4050 Charles Thomton. 

4051 Almira Thornton, bom Dec. 7, 1842; married, Dec. 

14, 1864, Lyman B. GofF, a manufacturer in Paw- 
tucket, R. I. 

1876 CHLOE® TYLER (Moses'), bom in Richmond, 
N. H., July 1, 1778; died 1846; married, April 2, 1798, as 
third wife. Rev. David Ballou (brother of Rev. Hosea Ballou, 
of Boston), bom September 15, 1758, in Pawtucket, R. I.; 
was a devout Baptist in his father's church (Rev. Maturin 
Ballou), but changed to Universalism, and became a minister 
in Rowe, Mass., where he farmed and preached without pay. 
Children : 

4052 Chloe Ballou,! born July 28, 1799 ; died aged two years. 

4053 Mercy Harris Ballou, bom Nov. 27, 1800; mamed 

Charles Walcott, Monroe, Mass. 

4054 (Rev.) Moses Ballou, bom March 24, 1811 ; married 

1837 Almena Damaris Giddings. 

4055 John Ballou, bom March 16, 1813; married, 1835, 

Hannah Maria Hicks. 

4056 Chloe Tyler Ballou, bom June 1, 1815 ; married, 1833, 

404 The Descendants or Job Ttlek. 

Rev. Joseph Barber, a famous M. D., but later be- 
came a Universalist minister. 

1880 MOSES« TYLER, JR. (Moses^), born in Rich- 
mond, N. H., August 29, 1786; died there October 8, 1847; 
married Abigail Gale, bom June 27, 1789; died October 13, 
1876; daughter of Jonathan Gale, of Royalston, Mass. His 
will was filed December 5, 1876. He was drafted in the War of 
1812 and was on the defense of Portsmouth, N. H. He was a 
farmer and prominent in town affairs. He lived in the west 
part of Royalston, but after his father died he returned to 
the homestead in Richmond. He made two bass viols and he 
and his children were all musical. His daughters taught 
school. The children were bom in Richmond, except David 
and Jonathan, who were bom in Royalston. 

Children : 

4057+ Danford Tyler, born Oct. 2, 1812. 

4058+ David Tyler, bom Jan. 24, 1815. 

4059 Jonathan Gale Tyler, bom Nov. 12, 1817; died in 
Keene, N. H., Jan. 5, 1899 ; he was in the woolen 
mills in South Royalston; was frail in body, but a 
very popular and well-read man. 

4060+ Patience A. Tyler, bom June 11, 1820. 

4061 Loren Francis Tyler, bom Feb. 27, 1822; died in 
Boston, May 8, 1894; married, Nov. 11, 1856, Anna 
N. Hitchcock, of Strong, Maine. He went to Cali- 
fornia in 1849 ; returned to Boston in 1852 ; was a 
merchant tailor until 1862, when he retired; his 
widow lived at 101 Beacon St., Boston ; no children. 
By his mother's will he had the old family clock. 

4062+ Laura J. Tyler, bom Dec. 23, 1823. 

4063+ Rhoda Gale Tyler, bom April 1, 1827. 

4064+ Juda Ann Tyler, bom July's, 1829. 

1882 JOHN« TYLER (Moses^), bom in Richmond, 
N. H., May '31, 1791 ; died in Wharton, Texas, August 8, 
1846; married, August 1, 1821, in Columbia, Ky., Sarah R. 

• ; born July 1, 1806, in Danville, Ky. He moved early to 

Columbia, Ky., and thence to Liberty, Ky., thence to Danville, 
Lebanon and Spring, Ky., and finally to Austin, Texas. The 

Sixth Geneeation 406 

two elder children were bom in Columbia ; the three youngest in 
Austin, Texas. Children: 

4065 Mary Ann Tyler, born Feb. 13, 1822 ; married, April 

1, 1841, in Grimes, Texas, . 

4066 Malinda Tyler, bom March 3, 1823; married, Aug. 

20, 1840, in Grimes, Texas, . 

4067+ Oscar Tyler, bom in Liberty, April 26, 1825 ; married 
Harriet A. . 

4068 Luella Tyler, born in Danville, Oct. 8, 1826; married 

in Houston, Texas, . 

4069 Amanda Tyler, bom in Liberty Feb. 2, 1828. 

4070 Charles M. Tyler, bom in Lebanon Sept. 23, 1829 ; a 

farmer; married, June 29, 1854, in Washington, 
Texas, ; moved to Arizona. 

4071 Juha F. Tyler, born in Spring April 11, 1831. 

4072 Eliza D. Tyler, bom Jan. 30, 1833; died July 27, 


4073 William L. Tyler, bom Feb. 11, 1837 ; a farmer. 

4074 Albert C. Tyler, born Nov. 13, 1840; a farmer. 

4075 John Tyler, bom July 12, 1843 ; a farmer. 

1889 SIMEON STILLMAN« TYLER (Zelotes^), bom 
in Attleboro, Mass., October 22, 1803; moved to Jacksonville, 
Fla., where he died May 13, 1859 ; married Margaret C. White. 
Went South for his health and settled first in Charleston, S. C, 
where he built the first flat car on the South Carolina Railway, 
which was at first propelled by a sail. Children: 
4076f Mary White Tyler. 

4077+ William Leigh Richmond Tyler, bom in Coliton Dis- 
trict, S. C, 1838. 

4078 Agnes Sophia Tyler, died unmarried in 1857. 

4079 Richard Robert Tyler, unmarried. 
4080+ John Fletcher Tyler. 

4081+ Edmond Marshall Tyler. 

4082+ Orville Zelotes Tyler. 

4083 Franklin Stewart Tyler; married Catherine Rogers. 

He was an undertaker in Jacksonville, Fla. ; one 

daughter (Beatrix Catherine). 

1891 ORVILLE* TYLER (Zelotes^), born in Attleboro, 
Mass., July 22, 1808; died in West Newton, Mass., January 1, 

4)06 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

1889; married (1), March 24, 1824, Mary Ann Page, of 
Bedford, Mass., who died September, 1849; married (2), Octo- 
ber 9, 1857, Mary Ann Kendall, of Nashua, N. H. 

Children, by first marriage: 
4084+ Mary Josephine Tyler, bom Feb. 6, 1835. 
4085 Louise Maria Tyler, bom April 21, 1837; married 

R. L. Cook; died s. p. 
4086+ George Le Van Tyler, born Oct. 23, 1841. 

1893 DANIEL« TYLER (ZurieP), bom in Essex, Vt., 
November 26, 1795; died August 2, 1875; buried in Essex 
Center; married in Colchester, Vt., March 25, 1821, Permelia 
Ferrand, bom October 22, 1803; died in Essex, January 31, 
1890. He was in the War of 1812 (see Pension Booh, p. 66, 
No. 4) , and had bounty lands ; was a Free Mason for 60 
years. The children were born in Essex. Children : 

4087 WiUiam Dexter Tyler, bom March 17, 1824 ; married, 
Sept. 1, 1855, Mary E. Haynes, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
He was admitted to the Franklin County bar in 
1864; appointed registrar at L"asburgh, 1865-1866; 
opened an office there; town clerk in 1868 and in 
the legislature in 1874-1875. 

4088+ Chloe Irene Tyler, bom in 1827. 

4089 Erasmus H. Tyler, bom Feb. 19, 1833 ; died June 28, 

1888, s. p.; married April 23, 1867, Jane Harriet 
Farrand; No. 4108. She resides in Fbn du Lac, 
Wis. He was a corporal in Company D, 13th Vt. 
regiment from Oct. 10, 1862, to July 21, 1863; 
was a Free Mason ; held town office. 

4090 Milton R. Tyler, born March 18, 1835 ; was graduated 

from University of Vermont 1859; was principal of 
" Essex Academy " two years ; was admitted to 
Franklin County bar, 1860; opened an office in 
Irasburgh ; was judge of probate in the Orleans 
district 1863-1865. Moved to Bakersfield, Vt., and 
lived there 13 years ; then moved to Burlington, 
where he was judge of the city court several years ; 
in 1899 he was a lawyer in Fergus Falls, Minn. 

1894 RODNEY« TYLER (ZurieP), bom in Essex, Vt., 

Sixth Generation 407 

September '30, 1797; died in Dickenson, N. Y., October 4, 
1874 ; was buried in Essex Center; married, 1824, Sabra (called 
Sabrina) Austin, born in Essex, September 7, 1805 ; died Feb- 
ruary 16, 1883, at home of daughter Mary; daughter of 
Gardner and Nancy (Crandall) Austin. The children, except 
the youngest, were bom in Essex. Children : 
4091+ Charlotte Eliza Tyler, born Oct. 23, 1825. 
4092+ Mary Electa Tyler, bom March 7, 1827. 
4093+ Julia Pierce Tyler, bom May 1, 1830. 
4094 Harmon David Tyler, born June 13, 1833 ; died March 

28, 1864. 
4095+ Sarah Jane Tyler, bom March 26, 1835. 
4096+ Hannah Maria Tyler, bom March 2, 1837. 
4097+ John Harvey Tyler, bom Feb. 26, 1839. 
4098+ Betsey E. Tyler, born May 13, 1841. 
4099+ Harriet Sabrina Tyler, born in Colchester, June 27, 


1895 ROXEY« TYLER (ZurieP), bom in Essex, Vt., 
February 12, 1800; died in Colchester, January 30, 1865; 
married, December 21, 1820, Cyrus Farrand, son of David and 
Sarah (Hine) Farrand, of Colchester, bom in Burlington, Vt., 
December 30, 1793 ; died in Essex June 25, 1883. The chil- 
dren were probably bom in Colchester. Children: 

4100 Achsah Melissa Farrand, bom Oct. 22, 1821 ; died in 

Essex Jan. 14, 1853 ; married, March 2, 1851, Hol- 
man Bates, son of Moses Bates. 

4101 Frances Emily Farrand, born May 17, 1824 ; died in 

Colchester, Jan. 9, 1866; married (1), Jan. 26, 
1846, Elijah Bates, son of Jacob and Lois Bates; 
married (2), March 30, 1854, Holman Bates. 

4102 Mary Farrand, bom March 3, 1826; died Oct. 20, 


4103 Carohne Farrand, bom April 6, 1828 ; died in Fon du 

Lac, Wis., Jan. 23, 1880; married (1), Aug. 20, 

1849, Samuel Thrasher; married (2), Stone, at 

4004 Fanny Roxanna Farrand, born April 15, 1830; died 
Aug. 1, 1898, in Manhattan, Kan. ; married, Dec. 7, 
1853, John C. Neal, son of Henry Neal, of Berlin, 

408 The Descendants op Job Tylek. 

4105 Joseph Franklin Farrand, born March 3, 1832; re- 

sided at Belle Prairie, Minn. ; married, Oct. 16, 1856, 
Mary Hamilton. He was a farmer and mechanic. 

4106 Julia Ann Farrand, born April 13, 1834; resided in 

Fon du Lac; married. May 11, 1874, Harmon 
Bryan, son of Nathan Bryan. 

4107 Henrietta Ellen Farrand, bom Jan. 24, 1836 ; married, 

Aug. 10, 1858, George H. Perry, of Rhode Island; 
he resided in Manhattan, Kan. 

4108 Jane Harriet Farrand, born May 3, 1839 ; married, 

April 23, 1867, Erasmus H. Tyler, No. 4089. She 
lived in Fon du Lac, Wis. 

1897 0RLIN6 TYLER (ZurieP), bom in Essex, Vt., 
October 11, 1804; died March 6, 1890, aged 85 years; mar- 
ried (1), 1828, Mary Austin, daughter of Gardner and Nancy 
Crandall, bom in Essex, June 3, 1809 ; died there January 3, 
1835; married (2), January 11, 1836, Lucretia Hoar, bom 
January 29, 1805; died May 24, 1890. The children were 
born in Essex. 

Childeen, by first marriage: 
4109+ Lewis Orlin Tyler, bom Sept. 19, 1829. 
4110+ Allen Zuriel Tyler, bom June 6, 1832, in Joliet, 111. 

Childeen, by second marriage: 
4111+ Edward Judson Tyler, bom Feb. 2, 1837. 
4112+ Willard Aden Tyler, bora Jan. 4, 1839. 

1898 RUBY6 TYLER (ZurieP), bom in Colchester, Vt., 
January 23, 1809; died there March 4, 1895; married, July 
9, 1829, Garry B. Munger, bora in Hinesburgh, Vt., November 
4, 1807 ; died in Colchester, May 9, 1893. The children were 
probably bora in Colchester. Children: 

4113 Dexter C. Munger, bom June 10, 1830; died 1832. 

4114 (Rev.) Henry Newton Munger, born March 14, 1834; 

married (1), Mary D. Dutton; married (2), Cor- 
nelia B. Rinefield. 

4115 Charlotte E. Munger, bom Feb. 24, 1836; died in St. 

Albans,, Vt., Sept. 21, 1892; married Henry D. 
Sabin, of Milton, Vt. 

Sixth Generation 409 

4116 Frances Ora Hunger, bom Nov. 23, 1840; married, 

1899, Alanson W. Farnsworth, of Milton. 

1900 DOLLY® TYLER (Rufus^)^ married Benjamin 
Goddard, of Webster, Mass. The children were born in Web- 
ster. Children : 

4117 DoUy Goddard, married Jesse Heath; had two sons 

and two daughters (Henry, Charles, Sarah, Alice). 

4118 Lydia Goddard, married James Bixby. 

4119 Amy Goddard, married James Curtis, Oxford, Mass. ; 

died s. p. 

4120 Ann Goddard, married Charles Chapman. 

4121 Relief Goddard. 

4122 Lucy Goddard, married Lewis Whitney; had two 

daughters (Augusta, Ellen). 

4123 Rufus Goddard. 

4124 Benjamin Goddard. 

4125 Major Goddard, born Aug. 8, 1822; married Matilda 

Briggs ; had one child (Susan). 

4126 Samuel Goddard. 

4127 Candice Goddard, married Woodward. 

1901 SALLY® TYLER (Rufus^), married George 
Town, of Thompson, Conn. The children were bom in Thomp- 
son. Children : 

4128 Marcus Town; had three sons (Vernon, George, Ad- 

ford) and one daughter (Lucy). 

4129 Rufus Town. 

4130 Noahdia Town. 

4131 Lucy Town ; married Joseph Perry ; died s. p. 

1902 ESTHER® TYLER (Rufus^), bom May 9, 1801 ; 
died in Thompson, Conn., October 12, 1848; married Deacon 
Haley Bixby, bom February 14, 1801; died September 26, 
1880. The children were bom in Thompson. Children: 

4132 (Deacon) Allen Tyler Bixby, lived in Thompson. 

4133 Moses Bixby. 

4134 (Deacon) George Bixby, lived in East Woodstock, 


4135 Henry Hudson Bixby, bom April 18, 1834 ; died April 

2, 1882 ; married Julietta H. Rhodes ; had three sons 

410 The Descendants of Job Tyleu 

(William H., Joseph H., Charles N.) and one daugh- 
ter (Mary E.) 

4136 Albert R. Bixby, died June 8, 1832, aged three years. 

4137 Loring Bixby, died April 18, 1832, aged eight months. 

4138 Franklin Bixby, in the Custom House in Boston. 

4139 Esther Bixby, died June 10, 1848, aged six years. 

1903 NANCY® TYLER (Rufus^), married Elisha Allen 
and resided in Van Etten, N. Y. The children were bom in 
Van Etten. Children : 

4140 Julany Allen, bom May 25, 1823. 

4141 Nancy M. Allen, bom April 11, 1825. 

4142 Isaiah Allen, bom April 5, 1827. 

4143 Joanna Allen, bom Oct. 12, 1828. 

4144 Rufus Allen, bom Sept. 13, 1830. 

4145 Sylvester Allen, bom June '31, 1835. 

4146 Ahnira R. Allen, born July 11, 1838; married Richard 

Tilbury, of Edith, Mo. ; had one child (Allen L.). 

4147 Mary E. Allen, born June 11, 1842. 

1907 DAVID® TYLER (David^), bom in Essex, Vt., 
January 6, 1797 ; moved to St. Charles, 111., about 1865, then to 
Chicago ; was twice married. The children were probably born 
in Essex. 

Children, by first marriage: 

4148 Fidelia Tyler, married Hiram Brown; had one daugh- 

ter (Louise), who resided in Joliet, 111. 

4149 Roswell Tyler, went west ; was a paper manufacturer 

and when last heard from was in Quincy, 111. ; had 
two sons (John and Davis). 

4150 Amelia Tyler; married George D. Woodworth, a book- 

keeper in Chicago ; resided in Glen EUyn, 111. ; had 
one son (George) and one daughter (Ruth). 

Children, by second marriage: 

4161 Edwin P. Tyler; married Wells; a widower and 

resides in Stephens Point, Wis. 

4152 Warren 0. Tyler; a paper dealer in Chicago; unmar- 

4153+ Frederick C. Tyler, bom July 3, 1848. 

4154 William H. Tyler; married Adelia Clark; has two 

Sixth Geneeation 4*11 

daughters who reside in Chicago (Clara Belle and 
Venevia) . 
4165 Frank P. Tyler; a paper dealer in Chicago; died 
about 1898 ; unmarried. 

4156 Mattie A. Tyler; unmarried; resides in Chicago. 

4157 Julius Tyler, bom 1855 ; died Jan. 11, 1857. 

1913 SAMUEL« TYLER (David^), bom in Essex, Vt., 
April 8, 1815; died there; the children were born there. The 
name of his wife is not known. Children : 

4158 Adelaide Tyler, married Gray ton Brand. 

4159 (Rev.) Amory Tyler, left a family. 

4160 Horace Tyler. 

4161 Franklin Tyler. 

1916 ERASTUS« TYLER (George^), bom in Essex, 
Vt., November 14, 1802; died in Alexandria, Ohio, August 29, 
1874; married, June 5, 1834, Mary Griffin, daughter of John 
and Mary Griffin, born June 2, 1811 ; died in Alexandria Octo- 
ber 23, 1875. Was a farmer; he drove overland to Ohio, Dela- 
ware County, about 1835 ; thence in a few years to Alexandria. 
The second, third and fourth children were born in Lima, Ohio. 
Children : 

4162 Truman Jackson Tyler, bom in Granville, Ohio, April 

30, 1837 ; died in Alexandria, May 9, 1848. 
4163+ George W. Tyler, bom May 31, 1839. 

4164 Malinda Tyler, bom Aug. 29, 1843; died in Alexan- 

dria, May 10, 1848. 

4165 Mary Jane Tyler, bom Jan. 11, 1846; died in Alex- 

andria, May 12, 1848. 

4166 De Witt Clinton Tyler, bom in Alexandria, Oct. 29, 

1849 ; died there Aug. 2, 1851. 
4167+ Andrew Jackson Tyler, bom in St. Albans, Ohio, Sept. 
12, 1852. 

1917 LORIN« TYLER (George^), bom in Essex, Vt., 
Sept. 27, 1804; died in Ohio April 3, 1850; buried in Essex; 
married, April 18, 1827, Emeline J. Bliss, daughter of Elias 
Bliss, of Essex, bom September 13, 1807 ; died March 13, 1871. 
He was a merchant in Essex, but moved to Ohio. The children 
were bom In Essex. Children : 

413 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

4168 Son, died in infancy, May 5, 1829. 

4169 Daughter, died March 3, 1839. 

4170 George Edward Tyler, born June 27, 1831; died in 

Essex, April 3, 1850; unmarried. 
4171+ Beulah Elizabeth Tyler, bom Aug. 5, 1833. 

4172 Daughter, died in infancy, Oct. 21, 1846. 

4173 James Lorin Tyler, born May 5, 1839; died Jan. 1, 

1894, in San Francisco, aged 54 years. Was three 
years in the Civil War, first lieutenant of Company 
I, 32d Ohio Infantry ; with Sherman " to the Sea " ; 

4174 Wilbur Tyler; died in infancy, July 21, 1849. 

1919 GEORGE RISING^ TYI.ER (George^), born in 
Essex, Vt., March 20, 1810 ; died in Alexandria, O., February 
25, 1857; married in Essex, March 4, 1846, Rhoda A. Emery, 
born in Reading, Vt., October 8, 1826; daughter of Dr. J. W. 
Emery. He was a merchant in Burlington, Vt. Children: 

4175 George W. Tyler, born in Burlington, Feb. 24, 1847 ; 

moved from Ohio to Michigan, June, 1857 ; was a 
merchant in Paw Paw, Mich. ; unmarried. 

4176 Loren E. Tyler, bom in Essex, April 13, 1853; died 

in Paw Paw, Dec. 31, 1869. 

1920 LYMAN EARLY^ TYLER (George^), bom in 
Essex, Vt., June 18, 1812; died in Columbus, O., March 15, 
1898; married in Granville, O., about 1835, Almira Hobart, 
who died in Columbus, October 29, 1886. He moved to Gran- 
ville, when 21 and soon after to Harlem, O., where he resided 
many years ; a farmer and a fine citizen. The children were 
bom in Harlem. Children : 

4177+ Frances Esther Tyler, born June 17, 1837. 

4178+ Louisa Emeline Tyler, born June 9, 1839. 

4179 Loren Butler Tyler, born Sept. 1, 1843; died Nov. 27, 


4180+ Josephine Amelia Tyler, born Jan. 11, 1846. 

4181+ Jane Adelaide Tyler, bom Aug. 6, 1849. 

4182+ George Edgar Tyler, bom June 13, 1852. 

1921 CASSnJS« TYLER (George^), born in Essex, 
Vt., August 2, 1815; died October 30, 1900, aged 85 years; 

Sixth Genehation 413 

married, December 17, 184<5, Malinda Case, bom in Randolph, 
N. Y., February 24, 1823; daughter of Esau Case. At 21 
Cassius moved with his father to Jersey, Licking Co., O., and 
bought the homestead of 200 acres in 1840. He was a very 
active man and could cut and cord five cords of wood in a day. 
He was a farmer and stock-raiser. The children were bom in 
Jersey. Children : 
4183+ Henry Tyler, bom Oct. 3, 1846. 

4184 Albert M. Tyler, bom May 26, 1849; married Linnie 

Dispennett; they had no children in 1900; lives in 
Alexandria, O. 

4185 Lorin C. Tyler, bom Jan. 1, 1854; resides in Alexan- 

dria ; unmarried. 
4186+ Wilbur Tyler, bom Dec. 16, 1856. 
4187+ Douglas S. Tyler, bom Aug. 1, 1860. 

1922 EMMELINE« TYLER (George^), born in Essex, 
Vt., February 22, 1818; married, November 11, 1840, Guy 
C. Hobart, of Granville and Jersey, O. The three elder chil- 
dren were bom in Granville ; the others in Jersey. Children : 

4188 Josephine Hobart, bom Oct. 6, 1841 ; married, May 

12, 1855, J. J. Miller, of Alexandria, O. ; has three 
children and resides in Fostoria, O. 

4189 Mary E. Hobart, bom Feb. 25, 1844; resides in Pen- 

dleton, Kan., unmarried. 

4190 Edward Hobart, bom June 18, 1847; married, Jan. 

25, 1872, Helen Case, of Columbus, 0. ; has three 
children; resides in Granville. 

4191 George Hobart, bom Dec. SO, 1849; married, May 

10, 1884, Annie Green, of Granville; has four chil- 
dren ; resides in Paoli, Kan. 

4192 Annette Hobart, bom Sept. 19, 1851; married, Feb. 

5, 1880, E. E. Pendleton; has one child; resides in 
Pendleton, Kan. 

1923 FOSTER® TYLER (George^), bom in Essex, Vt., 
July 5, 1820; died February 9, 1892; married, November 17, 
1852, Martha A. Alward, bom January 20, 1826; died in 
Alexandria, O., November 21, 1897. He went to Alexandria, 
in 1836, and the children were bom there. Children : 

4193+ Emma Edna Tyler, bom June 13, 1854. 

414 The Descendants op Job Tyleb. 

4194 Lyman B. Tyler, bom Oct. 20, 1856; died April, 

4195+ Reuben Foster Tyler, bom Sept. 15, 1858. 

4196 Ella Tyler, born Sept. 21, 1862; married, Aug. 29 

1898, Dr. George L. Garner, of Lansing, Mich. 

1924 JOEL LAFAYETTE" TYLER (George^), bora 
in Essex, Vt., September 17, 1823 ; died in Columbus, O., Sep- 
tember 8, 1891 ; married, January 21, 1851, Laurinda Water- 
man, of Alexandria, O., who died in 1863. He moved with his 
father to Alexandria, Licking County in 1836; had 140 acres 
of land in St. Albans township, on Raccoon Creek; took pre- 
mium in 1870 and 1874 for the best improved farm in the 
county. In 1860 he was appointed United States Marshal; 
took census of the county and was state representative in 1877 
and 1879 ; he was fond of fine horses. The children were prob- 
ably born in Alexandria. Children: 

4197 Cora E. Tyler, born Feb. 22, 1852; married, Feb. 15, 

1876, Welhngton M. Evans, who died Feb., 1899, 
s. p. In 1900 she was residing in Columbus ; was 
graduated from Wesleyan Female College, O. 

4198 Edward W. Tyler, bom April 29, 1854; married Nov., 

1887, Nina Ruggles ; s. p. in 1900. He was of the 
firm of Tyler & Carlisle, wholesale hardware dealers, 
Cleveland, O. 
4199+ Fide L. Tyler, born Aug. 21, 1857. 

1926 RUFUS A.« TYLER (Judson^), bom in Essex, 
Vt., April 18, 1818; died in Kalamazoo, Mich., May 6, 1886; 
married in Keesville, N. Y., June 1, 1852, Sarah Potter; he was 
a school teacher at Granville, 0. The children were bom in 
New York. Children : 

4200 Jessie P. Tyler, born in Au Sable Forks, N. Y., March 

8, 1855 ; lives Knoxville, Tenn. 

4201 Son, died in infancy. 

4202+ Joel Claverly Tyler, bom Aug. 26, 1857. 

1928 SARAH ABIGAIL" TYLER (Judson^), bom in 
Essex, Vt., April 16, 1827; married, March 20, 1862, Uri Col- 
grove, of Alexandria, O., who died in Ashtemo, Mich., Septem- 
ber 29, 1887 ; he moved to Ashtemo in 1865. Children : 

Sixth Geneeation 415 

4203 Judson Uri Colgrove, bom in Alexandria, May 17, 

1864 ; died June 4, 1865. 

4204 Charlotte R. Colgrove, bom in Ashtemo, Dec. 16, 1867. 

1935 LOVINA« TYLER (William^), bom in Cheshire, 
Mass., February 22, 1789 ; died April 20, 1844 ; married Joseph 
Bradford, bom March 30, 1788; died January 23, 1879 in 
Newport, N. Y. ; he was a farmer. Child : 

4205 Hopestill Bradford, born in Newport, N. Y., Nov. 19, 

1812; married, Jan. 24, 1843, Rebecca M. Luther, 
bom May 27, 1822; had one son (George L., in a 
bank in Utica, N. Y.), and two daughters (Alice 
E., Lovina C). 

1938 SAMUEL* TYLER (William^), born in Newport, 
N. Y., January 17, 1794 ; died in Mansfield, O., February 17, 
1879 ; married, 1820, Betsey (Elizabeth) Pool, bom in Stephen- 
town, N. Y., 1800; died in Mansfield, Febmary 21, 1863; 
daughter of Elisha Pool, of Little Hoosac, N. Y. The child 
was bom in Newport. Child: 

4206+ William F. Tyler, bom Jiine 7, 1824. 

1939 WILLIAM* TYLER (William^), bom in New- 
port , N. Y. ; died in Illinois during the Civil War ; resided in 
Geneseo, N. Y. He had two sons and four daughters. His 
wife's name is unknown. Children, whose names are known : 

4207 W. D. Tyler, resided in Clinton, Mo. 

4208 NeUie Tyler, married Custer ; resided in Clinton. 

4209 Mary Tyler, married Weller ; resided in Geneseo. 

1943 THOMAS* TYLER (William^), bom in New- 
port, N. Y. ; moved to Kalamazoo, Mich. Wife's name not 
known. Children : 

4210 Almeron Tyler. 

4211 Frances Tyler. 

4212 Hetty Tyler. 

1944 BENJAMIN BROWN* TYLER (William^), bom 
in Newport, N. Y., September 10, 1810; died in London, Madi- 
son County, O., April 13, 1879; married Katherine Kelly, of 
Herkimer County, N. Y., who died October 4, 1879. He was a 

416 The Descendants of Job Tyler 

farmer and moved to Geneseo, N. Y., about 1840 and in 1856 
to London. The children were bom in Newport. Children: 
4213+ Benjamin Franklin Tyler, bom July 12, 1835. 
4314+ William Henry Tyler. 

1947 HENRY® TYLER (Thomas^), born in Adams, 
Mass., July 26, 1795 ; died there, July 26, 1871 ; married, De- 
cember 2, 1824, Electa Hodge, bom June 8, 1800 ; died March 
3, 1867, daughter of Irena Ives of North Adams. The chil- 
dren were bom in Adams. Children: 

4215+ Mary Amelia Tyler, bom March 15, 1826. 

4216 Celestia Ann Tyler, born May 18, 1828 ; died Oct. 9, 

1888; unmarried. 

4217 William Henry Tyler, bom Sept. 8, 1831 ; died July 

20, 1864; was a quartermaster in Civil War; unmar- 

4218 Daniel Dennison Tyler, bom June 23, 1833 ; died May 

4, 1835. 

4219 Abraham Alphonso Tyler, born April 26, 1836; died 

March 30, 1872; in business in Adams, Mass. 

1948 LUCY* TYLER (Thomas^), bom in Adams, 
Mass., April 27, 1797 ; died Febmary 25, 1864 ; married, March 
18, 1827, Amasa Arnold, bom June 26, 1791 ; died October 8, 
1853; son of Nathaniel and Mary Arnold, of Rhode Island. 
The children were bom in Adams. Children: 

4220 Mary PhilUps Amold, born Feb. 16, 1828; married, 

March 28, 1852, Alanson Jones ; had five children ; 
resided in Adams in 1897. 

4221 Juha Arnold, bom Dec. 29, 1831 ; died Aug. 16, 1836. 

4222 Amy Amold, bom Oct. 8, 1833 ; resided in Adams. 

1949 DUTY SAYLES* TYLER (Thomas^), bora in 
South Adams, Mass., March 23, 1799; died in North Adams, 
August 26, 1857; married, December 25, 1825, Amy Amold 
Brown. From 1826 to 1840 was in the milling business in 
North Adams, then retired to a large farm. In 1836 he became 
joint owner in Union Mill; was president of Adams National 
Bank from 1842 to 1857, when he resigned; was deacon of a 
Baptist church from 1834 to 1857. (From Hist. North Adams, 

Sixth Generation 417 

Spear, 1885). The children were bom in North Adams. Chil- 

4223+ John Brown Tyler, born Oct. 3, 1826. 
4224 Cornelia Tyler, born June 10, 1828; died June 5, 

4225+ Marie Louise Tyler, bom Feb. 21, 1834. 

1955 LUCINDA« TYLER (Ebenezer^), bom in Brewer, 
Maine, June 4, 1800 ; died in Orono, Maine, July 20, 1871 ; mar- 
ried, 1818, Elijah Webster, of Bangor and Orono; bom in 
Orono, 1790 ; died June 28, 1863, son and eighth child of An- 
drew, Jr., and Martha (Crane) Webster, from Salisbury, Mass. 
to Bangor and Orono, 1770. He was a lumberman ; selectman, 
1827; county commissioner, 1838-1841. The children were 
bom in Orono. Children: 

4226 James Webster, died April 11, 1888, aged 62 years; 

married, Dec. 30, 1850, Anna B. Baker, of Augusta, 
Maine; had children. Was a representative and a 
lumber manufacturer. 

4227 Lavina T. H. Webster, married, Feb. 1, 1842, Rev. 

A. T. Loring, of Bangor; moved to Omaha, Neb. 

4228 Ellen M. Webster, died in 1890; married (1) (pub- 

lished July 22, 1842), Benjamin Silsby; married 
(2), Rev. Horatio lUsley, of South Freeport, Maine, 
who died in 1889. 

4229 Richard P. Webster, married Mary S. Thaxter, of 

Bangor; (published Aug. 25, 1838). 

4230 John B. Webster. 

4231 Bradshaw H. Webster. 

1960 HARRIET AUGUSTA' TYLER (Rowland^), 
born in Dixmont, Maine, November 24, 1806; died December 
24, 1841 ; married John Philips, M. D. The children were 
probably bom in Dixmont. Children: 

4232 Louisa Philips. 

4233 Harriet Philips. 

4234 (Capt.) John W. Philips; was master of a vessel in 

the Mexican War; lives in Beverly, Mass., and is 
the only child now living. 

4235 Rowland Philips. 

418 The Descendants or Job Tyleb 

4236 Augustus Philips. 

4238 Walter Philips. 

4237 George Philips. 

1964 LUCINDA« TYLER (Rowland or Roland^), born 
in Dixmont, Maine, August 25, 1814; died March 13, 1846; 
married Steward S. Mitchell, of Unity, Maine, youngest child 
of Isaac Mitchell, who was one of 14 children of John Mitchell, 
a Scotchman, and the second man to settle in Unity after the 
Revolution. He was a member of the Presbyterian church and 
so strict that he would not allow food to be cooked in the 
house on Sunday. Isaac owned a farm of over a thousand 
acres and built and carried on " Mitchell's Mills," in Unity, 
sawing lumber and grinding grain ; he was an extensive land 
owner. Steward had a large farm, also, and took charge of the 
grinding mills and he also carried on a lumber mill; he died 
May 20, 1848. Mrs. Mitchell died when her youngest child 
was a baby. Children: 

4239 Wilford S. Mitchell, educated himself; he went across 

the plains to California when he was 18 ; returned 
to Maine and married, and entered into trade. The 
war came and broke into his life, and he went into 
the army, falling in the engagement at Port Hud- 
son ; his burial place is unknown. 

4240 Roland Tyler Mitchell, married Miss Stevens, of 

Unity; went to California in 1869, as a boy. He 
enlisted in the First California regiment and served 
in the Indian country for three years. He carried 
on after the war, a large vegetable and milk farm, 
carrying both commodities into Sacramento ; failing 
health obliged him to sell his business, and since then 
he has been a superintendent at the Capitol Park 
at the State House, and the only man at the Capitol 
to receive a re-appointment from a Democratic 

4241 (General) Henry Lyman Mitchell, bom Feb. 6, 1845 ; 

married, Sept. 22, 1879, Emma L. Ryder, bom in 
Washington, Maine, July 22, 1856; daughter of 
Dr. Robert E. and Emily (Rust) Ryder. She met 
with a severe accident in 1878, which destroyed her 
health and deprived her of many opportunities of 

Sixth Generation 419 

enjoying life, still she maintained an amiable, lova- 
ble and generous disposition. General Mitchell 
lived among strangers until he was past 12 years 
old. He attended Corinna Academy and other 
graded schools, and was a private student under 
Prof. J. H. Sawyer, four years, and hoped to be a 
physician and surgeon, but was induced when very 
young to enter the cavalry service of the United 
States army, under a promise of speedy promotion; 
he was assigned to Company B. 1st Maine Cavalry 
Volunteers ; he was injured by the fall of a horse up- 
on him and also badly wounded. He was admitted to 
the bar in 1866, and practises in Bangor, Maine; 
city solicitor of Bangor, ten years; Commander H. 
Hamlin Post, G. A. R. ; Past Chancellor of Lodge 
No. 5, K. of P. ; Past Master Workman, A. O. U. 
W. ; Colonel of the Second Volunteer Militia, five 
years ; brigadier-general commanding First Brigade 
Volunteer Militia, five years ; was chairman of the 
standing committee of the Independent Congrega- 
tional church of Bangor for ten years. He resides 
in Bangor; no children. 

born in Dixmont, Maine, April 3, 1818 ; married, December 17, 
18'37, Greenleaf Smith, born in Parsonsfield, Maine, April 23, 
1818; died October 7, 1891. She lived with her son Llewellyn. 
Mr. Smith bought the old Tyler place in Dixmont, where the 
four younger children were bom. Children : 

4242 Charles Frederick Smith, born in Glenbum, May 4, 

1839 ; killed at Hilton Head, S. C, March 3, 1862 ; 
was in 9th Maine Volunteer regiment ; enlisted Sept., 
1861 ; unmarried. 

4243 Llewellyn D. Smith, bom Feb. 8, 1841; was in 9th 

Maine Volunteer regiment, and served three years ; 
married, Feb. 11, 1866, Susan Jane York, bom 
Feb. 12, 1848; a prosperous farmer; lives on the 
home place. 

4244 Walter Greenleaf Smith, bom Feb. 17, 1843 ; married, 

Dec. 25, 1868, Anna M. Powlesland, bom Oct. 25, 
1852; was in 9th Maine Volunteer regiment and 

4)20 The Descendants of Job Tyleb 

served 14 months; resides, a farmer, in Dixmont; 
has eight children. 

4245 Laura Louise Smith, bom Feb. 5, 1848 ; died May 30, 


4246 Irwin F. Smith, bom Jan. STt, 1852 ; died Feb. 5, 1852. 

1967 LOUISA ELVIRA« TYLER (Rowland'), bom in 
Dixmont, Maine, September 11, 1820; married, March 7, 
1844, Lorraine Judkins Drew, born in Wayne, Maine, July 8, 
1818. He was an architect and carried on an extensive business 
in building in Boston and vicinity ; he made his home on Parker 
Hill in Roxbury, where he died. She lived in Brookline after 
his death. The children were born in Roxbury. Children : 

4247 Albert William Drew, bom June 4, 1845; died Jan. 

1, 1850. 

4248 Charles Lorraine Drew, born April 12, 1847 ; married 

in Omaha, Neb., Cordeha C. Page; has three sons 
and five daughters ; lives in San Francisco, Cal. 

4249 Emma Caroline Drew, bom June 20, 1849. 

4250 Arthur Francis Drew, bom July 25, 1852 ; died same 


4251 George Irving Drew, born Jan. 12, 1857; married in 

San Francisco, Cal., June, 1876, Louise E. Salzer; 
has two sons and three daughters. 

4252 Annie Mabel Drew, bom April 12, I860 ; married, Oct. 

20, 1883, Odin Fritz; has one child. 

1972 LOUISA R.« TYLER (Abijah Weld'), born in 
Attleboro, Mass., 1804; died March 14, 1853; married Deacon 
Atherton Wales, of Attleboro, born probably in Portsmouth, 
R. I., May 24, 1806 ; died August 2, 1888. He married four 
times, twice in the Tyler family ; his second wife was Elizabeth 
S. Tyler, No. 1986, who died s. p. He learned the blacksmith 
trade in Newport, R. I. The children were bom in Attleboro. 
Children : 

4253 Elizabeth Frances Wales, bom 1831; died Dec. 28, 


4254 (Rev.) Henry Atherton Wales, died in 1898. 

4255 Abijah Tyler Wales; residing in Attleboro in 1898. 

4256 Louis Wales. 

4257 Charles Wales. 

Sixth Generation 421 

1981 HUMPHREY M.» TYLER (Crawford^), born in 
New Ipswich, N. H., December 8, 1825 ; died in Soldier's Home, 
Togus, Maine, May 26, 1887 ; buried in Milford, N. H. ; mar- 
ried, January 3, 1849, Mary E. Wing, born November 1, 1827, 
daughter of Philip and Betsey (Smith) Wing, of Grafton, 
Mass. He enlisted as a private in Company F, 18th N. H. Vol- 
unteer Infantry for one year ; mustered in as sergeant. He was 
long a prominent citizen of Milford, N. H. ; was for a time 
deputy sheriflF and collector of internal revenue. Child : 
4258+ Hattie E. Tyler, born in Grafton, Mass., Oct. 28, 

1985 EUNICE DOGGETT^ TYLER (SamueP), born 
in Attleboro, Mass., April 3, 1813; married Henry C. Read, 
of Attleboro, where the children were bom. Children: 

4259 (Major) Samuel Tyler Read, born May 11, 1836; 

died in New Orleans, La. ; had two children (Martha 
and Kathryn). 

4260 Eunice Tyler Read, bom 1845 ; married Craw- 

ford; had two children (William A. and Lincoln). 

1990 SAMUEL WILLARD« TYLER (SamueP), bom 
in Attleboro, Mass., May 14, 1838; died in Clinton, Mass., 
February 19, 1886; married. May 21, 1865, Eldora Persis 
Bemis, bom May 22, 1845 ; daughter of Hiram P. and Mary 
E. (Sergeant) Bemis, of Paxton, Mass. When he was twelve 
his father died ; he remained on the farm until he was twenty- 
one and his district school advantages were supplemented by 
a brief academic course. He was musical, became an organist 
and was a musician in the Civil War ; was selectman four years, 
assessor ten years and water commissioner two years. The 
children were bom in Clinton, Mass. Children : 
4261+ Samuel Willard Tyler, born Feb. 11, 1866. 
4262 Harriet Frances Tyler, bom April 1, 1882; resided in 
1898 at home; unmarried.